…And if my statutory rights are breached?

What are my entitlements?

The Sale of Goods Act requires that goods be accurately described, of satisfactory quality and fit for any purpose specified. In other words, they must ‘conform to the contract of sale’. If this is not the case within the first 6 months after purchase, you have a range of remedies available to you which you should take up with the seller. It is not a straightforward matter of demanding a refund plus damages if this is unreasonable and disproportionate in terms of the item you bought or the problem you encountered. For example, it would be unreasonable to request a brand new car on the basis of a broken brake light, Similarly, where a washing machine can be easily fixed in situ, you are unlikely to be simply given another one.

Repair, replace, reduce, refund

In the first instance and if considered appropriate, the seller must offer to at least repair the goods. They must do this within reasonable time, at no additional cost to you and without causing any significant inconvenience. It is for this reason you are given a replacement item while the one you bought is being fixed. Take care to ensure however you are given a ‘like for like’ product and not simply the cheapest and most basic model. If a repair is impossible or unfeasible, you must then be offered a replacement. Due to the emphasis on proportionality and reasonableness in this legislation, in most cases you must give the seller reasonable time to repair or replace before demanding your money back and you should be aware that the refund given may well take account of any use you have had of the goods since you took possession of them. If you do not want the seller to repair or replace, or they have told you they are unable to, you can then request they reduce the purchase price to an appropriate amount, although this does not affect your ability to return the item if something else goes wrong.

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  • Paul Simpson 28 July, 10:21 pm

    I am in a situation with Three Network. I don’t know what my Statutory Rights are but they say I cannot return a mobile during its 14 day evaluation if I personalise it in any way and yet you have to set the time before you can do anything with the phone. This means you are in a catch 22. What are my rights regards trying out the features before I decide. I have two problems. I am a bed-bound paraplegic so can’t check out the shops and secondly my eyesight is poor so I need to check if the mobile has large fonts.

    Where do I stand????

  • Gurdev 16 August, 3:11 am

    I am in a situation with Orange Network (as I have purchase a contract mobile phone from Orange retail Shop). I don’t know what my Statutory Rights are but they say I cannot return a mobile during its 14 day evaluation as they have written in contract form. Is that not against UK Law for statutory rights?

    • valerie 12 December, 2:54 pm

      I’m also with orange and had same problems with O2.. I bought contract fromt mobile.co.uk which has shitest service waited 2 hours for dem to pick dem 1 hour as was cut off’ .. Orange saying they can’t cancel since I got it from mobiles but mobiles saying we don’t have system to cancel have no software compueters or to contact them we don’t work togethher.. At same time seling their products and saying dey wnt comunicate.. Sayin I need writen declarion or sumthin letin mobiles to canvel it another orange woman said mobiles giving u rubissh basically I’m leaving abroad nect month and not coming back.. I can’t have dis contract wen I won’t use mins calls or intent nufin as too expensive, deyy saying 14 days have passed but it should be a month, .. Please can someone help me what can I do, its unfair under UCTA 1977 and utccr 1999 and under ohter laws.. Bigger companies taking advantage of customers.. If I cancel direct debit and orange /mobiles take me to court dey pay for it and is der chance I will win? Just joined and already this kind of friendly hospitality….. They breaching it when services – email, intewnrt, bbm and no conection texts working.. So not fit for purpose under section 14(3) of de SOGA1979 and since purpose is to use it wen going abroad I can’t so again dats not fir for purpose?
      Please replyy

  • Catriona 17 August, 10:31 pm

    Paul, personalising a phone refers to putting in new hardware or downloading data, it does not refer to changing the settings, which can be changed back to default at any time without a problem. So you fine to check the phone’s features while it is in your possession.

  • Catriona 17 August, 10:38 pm

    Gurdev, if you bought the phone in a shop and signed a contract you do not have a cooling off period and are now bound by the terms of the contract for the period of the agreement. The shop would argue you entered into a legally binding contact when you signed – and they would be right. The only way you could get out of it is you claim you were ‘misold’ the contract on the basis of something you were told or something implied which later turned out not to be true. My advice would be to talk to them and try to reach some kind of amicable agreement – i.e changing the phone after a reduced time period, but Orange do not have to take the phone back just because you don’t like it.

  • Ahmed 7 February, 6:41 pm

    I have a laptop which has been about a year and 4 months now, and it has started turning off randomly. I purchased the product with a credit card so i am thinking wheter or not this might be protected by the consumer credit act section 75 or the sale of goods act 1979. I have written to comet about the sale of goods act but they have just said no – simple as that. Please help me

  • Catriona 18 February, 9:46 pm

    Ahmed, Sale of Goods states that an item should be durable (i.e last a reaonable length of time). If it breaks down the retailer is obliged to examine it, and if found to be faulty must offer you a repair. If this cannot be done, then they should replace it. Write to them, quoting consumer remedies under S.48 Sale of Goods, giving them 14 days to respond. If they do not, you will seeking alternative quotes for repair and presenting the bill to Comet for immediate payment.

  • Ahmed 19 February, 11:17 am

    Catriona, thank you very much for your help. I wrote another letter to them last week stating exactly wot you have just said and guess what, “just out of goodwill” there offering to have a look at it and take it from there free of charge. When i took it to the shop, the guy couldnt believe that someone offered to fix it for free so he had to make so many phone calls and still he was unclear. I asked him “so was my information correct?” he goes yeh it was, there not sure why but a senior manager has authorized a free repair for you. So thanks to everyone whose providing good information on here, thank you to catriona especially!!

  • Catriona 20 February, 12:38 pm

    Ahmed, it’s incredible the way retilers confuse consumer rights with goodwill gestures, but whatever gets the job done I guess. These people call themselves ‘sales consultants’ but don’t know the basics. Well done!

  • dan barrow 17 April, 2:39 pm

    What are my rights if a portable hard disk I bought from the Apple Store stops working after 7 months? If asked, how do I prove it is not down to misuse? What is my best approach when going back to the store, and what reasonable response should I expect?


  • Catriona 19 April, 10:06 am

    Dan, electronic faults are rarely a result of misuse, I doubt the Apple Store will consider this to be the case. Sale of Goods mentions durability as an element of satisfactory quality. Your consumer rights if something stops working before it should oblige the retailer to offer a repair in the first instance. If this cannot be done, a replacement.

  • NuShrike 2 March, 1:29 pm

    How does it work when I’m based in the USA and I purchased a mobile from a company based in the Bournemouth, Dorset, UK? I’m currently in dispute with the company because they’ve taken more than 2 months (sequentially) to facilitate 3 repair sessions (with only shipping back costs to me) for my mobile under the manufacturer’s warranty.

    Taking more than a month for repairs falls under Distance Selling rules also?

    I’ve already sent post to them (as recommended by Consumer Direct) declaring that the company is in probable violation of the Sale of Goods Act because the good is unsatisfactory, and the company took unreasonable time and extreme inconvenience in on-going repair, so I want an exchange/refund as alternative remedies.

    The company continues to deny the latter remedies under the Act stating they’ve been acting promptly and satisfactorily, and somehow that aligns with the good being satisfactory, and the repair time reasonable, and that continuing to physically possess the mobile for repair is okay.

    Now Consumer Direct recommends I send a 2nd post to declare that the company failed to resolve amicably, and then I need to file in small claims court. This involves a plane ticket, taking time off from work, finding a place to stay, filing paperwork, and so forth — very high hurdles just to get this company to comply.

    Do I have any other more reasonable alternatives or solutions?

  • Shaz 13 March, 5:51 pm

    My little brother has bought a laptop from a store called CEX and he ha a disability so requires extra attention. I feel the product is over priced a crashed on me twice within 24 hours. The store offered me a store voucher which mistakenly I accepted but kept argueing that I want the mony refunded. The manager claims that the statuary rights don’t apply to them the same as oher stores because they are not selling brand new goods. What right do I have of getting m money back for this item which is a laptop.

  • Jill 19 March, 9:10 pm

    I bought a pair of curtains and had them prfessionally hung . The track and curtains have fallen down after 18 months

  • Jim B 23 March, 3:16 pm

    I purchased two topiary trees from an online specialist in december for either side of my front door.

    one is fit and healthy and one has died

    I notified the supplier who offered a 25% discount off a replacement

    Should I be entitled to a free replacement or a refund


  • joanna 7 April, 2:44 pm

    my 2 vodaphone sony ericcson handsets both sustained water damage and after a row with the insurers, they finally agreed to repair/replace these. I have been a vodafone customer for 5 years and presently 12 months into a 24 monmth contract, after many trips to my local voadafone store and a row with them, they agreed to send these off and as they were not repairable, i received back 2 “refurbished/reconditioned” handsets – the exact same model.
    However now 9 days on – both these refurbished phones have problems, they turn themselves on and off, the memory cardis not “picked up”, calls cannot be answered and more worryingly and dangerously, one fo the phones is boiling hot and feel ready to actually explode/burn and for safety reasons has been taken apart.
    I intend to travel back to the shop again but wondered where I stand with regard to this policy excess fee – will I have to pay this again as this will now be a seperate claim? surely vodafone are liable as these refurbished handsets are broken, and can I insist on a brand new phone rather than a refurbished phone?
    My original phones were brand new so why should I have to accept refurbished ones which are not in working order?
    many thanks.

    • valerie 12 December, 3:10 pm

      Hii, my ipone was in my poket wen went swimin 7 minutes , O2 sand they cabt repair/replace since it was my fault but year hasne pased for gurantee so they are liable, when bb broke took them 2 months to repair it and send new one- its unresobale time and a breach let’s me leave the contract? They gave me crapest cheap £5 nokia and took deposit of £25 if I don’t return it , a drop of water went on it / was in sun and was damaged they didn’t give money back… I have right to get refurn since dey shut give a good fone not shit nokia which is bound to brake I cudnt use internet nufin .. What I want to know is what did u say to get new phones that were damged due to water?

  • Peter 20 April, 5:50 pm

    Hi, I (amongst many others it seems) have a problem with my 5 month old Mercedes which is going to take 4 weeks for them to fix. This seems to be a manufacturing defect affecting thousands of their cars

    Now, I have been been given a replacement car by Mercedes for the duration of the repair that is by no means anywhere near a ‘like for like’ replacement, it’s a 3 door vauxhall Astra which is no use for me considering I have a young baby who needs to be seated in the child seat in the rear of the car – this is extremely inconvenient trying to manouver a baby into a child seat whilst clambering over the front seat folded forwards.

    now, mercedes have told me that they have no obligation to provide a ‘like for like’ car, but simply to get me back on the road, however reading this page it seems like they do have responsibility to provide a ‘like for like’ replacement.

    I’m just a bit confused by this one, what exactly are my rights and Mercedes’ obligations in this case – can anyone help ?

  • karen 26 April, 2:31 pm

    Hi, hope you can help. I bought a pair of knee high riding boots. But the zip come undone from the ankle when you kneel down and get up. I’ve sent them back, but the company say they can’t find anything wrong with them and have sent them back FOC. I received them the other day, did the zip up, ran my fingernail up the zip from the inside and the zip broke again. Can I demand a replacement of that boot or my money back? It’s going to cost me another £8 to send them back again… txs for any advice.

  • Nick 1 May, 8:54 am

    I bought some new memory from a uk based seller on ebay. The memory was faulty on receipt and I reported it within 7 days. They have offered to replace the item if I send it back to them. Since then I have investigated and decided that I have no faith in this brand of memory and have requested a refund instead of replacement. I sent the memory back outside the 7 day period and they have not offered to refund my postage. Can I have my money back for purchase and postage?

  • peter 18 May, 4:27 pm

    Hi last year i ordered an lg tv from my friends littlewoods catalog and it broke 11 months later, I phoned lg and they said it has to be done through littlewoods, I then phoned them and they sent an engineer out who classed it as b.e.r and said i had to arrange with littlewoods for the new tv to be sent to me, I done this and they said there was one being sent out yet nearly 2 months later still nothing…. I then rang them again and they said that they could not send me one as my agent (friend) was in arrears with her catalog, even though the tv was paid off they are still refusing, surley they have taken it from my house and its my property they have to deal with me on this matter, and they shouldnt be able to refuse a new one as its under warranty and its paid for? What am i to do, 2 months my children have had no tele have i got any hope?

  • Susan 4 June, 5:19 pm

    We have ordered Hire Suits last September for a wedding on 13th June this year. The men have been measured at least 3 times, type of shirt chosen and patterned waistcoat chosen. These have now come in (after lots of hiccups along the way). The Groom has tried his suit on – jacket too short, trousers too small, wrong waistcoat and wrong style shirt. Another suit – again, wrong waistcoat with a hole in it and jacket and trousers too big. With only 8 days to the wedding we have lost faith in the shop and we are now wanting a refund of the deposit paid (one of the men actually paid for his hire suit in full). Under our statutory rights are we entitled to our deposits back even though the customer agreement states the deposit is foreited upon cancellation.

  • jacqui lambert 24 June, 3:02 pm

    i bought a sofa half fabric half leather it was lovley supportive and comfi,we have had it 4 months and the cushion seats have sunk to half the depth and you can see the shape of the filling on the outside ,very poor quality it was from scs in chester,the man julian who works there told us it had a type of memory foam in it and it would stay firm for years to come ,we have been on to them about it and they say we cant have our money back cos its not there policy i would like to now were i stand.jacqui

  • Andy Cloney 28 June, 7:11 pm

    I have had a playstation 3 for over 2 years but it is now faulty and I have been told, unrepairable. It seems there is a big problem with these machines. Do I have any rights under the Sale of Goods Act 2002?

  • sara 14 July, 12:38 pm

    My 17 month old Apple Mac’s keyboard doesn’t work, or rather some letters don’t work. Apple UK have refused to repair it as out of warranty, but say that I have recourse in consumer law and they recognize that a hardware fault shouldn’t happen at 17 months.

    So, in other words, they won’t repair it until they are forced to do so, which is so infuriating.

  • Michael Drayton 20 July, 9:51 pm

    I have returned a defective clock 2 months after purchase as it started to tell the wrong time. The price has been refunded but the seller refuses to refund postage.

    Please let me know the section numbers of the Sale of Goods Act under which I can get a refund for the cost of returning the faulty goods.

    Many thanks.

  • bryan 3 August, 4:35 pm

    bought sony 40inch tv feb 10 by july 10 the set stopped working. No picture very poor sound. I bought it from sony at lakeside, essex, not interested in replacing set as covered by warranty. Repair company had my tv 3 weeks &
    replaced one part still not working and now ordered another part what are my rights. Sony uk not helpful. Wish i could have’refund to buy other make

  • Lee Hardy 5 August, 2:52 pm

    Hi, My problem is I bought a LUXOR PVR from Asda at the start of the year. After a couple of months I binned the packaging thinking I wouldn’t need it (along with the instructions manual). After another month the machine died on me. I took it back to Asda and after around 30 minutes of arguing with the clerk about my rights to a refund, without needing to provide the packaging, they finally gave me an exchange, but kept the packaging and manual from the new machine. Now, 3 months or so later the new PVR has also packed up (exactly the same as the first, the HD failed to initialize). After a little research I have discovered that this is a very common problem with the device so I intend on getting a full refund – but without the packaging/user manual have I a leg to stand on?

    Thanks in advance for any aid given.

    Lee Hardy.

  • chris 22 August, 10:31 pm

    Hi,my problem is i took a mobile phone upgrade,since then my phone has been into repair twice already,just recently the phones problem accured 5times,contacted carphone warehouse and they said “because it has been into repair so many times that they might have to replace it with a refurbishment phone”,have i got any rights into refusing this phone,even though its the companies policy,in my views the refurbishment mobile will be second hand basically,when i recieved a brand new hand set to begin with?

    • mark 10 December, 11:01 am

      RE: CHRIS, Aug 22.

      I have exactly the same problem with CPWH. My phone has been in for repair 4 times since I bought it in may. They have offered a replacement but it is refurbished. Have you had any sucess with this?


  • Kapi 26 August, 12:17 am


    I enroled for a training course/ The learning provider arranged a 12 months free loan by and pay later with his financial partner in May 2009. 4 months later the company did not sent any learning material to me. I complained and nothing was done. 6 months later I received a letter from the loan provider that the training company has ceased to trade and I should report to them for further arangement. They arranged a trianing with a second provider and I’ve never been involved in chosing the training or was I consulted over the arrangement.

    I have never had training and I sent letter to cancel the agreement. The lender has just ignored me.

    Now I amfacing a legal proceeding with them that I should pay the loan. They phone me three four times a day – I receive 3 threatening letters per week. I don’t know where to turn to. Could you help??

  • Qudsia Rahim 27 August, 5:04 pm

    I made a purchase online at the Orange shop using a promotion code. Orange has advised me that the order has been cancelled as the item is no longer in stock, although one of the items is in stock. After further investigation and various conversations with people in Orange, it seems as though they do have the items in stock and that they are not dispatching the items because of the promotion code. They has mislead me on a couple of occassions with various stories and I have emails where they have demonstrated contradicting messages. Please advise if I am within my rights to request/demand that they send the goods out to me which I purchased in good faith? They have advised that they have refunded my monies.

  • Peter 18 October, 11:35 pm

    hello, over a year ago a bought through my local pc shop a customized dell xps laptop, the laptop cost me initially just over 2000 pounds. iniialy when i bought the laptop i bought it with the 1 year warenty cover which i extended soon after becouse of the machine i resieved was faulty, i demanded the machine to be changed which it was took nearly a month to arrive. 1 year 2 months later the machine decided to stop working, i took it in to the shop and asked for it to be repaired. i recieved a new power supply nothing changed, went back asked for it to be fixed again, again nothing changed it has been 2 months now ive taken it for the 7 time acording to the shop 4 motherboards 3 graphics card change the problem hasnt been changed iv refused the item to me fixed again scince all 7 attempts have been useless but they continue to insist on fixing the machine ive demanded a replacement or refund of my money but they just insist in repairing the machine. what can i do?


  • CESSNA 25 October, 2:55 am

    I bought a Sony laptop from Comet in Aug of 2009 and took out an extended warranty as I was told it would cover me while studying in the USA. I found the laptop to be faulty after 3 weeks and I was told to send comet a quote for the repair of the laptop, and that I would be reimbursed by Comet. I therefore chose to have it repaired by Sony in the USA, which took almost 2 months before I received it back, meaning I was unable to use it for my studies and final exams. Upon receiving it, I noticed that the problems still persisted and by this then it was time for me to head back home to the UK.
    I have since had the laptop sent off to Sony 2 more times with the same problems, and after it returned the THIRD time, I noticed that although the original problem has now been fixed, there is now an issue with a thin band stretching across the bottom of the screen.

    Comet have also been made well aware of the issues with this each time they have occured!!! Can I get a refund of my £800???

  • Philip 18 November, 2:26 pm

    I am having a problem with a car battery which I bought from a Armstrong Beattie, having driven 70 miles on the battery, I found it it was not retaining a charge. I took the battery to a local mechanic who informed me that there was a fault with the battery and I was therefore forced to replace it. When I contacted the seller and requested a refund; they first lied and claimed that my car had damaged the battery, I pointed out that my rights were not invalidated if I used it correctly and I had professional testimony to the contrary. They then lied and claimed that it was the manufacturer’s responsibility I pointed out this was not the case that the seller had responsibility. They are now claiming that there was never any fault with the battery and that they will give it back to me but refuse to refund it. Since I had, for obvious reasons, to replace the battery I don’t want two and believe that I am entitled to a refund since they sold me faulty goods and I have written testimony to that effect. Furthermore even if they managed to repair the fault I do not want the same one again as I have no way of ensuring that the fault will not recur and I be forced into further expense.
    Are they not obliged to give me a refund or perhaps even cover damages?

  • Nicky 1 December, 12:26 am

    Hi, I wonder if anyone can help. I’ve got a samsung touch screen contract mobile (on vodafone) and was brought about 5 months ago however tonight it is playing up and its as if the phone has froozen. I have turned it on and off a few times. My patner said i’ll have to buy a new phone as i haven’t got insurance. Is this right or do the phone company have to fix it??

  • Steve 2 January, 4:12 am

    I bought a computer from PC World 6 days ago which is going wrong already (display drier issues making the machine crash, I’ve visited their tech support site and reinstalled the driver software with the latest versions but it hasnt solved the problem)

    On their website they state: “For all products should the fault occur within 28 days from the date of delivery you have the option of a prompt repair, a refund or an exchange.”

    Does this mean that I simply need to return the computer (in all it’s original packaging which I have retained and kept in good condition) and say that they state on their own website that I have the option of a refund which I would like to exercise? Or do I still have to go through the repair, replace cycle first? Having read some online reviews about the computer I have seen a lot of bad reviews and different technical issues of various kinds this model seems to suffer so I’d rather just get my money back and buy something from somewhere else…

    • Skeenfleent 6 October, 3:30 pm

      In this case, the web reviews would point to an inherent fault (typically in the display cooling and physical quality of the chip connections inside, VERY common these days and manufacturers/retails know it). It was faulty at the time of sale as the chips were not built to withstand proper usage over a reasonable time. An expert would say the same as long as it definitely is the case with this model. Take the refund option – repairs of this kind take a long time, are expensive and don’t last long, as the design fault is still there, any repair just beefs-up the soldering, which eventually succumbs to the same issues, typically, after some months (my repair shop only guarantees 90days). It’s important that these faults get returned to the manufacturer so the manufacturer thinks twice in future about building shoddy products, so anyone in this position, do your online research and insist upon a refund on that basis.

  • Julie 5 January, 2:05 pm

    Hi. I bought a TomTom XL IQ Europe satnav, to help my husband drive from UK to Italy. The blurb stated that it covered the relevant countries including Germany, and also stated ‘latest map guarantee’. When I got the device, I discovered it could only install the ‘zones’ of Europe each time, and the best one did not include Germany. So when my husband found himself driving in Germany, the TomTom was useless, because it did not include Germany in the zone. The supplier tells me that because the satnav is used, I will not get 100% refund, but depending on the condition, they will withold 15-25% of the refund. So now I am out of pocket for buying a product that did not fulfil what it promised (i.e. latest map of entire Europe)! What are my rights?

  • debbie 5 January, 6:06 pm

    hi i went in to my local cash convertors and saw atv advertised 107.99 their was a bit of a problem the man couldnt find the barcode and came back and said to the lady behind the till they,ve reduced it twice by accident the lady turned to me and said itwas the wrong lable that was on it and i would have to pay 130. after 5 min arguing i left the shop

  • Antony 15 March, 6:46 pm

    Hi, I have purchased a jumper for a friends birthday but it doesnt fit him and the store is refusing to exchange or refund, where do i stand?

  • hayley 5 April, 2:49 am

    I am having a problem with Three at the moment. I updated my contract 2 months early to get a new phone, the Blackberry Curve 9300, I am now payin £15 more than I was before, but didn’t mind as I had a better phone. However I’d had it for nearly 6 weeks and it just stopped working. I sent it to three for repair and they have said it has been deemed “unrepairable” due to “internal damage” which just so happens not to be covered under warranty. However on the phone explained that I had not damaged my phone in any way and they said that they accepted it wasn’t my fault yet my only option is to pay for a new handset! What are my rights with this, as they are saying it isn’t my fault so surely I shouldn’t have to pay the price?

  • Angela 15 April, 8:14 pm

    I bought a Logik DAB radio for my friend for christmas and after 4 month the plug has completely broken off from the wire I took it back to the shop and they said it was normal ware and tear and is not covered they don’t need to change or do anything . Please advise me where I stand as I believe this must be wrong for the wire to brake completely within 4 months

  • Martin 1 May, 12:42 am

    Bought a washer/dryer from comet online and was delivered begining off feb, noticed dryer wasnt working so reported to comet. As report was after 28 days comet said I had to let them fix it, although i wasnt happy i agreed, it has now been a further 4 weeks and still the fault has not been fixed,also first engineer who visited dented the machine and damaged my kitchen flooring. do i have a case to ask for a new machine as this is becoming comical.

  • sue 1 May, 5:20 pm

    My daughters partner put a deposit down on an engagement ring, the ring was in the sale, the assistant said it would be put away until they were ready to collect it. On the receipt it says that all goods must be paid and collected within 3 months. Bareing in mind they only paid the deposit last saturday, they then got a phone call from the Goldsmiths the following saturday to say that the sale was ending and that it had to be paid for and collected within 2 days. Surely that can’t be right. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

  • Vicky 1 June, 5:52 pm

    A friend & I Recently had makeover & photoshoot, viewed the pics & whittled them down to 41 images of good ones & maybes…The consultant said there was no point looking back at those 41 to decide which ones to take out as the less photos we purchase the more expensive it is. So we were pushed into buying a cd with 41 images on which we never got a chance to look at properly. I get that we have paid for the copyright, & signed that we agree by taking them on the day that the order is non cancellable, but when we got home that night, half the images were absolute rubbish! I have contacted NEW ID STUDIOS, & all they can offer is re-touching, which won’t work as most of the pics the tops of our heads are off or our arms, or a voucher for another makeover shoot, which again is no good as we will have to spend more money to purchase new photos! Do I stand anywhere legally to obtain a partial refund? I have emailed them after the phone conversation with them saying that I will be seeking legal advice to get a partial refund as what they have offered is no good.
    Any help would be very much appreciated!

  • Trevor Dilley 18 June, 7:16 pm

    I purchased a second hand car describing my proposed usage only to discover three weeks later that the vehicle would not conform to my specified usage. The Dealership refused me a refund but agreed to try to rectify the problem by finding a suitable replacement vehicle whilst refusing to actually admit that there is a fault with the existing car although it has already let me down twice in the first two months of ownership and the vehicle manufacturers admit that my usage of the car is likely to continue to cause me problems.I feel that because of this revelation i should be entitled to a full refund , The dealers have had three months to find a replacement and have so far FAILED dismally.Surely this is an unacceptable state of affairs
    Thank you T Dilley.

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    Picking out the right present is hard, recently once i was trying to find my moms Mothering Sunday present My partner and i researched all around the web to find the best reward that she would want.

  • Ema 27 July, 11:23 pm


    Can someone advice me please… I bought a pushchair on exactly a month ago from the website. Delivery date given was 7-10 working days. I still have not received the item and the company says they will inform me when will it be delivered! They say if you want to return the item you can be charged 20% of the item value plus delivery costs +… I do not think they have a right not to give me a full refund when they failed to provide the service???
    Thank you very much.

    • Skeenfleent 5 October, 9:35 pm

      One could construe the quoted delivery time as part of the terms of the contract, but then you’d have to check those terms with regard to delivery time. If it states any get-out clause, you’re stuck (but get legal advice), otherwise it’s clear breach of contract and you should notify them in writing of this and that you require a refund. Also if you paid by credit card, get a section 75 refund as soon as (if??) the retailer doesn’t play ball. The retailer did not provide the goods, cannot prove they did and so will lose any dispute.

  • Chris Campbell 3 August, 11:01 pm

    I purchased a Canon D7 SLR camera from a local camera shop.
    When I got it home I attached my lens and tried it out in the garden, it was raining but I was not bothered as I was told it was weather proof by the sales team. (Quote from Canon official D7 website) “The magnesium alloy body offers weather sealing equivalent to the acclaimed EOS-1N, EOS Integrated Cleaning System and 150,000 release shutter durability. The EOS 7D has been designed from the ground up to be used by the most demanding photographers.”

    After using the camera for just a few minutes things started to go wrong. Buttons stopped working and others acted as if they were held in, making it impossible to use. I immediately emailed Canon, they told me to take it to the shop where I bought it, the shop was closed by the time Canon replied so I called the next day to inform them of the problems, I turned the camera back on and it was working normally. They told me to “see how it goes”, I used it later in the week and found that when I attached my lens it fogged up straight away, this had never happened before after using the lens all over the world in lots of weathers, I had been using the lens with my old camera without any problems even after the other camera stopped working.

    The shop told me to call in when convenient to let them inspect and send to canon, I gave them my lens too as it was attached to the camera and was now damaged due to using with D7 camera. In total the equipment cost approx £3000 and they said that they would treat this as urgent and because it was professional equipment they would find suitable replacements while it was away for a few days.

    After 3 or 4 days I telephoned the shop to see what feedback canon gave regarding the repair/inspection, the shop informed me that they had in fact sent it from their shop to head office who had shipped it to canon today, meaning that they would not look at it until after the weekend, on Monday I called to see if the shop had further news for me, they told me they would chase it up and get back to me, they emailed me to say that they had sent the camera on Monday and not Friday so they would call Tuesday to ensure things are speeded up. Tuesday they emailed me to say canon had not assigned a reference number and they would check Wednesday, after not hearing from them Wednesday I called to check what was happening, the person dealing with it was not in work, I then called head office to see if anything could be done they told me I could hire equipment off them while I was waiting, I explained that I was promised a replacement of similar spec while my camera was with canon, head office say that I need to pay in full for any items loaned to me on a credit card and they will refund once returned, this is not possible as the only camera of similar spec is over £3000 for the body alone without the lens.

    What can I do as I am becoming increasingly frustrated with poor service and inconsistent responses. I do not want a repaired camera, the shop insists that if canon repair it that I will have to accept it and if my lens repairs are outside of warranty they will not return it to me until I have paid in full for the repair costs on that although I believe it is damaged due to being used on the new camera.

    • Skeenfleent 5 October, 9:31 pm

      Get the times that everything happened in writing. Then invoke the SOGA stating that the goods were not as described, nor fit for purpose, and that you promptly reported this before the six month time-limit and thus the goods are seen legally as unfit from the point and time of sale and thus you wish a full refund as the repair cannot be done within a reasonable time, as it’s professional equipment, Canon’s own argument can be turned against them, as for a consumer they can wait longer, a ‘professional’ just cannot be expected to go without any longer. It’s worth arguing that they could have a full engineer’s workshop at the local retail premises to avoid this unreasonable delay, and it’s only for THEIR (retailer’s) convenience and cost-savings that they don’t. So, that it’s not fair or legally justified for you to pay for their convenience with your inconvenience, time and (the hire idea thing) money. I think a judge would find that argument fair enough, wouldn’t you?

  • lucy 15 August, 3:26 pm

    i had a brand new phone and sim from t-mobile, i only had the phone for 6 weeks before it broke and had to be sent for repair. i was told it would be roughly 2 weeks. 7 weeks on i am still waiting, they were unable to lend a loan phone so i am left without one yet still paying my monthly fees. the store has tried contacting the repair centre with no luck. i have been tracking the repair online on a daily basis but it is rarely updated, although at one point the phone was fixed but when it went for testing it failed so it has gone back in for higher level of repair! i am sick of waiting now and feel 7 weeks is unreasonable!! where do i stand?

    • Skeenfleent 5 October, 9:25 pm

      It takes me about an hour to completely disassemble a phone and put it back together again. Add, say, 30 minutes for troubleshooting and component replacement, and then add and extra 30 minutes for any unexpected delay in the workbench repair, and that’s maximum two hours to repair a phone. Exceptional faults can take longer, but that comes into the realm of ‘not economically repairable’ and the phone parts need to be recycled and a replacement sought. What I don’t get is these companies fobbing you off, as if you legally have to care exactly HOW their repair system works – you DON’T.

      So, notify them in writing that you will cancel the contract (check the terms of the contract FIRST for how long repairs are allowed to take, etc) if you don’t get a new, equally-valuable/same model phone within two days, a FULL refund for the time you haven’t been able to use the contracted service due to the phone being ‘in repair’ (one week really is acceptable for repair shop work-flow reasons, no longer than that).

      I’m not sure having signed the contract in the shop makes any difference at this stage, but you could go in and ask nicely if they’ll give you all the above remedies (NO less, in fact, you really ought to get compensation for inconvenience if you didn’t break or mishandle the phone yourself). Without writing it down, you could lie to them or hint that your uncle is a lawyer or judge (whatever they call them) and that he’s advised you to ask nicely but that the service provider are out of order and you’d win any court case. But be careful, I can’t condone lying (as much as big companies and small alike rely on it for their business!)

  • Tom Abbott 12 September, 5:55 pm

    Bought a 37 inch Samsung television in may this year, registered my product and it’s still within it’s 12 month guarantee, had an issue with it creating a buzzing sound when on. Ive called samsung and they have sent out two repair men and one of them has replaced the LCD panal/Inverter which ‘apparently’ would fix the solution. Surprise surprise it didnt and the only thing slighty improving the noise is having the contrast on 20 which is a trick the 1st repairman informed me of to act a as a tempory solution. I have called samsung once more and which they put me through to the engineers, he then imformed me that all they will do is come out and replace the part once more and it still wont solve the issue, and that the series 5 tv is known for it but yet samsung do nothing about it. After ringing samsung again and having a polite but firm word with the call centre worker I now have another appointment booked for repair, and if this does not work I will be put through to the customer complaints department and they will see what they will do. Do I have the right to demand a replacement television??? Just want to be imformed so that they cant just push me aside and say there is nothing further they can do. Any info/advice I could use is appreciated 🙂

  • Skeenfleent 5 October, 8:58 pm

    “I have called samsung once more and which they put me through to the engineers, he then imformed me that all they will do is come out and replace the part once more and it still wont solve the issue, and that the series 5 tv is known for it but yet samsung do nothing about it.”

    Get that in writing, also research the model online, and if true that it has this typical inherent design/manufacturing fault, then once you have the evidence, it would be a very clear-cut case of faulty from date of purchase, even though it’s after 6 months, and you have to prove the fault, it’s obvious and a judge would agree. Then put that to the original RETAILER (it’s not up to you to deal with Samsung, if the retailer doesn’t like it they ought to say the same thing you are – make better quality TVs with better components, Samsung!). Remind the retailer that any judge will agree with you as there’s such a bank of knowledge about this fault being inherent, and tell them you want a full refund, and that you could also claim for the inconvenience of having no TV, the phone calls, your time waiting for repairmen who know they cannot fix the problem, etc. But that as a gesture of YOUR goodwill, you’ll accept nothing less than a full refund so you can wipe the experience from your mind, do some more online research and take your money to buy a TV model with good review scores for reliability.
    My flatmate had the same problem with the w—–s at Currys and is majorly out of pocket, as he didn’t get nor follow good advice, as he thinks he knows best and trusts the brand (probably due to all the propaganda he’s seen on TV ads, the mug).

  • Tracy 9 October, 10:32 pm

    Hi, I have a problem with t-mobile and would be very grateful for any help. I took out an 18 month contract with them, with a HTC phone. I have had it only a few months and the phone kept turning itself off, not just occassionally but every 15 mins or so sometimes! I took it to t-mobile and they sent it off to be repaired, it was gone for 2 weeks, in which time i was given a very basic phone on loan to use which had none of the features my HTC phone had. Anyway i have had the phone back for just over a week and it is doing it again! same fault, same problem! I want a different phone as from what I have read online this is a major problem with this phone but t-mobile are very unhelpful and just want to send it off again! any advice please?

  • Lucy 10 October, 11:58 am

    Don’t even get me started on t mObile. I had a htc for 6 weeks which had to be sent off for repair’ it was gone for 8 weeks with no loan phone. When it came back it was scratched and not working. Got it sorted but 2 weeks later it has broken again. Sent away again and was promised they would send a yellow form to stop it being gone so long and would be 7-14 days. 5 weeks on I am still waiting!!!!!!

  • Deb 18 November, 9:47 am


    I bought a Barbour coat for £229.00 about 6 weeks ago. It says it is machine washable. I washed it last night, following the instructions specified and the stitching has come out of the lining.

    Given the fact I haven’t worn it much and this was the first time it has been washed, I have lost all faith in their products and would like a full refund. Am I entitled to this?


  • Claudia 17 December, 8:45 pm

    Today I went to the shop from which I bought a mobile, and it was confirmed the item is faulty. The manager said the only solution available was to send it for repair since the item was bought in April. When I bought the mobile I did not expect it to be faulty. I had to go away and now that I am back I took it to the store. I stated I wanted a replace or a refund as they informed me the repair may take 28 days. They told me I am not entitled to those and this does not affect my statutory rights. It does not seem right that I am sold a faulty item and have to keep it.

  • Robert Tennant 20 December, 3:13 pm

    This issue goes back to 2007 when my daughter took out a contract with T-Mobile at the T-Mobile shop in our town. In 2009 she began to get mobile telephone calls from other networks informing her that her contract was soon to be up and could they offer her a new one. The calls came day and night, and I am my wife both T-Mobile customers also had such intrusive selling methods applied to us.
    We complained as a family to the T-Mobile shop we purchased our contracts from, who told my daughter she must have given her number out. There was also an isolated incident when she was threatened on her mobile but we have no idea if that is to do with this issue. However, it was an unlisted number and my daughter told the caller she was reporting the matter to the Police. In November and December of 2009 the sales calls became such that my daughter had to turn off her phone, and again visiting the T-Mobile shop, where she received no support in the matter. It was then that stories began to leak out into the media about the sale of personal information by a T-Mobile employee to a third party and that T-Mobile was purposely ‘doing down the seriousness of the matter’. My daughter rang customer services and told them the extent she had been hounded because of this breach of her personal information. She resceived no help, so she inform customer services, she was terminating their contract because of a breach of contract, i.e. failing to keep safe and secure her personal information as is required under the Data Protection Act 1998. Much correspondence resulted in this stand and the introduction of a debt collection agency. My daughter told T-Mobile and the debt collection agency to take the matter to court if they considered they had a case. In May 2010 the debt collection agency wrote to my daughter stating there appeared to be an impasse and they had return her file back to T-Mobile, which in their view closed the matter, which it did until December 2011. A demand appeared from another debt agency who had purchased the disputed debt. She wrote to this agency telling them there was no debt as T-Mobile were in breach of contract. She also wrote to T-Mobile telling them they were requested to take the matter to Court as a clear dispute of the facts had arisen between them. Since the last communication of May 2010, T-Mobile have been found guilty by the ICO of failing to protect information under their control and two employees have been fined £73k plus for their part in the breach os security.

    My daughter has no actual loss but she is being harassed and with the new involvment of another debt collection agency T-Mobile’s intention can only be discribled as with malice. Can my daughter take an action in the County Court against T-Mobile for continuing harassement in this matter instead of taking the issue to court with the frist debt collection agency declined to do.

  • Jorge 20 December, 3:39 pm


    I bought a Mini cooper 2002 model from a local used car dealer in september 2010 for £5450, the first 3 month of having the car it was great. then at the end of jan 2011 the gear system for the windows broke meaning i had to get in the passenger side and climb over because the door was jammed, 2nd was the alarm module stopped working in feb another 2 weeks withought a car, 3rd head gasket blew which luckily i had payed extra for an upgrade on my warrenty meaning i was covered, 4th the head gasket went again i dont know how or why as i am not a mechanic, 5th time the head gasket went again in october this year i was given a pegeout 206 as a replacement to which one of the front lights didnt work and the car had a slow puncture in the rear right wheel. ( as you can probably tell i am not very pleased by this point as i payed for this car upfront with cash and was assured that it has been fully serviced and was a good runner.) After 3 weeks of having my car they replaced the engine with one from another mini which i wasnt displeased as they had fixed it, atleast i thought. yesterday night i parked my car after drivin 7 miles home only 2 minutes later to look out the window and see flames coming out of the bonnet, i managed to put the fire out which i know was dangerous and yes i did kinda get told off by the fire brigade that was very quick in arriving and disconnected the electrics so no more damage could be done. I got a call today after a long discussion today exspressing my concerns with the garage they told me that the steering column motor had got so hot it melted the wires causing it to ignite apparently this is a common fault with minis but that i may be liable for the damage caused, i am extremely upset especially less than a week before christmas i feel as if i have been cheated all along, passed from pillar to post with promlem after problem where do i stand in getting a replacement or refund can anyone help?


  • ellie 5 January, 10:42 pm

    hi there, if ur phone as developed a fault within the 1st 6 months it is assumed that the fault was already there when u purchased it, your phone comes with a guareente for 12 month and the company have to offer a repair or a replacement.

    • Maggie 29 January, 5:06 pm

      I would say you rights are the same as anything else. It’s works but as it does not have the country you wanted on it, its ‘not fit for purpose’. If it’s less then one year old you should take it back to the shop where you purchased it.
      You believed and was told that the sat nav included Germany.
      Go back to the shop with the sat nav and receipt, tell them your story and ask for your money back. Quote the law that covers you, or better still print a copy out (you can get this from the internet), let them traditional. The point here is, fit for purpose’, you were told something which it isn’t. That’s FALSE advertising.
      If no joy write to the manager or ask to see in person. If still no joy, call the CEO of the shop.
      They are culpable. Good luck!

  • alison 22 February, 1:24 pm

    Am I covered by the Act when i had a conservatory built and for 6 years they have tried to fix the mistakes and now it is causing severe damage to my propery

  • Argustos 25 February, 8:15 pm

    Faulty Nintendo after just 5 months use, shop only offered a repair. Said thats thir policy and would certainly not replace and definately not refund. Do I have the choice to decide on repair or replacement or refund as only 5 months old or is it the shops decision??
    Cheeers, Argustos

  • Kristine 2 March, 12:45 pm

    Hi There,

    I have been with LA fitness for 6 month on a 34.99 per month contract (min contract 6 month), in the beginning their sales team told me that I can upgrade anytime for 10 pounds a month more for freedom pass if I need to, as I have moved to the different area, I asked for an upgrade, where they said that there are no such a deal available, if I like, I can sign up for new 12 month contract for 49.99 per month (which apparently is 50% the normal price, can’t see that it would ever reflect LA Fitness value anyway). When I went for my contract I only did it knowing I have freedom to upgrade when I want, and I don’t want a new 12 month contract if I have served my minimum 6 month on mine already? Do I have any rights here?


  • Linda 10 March, 9:30 am

    I bought an electric cooker from Brighthouse last December 2011, the men who delivered it connected it to electrics and went away, I turned the cooker on about 2 hours after they left and it blew my electrics, I phoned the store and they sent an engineer out a week later, he replaced one of the rings, he said it should not have been sold in this condition. The cooker has been working fine until last Thursday when it blew the electrics again, I was just going to cook my dinner. The shop were very unreasonable, said they could not get an engineer to my house until Monday which is 5 days later. I said this was ridiculous how am I supposed to eat, I am paying for this on HP and it is faulty, they did say they would replace it but this would not be until next Friday which means I will have been without a cooker for 9 days. I am 64 what can I do?

  • brenhell 11 April, 8:46 am

    Yes, you do! If it wasn’t faulty, they would want to repackage it and resell it. As it is faulty, they don’t need the packaging and this is not an issue. You should keep pointing out that the goods are faulty, and the box it came in is not the issue.

  • neil oakley 15 June, 10:40 am

    Hi this is my issue. I bought a small and compact Acer pc as it would fit on my shelf great. The problem is it crashed after about 14 months. Took it to my local computer store who said the mother board had gone. I had to have it repaired so went ahead. I was told it would cost about 80 pound. The problem is when I went to pick up the computer they said their mother boards would not fit in my case so they had to put new casing on it so I now have a pc that is twice the size that does not fit anywhere. My phone that I put music on from off my computer now does not connect as it used to. I have less usb ports now and now have no port for a memory card that I used to have. Have they ripped me off. As they also charged me an extra 30pound for the casing.

  • Samantha 9 July, 5:14 pm


    Less than 3 months ago I purchased a dress from Debenhams it cost £140 and the quality is poor, some of the stiching has come undone and some of the sequins have fell off, I have only worn this a handful of times. I took the dress back and they refused to give me a refund and they said they would repair it, my issue is that I do not want them to repair it for the same thing to happen after another 6 wears. Can I demand a refund?

    Kind Regards

  • Charlotte 10 July, 7:29 pm

    Hi. I am looking for information regarding warrantys. we had a conservatory built 7 years ago with a 25 year warranty. We have had a few problems with it regarding leaks and have decided to ring up and enquire about getting them fixed. We have since been told the company has ceased trading and we will have to pay.
    Are there any legal obligations/clauses to do with warrantys? Shouldn’t they have to fulfil what they offered.

    Any help would be great, thanks.

  • steve 22 August, 11:08 pm

    Dear Catriona
    This is the last notice I am sending to Carphone Warehouse in relation to a contract misselling; I will appreciate if someone could add to it, advise or review it.
    The supply of Goods and Service 1982
    Breach of Contract Terms

    Let’s review the main points under scrutiny one more time:
    Free calls: I might have been naive and negligent on this but why not making sure that my allowance has been fully used considering that the service will be interrupted once this has been accomplished?
    The free calls allowance does not even specify that calls and text abroad are not free at all ( three texts to an oversea number have been charged for nearly 60Pence) and 0845 numbers are still chargeable. What does free means in the English tongue? if there are restrictions to this freedom why aren’t they included in the terms and conditions? Isn’t it all down to what a costumer has the right to know or as to what he/she shouldn’t’ t know or querie? This explains why your associates and more in general in this industry sell asstistants are reluctant at discussing in details and in depth the small print.
    Uncapped charges: what about the 75 £ creidt limit mentioned in all previous correspondence of which exsistence only T-mobile was aware of ?isn’t this a cap? the service has indeed been suspended only once this figure was reached in full.
    T-Mobile shop assistant argued that this is a measure to prevent costumers to run unstustainable charges, statement that your assistants support in full and of which I must thank you all however why wasn’t this peculiar piece of information never mentioned in the small print let alone any of you associates referring to prior autographing the agreement? The answer to this is because T-Mobile may or may not: enforce, set, place, apply a certain clause whenever they feel like without disclosing what amount has to be reached before this happens. This clause refers to a credit limit that is uncapped to allow it to be recorded against charges in particular circumstances such as international roaming. I repeat: UNCAPPED! or Do we need to make a distinction here between expenses incurred for having gone outside my allowance and a credit limit that should contain those charges within an affordable figure? as you can see the two terms (cap and credit limit) are interchangeable nevertheless my account had a cap or credit limit of 75£. Shall we say that my allowance is uncapped to allow me to mismanage my allowance and thus incur in charges up to a certain point, just were you have placed a cap or credit limit of which you disclosed only the possibility of such measure( may or may not) not the certainty let alone a precise figure upon which will be triggered?
    You are anyhow selling contracts were the ambiguity in the wording in some of its clauses leads costumers to misunderstands what they are entitled to so that they may or may not incurr in charges from which T-Mobile and Carphone Warehouse “may or can” profit. Can you also explain why your contract’s version bears “may” while T-mobile’s adopts “can” on such crucial point?
    Do you think that had I known about a cap of 75 pounds on my account I would still have run the same bill (for which you offer 15 £)?
    Don’t you think that stating you “may or may not impose credit limits for charges” provides consumers with enough certainty to make informed decisions? in fact this wording is so ambiguous and vague that implies that a contract executed in such fashion bears for the consumer the acquisition of an hidden charge per se of which only the service provider is fully aware of.
    I am fully aware that T-mobile may argue that they can prove that costumers are informed about possible charges and credit limits as stated in point 2.10 however as pointed out in previous correspondence if they are looking at a certain figure before this can be imposed,( figure not yet recorded against my credit score due to my status of non existing cosumer ) this figure should be disclosed shortly after signing the contract agreement being this detected as a detrimental change on my price plans( as stated in point ect..) that therefore in compliance with tmobile regulation should be promptly communicated to account holders via post or email within 30 days.
    Owing to your failure to inquire to T-Mobile on my behalf ( afterall you were the transferor and I the transferee) about an enforceable credit limit and its exact figure, those charges were simply inapplicable nevertheless I was put under duress by t mobile and threatened with a suspension of the service if expenses were not met in a timely manner. As sales consultant you are expected to explain carefully what my obligations and liabilities are – this is your job, and if you evade this responsibility by claiming that you deal only with technicalities (as your sell consultants claimed) or gloss over such detail when requested you are misleading and misselling. None of the items in the following list were mentioned as a restriction to my 50 free minutes calls, 250 texts and 1.5 GB data allowance.
    Peak time calls
    Calls to those on another network
    Calls to voicemail
    International or premium rate numbers
    Directory enquiry services
    Downloading data from the web
    Sending picture messages or video clips
    I did try to sympathise with your views in this matter and the reason why you don’t see me in favor is owed to the perception that I was reckless at managing my account, but this recklessness is a direct consequence of you omitting all this crucial facts misleading me into believing that once run out of credit the service would be suspended. Had you been less vague and more generous at disclosing those important facts we would not be here discussing this and probably t mobile would have not made nearly 61£ at my expenses. I don’t fail to see how this is good business for tmobile as I reckon there are an unquantifiable number of other cases like mine generating massive revenew for yourself and you associates; will be interesting to see how you would defend your position in court as this is where we are heading to for you are not prepared to meet any of my demands. Citizen Advise Consumer Help line 08454040506 advise me to offer you one last opportunity to rectify your offer. This is my final notice before legal action; if you don’t write back to me with a reasonable resolution within 14 days I will look into taking you to the Small Claims Court with the aim of retrieving not only the 61£ charges but also a significant figure to compensate for the stress, time and significant inconvenience at dealing with this matter.
    I do appreciate that your regulator: Trading Standards does not deal with individual claims and although fully informed on this matter will never try to approach me or advise me, be advised tough that I have been issued with an Ofcom reference number (1215822981) and that a complaint has been logged against you and t-mobile for false and misleading information which is per se a breach of retail practices.
    A word of advise to all readers: keep away from T-Mobile and Carphone Warehouse, their costumer services and retail practices are the most appalling I ever experienced in comparison 3 and O2 are amateurs.

  • joe 31 August, 3:26 pm

    i have got a phone contract from phones for you and i wanted to return it but they say because i signed the contract i have no way of returning it

  • jemma smith 14 September, 6:00 pm

    I recently took out a contract with Orange through Phones 4 U. After 6 weeks the LCD screen on the phone cracked and ‘bled’ throughout the rest of the screen leaving many of the functions unusable. I contacted the store who said that the screen was not under warranty and i would have to pay for the repair which i did willingly. Its taken around 6 weeks to get the phone back and its been returned in an even worse condition. The screen is repaired but the handset no longer turns on which they confirmed in the shop that it did when i sent it. There is also a large chip in the casing that was not there before, again the shop confirmed this. They now say there is nothing they can do except send it back and get the physical damage repaired but the handset itself cant be repaired and is not covered by warranty. The did refund the money i paid for repairs but i still have no phone. Do i have the right for replacement????

  • M Taylor 18 September, 10:06 pm

    I bought a vehicle from a well know national car dealership, the vehicle was advertised as only having 2 prev keepers, however now i have received the log book i have discovered this is incorrect and it actually has had 3 prev keepers. Had i known this at the time, i would not have purchased the car as the car is not even 3 years old yet. I have gone back to the garage with the advertisement showing that the vehicle was advertised incorrectly but they dont want to know. Do i have any rights?

  • Rwhet 13 December, 2:24 am

    Re Switchmedia – In Feb 2012 I-bought a domin name and 1 yera free hosting .In January 2012, on incorporating a company,I received a leaflet with information about domainemails and free hosting for a year for the sum of
    £ 6.00.
    I discussed at length with an agent on the phone on purchasing the domain name and understood that there was no other commitment as a consequence. There was no mention of a contract and the agent definitely did not inform me of any contract being in place at that time, nor alerted me to anything else. .
    I was informed of the different options available and web services that I could take advantage of there after. At no time was a 2 year contract information or anything else discussed with me initially until this last week when I saw that I had been invoiced for 2013 and 2014 which in effect makes it 3 years not 2 years. I had been asking for a transfer of hosting since April 2012 as the email has neither been sending or receiving email despite several calls and attempts to solve it. The support calls are also very costly (e.g. in 2 calls unattended, in the last 2 days I incurred (£8.00) and I raised several support tickets which were not answered. Since February 2012, I have made several calls (mostly unattended with long call- waits) and raised several tickets. My company has been receiving no vital information as a consequence of a dysfunctional email, which is still the case to date. People have informed me of this and I have had to use my personal email to get information instead. .
    I have never knowingly without finding out details committed myself to contracts .It is against my character. I know that on the leaflet from which I bought the service initially there is no mention of a contract or anything else.
    I am now being asked to refer to terms and conditions on the switchmedia website, when my initial discussions with an agent and purchase were as a consequence of leaflet information.
    I have the leaflet from which I made the purchase; there is neither mention of contracts nor mention of anything else about start ups. I do not also have any correspondence that states anything about my purchase or it being a 2 year contract.
    I would appreciate some help. I am unemployed at the moment as the company is dormant. This is the final straw. I do not knowing take on commitments especially contracts. I have always managed my budget carefully and in doing so considered this purchase as a one of with assurances from the agent who sold it. Please help.

  • kampof 17 December, 4:29 pm

    I purchased a brand new Samsung mobile handset from an established trader on Ebay in February 2013 but after barely 6 weeks of use it developed a fault(Frozen screen). I submitted the handset to Samsung UK/EU for repairs but it was returned unrepaired because they found it was a Samsung India product and wasn’t covered by Samsung UK warranty.
    I returned the handset to the seller(He had not disclosed the products origin in advert) for repair/ replacement/ refund but the have refused to do anything and i still have a handset i cannot use. I have contacted Samsung India but they are only prepared to repair the phone if i can send it by personal courier!
    What is the best legal means to get the seller to fulfill their contractual obligations.

  • John Ardron 15 February, 4:37 pm

    I bought an Hotpoint fridge freezer from AW Appliance World on 04/09/2011 and I noticed that the bottom edge of the fridge door and the top edge of the freezer door there was rust forming coming from inside out I went to the above company to complain. They said there was nothing they could do because it was out of guarantee and I should contact the manufacturer. I pointed out to them that my contract was with them and under the Sales of Good Act it was their responsibility and not the manufacturers and that was that. Is their response correct?I have an old Hotpoint ff that is 14 years old and still running in the garage and it as no rust.I

  • annette parkes 16 May, 3:49 pm

    Iv been a customer of brighthouse for years iv recently bought a washer within five months the motor had broken and they fixed it now its broken again the engineer said it was the main board i have requested a replacement and they want to leave me a loaner till that one is fixed but im not happy with that i think that that is unacceptable what can i do about it

  • Paul Davis 12 July, 5:06 pm

    My Daughter’s new car has been back to garage 7 time’s in 3 months and they are refusing another car or a refund

    • Lyla 11 December, 9:55 am

      Hi,Just wondering if I could also be due a renfud of tax for skips I used in refurbishment of my house. The money for the skips was paid to a Northern Ireland company. My house is located in Nothern Ireland, but I pay tax via PAYE system in Southern Ireland as I work there?ThanksMarcus

  • Joaquin 23 August, 2:23 am

    A month ago I upgraded my mobile contract from T-mobile to EE, as part of the agreement I received an HTC one handset.
    Within 2 weeks of receiving the handset it developed a problem with the touch screen, so I took it to my nearest EE shop, as is advised, who in turn would then send the handset for repair. Before doing so, in the presence of the shop assistant I checked and she witnessed that the handset was brand new, no scrapes or nicks of any kind, in fact the shop representative even wrote it down on the problem description sheet that was to accompany the phone to the repair centre, that the handset was brand new!
    A few days later I receive an email to come and collect my dully fixed phone, the phone was now working properly, apparently it was a software problem, but as soon as I picked up the phone I noticed that it had been damaged, showing a deep nick on the side!
    This is an aluminium like case, so it shows the damage properly!
    Now I want it either repaired or replaced, I mean, I hand in to them a phone practically new, less than a month old, free of nicks or scratches, the problem was of a software nature and they return me a scratched phone!
    To make things worse, when I went online to their website to track the repair process, on the description of what was repaired it said “case replacement”, when there shouldn’t even be such a replacement, if indeed it happened, because the was nothing wrong with the actual body of the phone!
    Now I do not know where to go in terms of obtaining legal advice of my rights and how to proceed against them!
    ANNOYED is an understatement, I am livid for seeing so much dishonesty, as they are just making me go around in circles.

  • Leeanne 3 September, 6:44 pm

    Bought a hotpoint fridge/frezzer after couple months the fridge got so hot milk went dour and frezzer to cold we had a lot of waste. Contacted hotpoint who have now sent 4 engineers who have each used hot air to unblock the panel at the back of the frezzer and replaced fans etc! I was told by hotpoint that they will not replace until engineer states he can’t fix! Had a engineer out again today who called his office and stated we need a new applience he was advised by the guy on the other end of the line told the engineer to cut the thermistor and monitor wire to resolve, my engineer told the agent that the customer will not accept this and he has never had to do this before, agent then advised cut the wire withought the customer seeing!! (How rude) my engineer came off and told me all this and also stated my applience is no longer the spec it was when I bought it. Hotpoint will not do anything please help!!

  • Julie bruce 5 September, 8:25 am

    I purchased a portaloo that was advertised on e bay. Before purchasing I asked if the toilet could be plumbed into the mains, the answer was yes it could but when it arrived my builder advised that it was a chemical portaloo and could not possibly be plumbed into the mains. so he refused the delivery and sent the item back. I e mailed the seller and he said I would need to pay the returns which would be £75 plus vat I have not paid this and so the item is sitting in the delivery depot and I have not received a refund as the seller and I refuse to pay the returns.
    Also an offer was agreed via e bay but after I made payment directly into the sellers bank he cancelled the listing without my knowledge instead of accepting my offer so the purchase has been made outside of e bay so I have no protection now with eBay
    What are my rights and how do I move forward with this?

    Thank you

  • Leslie DEY 27 September, 9:04 pm

    After suffering a second heart attack in feb/2014 I rung Vodafone in march to ask if I was getting value for my contract well after going through all the bumf etc I was told the galaxy s4 with the gear watch would suit me purpose perfectly .
    After taking delivery it was found that the watch doesn’t support a heart monitor as described so after many calls nothing was done about this so I’m now stuck in a 24 month contract with a phone and gear watch that is unfit for the purpose of monitoring my heart beat and at least giving me a warning as to wether I’m over stretching my heart.
    After further contact with voda I was told on no uncertain terms to suck it up as I was in a 24 month contract .
    Well this we’d I phoned voda saying that either they source a phone and monitor that was specifically fit for my purpose and being more than a couple of times that it looked like I was misold my contract but still they don’t want to know
    Am I right in terminating my contract and walking away with out Penalties

  • debbie 6 October, 1:22 pm

    i was told by the man at the petrol station that last week he accidently gave me £9 too much in my change and it was on cctv camera , i told him to show it to me and if he was right i would give him it back when i got paid (ive been going in the garage 8 yrs) he said he couldnt get the cctv footage until the following day he then proceeded to ‘take the money from the £20 i had just given him for gas and electric’ and said he was keeping the £9 and gave me my cards back with nothing on them and £11 from the £20 , i argued with him, he then called me a thief in front of customers , i rang the police but they said i should take them to small claims court.. i am totally disgusted

    • Rose Clair 17 October, 9:37 am

      Return a jumper I bought to a shop because it is faulty, the shop keeper is refusing to give me a refund, who do I complaint to.

  • pamela.dudley@ntlworld.com 19 December, 1:50 pm

    I brought a ford b-Max in august 2013 REG.IT was ok for approx 10 weeks but now been told there is an inherent fault which has been draining the battery for the last 6weeks. its in the ford garage as they cant fix it. im trying to get a hire car and even that is a waiting game.There is no solution to the problem yet,thought to be caused by the audio system so at presnt have paid out 12,000 pounds, have no car ,no alternative transport and have health issues so grounded.?Any advice ?.thankyou.

  • John wallace 6 January, 8:14 pm

    Bought shoes ms outlet sale price £15.went to checkout came up £5 on till then changed back to £15 thought the price that came up was price they had to honour

  • Anu 16 January, 7:18 pm

    This is with regard to service issue that I faced today with a shop. Since not sure how to take this ahead I would request for you advise as I really do not want any other customer to face what I had gone through.

    I dropped my samsung grand duo phone and had a cracked screen. Except the cracked screen my phone was working perfectly fine. I took my phone to this local repair shop located in Charter Watford and the gentleman said that he doesn’t have the spare part that is the screen and if I could order it from eBay he will do it for £15.I ordered the same from eBay and took the spare to him yesterday i.e.15th Jan’15 and he said I can collect my phone in an hours time. After an hour when I visited to collect the phone he said it not yet ready and you can collect it tomorrow i.e.today. I went to collect my phone today and he had changed the screen but unfortunately he had damaged the LCD and also the software where the screen and the touch is all working upside down and also with flickering screen. When I asked him about these issues he gave me reasons that since it is India made phone you have to replace the screen with the LCD and regarding the touch and flickering screen said I don’t know what has happened. I told him at the first you never told me that an LCD replacement is also needed, he had no explanation on the same. I enquired with couple of more repair shops and they said that the guy had damaged the LCD of the phone and it is not so that both has to be changed together even if it is India made phone.

    I went back to the shop and told him the same when he said what I could do I did and I cant help you anymore. Despite telling him that I will lodge a complain against you he was least bothered and said you can do whatever you want.

    It is so disgusting that for a small repair he spoiled my entire phone which I bought brand new in Jan’14 for about £220 and on top of it he was so arrogant and rude and did not even offer any help and also charged me for the repair. It is our hard earned money and such shops they are such a crap that they don’t even bother for their poor service and unsatisfied customers. I was very depressed and really sad that I couldn’t do anything even knowing the facts.

    I felt really cheated but not sure what action should I take against the shop so that he doesn’t do the same with others and he should realise what he has done.

  • Randall Coetzee 1 February, 2:15 pm

    I thought l bought a good pre owned car from kia after a year the car combusted while me and my 4year old daughter was still driving with it. So after alot of searching to find out where the car came from l found out it was bought from a auction. I confronted kia about this but they told me it is already past 6 months they can’t be held responsible even before l bought the car l asked them the history of the car and they told me there is nothing wrong with the car. Finally after a while the manager told me it is irrelevant where the car came from. What are my rights on this matter because the damage to the car is estimated at about R50 000 who must fix it me or the dealership l bought it from.

  • Catherine 5 February, 8:14 am

    I bought a dress online and it does not fit so looking to return it. The website is very dress.co.uk.
    I have emailed the company twice via the website and contact tab with no reply even though it states 1-3hrs reply. I have also emailed the customer support service for the website and still no reply.
    Can anyone help with how I get my money back. I need the return address before I can return it.

    Thanks x

  • Jonathan 22 March, 5:52 pm

    After just over 2 yes my hitachi 42inch 1080 tv has stopped working I purchased from argos guaranteed for 12 months, but I’ve heard of a 6 year rule in consumer law ls this true
    Many thanks

  • hayley 29 April, 1:09 pm

    I recently brought a table and chair set, it was all self assemble the table is fine but the chairs are all loose and wobbly and they can’t be sat on or used, will I get my money back? Do I have any rights ? I still have 28 days to take it back but worried they won’t accept it as their fault and it was mine. I am 34 weeks pregnant and went to sit on one and I nearly fell off. I am fuming and stressed what can I do?

  • Maria 9 May, 11:01 am

    I have cancelled a kitchen order within the 7 day cooling off period , by phone and email, from an online retailer. I have verbal and email confirmation the order was cancelled, the finance agreement not processed and a refund cheque will be posted after 2 weeks. I have not received it yet. If after 30 days and I don’t have the refund, what are my rights and who can I contact to make them pay up. I paid the deposit by cheque for £3450. Thanks for your advice.

  • Chris 14 June, 11:56 pm

    I have a mobile contract with Vodafone taken out through Carphone and the handset is lg. The charger port melted while charging, it also burnt the case and part of the bezel. I was told by voda n Carphone to go direct to lg. LG have passed me from department to department for 8 days and I’m still without any clue as to what is going to happen with my handset. I’m still paying a contract which is what’s really getting to me as I’m unable to use any of my contracts features without the handset! What should I do next?? The device is 7 months old and it was charged with its original battery and charger. They are still stuck in the phone.

  • mark Fellows 15 June, 6:10 pm

    Hi, We bought a bike from Evans cycles for £370. It was a mountain bike. It has been ridden on country walkways (hard topped) and roads to and from school. We have had the bike for 10 weeks. After 2 weeks that chain had stretched and the rear cassette had worn. Evans replaced but I paid them to upgrade. Now the crank has come loose and the store state that it is through wear and tear. After 10 weeks … that can’t be true.

    UK Sale of Goods Act seems to infer that if it fails within first 6 months it didn’t meet the contract requirements and automatic repair or replace. Who do I report this to after no recognition of this from the shop ….

    Appreciate any help


  • p finn 30 June, 10:12 am

    I bought a Toshiba 40inch television 18 months ago from Argos and the picture has gone very dark have I any recompense

  • Mekwan 3 July, 12:00 am

    Today I bought one Asian suit for my 2 years baby.this shop near my home is normal weekly market.I just buy that time dress other part she show me different n when buying that time shop keeper give me big piece that one is not feet to my baby.so I told to shopkeepr I don’t want pls give my money back. But she didn’t give me.she told me exchange but I said I bought just now I don’t want to other things.I just my money back but she never give me back.I call police but they also not help me .after my fuyting with shpokeeper n I said I gave u charity £15 took with u.I she took my money £15 pound.n that aria meneger told me I not allow again that market to shopping. So some one give me answer what my right n what can I do.n ya I forget shopkeeper didn’t give me raseed for my shopping.

  • ian hemington 15 July, 12:35 pm

    I brought a Graphics card from Scan computers – on the advert on their website it clearly states 5000 mhz gddr5 memory.
    But after installing the card I noticed from tests it is only 2505 mhz.
    I have phoned them and sent them emails but they refuse to refund me for the incorrectly describe item and try use technical jumbo to try deflect the fact its not the item described in their advert ( false advertising).

    They refuse to give me a refund or help me out….what can I do please?

  • Jeevaresan 21 July, 8:57 pm

    i have repaired my phone at local phone shop still doesn’t work I took it back to them they’re not repairing again

  • Geraldine 23 August, 11:41 am

    Hi I bought a tefal iron in curry in January , it stopped taking up water and they sent if of for repair it took 4 weeks to be returned , I took it home and switched it on and the hot water came out of the sole plate and burnt my finger
    I took it back the next day and they offered no apology and told me it has to go back again and can take up to 8 weeks
    What’s my rights here? They told me if I had of taking the extended warranty I’d of had no problems which is a disgrace the iron is was only 6months old when this problem occurred…..

  • Stuart Morgan 17 October, 9:33 am

    I bought an Asus tablet 10 months ago, I contacted Asus who asked for proof of purchase before they would pick up tablet, I had to send it three times by email because they said it wasn’t clear enough. After the fourth time they agreed to pick up the tablet for repair. Two weeks later I received an email saying my faulty battery had been repaired and I would need to pay £100 for the repair or £45 to have the tablet destroyed as the repair company did not have the proof of purchase. I phoned the repair company who asked me to email them the reciet, which I did, two days later I had email to say that I had to pay for repair as they hadn’t received it again. I phoned again and agreed to send the copy by fax Two days later I get the same email saying I have to pay as they haven’t received it again. I have sent it again by email as requested by them , I really don’t know where I stand if they say they haven’t received it again as I’ve sent it about 6 or 7 time’s already! Really needs some advice on my options.

  • Lesley 28 November, 2:21 pm

    I bought an ex-racehorse from who i thought was a reputable horse dealer.I was shown pictures & videos of horse i was buying.On collection of the horse the dealer said he’d lost a shoe the day before so didnt ride the horse & his wife had the horses passport in her car & was away to a market with cattle.I received the passport through the post several days later.I took horse home,wormed it,Got farrier to put new shoes on it,paid 1 mnths livery for horse & gave horse few days to settle.I put saddle & Bridle on horse & went to mount the horse & minute i sat on his back the horse fell about(like Bambi on ice)then fell to the ground & lay on its side for about 5 mins as if gonna die,then it scrambled back up & started scrambling around inside the stable barn,damaging other horse owners property in which i’ve had to replace.The horse was unrideable!!!I called the horse dealer & he told me he’d only had the horse for 2 days but to take the horse back to him which was a 500mile round trip & i took a friend with me,on arrival i told him what happened & to saddle horse up to see but he declined & lead the horse away down to a barn,he then offered me another horse which was standing in a barn with bandages on its legs but i refused the horse.He then gave me a receipt that 4 people signed as witnesses that he would refund me upon selling the horse & we left.I sent the passport back to him.He is now saying the horse is lame due to being tipped over in my trailer on way back to his stables & cannot sell it on to refund me,which is absolute rubbish.Surely he should have stated that on the inital return of the horse.He is now threatening me with court for damages to the horse & i’m well out of pocket.What are my right here please?

  • elwood hall 7 December, 11:21 pm

    Tesco recently told me I can not have a repair to my mobile because I was 2 days past the exact guarantee date, and said I would have to pay for the repair myself at THEIR workshop. Is this reasonable, or are they acting unfairly?

  • Richard James 11 December, 12:23 am

    I bought a camera from Argos last year, it has not been used as ill health has prevented me from getting about. I have taken a few pictures indoors and it was working perfectly. For some reason it has stopped working, the motor in the autofocus lens which was part of the kit does not work as it did. The camera has not been damaged dropped etc. There is not a mark on the lens . I have contacted Nikon who say it has to be repaired. What i would like to know is , as it’s out of warranty by a month, have i got any rights to have it changed or repaired? surely the lens should have lasted longer than thirteen months. Thanks.

  • Helen Abbas 4 January, 8:50 am

    Had cooker under a year door fell off within a week . 7 months later top oven went engineer came fixed . 4 months later top oven gone again waiting for engineer . what are my rights for a refund

  • Shark 13 January, 4:20 am

    Practically speaking, the UK courts are capable of hearing cases concerning breaches of human rights in the first instance, with the European Court of Human Rights acting as a court of final appeal.

  • Anita 18 January, 8:02 am

    I bought a suite of furniture got it delivered on 13 Dec noticed the seams had come away on the cushions on the 24 Dec phoned the shop they got them repaired on the 10 Jan noticed the other cushions had split as well . I moved the sofa and my finger went through a hole under the arm of the chair checked the others and they all had the same can I ask for a refund and not a repair

  • bavina 4 March, 7:02 am

    Hi, can someone please help me ..
    I brought some goods in November for home delivery from Argos. The good were delivered and am happy with them. BUT it turns out that they never took the payment due to a system error on that day. It is now March and they have taken the payment of almost £400 out of my account. When I called they said I had been notified by email. I looked and it had gone into my trash box so I didn’t see it. I am not overdrawn, my direct debit s haven’t gone out, I have no money for food or petrol. I am so upset The bank can’t help me what can I do ?

  • Sarah Hannah 8 April, 11:55 am

    Bought brand new reg car. Collected and a week later when first washed we noticed the fog light wasnt clipped in on one side. Booked in at garage but when took to garage despite having not one mark on car they said you must have crashed it you will have to pay. We stressed have certainly not crashed it and they said someone must have crashed into you when parked. NO marks on car AT ALL just a clip missing. What can i do about this there word against mine.

  • Maria 28 May, 8:32 pm

    I purchased a set of ps4 headphones costing £34.99 on the 18th January 2016 my son had told me that he’s been struggling to hear with them. I tried all the settings on the PS4 to see if there was something on there. Eventually weeks later I found a wire which has come out of the jack plug. I took it straight back to the shop where I purchased it from and they said it must be down to user misuse, or an cat or dog might of chewed it ! really, a single wire is sticking out, you have to look closely to see it …. despite me clearly stating that neither of these were the case they would not offer fixing or anything. I quoted that this should be of quality product and last a sensible amount of time but the chap would not have any of it said he could not send it back to the manufacture as they would say the same thing.

    This is a games store with only one branch, I don’t know what to do now, any advice ?

  • Jess 10 August, 4:56 am

    At Thorpe park I was sold a photo pass and told it would work on every ride but one but in fact when we got to the rides there where quite a few rides where the camera didn’t work so we couldn’t use the photo pass. Then to top it all when we downloaded the photos back home they have attached someone else’s photos instead of some of ours. Do we have a chance of getting money back?

  • Carrie 28 August, 7:37 pm

    I have an issue with a wedding cake supplier, we ordered our cake last August & paid in full. With 4 days to go until the wedding they contacted me to say they missed charging for an element of the cake design & wanted more money even though everything was detailed on the invoice but not individually itemised, we said we had detailed the order to the member of staff at the time, given a price which was paid & it was unacceptable to now say it couldn’t be done for the price & the staff member no longer worked there so what was agreed can’t be checked. The end outcome was they said they are cancelling our order, they are refunding the cash paid but not a voucher for £60 purchased via Amazon to be used against the value of the cake & we have had to source something last minute elsewhere. The terms are it can be cancelled up to a month in advance by ourselves but no mention of them cancelling on us.
    Where do we stand, can anything be done?

  • marie leather 30 August, 7:45 am

    Can you tell me what is th reasonable time for a repair to take place from the first pount of call…i booked in a repair beginning o august repair guy called me onthe 8th to get a part over aweek later nothing they picked up my machine repkaced with a loan and mine still hasnt been repaired

  • Pastafarian 4 December, 10:21 am

    Hello, I recently bought a Bluetooth speaker 2nd hand with proof of purchase from the manufacturer’s own store. The speaker had a fault and I took it to my nearest retailer (not original point of sale) they concurred and after showing proof of purchase they informed my that the fault is covered under warranty but it would need to go to the manufacturer and this would take 3-4 weeks. When I asked for a receipt after booking it in I was told it would be emailed to me. I signed the speaker over to them. Fast forward 2 weeks and still no contact. I contacted the shop for an update to be told the ‘speaker was in Belgium and should be back today or tomorrow’,the next day I receive an email to say it was back. Upon collection I was told no fault was found, a software update was done and it had now been tested and working including by the manager in store. I asked for paperwork but none was forthcoming. When I get home the speaker is still faulty and it is obvious this speaker was never returned to the manufacturer. So, here I am bleeding from the ears and eyes trying to work out not only why I haven’t received the service they promised but why they’d lie about this (also why 3 people were needed to maintain the lie and how they thought I would not discover it was a ruse)
    I’d like to know what is the best way to approach this, preferebly a viable alternative to kicking doors in/cracking skulls method?
    ; )
    Cheers, P

  • Alison 8 February, 6:26 pm

    I have a problem with the quality of some tiles I bought recently. I originally saw them in the shop of a well known tile retailer and bought a box of 6 as a ssample. On the basis of that sample, I bought a large number of the tiles from the online sister store of that retailer. The webpage on the websites of both shops was identical in every respect even down to the SKU number. However, the tiles turned out to be of poor quality. They had a printing fault which made the pattern blurred. Unfortuatly I didn’t notice this until some of the tiles had been installed by my fitter. Whilst the company is willing to give me a refund on the uninstalled tiles, they are not prepared to refund the used ones or the cost of the tiler having to take them up. They say that that because I’ve accepted them on delivery, they cannot be held responsible. However, it is more than that. The tiles are not as advertised or as the sample. The are defective. Furthrmore, when I sent pictures of the sample and the poor quality tiles the sales manager initially said they were terrible and needed to be quaranteened and was very apologetic. However, the company’s quality control has said that they tiles are not faulty but just different the ones I wanted. Obviously, this is a contradiction. Where do I stand in terms of a refund on the used tiles and on gaining compensation for the cost of having them removed and, if I have any rights, how do I go about acting upon them? It is not yet a month since the tiles were ordered.

  • Rebecca 11 May, 2:31 pm

    I purchased a Barbour jacket in Oct 2012. I have barely worn the jacket and well looked after. I noticed in March 2017 that the oil had permeated through to the lining. Barbour customer services were reluctant up investigate. After some emails back and forth they reluctantly agreed. They have had my jacket for 7 weeks and came back to me this week advising that they cannot account for the deflect but have advised that the jacket is beyond repair and that they will send it back to me. The jacket cost £379; they are marketed as being jackets that can withstand the test of time. Barbour tell me that it’s unfortunate and suggest I buy a new one but are not prepared to offer me any compensation towards a new one. Can anyone advise me of my rights? I understand that under the consumer rights act I have a right to complain yet the director of Barbours sales and marketing tells me I have no rights whatsoever. Please advise.

  • satnam singh 18 May, 9:14 pm

    booked a ticket paid on line genuine mistake forgot to put middle name for to tickets raang travel agent to sort got no joy asked for cancellation but got no joy put phone down on me