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When you buy a car, whether brand new or second hand, you benefit from the protection of certain statutory consumer rights as provided for under the Sale of Goods Act. However there is some variation in these rights depending on how you buy the car and who you buy it from.

Your statutory rights

First and foremost, whoever sells you the car must ensure they have the right to sell it and can pass on full ownership to you. If it turns out that the car is stolen or belongs to a finance company, you will not automatically then own it, even if you have already handed over the cash.

Secondly, the seller must ensure that the car is exactly as described. Therefore if it has air con, CD player etc, then these features must not only exist, but they must also work; if it is in excellent condition, it should be relatively free from marks, scratches, dents and rust; if certain parts have been replaced, they must not then break down after a short time and so on. The description of the car also includes make, model and accurate mileage

Thirdly (and this is where your rights differ), if you have bought the car from a dealer, the car must be of satisfactory quality. Satisfactory quality is defined as what a ‘reasonable person’ would regard as acceptable, taking into account factors such as price paid, fitness for purpose specified, appearance and finish, safety and durability. If it becomes apparent that the car was not of the quality you were led to expect, you are quite within your rights to go back to the dealer, even after some weeks or even months of use. If it was the case that you were invited to carry out a thorough inspection of the car before purchase, and then you go back to complain about something which that inspection should have revealed, you will have no legal rights in that regard.

If you have bought the car from a private seller, who does not normally trade in cars, then there is no legal obligation on the seller to provide a car of satisfactory quality, and it is therefore a much riskier purchase. For this reason, there are more consumer complaints about the purchase of second hand cars than any other, so exercise significant caution – buyer beware!

The seller’s responsibility

In the event that you have to take a car back to the seller on the basis of a breach in one of your statutory rights, the seller cannot try to refer you to the manufacturer under the context of a guarantee or warranty – and particularly not when it involves additional cost to you. Any warranties or insurance policies offered by the seller are additional to these rights and cannot replace them.

Beware of car dealers posing as private sellers. They do this to evade their legal rights as regards satisfactory quality. If the individual trying to sell the car cannot provide paperwork to prove that he/she is the actual owner of the car and has been so for a while, then they may be a dealer trying to get rid of a dodgy car.

If there is a problem

These are your statutory consumer rights. If any of them are breached you are within your rights to go back to the seller, who will then be legally required to remedy the situation in a number of different ways, depending on your situation and the nature of the complaint. The law requires you to act reasonably too, so if the problem is minor and can be repaired easily, within reasonable time, at no additional cost to you and without causing any significant inconvenience, then the dealer can insist on a repair as a first option. But remember that this will not stop you from taking it back if the repair is unsatisfactory or there is something else wrong with the car.

If the car cannot be repaired, if the repair is unsatisfactory, or takes an unreasonable length of time, your next option would be to have it replaced. If this is undesirable or impossible, then you can request a refund, although if some time has passed, you should be aware that any the refund given may well take account of any use you have had of the car since you took possession of it.

In situations where you would like to keep the car and undertake to carry out the repairs yourself, you have another option, which is to request a discount on the price paid.

Buying a car at auction

You may well get the best deal, but there is the risk of reduced consumer protection if something goes wrong. Look out for disclaimers such as ‘sold as seen’ and enquire as to how this affects your statutory rights as regards quality issues. You may not have an opportunity to examine the car or take it for a test drive, and any bid you make will become a legally binding contract at the fall of the hammer!

Buying a car on the internet

When buying a car on the internet, you have just as many rights as if you had bought the car after having seen an ad in the newspaper, provided this is from a dealer. If you go ahead with the purchase, not having had any face to face contact with the dealer, you will also benefit from rights provided under the Distance Selling regulations, which include a 7-day cooling off period.

If however you buy the car as a private sale from an individual, who doesn’t trade in cars for a living, you won’t benefit from the legal requirement of the seller to provide a car of satisfactory quality. It could be a heap of junk, and you would have no legal recourse.

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  • Emma Bromhall 7 August, 9:16 am

    I have recently brought a Peugeot 307 from a registered dealer. I am experiencing problems with the clutch pedal and am constantly “riding” the clutch as such. I have spoken to several people including a couple of mechanics who have advised that it is definitely faulty. Having taken it back to the garage they are saying that they cannot find a fault with the car and are refusing to let me swap it or give me back my money.

    Any comments would be gratefully received.

  • Randy 8 August, 11:39 pm

    I signed a contract and all the paperwork from a car dealer with no money down and drove off with it, now they are saying the the bank turned me down and want a deposit after 3 days, can they get by with this or not?

  • Catriona 17 August, 10:43 pm

    Emma – you have the right to a repair in the first instance if the car is found to be faulty. You cannot automatically ask for a replacement or a refund if the problem is fix-able. The problem with cars is that the problem does not present itself on a short trip ’round the block’ by the mechanic. Take it back but this time ensure you are in the car when it is taken for a drive so can point it out personally. Otherwise indicate that you are unsatisfied and request the problem be escalated.

  • Catriona 17 August, 10:59 pm

    Randy – decisions on car finance should be agreed and confirmed before you are allowed to drive the car away. In this case the dealer behaved improperly and perhaps unlawfully – your insurance could well have been invalidated. Because the dealer allowed you to drive away the car without the correct finance docs in place, his contract with you may be legally unenforceable, so I’m not sure whether he has any right to demand money from you retrospectively.

  • Jamie 22 August, 2:40 pm

    Hi, I recently went to view a car in the evening from a garage/dealer, under pressure i put down a deposit of £250.00 and signed forms saying id buy car. Next morning I’ve changed my mind and called to say so, I also wrote to say I wish to change my mind and cancel any contracts we have together. Would i be entitled to a refund of the £250.00 deposit which formed part of the selling price?

  • Catriona 27 August, 9:23 pm

    I’m afraid there is no cooling off period with sales which were carried out face to face in this way. You have signed a legally binding contract and paid a deposit which is recognised in law as an undertaking or intention in good faith. Therefore by attempting to rescind the contract, the seller has no obligation to return the deposit and could even chase you for the remainder of the cost of the car. The only way you could rescind the contract and get back your money was if you feel you were misold, or were not in possession of the all of the facts so as to make an informed decision. You could also appeal to his better nature?

  • Jon B 1 September, 4:58 pm

    Hi, I purchased a car 4 weeks ago from Cargiant who are a large car supermarket in London. On getting home the car leaked oil on my drive and a transmission urgent service warning light came up. On taking it to Volvo they have said the engine is leaking, the gearbox is also and has failed and needs replacing and the drive shaft gators are also split which will all cost about £6500! Cagiant are not too responsive as I did not purchase any additional warranty. They have a 114 point check which I would imagine should pick this up. Should they be liable for these items which should have been apparent?

  • Catriona 2 September, 1:18 pm

    Jon – The warranty is irrelevant, if you take Volvo’s assessment to Cargiant it will clearly demonstrate that the car is not roadworthy and because this happened within hours of driving away, you would not have taken possession which puts you in a strong position. Go back to them citing Sale of Goods section 14 and request they repair the car, and provide you with a replacement car in the meantime. If they decline, then you can request either a reduction in price or a refund.

  • Bernard 16 September, 9:33 pm

    I bought a second hand car from a trader (VW Polo) 3 weeks ago, paid 1550 Pounds. After 1-2 weeks the engine started to make a noise occasionally, which recently got louder. So I took the car to a local garage, where they found out that the tensioner had failed, and due to low tension on the cambelt the crankshaft pulley had become loose, causing 4 valves to have been bent. Estimate to repair about 1000 Pounds.
    Now I contacted the trader who sold me the car, who of course insists that everything was fine when he sold it, but after I mentioned the Sale of Goods Act he agreed to have a look at it. However, he expects me to bring the car to him, which would cost me another 100 Pounds, and I will already have to pay that much to the garage where the car is now, as they spent quite some time on it. How is my situation and who is responsible for these costs?

  • Brian 11 July, 2:18 pm

    I was shown a Audi A3 by a salesman from TRADECENTERWALES NEATH who told myself and my wife the car mileage was 56,000 miles. We agreed to buy the car and signed the agree without checking the details on it. When we got home I noticed the mileage was 64,500 miles, after confirming with the company it turns out the mileage is the higher one. I have asked for my £100 deposit back but they will not refund it, because the salesman James Hawkins denies saying the car mileage was 56,000 and i have signed a contract which has 64,500 on it, what are my rights. Can I take action against the individual or the company?

    • Deborah 8 May, 8:06 am

      Ive just put a deposit in a car at lookers . In advert they have put milage as 13,000 . On looking at pics ive noticed it is 24,000 we didnt haggle price at the time what are my options ?

  • Emma 15 July, 2:49 pm

    I bought a brand new fiat 500 5months ago and when I got it home I noticed marks on the paintwork. I called the dealer up to complain and the salesman said he had noticed them before I took the car away but didnt say anything. I still have not had the problem fixed as they keep making excuses. Where do I stand in handing the car back to them?

  • andy 5 August, 6:24 pm

    I bought a Peugeot 207 cc 13 months ago from lookers Vauxhall St Helens and up to now the car has been back to lookers a total of ten times for a oil leak that they keep saying its fixed then after a lengthy stay at lookers I get the car back then 3 weeks later the engine oil light comes on again!!!! I check the oil level and its low so whatever they are fixing its not working. just wondering what options are open to me as they’ve had the car long then I have

  • stuart 6 August, 11:13 am


    I need some help, I part exed my vauxhall a couple of weeks ago, the problem was the garage was ment to settle my personal loan with Barclays of £7100, But instead they paid of my other car finance with Creation for £10500, so they overpaid!
    I contacted the finance company staight away and they said that my other car is now been cleared of finance and that there is nothing they could do, its the dealers mistake!
    As my vauxhall was a personal loan the car has no money owing on it as uts a personal loan.
    The dealership have now said that if I dont pay £3000 they will undo the deal and take my car back off me!!

    Where do I stand

  • Sarah 7 August, 12:02 am

    Hi. My husband and I purchases a jeep from an Ltd company (solo guy running it from his house) off the back is an advert on autotrader. The mileage on the advert, and the odometer reads 46,000 miles. We brought the jeep home tonight and my husband went to look in the manual at how to change the seats, flipped to the service history and noticed that the mileage in 2011 was 53,000, in 2012 was 37,000 and the dealer we bought it from registered it in 3013 as 46,000. The MOT coroborates this. Unfortunately we took his word, and that of the odometer, of what the true mileage was. We would like to return the car for a full refund ideally, or at the very least get a refund in the difference of actual value of the car against what we paid. What are our rights? Thanks

  • Barry 17 August, 3:46 pm

    Bought a car for 6500 and it’s part financed
    A problem with the inlet manifold developed after three months.
    Finance company told me to take it back to dealer.
    He first tried to get out of doing anything by saying it had warranty and to take it elsewhere to be repaired.
    I told him finance company said I had to go to him.
    He has now had the car for 2 months and it’s went from original problem to needing spill pipes and an egr valve and now the turbo is apparently faulty.
    I’ve had no car in this time.
    Finance company gave them ten days to rectify but that was two weeks ago.
    Can I now reject this car as its excuse after excuse and I feel they are trying to push it out over the six months so burden of proof falls to me.
    Also if I can,how do I go about getti g the 2500 I got as a trade in toward the car for my previous car?
    Many thanks for any help
    Also I’m in Scotland if this makes a difference

    • steve tiplady 4 June, 2:21 pm

      Hi Barry
      I hope you have got everything sorted out.I am having the same problems as you .I just wondered if you could give any advice my car is in the garage at the moment.
      many thanks st

  • Paul 23 September, 7:41 pm

    Bought a Mercedes from a Honda main dealer February 2013 with a three month warranty, had to have a front suspension spring replaced just after the warranty expired at no cost to myself. Now seven months on the turbo has failed which renders the car unusable, is it too late to use the sale of goods act?

  • Raymond Cox 29 September, 8:24 pm

    My wife bought a Honda 4 wheel drive, she collected from a dealer in Rugby, after about one and a quarter hours on the road it broke down, Green Flag were called out but could not fix the problem and it had to be bought home on a recovery vehicle, when the second hand dealer was contacted he said that the vehicle was bought as seen and the wife had signed a document to that fact, the vehicle cost £2500,how do we stand at making him pay for repairs or taking the vehicle back and getting money refunded, can you help please ??

  • Alex 29 October, 3:34 am

    Nobody and nowhere helps people who have bought cars privately and rather than the car in whole being stolen, it has turned out parts of the car originate from a stolen vehicle.

    Please help.

    I bought a car almost a year ago.

    Police stop me advising there is a marker to seize and inspect.

    It turns out there was a report that certain cosmetic parts of interior were not original but came from a stripped down car stolen almost a year before my purchase.

    I get told I do not have legal ownership of seats but Police cant prove other parts stolen.

    The police wont release my car until i buy the seats off insuree but they tell insurer of stolen car they believe other parts in their “opinion” are from same stolen car because they are all the same colour, and my original car should have a different colour.

    I offered to buy the positively identified front seats but the insurer sent their solicitors on me who wont negotiate a deal until they inspect all interior.

    Police are aware but wont do anything.

    I offered to give seats back but solicitors said they will take me to court to force all interior check.

    I have researched and all interior second hand is cheaper than what i offered the solicitors for just the front.

    Where are my rights and what can i do.

    Am i right to think it is less risky/costly to send an engineer in and swap my interior just in case?

    My car has been in Police compound for nearly 3 months and 2 months is how long they took to positive ID front seats only and they told me I will be paying the bill.

    Please advise and direct on the law for private buyers who face these problems.


  • Gabby 7 November, 10:21 am

    Bought a vauxhall astra second hand from a dealer I be had it 4 months I had to repair a part at cost £170 and now two weeks later there’s a noise and have been told by vauxhal garage it’s flywheel and for them to change this will cost £1500 can I return to dealer and ask them to do anything I paid £9000 for this car and I can’t afford to keep paying amounts out so soon after purchase what are my rights in this?

  • michelle 18 November, 3:12 pm

    2 weeks ago I bought a 2010 Vauxhall corsa diesel ecoflex, £185 5*warranty and used my old car as part exchange. The day after purchasing it I needed to use the air flow knob to demist the window and it had jammed. I’m not good at complaining so rang the warranty I purchased and they told me to take it to a garage to check it and then get back. Didn’t realise what a big job it is and they managed to go in the side and free it at a cost of 2 hours labour(I still owe). Back to the warranty who are disputing because of the time scale, contacted the garage who sold me it who say it was all working when I bought it and the warranty will sort it. Back to warranty who now want to send an independent assessor and the whole thing has to be stripped down at my cost so he can see the parts. So how it stands is I could be looking at hundreds for the strip down if he decides against the claim, the garage can only part fix it due to the cost as Vauxhall would replace the whole heater part at a cost of £700+ vat + labour, the warranty will only pay out £500 so it could only be limited parts replaced which may not fix it. Now my service light is coming on when I put my foot down and I get a lag of power. It needs to go on a diagnostic machine which apparently is covered under warranty but scared to ring them about that as well so not sure what to do now!!

  • Helen 25 November, 9:21 pm

    I bought a fiat punto Evo on Saturday. I noticed that the reflector was cracked on the front and mentioned it to the salesman who kept fobbing it off saying that they wouldn’t be able to fix it. He said he would ring me on Monday. He rang me today and said if I wanted the reflector fixing they could do that but the car has no tax so they either pay the car tax or fix the reflector. Can they do that when the reflector needs fixing?

  • vincent 26 November, 11:27 am

    I bought a ford focus 2005 on 23/07/2013.
    after one week the engine developed a fault (battery warning light)
    I took the to a ford main dealer who then did a diagnotics check, they found that apart from the fault with the Alternator, they also find other problems including two very badly bucked front wheels.
    so i went back to the car dealer i bought the car from and complained about the problems, they said as a good will they would replace the Alternator but I would have to pay the labour cost (£90.00)
    and as for the wheels they said I wasn’t covered!
    so i relutantly let them repaid the Alternator at my cost.
    After 3 months and one week I had another Fault! (Engine warning light) car is cuttung out intermitently and is not runing properly
    I have since been back to the dealer and have told them that this fault has happened and they have refussed to except responsabilaty.
    I have written to them explaining that I have rights but they keep telling me that the 3 month warrenty has expired.
    Please help. do i have any rights and what should I do.
    I have written to them on several accaitions but we are at dead lock
    what should i do now.

  • Anthony 28 November, 10:06 pm

    I bought a bmw second hand on the 15-10-13 from sytner. 5 days later i noticed a louh mechanical “clunking” when you shift gear at a stand still. I took it back immediately and the car has pretty much been with then since. They replaced some rubbers, problem was still there, replaced gear box, problem was still there and now replaced crank shaft and the problem is still there. I called them up 2 days ago to have an update on my car and i was told by the service deperatment that they still having problems and so have asked BMW Technical section for help. I called them today and i was told BMW says the “cluncking” is normal.
    Meanwhile when i first took the car to the dealership myself and the master technician tested my car against one they had on site and clearly knew there was a problem with it. Also they had to demonstrate and prove to BMW that the gearbox was actually faulty and needed replacement before BMW would authorise it.

    They are refusing to give me a replacement or my money back. what should i do please help .
    Many Thanks

  • Corinne 18 January, 3:14 pm

    I purachased a second hand car from a garage and had been told it was safe to drive etc. I did not have the car inspected and recently took it for a service at a main dealership. A free health check was completed and i have been advised of several serious faults with the vehicle that need urgent attention such as corroded brake lines which will require the engine being removed, issues with the suspension amd geometry affecting the steering, severe misting on the rear main affecting the clutch which now needs replacing as well as others such as cracking on the coil pack, missing springs and split manifold bolts – the exhaust silencers are also split. I had informed the garage about a knocking sound and to have a small rust spot repaired and asked for their attention to have it rectified and they did not get back in touch. The advert also demonstrated the car had cruise control which it does not. The bill for repair is in exces s of 5k; do I have any rights with regard getting them to pick up the tab. any advice would be appreciated.

  • Tayne 16 February, 7:17 pm

    I need help..

    Bought a car from carcraft in 2012. The car was faulty and they offered to repair it.

    The repair wasn’t done to a satisfactory quality.

    So the car was taken back for the repairs. Again wasn’t done to a good enough standard.

    The car then failed it MOT because of the same problem to which they fixed it to a good enough standard for a pass. Bearing in mind, the fault still was not fully repaired.

    Then the car had to go back again because of the fault and then, problems with the electrics and a loud excessive notice on the engine.

    They couldn’t fix that either.

    So after many times of the car going back and forth to the garage and me having to change tyres 1-2 times a month because of the fault, I was offered a full refund or a replacement.

    I have them the benefit of the doubt and took a replacement car.

    The new car went for it’s service which carcraft say to do in the first 6months. So I booked it in for three months later, again when complete the car had to go back as they had messed with the car computer.

    Now the car is due it’s actual service, the light has come one to warn me.

    The car was booked in for it to be taken off. As a result of this, the car had to go back in because the messed with the display.

    Then three weeks later, a warning light comes on which is regarding to the lights being out. No lights are out because I checked them and replaced every one just incase. The light still came up.

    Then the service light came on again.

    And then last Monday, a red warning light came on along with. Picture on my car in ramps. This in my book explains that if the red was in light comes on, to pull over and seek urgent help.

    I was advised by carcraft if the driving of the car hasn’t changed then to drive it over to them. I live 25 miles away and have to go on the motorway!!

    This is now the second car that a fault has arrised and the third time the car has been in the garage for the same problem.

    I am wanting a full refund or for them to take the car back and cancel my finance having all the problems I have had and still having!!!

    Is this possible? Cheers

  • Kayla McKeever 2 March, 11:02 pm

    In ohio, nine days ago I payed 3,00 cash down on an 8,000$ 2004 Mitsubishi endeavor, they assured me the car was in excellent condition, nine days later the engine is knocking extremely bad, I called the dealer and they said its an as is sale and its my car to worry about, do I have any rights?

  • Toni 17 March, 7:19 pm

    Hi I have just got a new car from a dealership. Once I drove the car a few mile I realised that the start/stop wasn’t working. It turns out the dealers ordered a different engine to the one I thought I’d ordered. I took the car back to them after driving approx. 40 miles and they are saying there’s nothing they can do because I signed the order forms. The order forms only stated that Id ordered a 2.0 CDTi and not which exact engine model but I verbally double checked the engine at the time of order with the sales rep so I didn’t question this again.

  • antony fahy 30 March, 8:53 pm

    We purchased our 207 from bristol st motors in Worcester,within the last 12months problems have arisen with the car.1st the steering rack was found to have a crack all the way down it,2nd we have had to change the gear box and also the tonite 30/03/2014 as my wife was coming back from work the door on the drivers side has dropped and now we can’t shut it.we have had nothing but trouble since the 1st problem.taking it back to garage tomorrow and will not accept the old saying sorry its down to wear and tear.

  • R.J. Clark 31 March, 11:35 pm

    I recently purchased a new fx4 with custom wheels and tires from a local Dealership. With less than 5 thousand miles on it the custom rims are peeling . I was told because I didn’t buy a extended warenty they would not replace them and because they were custom they would not replace them? The wheels where on the new truck which brought the price up I paid for the truck sky high. TGhey are still saying they will not do nothing about it. What are my rights.

  • Diane Booth 8 April, 7:20 am

    My daughter bought a brand new Ford Fiesta a week last Saturday having waited a month for it. The following Wed it broke down, just stopped in the middle of a busy dual carriageway. It has gone back to the garage, where it has now been for six days, they have ordered a new fuel pump but are by no means certain that this is the problem. The garage have now had the car for longer than she has! Can she give it back to them and demand another new car in its place?

    • jan 17 April, 1:51 pm

      I bought a citroen c1 two days ago. The mileage displayed on the notice attatched to the inside of the window stated 10,000 miles. On checking the paperwork eg. new m.o.t. it states 20633. also on the odometer it has done 20633 miles .I have informed the dealer but they are not responding.Please could you let me know what I am entitled to.

  • Sharan 21 May, 11:22 am

    I bought BMW 318i march 2011 reg from Car giant and after one week the half engine check light came on. I called car giant after sales and they told me to bring the car in after seven days. They fixed my car and said they have changed the intake / outtake sensor and oil filter as well. After three days I got my car but now today exactly after three days the half check engine light came again today and I called again cargiant and they gave me next week date. It is so frustrating that even they are saying that they had more than 100 check unit still they were unable to fix it. I am totally out of mind now and is there any way I can replace it or refund it. Please advise.

  • pat ocallaghan 21 July, 11:38 pm

    hi, I have a Nissan duke which is just over 3 years of age so out of guarantee. it has done 22,000 miles and the variable automatic gear box has died! it is going to cost about 6,500 to fix. have I any claim regards fit for purpose? have heard the juke gear box has died on the earlier models so surprised there was no recall. I cannot afford this. thank you

  • jackie 27 July, 4:09 pm


    I part bought a car yesterday. I had went to see one car but bought another that was being sold by the trader on gumtree. He is listed as trade not private. He took part payment and I was told the road is taxed till end of month. He kept the documents to the car and said he would send them once I had paid balance next day but allowed me to take the car. I found that the car is not road taxed. I have nowhere to keep the car but on public road. nothing has been signed, I don’t have the documents to tax the car, who is responsible for any tickets or police involvement.

  • Jane Bonner 9 August, 9:00 pm

    I wonder what my rights are to this………In Sept 2013 I bought a new car, I paid £2000 in cash as deposit and was told to come back on Friday to collect it and it would be all valeted for me. I went back and paid the balance of £4000 on my debit card. When the machine was printing the slip I thought it had stopped working and said so to the salesman, he said “it’s ok it’s very temperamental” and then my receipt continued to print. I’ve got my copy, now the thing is that £4000 has never left my account!!! Where do I stand in this situation?

  • julie 13 August, 12:03 am

    I brought a Renault megane convertible in april this year ive had nothing but trouble with the car. when it rains it pours in from the back window, which soaks all the back seats.i have taken car back after having car for 3 weeks he put sealant round the windows, after the warm weather we then had rain which windows was still leaking. I had car for 4 weeks and I wen to open bonnet but it wouldn’t open, I took it 2 a garage and the leaver had snapped. so that cost 60 pound to have fixed now I no why he didn’t show me the engine. he also told me it had service history and only had one owner, but when log book came through I was the 5th owner. he said a few things that wasn’t true. also carnt move seats back or forward with out air bag and service light coming on the passanger seat wont move forward at all so no one can seat behide that chair

  • Marq L 16 August, 2:27 pm

    Living in Ireland , we paid the UK dealer a deposit of £500 on a Mercedes C220 . The car was verbally described as ‘in perfect condition’ . On arrival to dealer , there was a dent in the drivers door , a scuff on the corner of the rear bumper and the top of the boot lid had alot of scratches and a coffee cup stain. The car had not been valeted inside and had not been cleaned despite arranging a date for collection. We were offered a token to produce at a car cleaner around the corner following purchase of the car. After much discussion with the salesman , we argued that the car was not as described and asked for our deposit back. He offered us a £80 discount to repair the damaged door and said the car wash crowd would get rid of all the scratches . The door would have needed to be sanded , filled and resprayed . We had paid for £150 flights, £150 ferry and £60 taxi to get there. When it all went wrong , we had a book £60 taxi back to the airport and a last minute flight back to Ireland costing £500 . The dealer is refusing the £500 refund .

  • Nav 29 August, 6:06 pm

    Is a dealer obliged to honour a quote (s)he has provided if it’s taken up within its validity? While it is clearly stated that the quotation is subject to change if parts or interest rates or law changes, it also states the following, “It is not an offer by us capable of acceptance by you and a proposal based on this quotation will be subjected to acceptance by……..(the dealer)”. Is it correct to assume then, the quote provided is just a proposal and could be altered by the dealer?

  • sandra 9 September, 1:01 pm

    .I bought a car just over 4 months ago from a garage,a peaugeot 206 with a 53 plate,full service history and low miles 78 thousand +, They put an MOT on it, I paid 1450 the asking price, I did not try and get it cheaper. Since I have had the car, First within a month the centre exhaust snapped, i phoned the garage, they would do nothing,Then the back axle snapped about 3 months after, again I phoned and no response from the seller after I had asked him to phone me, I had it repaired. I went to the previous owner and he told me the car was scrap as it had so many things wrong with it, he was shocked when this garage paid him 400 pound for it, and last week i went to go out in it and it now won’t go into gear, its wobbles all over the place and is totally undriveable. On contacting the seller he said after 3 months I can’t do anything, and just hung up on me, so i sent a letter giving him 10 days to get back to me with an offer of repair, refund or different car… they have been selling cars for as long as i can remember (I moved here 12 years ago)
    Please can you advise my next step.

  • Tracy 15 September, 7:27 pm

    We have just bought a Brand new car and I would like to know how we stand.

    The day I took the car home I noticed a chip on the drivers side back door. So the next day I went back
    to the dealer that I bought the car from. They offered for the car to have a re-spray and that we would get
    a car to use. Also the car was dirty so they offered to do another full clean on it.

    We had not heard anything after a week so I re-chased them. The car got booked in for what I thought was for
    a re-spray. My partner took it in and all they did was a touch up. When my partner told me this I said no way it’s a brand
    new car and I want what they promised me a re=spray. My partner was told they would be in touch about the re-spray.

    The touch up of the chip just looks like someone’s got some tipex and used that.

    Another week and a bit went by and still not heard anything so I sent another email chasing this. My partner got a phone call
    and it was booked in for Friday 12th September. They were no conversation regarding if the car would be cleaned and if we were
    to have a car to use. So I sent another email to find out what was happening. The reply that I got back was that he had told my partner
    that we would get a car. That conversation never happened so I replied letting them know that when they spoke to Steven he was not
    told that we would get use of another car. Also I put in the email that we had not had any paperwork for the finance side of things.
    Steven received a phone call saying that we could use another car and that they would sort out the finance side out

    I took the car in on Friday 12th September to be re-sprayed. When we went to pick it up it had not been done. They had re-sprayed a
    chip that was on the back bumper that we did not know was there. So the car is now booked in for today Monday 15th September so fingers
    crossed it will get done.

    We are not sure but people have looked at the re-spray for the back bumper and they think it looks a different colour.

    I want to know if we can make them do a full re-spray on the car or if we can ask for another one.

    We got the car on 18th august and we are now the 15th September and it’s still not fully done

    Kind Regards


  • john smith 21 September, 3:53 pm

    purchased a car from a big dealership salesmen pointed out before I purchased that it heated front seats he also gave brocher on spec of the car which stated it had could advise me please

  • Lorraine doran 5 November, 10:29 am

    Hi I bought a car 3 weeks was €5950 and I traded in my old car so I paid €5000 with my old mam collected the new car and on her way home 3 lights came on on the dash so she rang the garage and they said bring the car back up was a Saturday she collected the car.i drive the new car to work on the Sunday and noticed it was loosing power when I was driving I brought it back up the Monday and made them aware of the lights being on and that the car was loosing power so they said they would fix it.i left it with them and they gave me a replacement car.i collected the car 2 days letter on the Wednesday they said everything was perfect.however after driving it down the road it started to loose power again and the lights came back on and when I turned off the engine the car made a whining noise which hadn’t happend beforeI left it up to be fixed.i phoned them saying this and they said bring it back up ididn drive the car on the Thursday so on the Friday I brought it back up told them of all the problems they again gave me a replacement car and told me it would be fixed.on Tuesday I collected the car and was told it was fixed.but alga of way home again it sratted to loose power and the lights came back on I phoned and he said there couldn’t be. Still domething wrong with it.the next morning I phoned when I realised there was oil leaking from the car and I told them if it wasn’t fixed id be contacting my they told me to bring it up so I brought it up on the Wednesday told them all the problems and they gave me a replacement car. On the following Wednesday I collected the car and same thing again it was loosing power and this time the lights on the dash were flicking on and off and staying on even when the car was turned off.i phoned when I was half way home and told him it was still the same however he started saying how much he spent to fix the car and they can’t see a problem with it an that he would ring me the next morning he still hadn’t rang me and won’t answer the phone what should I do.i bought the car from a car garage

  • Hydeee 8 November, 7:04 pm

    Hi All

    I was sold a dodgy car initially then refused a refund given a 2nd car this blew up n the M1 then I was lent a cat D write off by this bent garage in Luton Beds who have had 4 names since I’ve known of them. They have over 16 BAD reviews on & the company are still selling cars and and endangering peoples lives, taking peoples cash & not giving it back, selling faulty cars, by passing the faults & selling them. I know this is illegal & the company have been fined for mileage clocking & currently undergoing a trading standards investigation.

    I am currently pursuing a section 75 claim under my creditcard with Barclaycard.
    I have sent copies of everything to them, diary notes documents etc.
    Its proving to be a nightmare! They’ve told me 3 wrong pieces of information & compansated small cash amounts to my credit card! Not impressed! Also they are looking to find any little bit of whatever they can to delay / compensate me.

    I am owed £6.200 in total since the original £3,600 because I’ve paid for so many things on top of the cars & still fighting for my money. I contacted the F.O.S (ombudsmen) to find they have a 4week backlog. I am so tired of all this undeserving mess, but I will not be defeated!! Does anyone have any advice to help me to stay strong through this tough battlefield. I’d be most appreciative if you do have…
    Thank you (in advance) ( =
    Hydeee x

  • Steve Prigmore 15 November, 8:13 am

    After buying a new Audi A7 I’ve experienced a number of issues with the car which Audi seem unable to repair and now I do not want the car back. Not only are there cabin sounds, there are also engine creaking sounds and suspension noises. I’m having my solicitor approach the dealer and Audi finance. The car was bought from Vindis Peterborough, yet has had the attempted repairs done closer to home, at M25 Audi. If you were me, what would you expect to happen, bearing in mind, I have lost faith in the car?? Many thanks. Steve P

  • dave 3 December, 1:31 pm

    I bought a Mazda 6 diesel from car craft 12 months ago, and I have now been told that it needs the big ends doing as the engine is knocking, this is at my expense £2500. this is a known fault with the Mazda and because I have done 1000 miles over my service they have voided all warranty, any advise would be appreciated.

  • lynn 4 December, 10:41 am

    My son bought a second car from a second hand dealer they gave him with the car a new mot on the third day of,purchase the car was making a noise he took it to a independent garage who then told him about parts of the engine missing and a hole in the exhaust so why did the dealer give him that mot my son took the car back to the dealer who said they would repair the car and they have had that car to repair now for over three weeks and it still hasn’t been repaired my son asked for his money back and they told him he has to wait a few days for the money what are his rights thanks

  • elaine 9 January, 9:39 pm

    Bought a van 4 months ago from a dealer it cost 9000 euro it was a 09, broke down today coming back from dublin and i think the engine is knackered , any advise on getting come back from dealer,

  • eric 17 January, 7:18 am

    Hi, bought car from bmw dealer on finance with 3 month warranty , on way home I had warning lights on dashboard , complein next day to dealer , went to mechanic and diagnostic car, lots of isues come out, mechanic quote repair for 2000pounds, dealer refused to cover all, only part of that, is nearly 4 weeks of purchase , nothing done, Allready involved citizen advice and finance company, any suggestions what to do??

  • Terence 21 February, 6:15 am

    I brought a car from evans halshaw Hemel Hempstead in August last year had the car one month then water started getting inside the car I took it back for repair after about a week got car back about two weeks later water inside car again asked for a replacement car but I had to pay £1600 because the car was little bit dearer all I wanted was like for like but they would not so I’ve been backwards and forwards to the garage four times now got car back yesterday I said to the person that I’m taking legal advice now because I’m not happy with the service I got from evans halshaw while I was waiting for my key for my car I ask the person what happens if it still leeks he told me to go away because I’m seeking legal advice so I had to wait half an hour to get my key and I took the loan car back

  • Karen 23 February, 11:32 am

    my dad has given his £4000 car to a woman who has told him she will pay £400 deposit and pay the rest at the end of next month therefore he also gave her the signed log book, however i do not believe she will pay the rest. My dad is a 73 year old trusting fool, what can i do to either get the car back or ensure she pays the outstanding balance?

  • Glenn 25 February, 1:36 pm

    I have just brought a used car from AUDI paid the deposit AND signed all relevant paperwork. How ever AUDI have do e a pre-sale inspection on the car and it needs a new gear box (£9000 to replace) they are now saying they can’t sell me the car. Do I have any legal rights to get them to fix the car and let me have it?

  • Karen Arnold 6 March, 6:51 pm

    I bought a car from main dealers in July 2013, after service today I was told that there was severe rust to exhaust, bracket and hand break cable surly this is not right after less than 2 years ownership, I do not live by the sea, can you please advise me?

  • Imogen McAllister 17 March, 10:44 am

    Bought a brand new VW UP from a franchise in April 2014. Since then I have had 4 things go wrong with the car.
    Firstly in July it broke down due to a dead battery on the day of my grandfathers funeral. Caused major emotional inconvenience. They serviced the car said they couldn’t understand why it happened and it hasn’t done since. In August the back windshield wiper broke took it in and it was replaced.
    December there was a fault with the driver seatbelt buckle, kept saying I didn’t have my seat belt on when I did. They had it for two days and said they couldn’t find a fault. They then asked me to video it happening just so they would fix it which I found humiliating! The very next day it did it and I showed them the video and they fixed it.
    Now in March I am having problems in regards to my brakes. The car judders whenever I press them! It is being taken in tomorrow for them to look at it but I am getting fed up.
    They are now trying to sell me another car but really I want my finance putting over to another car as I have been paying it for nearly a year! I have never been given any compensation of fuel or my time including time off work I have had to take!
    I don’t know what my rights are in this case? Please help this is my first ever car, very upsetting!

  • lesley 25 March, 9:01 pm

    Hi. A car trader bought my car off me today for £3.350. I passed on the ownership to him as he filled out all the vehicle registration form and handed me the part that i needed (he even put it in an addressed envelope) to post. So all insurance is cancelled so i cannot drive the car. I gave him the key and went into town to put the cheque in the bank. On the way to collect my new car. I received a phone call from him saying that the back seat would need replacing because that’s where my dog used to sit and he said he wanted £350 back or I would have to take the car back. He inspected the car outside and quickly looked inside so surely he can’t get away with this? To get insurance again now can cost up to £200 just for a month so I feel trapped and deeply distressed that he can treat me this way..and yes, I am female and feel very intimidated by him. Please help me. Thank you

    • Daren 11 September, 8:50 pm

      we are all equal and in the eyes of the law male female are no different, if you’d bought a car from a dealer and found out the seat was smelling and damaged by his dog would you be happy? would you want it fixed or just carry on ? do you expect someone else o be happy ?
      On the other hand I dont think £350 is reasonable for a replacement, have you spoken to him to negotiate or just come on hear to complain…………he cant speak to you here can he.
      If he is intimidating you then I suggest you call the police and say so, ie if he is ringing you constantly saying I want £350 and knocking your door then tell them.
      Also try not put yourself down for being female.

  • Mrs J .Banwell 27 March, 9:41 pm

    Bought a car from a garage who sold me the car for cash .I have now been visited by the police who are saying it has been reported stolen .The garage were given the car to sell on a commission basis but didn’t pass the money on to the owner .Surely if it was given to garage to sell it is not a stolen car and should be a case between previous owner and garage .I have had the car since September taxed it insured it and paid out £200 to put it through an mot .Any help would be gratefully received .
    Regards Jenny .

  • Sean-Paul Donnelly 7 April, 8:28 pm

    Hi i have a car out on finance i am now handing the car back since i have took owner ship i have painted the wheels roof and mirror covers purple the car its self is black do i have to paint this back before returning the car as they did not state anything about paint just that it should be in good order and mechanically sound

  • Peter Goddard 11 April, 5:49 pm

    I recently bought a car which developed a serious problem within a week of purchase. I believe the seller knew of the problem prior to sale as he had previously advertised the vehicle stating that they had replaced the head gasket and thermostat (the advert I replied to did not mention this).

    It was my belief that I had purchased the vehicle from a trader as the Gumtree advert was made in a business name. I also had to visit a business address to view the car. With this in mind I contacted the seller to ask for a refund. He denied knowing about the problem at first then when I told him I had obtained copies of his previous advert he changed tack and said that it was a private sale.

    Foolishly I did not obtain a sales receipt from him and am worried I have jepardised any chance of redress. Is the fact the car was advertised under a company name kept at the companies address enough to establish that my contract was with the traders company and not the individual?

  • lynne 18 April, 4:29 am

    I recently agreed to buy a car from a dealer. I paid a deposit with no receipt but did not sign anything. The dealer agreed to tax the car. I changed my mind and the next day told him. He said l had to pay for the road tax plus more for his advertising expenses what do l do

    • Blue 19 July, 4:07 am

      I never thought I would find such an everyday topic so enhlralting!

  • steve fryer 19 April, 7:28 pm

    I bought a van over 7 weeks ago it broke down aftear 5 weeks kept cutting out and losing steering payed over 5 k for it cab keep saying send them letters we have done but the garage they stamped the receipt with doesn’t exist and the name on his sign at garage are not taking any mail so what’s next I don’t know we have had to pay for it repairing and was asking then for our money back as they said we had to pay for our own parts any way stumped

  • Steve 1 May, 5:54 pm

    I bought a car from a dealer which came with a standard warranty of 1 month. So after 2 weeks I notice it had an oil leak and was sure had done since day we got it, rang dealer after 3 weeks of have the car to get it looked at. The said yeah sure we will look at it as you are still covered by the warranty then they booked it in day after the warranty was up looked at it charged for labour and thought that would be it fixed. Week later notice no different with the oil leak so spent next few weeks trying to get answers from the dealer now they want nothing to do with it. Surely the fact it was made aware before warranty was up and them admitting to needed to do something I shouldn’t have to pay any more? Which they now want 280 pound just to diagnose? Just wondering where I stand on this matter? Does my warrant cover it as was originally brought up before month was up?

  • bryan seaton 15 May, 4:45 pm

    I find it all confusing what is the situation regards bought as seen from adealer as I cant go and see it for myself.

    Rgards as email

  • Lillian 17 May, 8:50 am

    I bought a car from a dealership,while waiting for paper work to come through,I went back to look at the car,I am sure they have changed the wheels to a cheaper version than what was on the car I chose,I haven’t paid for it yet but signed my car over what can I do.

  • karen faulder 19 May, 4:54 pm

    bought a car 12 weeks ago it came with 3 months warranty the car had a fault when we bought it the sat nav was not working it was advertised as working he promised to fix this problem and he booked it into audi garage to be fixed he was told it would cost £2500 so he would not let them replace the unit he then got another electrician to have a look he said it would need a complete new unit fitted the same response he got from audi garage he keeps fobbing us off saying hes coming to fit it im waiting in and he does not turn up this has gone on for 10 weeks now where do i go from here what are my rights do i get it fitted myself and then take him to court to claim all expences back also we dare not use the car as this unit tells you the oil level there is no other way of knowing

  • stacey rae 18 June, 9:33 pm

    Hi people, I think I’ve got grounds to either get my car repaired or get neara full refund as possible.

    Basically I bought a car over the internet 250 miles away from a local small independant dealer, crook now I think!

    It was an 18k bmw convertible, reasonably priced for the mileage, was told it was good condition bodywork wise no dents etc. However after getting it home the next day my first suspicions were right the car has been damaged on several panels and fronta nd back bumpers, and as its pearlescent paint, white, it’s looking like 3 shades of white on the doors, sills, wings roof the lot. It’s like patchwork, very noticeable. Now I gave tolld him about it the next day and said I was getting it checked out. Im gettting quotes to rectify it tomorrow, expect thousands. Two repair centres have told me that to get it done right it’s a full car respray and its messy due to it being pearl paint. The dealer is saying he will IN NO UNCERTAIN TERMS REFUND ME MY CASH AND CAR BACK, but I feel he has been dishonest about the car’s appearence, he just keeps saying the car is fit for purpose blah blah and he hasnt done anything wrong as he did not notice the panels. Yeah right. Anyone help me on this and give me peace of mind to know that I will get a refund if and once he realises its gonna cost far too much. He’s agreed to “contribute”, no he will need to pay the lot. Any help welcome

    • carole 24 July, 8:03 pm

      depends on a few things you say on line who from ?? private or ebay ?? dealer ?? how did you pay for it do you have any finance on it ?? and how long did you do this deal ?? if you bought a car and paid on line with out seeing it ie test drive you have rights for a refund..

  • tom 12 July, 4:39 pm

    I bought car from car shop wales to find out it still has finance on it, they never made me aware of this.
    Does this mean they have to refund my money?

    • carole 24 July, 8:01 pm

      most car sale places now a days have bank finiance to fund what they buy , im in a simular situation if and when and iff i pick it up now as my RAC report as come back to day and were not happy .. but we got told theyde only pay this finance which we was not told about either.. it was rac that told us , they told us they will pay this bank finance back off only after we have paid for the car in full ??? daft i think perrys in preston ..

  • Carla 14 July, 3:26 pm

    my 2004 renault scenic dashboard lights have failed- i have seen lots of reviews and also the comments left after the watchdog programme. i have rung renault who say im not entitled to help with the cost to replace as my car is over 10 years old. i didnt find anything on the website that said what age your car had to be. has anyone else had this response?

    • daren 11 September, 8:55 pm

      my 17 year old BMW tyres are getting worn……………do you think BMW should replace them ?
      Its an old car, go to the breakers and get a replacement one with ribbons for a score, remove top of dash held by 2 screws either side and then remove speedo housing disconnect and replace, 30 minutes job.

  • alison mcgrath 19 July, 12:06 pm

    I bought a car in feb this year and the dealer promised to send on the service history and also the owner manual. I was reluctant to take the car but decided to give take the dealer on his word. After phone calls and texts I still have yet to receive either. The ad which was in autotrader which I have a screen shot of clearly states that the car has a stunning service history. Is there anything I can do?

  • sydney 22 July, 8:45 pm

    I bought a BMW three months ago but it is leaking oil and I was told the vehicle is under warranty for two years. I don’t know what to do.

  • carole conolly 24 July, 7:58 pm

    hi mines complicated story, me and my partner went to view a car he quite liked it so we talked about deposits etc, and how if at all we proceed, she asked for a £500 deposit at perrys preston, my partner paid deposit on HIS debit card , they had me and only me sign some forms not fro HP or credit as we had planned to pay in cash the following week after an RAC report pending and if all was well with that we didt require finance..i signed some forms at least 2, my names conolly, i paid nothing , as my partner was providing the cash for this car, a few days laters RAC went and done a car inspection , report as came back with about 8/10 things listed half of which he as stated needs sorting , also he noted a dent about the size of a golf ball, we hadt noticed this on the 1 visit,, also a rattling noise from 1 wheel and a list of other things , because of this we may now change are minds can we demand a refund for this £500 ?? we have not excepted owner ship or paid in full as of yet any help ??

  • darren evans 26 July, 3:10 pm

    I bought a car last febuary from chester car supermarket.its notlong been mot.they have advised me the dual mass clutch has gone .approx. £1800 to repair.the car is on a 5 year hp agreement

  • Viv Mara 27 July, 12:12 pm

    I bought a 2010 Mercedes Benz C220 cdi from Car Giant in February this year on finance. Last week the engine seized without any warning and the car showed it was due for another service in more than 5000 miles. I had even checked the oil level the previous week. Should Car Giant be liable for this?

  • Gaurav 28 July, 8:36 am

    I purchased a car in Dec 2014 from a trader. the car was advertised with features such as parking assist and start/stop technology, but these features were not there. I found this after 2 weeks of purchasing the car when i tried to use them. I then raised a Sec 75 claim with my credit card company but this was rejected on the grounds that I inspected the vehicle and test drove it prior to purchase. Similar response has been given by the trader. They also referred to the please note section on traders website stating ” The information displayed describes the typical specification of the most recent model of this vehicle. It is not the exact specification for the actual vehicle being offered for sale which may vary. Specifications for older models may also vary. Please contact us prior to purchase to confirm the exact specification of this vehicle.”
    When I went to view the car my focus was to ensure car was well maintained and there were no scratches etc. there was no mention of there terms and condition at the time of purchase and no efforts was made by the trader to make me aware of please note section.
    Please advise – do I have valid claim? if yes, how do i proceed?

  • ross 29 July, 7:42 pm

    My dad bought a car on finance from trade centre wales in April 2015 by the beginning of June it’s started saying malfunction, all the light of the engine are staying on and it been to a local mechanic who tried sorting it out and he can no longer help as he can’t work out the problem , they do have a RAC Gold does anyone have a clue how we can get this sorted please help

  • Brian Horner 31 July, 7:58 am

    i bought a new car in Jan. of this year and when I was picking it up from the garage I asked to see under the bonnet. On opening the bonnet it was obvious that the car was not cleaned and the car was whisked away and returned some 20mins later . Seemingly the car car had been in storage at some warehouse for several months. I did not re look under the bonnet and assumed everything was in order. Some 6 months later I am cleaning under the bonnet and notice that several major wires have been eaten away by vermin and immediately take my car back to the garage whereupon I am informed that the work is to cost some £10k to fix.
    They had also brought in some ” independent engineer to state that the attack was ” recent ” due to lack of oxidation of the copper wiring.
    I have so many doubts on this as where I live this has never happened before, my car is parked on a driveway where there is no grass, shrubs, trees or waste to attract vermin and if it had occurred on my driveway I would have seen some pieces of plastic.
    The PDI check was done by a holding garage in July 2014 and a periodic battery check was done and documented in Nov. 2014. When the vehicle was shipped to my garage in Jan. 2015 there is no evidence that there were any further under the bonnet checks before I took ownership.
    Have I any chance of satisfaction as the garage are saying it’s nothing to do with them and it’s totally down to me for repair.
    Many thanks

  • Paula champagne 3 August, 7:32 pm

    I bought a brand new car from poughkeepsie nissan.. on 3 different occasions i had to take it in for engine a result i dont want that car anymore.. what can i do?

    • cally 6 August, 8:01 pm

      you hand deliver a letter saying why you dont want it etc to many attempts to repair it and that your rejecting this car and want a full refund all monies returned within 10 days of date of your letter..keep a copy also give him 10 days if no luck contact bank do a chargeback for full amount..

  • cally 6 August, 7:58 pm

    any 1 paid a deposit on a new car and you didt want it or get it do a bank chargeback let your banks handle you deposits if you have a valid reason for a refund youll get it back

  • Sarah 11 August, 4:47 pm

    I recently purchased a Porsche boxster from a main dealership in London. It came with three months warranty and they serviced the car before it left the show room.
    I have only had the car two months hardly done any miles and basically the engine has blown up/over heated. The car has gone back to the dealership and the warranty company are saying that it was user neglect! and that they have carried out testes that show the engine got to a high temperature and warning lights were ignored. This is not the case as I had only just got in the car and about 3 mins later the car broke down.
    The garage are asking me to pay towards the repair of the vehicle as the warranty company will not cover it.
    This seems incorrect to be as it certainly is not user neglect as had hardly travelled any miles no warning lights.
    Any information on where I stand would help as they have now had my car for four weeks and are requesting monies towards the repair bill!


  • Allison Jones 21 August, 1:06 pm

    We bought a used Volvo nearly a year ago for £5,000 on finance from a local dealer with 3 months warranty, only after a few days the car started losing power and the engine management lights came on, we took it back to the dealer who said it was a minor fault and it had been repaired, however, this happened twice more over a period of a few weeks, resulting again in the car been returned to the dealer for repair.
    The car is now out of warranty and has just spent the last two weeks at our local garage been repaired again at a cost to us of £380.00 the garage has advised that it is a problem with the injectors, and that it will need further work in future to fix or replace the other 3 injectors, we want to change the car, as obviously it is going to cost a further £1,000 to make it road worthy in future and won’t last as long as the 3 years finance we took out, I’d be grateful for any advice you could offer us.


  • George 22 August, 10:44 am

    I have bought audi 2014 A4 with 12500 kilos after 3 days I experienced noise on the car every time I approached bumpers then took the car back to the dealer they then replaced mags n tires but still the problem nv stops now I realized the car was involved in an accident before after taking it to Audi approved panel beater and that was not disclosed to me even after I hv asked the sales man.

  • Lucy 26 August, 9:38 pm

    I bought a car from a dealership on the 18 th of July. It drove lovely and we used the car to travel down to cornwall from the midlands (275 miles) it got us there and back then last Monday 30 days of owning the vehicle it broke down I contacted the dealership who told me to get the car to them but they couldn’t help with costs it would be up to me to pay for transport. I paid to get the car to derby the next day (Tuesday). On the 4th day of them having the car I rang to find out if they had sorted the car I was then accused of putting unleaded petrol into my diesal car I assured them that I hadn’t as because of the short time It’s been in my possession I have only fueled up on a few occasions and the last time I fueled up was when I was in newquay cornwall ( I have reciepts stating diesal) I travelled 275 miles home and used it locally for 3 days before it broke down. The dealership said they would send a sample off to be checked after the accusation. On the 7 th day the car still at dealership I rang up to then be accused of putting biodiesel into the car I asked if the results were back but they said no the guy said he could see biodiesel on the car? I was cross and said first I’m accused of petrol then now it’s biodiesel I told him to contact me when the results come back. In the meantime to be sure I contacted the garages I got fuel from and was told that they don’t sell it. On the 8th day I had to call them to find out if they got the results I was told that unleaded was detected and that I must of put it in 30 miles before the car broke down which is not the case as the last time I refuelled was in cornwall. The dealership told me that it’s up to me to pay the cost of replacing the fuel pump and filters which will roughly cost me £1000 as it’s my fault. I have asked for a copy of the fuel report which they still havnt emailed. I feel like I’ve been treated unfairly and that they have sold me a car which is not fit for purpose. I have paid my first instalment on my finance agreement without a car to drive.

    • Jon 25 February, 10:36 pm

      Hi , I have the same question, did you ever get an answer??

  • Rod 29 August, 6:19 am

    I’ve just bought a jaguar s type 3 weeks ago got 6 months warranty with it the car now won’t start and been told head gaskets gone and the cost of £2200 the warranty will only cover the cost of upto £500 are the garage liable for the rest as I bought from a dealer many thanks

    • kenny lugard 8 September, 5:41 am

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    • Jon 25 February, 10:35 pm

      Hello, I have the same question! Did you ever get an answer???

    • Jon 25 February, 10:38 pm

      Hi, I have the same question, did you ever get an answer??

  • john topping 2 September, 10:16 am

    Bought new vaultswagen polo automatic 3years ago 2012 now the gear box needs replaced from Arnold clarck wat can I do.

    • Kiana 19 July, 4:23 am

      Grade A stuff. I’m uniqastuonebly in your debt.

  • victoria 15 September, 3:16 pm

    I brought a car last night this mornin it has broken I brought it of a man on Facebook he has traders insurance and is a recovery man. Do I have any right I don’t know what to do

  • Brian 17 September, 8:30 am

    In 2010 I bought a Lexus IS220 from a Lexus Dealership – the vehicle was less than 12 months old. I have always had it serviced by Lexus at quite a cost. Recently, the vehicle developed a fault – Fault Code 2002 – with relates to the EGR valve. It turns out this is a common fault on the Lexus Diesel engine as it is on other Diesel engines. As a result, the vehicle needs a new EGR vale and the DPF regenerated at quite a cost from Lexus. I am a complete lay person when it comes to cars and their engines but my understanding is this system was introduced as part of the manufacturers requirement to reduce pollution in diesel engines; around 2005. The manufacturers didn’t know at the time that this system would become blocked over time by carbon which is what causes the fault. However, they have known since around the time I purchased the car. As a consumer, I would have thought Lexus owed me a duty of care to inform me of this issue and how I can minimise the risk of it happening. Furthermore, why haven’t Lexus introduced something as part of the services to burn out the carbon that is building up. I won’t go into the specifics but there is a lot that can be done by Lexus. This is not wear and tear, it is a build up of carbon caused in my opinion by a system that does not work correctly. As Lexus know, they should take pro-active management of this particularly as they have serviced this vehicle from the day I purchased it. Is there any action that I can take in the Small Claims Court?

  • martin 22 September, 7:44 pm

    Hi there I was wondering if anybody can help me I bought a peugout 307 semi automatic 1.6 in March this year 2015 by fiance I paid £3100 for it when I got it the central locking did not work on it I had too get the tracking done twice on it costing £30 each time then the alternate went so I had too change that costing £300 and now yesterday I broke down had too get towed by the r.a.c and they informed me the gear box needs changing witch can cost up too £2000 witch I can’t afford the car dealer is not responding too my calls or messages. now I’m left with a car that doesn’t run and £4000 in debt with the finance company does anyone know if I have any rights please let me no if u do many thanks martin.

  • JB 23 September, 7:25 pm

    Please help. London and Surrey Cars sold me a car with a three month warranty. However, there have been many problems with it that came to my attention straight away. For a start, the car’s Cambelt replacement was overdue by a year (they denied about this but I contacted the previous garage and owner), with a noisy flywheel, with vital paperwork missing (although they said it had a FSH). They took 3.5 weeks to replace the cambelt. They are now refusing to change the flywheel, although it causes the engine to shake when I start it. Apparently it is because it hasn’t actually broken yet. There have been other problems too, which have been rectified. Although a few other enigmas (mileage) remain.
    Please advise, what rights do I have regarding the flywheel? Am I within my rights to demand a full refund if they won’t fix it?

  • M copeland 8 October, 3:31 pm

    I purchased a diesel freelander v reg just short of 3 months ago when the clutch failed I went back to the dealer who refuses to do anything have i any rights under the sale of goods act.

  • Sam 8 October, 8:12 pm

    Hello, I’m in need of some advice please…
    5 months ago I bought a 05 diesel Vauxhall corsa from a local garage, straight from buying the car I noticed a problem with the coil light which just flashed on and went straight back off, I took the car back several times and they said it was to do with the heating system after leaving the car with them on two occasions they said the heating system was working fine an it was because of the warm weather! Now the weather is getting colder it’s still the same. There was also a problem with starting the car which I told them when I took it in for the coil light. Eventually it got booked in with a repair garage to see an actual mechanic. The EGR or EVR valve was replaced after the second visit but the problems are still present. The car has been in to see the mechanic 4 times now, the last time they had it nearly 2 weeks (with no curtosy car) as they didn’t know what the problem was. I’ve now been waiting 2 weeks for a part (fuel pump) to arrive at the garage as that’s what they say the problem is now. I’ve rang the garage to see if the parts there but was told the mechanic dealing with it wasn’t in yet an he would call me back, that was 4 days ago. I’m really fed up with it now and just want to return the car and get a refund but I don’t know my rights with this. The warranty has covered all costs so far but runs out next month.

    Any advice would be much appreciated.

  • frans 13 October, 6:48 am

    i bought a car from auto pedegree after a month i had a problem with aircorn i went to the shop they fixed it after six months it did the same thing who must fix the problem?

  • Meyrick dearing 17 October, 9:20 am

    My partner purchased a car on finance from the car shop Northampton. We have paid £3000 so far. We believe they are in breach of contract???? My partner was refused finance on the car and so asked her father in law if he could help. The car as financed in his name but the car shop have registered it to my partner and she is also the person insured on this car. We have since heard from the finance company who state this is illegal and are now seeking to reposes the car. Where doe’s my partner stand on letting the car go back to the car shop Northampton as well as trying to pursue the £3000 we will have given them.

  • Simon 1 November, 7:16 pm

    I purchased a Audi A4 3 months ago and have received confirmation it’s got the offending emitions soft waire. I have read that when this is corrected it will amongst other things effect the mpg for the worse, it will also have an adverse effect on future retail value. I would like to return the car as its so new and reorder a clean one without the problems, can I do this in vew of the vew scandle
    Many thanks for your time in replying to this
    Best regards

  • Kerry Ashton 3 November, 7:51 am

    I have a zafia that could be one of the ones which could catch fire as in news lately, I have still got some warranty left with wj king ,do I have the right to insist that I have a good price to part exchange my car for something else as I’m really not happy with driving my children around in this car?wj king have said that they will give it a free check but I have experience some of the problems that have been in the news lately there advice on the phone was not to use heating until it’s been checked over please can you advise me I want to change my car full stop thanks

  • Carl 7 November, 9:35 pm

    I swaped a car with a van wen they got here they said they 4got all paperwork and would send it to me but now think they haven’t got any paperwork they had logbook and apparently sent that and said they had a folder with service history and all mots but don’t think they have as they not replying to me now so they not kept to there part off deal where do I stand I have tx mesege to prove they said that

  • GERAINT HUGHES 8 November, 9:53 am

    Hi. Bought a car from main dealer in August. 3years old and only 16000 miles. Full service history. Came with 3month/3000 mile warranty. End of October and 2700 miles later, clutch and gearbox have given up. Dealer trying to say these not covered by warranty as it is wear and tear. I say at age and milage of car this unacceptable. What are my rights please? Thanks Geraint

  • Rob 12 November, 12:19 pm

    I need advise re a dealer who has part exchangd my car. The px was done on friday and on monday he came back to me saying that the car has got issues and needs resolving. when I px the car there was no issue with it and now the dealer is asking me about the problem which i dont know how to explain him when I didn’t have any when I had the car.
    The car i bought from him has underlying issues which I am not complaining because i KNOW that used cars always comes with some form of issues which needs attention. The costs are expensive though on a mercedes which I bought.
    Can you kindly help as to how I should explain this person that I have no idea what issues he is talking about.

  • Brian Rawlinson 24 November, 9:52 pm

    I purchased a 2011 plate bmw 520 with full service history 10 weeks ago for £12500 the garage have me a third party warrenty for 3 months which I extended for 12 months and paid the additional cost.
    I broke down today and now Dave a repair Bill of over £3000.00 of which only £1000 is covered under the warranty per claim meaning I have to find £2000.00.
    Can anyone tell me if they garage still has any responsibility under the sale of goods act or whether there is anything I can do?

  • iain 27 November, 9:00 pm

    I have brought a vauxhall corsa 1 litre, I’ve owned it just over a month. I have had a problem with the engine. After breaking down on a live dual carrage way, I got towed to a mechanic’s, who as told me there is a problem with the can shaft and suspect more damage. Do I have a right to a fuel refund.

  • Chris 29 November, 6:09 am

    I started making payments to a private seller which amounted to 650$. Now he’s saying it’s not working for him and wants the car back. Except he has none of cash ive given him. No receipts jus text messages. Am I screwed out of the car and the money I’ve given him?

  • lisa 1 December, 9:25 am

    I bought a car from a used garage and the guy who sold me it had given the car a full respray and it looked immaculate.. After a few months I noticed the paint was peeling in places and I contacted him he said he would put this right. However I am struggling to pin hi. Down to book the car in to rectify it has now been nearly a year and its getting worse and he still can’t give me a date he says he has been unwell. Can you please tell me what I should do?

  • Jackie 4 December, 12:21 pm

    I have the bill of sale from private owner payed car of two week’s early.on first payment she gave me the keys an after a week of having the car she asked to barrow an Will not bring it back even after paying it of yesterday. She told me an others she is trying to resale the car for more money

  • Gemma 17 December, 4:09 pm

    Hi I swap my car with a every day person, so they have my car and I have there’s but less than 24 hours later the battery has died once had to be jump started and while I was driving it, came to lights then the car wouldn’t move but was in gear and engine on, I went to machine and they said clutch is gone but I have now have a message off a person who sold the car I now have to the person who I got it off said this person new of number of issue with the car and that I should get my car back. Do I have any legal right to do this?

  • Kerry 17 December, 5:51 pm

    We brought a car from vauxhall dealers it is only 4 years old and the engine has gone,I not sure if there is anything I can do but wouldn’t expect something like this to happen to a car of that age.

  • mary 2 January, 4:32 pm

    I bought a car through finance at trade centre wales 9 months ago, the back passenger side window the hinges are loose and also I have water pouring in from underneath,I telephoned them and they told me there is nothing they can do, I’m angry about this,does anybody know what my rights are.

  • Kelly Smith 5 January, 7:23 pm

    i brought a car for cash which was secondhand in sept 2014 3000 miles later the car engine packed up i rang the garage to explain and they did nothing but fob me off with having no luck and live quite a few miles away from the garage i had it repaired due to no choice of my own as i need it for my livelyhood £2000 later it took me months to save to get it repaired and its running does anyone know if i have any rights on getting my repair costs back ive never known. garage so rude!!

  • Manu 7 January, 3:03 pm

    I have bought a car about 6 months ago and I was promised a couple of things before I bought it. 1 they said it would get a full inspection and I would get paperwork of this inspection. 2 the clutch was faulty and they promised to change it and give me the paperwork that this change took place. They changed the clutch but I still don’t have any of the paperwork. Whenever I call them they say to call later to talk to the boss or they promise it’ll come within a certain time but it never does. Unfortunately, I don’t have any of these promises in writing. Do I have any rights? I’ll have to sell the car again soon and I really need the paperwork. On top of all this their inspections was meant to cover everything but I already had to replace the battery. Any help would be appreciated.

    • janine 8 January, 2:05 am

      I know how you feel as had same problem now year after brought car they demanding me pay for clutch repairs,going take car back and contact police. But since 31/01/15 car has been legally mine.
      Hope sorted soon

  • janine 8 January, 1:51 am

    I brought car year ago cash from private seller had problems with car from start that he sorted and now being asked for payment for these repairs threats he going police/take car back but car has been owned insured and taxed by me since 31/01/15 so legally can he just take car back or is that classed as theft i not been replying to his messages but he still carries on is this harassment

  • janine 8 January, 2:00 am

    I brought car in January 2015 from private seller have been the legal owner since and taxed insured car since. It has work done by previous owner who is now demanding i pay for it,messages saying going contact police and take car back i have not replied i the messages. Can they legally just take car back or is it theft? Can they demand money for work try did months later? Is it harassment messages threats?
    As is causing stress and worry.
    Would really like hear what think thanks

  • d met 11 January, 5:54 pm

    Left deposit on used car .an pay rest of money when go to pick car up .they have now dropped price of car on web .by 200 pound .can I claim car at lower price . Thanks

  • heather 12 January, 10:38 pm

    I purchased a car 5 days ago from a dealership, i was assured i had break down cover with the car, so when i broke down and rang the break down company to come solve this problem they said i did not have a policy. I rang the another breakdown company and paid to get the car towed to dealer where it was purchased from which cost me more money. What are rights when being reinbersed for the difficulty of arranging this when i was made given documents proving i had a policy. Also because the car broke down within 7 days of purchasing it what are .y option’s. The garage was made aware that there was problem and just advised me it, it was nothing serious earlier that day before i broke down.
    Thanks for any advice given!

  • Col 20 January, 1:17 pm

    I’ll try keeping this simple;
    9th Jan – test drove car and deposit left; Red Spanner light was on which I questioned and was told that it’d be sorted when I pick up on the 11th Jan.
    11th Jan – paid remaining balance and then did the paperwork; on the deposit slip copy which they had it had been wrote on “Engine Light” and I questioned this to be told it had been looked at and resolved. Took the car for a run; 20 miles on an A road, went to petrol station and wouldn’t start due to flat battery. Called garage and they came to jump start the car, followed them back to garage and was told that I’d have a new battery and would be ready tomorrow.
    12th Jan – picked up and Red Spanner light showing; was told this was due to a battery being fitted and car needed to be reset to get rid of the light. Done there and then.
    13th Jan – next day the engine light appeared, returned car and mechanic checked and said nothing was registration and he took for a drive and it didn’t return c.2 miles. Told me to come back if it did switch on again.
    14th Jan – drove round trip of 130 miles for work and on my way home engine light reappeared. Called garage and was told to bring the car in first thing the following day.
    15th Jan – dropped car off in morning and during pm was told it would be ready on 16th Jan.
    16th Jan – received a call to pick the car up at 1pm and used it during the pm.
    17th – 19th Jan – didn’t use car
    19th Jan – checked car for next day and battery dead.
    20th Jan – called garage and theyve been asking me to call back in an hour and now fobbing me off; “we’ll call in 10mins” and nothing back. It’s now 2pm and still nothing.
    what can I do? Where do I go if they refuse to sort the car out?
    I’ve got a suspicion that it may not be just the battery ie. Alternator

  • Brenda 22 January, 10:15 am

    Could anyone tell me our rights,we bought a car from a dealer two weeks ago since this time we have had to have it back over different things on the body work.Since the rain as stopped we have found a problem with the roof there is two dints on each side where roof bars have been fitted.What is our rights for the dealer to swap the car.

  • Violet Broome 26 January, 9:13 pm

    I was invited to attend trade centre wales in neath to view some vehicles having told them by telephone exactly what I was looking for and having been told that they had suitable cars to match the specification that I was looking for and within my price range and as I had advised I had seen a car I liked locally to me. However, on arrival at the dealership I was hounded by the salesman I kept telling him I was ill and I wanted to go home but I was pressurised and felt that I would not get out of there unless I bought a car. The car was sold to me with a full service history but the service history booklet had no entries in it and I have been trying to reject the vehicle since just 12 hours after purchase these people need investigating.

  • sophie brown 30 January, 2:25 pm

    Can anyone help. I have been having issues with my car a week and a half after buying it on 19th December 2015. The engine management light and coil light would flash it would go into limp mode. The furthest i have drove is 15 minutes to work and back. The issue is it would suddenly lose power and go into limp mode and the warning lights would come on. I would have to pull over turn my car off and start it again to be able to drive normally again. I would have to pull over at least 3 times on a 15 minute drive. I also am lucky I don’t have to go on the motorway as when it happens it doesn’t allow you to drive over 30MPH. I was advised by the garage I got it from to take it to halyards under my warranty. The diagnostic machine picked nothing up they turned off the warning lights and told me it was fine. It all started happening again so I have taken it to a local garage that does warranty work to have a look. He said there is a problem with the EGR Valve and they don’t know if the warranty would cover. Basically if it is wear & tear they won’t if it is a issue with the car they will. Either way the garage want paying 588 pound as its such a big job to get the valve out to check. Obviously this problem has been happening since a week and a half of getting the car so I am guessing it had this issue when I purchased it. The garage keep saying someone will call back but I am still awaiting a call. Can anyone advise me on this situation and as to what my rights are?? Should I have this to pay for? I haven’t paid anything yet as I am trying to speak to the garage but it seems they don’t care.
    The car is an audi a1.



  • Marlene Hall 31 January, 1:11 am

    Trader westover (Renault) Dacia Duster.
    I have had confirmation in writing that the Dacia Duster that I am buying was faulty when leaving the production line.. In this event the car did not meet the proper standards. To be merchantable an article must be usable for the purpose it is made. It must not be broken, unworkable, damaged, contaminated or flawed. This car when sold was not as description. This car was sold without disclosing it was in need of repair. the faults that I have had on this car so far make me wonder what else will be below an acceptable standard.and whether I can rely on this particular car! There is an implied condition that goods are of a “Merchantable Quality” “A requirement under the sale of goods Legislation. If I had known this car had come off of the production line faulty I would not be buying this car. This is classed as a “Major Problem” Sale of Goods Act 1979. ” The seller shall be held liable under Article 3(Rights of the Consumer) Where the lack of conformity becomes apparent within TWO YEARS as from delivery of the goods. The lack of conformity with this car became apparent within the first few weeks. This car has been returned to the garage three times and road side assistant called out once. The assistant said there is something seriously wrong with this car. This car had a dreadful smell of dampness, Excessively wet windows, needing to mop with kitchen roll. The drivers and the rear passenger foot wells were wet with sodden wet carpets. The car had a faulty air conditioning system, faulty battery, the radio/sat navigation died then the car died. Not what one would expect from a brand new car. I was coerced into taking out a financial agreement, when I had offered to pay cash. Due to my naivety and vulnerable disposition, I accepted a financial agreement. I was also asked to have the previous years number plate to help target sales, as sales targets had not been met for that year. I am legally in acceptance of a financial agreement that I was coerced into. I am now paying for a car that was never “Merchantable”.
    “The FACT remains that this car when purchased was not of “Merchantable Quality” “The FACT remains my consumer rights have not been “HONOURED” “My experience of buying my very first car has been devastating”. “Why do we have consumer rights if they are not “HONOURED”.

  • karen 3 February, 12:12 pm

    My daughter advertised her car for sale, still with her private plate on but was not selling the plate. A guy came to look at it and she told him about keeping her plate and that it would need to be changed before he could drive it away. So he left her the asking price for the car and agreed to come when the private olate had been legally took off the car. With it being xmas and nee year period it took longer than anticipated. So when it was finalised and she got the letter saying the old plate could be put she rang him to tell him this and this is when he stated he no longer wamted the car as he had purchased a different one because it was taking too long. He is now demanding the money back for the car, which my daighter does not have. What are her rights on this? Does she have to give him the money back? He is threatening court procedures to her. Has stopped accepting her calls and only contacts her via letter.

  • Andy 7 February, 8:36 am

    I just bought VWPassat for £5200 from a local car dealer .one day after purchase the engine management light came on after 50 miles of driving the car ..I took the car back to the dealer who have kept the car for 4 days !!! leaving me carless and having to cancel our weekend away in wales ..after much to and fro phone calls with the garage they delivered the car back to me friday night ..The fella from the garage dropped off the car telling me it was all fixed and I could even check the dash lights …..No as soon as I drove the car a couple of miles the light is back on

  • graham tilston 8 February, 11:53 am

    Purchased a Jaguar late Sept. 2015. Suffered a flat battery. The garage I purchased the car from refused to help. Contacted a local garage who came out they told me the battery was old and needed replacing. I contacted the garage that sold me the car and asked them for half of the cost of a new battery, they refused saying the warranty does not cover a battery

  • Alla 8 February, 8:40 pm

    Bought a car with a 3 month warranty, tried to claim a week before expiry to find that the dealer had cancelled it and we could not make a claim. Is this legal

  • gordon 10 February, 1:15 am

    Hi. i bought a corsa 09 4 months ago from a dealer friend. in the first 2-3 months the power assisted stearing failed but then resumed working. 4 months later car breaks down and will not start. Dealer told me to take car to an auto electrician for repair at my exspence. What are my rights. thanks

    • sean dullea 15 April, 5:51 am

      I am in the same situation. I bought a car on November 5, is the dealer obliged by law to give at least a six month warranty. THERE is at least £1500 worth to be done on the car.

  • Brian ellis-ineson 11 February, 11:07 pm

    Hi I bought a vw touran 2008 model from a car sales garage, I paid £6000. Within five days of owning the car, the clutch whilst driving, hit the floor not to return up. The warranty guy who deals with the problems told me he was happy an independent garage take a look at the problem and go from there. The garage found the master cylinder had broke. Warranty guy was willing to cover the costs up to £100 or free if we took it back to his garage, but being over 70 miles away it was decided the local garage was ok. After changing the part and testing, they discovered a further problem within the gearbox . Now I’m at the point where I want to know if I can get a refund on the vehicle or if they are legally bound to fix this problem. Any help would be really appreciated

  • Vincent 12 February, 2:30 am

    Hi. I purchased a motorhome from Preston motorhome and caravans.they didn’t let me test drive it due to not enough staff members on site. On signing for motorhome I was distracted on numerous times.this I know now but didn’t realise at the time.the motorhome was up for sale for £17.995.they gave me £14.000 on trade in for my campervan.not realising at time the sales rep filled in paper work but put down he gave me £11.000 for my campervan and the motorhome was £15.000.I question this and I was informed that it didn’t matter what he put down as the loan I needed was still the he told me ill pay less interest and be more likely to be accepted.I took his word.the motorhome wasn’t up to standard and had lots of problems.lots of phone calls and emails later I asked for my campervan back.then they obliged.but then offered me £11.000 what they gave me on trade in.they advertised my campervan for £18.995 and it sold within days.I feel I was misled and was underpaid for my trade in.either way the company would win.if I accepted £11.000 and gave them back motorhome which was for sale at £17.995.they could re advertise motorhome and make thousands from it. Plus they made thousands from the sale of my campervan.I’m suck with a motorhome that I don’t want and if I accept £11.000 I would lose out as my campervan was worth thousands more. What can I do.where do I go. I need advice and help

  • amanda 12 February, 2:27 pm

    I need some advice for my father he bought a car in the uk and traded in irish car bought the 28th dec went back to ireland and on the 14th jan it broke down on the roadside he took it to the garage and its been there for 4 weeks trying to get replacement part for it from Germany he was told it is going to cost approx 1200 euro and he already paid 6500 in the uk from a forecourt for the car, what rights has he got as he cannot bring it back to the uk for repairs as it cannot budge without the repairs i have contacted the garage for him in the uk several times and they dont seem to be willing to do anything. My mom is disabled and they have been without a car for 4 weeks and she has had to cancel medical appointments because of this we just need to know should the garage in the uk pay towards the repairs to be done in ireland any advise would be appreciated

  • Brian 14 February, 7:09 am

    Bought a car off a dealer yesterday , have not picked it up yet ,I have found a much better finance deal than the one I signed for , do I have to go with 1I signed for or can I change to the cheaper one?

  • john leonard 15 February, 6:22 pm

    i bought a car from a VW garage, i was showen around the car inside and out by one salesman, then another salesman talked to me about the car and then test drove the car, and then i bought the car there and then. the whole time no one mentioned to me about the new air intake the car was fitted with just that it makes the car sound more sporty this is what sold me the car. however when i got the car from the dealers after a few days i decidied to clean mt car only to find that the air intake was removed from the engine. raging at this time i drove straight to the dealership to find out what was going on. when i got there the first sales man said he didnt realise it been taken out and knew nothing about this and said he look intoi this and went off to find out for me. i sat for 20 min in the waiting area when the salesman returned and told me that the used car manager was going to the work shop to see whats going on. onhis return he invited me into his office where he asked me what was wrong did i not like the car. i explained what had happened and he said thats because you wouldnt have a warranty if they left it on, i then said when i came in i looked at the car talked about the car and even drove the car nobody at anytime said my warranty wouldnt be covered because of the intake. the manager then said we took it off and put the factory one back on and that they were then gonna sell it to one of the young lads in the garage. well i then could see red to me thats classed at stealing as it was on the car i had bought and vw were going to sell it. he then went on to say sell me the car back if your not happy with it and i no i wasnt gonna get my money back as i had already got rid of my car. he gave me the parts back but told me i cant put them on till 2yrs as thats when my warranty runs out. this isnt what i bought but have to wait 2 yrs could someone please advise me on where i stand over this. thank you

  • Vin 16 February, 8:19 pm

    I bought a car from a dealer this morning, on my way home there was a problem, I could not change gear. I only had the car for an hour. Can I reject the car and get my part exchange plus my money back. The car was only 2 years old.

  • Emma 22 February, 6:57 pm

    I agreed to purchase a car from a ford dealer. The car was in another branch elsewhere in the country but advertised on their website. They checked its availability and I paid a deposit with the intention of paying the rest upon collection. They have now told me the dealership branch will not release the car as its has to be used as a model for a certain period of time and have offered me a refund or find me a different car. The problem is I really want the car as I shopped around to find the best deal. Do I have any rights as I have paid the deposit or should I just accept the refund?


    • Mildred 19 July, 4:01 am

      Fiallny! This is just what I was looking for.

  • Jon 25 February, 10:24 pm

    I recently bought a second hand car with 12 month warranty. Within a week I had to replace the spark plugs, the dealer paid as a “gesture”. Then less than a week later it needed a new thermostat housing. The warranty covered about 60% of the cost, who is liable for the rest?? Should the dealer be paying for this? Thanks!

  • Cynthia Jones 27 February, 5:00 pm

    I recently purchased a 2016 jeep Cherokee was charged more than I was quoted they lost the window sticker and keep making excuses of where it is didn’t inform me of it not having cd player bullied me into signing extended warrenty and then promised to take it off which it has been a month and they have not even contacted finance company. Been debating with this dealership for a month I just wish I had my 5000 down payment back and go somewhere else I don’t even trust to have my car serviced at this dealership

  • darren 8 March, 11:10 am

    I purchased a car from Vauxhall lookers which when I went to pick up my new plate white mokka. After giving me the keys I went out side to find a black mokka I gave them the keys and demanded my white one I now have to wait 14days fro my car so now not only is it not new its 14days old. They even tried to bribe me with £500 to take the black one which I said no. I think I should get the £500 for having to wait for my white one am I untitled to compensation??

  • Keith Jones 20 March, 3:52 pm

    My partner paid a deposit yesterday on a car from a dealer, she paid on her credit card but didn’t sign any paperwork . Can she have her deposit back

  • Philip 28 March, 1:11 pm

    I bought a new motorbike the dealer told me it was a genuine reduction in the original asking price I have since found out that the bike is no longer in production and the value has plummeted. A new model is now being sold for £4K less do I have any rights for a refund as I have paid over the odds?

  • j graham 29 March, 2:49 pm

    hi bought a car from Arnold Clark only had it 18 months on hire purchase the car is exactly 5 year old this April
    only done 38ooo miles suddenly it over heated with a fire smell from the bonnet and cant tell me if radiator or engine just demanding money to fix it first it was water pump and head gasket at £400 now saying £198 for rewire as water pump still not working and may not even be the rewiring
    any help would be grateful as got told the car not worth a penny now and could cost up to £3000

  • Cooper 1 April, 6:29 pm

    I purchased an engine from Birmingham two months ago. It’s under warranty for 12 months. My own mechanic fitted it as they wanted £450 labour compared to my mechanic at his reputable garage charging £200. Not been right from day one,oil leak and oil in the water. Informed the engine supplier who advised to just run the van as oil could of just collected in the pipe. Engine has now started rattling and my mechanic says it’s a problem deep inside the engine. So engine company have said to take engine out AGAIN and take it back for them to exchange therefore I’ll have to pay my mechanic another £200!? And yet again I’m without a van through no fault of my own! I said they should replace it and fit it as they have supplied faulty goods!? Engine cost was neally £2000! Please help

  • Karen cooper 3 April, 7:35 am

    Bought a 1.2 Nissan Juke from a dealer part exchange a 1-6 Nissan which was 9 years old . I was advised by the salesman not to get a diesal as I did lots short town journeys as part of my job, and it would not be good for the car . I pointed out I need it to be economical on fuel though that’s why I was considering a diesal. Was assured Nissan Juke was as it was only a 1.2 and would use less Perron than my old 1.6. After using it for 4 months I am struggling to afford the fuel it has doubled my fuel usage. No explanation as been given to me? What are my rights ?

  • Tina 8 April, 9:29 pm

    On the 26th January i brought a Renault Traffic 08, 9 seater off a dealer for £6000.

    I told the dealer i needed it to take children around the country so it needs to be reliable.

    Any way horn has gone on it, it has a power serge and now the fuel injector 4 has gone on it.

    What are my rights please as i took it back to be fixed and hes not interested, even tho the dealer said any mechanical faults then you have 3 months or up to 3000 miles and we will fix it..

  • Nathan 10 April, 10:00 pm

    I recently purchased a used car from a private seller, I was told and it was advertised that the car had just passed its MOT so it should be MOT’d till March next year, this was false information as it turns out the car failed it’s MOT and I was not told about this when buying. So p, the car only has 3 weeks left on it current MOT. What can I do about this?

  • Darren 13 April, 1:04 pm

    I purchased a BMW on 23.2.2016 only to discover today that all the alloy wheels are cracked !! I purchased from Cotterill car sales Warrington Cheshire …. Can you help ?

  • Andy 14 April, 1:34 pm

    I brought a car from Car Giant approx. 6 months ago and I’m now starting to experience 1 or 2 faults. The car is being taken to a garage next week so I can find out what the faults are and how much this will cost to fix.
    Car Giant have explained that they will review the garage’s report and then decide whether they will pay the full cost, part of the cost or nothing at all.
    My question is, is there a fixed timeframe for which Car Giant would be liable to pay for any mechanical faults from the date of purchase? And do they have the right to determine whether they pay full, part or nothing of the cost? Thanks

  • sean dullea 15 April, 5:41 am

    the actual answer was not given. Then transferred to a solicitor at a charge of 45 pounds plus. So no answer without handing out the cash.

  • Nigel 15 April, 3:19 pm

    I bought a car in September from stoneacre Peugeot dealer it’s 2015 plate only had ten miles on clock only got 3900 miles on now.stoneacre keep emailing saying its due a service didn’t think this was right so I gave them a ring because it’s registered 13/03 2015 they say it has to have twelve month service even though it was just sat on forecourt until I bought in mid September.
    The question is should I have received the car fully serviced when I bought it.

  • charles barnes 20 April, 2:16 pm

    I bought a used car from a man at a local gas station I was given a ride around the block it drove ,I got home two days later the starter went out three days later two wheel cylinders went out and upon inspection the brake pads and a host of other repairs were made to make vehicle almost road worthy the total cost of repairs was 3600 all work was done at a certified sears auto repair center can I deduct the cost of repairs since the vehicle was displayed and sold to me as a reasonably driveable vehicle

  • Dave 25 April, 8:01 pm

    Hi. Just brought a morris minor 1962. Was sold to me in description from classic car dealership as having flawless bodywork and paint finish. Since buying last week i have realised the finish was just a cheap blowover and rust is beginning to come through. Do i have any rights?

  • Ann 10 May, 2:12 pm

    Bought a brand new car a year ago,it’s been back to the garage with several problems.i rely on my car for work but I can’t rely on it now, it’s only got 2000 miles on the clock as I don’t trust it to go away anywhere now.the garage were going to give me a new one but have changed their mind, reason being its still got 2 years warranty on it.I don’t know what to do as I can’t afford to get a soliciter for help . Ann

  • Lilibeth arcia 15 May, 10:50 pm

    I bought a used car 5 days ago from dealer and the car as an engine oil leaking is it possible to make refund?

  • KATHY NOEL 24 May, 8:40 pm

    My granddaughter bought a car and within 4 months the air conditioning went out does should the dealer pay for the air conditioner to be fixed he wants to charge her $650 to do it if not he will add it onto her car payment

  • Kali 27 May, 12:44 pm

    Hi i bought a used hinda jazz with full health check only to find the tyre kept going down..after taking it to a tyre place and another for confirmation it turns out my health checked tyres are perished and have cracks all in the tread.. ive had the 2.5year old car for less than 5day..i have been told all tyres need replacing! I have contacted the dealer who says i may have to pay.. i wont be paying i will hand the car back before i fork out 400 in less than a week on something i have just paid 8000 for which was said to be fully checked. I did question the tyre but got the full health check speech… what exactly are my rights..? Thanks

  • Karen 1 June, 9:37 pm

    I put a £500 deposit on a brand new car 10 months ago (it was due 7 months ago) and it’s finally turned up at the dealership.. Damaged. The dealer has told me ford have authorised a repair and respray but to me this is no longer a new car and I don’t see why I should have to pay the full price for somethings that’s not perfect. It is an expensive car I’ve waited a long time for .. Can anyone give me any advice? Do I ha e any rights to insist on a reduction in the full price cost? Thanks in advance for any advice ..

  • Phil Barnfather 6 June, 6:45 pm

    We purchased a Vauxhall Antara for 12 grand from a second hand dealer. It’s now 3 and a half years old and done under 20 000 miles. Had a new turbo 6 weeks ago £1300 now the engine has blown up!! Just out of warranty. Do we have a leg to stand on with Vauxhall with it only having low mileage?????

  • Emma 7 June, 12:44 pm

    Hi, wanting some satisfaction really. Brought a car from car shop Northampton. And basically has nothing but problems with it. Customer service is rubbish. Bare in mind I live like 50 miles away. And back light needed renewing. Told them about the knocking in my exhaust just kept tightening the clutch.
    Was told had full service history and hasn’t.
    They basically said will be another too weeks to be looked at. So I took it apon my self to take it to main dealer and turns out car was recalled and the exhaust cost 1655. Lucky was on warranty. Know been in contact and they don’t want to know except say sorry. Doesn’t cut it. Wkreks n months of stress and time of work. Miles added on to car. Just feel very upset about it.

  • J C Maclellan 9 June, 12:41 pm

    See email to garage. they are not communicating with me. (I am in Afghan with UK forces and bought direct from garages online site..lots wrong with vehicle and no log book)
    Another question on ML63. I am looking at getting rid of it as just too many things wrong with it and potentially costing me a lot of money only thing is I do not have a log book to sell or trade in.

    To TMT
    Garage where car was delivered to by transporter indicated this may be a stolen car yesterday and they want rid due to uncertainly on payment of work required and in case they get involved in receiving stolen goods. Can you confirm was from a legitimate seller and you had log book and also advised DLA of my details.

    Please answer as about to go to Police to check on vehicle and your garage.

  • Donna 16 June, 11:15 am

    Hi, brought a car on finance from trade centre on Tuesday (2 days ago) and then found out my rent went up the day after so can no longer afford the car… What are my rights in taking it back as finance company says I can take it back but trade centre Wales are telling me I can??? Help…. Thank you xxxx

  • Ke 26 June, 5:07 pm

    I bought a car 9 months ago from an RAC Registered garage, I have covered only 8k miles in this time and the engine and turbo have failed, been told it needs a whole new engine and new turbo which is going to cost over £1000 phones the dealer were I got it from and they want nothing to do with it and say it’s my responsibility to cover the cost, now I’m no genius but a car engine and turbo should not fail after 8k miles and 9 months of use? Not forgetting it had “full service””new cambelt” and a fresh MOT as we had to wait a week after purchasing to be able to collect the car, what can I do? Do I have a leg to stand on? Should they pay or should I pay? Garage told
    Me parts of turbo have broke inside and gone to the engine Pistons have blown and crank shaft has gone? Thanks in advance.

  • Lynsey 27 June, 6:46 am

    Silly I no I bought a car yesterday from stoneacre, an now regretting it as did BT have Ford kat I wanted, so showed me a suzuki alto lovely car an low mileage bit now thinking I have jumped the gun. Is there anything I can do

  • David Naylor 29 June, 5:03 pm

    I bought a Mercedes Vito taxi on 2/06/16 I went on
    Holiday on the 11/6/16 untill 26/6/16 on Monday 27/6/16 the taxi broke down I got it to Mercedes commercial on Derby rd Liverpool who said they
    Cleared any faults and said there was no faults stored it broke down about 3 miles from garage
    I called the Mercedes mobile assistant 3 1/2 hours
    Later I was on my way
    On Tuesday 28/6/16 it broke down again I had it taken to Mercedes commercial on Rathbone rd Liverpool they have had it 2 days and told me I won’t possibly get it back untill tomorrow afternoon I havnt made my first finance payment yet and it’s due but I’m unable to go to work as yet
    We’re do I stand on this

  • David Naylor 1 July, 7:00 am

    Am I entitled to a refund of deposit and of first months payment if they accept the return of vehicle

  • John 10 July, 10:36 am

    Hi I purchased a vauxhall Astra in January from a main dealer .The car was being sold as a network Q used car so I thought .there were a few things that I noticed with the car when I inspected it .the front bumper and grill were out of line to the bonnet so I asked the salesman if the car had been involved in a crash at all .he said that he didn’t know ,but could have bumper re-aligned if I purchased the vehicle so I committed to buying the car on finance and was sold the usual extra, extended warranty and gap insurance .since I’ve had the car I’ve had no real concerns but the other week some careless driver decided to pull out on me and damaged my near side front including the bumper and insurance company instructed me to take it to there repair centre.when the estimater was checking the damage to my car he discovered that my car had been involved previously in a crash which I was not made aware of and the repair was done of a poor standard .I contacted my vauxhall dealer and explained what I have found and they said that they weren’t aware of any previous damage to my I said to them but you have done a network q pre-check to make sure the car is of a standard to be sold on .they have offered to rectify the faults with the car but I have refused in protest the they shouldn’t of sold me the car in the hidden condition it was in .i have spoken to vauxhall uk and they are investigating my case against the dealership .just waiting for a response to see where I stand

  • Emma 13 July, 7:49 am

    Purchased a used mini approx 1 year ago. It is 4 years old so a year out of warranty, it’s done 13,000 miles and has been looked after by mini for servicing etc. On a long drive 6 weeks post service the engine blow up and is costing £4500 to repair. Are there any acts/laws that can help us with this?

  • Lyn Attwood 20 July, 9:11 am

    If I buy a new car from a dealer and they say it’s going to be 5 or 6 weeks and it turns up after two with the wrong inside colour and registered when I have asked them not to do it as I have put my private number plate on retention to go on the new car straight away what rights do I have? Can I get my money refunded if I do not except this car as it is not as I ordered even if they can change the colour of the inside at the garage.

  • Paul 24 July, 12:48 am

    Long story
    I bought an ex demonstrator kia optima from a kia dealer in 2012 for use as a taxi, Taxi was always my intention, never once did they inform me because it was an ex demonstrator I would not be eligible for the remainder of the 7 year 100,000 mile warranty which I thought I was getting, as she told me I will still get the 100,000,
    I did infact unknowingly only receive 60,000, 40,000 less than I was expecting, I feel I was missold this vehicle under misrepresentation, they are trying to say they have done nothing wrong, I signed a contract not really noticing a question saying will this vehicle be used for commercial purposes, ie taxi, but was flanked by words not straight forward to understand, but anyway she ticked the no box, which in normal circumstances if this was true I would be entitled to the remaining 7 year 100,000 mile warranty, but she should of ticked yes, am I right in saying the dealership would of needed to see my insurance document before leaving the forecourt? This document states clear I will be using the vehicle for hire and reward etc, so that to me means she hasn’t done her job properly and misinformed me of the remaining warranty, I told them from day one I wanted this as a taxi, I was never informed of the 60,000 limitation,
    Which direction do I take this
    Thank you

  • Debbie 13 August, 3:21 pm

    I bought a 2nd hand car and signed a piece of paper saying it was sold as seen and had no warranty, less then 24 hours later the head gasket has gone. Is there anything I can do?

  • Phil 22 August, 4:22 pm

    I went to see a car and later in the day I phoned back to find out if it had been sold I was told that other people we looking at it right now and if I wanted needed to a deposit down now. The next day I realised I didn’t want to go ahead with the sale and asked for my deposit back.
    They will not refund my deposit and I am now worried they will chase me for the rest of the money.
    Am I entitled to a refund and as I haven’t signed an order form are they entitled to chase me for the rest of the money ?

  • daniel 31 August, 4:41 pm

    Hi I purchased an 04 Vauxhall meriva in march. A few months later I discovered the engine was damaged beyond repair. I therefore had to buy a new car and scrap the other one. I tried to contact the dealer but he suggested selling it on to someone else even though it was unrepairable! He wouldn’t do anything. Can I get any money back?

  • Becky 2 September, 12:28 pm

    I bought a brand new mini in sept 14 took the vehicle back after 3 thousand miles ( 8months) due to a noise mini advised the car was fine – took the car in for a service August 2016 advised still making the noise can this be looked into they then advised I had a faulty engine – I have complained and feel I have lost trust in the vehicle and the brand and they have rejected my case due to it being over 6 months old when I took it in the first time! My argument is I had only done 3,000 miles – do you think it will be worth me trying to contact the ombudsman or do you think I’m out of luck?!?

  • Daen 5 September, 7:39 pm

    I bought a car from a dealership and after a month it started to make a noise took it to another peugeot garage who said contact sellers. I have called and called for my call not to be returned. Today I called them and was advised that all my details were incorrect and they even had my various on their system as different registration. The warranty is just out and they are now saying they have no log of any calls. I have found calls on fone and two texts they sent been advised gearbox possibly on way out. Is there anything I can do?

  • Mathew 7 September, 8:45 pm

    I bought a used car for 28,000 grand the same day it was stolen and involved in a crash were it’s night might be totaled…i didn’t have enough time to even get insurance I didnt get a call from tow yard until 9 days later I waited another 2 weeks for police report now its been a little over a month can i return the car or what can i do there has to be something

  • darren pigott 8 September, 11:44 pm

    I brought a focus ST from a dealership in Birmingham, 2 days after i had it the engine management light came on. I phoned them and asked if they knew of any problem. they said they would get back to me, they never did. then the car had more lights and esp system fault. I took it to a ford gates garage and they have told me that there is water damage to the Bcmi and needs a complete new one, at he cost of £600. I phoned them and the and they have said that it is basically my problem. their warranty only covers engine and mechanical parts. I said to them it my right to have a full refund then, which I have been told it will not be a full refund. where do I stand. I love the car and just want it fixed. I am even happy to cover the labor cost as long as they cover the price for the part. they refuse to get back to me. with no correspondence regardless of a 1000 phone calls/ emails and texts.
    Can I get the car fixed and pursue the company to cover the cost?

  • Lisa 9 September, 9:21 am

    I really need advice. I bought a car just over 3 months ago. During this time they had the car for 2 weeks as the engine light came on and it was losing power and then kicking in (the recovery man said this is dangerous). They said they had sorted it. But it continues to lose power and yesterday I broke down. I called the garage I bought it from who said bring it back. So I did ( worse experience of my life) they were fobbing me off telling me it’s my fault. I was taken to my car by 3 men to show me my dipstick which was checked by the recovery van I told them this and they called him an idiot. They said they won’t do a thing. I have had a second garage look at it and he said it was not my fault and it’s going to cost 2k. I’m so upset and don’t know if I have any rights. Can someone please advice.

  • Paul Zanna 12 September, 8:37 pm

    I purchased a Alfa Romeo 4c 12 weeks ago, 9 of those weeks the car has been back in the garage with the composite bodywork cracking as a result of the bolts being over tightened. I’ve had enough and do not want the car back, as it’s been a catalogue of errors and problems which still sees the car in the body shop unfinished.

    Am I in my rights to return the car or, seek a replacement, the car is advertised as quality being no exception but that is most definitely not the case. I believe the car repair is taking an unreasonable length of time to repair, 9 weeks since faults reported and 8 weeks since I’ve been without the car.

    Welcome any advise……

  • Anne Marie 15 September, 6:49 pm

    I bought a car off done deal brought it home when I transferred my insurance a month later I then found out that there was a grade c insurance warning agains it . The seller didn’t tell me about must it b his legal rite to have to have told me about it ?

  • Mike 23 September, 12:43 pm

    To all of you,
    1. if any of you paid any amount of the sale via a credit card, use section 75 for claiming back the purchase the sale of goods act and mention it to the seller
    3. click here,
    print it, read it, then hand it to the seller 🙂

  • pretty 3 October, 12:41 pm

    I signed a contract for buying a nissan micra at Auto pedigree, and promised to pay the deposit after 3 days. I haven’t collected or paid the deposit yet as the day is tomorrow. I now see a ford fiesta at the same dealership. Can i change and sign for the fiesta?

  • Claire 25 October, 10:42 pm

    I recently purchased a juke and in description states it had start stop. When picking up the vehicle it did not have this feature. When I questioned this with the sale advisor I was told that’s miss selling and maybe they could get me some matts! I said maybe they should discuss what to do with a manager. I contacted the manager who has now stated they didn’t do start stop on this year etc etc, I asked how much it would of been to have this as an extra on a juke and have been advised they have been through archives and it was £200, I’m not sure if to believe this? The only options I have are to return the vehicle, take £200 or get a £149 service.
    Does anyone know how much the option of start stop was on a juke please?

  • Nigel Davies 27 October, 6:31 am

    I purchase a car from a dealer and when picking it up they produced only one key, I asked the question why and was told that they had only one key for the vehicle, I said I would take the car on the proviso that they replace the missing key, they are now ignoring my calls and emails, what would be my next step as a replacement key is £239.00.
    Any comments

  • James 31 October, 6:00 pm

    I bought a used Mercedes B class form a main dealer last year. Ive just noticed all 4 alloys are starting to corrode badly ( not from curbing) . I took the car back to my local Mercedes dealer (original too far away) they confirmed it is corrosion and not damage caused by myself but were quick to highlight they were all reconditioned and so not covered under the Mercedes warranty that runs out in March next year. Where do i stand with this? I wasnt told they were recondtioned and not covered?

  • Vickie 2 November, 11:16 pm

    I bought a s max 58 plate off a private seller the day after the water pipe where u fill water for engine started bubbling and over heating I txt the seller he sed the fan wasn’t reconnected when he had it sprayed, something minor so I didn’t mind fixing myself.. on the 6th after purchase the car broke down on motorway and iv been told I need a new engine looking around 1200-1500 bearing in mind it cost me 300 to be recovered off the motorway,, do I have any rights to ask for refund, the payment was through bank transfer?

    • Tony 2 November, 11:32 pm

      Sorry to hear about this. When buying from a private seller you are not covered for quality issues like this. It’s a case of buyer beware – some trade sellers pretend to be private sellers for this reason

  • Billy 7 November, 7:58 am

    I bought a car from a private seller but turned out to be a dealer selling bodged cars, the windscreen has a gap where water leaks into the car only found this out the next day when it was pouring down with rain, few other bits on the car not working, I also bought a private plate off from the seller he gave me an old retention certificate n said I could apply for a new from dvla, I rang dvla and they said the seller has to apply for new retention certificate if he has lost it n transfers it over so I tried to call the seller back the next day he’s been ignoring my calls and messages and now I can’t get threw to him, he’s either turned his phone off or changed his number, is there anything that I can do? bare in mind the seller 125miles away from me

  • Claire fairhurst 23 November, 10:19 am

    I bought a brand new car from polar ford in September, I then received a letter for a recall for a part to be added. Then last week the car said the oil change was required, when I’ve enquired they told me this was because the car was built 12 months ago and programmed in for a service, but I thought I had bought a brand new car! Also when I went to collect the car it had 99 miles on it.
    Please can you let me know what my rights are.

  • Cesar 23 November, 6:00 pm

    I recently purchased a 2008 Subaru STI with the engine service light on. The dealer told me to not worry about it that he was going to get that fixed. He put it in the shop three weeks later he comes out with the same engine service light on and he tells me that it’s still going to remain on but that the car is running fine. I just took it into a shop and they informed me that one of the Pistons is bad .

    • Cesar 23 November, 6:03 pm

      I was informed by the shop that it would cost six to $7000 to fix how can I get the dealer to fix the car or return my money

  • Philip Thornley 24 November, 5:57 pm

    I bought a car from a trader less than three weeks ago. The purchase included a three month warranty. Within a week the oil warning light came on and I found that the oil level was below the bottom mark on the dipstick and required 4 litres topping up to make mid-level. Now, three weeks after purchase, the engine warning light has come on. I have no idea about the cause of the light. What are the traders obligations in this instance? So far I have made no contact with the trader. I would have thought they have an obligation to investigate what the engine fault is at least. Or would you advise me approaching the warranty provider first (WarrantyWise)?

  • Sarah oliver 26 November, 6:47 pm

    I brought a vauxhall Corsa on the 26th October this year so just had it 1 month and after driving it home I could smell a burning smell my dad had a look under the bonnet and noticed that I had white stuff on the oil cap and that my water was dark brown/ black he advised that the head gasket may be going or gone I have motor assured and a 36 month warranty any advice would be great

  • Dave Ross 29 November, 5:29 am

    I just bought a used 2008 dodge Diesel and the exhaust filter went out before I’ve made my fist payment. The truck driver’s in reduced power mode now and the part is about 1,500 plus labor to replace. I went to the dealer and they will only cover labor, this just doesn’t seem right to me that I should have to pay for the part. And without this part the truck will not pass smog and even damage the motor .

  • Jenny 30 November, 10:10 am

    I bought a Seat Ibiza (new) with the promise of free insurance for a year. I told the dealership that I had claimed on my insurance within the last three years but have one years no claims bonus, they said that this would not matter. I have now collected my car and tried to activate the free insurance to be told that I can’t have it. I contacted the dealership and they have agreed that they should have known all the facts to do with the free insurance and have apologised – however I am now going to be around £2k out of pocket. They have offered me £350 – is this acceptable?

  • Andrea 4 December, 6:28 pm

    Hiya, I purchased a car from a main dealer last week. The car was badged up as a top of the line sports version. On closer inspection after getting the car home the car is just the standard version ( making the badge fake). I paid over the odds for this version and only to realise it’s not what they said it is. I would have never paid what I paid had I know it was only the standard version. What rights do I have please?

  • Morgan 4 December, 8:42 pm

    heater in new viva diagnosed no good October 7 spill waiting for part December ,going to be next year hopefuly

  • Morgan 4 December, 8:56 pm

    car diagnosed faulty heater 7 October, still waiting for part December, looks like next year hopefully good old vauxhall

  • Clive 9 December, 8:30 am

    I purchased a vehicle in full but somehow the car was put on finance unbeknown to me The car got behind with the payments Now the company is holding my car How do I get it back?

  • Damian 27 December, 9:08 am

    can a dealer insist you finance instead of pay cash? In other words, can they deny sale because you want to pay in cash?

  • Anna 4 January, 4:44 pm

    Hi we bought our car 1 year ago brand new from Bristol street motors, we have now purchased a new car and realised we paid £500 extended warranty on the old car which doesn’t start until 2018, they are saying I can not get a refund, is this correct? Many Thanks

  • Lisa 11 January, 3:38 pm

    Hi I bought a second hand car from a garage it is a 2010 plate and the warrenty was for 3 months that, ending the 13th of this month.. however the coil spring has gone and I want to know if this would be covered under the warrenty pls . Regards lisa.

  • Lisa 11 January, 3:39 pm

    Hi I bought a second hand car from a garage it is a 2010 plate and the warrenty was for 3 months that, ending the 13th of this month.. however the coil spring has gone and I want to know if this would be covered under the warrenty pls . The garage are saying it isnt and will cost me £140… Regards lisa.

  • James Turnbull 11 January, 9:04 pm

    I bought a car from a company and a warranty for a year which they did through a separate company. The car was fine, however, when I contacted the warranty company, they said myself or the car wasn’t on their system. So I’ve paid £200 to the car company for a warranty that isn’t valid….Made several phone calls and an email, but still no response from garage.

  • Brandon 14 January, 2:37 am

    Last Friday my wife took a drive to a supermarket just over a mile away and well before arriving she says the oil pressure light came on and yards after a horrible knocking noise and as she turned to park up the engine just died,I went over and found oil everywhere.the vehicle a Dacia which will be 4 years old in May has 36000 Miles and was serviced by Renault roughly six months ago,we’ve had it from new.It has been recovered and taken to Renault who have since confirmed the engine is damaged due to oil loss,Surely this shouldn’t happen to a vehicle with such low mileage and that has been serviced on time,the oil pump failed and the pressure built up losing all the oil.The car is still on finamceeven though the warranty expired last may and Renault are now asking us to pay 30% of throat of a new engine saying this is because of the mileage on the edible and not being on warranty.

  • Mandy cook 23 January, 2:19 pm

    How do.I stand when u have six mth left but find hard the full mth amount.

  • Marys Cox 25 January, 9:13 pm

    We bought a van which was advertised as having 134,000 miles on the clock. We stupidly didn’t look at the mileage when we bought it and now we have got home we realise it has over 200,000 miles. Do we have any rights?

  • Jo 29 January, 6:18 pm

    I bought a second hand car from a dealer at a higher price than advertised in the local paper. The advert was submitted for publishing prior to me purchasing the vehicle but appeared in the paper the day i picked it up. (2 days after purchase). What are my rights with regard to a refund on the extra i was charged?

  • Dave stephens 2 February, 11:35 am

    I recently bought a second hand car, when I viewed and test drove the car there were some spare parts in the boot, the original electric wing mirrors which I was keen to get reinstalled, however when I actually got the car a few days later the parts had been taken out of the boot. When I phoned the dealer he told me that they were never with the car as part of the purchase (pressumably they’d just been left in there by accident) but he saw me looking at them when I viewed the car and he didn’t say anything. Surely anyone viewing it would just presume theyre with the car and would be taken as another selling point (i.e. Comes with original parts) this seems to me a bit underhanded and was wondering if he can actually do this, although it wasn’t advertised as coming with parts it’s still a selling point that’s just been taken away as soon as I’ve had the car, can I get some money back for the price of the wingmirrors?

  • malcolm 8 February, 12:37 am

    I agreed a trade in price against a new car and paid £500 deposit. The new car is on order and will be a few months. The next day the dealer phoned and said that the trade in value would be reassessed when the new car arrives. Can they do this and what can I do?

  • adrian 13 February, 5:33 pm

    Hi,I bought a used car 3 weeks ago and I have now noticed a quiet a large oil leak.
    The garage is 14 miles away.Because of not knowing how serious it could be, and concerns about driving it there with the fault.Are the garage obliged to pick the car up?

  • Miranda 21 February, 6:02 pm

    Hi can anyone advise please, my son bought a used car from a main dealer, it broke down and needed a new engine which was done under warranty. 11 months later and we are back in the same position needing another new engine we towed it to garage and now after initially saying was covered by warranty are now saying it’s not! Any help would be much appreciated.

  • Barry 17 March, 6:19 pm

    Hi. I bought a mercedes from a main dealer who described it as having 1 previous owner. I receieces thr v5c form in the post which says 2. The dealer is saying that it was pre reg and therefore only 1 actual driver. But when i come to sell the car the v5c clearly says 2 previous owners. It feels like i have been missold and i assume the value of my merc whcih i spent 20k on is now less due to the additional owner on the v5c. Is that fair to say? Do you know my legal rights? Any advice appreciated.

  • sally watson 24 March, 5:46 pm

    My daughter brought a second hand car from a dealer 4 days ago and has noticed water coming out from under neath she took it back and it turn out the radiator is cracked they told her you buy the radiator and we will fit it free . is she responceable to purchase the radiator

  • Margaret 8 April, 1:00 am

    I recently purchased a 5year old car and when I drive I noticed a sent and paint of drivers door this was not pointed out to me when I purchased car

  • keith griffiths 18 April, 7:24 pm

    Hi. I have recently bought a second hand Motor from a car dealer. I have now just been made aware of the difference in Value to what i paid, to what the car is truly valued at. Which is a lot than i paid..
    Where do i stand legaly.


  • George 27 April, 7:34 pm

    I bought a car with private plates on paid signed and sealed drove car away sent forms to register car etc then garage phoned to say previous owners eanted private plate back can they fo this mu fetails on log book and reg on all insurance documents and log book where do i stand


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