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Your statutory consumer rights with regard to the purchase of clothing and footwear can be found in the Sale of Goods Act. They refer to standards of quality and consumer expectations, and what you should do if these are not met.

Your statutory rights

Any item of clothing or pair of shoes you buy should be of reasonable quality, with no damage such as missing buttons, holes, stains etc. The items should be fit for the purposes intended – i.e. hiking boots should be tough and strong, and should also be exactly as described – if a rain mac is described as waterproof, it should be exactly that!

Any breach in your statutory rights

If any of the above are not the case, there has been a breach in your statutory rights and you would be entitled to a repair, a replacement or a full refund. Remember your port of call is always the shop or retailer – you should not be referred to anyone else and they cannot tell you it is no longer their responsbility. For most things, shops would usually allow you to exchange the item or give you your money back straight away. However, if the damage is minor and can be repaired easily, within reasonable time, at no additional cost to you and without causing any significant inconvenience, then the shop can insist on this as a first option, although this will not stop you from taking it back if the repair is unsatisfactory or there is something else wrong with it.

Where a refund is the only option, but you would like to keep the item anyhow, you are quite within your request a discount on the price paid.

Proof of purchase?

Shops will often tell you they will only give a refund on production of proof of purchase. Don’t be mislead into thinking this must be a till receipt. It can be a bank or credit card statement, although you may run into difficulties if it is for a different amount than that of the item you are trying to return.

If the item is damaged, then strictly speaking you don’t need your till receipt. However, it is always recommended you have it, to show that it was bought relatively recently and the damage wasn’t caused by continued use or wear and tear over time.

Where you have no rights
The following are common situations, but do not require the shops to do anything:

  • You simply changed your mind or the item was not appropriate due to colour, size or style
  • If you buy something expecting it to be a size 14, but it clearly isn’t your size, this does not mean you can get a refund, although you can usually exchange it or get a credit note.
  • If the item of clothing is dirty and the mark can be removed by washing, this is not the same as damage and shops are not obliged to give you any discount

Buying seconds or damaged items

If you are buying seconds, you are still entitled to an item of clothing which is undamaged and fully wearable. If you knowingly buy a damaged item of clothing or footwear, the specific defect must be pointed out to you before you buy, and although you cannot then return the item on the basis of that defect, it does not mean you cannot return the item if you discover something else wrong with it – even if they have reduced the price. Don’t let the sales assistant tell you otherwise!

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  • silvester 2 January, 10:33 am

    i have bought an item from jd sports and it is too small for my son. when i bought this i clearly stated to the member of staff, that if it is too small, can i exchange it for a larger size. this was acceptable. i have tried to exchange this item of clothing, but have lost the receipt. can you tell me if i am entitled to exchange it for a larger size. thanks

  • Catriona 5 January, 7:01 pm

    Silvester, Legally shops don’t have to do anything once you have bought them item, but they have the right to demand proof that a contract of sale existed, otherwise you could have bought it anywhere. If it is obvious that the article came from there initially (e.g. own-branded goods), then you will be in a stronger position. Still, you don’t have any automatic legal entitlements unless the item is faulty or damaged.

  • andrea 25 January, 11:34 am

    I purchased a pair of shoes at office last week for a bussiness trip to sri lanka they were in the sale so i was told that I could not return them,when i got to the hotel after a 20 hour journey I took off my shoes and my feet were extremely black from the dye in the shoes. I had to ask the hotel for a srubbing brush to get the dye off but it wouldnt all come off.I took the shoes back to the shop and was told that it was natural to get some loose dye from the shoes and to try them again and see if it gets any better.To me these shoes are faulty and I should be entitled to a refund.

  • Catriona 28 January, 12:23 am

    Andrea, it is misleading for shops to tell you that because something is in the sale you cannot bring it back. You are still entitled to return the item if it is faulty. From my limited knowledge of shoes, I would say it is normal to get some staining, but this does seem excessive and could make them unwearable. If the dye continues to stain your feet, take them back and request a refund.

  • Florence Gardam 25 February, 10:48 pm

    On the 11th of September 2008 I bought some boots from Jigsaw costing 215. At Christmas we went away to Antigua and I was wearing my boots during the journey, once I got to Antigua I had to take my boots off for a security check and could not put one of the boots back on. I took them back to the shop and explained the situation. I also stressed that I was not interested in money back but would like a replacement as I liked the boots. After five weeks of investigation, Jigsaw Head Office decided that there is no fault found and therefore they will not replace or refund. What are my rights? I only had them for 3 months and they were quite expensive. I have lost my money and I’m left with boots that I cannot wear. The fault in the left boot occurred in the first 3 months and it’s not a matter of wear and tear as Jigsaw said in their defence.

    I’m not sure what my next step should be, I look forward to hearing your opinion on this matter, as I have never found myself in this position before.

  • Catriona 27 February, 1:34 am

    Florence, If a fault develops within the first 6 months, the assumption is that the fault was present when the item was sold and you have more robust rights. Plus the fact that you are only seeking a replacement and not a refund. If possible, get another boot of the same size and compare the two, this should demonstrate the fault in the boot you have. To have such excessive wear and tear at 3 months sounds a little unreasonable. Go back saying you are unhappy with this response, quoting the 6 month rule under Sale of Goods and let them know that you will attempt to recoup the cost of the boots through the small claims court if necessary.

  • Katy 29 March, 4:43 pm

    Hi, I bought a pair of boots from Office in December. After a week, one boot started to squeak when I walked, so I took them back and got a replacement pair. Now less than 4 months on, one boot has started squeaking again and I can feel it doing it – it’s uncomfortable. What are my rights? Do they fall into the Sale of Goods 6 month rule? Can I reasonably ask for a refund? And what if the shop make things difficult, what’s the next step? Thanks

  • Paul 30 March, 9:54 am

    I bought a pair of shoes in Barratts in January. A few weeks ago one of the stitches down the centre tore through the leather leaving a small hole. I never got around to taking them back but then an inch gap has appeared where the leather has come away from the sole. Yesterday I took them back to a different shop from the one I bought them in as it is now closed down. I was told it was debatable if the goods were faulty as they looked worn and there were a few scuff marks. I was also told that the shoes are also sold in other shops and I didn’t have proof of the purchase from this retailer. I said I could get a bank statement but was told that this only proves that I spent that amount; I may not necessarily have bought these shoes.

  • tara 31 March, 5:25 pm

    i purchased a pair of sunglasses and took them home to find out i dont really like them. i took them back for an exchange which the store did, however i was to be credited £30 pounds which i wanted to go onto my card and not a credit note. the store does not display their return/exchange policy about this am i entitled to a money refund on my card? i took the credit note but want to take legal action for this, where do i stand do i have any rights?

  • Catriona 1 April, 2:46 pm

    Katy, yes, they do fall into the Sale of Goods six month rule. However because you have had them for 4 months, the shop only has to provide a repair, or a replacement rather than an automatic refund. If the boots start squeaking for a third time you can reasonably claim loss of faith in the product and ask for your money back (less a percentage to reflect the use you have had of them).

  • Catriona 1 April, 3:01 pm

    Paul, Always advisable to take shoes back the moment you spot the hole to avoid the shop using the old wear and tear excuse. Sale of Goods provides that items should be of good quality and durable and if the leather has split after only a few weeks, this isn’t acceptable. You can take items back to any branch of the same retailer, don’t be told otherwise, and the statement is proof of purchase as long as it has the amount and the name of the store – again don’t be told otherwise. Request a repair or a replacement, as is your right under the Sale of Goods. You can’t request a refund unless these two options have been exhausted first.

  • Catriona 1 April, 8:52 pm

    Tara, legally the shop are under no obligation to do anything if you simply do not like the item. Therefore they are within their rights to offer you the difference in price as a credit note and not as a refund. They should have their returns policy on display though. See:

  • lorna 14 February, 9:49 pm

    I bought a pair of boots for my daughter from JEFF BAINS shoe shop
    in Walsall. After two weeks of wear the heel collapsed and went into a hole, i took them back to the shop and the manager said it was wear and tear… After two weeks of wear i said dont be daft but he did not want to know. Where do i stand on my rights, he thinks i dont have any rights. ……Be carefull any body buying goods from JEFF BAINS shoe shop becouse you wont get your money back or a replacement.

    • Tony 15 February, 2:36 pm

      You are covered by the Sale of Goods Act and he should at least offer to repair them.

  • James Marriott 25 February, 10:52 pm

    Hello there, only 5 months ago i paid 100 pounds for a pair of waxed canvas military boots from this website. After this short time rips and tears have began to appear on the shoes and i have only been wearing them as normal ie around town etc. i am really upset as im a teenager with a limited budget. I wish to purchase another style of boots from allsaints, do you think i have any stance against them for a voucher of the same value towards a new pair as mine became damaged after only 5 months? thankyou :)

    • Tony 26 February, 1:18 am

      Hi James, no you have to give them the opportunity to repair before asking for a refund, but suggest it to them as a possible remedy.

  • Ann 26 February, 11:36 pm

    Hi there,

    I bought some trousers from Dorothy Perkins at the very end of December 09, and after only wearing them a couple of times the hem has completely gave way one the bottom of one of the legs, around the whole thing. I’m not good at sewing at all. and because of the design I’d make them look a mess if I attempted to do this, am I entitled to an exchange (I like the trousers) and a refund (if I see other trousers elsewhere which are better quality I’ll opt for them instead!) I’m worried as after checking the other trouser leg, the hem seems quite weak!

    • Tony 2 March, 11:00 pm

      Hi Ann, no they are entitled to attempt a repair first. You are not entitled to an exchange or refund unless there have been a few failed repair attempts but many shops will offer this

  • ash 2 March, 4:33 pm

    I bought a pair of boots in sale, although still quite expensive, and i wore them for the first time and after a short distance the boots started to cut into the back of my heels and now my heels are cut quite badly. Despite being worn can i return the boots as i feel having spent so much money and don’t want to be left with a pair i can never wear.

  • Jaimie 9 March, 10:24 pm

    I am having a HUGE problem with Gucci. I bought a pair of shoes last August and they were ballet pumps but they were made of leather with pvc on top so not very stretchy I found out. After wearing them for a few weeks I found there were cutting into my foot just under the big toe. They used to leave a deep dent there whenever I wore them but I kept thinking they would stretch. Then I finally got fed up as they were causing a lot of pain, and even when I wore flip flops they would cut in when they never used to before, so the Gucci shoes have caused some lasting damage. In October I took them to Gucci Aftersales in Bond Street and explained the situation and they said they can’t so anything. They were extremely unhelpful and rude. So I went into the Bond Street Store who told the aftersales to send them to Italy. I called the Aftersales in December as I had not heard anything and the lady I spoke to said I would probably get a refund as the shoes are unwearable. Then I got a call saying the shoes have been stretched and have come back, I had already told them I had stretched them a number of times and that it failed to solve the problem as the material was so hard. So I went today to collect the shoes and nothing had been done to them, I tried them on in the store and they even after 5 minutes of wear gave me the same dent in my foot. No one was prepared to do anything, the Aftersales were called, the Managers, they were just totally useless. I asked for a credit note so the money I spend did not go to waste but they just said the shoe did not suit my foot!!!! I have been wearing shoes for 34 years and I have never had such a bad pair of shoes and from Gucci, who are supposed to be a premium company! Is this fair what they have told me or am I entitled to at least a credit note?
    The shoes are totally useless, I can not wear them and they have caused bad damage to my feet.

  • Ashton 30 March, 11:03 pm


    I got some trainers from JD Sports and within the first 2 weeks, the painted rubber on them was peeling off.
    I took back to the shop and the manager said she will send them away for inspection.

    They come back to my house today with a letter sayong they will not be offering me a refund or exchange (or Repair!!!) as it is my fault as i have cleaned them. The letter states “a strong smell of detergent”.

    I have not cleaned them – where do i stand now?

  • Patsy 2 April, 9:57 am

    Hi all
    I recently (10 days ago) purchased a long cotton cardigan form a H & M store in Birmingham. I wore it twice, then washed it, on a 40degree cycle, as advised on the care label inside. The cardigan has now shrunk, and doesnt fit. Im disappointed of course, but worried it’ll just happen again if Im given an exchange!
    Please advise

  • Leah 28 April, 10:36 am

    4 months ago I bought some boots from dorothy perkins which I love but have recently started to fall apart, the heals have worn down a lot and the leather on one heal has come away and at the top of the boots there is an adjustable tie so you can tuck jeans in them which has metal rings that they go though and one has come off. I’m very disappointed because I really like them and paid 55 pounds for them to last a measely 4 months. Where do I stand with regards to a refund exchange etc… Thanks leah

  • ayesha khanom 7 May, 9:56 pm

    i went to a small shop and i wanted try this two piece trouser suit on but the assistant said that i cannot try the trousers on but i can try on the top, i asked ‘why?’ she said they don’t have the time because it takes too long as there is only one dressing room. as i am quite short i really needed to try on the trousers i don’t want to buy the suit if it does not fit. i want to know is it my right to try before i buy?

  • Amelia 11 May, 2:51 pm

    I recently purchased a top from Topshop. I have only worn it once and have discovered a small hole in the shoulder. I don’t have the receipt, and when I went back for a refund, the woman serving said it looks like the top has been cut with scissors, and demanded proof of purchase. I have only just noticed the cut, so it may have been there before i purchased it. Am I within my rights to request a refund due to the item being damaged?

  • Abigail 27 May, 4:33 pm


    I have ordered my wedding dress 7 months ago which was being made for me – I have now cancelled my wedding and informed the bridal shop. They have told me because I signed a contract which states I cannot cancel because it is a special order I am not entitled to a refund and they are insisting when the dress arrives next week that I have to pay the balance (I paid 1/2 deposit) and take the dress away. I don’t want the dress – can they make me pay for it in full and take the dress?

  • Emily 31 May, 12:40 pm

    I brought a dress on-line from ASOS and I was delivered the completely wrong dress – since then I have been on line and it appears to be sold out absolutely everywhere – although I know I will be offered a refund It is the dress that I want as I am going on holiday in 3 weeks and it’s perfect. Do I have any rights where I could actually say that that is the item I paid for and that is what I expect/want instead of a refund?

  • RIANNE 2 June, 9:09 am

    Hi I boughht a pair of shoes and they started cutting the top of my feet just after two or three weras, I bought them back 3 weeks later for a refund, and was told i couldnt return them becasue they were worn, and it’s normal for shoes to cut a little.

  • Miss French 23 June, 2:23 pm

    I brought 2 tops from H&M about 3weeks ago. I went to try them on , however was told the changing rooms was closed due to the store soon closing. I brought the products, hoping they would fit. When trying on the garments at home they did not fit. I misplaced my receipt and tried to get an exchange, and was told they can not do anything as i do not have a receipt, i spoke to the store manager and customer services wh also refused to exchange the items. I do have a bank statementn and informed them of this, but they told me that it doesnt matter as it wont show the items purchased. Im i within my rights for an exchange?

  • Linda 9 August, 5:08 pm

    I bought a pair of Hobbs last week too, and having worn them for one day, both the back of my ankles have peeled and now scabbed over. Does anyone know if I still have the right to get a refund on them?

  • Laura 8 September, 2:52 pm

    I bought a dress from French Connection costing £140, having wore the dress once the beading is coming away as well as the hem. I returned the dress 1 week after I bought it with the receipt stating the fault. The manager has however stated the fault is due to washing the dress when it is dry clean only, I explained I had not washed the dress in any way, shape or form but she advised there was absolutely nothing she could do. Where do I stand?

  • DIANA SHAW 21 September, 8:18 pm

    Hello There,

    I purchased a Mckensie top for my daughter from Sports Direct, she needed it for a weekend trip. She is a size 8 I purchased a size 12 but it would,nt go over her head and was clearly not a size 12 or I think just a cheap copy. I have asked for a cash refund as the trip has now passed but they have refused. There are no signs anywhere in the shop to say they do not do full refunds. The top still has the labels on and I have a receipt, it was purchased a few daysn ago. Do I have rights to take this further, their attitude has made me madder than a badger!

  • Helen 24 September, 10:35 pm

    Hi I brought a pair of black studded boots from Jeff Bains shop in Walsall. At first when I tried them on before buying, it seemed OK, but now after I brought it and been walking in the house, it feels very uncomfortable, can I get an exchange for another size?

  • louisa 8 October, 10:23 am

    Hi, I bought my step mum a coat from newlook for her 40th birthday with cash. The jacket doesnt fit her, and she wants to exchange it, however I took off the lable with the price on it, and have left the receipt at a friends house, from wear I rapped her present.The receipt is now missing. The coat is still in its new condidtion, would I be able to get it exchanged?

  • David 9 October, 7:30 pm

    I bought a pair of Ugg boots last November. In August a small hole appeared in the front top part of the shoe, I felt inside and it was made from the inside out. I paid £150 for these shoes and I expected them to last longer than a year, what are my rights?

    • Jane Bonner 9 August, 8:46 pm

      I was amazed when i read your post as i have exactly the same complaint! I paid £215 for a pair of Ugg in Nov 2013, by March 2014 a small hole appeared in the top of the boot. I took them back to Johnson in staines (where I bought them), after a long discussion they said they would send them off for testing. When they came back they said they were not faulty and it was because my toe had poked through….what utter bollocks! Previous to these I had bought an £80 pair of Just Sheepskin boots, they lasted 4 years of constant wear in the winter months, they will get my custom every time from now on! Good luck to you for getting a refund.

  • Ross 26 October, 2:58 pm

    I bought a boiled wool gilet from shoon (marylebone high st) costing £99 at the end of Sept last year (2009). I still have my receipt.
    When last wearing it at the end of last winter I noticed that the decorative stitching has broken down in one area detracting from its appearance.
    Because of the distance I live from London I didn’t take it back to the shop immediately. I have recently been in contact with the shop and they have told me that it has been too long a period and they will not take any action to repair/refund myself for the fault.
    Does anyone know if such time frames exist and or do I have any recourse?
    Many Thanks

  • maureen 27 October, 9:07 am

    I have bourght a dress from french conection it cost £165 all the tickets are still on the dress it is 4 days old we have lost the reciept it has a fault in the dress they will not give me my money back or a xchange with out proof of purchase what are my wrights on this?

  • Mary 8 December, 3:56 pm

    I placed an order for a bridal gown and left a $1000 deposit on Friday November 26, 2010. On the folling Monday November 29, 2010 I called the shop to cancel the order. They informed me that I could not get a refund of my deposit since the receipt stated “no refunds or exchanges”. Being as they had not yet ordered the gown nor have I received the gown, does that statement still apply? The salon offered me a store credit instead. I was willing to go with the store credit but today received an email from then indicating that the credit was valid for only six months and that it can only be used for the purchase of a wedding gown. Since the wedding has been canceled I have no need of a wedding gown. Legally what can I do?

  • Dawn 5 January, 12:44 am

    My boyfriend bought me a jacket from henleys costing around £70 for chistmas, i have had it on twice and today just discovered that there is a whole under one of the arms the stitching has came loose, unfortantly he had threw the receipt away have i got the right to retur it to the shop and ask for them to change or repair it??? please help thanks

  • melanie 5 January, 2:35 pm

    I bought a pair of school trousers from a JR Fashion on the 11th Novemeber and they have fallen apart at the seams, I tried to return them but thay stated that all goods are only gauranteed for 28 days and this is the case in all clothes shops. My daughter only wore the trousers about five times as the christmas break was inbetween buying them and she was also off school poorly for a week. The “management” were incredibly rude to me and my daughter and although the trousers were relatively cheap …£11.99 i want to take this further but as they are an independent shop am not sure which route to take? can anyone advise?

  • David Robson 17 January, 9:46 pm

    I bought a t-shirt from ark which upon washing at the 30 degree temperature that it states on the label, the pattern on the front came off. I took it back but they said that I must have washed it over 30 degrees and that if there was a fault then they would have ad thousands of complaints. They sent it away for “testing” but say there is nothing wrong with it (clearly wrong as there is no pattern on the front) was wondering what people would suggest.

  • natalie 19 January, 4:04 pm

    i bought a pair of ugg boots at £180 from bank fashion in derby back in november 2010. 2 months in, worn only a handful of times the material is coming away from the fur at the top of the boot, the fur is flopping over as its heavy and is going to cause the material to split.

    I dont have the receipt and bank are saying that they cannot replace or refund as i have no proof that they are from there (apart from all packaging).

    can i use the 6 month rule from the sale of goods act or do i need a receipt (they were paid for with cash)

  • Becca 3 February, 4:16 pm

    Hi there
    I bought a pair of boots for £80 from Topshop in late September. Last weekend (Jan 30)I noticed a 2 inch tear in the leather close to the sole. Living as I do in a rainy city, this renders the boots entirely unwearable, and I have not worn them since discovering it. I have contacted Topshop’s customer services via email and have been told that I can take them back to a branch for inspection and if they “identify a manufacturing fault” I will get a refund. However, I am concerned that they will try and tell me that it is wear and tear, and that I will leave empty handed! Any advice greatly appreciated!

  • Kenny 14 February, 12:27 am

    I bought a pair of boots from a shop in derby for my wife on 15 Dec 2010. she began to wear them late Jan 2011 and in total only worn them 3 times.
    They have now come away from the sole on one boot, i took them back to the shop but they refuse to do any thing. I do still have the reciept which made no difference.

  • Rodney 1 March, 4:48 pm

    I bought a pair of expensive shoes from a shop in London this week. I usually wear size 11 or 12 shoes, and had my feet measured at the shop to check (the assistant reckoned 11 to 11 and a 1/2). The size 11s felt too big, so I tried a 10 1/2 which, though smaller than I’d normally wear, seemed fine. But after less than a few hours wear the following morning it was clear my foot was slipping and I needed a smaller size. This was weird as the shoes were supposed to be a size and a half smaller than others I wear yet, after comparison, were clearly bigger than some size 11s I had at home.

    I took them back to the shop the next day to exchange them politely for a smaller size, but was told that would not be possible as I had worn them. I explained I felt I’d been sold a pair of shoes that were not the size I had been told they were. They argued that sizes were merely guides and that consistency could not be expected. Can that be right?

  • matt 6 March, 3:14 pm

    I bought a pair if jeans in January ant the stitching has cone undone around the bottom the the hole where the button for a through at gte top has frayed quite badly from taking them on and off. The shop was refusing to give me my money back and said they wanted to send them away for repair. Do I have to accept this or can I get a full refund?

  • jess 13 March, 11:43 pm

    I bought a pair of shoes from all saints on Saturday just gone. I noticed a scuff on the back of them so took them back. They gave 15.00 off the price. I then noticed the same day the heels had scratches on them. I again took them back and they refused to let me have a refund. I’m going to ring their head office. By what you have written it looks like I am entitled to a refund. Am I right???

  • mary 29 April, 4:04 pm

    i paid a deposit on my wedding dress, then 4 months later changed my mind ,the bridal shop offered to change my deposit to a cheaper dress from the one i originaly choose, or offered to hire me the dress i originally ordered , i dont want these options,
    am i entitled to my money back or credit note,

  • carol m 2 May, 1:49 pm

    I bought a dress in late march and wore it once. When I went to wear it again the dress had shrunk in the wash. It had washing instructions on a label stating it could be washed in a machine at 40 degrees. This is how it was washed and it was line dried.

    I took it back to the shop today and they said because i washed it I cannot do anything.

    Surely a garment has to be fit to be washed or stated otherwise. It was worn once and you can tell it has not been worn out by the look of it.

    I do not have the receipt as I was keeping the garment but I do have the bank statement with the transaction on it.

    Can you please advise me of my rights.

    Thank you for your assistance.

  • Alicia 7 May, 8:17 pm

    I bought pants from JD and due to it’s size wanted to take it back for a refund.
    The women at the till took it and when she brought it back to me, she told me it had stains and refused to give me a refund on the grounds I have worn it when I haven’t. When I looked at the so called ‘stains’, I found it they were just dust that could have been easily removed.
    Do I have a right to return it because there is nothing wrong with it.


    • Callum 19 May, 8:01 pm

      You are entitled to a full refund or exchange just make sure they are free from dust before and do not wash them by any means

      • ros 19 January, 2:36 pm

        You didn’t wear them, but you got them dirty. You are responsible for keeping them in new condition if you are going to return them as new.

  • Niki 14 May, 1:10 pm

    I bought a pair of wedged heel sandals, I tried them on when i got home and the straps are loose around my ankles meaning my feet are not supported, I tried to take the shoes back to ‘Garage Street Shoes’ and they told me they cannot take them back as the shoes have been worn outside. I advised them I bought the shoes for my holiday i have not been on yet and if I had of worn them outside there would have been water marks/dirt on the cork part of the wedge as our weather has been terrible from the time i bought them. She advised me the shoes would not have been sold to me with scrapes on the bottom and flooring could not have done this. I am feeling frustrated as i DID NOT wear them, they do not sit on my feet correctly, i have the receipt and I have only held on to them for 1 week before finding time to take them back. What are my rights?

  • paddy 7 June, 11:49 am


    I bought some ski pants from a company online a couple of months ago, and took the tags off, but haven’t worn them as my ski trip has now been cancelled. I want to return them for a refund, but am unsure if I am entitled (I have emailed the company, but not heard anything back yet). If any one can let me know of my rights with this, that would be fab :)

  • Tiesys 19 June, 8:07 pm


    Anyone help?

    I bought a brand new suit from a well known retailer from one of their branches in Harrogate. I specifically told the assistant that I wanted a hard wearing suit as it wuld be worn every day and need not to crease.
    I was measured in store and offered jacket and trousers, the jacket fitted well, but because they had a wedding party fitting, the changing rooms were very busy. I asked if I could take the suit and have the trouser lenght altered at my nearer branch – this was fully acceptable.

    A week later I took the trousers to the branch nearer me and was asked to try them on so the correct length could be determined. When I tried the trousers on, it was obvious that whilst they would fasten, they were too small so I was measured again and I exchanged to the next size up which fitted better.

    A week later, I picked up the trousers.

    I then wore the suit for the first time, I had an interview and wore the suit for no more than three hours. When I got home and took the trousers off, they were creased and crushed on the backs of the knees and around the waist area and looked awefull.

    As far as I am concerned the suit is simply not fit for purpose.

    I took it back and they have refused to do anything other than to send it to Head Office with a returns ticket.

    If anyone has any advice as to whether I have a valid claim for a refund or not I would be greatfull.



  • Ahmed 20 June, 11:14 pm

    I bought a pair of linen trousers in May, wearing them twice a week and by mid-June there were a number of tears in the fabric. Would I be able to get a refund? The problem is I think this falls in the wear and tear category. I haven’t worn them excessively but they are damaged and I can imagine the shop will say I have worn them too much. What should I say to the shop? I’m not sure what the best approach would be. I paid £65 for them so I was really surprised that the fabric disintegrated so quickly. Your advice would be appreciated.

  • Marilyn 24 June, 12:57 pm

    I paid a deposit for my Daughter wedding dress in march 2011 on the understanding that the dress would not be ordered in untill September 2011 at which time we would have a final fitting and the said dress would be ordered. I phoned a week ago to check the last this was still the cas all was confirmed by the shop. To my horry we called into the shop to look at a bridesmaid dress and noticed the dress was over £100 cheaper than we had been quoted. We pionted this out and they siad the dress had been ordered in March and nothing could be done about it. What can we do as we would like a full refund as we do not trust their judgment or policy.

  • Emma R 28 June, 2:46 pm

    I was fitted in an independent bra shop for a new bra. The bra that they fitted with me felt fine in the shop, however I wore it home and within the hour that it took me to get home the bra had become so uncomfortable that I had to take it off.
    It had left deep grooves in the middle of my chest where the underwiring had been digging in causing pain.
    I rang the shop to let them know, and to say that I’d be bringing it back to exchange. They said that as I’ve worn it and as far as they’re concerned it fits me they don’t have to do that.
    I now have a bra that cost £25 that I can’t wear, do I have any rights?
    Thank you

  • alan james 28 June, 3:55 pm

    my step daughter paid a deposit of a wedding dress of £400 and in the passed week the wedding is not on. the shop said she cant have her money back is this right.

  • Bethany 29 June, 10:01 pm

    I recently bought a pair of shorts from Newlook. Within a week of wearing them, the zip has broken. This is not due to being a the wrong size. I have already worn them and the label has been taken off them. The zip was weak and is now unfix-able. Will I be able to get a refund or exchange?

  • Sarah 1 July, 10:56 am

    I bought some trousers literally 2 weeks ago to take on holiday, I paid cash. I tried them on in the store for size so, happy they fitted, i put them straight in my suitcase when I got home, labels and all. On taking them out to wear I discovered they still had a security tag on them, of course now I cannot find the receipt to take to the shop and ask them to remove the tag. The department store in question hasn’t tagged other clothes I’ve purchased so it didn’t occur to me to check and the alarm didn’t audibly go off when I left the store. Is there anything I can do?

  • Cat 1 July, 5:27 pm

    I bought a dress recently and loved it in the changing room. When I got home I tried it on for my sister and after 5 minutes my skin was itchy and red from the material. I have very sensitive skin and this happens to me sometimes so I wasn’t surprised. I obviously want to bring it back because I can’t wear it but in the 5 days sicne I bought it, it has gone on sale. It was €50 and now it’s €17. Am I entitled to the full price I paid back or the sale price? Thanks.

  • LIZ 23 July, 1:10 am

    please help, purchased dress for daughter monsoon, received discount as slightly damaged, dress is too small can I exchange.

  • Ross 30 July, 5:07 pm

    I bough a pair of Poste shoes and after wearing them 3-4 times the fronts of the soles have started to peel back on both shoes and the rubber heel was coming away… All I said was I’d like a exchange and the store manager came out and said that there was excessive wear which is why the fronts had came away and the the heels was coming off because it was cause, I said I could understand it I’d had them a while – he said it could happen the first time you wear them (he had an answer for everything) all he offered was a repair but I didnt think that was acceptable seeing I only bought them 3 weeks ago. Where do I stand with this one guys?

  • Arnas 3 August, 2:13 pm

    About 2 weeks ago I bought clothes in shop, and know I change my mind, but shop is refused to make refund. What to do, please help.

  • Jess 8 August, 3:26 pm


    I have three pairs of shoes from a high street store all bought within the last six months and worth £110, however, all three have broken in some way. I have the receipts for all of them so am I entitled to a refund? Or will they just say that it is wear and tear and therefore not their problem?

  • IOldfield 19 August, 11:06 pm

    I bought some shoes a week ago, and as I have different sized feet I bought the size larger than I would normally. I’ve worn them twice and the leather has stretched so much that I can’t wear them. Would the shop let me exchange them?

  • stefanie 20 August, 7:06 pm

    I bought a capris at Kohl’s and I don’t know if they will still accept my return and give me a refund. It is not damaged or anything it is the way I bought it the first day. PLEASE HELP!

  • Connie 25 August, 12:18 am

    This happened to me too! My shoes (after one wear) are rendered completely ruined due to excessive blood staining and I’ve been struggling to walk ever since! In my opinion the product I bought is clearly not fit for purpose (ie. walking and wearing), does anyone have any experience at trying to get shoes refunded/replaced in this situation? They are damaged but not as much as my feet and the shoes started it!

  • Amerie 2 September, 3:33 am

    I recently purchased boots from a well known store online, they boots were reduced from £35 to £2, I paid for my order and it was confirmed and I received an order number for it.
    The thing is the pricing on the boots advertised was as follows…’was £35…Now £2′ and it said on the site they were part of the concession collection, hence it seemed perfectly legitamate as if the pricing was in error it would just have the pricing sign and no indication of a sale.

    The store now have said they are going to cancel my order and I don’t feel this is far as the difference isn’t one that is so large that for me as a consumer it’s obvious that it was a mistake, especially when considering the other factors. I was wondering whether to kick up a fuss or accept the order should be canceled?

  • Lillymc 5 September, 9:21 pm

    I wonder if anyone can help. I bought a pair of silk palazzo pants from Topshop mid July which I have only worn on two occassions. I have now noticed that they have split badly at the top of the inside leg and some of the other seams are going too although they are very loose trousers. They cost £90 but I don’t have a receipt although I did buy them on a Topshop card so they should be able to find a record of the purchase. Just wondering if I would be entitled to a refund as I would like to know what to expect when I take them back. Thanks.

  • Misbah 11 September, 11:46 pm

    i brought 2 pairs of indian dresses from the broadway southall. both had very small crystal embroidery on them but when i brought the items home on one pair the crystals just dropped off and on the other pair they fell off whilst i was wearing them. The guy refused to exchange or refund them as he said this was due too general wear and tear?? can he argue such a point?

  • Uzma 14 September, 6:15 pm

    Hi, I recently bought a hooded fleece and pair of school boots for my daughter from Matalan. She wore the boots first day to school and when came back home the toe of one of boot was ripped…the skin of boot ripped off. The fleece left black furry stuff all over her white polo shirt even the second day though I tried to clean it but couldnt. I bought the stuff 4 days back so can I take it back to the shop or not? Thanks

  • Nichola 22 September, 3:17 pm

    In March this year I bought a pair of shoes from John Lewis for work. I wore them a few time and then wore sandals all summer. I have recently started to wear them again and I have noticed that the heel has gone in one of the shoes (one heel is sturdy and one heel movess when wiggled). I am quite disgrunted as the shoes were expensive and I have always worn flats when walking to and from work and then change into my heels at my desk so as not to ruin them. Is it to long a period of time since I bought the shoes to complain? Many thanks Nichola

  • Lisa 22 September, 6:11 pm

    My husband bought me a black Henleys duffle coat for Christmas last year.
    However due to my pregnancy at the time the coat did not fit. But because I liked the coat I decided to keep it for this winter. I do not know where the receipt is! I put the coat on last Friday, then on Monday (the third time of wearing it), I noticed that the pin at the bottom of the zip was missing so now when I do the zip up it just comes apart again from the bottom.
    I contacted Henleys and said that if they could send me a replacement zip then I was prepared to pay the £25 for a tailor to change the zip over.
    The tailor that looked at the coat told me it was obvious that the zip had hardly been used.
    Henleys replied via email and said because it has been almost a year that they cannot do anything about it.
    They said the coats are manufactured abroad and because there are now new style coats out that they cannot send me a zip either.
    ***Please tell me what my rights are.***

  • Alexandra 23 September, 4:06 pm

    I bought a pair of jeans from a well known high street about 2 weeks ago.
    I LOVE these jeans from the minute I bought them, I was wearing them one day and without doing anything out of the ordinary I was looking at my outfit in the mirror and I noticed a huge rip on the bum! Can I take these back?! and get a refund or get another pair??

  • Leeanne 3 October, 4:05 pm

    Hi. I bought a pair of boots from newlook on 9 sept and today they r taking in water my right foot got wet. After looking at the boots it appears the leather at the front has come away slightly on that boot and therefore water is leaking through. Am I entitled to an exchange? Thanks

  • Darren 10 October, 6:59 pm

    I have bought a shirt from USC, after inspecting the tag, the outside tag say’s its a M but on the label inside, it say’s its an XL.

    It has been around 2 months since I purchased this item. I have not worn it.

    After ringing the customer service hotline they have refused me an exchange.

    Is there anything I can do?

  • Naare 13 October, 7:18 pm


    I bought a jacket from sport direct outlet [shop] for my younger brother worth of £24.99. when i back to home so i relize the quality was unsatisfactory,Also he didn’t like the colour nor the size really fit to him. nextday I went to return the jacket back to them with all tags on + reciept but they told me that they can’t give me money back.
    they give two option:
    1- exchange the item
    2- return interm of giftcard.

    I told them I don’t want your gift card nor to exchange the item.
    The reply from the sport direct was “its a company policy we don’t return cash/money back”.

    I choose the second option, kinldy let me know where i am standing now.


  • Liz 13 October, 7:28 pm

    Brought a pair of trainers from JD in august now two months on they have both collapsed inside the heel of the shoe. If I take them back am I entitled to a refund

  • trickygj 14 October, 8:41 am

    If you want a quick response it might be best to start a thread on the consumer forum

  • Markus123 15 October, 7:28 pm

    I recently bought a pair of trainers, well, recently means today. I bought them in a sale but I don’t like them, but they are very expensive. They are in mint condition, havn’t been out of the box, and I have the receipt. Will I be able to return them? I don’t want a refund I just want to be able to get an exchange.

  • Mike Johnson 19 October, 5:44 am

    There are health restrictions as to returning worn shoes such as FUNGUS and MRSA. I would never return a pair of shoes I have worn. That is tacky and disgusting. Would you want to buy a shoe that someone had worn before you?!!. Have some self respect. Don’t buy from stores that don’t insist you wear socks or “footies” before trying on shoes. You don’t want to pick up a foot disease.

  • sinead 21 October, 10:43 am

    hi I bought a pair of boots 1 month ago,,within tht time i have worn thm abut 4 ti
    es,,I have noticed that the leather on the 2 boots are complety different and also on the ankle of the boot is a fashion fold,,and it is folded in 2different places in each boot,,the 2boots are not the I intitled to a exchange ??

  • Martin 27 October, 1:26 pm

    Hello, i purchased a pirates hat for hallowe’en left the shop 10mins later i get a text from a friend saying they got me one and at a cheaper price, i went back to the shop to return it but was told that they couldn’t take it for “hygiene” reasons. This hat was in a button sealed plastic bag and not removed it was literally in my position for 30mins. Is this correct or is the shop just being difficult i did assure them that it was not worn by myself or anyone

  • Christopher 1 November, 9:56 pm

    Hi there, I bought a hat in JD in westfield but it’s kind of faulty. Can I refund at a different JD store or do I have to go all the way to westfield?

  • Shirlee Jensen 3 December, 7:39 pm

    I have a question from the opposite side. A customer brought socks back as they did not fit her husband. I was going to do the refund but she paid by card and although the lady had a receipt, our receipts do not show which credit card was used and by law any money had to be put back onto the same credit card that was used for the sale, (this is not stipulate on our terms and conditions that both receipts are required) but the lady became quite annoyed and threatening me to have me fired as I would not refund the amount onto her card and that she had to prove which card was used for the purchase. We are not allowed to keep the slips due to PCI compliancy laws. So where do I stand on refunds under those circumstances.
    Many thanks

  • Kez 4 December, 3:08 am

    Hi i purchased two pairs of shoes back in February 2011. One is thick textile the second pair is textile with a covering of lace. the lace has ripped on the lace pair i have contacted the online shop where i purchased the items and they have told me they wont replace the shoes as they only normally replace if an item becomes faulty within 6 months.

    I think this is unacceptable as the second pair is still perfect condition they tried saying it was bacause lace is a delicate material but i think that is just an excuse.

    They did offer me another pair at reduced cost but i think i should be entitled to a replacement or refund,

    what are my legal rights should the company issue me a refund or replacement?

    Thank you in advance for you advice

  • Tshepiso monokoa 8 December, 8:44 am

    Hi i purchased a pair sneakers at Foshini on the 27th of november, wore them once and had 2 wash them due to dirtiness. The colour of the sneakers actually faded, just from one wash, of which i used detergent, water and a clothe, hence i didnt want to scrab them fearing that the colour will fade, which happened. So, on the 8th whic is today, i took them back, and explained what had happened to the manager, but she didnt buy my story and told me i can take the matter up if i have to, whereas all i wanted was an exchange for something else not a refund, course i loved those sneakers when i bought them. What are my rights in this matter.

  • Emma 10 December, 12:20 am

    I posted back an two asos orders on the same day. The one arrived, and the other didn’t, but I have lost my proof of return so they say that they can’t do anything to help me. The order was in excess of 300 pounds and I simply cannot afford to loose that money, especially seeing as I don’t have the items to show for it. I returned it through their own collect and delivery service by dropping it at the nearest post station, where they printed the receipts. Sureyly the post station also has a copy of the receipt? Or it is stored on their machine. I don’t know what to do, I am a poor student so this is heartbreaking for me.

  • Andy 24 December, 12:14 pm

    I bought some walking boots at sports direct, having worn them once for about an hour to wear them in,I realised that the right boot is much smaller, and when wearing thick socks it is uncomfortably small.
    They have some mud only on the rubber sole that I can try to clean off.
    I’ve never had problems with my feet being different sizes, and my brother tried them on without knowing my complaint and found the same thing, although not painful on his slightly smaller feet.
    They do both claim to be size 11 on the label.
    Not sure about the receipt, but definitely have the bank statement.
    I know SD have a bad reputation of returns.

  • amber 24 December, 2:34 pm

    Hello Shirlee Jensen,
    This is an unfortunate scenario for the customer as you can understand that if goods or services are not suitable for whatever reason customers are told that they are entitled to a refund, unfortunatley most do not understand why it has to be returned via the original payment method unless they have worked in retail and even then some people try to get around it. What I would do in this situation is offer them your apologies that you can not do more until they find the receipt unless they are willing to accept a credit note.

  • james 4 January, 10:58 pm

    hi, my mum bought me a new bag for school for Christmas. i liked the bag at first at took the tag off thinking that i was going to use it, but i have realised that it is very uncomfortable to wear because the bag does not fit me properly. i had taken the tag off before i had worn the bag properly, now i have realised that i don’t want the bag, and my mum has become angry at me because of this. could my mum take my bag back with out the tag but with the receipt?

  • victoria 4 January, 11:17 pm


    I bought a pair of shoes for a wedding from topshop in june. The second time I wore them just over a month ago the heel came of at the bottom of one shoe and the heel on the other split. The heels aren’t very high and are thick so shouldnt break so easily. I paid for them with cash and unfortunately misplaced my receipt in my flat somewhere. I found it last week so went to take the shoes back to see if they would repair them. The manager said althpugh it was evident they had only been worn twice as it was a couple of weeks outside of the 6month period they cant even repair the heel.

    Is there nothing that can been done after the 6month period?

    Any help would be great. I have posted on this before with no answer so if anyone cant help with the problem but have a link to somewhere that does that would be brill too.

    Thanks :)

  • Joe 9 January, 1:05 pm


    I bought a pair of boots from SportsDirect

    Whilst wearing the boots about the house I found the instep was such
    that it caused pain in my knee.

    I have the receipt and the boots are in resalable condition, however the tags have been removed and Sports Direct returns policy states no goods shall be returned if tags removed.

    Does this effect my statuary rights and am I entitled to exchange/refund?

    Many thanks

  • Matt 18 January, 8:22 pm

    I bought some Van trainers in Office today, I wore them at work, but found they seem to pinch a bit. I rang to check and was told cI could get an exchange if the were immaculate. I’ve cleaned them up and am hoping to get credit so i can get a half size up on their website. The thing is I tried them on instore, they are the right size according to my shoe size, but I wore them at work and they felt a little tight and thought they may ease up with wearing them but they pinched a little. As I’ve been told they have to be immaculate I am more inclined to return them and try and get credit and use the website. Where do I stand with this as I was unaware that they would pinch when I tried them, I don’t weather to try wearing them more indoors where they should remain clean or try and return them sooner?

  • Nathan 1 February, 1:39 pm

    Hi I purchased a pair of converse from office about 10 days ago and they have ripped down the side along the logo and I was wondering I can get a replacement pair or refund as they should last longer than that !

  • Chris 1 February, 5:44 pm

    I purchased some trainers from JD sports have had them on for 20 mins and walked around in them outisde and they were rubbing the back of my heels and have removed the skin. They have no marks on the trainers apart from being slightly dirty on the sole and now they wont offer me an exchange. Are they allowed to do this as i’m still within my 28 days?

  • David 14 February, 12:21 pm

    I bought a pair of trainers from sports direct,on friday.I noticed a water/stain on them but was sure i could get it out.So I wore the trainers to go to the shops.I have tried wiping with water, using a stain remover,but still the mark remains.Will I be able to get an exchange even though I have worn them.They were reduced but didn’t say there was anything wrong with them.

  • Beth 24 February, 9:18 pm

    I bought a hoodie online but it wasn’t right for me and I want to return it in store but I have lost the receipt. I can’t get a refund but I was wondering if I exchanged it for another item of the same price would I then be able to return that item for a refund because I have a receipt? Thanks.

  • Hannah 27 February, 5:02 pm

    I bought a dress from online store Inlovewithfashion and have worn it once. Whilst wearing it i had a glass of white wine spilt on the dress which has left a stain. I have washed as per the instructions and taken it to a dry cleaners but the stain has not gone. There is no reason for the stain to still be there (the ry cleaners were puzzled) and it also means i cannot wear the dress again. Am i within my rights to ask for an exchange from the retailer as I feel it is a fault with the material? Thanks

  • Holly 9 March, 3:18 pm

    i bought a part of jeggings from new look about 3 weeks ago and have worn them once just to the school run and tescos. I have washed them once and dried them on an airer. i went to put them on today and noticed a random small hole under the bottom part of the trousers and another straight line split across the seam down the top of the legs buts its not going dowm the seam its across it.
    i took the item back to the store without the receipt but i said i just wanted another pair and the manager said no i cant as its not a manufacturing fault… im really upset do i have any rights here? any advise given would really be appreciated xx

  • Graham 20 March, 10:46 am

    I bought a T-shirt, then wore once and washed it as the label required. When it dried i noticed that the rich red colors had faded! Do i have the right for a exchange?


  • Sarah 22 March, 2:40 pm

    I bought a pair of boots from Dune in December 2010. In October 2011 the zip came away & I was stuck in the boot for a couple of hours. I returned them to store & they sent them to be fixed. The same thing happened in March this year & the shop is now saying that the zip will need to be replaced at a cost of £30 which they are not willing to pay. I have had the boots repaired 3 times since purchasing them. As this fault has previously occured & was repaired by the retailer I would like to know if I have any rights on this occassion. I know that a lot of time has passed since I purchased the shoes.

  • Jo 29 March, 4:24 pm

    I bought a top from a website called collectif, I always buy their clothing and I had already bought two of the same style of top previously. I wore the top out only to find that the material was much thinner than the other two tops that I owed and that my new top was transparent and flimsy. I emailed collectif and they apologised saying that I could have a full refund and that the top had been made by a new dressmaker who was using a different thickness of material , so i posted the top back. at this stage I had now paid £33 for the top and postage/return only for them to email me saying that the could only offer me a £15 credit note for their site as there was a hole in the top. What advice can you give me?

  • Shaina 5 April, 2:11 pm

    I bought a jumper from h and m and in three weeks the thread was starting to come out and there was three small hole. The refund is in 28 days so can i return it?

  • Lee 5 April, 2:57 pm

    Brought a pair of trainers from Jd sports £115 and after three months the stitching is coming away from the main part of the trainer , took them back to the store with the receipt and was told because it was after there 90day returns policy they would have to send the trainers away to head office for a decesion on wether they were faulty or not which would take at least two weeks. Leaving me without any trainers. Is this right ?

  • Denise 6 April, 5:10 pm

    My daughter bought a top from Topshop which had a very fine stitch running through it, needless to say after wearing the garment twice, there are now unsightly snags and loose threads. The jumper is ruined, she has the receipt as it was purchased one week ago. Is she within her rights to demand a refund? I feel the garment is unfit for purpose.

  • James 9 April, 10:06 pm

    I purchased a pair of patrol bbots a month ago and the sole has worn don so quickly that there is already a hole in them despite only walking 25-30 miles. The seller claims that I need to return them in a saleable condition for a refund and they are obviously not fit for sale. This has led to a refusal to my claim for a refund and I have been left out of pocket and I still need a pair of decent boots which I can ill afford. Does the seller have the right to refuse to refund me especially as these are called ‘patrol boots for police/army’ which they quite obviously are no use for.

  • Emma Przygrodzka 11 April, 1:02 pm

    Hi I was given a aubin & willis cream waxed mac as a gift just over a year ago, I had to wash for the 1st time recently, I followed the instructions on the care label, but have been very disappointed to find the mac has shrunk in the wash, the mac comes with a button in quilted layer, I can no longer wear this with the quilted layer, the mac is too tight! And the internal layer hangs below the coat. i have emailed aubin & wills and sent photographs, auburn & wills have responded to my complaint – I am sorry to say that our Garment Technologists have not deemed your item as faulty, they also listed the whole process of how they come to this decision whilst inspecting the garment, so not sure how they have come to this decision when they have only seen photographs! What are my rights? Very frustrated

    Aubin & Wills market themselves as a british quality brand, on their website they state that At Aubin & Wills, they are committed to providing their customers with products of the highest quality, but they seem to have no concern that the coat, washed as per instructions on the label has failed to meet their promised or expected standards!

    Look forward to hearing your thoughts 

  • Jesse 15 April, 3:14 pm

    i bought a pair of jeans from zara
    wore them that night and found at the end of the night one of the back pockets was coming away at the bottom (lucky i didnt lose anything through the hole) there are a few little dirt marks after the night out but i dont expect zara products to come away at the stitching like that

    have i got a case to replace them when ive worn them once

  • Anita 17 April, 10:40 am

    My son was given a t shirt as a birthday present a couple of months ago. After washing on 30 degrees it shrunk. My son went back to the shop to have this exchanged and they wouldn’t. They said he has had it too long and it’s procedure. Although it was bought a couple of months ago he received it on his birthday so hasn’t had it long. Please advise where we stand .

    Thank you Anita

  • Teresa 19 April, 2:26 pm

    I bought a bag from Sports Direct for my daughter to use for school.
    After 6 weeks a cable / wire has broken through the base of the bag and is sticking out and also the stitching in an inside pocket has come undone so everything in the pocket falls through into
    the base of the bag. I have the receipt and took the bag back today but got nowhere! The Manager just said it was ‘wear and tear’> I said the product had only been used for 6 weeks and surely this was not satisfatcory? But as I say I got nowhere… very cross and feel there should be something inder The Sale of Goods Act?

  • Cleo 10 May, 2:56 pm

    Last year, in May 2011 I purchased some shoes from a shoe store, within 5 months the heel collapsed. Stupidly, believing that it was possibly due to something I had done, I through the shoes away, and ordered the exact same pair. Now 7 months on, the heel has collapse AGAIN. Do I have any right in this circumstance, or do I just have to accept the second pair of broken shoes?

  • Jackie 17 May, 6:51 pm

    Hi my partner bought a suit for our wedding from pretty green 11th feb 2012 and cost £250 he went to try everything on to make sure all shirt and tie went with the suit and noticed that the trousers has come away the suit has never been worn it what is our rights.

  • Jackie 17 May, 7:14 pm

    Hi my partner bought a suit for our wedding from pretty green 11th feb 2012 and cost £250 he went to try everything on to make sure all shirt and tie went with the suit and noticed that the trousers has come away the suit has never been worn it what is our rights. Please note that the suit was in the sale and had nothing wrong with it when my partner bought it.

  • arabella 25 May, 9:43 am

    hi there, I bought a pair of sunglasses from topshop, threw away the receipt and took all the labels off as i loved them.. first day of wearing them and they broke.. will i be able to take them back with no recept and no labels? only had them a week, max!

  • Ian McKay 31 May, 1:00 pm

    A couple of months ago, I bought a thick padded shirt from an online retailer. I chose the XL shirt size and was surprised at how ‘snug’ the XL size was.

    However, that is by the bye; after the shirt was washed in our washing machine I discovered that a lot of the internal padding had slipped down to the tail of the shirt, and was gathered in a lump at the bottom.

    When I emailed the seller, I received an email in reply informing me that they only guarantee things for 30 days: surely, this cannot be right? The shirt cost £25.00 and I would think that I could reasonably expect the shirt to last for more than 30 days, befor it was out of guarantee. I would appreciate your advice on this matter.

    Best regards

    Ian McKay M A.

  • Emily 1 June, 8:08 pm

    Hi, I bought a polo shirt for my boyfriend from blue inc, we noticed at the time a very tiny snag on the back of the item that i knew i could repair myself, however, when he tried the item on he pulled it over his head and the fabric ripped and there is now a hole about 5cm in diameter. I went back to the shop and bought a new one as I thought they wouldn’t be able to refund it but after coming on here I feelthis may be an option. I have the receipt and tags but they aren’t attached and the item has been washed as I always do before wearing clothing. Any help appreciated thanks!

  • Steve Ward 6 June, 6:04 pm

    Hi there, I wonder if someone here can help.

    I bought some walking boots from “Go Outdoors” and at first they were OK, but after a couple of weeks and not much wear, they have started to make the most annoying quacking sound like Donald Duck on every step. This isn’t only when it’s wet, but dry also. The boots are the stores own brand (Hi Gear). They were only £40, but I still expect a better product and one that doesn’t quack for that price. Can I get a refund?

    Thanks in advance for any advice offered. Steve.


  • Sharon 1 July, 1:33 pm

    I ordered some made to measure boots and sent all my measurements to the boot maker. They arrived but the calf part was far too small and was unable to put my foot into the boot. Sent back for enlargement at a further cost, and when they arrived back they still did not fit. A friend with the same shoe size as myself tried them on and verified that even if the calf width was correct the actual shoe size was at least a sole 8 instead of a size 5. (I had also originaly sent an outline of my feet). I have asked for a refund and after a few emails he has agreed to pay for the original boot cost only, and not the additional money I sent for further enlargements. Is this correct or should I push for a full refund, or accept that this is the best offer I will get?

  • John 8 July, 12:19 am

    I bought a Adidas top from sportsdirect in a size (s) on 5/7/12 when i got home and tried it on, it was way to big for me.
    I tried on my other Adidas tops i have at home in size (s) and measured the new top against them and the new top is very big.
    On 7/7/12 i returned my top to sportsdirect and they refused to refund me even though all tags are still on and i had the receipt.
    I spoken to the manager and even showed and compared both my own adidas top against the new top which proves the new top is not a size small (s)

    He was so arrogant and just kept quoting company policy and said no refund but i can have an exchange, he can not prove me with the same top in a smaller size as they did not have any and he was very unhelpful, I said i want to make a complaint and asked for his name to which he refused to give, he gave me a complaints form and then walked off , smiled at me and said GOOD LUCK!! i was soo angry,

    not sure what to do now. any advice please,

  • lian 9 July, 12:39 am

    hi there…
    2 days ago i bought a pair of trainers from river island, because i was going out for the night, and wanted to be comfortable and look good at the same time. i tried them on and they seemed fine..
    after an hour or so, they were starting to rub, and a little later on i felt my toes were being squashed inwards. i was in agony and really didnt enjoy my night much. i was lucky to be given a gauze patch by a paramedic to squeeze in between my heel and the shoe, although this fell out after a while.
    when i got home, the skin had been ripped away, in two places, leaving considerable aounts of raw skin on my heel. one of my big toes had a huge blister, and the other had two huge ones next to each other. also, on the inner arch of my foor was a small cut where it had rubbed there.
    i took them in to the store today, and asked for a refund, as there is no way i can wear these again – the thought is terrifying! an assistant got her manager, who then phoned up to the main store manager, who told her that i couldnt have a refund, as i would have tried them on before hand. i politely asked for the store manager to come down, but she refused, as she said she was having her lunch. i asked the other manager to get her as i was unhappy to leave without it being sorted. she came back down and again said that the main lady would not come, as she was having her lunch, so i said i would wait for her. after half an hour, she came down, and said i would not be being refunded. i said i would like to be, as i felt that they were not fit for their purpose, as 1 day after wearing them, i would not be able to wear them again. she again suggested that i would have had time to try them on, and that one of the staff had tried them on, and she had said that they were uncomfortable for her. i asked her if she was suggesting that i had tried them on, knowing that they were uncomfortable and that they would ruin my feet after wearing them out. she said she didnt know what i was thinking when i bought them. she said that she wasnt going to stand there talking to me about it any more, and said i should call head office. i asked then if she would put in writing what she had told me and why and to sign it, but she refused. i asked her for her name. before i left i said that i was aware that it could be difficult as a manger to make decisions, but i said that i felt it was extremely rude of her to suggest that i would have bought them knowing that they were going to cause me pain. she said that she didnt actually say that, and i said that that was what she had implied, and she shrugged.
    not only am i aggravated by the fact that the shoes i bought for comfort have near enough mangled my feet that i can only wear flip flops until they heal, but i was extremely upset and shaken by her manner and the way she treated me. do i have any rights, or is it just as she said,’that she ‘has bought loads of pairs of shoes, and sometimes they’re just not right for everybody’s feet’? ive had shoes which have been a pain before, but never as badly and as quickly as this! please help!

  • Mica santon 14 July, 6:28 pm

    Hi I have brought a pair of shoes online and I only worn them 3 times the sole has snapped inside which led to me falling live and damaging my ankle I have has them for 4 1/2 months and the company won’t give me and exchange can anyone help!

  • Ann 18 July, 8:06 pm

    i recently ordered a outfit from a shop, they didnt have my size in the colour i wanted so i tried on a different colour to check it fitted. They ordered the item for me and had it posted out to me, on arrival the outfit is clearly smaller than the label states so does not fit me. the shop have said that they will exchange it for another outfit once they get some more in, but they dont know when this will be, i need this outfit for my 50th birthday which is very soon ans it cost over £800 so i cant afford to buy something else . Can i get a refund on my money

  • David Perham 21 July, 3:03 pm

    I bought a pair of training shoes from Sports Direct 2 months agao.I have only worn them twice,but they cause severe pain to the sides of my feet,and am unable to wear them again.I would like to exchange them for a different pair(more expensive and I would pay the difference),would I be able to do this?

  • Suzy Pickhall 1 August, 2:23 pm

    I wrote a letter to Argos (head office) over a week ago now, and I still havent heard anything Ive basically complained because I ordered a mattress for my little girls new bed, paid for it, then a week later I rang them to arrange delivery to be told that there was a problem with the mattress stock and it wouldnt be in for a further 4 weeks.

  • Emma 17 August, 1:40 pm

    I am involved in the background running of a highly known Ladies Football Club and last week we received our Teams training kits, when ordering the garments we ordered sizes as required by the players and as stated in the suppliers Catalogue size 8-10 ladies and 12-14 ladies.

    Upon receipt of them they didn’t look quite right but we handed them out to the players anyway, within just a few mins it was realised that there was something wrong with the sizing, they are more like 8-10 years & 12-14 years rather than ladies sizing, when we got home I put my 9 year old in the 8-10 jacket and it fit perfectly as if it was made for her, arm length, chest even neck width, we have contacted the supplier and basically they say we received what we ordered, NO replacement – NO refund deal with it, we feel this is not the case and they don’t care…. What can we do.

  • Gail 30 August, 1:20 pm

    I purchased a dress about 2 months ago, cost me £70. The dress is covered in beads, when i was looking at the dress I noticed that a few other dresses on the rail had beads missing so I picked the best of a bad bunch.
    I have worn the dress twice. If i get up from sitting down it can be guaranteed a puddle of beads will be on the seat, I have hand washed the dress and discovered a pile of beads in the washing machine.
    Its got the point now where the dress looks like cr@p with beads missing throughout.
    Do I have a leg to stand on if I take this dress back to the shop. Im unsure if I have the receipt, but this dress is exclusive to this shop only.
    Does the 6 month rule apply?

  • Jade 17 September, 11:26 am


    I phoned up and ordered my daughter five brand new white polo tops with the school logo from the local uniform shop on the 28th August and picked them up on the 3rd September.

    My daughter started school on Thursday 13th so she wore one top that day and another the next day Friday 14th, I washed the tops friday evening ON THEIR OWN. Once the wash had stopped I noticed the tops were blue, there was nothing else in the machine apart from the white tshirts, So the blue dye from the logo stitching has dyed both new tops.

    I will now be returning the other three as I paid £6 each top and I am not risking them being ruined too.

    What are my rights? The tops were obviously faulty as the colours should not run! Can I get a refund? I have wasted £12 when I could of bought cheaper ones from the supermarket. Iam fuming!!!!

  • Naomi 22 September, 6:47 pm

    I bought a pair of shoes for my partner from Primark on 11th September this year, I still have the receipt so I know this date is correct. He does not walk far, yet these shoes already are starting to fall apart. I read the receipt as it outlines the stores ‘terms and conditions’ of returns and refunds, and they state that products can only be returned if they are in saleable condition. Surely shoes should not fall apart after 2 weeks? Am I entitled to a refund?

  • ISHRAT 12 November, 1:52 am

    Hi I bought a jeans from real leather centre but the colour starting coming of the next day took it back to them within 28 days which I went back on the fourth day buy they won’t exchange or refund until they send it to manufacturer to examine the jeans

  • Kathryn 8 December, 5:30 pm

    Hey, I’ve bought a pair of trousers and found they were faulty. I tried to take them back several times but found the shop closed (due to not publishing their opening times). Once I was finaly able to get in I was told that I cannot return them after 14 days which was stated on the receipt. Shoul I still be entitled tp a refund?

  • Lucy 22 December, 12:47 am

    Hello I brought a coat on the 1.12.12 i noticed a small tear on the shoulder it cost a lot of money from flannels in Birmingham town centre , they have said it is not a manufacturer error and believe it has just come apart From the seem. This should not happen after wearing a coat 4/5 times, they are unwilling to exchange coat, but have said they will have it fixed, however it already looks like this particular part of the coat has been seemed previously as it does not resemble the other shoulder. Which will probably only be a matter of time till it needs seeming again which I’m sure after seeming it a few times flannels will soon claim this as wear and tear, what options do I have? All I would like is my coat replaced, but if is can not be agreed I would rather cut my losses and have my money back.

  • kay 23 December, 11:27 am

    hi, i bought a dress from jane norman with beautiful sequin detail on the shoulders of the dress. i bought this for a christmas night meal. half way through the night i noticed that the sequins had scratched quite deep into the tops of my arms and became quite irritated. i have the receipt and the tags still and the dress is still in the condition that i bought it in. am i entitled to a refund or exchange for something else???

  • Josh 7 January, 7:31 pm

    Hi , I got a pair of shoes from office just before Christmas ( uggs £220!!!)
    I got them for my partner who has arthritis and wears insoles .
    She has wore them around the house but the right boot is so tight and marks her feet as well as others ( we got her mum to try them on ) the right boots seem is a lot lower and a lot tighter .

    We went to exchange the shoes as felt they was not fit for purpose and won’t exchange them as they say they have been worn outside and the bottoms are marked .
    We feel they are faulty as the right boot is a lot tighter / smaller .
    Any ideas ???
    Many thanks Josh

  • ros 19 January, 2:34 pm

    You have worn this and left it too long. Just get it repaired or repair it yourself. Its wear and tear.

  • Ofer 23 January, 1:50 am


    I bought 2 pairs of Lee on the 11/1/11.
    both jeans tear in the same place in around the same time. In order to fix them I visited Swiss cleaners shop next to where I live,the manager so the 2 pairs and told me that they can fix it but as far as she can see these 2 jeans has a manufacture fault and I’ll better send them back to the shop where i bought them in order to get 2 new pairs. She also wrote a letter I can attached when I send the jeans back to the shop.
    I did sent the jeans and I got the following answer from them:

    The Jeans have arrived back to us, we have inspected them but there is nothing we can do, these were ordered over a year ago and we believe there is not a manufacturing fault with them, they have in our opinion just worn through wear and tear.

    I will return them to you.

    the 2 pairs has been purchased a bit more then a year ago.

    Can i ask them to refund me/send me 2 new pairs/send the jeans for lab inspection by low?
    Does the low protect me in this case?



  • Lily 13 February, 5:33 pm

    Hi, I bought a jacket from Republic the other day, unaware that the item had a hole in it. I went back to the store and asked for a refund or exchange (the item still had all tags on and I had the receipt) and they refused on the basis that the hole is not on a seam. Is this valid, and if so why does this make a difference?

  • Kirsten 23 February, 10:17 pm

    Hi, i bought two pairs of PJ,s for my sister at pulp two days ago (21/2/13), they didn’t fit her (size meant to be extra large and they don’t do any sizes above this) so i took them back today (23/2/13) and was told they don’t do cash or card refunds but nowhere in-store or on receipt does it state this i have also checked online and they refund items bought online but nothing about not refunding in-store i was offered exchange but the size i picked up was the biggest and was told i had to take gift vouchers what am i meant to get her if the sizes don’t fit and items in-store are not my style am i entitled to my money back

  • Ciara 4 March, 6:44 pm

    I got a bag from zara in november 2012. The corners for the bag have started to tear and to me for a 40pound bag which is new i think this is unacceptable. The bag is safely kept with the bottom of the bag looking brand new and no it is not damaged anywhere else so clearly i keep it in new condition. Can this be classed as a faulty bag for wear and tear?

  • Shaunna 6 March, 10:51 am

    I bought a pair of creepers (shoes) from New look at the end of December and three weeks ago i notices that the sole and the actual shoe is coming apart – i no longer have the receipt but i bought them on my debit card along with other items, but i went into the shop and asked if there was anything they could do for me and they said as it has been more than the 28 days there is nothing they could do. in my eyes this is poor quality of goods as they only last a month or so before breaking.

  • Abby 2 April, 8:36 am

    I bought a pair of trousers from topshop that were tagged as a size 6. I didn’t have time to try them on and bought them as a size 6 always fit. I wore the trousers that evening for a meal out and they felt quite big when putting them on but decided it was probably my imagination and kept them on as I was in a rush and did not have time to change them. However, throughout the evening the trousers gor bigger and bigger to the point where it was visibly clear they were too big for me. It wasn’t until getting home that I noticed that the actual label in the trousers was marked size 8. I double checked the card tag that had been attached to them and it was clearly marked size 6. Am I entitled to a refund?

  • Laura 25 April, 4:08 pm

    I brought a bridesmaid dress from a shop around a year ago for £299 for a wedding May 2013, it was made in China for the shop and was not delivered until around February this year. The bridesmaid tried it on in the shop with the assistant and was measured for alterations. She went back to try it on today 25th April and now for some reason the zip doesn’t work on the side – it did when we first went to view it. The dress can be done up by lace and/or zip, when the dress is off the zip works when it is on a person it doesn’t, the shops answer is to leave the zip done up step in and lace up the dress, however the original plan (which the shop suggested) was to leave the dress laced up and use the zip on the day (we wont have time to lace it up on the day). The shop suggested it just needs candle wax rubbed on the zip and then it should work – which they want us to do. We have left the dress in the shop (it has never left the shop) as I am not happy with the situation. I have already paid for the dress in full so I don’t know what to do, I don’t think I should be expected to take the dress as it is faulty really – please can you tell me my rights.

  • Chris 11 May, 4:42 pm

    Hello all.. really in need of some advice please.

    I bought a pair of Hudson shoes (£56) from on 19th of Feb from an Ebay shop. (

    The shoes seemed fine when I bought them. The soles came away after wearing them the odd occasion. I noticed this 10 days ago whilst cleaning them. I work from home, so its not like I was wearing them every day. It’s obviously a “factory fault” because soles have separated in the same places on both shoes. At this price I would expect a decent brand of shoes to last longer than 9 weeks and I have been in touch with Hudson and they told me to the Ebay seller. I mentioned to Hudson I have wore their shoes for ten years and spent a fortune over the period and that I own a few pairs at the moment. They did not want to know.I also contacted the Ebay seller and I have had no reply from them. I am quite disappointed that “reputable” shoes maker like Hudson is passing the book and not taking any liability for their QC. I wont be buying their shoes again.. Any info would be appreciated. Do I have any rights?



  • Clairebear 29 May, 6:29 pm

    I bought my partner a pack of invisible socks worn under pumps from river island . On the packet it said they were stretch and would fit size 7-11. I was unsure as the appeared small but check with the sales assistant who agreed but said when you try them on if they don’t fit bring them back because there not fit for purpose. After taking them home(only way to try on was to remove tags) they were to small came off immediately would probably it a size 7 but not a size 11. On trying to return the product I was told they don’t return socks as they are unhygienic which I appreciate but I specifically asked the sales assistant and he told me I could. I wouldn’t normally mind but for socks they were pretty expensive and were defiantly not the size stated!
    Any advise would be greatly appreciated!

  • Bob 13 June, 4:58 pm

    My wife bought my son some nike leisure shoes at end of March. He has only worn foir best and they are in good condiuon. However the material close to the base in the instep area has split and we think it is clearly a fault.She no longer has the cash receipt and the shop will do nothing without it – not even send back to Nike. Is this covered by the sale of goods act and should we send to Nike or involve the shop’s Head Office?

  • Andy Martin 14 June, 10:08 am

    I bought 3 items of clothing from a Sports shop and found they were to small for me. I went back to the shop and looked for clothing in my size which the shop doesn’t have. When I explained this to the shop assistant and shop manager they said they would only give me a gift voucher of exchange the 3 items but they will NOT give me a refund even when I explained they don’t have clothing in my size, can they do this as the items of clothing are not fit for my purpose.

  • Val 22 July, 11:58 pm

    I have a big problem to get a full refund for a dress I`ve purchased on URDRESS.CO.UK. I have a number of reasons for the refund: the dress arrived almost two weeks later than it should (too late for the event it was ordered for- for a wedding). I have placed the order on 4 of June and according to their Delivery guide the latest day for a delivery should be 28 of June…
    The second reason: the dress appearance – it is looks different what I saw in a picture before I placed the order, the dress is not good value for the money, as it looks very cheap), moreover it doesn’t fit me.
    I`ve received a lot of nasty e-mails from them; Looks like that their terms and conditions do not correspond to those indicated on their website.

    One of their email: “We really try our best to make the dress and we spend a lot on buying materials for the dress, paying staff salaries,freight,the custom tax,and paying the money to the tailors and the designers and so on. But now, we have to return your money , that means we lose the money and the dress for nothing.Shall we refund you part of the amount but not full refund and you keep the dress?Beg for your understanding.
    What’s more,if you return it, you need to pay high freight and should wait a few days for the refund.So how about we refund you 45% of the dress” I`ve asked them to stop pitying on their staffs results and pay me my Moneys back, but instead I was offered a “compensation” of 15% then 45% of the dress cost… Moreover in the last email I was threatened “ you need to pay at least 35-45GBP for return postage to our factory in China.and you need to pay the custom duty is 20GBP at least, if the order lost on the way,we will refund you nothing”.

    I`ve been told that I have to send the dress to China?!! (even though URDRESS.CO.UK is the UK based company (from their website: URDRESS.CO.UK is a UK based retailer offering exciting, beautifully designed, excellent quality fashion and accessories for women and children and so on), I feel now that the dress will be definitely “lost” on the way to these people…

    This is not acceptable, I don’t understand why I should return the item to China if I have purchased the dress from the company registered in the UK, also I have trusted to PayPal as I thought all members of PayPal are respectable members.
    Please advice on this matter.

  • Toni Barribal 28 November, 5:49 pm

    Hi – I purchased an item of clothing from a selling party. The seller only had a size 12-14 in the item I was interested in and I am a size 16 so I couldn’t try the item on. I purchased a size 16-18 but when it arrived it just looked AWFUL on me. It was an item of underwear and it offered zero support. As I had not had a chance to try on my correct size I now want a refund. The company are saying I can only have an exchange or credit note. What are my rights??

  • William Gould 9 February, 2:40 pm

    I bought some shoes recently but couldn’t wear them straightaway because a had a foot problem. In fact, I wasn’t able to wear them until many months later. However, when I started to wear them, after a few weeks I experienced rainwater entering the heel area. On inspection I discovered that the unusually thin layer of rubber had worn away exposing a number of holes in the heel. In fact there was more “thin air” than heel. As I was well past the company six months guarantee by now I was refused a refund as they claimed it was “fair wear and tear”. How do I stand legally?

  • Tina 14 February, 11:42 am

    Hi. I was given a gift that I did not like. took it back to the shop (I am so fly in Loughton) in January 2010 , and was given £60 in vouchers as a refund by the owner of the shop. I asked at the time if there was an expiry date. she said no. I revisited the shop quite a few times, but did not find anything I liked until this week. However when I presented the voucher the owner claimed that it was out of date and refused to honour it.

    The vouchers have the date they were issued of 12/01/2010 hand written on them but no expiry date or terms that it must be used within X months or years.

    What are my rights please both in terms of getting the shop to accept the vouchers they have issued and also can I insist on a cash refund if the item I was interested in purchasing is no longer available as it could be an equally long period of time before I see something else I like?

  • chez 17 February, 10:28 pm

    I know this sounds strange but i bought some rollerskates along with a safety helmet knee and elbow pads all together in a rucksack,way back in october but i put them away for 4 months until my daughters birthday which is tomorrow? i’ve just opened the rucksack to rearrange the items so it might be easier to wrap? only on doing so i’ve discovered there’s one skate in there?? now what do you think i should do? take it back and tell them after 4 months i’ve only just realised there’s only one?

  • chris 18 February, 4:34 pm

    My wife has some knee high boots 2 1/2 months old, the zip has broken. The boots are a little worn and look shabbyconsidering the age. The shop owner said the damage was caused by my wife storing them incorrectly, my wife denies this. What are my rights?

  • Rosie 13 March, 7:22 pm

    Hi, just wondering whether I could return something I brought to wear on my holidays if it broke and I’d only wore it once? I still have the receipt and its within the 28 days, just wondering whether it was worth trying to get my money back :)

  • Lynn Katsiflis 13 May, 10:02 am

    Purchase of a bra from a supermarket that does not supply a fitting room and then refuse to exhange

  • Rachel 26 May, 2:24 am

    I have bought a pair of high heels to wear to a wedding last week, I bought these shoes a week and a half ago, I only managed to wear the shoe for twenty minutes as it kept on sliding of my foot it’s was an over strap heal but it was like the straps had no support in them and not manufactured right, I don’t have my reciept am I entitled to a refund or credit note?

  • Zoë 2 June, 4:17 pm

    My son bought a pair of school shoes from Sports Direct that have worn through on the soles after only 2 months. We have tried to get a refund but have been told that we are not entitled as it is general wear and tear. Surely shoes should last longer than that?? The rrp is £65??? but he paid £25. Thanks for any reply.

  • stuart 8 June, 3:28 pm


    I bought a pair of waterproof overtrousers which failed on the seam. I took them to the store i purchased them, the assistant said that they were indeed faulty and I could have a refund or a replacement pair, however i would have to clean them first. They are indeed very muddy all over, do I have to clean them for the shop or not?

  • karen 10 June, 12:53 am

    I bought a dress for my daughter in Dorothy perkins while visiting the metro centre in Newcastle a week ago.the dress was unsuitable due to the size.i took it back to the carlisle store to exchange the dress for a bigger size but they didn’t have the dress in their store.i was told told go on line to order the dress to be delivered to the carlisle store.when I tried this it clearly stated I had to buy the dress again.which I was unsure about as I was unsure whether I would get a refund for the dress I had already paid for.i went back to the carlisle store and queried this and the manager stated I would not get a refund. All I wanted was an exchange or refund. I no longer want this item I have the receipt and was told in Newcastle I could get a refund in the carlisle store as long as I have the receipt. The receipt is valid for a refund until the 1st of july.whats my rights am I entitled to a refund.

  • Jennifer 12 June, 9:44 pm

    I bought two pairs of shoes at the weekend. 4 days later, they’re half price in a sale. I’ve worn one pair but the others are good. Am I able to get a refund as they are now half price?

  • Michele Hardy 17 June, 9:10 pm

    Hi, I bought a pair of Dr Marten sandals in office for £90. On wearing them on two separate occasions the centre seam down the back of my heal rubbed and caused severe blistering. I took photos and went back to the store with my receipt but they said it was not a fault in the design but my feet were the issue. I am very disgruntled as I am now stuck with a pair of shoes I love but they rip my heals to shreds. Where do I stand as I think I should be offered a refund?

  • karly 1 July, 11:06 pm

    I bought my son a pair of adidas sandals from jd for our holiday…whilst on holidqy i noticed one os a size 7 and ones a size 8 my son has worn these gor a day intil i noticed i still have the receipt am i entitled to an exchange

  • Jackiem79 13 July, 11:31 pm

    My partner has had a pair of Adidas LA trainers for 2 month from JD sports and they smell like amonia, I know Nike had an issue with them but has anyone had a problem with these Adidas??x

  • Sophie 18 July, 8:35 pm


    Purchased some new running trainers for work yesterday. Fitted fine in store, however wore them today for sports day and they’ve done nothing but rub on the top of my foot, which is not ideal when I’m going to be using them to run. Would I be entitled to a refund or exchange for that matter?


  • Sophie 18 July, 8:35 pm


    Purchased some new running trainers for work yesterday. Fitted fine in store, however wore them today for sports day and they’ve done nothing but rub on the top of my foot, which is not ideal when I’m going to be using them to run. Would I be entitled to a refund or exchange for that matter?


  • Dawn 22 July, 4:16 pm


    I bought a top from newlook last night, put it on this morning took the tag off cause it lifted fine but when I went to put on my jacket I noticed a rip in the under arm…I doubt that it was me cause I bought the top in a bigger size for the baggy effect. Can I get an exchange I still have proof of purchase.

  • Nisa 27 July, 2:46 am

    I bought material that cost me £50 altogether. I sent it to a tailor who measured me and took 3 and a half weeks later I’ve come to pick my dress but only it’s an absolute disaster. Literally reckless tailoring and the tailor whom I usually use wasn’t there so somebody else did it. At the same time I was getting made a dress ball gone type and supposedly the material ran out so they cut it out and attached it on the side at the bottom. It’s velvet and you can notice it so obviously. The colour doesn’t match and the sticking is ridiculous. What can I do. What are my rights ?? I am so shocked and disappointed I’m lost for words. They’ve ruined £50 worth of quality fabric. How do I go about rectifying this mess ?

  • Donna 31 July, 9:47 pm

    Hi I have brought a tracksuit from USC today which is closing down, it to small ami I entitled to a refund please ?

  • David 3 August, 5:23 pm

    I bought a pair of shoes from Sports Direct brick and mortar shop. It’s not even 3 months and one of the soles is becoming un-glued…. I don’t have any proof of purchase.

    Any chance for me?

  • Shaheen 17 August, 9:25 am

    I want to know where I can complain about shoe sizes. I cannot find shoes wide enough at the front, for some reason all the shoes have become smaller shaped at the front. I cannot understand why shoes have been changed to become so small at the front, this was not a problem few years back. The same seems to be the case with children’s shoes. I know some women who now but men’s casual shoes as woemns shoes just do to fit. Where can I complain about shoe sizes.

  • Louise 24 August, 9:40 am

    I bought some shoes and worn them a Few times but the buckle kept opening – they were dirty & clearly worn and I couldn’t get into the shop or call / message them until roughly 8 weeks later .. What rights do I have at that point?

    Am I basically stuck with them, or can I get my money back?

  • claire baranowski 26 August, 11:34 am

    Hi my husband bought a t-shirt from scotts he wore it once and i washed it and when i came to iron it i noticed four holes on the back i took it back to the shop to be told they would have to send it off to be checked. They havd done that and sent it back to us saying that it was accidental damage and they can’t help us at this time. Can i do anything about this.

  • Debbie Whitefield 3 September, 2:41 pm

    I bought my 5 year old son school shoes from Clarks, he had his feet measured and the assistant checked the shoes on his feet. He has worn them to school on his first day and says that they really hurt his feet. They cost me £40, where do I stand please?

  • Julie 6 September, 9:33 pm

    Re comment so sorry but don’t go ahead as can’t pay shoes were only 10.00

  • lauren 19 September, 1:07 pm

    Ibought a pair of converse as a presebt for my younger sister,however they were toosmall so we took them bsck to usc where I bought them and asked fora biggersize,howecer they dud not hsvethesize required and asthere were no other shoes that she wanted they gave me a credit note tobe usedin 25 days.I have since been back to ysc seceral times and theystill have nothing that I require but are refusing to refund me,what are my rights as I fear I am going to lose the money I paid in the fist pkace and ido notwant to buy something I will notneed or wear.Thankyou.

  • derya 15 October, 8:01 am

    i bought a blouse and first time i wore it it ripped from bottom part of it and it is not something you can fix. i went back to the store told them they refused to give my money back not even an excange. what is my rights and what can i do about it . i paid full price. they had many more of it .( it was new stock )

  • kanny 17 October, 11:22 am

    Hi i brought a dress for my doughter from monsoon .it was 4 weeks ago as i had seen it in the sale and it was near to my doughters birthday i decided to put it doughter had worn it once to the party and the back of the dress has com out of the stitching .she had only worn it once .i still have the reciept but it has been over 4 weeks can i take it back to the store?

  • Jane 17 October, 6:55 pm

    I made an online purchase with a major clothing brand after I had put my items into the online basket I found a voucher code online that would deduct 25% off my total but when I used the code it automatically deducted about 60% off my bill. I proceeded to check out and paid by credit card for the goods that now reduced my total bill by 60%, my payment was accepted and I received confirmation by email that my order had been accepted. I have since received an email stating that the order has now been cancelled and a refund made to me and that they are sorry due to a technical fault. Does the shop have the right to cancel my order once it had been paid for?

  • Simon 22 October, 8:11 am

    My partner bought a wedding dress from ‘DIY DRESS.CO.UK’ We thought that the dress was coming from a uk company but it turned out that it was from China. On there website they ask what size dress you would like I.e 6,8,10,12 or custom fit at an extra cost. My partner ordered a standard size 6, it came through and it’s far to big. We got In touch via e-mail as the phone number is not recognized, they asked us to send pictures of the dress and it’s size’s,which we did. Then they turned round and told us that the size we received was correct and we are not entitled to a refund and should find a local tailor.

  • Rob Ward 24 October, 4:00 pm

    Girlfriend bought trainers from JD have receipt , they have a slash in them , nice clean looking cut, took them back and was refused a refund and was accused of intensionally damaging item what can I do?

  • Rebecca 27 October, 11:21 am

    I bought a £160 pair of leather boots from Dune end of January last year, they have no started to come away from the sole. They are winter boots so from April through till September I have not worn them.
    Not happy, as I could of spent half the money on a cheaper pair of boots to have lasted this long. I have no receipt as moved houses since – what are my statutory rights against this?

  • Carly 5 November, 2:30 pm

    I recently brought a bra, took the labels and started to wear it. It became extremely itchy, so took it off, washed it etc and still it continues to itch and it felt uncomfortable. I explained this to a well know lingerie store online and they said Its possible I may be allergic to the material or I am allergic to the detergent. Bearing in mind a couple of weeks before, I brought the same brand bra in the same size, but in 3 different colours. I can’t see how I could be allergic to it or my detergent as surely, the other bras would do the same? I asked to exchange it, but they said it’s not faulty, so I can’t. I am now left with a bra that I can’t wear as it’s so uncomfortable with the itching and also have 2 pairs of matching knickers that don’t match anything. What can I do? Thank you.

  • Sanj. 6 November, 7:13 pm

    Hi, I’ve brought Kickers from JD Sports one because they’re all black and they seemed suitable for work. I asked the guy at the store if they were great for standing on my two feet and for a lot of walking, the guy said yes they are great as many school youths buy them. Anyway, I brought them now and only wore them twice or three times but the tend to hurt my thumb ever so much. and the trainers are pretty lose on my feet as I got one size big. what do I do?

  • michaela 7 November, 11:18 pm

    Hi I bought a jumper from primark last saturday I have taken the tag off this morning and put it on to find that the stitching in the sleeve has come out and now there is a slit up the sleeve I have lost the receipt and really dont no where I stand with this as its £20 I have lost because there faulty product but I have no receipt for it and it has no tag on it please advise me on what to do thank you

  • Caroline Hemingway 8 November, 11:04 pm

    I bought some trainers from bank fashion they do not fit I just want to get a bigger size, but when I looked for the recipt it wasn’t in the bag. Can I still swap them

  • Vicky 10 November, 12:35 pm

    I have bought a pair of Puma trainers for my son from Sportsdirect just a few days ago from my local shop. The problem is that he has just wore his shoes for 4 days and they seem like he was wearing them for a year. They look excessively damaged and so much worn that he decided not to wear them any more although my son always takes good care of his shoes. The problem is that I don’t have the receipt and all I want basically is not a refund, just to buy another pair of shoes that’s all. I feel completely ripped off paying £45 just for four days. What do you advise me to do and what are my rights even though I don’t have the receipt on my hands. Thanks for your help. Kind regards.vicky