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New Regulations have introduced greater consumer protection measures for the increasing number of people buying online and by mail order. Although the practice is still not without its problems due to the anonymity of the web and the regularity of card fraud.

The purchase of goods and services over the internet, by phone or by mail order generally is subject to the same consumer rights as if you had bought the item on the high street. However because you have not been physically face to face with the supplier, these types of purchases are also subject to the Distance Selling Regulations. If you have met the seller at any point (such as to test drive or agree the sale of a car), or if it is with a shop which doesn’t make a habit of selling in this way, you won’t be covered and should look to Sale of Goods legislation instead.

The supplier’s obligations

If you’ve ever ordered a product or commissioned a service over the internet, via email or by phone, then you are doing so under a Distance Selling contract. The supplier must provide you with specific information related to your rights and their obligations under a distance selling contract. This ‘pre-contractual’ information should include: identity of the supplier, description of the main characteristics of the product or service, price, delivery costs, arrangements for delivery, performance and payment, cancellation rights, cost of communication (for e.g. premium rate telephone line), period of validity of offer, information regarding substitute products. This information must be communicated clearly, but not necessarily in writing, before your order is confirmed so that you can be in possession of all the facts should you wish to change your mind. Remember also that the price you see when you ‘add to cart’ is often not the price you end up paying. Any additional costs such as VAT, shipping, handling or administrative fees, customs duties etc that you are responsible for should be clearly set out before you confirm payment.

if you have not received any pre-contractual information (outlining, among other things, your cooling off rights) before you buy, then you should do so before the goods have been delivered. if you haven’t been presented with this information at any time, then this will have important implications for your cooling off period. See our Distance Selling Regulations and your right to cancel section for more on this.

Your right to cancel

One of the most important implications of the distance selling regulations is a cooling off period of 7 working days during which you have the right to cancel and get a full refund. The supplier must provide you with details of your cancellation rights, any duty to return the goods should you cancel, and whether you will have to pay for this. In return, you must provide notice of cancellation in writing, which this must be posted, left at, faxed or emailed to the business address of the supplier no later than 7 working days after receipt of goods.

The supplier must then reimburse you within 30 days without charge (unless you have been expressly informed that you will be liable for a charge) and if you have any related credit agreements, these will also be cancelled.

The work started before the 7 day cancellation period was up!

Unless you have agreed otherwise, goods must be delivered, or services performed within 30 days from the date you submitted your order. If you have commissioned a service under a distance selling contract and the supplier offers to start the work before the end of the 7 day cooling off period, then you can give up your right to cancel, but you must be notified of this and your express permission sought. If the work started with your permission and the supplier has not provided you with the compulsory pre-contractual information prior to their starting, you may still have your right to cancel and get a full refund even though the work has been completed!

Does the right to cancel apply for all goods bought by mail order?

There are obvious exceptions and you will not have the right to cancel with the purchase of the following goods:

  • Goods made to a personalised specification
  • Perishable goods, such as foodstuffs and flowers
  • Audio/video recordings or software where the seal has been broken
  • Newspapers, magazines or other reading material (not books)
  • Gaming, betting, lotteries

Getting your money back

Under the distance selling regulations, you are quite within your rights to change your mind at any time, return the goods and get a full refund. This means without financial penalty of any kind – such as a cancellation charge or a ‘restocking’ fee. The supplier must also refund any delivery charges paid by you, and any other costs related to the contract. Refunds must be made within 30 days from cancellation, whether or not the goods have been sent back. Any related credit agreements will also cease to exist.

You may be required to pay to return the goods, but you must have been informed of this as part of the pre-contractual information. if the goods are faulty, then under Sale of Goods, the supplier will always bear the cost of returning them.

Returning the goods

Unless you are required to return the goods, and you were informed of this, your only obligations are to make the goods available for collection and to take reasonable care of them while they are in your possession. This is called a duty of care. Where the supplier has made provision to collect the goods, this duty of care expires after 21 days, but where you have agreed to return the goods, your duty of care continues until you do this and could be for as long as 6 months.


Under a distance selling contract, a supplier cannot make refunds subject to the goods being returned unopened in their original packaging. One of the principles of the distance selling regulations is to give you a chance to examine the goods at home, not having had a chance to do so in the shop. It would be impossible for you to do this without opening the packaging and trying the product out. Having said this, you will still be under a duty to take reasonable care of the goods while in your possession, and may be subject to certain instructions such as not to wear shoes outdoors, or remove hygiene seals. But you can  never be penalised simply because you did not return the goods in their original packaging.

Card protection

For amounts of money over £100 it is always advisable to pay by credit card. This is because if you run into problems and you can’t get recompense from the supplier, the credit card company has equal liability. However for goods and services paid for specifically in a distance selling context, you are automatically protected against fraudulent use of your payment card – whether this is a credit or debit card. If you ever find an entry on your bank statement for a sum of money that you did not authorise, in relation to something you bought online, over the phone or by mail order generally, you are entitled to 100% of the fraudulent amount to be recredited to you by the card issuer.

Do take care however with advance or pre-payments as these are not protected against fraudulent use, and in any case, the supplier may become insolvent before your goods or services are delivered, leaving you with nothing, and little recourse.

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  • melanie 18 July, 6:52 pm

    can you tell me if i have a right to return a purchased/recieved item due to a mistake on my part of choosing the incorrect item?

    This is what the company stated on their website;

    ‘You may return it if it is not as described, or if it simply does not work but you cannot return it if you just don’t like it, so please be sure you want one of these before you order it.’


    • nicky 30 December, 6:08 pm

      i would return it and say you are not happy with the quality 🙂

  • Catriona 21 July, 11:01 am

    If you have bought the item online you have a 7 day right to cancel and get a refund, so what they are saying on their website is misleading. If however you have physically bought the item in a shop, you have entered into a legally binding contract and the shop does not have to refund your money if you simply change you mind – see the latter section of the ‘buying clothing and footwear’ consumer buyer guide. You can only have your money back if it is faulty or was misdescribed in some way – as they have mentioned. Having said this nearly all shops will allow you to exchange the item or give you a credit note, although the shop in this case says you cannot return the item at all, which seems to be very poor customer practice. You should clarify whether ‘return’ means refund or both refund and exchange.

  • Kirstie 6 August, 9:31 pm

    I have recently fallen foul of a free trial period offer which ended up becoming a 6 month subscription to a service i did not want or did I use. The site did not make it clear on the initial page that this trial period would lead to an automatic conversion to acceptance if the trial period was not cancelled. I have also discovered through research that I am not the only one that has been ensnared by this offer by this company.

    Could anyone advise of my options in this situation? My view is although I clicked accept (the usual “by clicking you accept these terms and conditions”) that there was no explicit warning or indication of what I was getting into.

    Any help appreciated!

    kind regards

  • Catriona 17 August, 10:12 pm

    Unfortunately this is how firms ‘hook you in’ through free trials. Typically you have to provide card payment details so they have it all on file and then if you don’t cancel manually, you are automatically charged. You are right when you say that companies should make it clear, but often cover themselves by putting it in their Ts and Cs and getting you to click in the box to indicate you have read them. This has happened to me and countless people I know, so you are not the only one. It is the same principle as automatic renewal on car or home insurance. If there is no get out clause, I would simply appeal to them, they may give you a full refund or at least some of your money back to cover the remaining term. Good luck.

  • Jackie Struthers 27 August, 6:38 pm

    I have just bought a sideboard online which was badly cracked when I received it. The supplier wants me to pay for the return of the item, I am obliged to do this?

    It was also difficult to open the packaging without ripping it and there website says it must be returned in the original packaging and only then will they refund me, are they within their rights to refuse to refund me?

  • Catriona 27 August, 9:07 pm

    You must be given proper opportunity to examine the items before you accept them (section 35 Sale of Goods Act). If you cannot remove the original packaging how can you do this? What they have stated is therefore in direct contravention of your statutory rights. If you bought it online, don’t forget about your 7 day cooling off period. If this has expired you still have the right to return it if it is scratched as this is in breach of S 14 (provided the seller was a commercial entity and not a personal sale).

  • Vivi 11 December, 1:54 am

    I have reently bought a t-shirt through this website, also made sure that I’ve paid the extra for it to arrive within 1-2 working days. It has now been a week and I’ve still not received the goods, not sure if it’s the supplier’s fault or just the delivery company they use which I’ve read somewhere, that is not very reliable. What if I don’t get the goods, is there a case here to get my money back? I was never given a tracking no., just my product order no.

  • Catriona 12 December, 3:57 pm

    Vivi, it could well be a problem with the courier. request a tracking number so you can see what’s happened to it. if it can be shown that the supplier shipped the goods within 1-2 days then they have fulfilled their obligations, although they should be chasing this up not you. You have made ‘time of the essence’ as a fundamental part of the contract and if the supplier are in breach of this then you have the right to cancel the contract and get your money back. But don’t forget your 7 day cooling off either.

  • Vivi 12 December, 5:34 pm

    Thanks for your response Catriona,just one more question, if I demand for a refund will I get the full amount inc. P&P or just the amount I paid for the T-shirt?

  • Catriona 16 December, 12:25 am

    Vivi, no you will get back the full amount including P & P. See: http://WHATCONSUMER.CO.UK/returns-and-refunds/

  • norma 22 December, 7:02 pm

    I placed an order with the ELC on 14th December. I have been advised that the item only left its warehouse today 22nd December and delivery in time for Christmas cannot be guaranteed.

    The following information about delivery is on their website.

    “Question: If I place an order, how long does delivery take and how much does it cost?

    Answer: Our standard delivery service is within 4 working days, excluding weekends and bank holidays to UK mainland addresses.

    Delivery to Northern Ireland, the Scottish Highlands and Isle of Man may take slightly longer to reach you (10 – 14 working days). This service costs £4.95.

    ** We’re currently offering FREE standard delivery on all orders over £100. **

    Dependant on the size and weight of your order, we may be able to offer you our Express Delivery service, which will be with you within 2 working days, excluding weekends and bank holidays to UK mainland addresses. Regrettably this service is unavailable for delivery to Northern Ireland, the Scottish Highlands or the Isle of Man. This service costs £7.95”.

    They have not complied with their own timescale and I have contacted them to say I expect a full refund and to keep the item if it is delivered after Christmas. Am i within my rights?

    • Harriet 23 May, 11:51 am

      My sister bought my newborn daughter a baby blanket from but when it arrived it was personalised with the incorrect date, on investigation it turned out that my sister had in fact made an error.

      The company offered to do me another blanket with 20% off, which I thought was a lovely gesture.

  • Catriona 23 December, 12:37 am

    Norma, if ELC cannot stick to the timescale and perform the contract within the stated time, they must inform you and allow you to withdraw from the contract. However, this aside, you can simply change your mind under the distance selling regs and get a full refund up to 7 days after the item has been delivered.

    • Mattingly 15 October, 3:42 am

      I just purchased the Sony TX5 from Fry’s Electronics for $272. I can’t comment on the picture quality yet, but I found that water gets endlessly trapped under the sliding lens cover. After 25 open/closes and wipe downs in between each and several attempts to blow the water out there is still water trapped under the cover. I plan to return it for this reason. If the water was dirty, sandy, or salty this would be a major issue. I used the Olympus Stylus for years before loosing it and I loved it. I plan to exchange the Sony for the Olympus imieamdtely.

  • elaine 17 January, 3:44 pm

    3 months ago i purchased a “sparkle” rug via ebay from a home furnishings website. (It was not an auction style listing but a buy it now). From the first day the rug has shed a number of “threads” each day. Initially i put this down to “newness” but the threads continue to come loose (i kept them and now have well over 500!) and the rug is looking very shabby and almost bald around the edges. I contacted the company and they accept that some loss of threads can occur but so far they have only offered me a partial refund of £40. Am i entitled to a replacement rug?

    Many thanks,

  • Catriona 19 January, 3:56 pm

    Elaine, your purchase does fall under Sale of Goods legislation, so you have the same rights as you would having bought this in a shop. As it is obvious that a repair will not make any difference, you are within your rights to request a replacement. If they cannot, they should refund you.

  • Jodi 22 January, 9:48 am

    Hi, Back in September I ordered a large pushchair package from Two Left Feet, I have received all items apart from a foot muff, which was promised to me by the end of November, since then I have sent numerous e-mails to them with no response at all. I have even requested that they just refund me the money, but no contact has been made by them. I am now at my wits end as I have no idea what to do next. What can I do to try and get either, the foot muff or my money back. Any help would be greatly appreciated. THANKS

  • Jason 29 January, 11:59 pm

    Hi, I bought a guitar workstation for £287 on the 10th Jan from the website, paying by credit card the money was debited straight away. I went away for two weeks the following day and when I returned on Monday I found they hadn’t delivered the item so I emailed them regarding the status of my order. I finally got a response on wednesday saying the product was out of stock and they would ship as soon as they received it. I then received another email from them today (Thursday) saying that their suppliers had increased the cost of the item so I would now have to pay another 250 pounds if I wanted it or I could choose another product from their website if I didn’t want to pay extra.
    I was wondering if the can do this, it seems strange that they can take my money and then 19 days later tell me that actually they made a mistake and I have to pay nearly double if I want it. The T&Cs on their website says that when they take the money this is just a pre-payment and that the contract only starts when they decide, is this legal?
    Any help would really be appreciated as they are trying to push me to accept their terms

  • John Stokes 2 February, 7:35 am

    Hi, I purchased quite a large number of electronic items online, and paid nearly 20 pounds for an express “next day” delivery. The products turned out to be unsuitable and although the company has agreed to refund for the goods under the DSRs they claim that this was a separate service under a separate contractand therefore the DSRs do not apply and it is non refundable. Here is the quote from T&Cs on website:

    “The cost of the delivery charge shall not be refunded as it is provided under a separate contract. Items made or cut to customer specification may not be returned in accordance with the Distance Selling Regulations 2000”

    Is this right? what do you think?

  • Catriona 3 February, 11:22 pm

    Jason, Your cooling off period begins with the day on which contract are concluded and ends 7 days after delivery. The conclusion of a contract is when your order was accepted, which on many websites means when the item is actually despatched. Therefore technically you are not within your cooling off period. However, as contracts have not been concluded, no contract exists, and the website have no reason to hold on to your money. Ask them for a refund in full within 7 days or you will start small claims proceedings.

  • Catriona 4 February, 12:23 am

    John, Under the DSRs the initial delivery cost must be refunded along with the cost of the items. However, if you ‘upgraded’ your delivery from the standard, this represents an additional service, and does not come under the DSRs if it was made under a separate contract. However, the supplier must have provided you with the written notice of this before the item was sent. If they did not, they cannot make this legally enforce this claim.

  • Mike 12 February, 9:39 am

    I purchased a set of wheels second hand on Ebay. On examination one of them was cracked and dangerous, unsafe to use.

    The seller (an ebay shop) told me I would have to return them for a refund, which I did at a cost of £85. The seller refunded the original amount, but is refusing to refund return shipping. Where do I stand?

  • Catriona 18 February, 9:40 pm

    Mike, if the goods are faulty, you have the right to a repair, replacement or refund at no additional cost to yourself. Therefore the supplier must refund your shipping costs also.

  • Gemma Anderson 27 February, 10:23 pm

    I recently bought a pair of boots which arrived after I went away on holiday. On my return I found they didn’t fit. I was outside of the company’s stated timescale for stating a return was required. However the boots are unworn and in their original packaging. I have sent a perfectly reasonable email asking if they could refund my money and have sent the boots back to them and all they sent in reply was a copy of their returns policy with no other communication.
    Where do I stand?

  • Catriona 3 March, 2:19 pm

    Gemma, if you bought the boots online, you have 7 days to send them back for a full refund. if you miss this window, you must rely on the retailer’s returns policy, and they are under no legal obligation to let you return the boots at all unless they are faulty. See:

  • Simon 5 March, 11:37 pm

    I recently bought some items from an online retailer for which I selected 1st class postage. After a week I have not received the items and on further reading of the retailers website I discovered this information :

    “Royal Mail First Class – This is normally the lowest cost form of postage. Orders received by 3pm will, where possible, be dispatched same day. Delivery typically takes 1-2 days but is not guaranteed. With this postage method you have no insurance or guarantee and if the goods should go missing in the post Fast Lad Performance is not liable for the loss.”

    They claim (via email) the order was dispatched on a Monday but had still not arrived by the Saturday. I’m still waiting on a reply from the company in question with regard to the missing items but what are my options ? do they have to prove they sent it ? am I now out of pocket due to the royal mail ?


  • Carol 8 April, 10:41 pm


    I purchased a travel cot online and it arrived within a week of purchse. Upon opening the packaging I noticed small tears in the fabric and that one of the sides looks broken (without seeing the insides of the tubing I cannot be sure of this). I informed the seller within the 7 working days notice of the faults. The seller is asking for proof from me of the fault and is insisting I E-mail photos. They are advising that they will ‘act on my behalf with the manufacturer’ once this proof is received.

    Can I insist that they collect the item and provide full refund? Their requirements seem extremely unreasonable.



  • Antony 23 April, 9:09 am


    I was wondering if you could help with some advice. I recently bought something online from a legitimate online shop. The item I bought was, I have to say, under-priced (I suspect they put the wrong price on). Anyway I thought I’d buy the product and see what happened expecting that they would refuse the payment. However, they didn’t, they accepted the payment, gave me an order ID and a confirmation email including a recepit and delivery address. A few hours later I got another email from the shop saying that, “due to techincal difficulties your order has not been processed and a full refund made to the card which was used for the purchase. Please accept our appologies for any inconvenience.” I was just wondering where I stand with this? I would have expected that once they had accepted payment and given me an order ID that they would have formed a legal contract with me for the item? Is this true. I guess they probably cover themselves in the T&C’s but it seems odd that they say the order has not been processed due to technical difficulties after accepting payment and giving me an order ID which would clearly state to me that the order had been processed… Any thoughts/advice would be much appreciated.

    Best regards,


  • gary 2 May, 8:03 pm

    bought a laptop used from ebay, business seller but an auction and not a buy it now.
    it has a hard drive fault which i had not discovered for about 10 weeks due to only using for light browsing. tested the hard drive with software and it found 56 errors which cause blue screen crash when reached by a prog. Seller has told me ‘good luck’ trying to fix after initially seeming interested in emails.
    he more or less called me an idiot who should not be trying to fix the problem.
    can i do anything?

  • Gary G 2 June, 10:38 am


    I purchased a Polo shirt from a Website called Ammo clothing back in April and paid for next day delivery, it is now the 2/06 and the item still has not arrived. I have been in contact with the seller (by email only, they will not give me a telephone number!) and they keep giving me different dates and excuses each time. I have been offered a free additional polo shirt for the delay which I have agreed to but that was over 4 weeks ago! I dont particularly want a refund as I like the Polo shirt and the free aditional polo is obviously an appealing gesture, what rights do I have?


  • Helen 15 June, 12:14 pm

    Dear consumer forum
    In April I ordered and paid for 3 products from an online perfume store. In May (11) after checking on the site and emailing them I was emailed back eventually to say it had been dispatched – it is now June (15) and after continually emailing them still no delivery, What are my options – can I cancel the order and get my money back??

  • Joanna 26 July, 10:59 am

    We recently booked a hotel room online for 2 nights.

    The site only ever showed one price which, as we had put into the search “2 nights”, we assumed this was the total cost.

    At no point during the transaction did the site show a total/final cost and full disclosure of what was included Inc Taxes Supplements etc.

    This meant we thought we were paying one price but in fact this was the price per night and we had to pay double.

    If they had provided us with a final price we would have realised it was too high and not confirmed payment.

    We have contacted the company involved and we can not receive a refund as it was a prepay room. They said that their site is clear however obviously we don’t think so.

    I have purchased many things on line and book countless hotels rooms and they all show a total/final cost before confirmation of payment.

    Is there anything we can do?

  • chris 26 July, 10:23 pm

    hi, just wondered if you could help me, i was looking at a website for the symptoms for the stomache bug when this website came up for true white saying a mom in middlesbrough got white teeth using true white system costing $3.87 postage for a 10 day trial. so i thought i would have a try paying $3.87 postage from my debit card, i placed my order saturday and i tried to phone them monday to cancel the order but the phone number did not exist and the is no E-mail adress for them.i started to panic and look on the internet to find that this is a scam. people thought they were paying $3.87 when the company was taking out more money than what was agreed.i recieved an email of true white letting me no my order was placed but there was no reply address. would i be able to close my account before the money is taken out. many thanks

    • linant1 5 September, 1:58 am

      Looks like you have fallen into the same trap as me and many others.
      i sent to dazzlinsmile for trial teeth whitener $3:87

      I wrote to them as i could get no answer by phone to cancel,even before the item arrived.
      Since then they have taken £59:17p from my account,plus the initial trail payment,some people have just noticed they have lost several large payments to this company.
      I have changed my bank account details, and have written to them for a refund,to no avail.
      Go to dazzlinsmile web and read the issues.

  • Ruth Doughty 26 September, 9:13 pm

    I ordered a pair of trainers from a company called Rubbersole. I ordered them on Sept 16th and paid for next day delivery. I was given a tracking number and the delivery company claim that they delivered the parcel on Sept 18th at 6.30pm. I was at home on that specific day at the time indicated. However, no one knocked on the door and I still have not received the trainers. I contacted the delivery company (myhndl) and they told me they would conduct a driver’s interview and be in touch with me 24-48hrs. After 3 days not hearing anything I phoned and they said they hadn’t managed to conduct the interview but I must contact Rubbersole. I have now written (email) to Rubbersole 3 times and not had a reply. I cannot find a phone number to talk to them in person. So I am at a loss of what I can do as no one seems to want to accept responsibility or answer my questions and I really want my new trainers (they were a birthday present).
    Any advice would be very much appreciated.
    Yours sincerely
    Ruth Doughty

  • Catherine 27 October, 12:44 am

    One aspect of the returns process that does not seem to be covered anywhere online, including this site, is the question of the returns process itself. I am currently trying to return an aquarium to an online retailer (the DS Regs apply) but, although the retailer is agreeing to collect the faulty item and provide a refund and has agreed to send a courier (a 12 hr window with no guarantee of when in that window they will collect), despite waiting in for 2 days no-one has come to collect. To what extent am I required to comply with their (i think unreasonable) requests to wait indoors for the entire day and to what extent can they be forced to make more concrete (in terms of time and date) arrangements to collect. I work and so have used up my opportunities to work at home for a while now and want to know what i can do to force them to be less flaky!

  • Nikos 12 November, 10:23 pm

    Hello there,

    I am playing an online game, and I have bought some game money with real money. But after while I realized that the game isnt that they advertise, also the level of service they provide is really poor. I have asked my money back but they answered to me, that they cant refund because this is one of the game laws that u agree before making your account. Also, the company is found in Romania

  • Caroline 25 November, 12:46 pm

    My boyfriend order a part for one of his games consoles online in July & the item never got delivered. Tried contacting the company & had no luck. The next time we contacted them was the end of August & their website was being moved/changed so any orders being processed would be dealt with once the move was complete. It is now November 25th & still nothing but tried contacting the company & all i have managed to get back is an email from someone saying that he bought the domain & so our order has nothing to do with him!
    Trouble is my boyfriend paid for the item by debit card & the money was taken. Is there anything that we can do or not??


  • Andy 25 November, 2:33 pm

    Camet are advertising 10% discount for dishwashers over £200 stating that the discount will be applied in the shopping basket. However when I tried to place the order the discount was not applied. I used their online chat facility and was told that the offer has ended.

    Are they allowed to do this?


  • Karen 29 November, 9:47 am

    Hello, I purchased a dress online at Asos yesterday. The money was taken from my card an I received an email saying my order is being processed and should arrive shortly. However I recieved an email this morning saying they were sorry but the dress is now out of stock and I will be refunded. Do I have any rights as a consumer, asI am disappointed that they said they had they dress, took the money, and are now saying they dont have the dress. Am I entitled to the goods they promised?

    Many thanks and Kind Regards


  • A Weather 31 January, 8:02 pm

    I signed up for a one month trial with costing £7.00
    It was the usual thing where you needed to cancel otherwise you would automatically be debited for the next month. I cancelled 10 days before the expiry of the trial and the debit. I have had £149 taken because I did not cancel 14 days in advance, which is a figure hidden somewhere in their T and Cs. I consider 10 days to be a reasonable notice period and think they should refund the money.
    Should they?

  • kim 11 February, 6:18 pm

    I bought (paid for and recieved confirmation email) 5 theatre tickets last weekend through I receieved an email yesterday stating that they are no longer able to honour this booking and offering me a refund. Tickets are still being sold for the performance at a higher price. I requested therefore that my booking is honoured and my family is upgraded but they have refused. Do i have to accept the refund or legally do they have to honour my booking?

  • j jones 12 February, 1:08 am

    hi bought 2 dresses from phase8 did not fit they are saying,they only got the one back,what are my writes

  • Shash 17 February, 3:50 am

    I bought an airline ticket on line one evening and I’m sorry now that I did. Does the 7day cooling off period apply on airline tickets? thx to anyone in advance for a quick answer – my 7days is nearly up!!!

  • Eileen 4 March, 12:17 pm

    I bought, what was described as a new ipod through Amazon which I paid for online with my credit card. I got a package through the post yesterday with a beaten up, scratched second hand ipod wrapped up in a piece of paper. It did not come in a plastic box and there were no charger or earplug attactments. Nothing, just a loose old ipod.The paperwork attached described this as ‘new’. I immediately contacted Amazon and they told me to get in touch with the supplier via email, which I then did. He said that in his advert he never claimed to put any attachments with the ipod and he ignored the fact that I paid for a new ipod and got a used and scratched one. I have filed a claim through Amazon and they have said they will investigate the matter and give their decision by March 17. I fail to see what there is to ‘investigate’ and would like something to be done now. I am afraid that after March 17, should amazon find in the sellers favour, I will have lost legal rights under a cooling off period. I would appreciate your help on the matter.

  • Jay 14 March, 1:38 pm

    Dear Sir / Madam,
    I bought a Garage door from Garage door Co, Chichester, on the phone conversation I had with the gentleman before he went away on holiday was to have a door which was 10 x 7. Then his colleague sent me an email saying that the door was on order and placed some sizes on the email. I assumed that the size on the email referred to the conversation that I had with the gentleman however this was not the case and the size on the email was much smaller. Further more the door I wanted was Garador however the company could not supply that in time so I asked for an alternative solution. I was then informed the same door will be sent to me Via Cartek, (my understanding being that it would still be Garador but supplied by CARTEK and not Garage door company.. The issue now is that the company are charging an additional £100.00 for re stocking the garage door and also want me to pay an additional £200.00 towards the door I originally ordered for the 10 x 7. I emailed back and said I wanted to cancel the order however they have said to me that I need to pay them £680.00 or so to restock so I would only get back around £500.00. Can you please advice?

  • Ben McDonald` 15 March, 2:47 pm

    Hi there,

    I purchased a spa day treatment for four friends as a thank you. I did notice at the time of buying, but the experience is only applicable Monday to Friday 9-5. The next available appointment is 2-3 months away, which makes it more difficult to schedule 4 person’s work obligations. As all 4 girls work in different parts of London this is impossible to fulfill.

    I contacted the spa, outwith the cooling off period, and requested first clarification and subsequently a refund as I stated that the treatment was unfit for purpose. I have been informed that they will not issue a refund as they claim that the terms and conditions were obviously displayed.

    My complaint is that regardless of whether or not they were obviously displayed, I did not see them. Also, as it is a voucher, there is no issue with opened, used or damaged goods being returned. I no longer want the service and would like my money back. Is that an unreasonable request? Is there a special allowance for services rendered rather than goods received?

    Thanks for any help.

  • shirley 4 April, 10:16 pm

    hi placed an order back in november for some purfume this still has not arrived they just keep saying that it maybe stuck in customs the momies did go out of my account this website did say delivery within 10 days i have emails saying this from the website in question
    please advise of what to do

  • Sara 11 April, 9:35 pm

    My friend bought a gift for me online and arranged to have it posted directly to me. When it arrived, I discovered it was the same as an item I already had. I contacted the supplier to find out if I could return it. They said I could and they would refund the money to my friend. I would have to pay for the item to be returned though: recorded delivery. The cost of this will be 20% of the full value of the gift. Regarding returns, the supplier’s website states:’If you need us to arrange collection we may need to charge for this.’
    This seems a little ambiguous as they are not clearly stating that the recipient must pay for the cost of returns. Any advice would be appreciated.

  • Roger 26 May, 4:04 pm


    My sons paid money over the internet last November for a security guard course but one of them were unable to take the course that weekend so they said he could book the course on a different weekend of his choice so we contacted them recently and they had increased the price by £75.00.He now cant afford the increase so has asked for a refund and they have said in their terms and conditions they dont give refunds,however as they have increased the price arent they obliged to refunds as they have broken the original contract.

  • Dec 1 June, 12:52 pm

    Hi, I recently bought a home security camera online. The website stated that any returns had to be logged (via an over complicated emessaging process on their website) within 28days. The bracket for the camera was broken and the fault was logged in their system within 28days but because the process is complicated I did not get the item returned within the 28days. They since sent a replacement bracket and have ignored or dismissed my satisfaction concerns. I have since changed my mind and want either a refund or an exchange for a different type of camera without a this bracket as I think it is poorly designed and will give me further problems in the future but they are refusing to do this saying the the replacement bracket theyt sent has rectified the problem. Am I still entitled to my refund if I can show emails to prove fault was logged within the 28days? Thanks

  • Leon 14 June, 12:07 am

    In January I paid £365.99 for a phone on ebay. It’s now 13th of June and I still dont have it although the supplier still regularly sells daily (I’m assuming everybody else gets their goods). Whenever i ask where the phone is they tell me a story about something else and never even mention it. I’ve phoned them, text them, emailed them and when they do bother to reply the phone is never mentioned. I feel stuck, frustrated and ignored.

  • cad 28 June, 1:27 am

    How does this work with regards to Android Marketplace, Steam, and other digital distribution sales?

  • helen cope 7 July, 9:09 am

    I purchased an electric toothbrush from an on line pharmacy. An incorrect item was sent, which i returned requesting a refund. Their online customer service is automated and you are given a number to track your complaint, however due to multiple flaws with their website i am unable to log on to follow it up. There is no phone number and i have no way of knowing if my request is being acknowledged or processed.

  • Gareth 19 September, 9:14 pm


    I’m a second hand furniture dealer, I sold a customer a ercol chair some 4months ago, she has now come back to me saying that the arm on the chair has broken off at the joint, I have seen photos to confirm this.

    Where do I stand with this situation?


  • Carol Marshall 2 October, 2:16 pm


    I bought a bed on ebay using buy it now at the beginning of July. The bed arrived and was described as shabby chic. There were no instructions in the box and although described as being made of wood it did not state which one and as is very light I think it might be mdf. We put it together and it has fallen apart once and put back together again. On Thursday my husband sat on the side of it and it cracked all the way through on the side part of the bed. I emailed the seller to ask for a replacement part and I got no response. I then rang them on Friday and was told that they could not replace it as had none in stock and supplier could not send a replacement part. He refused a refund saying that for all he knew 18 people could have been bouncing on it and put the phone down.
    I called ebay who said they can’t do anything as it is over 45 days since the purchase but did say that the seller is still selling them online.
    We now have no bed which we paid £570 for and do not know if we should buy another so we aren’t on a matress on the floor or what rights we have for our money back.
    Can anyone assist?


  • Jennie 6 November, 9:32 pm

    I bought a child’s air mattress four months ago, online. We’ve used it twice. Both times it leaked and was flat by the morning. I’ve asked for a replacement, shipping at their expense.
    However, they claim their warranty for this mattress only lasted for 28-days.
    They also say it isn’t their policy to pay return shipping costs. They say I should have read their terms of conditions before purchase – however, I bought on Amazon and saw no such terms.
    I’d be interested to know about my rights, and also how they could be enforced.
    Any advice anyone?

  • richard 24 November, 1:40 pm

    I have ordered new mobile contract from online, succesfully received email confirmation order number and details of the tarif,payment and delivery date. Next day received and email saying there was a mistake package online and the order is now cancelled.
    What right do I have to get the offered from the company? I know that was really good deal.


  • ben 2 December, 1:31 pm

    I bought a motherboard and bluray drive from ebuyer in a £1 promotion, meaning i got the two items for £2. At the time of purchase the items were in stock, and my payment went through. I got an email after telling me that they bluray drive was out of stock, but if my payment had been received (which it had) the matter would be sorted and I could ignore the email. My order has now been cancelled in it entirety.

    Bearing in mind I got an email saying if my payment had been received my order would be completed, are they or are they not obliged to provide me with the order?

  • Emma 3 December, 1:27 pm

    Hi i recently sold a mobility scooter (it was advertised on ebay, however we did not complete the sale via ebay). It was a new item, buyer viewed and tested the item before purchasing and was more than happy, leaving a depsoit and returning the next day to collect the item. It was sold as seen. Buyer is now claiming the goods are not fit for purpose, as it has no parking brake (the model does not come with this) and will not pull her up a slope, she is demanding a refund via the sale of goods act, does she have any rights? Does the sale of goods act even apply to a private sale? and in a suitation where she viewed, and tried the goods herself. She fully admits the item was sold as seen and this is also stated on the reciept. Thankyou if you can be of any help. Emma

  • Mel 27 December, 2:18 pm


    I’m hoping for some advice as at a bit of a loss. I bought a piece of jewellery from a jewellery designer in the US in February 2011 as an engagement present. I paid in two payments using my credit card via Western Union a total of $315 which also covered registered/trackable shipping. Despite emails/phone calls I still haven’t received anything (December 2011) apart from a lot of excuses and finally at the beginning of October 2011 an assurance that it had just been posted. i have asked repeatedly for a tracking number or proof of postage but received none and now I’m not even getting any replies from the seller. I’m currently living in France and was wondering if there is anything at all I can do to get money back or a course of action I can follow? I filed a report online to the US Trading Standards (2 months ago) but haven’t received any acknowledgement. Even if I can’t get any money back I’d really like to make sure that this person is officially reported in some way as to prevent anyone else from losing their money to him in the future.

    Is there anything I can do? Any advice gratefully received!

  • David J Embleton 30 December, 12:46 pm

    I would appreciate some advice as I appear to be going round in circles with a recent purchase.
    My wife bough an almost new breadmaker through an on-line auction on Ebay. We were out when it arrived by ParcelForce and our son signed for it. When we first used the product we discovered a hairline crack on the side of the breadmaker and upon closer examination we discovered two small holes in the carton and inner packaging which coincided exactly with the cracks in the side of the breadmaker.
    We reported this to Ebay who were not very helpful,then contacted the vendor who disclaimed any responsibilty as she said the product was perfect when she sent it. We then contacted ParcelForce who have investigated but will not respond to us as we are not their customer. We are left in a position outside this loop of three parties unable to get PF to own up to the damage. They may even have compensated the vendor but we are unable to find out if that is the case.
    A very convoluted issue has anyone been through similar??

  • Mike Harrison 3 January, 5:32 pm

    I have ordered some products from and the company say they have been delivered the items but we have not received them.
    They state that the delivery company has left them on the doorstep.
    No one has signed for them and no instructions were given to the company ref where to leave the goods should no one be in.
    We have had items from this company before with no problems as someone has been in to accept the goods.
    They are saying that we are liable for the goods.
    Is this correct?

  • B. Demirel 6 January, 11:57 pm

    Hi I purchased a product from this website and it came damaged, I arranged to send it back with the company, they said they received it back on 21st November 2011. They said it would take 3-10 days to get refund but may take up to 30 days. I still havent receieved my refund, I email them every day they only sometimes reply to me. What can I do to get my refund?

  • R Darley 9 January, 7:25 pm

    I recently bought a new item from a ebay auction for £55.00 with £4.99 Recorded delivery postage.

    I paid the seller very promptly VIA paypal. Next day the seller marked the item as “sent”. A week later I still have not received my item, so I politly email the seller asking if there was any problem? Seller reply’s saying, “Oh it must be lost in post, I’ll refund you”. To which I reply,”No need for that, you sent the item recorded delivery, just send me the tracking number”. The seller ponders a while before coming back with, “Oh I’ve lost the postal recept”!

    I don’t believe any of this, and the item actually sold for maybe £20.00 less than other such items for sale, so I think he just expected to refund as to get out of a legal sale contract with myself. I also find out the seller has a Ltd Co and shop selling these new items, on a private ebay account.

    Ebay seem to offer very little help!

    Please can anyone tell me how I stand on this?, as I find it very dishonest and unfair. If the guy didn’t wish to sell for such a price, he should have placed a reserve price on the item.

  • M filby 12 January, 8:10 am

    I bought some ugg boots from a website before Christmas. I feel totally cheated I did a search for cheap ugh boots uk and I came across this website I though it was a uk company so I proceeded they took the money the same day as the order. 3 days later I got a tracking number that never worked. What can I do I have contacted them by email countless times but I get no reply. I assumed they were uk based but it turns out they are not how can I get my money back?
    Many thanks

  • G.Dawson 13 January, 5:03 pm

    I made a purchase on line from a woo shoop received the purchase not quite the shade I thought it was returned it two days later but as of today stillnot received my refund. Seller fails to answer emails also fails to answer phone calls what can I do

  • Ttacyane 5 February, 11:24 am

    Hi, I have bought a teeth withering kit from a website called And paid via paypal( apparently that was the only way to pay) it has been a week and my goods have not yet arrived, I tried to look for a contact number on their website and there is none. Neither is there an email address. The only way of contacting them is to leave a message on the website, which I did and obtained no success.

    Now I am really disappointed and feel stupid to have fallen on that trap. It’s so frustrating not to have my goods and unable to contact them or get my money back. I paid £40.

    Is there any authority I could contact that may would be able to investigate and possibly close this bogus website down? And avoid more people from loosing their money…

    Please help!!

    Much appreciated,

    Many thanks.

  • Lee Robb 14 February, 10:47 am

    Hi, I shared your information about Distance Selling Regulations with a company whose refund info on their website seems to contravene their regulations in a number of ways. I’ve just received a phone call basically telling me that I am wrong in an extremely confrontational way. Clearly customer service is not their forte. Obviously I’ll not be buying anything from them now but is there somewhere they can be reported to eg Trading Standards, so that other consumers are protected?

  • Errikos 14 February, 5:19 pm

    I have placed an order from this website on the 9th of February and I still haven’t received it. I have tried to contact the seller by filling the online form on their website twice about the status of my order and I haven’t received a reply yet. Please note that the item I ordered was supposed to be in stock. I have also tried to contact the seller by phone dialling the number provided on the website and it goes straight to voicemail. I have left a voicemail too and they haven’t called me back. When logging in to “my account” section of the website I could see that my order status was “processing” up until yesterday. Since of today I am unable to log in at all. Should I assume this is a scam and what should I do now?

    Thank you very much!

  • Mrs Beard 24 February, 1:20 pm

    Hi, I purchased a deal from for a weekend away with a third party. The third party has now advised me that they are unable to accomodate me as they have overbooked for the year. are insisting that they will only refund me a credit to spend with them in the future and will not provide a monetary refund. It is written in their T&Cs that they will do this if a third party refuses to honour a deal however it appears to go against the distance selling regulations. Are they allowed to do this or can I insist that they refund the payment to my credit card?

    Many thanks.

  • Victoria 28 February, 3:19 pm


    We purchased an Engagement ring on an online Jewellery shop through ebay in Nov 11. The website advertised the ring as a diamond ring and charged the price you would expect to pay for a Diamond ring. I was given this in January and after wearing the ring for 2 weeks the ‘’diamond’’ stone came loose. We took the ring to a Jewellery shop to get an estimate on having the stone re fitted, and was advised that the ring was a fake. The stones were not diamonds and the actual ring was made from base metal, which would in time have sent my finger green.

    We have e-mailed the seller to request a refund. What are our legal rights when the ring was purchased online, however was not as described?

  • Ant32MacK 12 March, 10:20 am

    Hi, I recently bought items from a website and had ordered a total of 80 but only received 20- they informed me 2 days later (after I contacted them) that they did not have the full amount in stock- despite them taking the full amount for the 80.
    I am now expected to return the goods (by recorded delivery) and will not be issued with a refund for the initial postage costs or the subsequent postage costs for returning them.
    I do not think this is fair, as I should have been prior informed that they did not have the 80 in stock- as I would not have continued with the transaction.
    What are my rights?

  • Gareth 12 April, 10:05 pm

    Right, I have purchased an item from online. They sent me the wrong item which was smaller and cheaper then the one I originally ordered. I contacted them about this and the admitted that they sent out this item instead of the original because it was out of stock. They didnt even notify me about it being the wrong item. I sent the item back to them and the said that they would give me a refund. They have confirmed that they have received the item. It has been 2 months since the item was returned and i still have not received a refund. They have also been ignoring my emails as i have had no replies from them. Is this a breach of my statutory rights as a customer? has anyone got any advice?

    The thing that makes this worse for them is that i am a member of staff so complaints have been and still will be made!


  • Chris 17 April, 12:03 am

    Hi – I recently bought some trainers from a website and they sent the wrong ones. I’ve asked for a refund to which they’ve agreed but say I’ll have to pay the return shipping costs. Is this my responsibility given it is their error that I need to return them? As the return is overseas the shipping cost is a considerable proportion of the trainer costs.



    • CS Manager 30 July, 5:48 pm

      No it isn’t.

  • Ocassidy 17 April, 7:59 pm

    I ordered off Amazon but I realised my order would not come on time so I cancelled then I found out that they had taken money from my account so will I still receive my order.

  • Andrea Muirhead-Starr 17 April, 9:57 pm

    Having bought 4 items over the phone, the parcel arrived today after a 3 week wait! Having opened the parcel one of the items is missing! Where do I stand with regards to this as the parcel was double sealed and did not appear to have been tampered with, I have contacted the company and they are adamant all 4 items where sent and are listed on the invoice enclosed. The item in question is £115 so I cant afford to just ignore it.


  • Aaron 19 April, 1:44 am

    Hi, I bought a second hand xbox 360 console of and I only used it a few times but after about a month it won’t work anymore. Do I have any rights for a refund or replacement or is it my problem now? :L

  • Sue 6 May, 9:20 am

    Yesterday I purchased a domain name from 123-Reg and then realised the name was not suitable for my business. (I only realised afterwards, when someone made a reference to another business that sounded similar but isn’t reputable.) Do I have the same seven day cancellation rights as with purchasing goods.


  • Emil 17 May, 7:56 pm


    Few days go I purchased a Dell laptops on their webiste, it was quite good deal, cause laptops were 150 pound reduced.

    After placeing an odredr I have received an order confirmation email, which also contained a Dell Terms and Conditions ducument, which you can see here:

    They had a problem to process my payment, cause my bank blocked transaction as a part of fraud protection. Dell called me next day saying that they cant get money, so I explaind them sytuation and we decided to send them an email next day when it will be sorted and ready to process. So next day I did it and then I have received an email with my order number. After that I could login to my account and track my order status. It stoped on – In Production.

    You can see it on the screen below:

    Today they sent me an email saying:

    “Dear, Emil ,
    Unfortunately, your recent order for a Dell Vostro Laptop contained a significant pricing error; as a result we have had to cancel your order.
    Please be assured that you will not be charged.
    We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused and, as a gesture of goodwill, we would like to offer a £50 money off coupon towards a future purchase at The coupon code can be used towards any laptop or desktop purchase and should be entered during the checkout process.
    Coupon code – XXXXXXXX
    If you have any concerns or queries please contact us directly at 0844 444 4712
    Dell Customer Service.”

    Also in their terms and condition there is a note:

    “2. Order and Acceptance
    2.1 You may place an order for Product(s) and/or Services directly with Dell either online or by telephone. The placing of an order by you represents your offer to buy subject to these Consumer Terms. Please note that the Contract between you and Dell is formed only when Dell accepts your order by issuing you with an Order Confirmation in writing.”

    I think they sholud take the consequences of the incompetent employee, especially after accepting my order.

    So the question is, can they do that if they accept my order, give me an order number and send it even to production unit?

    Thank you, Emi.

    • CS Manager 30 July, 5:46 pm

      If only they’d collected your money and completed the sale transaction. As it is they are not obliged to sell at the price shown. It might be a misleading price indication though but that doesn’t help you in this case. What they have done is pretty poor but they have attempted to make amends with the voucher.

  • lauren 30 May, 12:00 pm

    I bought a hand basin and cabinet off ebay, both from the same supplier. Due to the items being so big, the supplier told me I had to arrange my own courier which I did. I recieved the item days later to find numerous problems such as cracks in it and also problems which could only have happened if somebody had taken it out of the box.
    As he was unwilling to do anything about it (He claimed it was because of the courier), I reported it to ebay and now, more than a month later, all they are willing to do is refund providing I send both boxes back. We were told to print out the postage label and take to the post office. The problem with this being that the boxes are too big to fit in our car and we were only given one postage label and not two which ebay said was basically tough luck.
    Although I understand that we were given the oppurtunity to check the item before accepting off the courier we found there was no need as the box was perfectly intact.
    Is there anything you can suggest?

  • Adam 23 June, 11:52 am

    I purchased vw passat control arm kit for my car from ebay. (vw passat)
    the seller provides a drop down feature which allows buyers to check compatibility for parts on there vehicles. I searched my vehicle which falls in the compatibility of my vehicle which is correct.
    I received the kit and some of the parts do not fit my vehicle. I did get in touch with the seller on the day of fitting them and stating some of the parts do not fit my vehicle. the seller said they sent the correct size but yet they didn’t as I checked the size of the item and it was incorrect for what they where selling. the seller stated they have sent the correct ones out and asked me to checked the size which i did. then i told them my findings which then they asked me to send them back at my expense, i am reluctant to do so , and as such is life i have been very busy this was around 3 weeks ago(as of today 23/06/2012) and wanted to know if i am obligated to pay for the return postage? and what is stopping the seller from claiming alsorts of lies with the parts?

    is there anything i can do ? any help would be fantastic


    • CS Manager 30 July, 5:41 pm

      They MUST pay for the cost of return and for sending the replacement part. If they are a commercial seller tell them that unless they comply you would now like a refund and they make arrangement to collect the goods. Get Ebay involved. If you used your credit card you can contact them and tell them what has happened. At this stage just explain to them that it’s their error and they need to do the leg work to sort it out. Final resort, use your card company.

  • Jade 17 July, 2:49 am

    Hi just looking for advice,
    I bought a rabbit hutch online, sent funds via bank transfer, family issues meant I couldn’t make it to pick up,
    Seller said they were using the hutch so I’d have to wait for it!!!! It’s been a few weeks, they still won’t refund me and are saying if I want to collect the hutch I have to wait 2 weeks until they’ve finished using it!
    Need help ASAP please

  • emma 23 July, 12:04 pm

    hi, i recently bough at tshirt from risk couture. i worn the tshirt once and washed it, then noticed a hole. i emailed and was told to sen the tshirt back with coverning letter. then emailed saying as the tshirt had been worn there was nothing they could do, and said i needed to pay them £5 postage to get the tshirt back from them. i only paid £1.70 to post the tshirt back to them in the first place. just wondering how i get my t-shirt back!!! theyve had it for over a week now.

    • CS Manager 30 July, 5:35 pm

      If you buy a shirt you might reasonably be expected to wear it. If the fault occurred sone after purchase and you complied with the car isntruction in my view they need to demonstrate to you that this is not a manufacturing fault. Otherwise it is assumed that it is an inherent fault in the first 6 months after purchase. I am sure you don’t want your shirt back in a faulty state. Furthermore, let’s assume they are right and it is not an inherenet fault, they should have explained that you would eb responsible for the cost of retruning the item if it was found not to be faulty. Tell ’em to sort it out.

  • David 2 August, 1:48 am

    I was looking for a tv to buy and was on amazon and seen a shops( high street gadgets) selling page was selling the one I wanted for £11.99 I know it was a mistake price as nearly the whole shops page was selling everything at£11.99 so I added to basket and paid have had the auto comfrim e-mail from amazon saying my order as been placed! I’ve just rechecked the site again since placing my order and seen that they have amended the price£439.99 I was just wondering if the sellers have to accept the price I paid and send me the goods for £11.99 or if they have a right to cancel the agreement??
    Please get back to me
    Many thanks

  • Kesh 7 August, 2:00 am

    hi i purchased a playstation 3 controller from the seller gametime on for 25.99. it has been over a week since the item was supposedly shipped with shipping time being 3-5 days. however i have not received my controller yet. i have tried contacting the seller via email but have had no response to any of my emails. what can i do, as the money has already left my account and i don’t have my item? any help would be much appreciated.
    thanks, kesh

  • Sham 21 August, 10:50 pm

    Hi I have ordered 81 dresses from abroad/ out of uk, however they have not been delivered by the agreed date, neither are the goods how they wer shown in the pics, I haven’t recieved my full order and was asking for a refund, however the buyer ignores my messages and isn’t getting bk to me!!!
    Any advise on wat I shud do???

  • Jon 22 August, 8:52 pm

    Hi, I placed an order with a company who were running a 2 for £20 offer. I placed 2 orders and they took payment. I paid for next day delivery. I didn’t receive the goods and when I contacted them they advised the products I ordered shouldn’t have been included in the offer. They cancelled my order despite them debating funds and them clearing from my account. I was under the impression that a contract had been formed once they had taken payment? Is there anything I can do to get my goods?

    Thanks Jon

  • Tracey Anderson 23 August, 11:42 am

    Hi, I ordered a cutting machine from create and craft on the 25th July. Was told it was dispatched 26th but it never arrived. After several emails and phone calls I told them to cancel the order (18th August)as they could not find out what had happened. Last night I received another dispatch confirmation – different order number – for the machine I cancelled. I emailed this morning telling them o stop delivery but the machine arrived 10 mins ago. The courier would not take it back. Do I have to pay shipping to return it or are they obliged to collect it as it is their mistake/ Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks Tracey

  • Harry 4 September, 4:45 pm

    Hi there,

    Can you please clarify something.
    You say that you have 7 days after you received an online purchase (t-shirt in this case) to return it for a full refund.

    Does that within 7 days the item must reach the seller or that you need to post it within 7 days (in can arrive after 7 days)?

    I posted back the t-shirt with Recorder 1st (it’s to sign for but it has no guaranteed delivery day – only just found that out – and it can take up to 15 working days)


  • Kate 12 September, 3:08 pm

    Hi, I’m a private seller on ebay and I sold an item and posted it via Royal Mail, and it was damaged in transit. I’m happy to refund the buyer, but they want me to pay the return postage cost. The eBay resolution centre says I don’t have to pay it, but the buyer is quoting the Sales of Goods Act and aggressively pushing the fact that they think I should pay the return costs. Who is right, and where do I stand as a private seller?!??!

  • Lee 4 October, 7:42 pm

    Hi there just looking for some advice as I have just purchased a new car sterio from a well know online site and the product had been under priced by quite alot. It was obviously a typing error but I got a confirmation email before the company realised there mistake. Is there anything I can do to secure the sterio at the low price?

  • Adrian 17 October, 5:10 pm

    Hi – I cancelled an order on-line as the item was not in stock, i was refunded but minus an admin fee, although this is stated in the websites T&Cs does the distance & selling regulation cover the fact that the full amount should be refunded as the wording in the regulation is more aimed towards returning items.

    Is there any supporting documentation with good wording as the company in questions keeps asking for proof they should not deduct the admin fee.

  • keith royle 19 October, 4:02 pm

    hi ,i feel i have been badly treated by orange, i accompanied my daughter to the local orange shop where i bought her a new phone to replace hers which had been stolen in the shop she wanted a sim only deal and explained she may not be able to get it because she had recently come off an admin order, to which the assistant said wait a mo and came back with a young lady who suggested she was right but wasnt there anyone else who would sign for her and suggested myself with a direct debit being se up in my daughters name,i knew my daughter had funds in her account so signed only for orange to cancel the services some days later,it was put on again but i am being chased for payment now and they freely admit that the direct debit was of no account help

  • Helen 25 October, 1:41 am

    Hello. I ordered two t-shirts from on Sept 3rd. After a month with no communication or delivery, I contacted the company to ask for an explanation. They said they were out of stock and they were waiting for their suppliers to deliver which should be within two weeks. two weeks went by with no delivery or contact, at which point I asked for a full refund. I then received a notification of despatch for one item and no reply to my request for a refund. The item has not appeared one week later (surprise!). I intend to demand a full refund again but what exactly are my rights and what legislation should I quote to get them to pay up immediately?

  • Anthony Howe 13 November, 6:19 pm

    I bought a wristwatch from an online retail store on August 12th 2012. This was £177, Bering wristwatch..
    I received it on the 18th August but within 5 days it became faulty and I contacted the firm via email who requested for it to be returned, this was sent back on 21st and was received by them on the 22nd. (the company is in Northern Ireland (
    They requested that I pay for the postal for return.
    They then informed me that it had a faulty movement and that they will send it to Bering for repair.
    Two weeks later I request for an update, but was still at Bering.
    3 weeks later I asked again, but same reply.
    I then sent an email towards the end of September asking why I wasn’t informed about a refund or replacement as I began to consider that this was un unreasonable time but will wait. I received no reply. (the strap of the watch was adjusted, so I considered this as to why I wasn’t informed of a refund or replacement)
    Third week in October no reply. First week in November no reply.
    Finally 12th November I requested an update but no response.
    It’s been thirteen weeks since I returned the item and they are not responding to the emails at all.
    There is two things I need to know please.
    1. Do I have a right to ask for a refund/replacement, even after they sent it for repair and it’s considered an unreasonable time?
    2. Is thirteen weeks considered an unreasonable time or what time scale is expected for repairs?

  • Lauren 4 December, 8:16 pm


    I brought a toddler bed just over a year ago which should last until she is 4. but just over a year and one the sides have snapped in half. the seller said due to how long ago I brought it no refund and they have stopped selling that item. so I get nothing even tho the bed should last her 3 more years! Is there anything I can do?

    Thank you

  • Paul Waldron 16 December, 6:11 pm

    I’ve ordered goods from Ebuyer, but then realised that half of the order doesn’t meet my requirements. I wanted to cancel the order, but Ebuyer’s system refuses to allow this. Given that I don’t expect a response before the delivery gets here; Would it be valid in this case to simply refuse delivery of the goods and have them returned, and receive a full refund?

  • Verity Dempsey 3 January, 11:50 pm


    Really hoping someone can help me, I did an order online for Matalan 9/12/2012, I have only received half of my order. I have called them about 6 times already, and feel like I am being really messed around. Just received an email from them to say I will be refunded for only one of the missing items. Where do I stand with them? Feel like I am being totally messed around!

    Thanks in advance x

  • Dean Greenfield 9 January, 4:37 am

    Hi, I brought an plumbing related item from that cost me £39.
    After paying I emailed the company and asked if it had certain rating and technical things about the item to make sure I had the right thing as I had a customer waiting for it.
    I never heard back from them.
    Couple of weeks later I emailed again asking when can I expect delivery as obviously having a customer asking about it is a pain when you have no answers. No reply again.
    Last week one whole month on I emailed them again explaining I have now brought the needed item else where and expect a full refund by the end of week and that there customer care was appalling .
    Once again no replies and of coarse no money back !
    I’ve checked through my emails countless times with searches and checking the junk mail just to make sure and I haven’t had none.

    So my question is really what do I do ?

    Many thanks


  • Joe Grainger 22 January, 4:11 pm

    I am getting so frustrated, please, can someone help?

    Before Christmas i ordered a 7″ tablet PC for my son from Morgan computers. After doing some research it became obvious to me it would not be suitable for my son’s needs. I contacted Morgan to cancel the order the next day as it had not been dispatched. Around eleven days later the item turned up by mail. The item was obviously used, had no instruction manual or guarantee slip and was of a dirty and poor condition. It did nit state on the website these were used items. I got in contact with Morgan and they sent me a RMA number and free post returns label by email.

    I duly followed all of their instructions, even double wrapping the package for safety. Now, Morgan are saying i have to contact one of their subsidiary companies, IJT Direct. IJT are stating they have not received the package as of todays date (22.01.13) and they will not refund me until it does turn up. Now IJT have cut off contact as i said i will be contacting Trading Standards.

    The item was under £100 so i can’t claim off my credit card. The Post Office said no extra cover was needed as it was a company return slip with a RMA number.

    What can i do? I have had to pay my credit card to avoid high interest charges.

  • Rachael 28 January, 8:41 pm

    I ordered a parcel on the 28th December as yet it as not been received. I have been provided with a tracking number and it just advises the parcel is in the system. The seller his not completing his obligation; He will not provide the receipt and will not complete the Royal Mail investigation form. I have offered to do this for him. He claims that he has emailed me several times but no email has been received.
    He his now ignoring me.

    What is my next step. The payment was made by my debit card so my bank can not do anything. I do believe the item has been sent. Is there something I can send him to highlight his obligations? I’m £280 out of pocket!

    Am I within my rights to ask for a full refund and request him to claim compensation through Royal Mail. Who do I report him to for not following the legal legislation in regards to distance sales.
    Any advise is appreciated.

    Thank you

  • Amy 27 February, 6:32 pm

    I ordered ugg boots of a site where i knew they were fake but did not mind. I did not get a conformation email, only an email from a man saying have you received your parcel in my junk box. No website address, nothing. I order a lot online and it looked like junk. 1 month passed and no uggs boots had turned up and the site had disappeared. The bank got me my money back, great.
    2 months later I have now had an email (in my junk box) from the same man but quoting the website address so i know these emails all along were from this ugg website. The email said they have sent my uggs but asked kindly if i could not sign for it so it can be sent back because the money was refused to them.
    Their site disappeared, i never got a conformation email and it was all very suspicious and its been over 2 months! Can i keep the uggs?

  • Scott ayres 1 March, 2:13 am

    I bought a motorcycle just over a year ago now. And have recently found out that it may be stolen I bought this from a dealer via eBay. Were do I stand am I entiteled to a refund if the worse happens and the bike gets seized by the police.

  • Claire 4 March, 5:17 pm

    I was due to get an online grocery shop on Saturday which didn’t turn up. Spent hours on phone trying to get through. On Sunday that agent A on the phones told me she’d contact the store then call me back. She didn’t. I called back to be told Agent A had called the store who had cancelled the order but no reason given and no calls made or emails sent to inform me. I then asked to make a formal complaint as I had already spent hours waiting for shopping/on phone and missed out on shopping I needed for lil brothers birthday. Agent B tries to put me through, can’t so raises a complaint on the system and promises the manager will call me back. In the meantime
    I had to get taxi to shop on Sunday to replace items I needed as no buses in my village run on Sundays and I don’t drive. I have a neurological illness and depression which are getting readily worse at this point.
    So we get to Monday. No call by 2pm so I call. Girl on phone getting up details, laughing with collegue in background (professional) and says she’ll contact store. I beg her to please talk to manager as Agent A has already spoken to store but she goes on hold and says she’ll talk to store and call back in 15 minutes (assume manager didn’t want to talk to me perhaps…).
    35 minutes later…. Agent C calls back. The store cancelled the order, which I already knew and there was a technical difficulty. Would I like to re book a slot and as a good will gesture they would give me £10 e voucher and free delivery, both to use on next shop. I never want to shop online with Asda again and told her I wasn’t happy with an evoucher. She said that was all they could offer there and to contact the store.

    Contacted store. They told me to contact head office. Head office told me to contact Home Shopping. Home shopping told me to contact store, etc…. etc….

    What is the consumer law they have to agree to regarding making sure a delivery arrives on the date they state (need it for my letter of complaint), unless they contact the customer (which the didn’t.

    They say the money won’t come out but I wouldn’t be sprised as it has with others and no trust with them at all now!!

    Any ideas of what my rights are?? I want to be compensated. Am disgusted with the lack of service. Such a big name too!!

  • HG 15 March, 4:56 am

    I have purchased online and my order has not been delivered and they wont launch an investigation with Australia Post. They have had my money for a month and I still don’t have my order. What are my rights, how do I go about getting my money back?

  • Lorraine 27 March, 12:08 pm

    My partner bought me an item of jewellery from an online shop that the broke the first day I wore it. Since then he has been emailing the company to try and get a resolution but to no avail. This has been going on since Christmas (2012)! He has also sent a letter referencing the sales of goods act and to complain and still has heard nothing back. What is the next step to take?


  • Fay 11 April, 11:52 pm

    I ordered a pair of Nike trainers for my daughter from a website called Advertised price was £49.99 but actual cost came to £58 plus. When the goods arrived from China, they were obviously fake. This company has no contact address or phone number and I have since discovered very bad online reviews.

    I would just like to warn people and wonder if there is anything else I can do.

  • Celia 13 April, 12:19 pm


    I recently received an email from this company offering me a free pampering session which I subsequently booked. The dates available to book were within the month of April only & the only dates left available to book were within a couple of days time so I seized the day & booked this for myself & a friend to enjoy. My friend however cannot make this appointment & felt the whole experience was not suited for her so I informed the company of this immediately within 24hrs so that they could then have an apportunity to offer this free experience to somebody else. I have received a text from this company outlining to me the T&C’s that I need to of cancelled this appointment within 7 days of the appointment date & that if i did not attend I would be charged £49 for this breach? I find this to be very disappointing & misguiding as there was not the courtesy of a 7 day cancellation period as from the dates available to book? What are my rights as they do not have my payment details as this was supposed to be a Free offer & would I be liable for this cancellation fee to be paid in this case? I have heard of a 7 day cooling off period for distant selling but as no payment was made or no product purchased I wasn’t too sure? Please could you advise me on what to do next?

  • Jason 25 April, 11:38 am

    I brought a xbox 12 month mebership from the shop the other day and recieved a scaned image of the code, when i tried to use it, it says the code has already been used, there is no phone number i can find in the website and ive sent a few emails and tickets through there ticket system they use but no reply, the money was taken 2 days ago and in their terms and conditions it says all emails will be answered within 48 hours, i dont know what to do, i feel like ive been ripped off, any help would be greatly appreciated thanks

  • rachael 2 May, 5:48 pm

    I bought a gazebo off ebay.within 1 day the hinge had broken.i thought nothing of by one the began to snap and break.2 weeks later the gazebo completly collopased in a big heap.i contacted the sell who asked for pictures.
    I spoke to him on the phone and i said i would like a replacement or a refund he said je would ask the boss.the next day he emailled saying thank you for the pictures and he could do me a new frame for £35.i prompty emailed him back stating i would get my money back via ebay and paypal.
    Can he refuse to give me a refund or replacement.i paid £75 for this gazebo so not a cheap one.i epxpected it to last a few years at least.
    It for sure wasnt fit for purpose.he also has feedback with ppl saying the same thing.
    Any advice would be grateful.thanks rachael

  • steve 19 May, 9:58 pm

    i paid £150 for my daughters, hair extensions, and after a week , they are faulty,
    we had to travel a fair way to the saloon, and i have contacted,
    them to say that ,i am not satisfied, with their product they have supplied, and i want a refund, they told me that they will not refund me ,as they are a made up item .
    i feel as we have been ripped off and i have told the saloon that, they will only send them for repair , please advise. i would be very grateful for any sensible feedback.

  • Fernando 12 June, 8:56 pm

    My mother purchased an Commercial Ice machine thru food service warehouse. it never worked properly since day one. We called the company and was advised to call the warranty company. I called several times within 60 days and was never able to get anyone to service it. I was told it was not a good machine from one of the warranty companies that looked at it. I returned the machine to the company within 90 days. they will not accept it nor refund my $2600.00. I do not know what to do. the machine never worked properly and i called and called and was never told anything but to call companies that service the machine at cost out of my own pocket. Please help.

  • Julie Hancock 20 June, 1:12 pm

    I am looking for advice. My silly husband booked a holiday next year for a cottage in Dorset in May 2014. After he booked it ON LINE and paid a £395 deposit, he relised he booked it through the wrong company????
    This was only yesterday, he rang them up this morning and they said we would loose the deposit. I thought there would be a cooling off period OR reading their terms and conditions, we are giving them nearly a years notice, so we should get a full refund. I am sure I remember seeing something on BBC Rough Trader about buying things on the internet, quoting some reulation?
    Can you help, this is money we cannot afford to loose.

  • Susannah 24 June, 12:30 pm

    I need some help please, I bought some hair extentions online with Wowcher that leads you on to the sellers website to buy. This was on the 6th May 2013, the seller advised to allow up to 21 days for delivery, it has now been almost 8 weeks and I still havent reveived my goods!

    I have been trying to chase them for an update and all i got was a response via email, saying they were finally dispatched on 1st June by first class post, by the 13th June I still hadn’t received anything and was told to chase the post office myself and now it is 24th June, still nothing and the money has been debited from my account!

    Is there anything else I can do?

    Many thanks in advance.

  • Celia Sharer 12 September, 3:50 pm

    Re: Digital Products and Services.

    I bought into a digital product/service and paid £365. I subsequently decided that this product/service was not for me and applied for a refund under the terms of the company’s guaranteed refund policy which was displayed on their website.

    The company refused my request. and I cannot now access the product/service on the web.

    I then asked my credit card company, Barclay’s, for help.

    Despite several letters, Barclays’s do not seems to understand that this product/service only “exists in cyberspace” and want me to provide hard evidence of the transaction and the company’s refund policies. Of course the only evidence of the transaction is the debit on my credit card.

    I am at my wit’s end! I have paid out £365 and have received nothing. neither goods or service. I think this is fraud.

  • David 13 October, 12:21 am

    Hi. I have brought an item from amazon. The thing is, the description and title were different from the picture I have received the order summary via email and everything’s fine. But now I have received an email from the supplier saying they are shipping something different from the title and description. Do they have to send me the item described or can they send me the one in the pic.

  • Jonty 29 October, 11:43 am

    I think most companies will always deal with any issue you have quickly as it makes sense for them to do so in order to not get bad publicity. I’ve had some very minor issues with a few companies and they were sorted very quickly. i.e I ordered a personalised gift from and realised quickly that i’d entered what I wanted personalised wrong, I contacted them and even though they started production of the item they said they’d start a new one with the correct personalisation for no extra charge for me.

  • Andy 6 November, 2:40 pm

    If I ordered something online and accidentally put down the incorrect address, do the company have any requirement to refund me as I have not received the product.

  • ron 15 November, 1:00 am

    If I purchase a tv on line, paid for it,get delivery conformation date and code and the monies have gone out of my account but the tv is not the one as described on my receipt what is my position?

  • Tracey 16 December, 3:21 pm

    Hi, i brought a pirates fancy dress outfit for my daughter for a dance show she was in. During the song the straps broke on the dress which was upsetting for her. Ive contacted the company i brought the dress from and they say as the dress was worn they dont have to give a refund but will as a ‘goodwill’ gesture refund 50% of the costs. I feel they should refund the full costs as how on earth was i suppossed to know its faulty until it was worn! Clearly the straps were not made strong enough on the dress in the first place. Their argument is it was not faulty until it was worn! which i feel is a ridiculous argument as clearly it was made of very poor quality if the straps broke so easily after only wearing it for 30 minutes

  • Grainne 27 December, 3:31 pm

    Hi, On the 20th december I purchased an e-bike online and paid for it including delivery and received my confirmation email. Money has been taken from my credit card.

    Three days later(23rd)the company contacted me to say it was not in stock and they would refund me the price.

    Same day I emailed to say I would wait until it came in, no answer yet.

    Today I checked their web page to see the same bike (same photos etc) for sale but £200 dearer!

    My query is can they do this, cancel my order and re advertise at a dearer price?

    Thank you in advance.

  • francis madden 12 January, 11:27 pm

    Hi,Our situation is that we ordered 2 sofas on the internet from well known company, we waited for six weeks for delivery, they were delivered on the day they said which was ok this was the 3rd of december.When we were viewing the items on the internet we specifically viewed the thickness of the cushions which looked very thick and high which is important as my wife is disabled,within a week the cushions have started to collapse and sink down and go out of shape,we phoned up the company to complain and they have agreed to send a person out to inspect them, they could not send anyone out until the 6th of january 33 days from delivery, niether of us are overweight but it has now become totally unsuitable for us where do we stand. with many thanks for your attention

  • gage harrison 18 January, 12:08 pm

    I orderd a dress for my girlfriend it come and didn’t fit so we returned the item askin for a bigger size , still havnt heard nothing it’s been about a month I’ve asked for a refund still no reply , wondering if you could help me , thankyou

  • Wendy Wheatley 26 January, 10:21 am

    We bought 2 leather chairs in August 2012 in dec 2013 we realised that one of them has broken on the inside we contacted the company we bought them from and they are saying its a 1 year guarantee only that’s it we paid £1000 each for the chairs on a credit card and think they should have more of a guarantee than that where do we stand thank you

  • c kenyon 31 January, 2:42 pm

    Hello 🙂
    I bought two book s n November last year from WHSmiths online. One was dispatched and received straight away, however I’m still waiting for the second!

    They emailed me abut a week after my order and said they are having problems with the supplier and their would be a delay etc. I’ve replied to their email about three times, found other customer service emails and contacted them that way, AND even tweeted them asking for a refund on the order. No one has ever replied or acknowledged my order.

    I can’t seem to sign in on their website, and when I’ve requested a password I don’t receive it (and I’ve checked Spam). I think when I purchased the books I did it as a one time order, rather than joining the site. I have the original confirmation of order email.

    Does anyone have any idea who I can contact to get this sorted?


  • Rachael Howard 27 February, 2:47 pm

    I ordered a coat in the sale from K and co, it was reduced from £97 to £38, bargain! It arrived but was too big so I went back onto the website to reorder a smaller size. They still have both sizes but the price was now £67, still advertised as “in the sale”. I was a bit confused so I emailed them to which their reply was sorry, return the bigger one and order smaller size for £29 more?? Surely this cant be right??

    Would be grateful for your advice
    thanks Rachael

  • Tracey Kittlety 6 March, 7:08 pm

    I bought 2 trial priced items online at a cost if £4.99 each but within 2 weeks of receiving them the company had taken 2 x amounts of £69.97 for another 2 items (full price) I have told the company these were unauthorised payments but they said in the small print it says if I do not contact them to cancel they will continue to send these pills out on a monthly basis. I have cancelled any further orders but want my £139.94 reimbursed, is this possible seeing I have not even received these further items and cancelled before they dispatched anyway so they have my money and my items, I would appreciate any help on this ASAP thanks

  • Karen 8 March, 11:21 pm

    Hi I recently agreed to advertise with a magazine but have since decided against this I agreed to it on the phone but the women did not give me the terms and condition on the call and is now saying I have to pay 100% cancellation fee can they do this.

  • Dorina 11 March, 9:21 pm

    I had several complaints for TalkTalk. I wanted to leave as I was paying far too much. So they offered me for the same money TV as well as landline and broadband. I was clearly told I have 14 days from when I either receive the box. I received the box in the 24th Feb and I e-mailed I want to cancel on the 6th. The reason being I was told my monthly bill will stay the same, yet I have a £3.50 extra for a service I had for free before. Secondly I was told I will be able to record, pause and unwind live TV. They did not mention it was only for the FreeView channels. So this box is not really doing much for me. When they answered my e-mail the total of the cancellation was over £700. I explained the situation but they wont have any of it. I am stressed out to the max. What can I do? Any advice, welcome. Many thanks

  • Edel 14 March, 9:47 pm

    Hi, I bought some dresses and returned them via asda direct, who In turn we’re picked up by yodel, yodel has since lost these dresses and they were never returned, I can not get my money back as the supplier has said that they only have a delivery contract with yodel and not a returns policy with them, it has came to light that when the returns labels were being printed, the wrong label was dispatched, can you tell me where I stand as I am now out £100, thank you in advance

  • Julie murphy 20 March, 5:54 pm

    I used harpic to remove limescale on my kitchen sink but it has stained it and I need to replace it. I have sent haptic a message explaining the damage this product has caused and received a reply but accidentally deleted the email so I sent another message but have not received a reply this was approx 2 months ago. They have no contact tel no or address to contact them. I would like to know what I can do pls to resolve this situation

  • paul niblett 25 March, 10:40 am


  • dawn 27 March, 8:21 pm

    I brought a car 2 weeks ago. It was advertised as a certain price but when we made payment, the salesman mischarged us and sold the car for less money. Can the car sales request the money they didn’t charge back from from us? Please advise. Thank you

  • Shelagh 31 March, 7:26 pm

    I need help understanding where we stand on a matter concerning the repair of my bicycle.
    My partner took my road bike in to a local shop for a service, asking the bike mechanic to service it and make it safe.
    The man who did the work on my bike took it upon himself to do other work on my bike.. Changing wheels ect.. Totalling to a sum of £425! The work my partner asked to do would have been somewhere in the region of £140. The man didn’t contact my partner to ask him if he should carry out said works. As the bike is 2 years old and was only £700 at the time of purchase I really don’t want to spend that amount of money on it..
    Could you please let us know where we stand on this matter.



  • Emma Neeson 1 April, 6:44 pm

    i ordered stuff online i recieved half of my order 2wks ago i hav contacted the company n they just me to wait but i feel like i hav waited long enuf is ther anything i can do

  • jagdip dani 2 April, 10:27 am

    I purchased a mattress from bedandmattressworld via groupon. The item is less than a year and the stitching and item is coming away which is not right after paying £300. We tried emailing but the address on site dont work so we ended up calling. They provided us with different emails which also didnt work. Finally gave us one that worked and were told to send pictures as this is clearly not ware and tear. Heard nothing its been 2 weeks so called again and asked to be called back and they refused to take my number. Where do we stand with this?

  • kerry 3 April, 12:12 pm

    I purchased a used £203 mobile for my niece’s christmas, however after 3 months of it not working properly we have just been informed by her network supplier that it had been blocked as it was reported stolen. She was told to go back to the store with it where they offerd my niece £175 voucher towards another handset, she asked why she could not have an identical handset in exchange & they told her that the current value stood at £175 even though they have set aside one priced at £203. I just wonderd if this was legal as i believe they should not have been allowed to sell a stolen item in the first place.

  • Lauren 4 April, 3:27 am

    Hey, me and my partner brought a bed online. We ordered a king size but have been delivered a double. While on the phone we asked if they could paint to black but they said no so we ordered the unfinished bed so we could, which was one of the options. We set the bed up and glued the joints aswell as the bolts they provided along with painting it jet black. We then put our new kingsize mattress on and ovbs it didn’t fit. It’s been 3 days since ordering and we will be calling tomorrow as by the time we realised it didn’t fit the shop was shut. Instructions are generic and say from single to king size on them, packing had no description on it and recipt says king size. What’s our rights?

  • Edilson Santos 16 April, 1:25 pm

    I ahve bought something on the internet and paid straight way the amout they put on the webpage, received the confirmation and recipt of the order details; but today I received a email from them saying they will credit me as the item price was wrong!!! so they ask me for more money or if I want to choose something elses?
    What is my wright now please.

    Kind regards,

  • Andrea Mcclorry 17 April, 2:25 pm

    Hi I bought a retro black and while 3+2 sofas on line they said in the add they were called Sergio grade 2 Italian leather and when it did finally get delivered at 1.45am last Friday morning after waiting all day/night for it when we unwrapped it it was a sticker on the wrapper saying it was a Palermo when we googled it says it’s faux leather when we rang one of the many mobile numbers we had they denied it was faux leather and the manager started to get bit nasty we said we are not happy with the sofas and they just won’t have it the have ignored my phone called and text messages I paid 320 for them plus 35 delivery cost we can also feel the wood on the seat at back they are extremely hard and very uncomfortable. It was a company based in Manchester that r putting adds on hunters under all different mobile numbers and also stating that they are only one of a few that are selling Italian leather sofas can you please give me some advice are help me get my money back

  • Susan Grozier 11 May, 2:58 pm

    But what if the goods do not arrive? I ordered fitted car seat covers online, paid by debit card, cash taken from my account on the 14th April but still not received goods. Have emailed them 3 times and written. No replies. Still no covers.

  • Ryan lockey 30 May, 3:24 pm

    Hi i tecently bought my wife some
    Wedding shoes from america they come damaged and not what expected now they wont respond to me or send me a returns address can you help thanx

  • Caroline 15 June, 1:45 pm

    Hi we paid for a part for our jet wash but 2 weeks later we still haven’t received it … We have phoned and emailed but had no reply from both … What can we do ??

  • Chris Davis 19 June, 12:31 am

    I got an iphone 5 on contract with 3. 6 months down the the line there was a hardware problem with it. Took it to the apple store and they replaced it with a brand new phone. Now another 6 months has past and there is another hardware problem with the brand new phone with the battery where the phone keeps switching off when there is 40% battery. I rang apple and they are saying I have to pay for the repairs because it’s out of warranty and it could cost from £50 -£230. I think this is wrong because I’ve had two phones in a year with malfunctions that are nothing to do with the way I look after the phone but were giving to me faulty. Do I have any rights?

  • Emma Meigh 23 June, 4:31 pm

    I recently purchased free trial goods of line only payin for shippin, I res t’s n c’s n it stated if I didnt cancel within 14 days they would automatically send me a new batch every mth with a charge of 97.99 so of course I cancelled my subscription the very next day…I also re eived a email from the company confirming my cancellation n that it had been processed n re eive but when my bank statement came..they had taken a total of 300 pound from my acxount on 3 seperate occassions after my email to them and after my email from them selves…surely they hav not got any rifht to do this as I cancell with in tge giventime sscale n had confirmation bk from them selves…any advise welcome

    • Sandie 18 September, 1:29 pm

      Hi Emma, the same happened to me but I never even received the goods and they took 4 payments from my credit card totally £308. How did you get your refund

  • justina 24 June, 8:19 am

    Hi, I have recently bought a parm from a company in US online, I live in Lithuania myself, after I paid for it, the seller would reply that they did not get the right amount and after clearing the situation out it appeared that they made a mistake and posted two items when I ordered only one and they wouldn’t let me to collect the item until I pay atleast a half of the amount for the second item, return it after and then they could rufund the money for the second one. Since then I cannot get in contact with them, they do not reply to any emails or phone calls, I did not get the item and I have paid quite good money.for that. Where and how can I claim the situation?

  • robert cooper 30 June, 10:51 am

    i bought some parts on the internet from europarts quite a well known company they sent the wrong parts. i returned them asthey told me to do on the phone they wont return my moneyi have contacted them on numerous occasions ive been told to contact different branches by them always beeing passed on. i have now found out by someone in the trade they do this regularly and like most people i give up as it is now on the point of costing more to get your money than the goods cost nice scam they get the goods back and keep the money as well. awarning to anyone buying car parts from europarts

  • lynda hornsey 4 July, 9:27 pm

    i tried to order a bed on argos it showed on the website as available in stock and d available for delivery. I tried to order it 3 times and was unable to get to checkout. I rang argos today spoke to leanne at 10.25 to find out the bed wascwrongly priced and they wouldnt let me have ut for 74.99 yet if this happened at the checkout at mortisons they would have to honour the advertised price hand the bed is still being advertised on the site…is this fair?

  • Giulia Khawaja 9 July, 10:42 am

    I was looking for information about having bought seeds which do not germinate what can be done? The firm ‘Plants from Seed’ does not accept any responsibility but have in effect, charged £7 for two small plastic plant pots and a tablespoonful of compost. The seeds were the size of a full stop and impossible to handle.

  • cinda 9 July, 4:29 pm

    i had been negotiating a price for an item i had been looking for for years on a website back and forth for a couple of days ( not eb**) when someone started negotiating for the item as well. wanting to ensure that i would get the product either way i went ahead and paid full price on the site to ensure the product was mine during negotiations. she wanted payment through pp, so i had left my contact info to ensure she could send me the invoice at her leisure.
    i woke up this morning to find my purchase cancelled and he had given my purchase to the other shopper.
    wasn’t my purchase protected in some way?

  • Lois 10 July, 12:18 pm

    Do these rules cover purchases from the US? I recently purchased a hand made baby hat. Item has never been received (the seller claims to have sent to but wouldn’t supplier a tracking number). I requested a refund, the seller claimed to have sent this via paypal, however it was never received. Now the seller has blocked me to stop me making contact.

    I have found an alternative way, but wanted to know my rights before I message them.

    Many thanks

  • Ashley 10 July, 1:07 pm

    We bought 5 packs of cobbles from a website and now they’ve cancelled our order stating that they had priced it up wrong… Are they obliged to provide the goods at the price originally offered.. Thanks in advance

  • gavin 13 July, 3:31 pm

    i have bought a pool heater from Bestway, when i reieved this on reading the instruction it states it must be plugged into a wall socket, this wasnt specified in the description on their website and because of this it is unusable.
    Their phone number is just a phone message and i have to email a fault, i have done this every day for two weeks and only ever had a stock email in response, i have no way of contacting them other than this email address.
    I have demanded a refund but i just get a standard email acknowledging my request, what should i do?

  • Jan 14 July, 10:12 am

    I have bought an item of ebay. it is faulty and needs to be returned. I was told that l should have kept the packing even though it has been over a month and the packing is bulk •

    is this true?

  • Bob Evans 14 July, 4:01 pm

    I purchased a blind on line which had a broken part. The suppler has sent the parts required but not assembled. I have tried bur cannot assemble the parts. Supplier saying its easy to do I say impossible I want my money back or a new blind and supplier says no refunds on made to measure blinds.

    Where can I turn to for help?


    Bob Evans

  • T. Rosa 18 July, 8:20 am

    About 3 months ago i bought a tablet online the specifications were 1gb ram 8gb mem last week i i was unlucky and broke the screen as its not cover by the warranty i toke it to a shop to repair and when the shop assistante open it he told me and its also writen in a small sticker on the inside of the tablet that the tablet just have 512mb of ram and 8gb of mem.
    i contact the shop that sold me the tablet to say that i was miss sold the tablet this tablet was not what i paid or wanted and they saying because the screen is broken they cant do anything. my point is if i hadnt broken the screen i wouldn’ve found out that they had sold me a wrong tablet. what can i do????

    T. Rosa

  • lynn 23 July, 9:18 pm

    I purchased what was described as a bedroom package containing several pieces of furniture, payment was made, dispatch notice received, however only a single piece of furniture was delivered. I contacted the seller who informed me the description on the website was incorrect. They have said they’ll refund me and collect the item and amend the advertised product details. However 3 days later the same product description is still on the website. Where do I stand in regard to getting what was advertised?

  • Enquiring Minds 25 July, 5:50 am

    I bought a $4000-5000 Ford Fiesta body kit from Puma Speed, a company in the UK, and have been trying to reach them about it ever since. A year after delivery was overdue they just stopped replying and now don’t reply to my contact. How can I, living in Sydney Australia, get my money back from these con artists? Any advice is greatly appreciated.

  • Emma 26 July, 3:30 pm

    I preordered an item due to be delivered on the 28th July. I then received an email to say it would be delayed for a month. The next day after that I receive another email to say that my order has been cancelled as the supplier cannot fulfil the quota. I go and look on the website I ordered it from only to see the item now being preordered for December delivery (which would be fine by me) but at more than twice the price. Can this company do this? I would love to know if I could take this matter any further.

  • t.rosa 27 July, 11:40 am

    hi! i bought a tablet a couple of months back from tmart and last week I had the bad luck of breaking the screen of that tablet that I bought as it wouldn’t be cover by warranty has you are aware I toke the tab to repair for my surprise when the tab was open the shop assistant tells me that the specifications of the tablet are not the one that I paid for or wanted.
    When I bought the tablet I choose that one because on the website showed it had 1gb of ram and 8 gb of memory the 8gb of memory are correct but I was miss sold a tablet with just 512mb of ram. i contact them and they giving me the excuse of that i broke the screen if i want it change i need to fix it first of course im not gona do that as its cheaper to buy i new one as i already did from a respectufull web shop this time. but i’m still asking them (Tmart) for some kind of conpensation for the miss sold tablet a as i pay far more for the the tablet then it would be the real cost of the one they send to me.
    there answer was “we give you 400 points ” that are around 5pounds i said know to that as it would cover the diference from one tablet to the other they didnt reply anymore i’ve also ask them for a phone number and adress for complains departmemt with no luck and also for a letter withe there final decision on the matter and no letter as yet a week has gone buy.
    What else can i do? its not the value of the tablet is there actitude that is making me take this as far as i can to make them pay for this . i know the screen is broken but if i hadn’t broken i wouldn’ve found out all this.
    can you give me some direction from here?

  • Kally 29 July, 8:49 pm

    I ordered an item online a few weeks ago, at the time there was an offer whereby if you buy a pram then you would get a free car seat.
    I ordered them & paid for the item, I received a receipt for the goods, dispatch confirmation for the pram and an email informing me that the car seat would be delivered within four weeks (despite the online site saying it was in stock).
    I have now had an email today telling me that there has been a change to my order. On looking they have cancelled the order for the car seat & the item has not been relisted on their website, I assume due to no stock availability.
    Do I have the right to request a similar car seat at the same cost? Even though we didn’t actually pay for the car seat because it came under an offer made by the company?
    They have made no attempt to offer an alternative but just cancelled the order. It should be noted that the item ordered was an expensive item bought purely because of the offer on at the time meaning a £100+ saving.

  • Mike 30 July, 7:35 pm

    I recently bought a horsebox off an eBay, The person is down as a business seller, (I don’t know if this makes a difference) I went to inspect the box and from the outlook everything seemed fine and it turned over straight away, so we drove back home over 100 miles, I booked it in to get the 2 items on the advisory sorted which I knew about this was an oil leak and a slightly corroded break pipe and to get the box a full once over. Basically the garage has said it is unsafe to drive, the brake lights didn’t work, and the welding underneath was extremely poor quality, along with a list of other problems and his advice was to take it back.

    I contacted the seller and told them the bad news but obviously the are now refusing to accept the return even though they have stipulated a 14 day return and nowhere on their description does it say otherwise so now I am in a back and forth with them over the return and refund.

    Surly with the 14 day returns on the advert they are legally obliged to accept the return for a full refund, they are stating that eBay wouldn’t let them take it down and it was meant to be no returns, I wouldn’t have bought the item if this was the case.

  • barry hawken 5 August, 1:43 am

    I am with talktalk. I phoned them up and asked them to put an aeriel in my room and they said if i upgrade my youview box then someone would come round and do that when i rung them up the other day they said that they did not say that and are making me pay for it myself which will cost between £150 to £250 and i can not pay that i have asked for them to cancel my contact abd they wont

  • Helen 11 August, 7:59 pm

    I recently purchased some clothing that arrived and didn’t fit. On checking the enclosed paperwork for the returns process I learnt that I had to pay the return postage. I checked the retailer’s website before purchasing there was no mention of having to pay postage on returns, are they able to do this? Every other retailer I’ve used either provides free return service or will reimburse postage if no service is in place. Can you advise if I should be insisting on them refunding return postage cost? Thanks very much

  • Wesley Thompson 16 August, 6:09 pm

    Hi can anybody give me some advice on what to do please

    I order a vest and a snapback hat from an American rap artists clothing range ( and I have never received my items I have the receipt for this online purchase, it’s now been four months, I have spoken to the seller via email around 2 months ago and he explained that ther merchant company had stopped making the vest I ordered but that they was specifically making me one anyways a few weeks go by and still nothing I then email him again yo which I was told that the line had discontinued and was it possible to replace this best with another item I then said sure I don’t mind along as u replace it with something of the same value, and ive been waiting ever since, now the seller is not responding to any of my emails and I haven’t received any of my goods, ive told them I want a full refund, but still no replys, it’s only 27.00 Gbp but it’s not the point, this artist WAS one of my favourites but since this I really don’t care for the ‘shwayze’ clothing range anymore I just want my money back but I don’t know what to do or where to start, someone please help me.

  • za 21 August, 8:08 pm

    Hi need some advice please. Recently saw an ad for a supplement called progain 350 which said you can try it free, all you were required to pay was the postage and packaging which would cost £ 4.99. Been a dumb ass stupid idiot i never really looked into the fine print. Received the goods a few days later. Never thought much about it but then 2 weeks later another bottle of the supplements came through the post. Once again never done anything again. However again today a fews later another bottle has come through again. Obviously realising this is very fishy as I was only expecting one bottle as a free trial. Now I’m worried as I paid for it using my debit card and I’m pretty sure there taking money out of my account. Feel like a complete fool as I’m usually very cautious about these things. Tried to contact the company but no reply back. How can I stop this nonsense from re occurring. Any advice would be grateful. Thanks

  • Jo 22 August, 2:35 pm

    I have just purchased some shoes on-line for £95.00, from a well-known department store, and paid for next day delivery. On receipt of the shoes, I note that the price of the shoes is £65.00 (as noted on the box as a standard selling price) – there is no mention of £95.00 anywhere, and £65.00 is not a temporary sale price.

    Am I entitled to a refund of the difference?

    Many thanks



  • Arlene Reilly 28 August, 8:28 pm

    I was hoping someone could confirm a query.
    I bought a voucher online for a massage; it did not state any terms and conditions and bought the item as a present.
    When I received the item I opened the letter noticed it was the voucher and put it to one side!
    I pulled it out use a few weeks later to notice there was an expiry date on the voucher to be used within 1 month.
    There was no indication of this on th website before purchasing and if I had known about this I would not have purchased the massage as it could not have been used within the time frame.
    I have contacted the shop to make a complaint but been told I should have read the voucher when I received it but I can help feel that I have been mis-sold! Is this legal?

    Kind regards

  • nick lloyd 3 September, 8:55 am

    if i sign up for a on line distance learning course but don’t redeem the access code can i ask for a refund as it was only one day ago and have found out the course is not an accredited course. was done over the phone so reading the terms at the moment .
    also was not informed there is a £10 fee for the certificate that i print my self

  • teresa 9 September, 4:08 am

    I ordered this diet pills, lipog never received it called they said it’s been mailed then next it had to sent to corp. Office it’s only 9.00 but that how they stay in business taken advantage of people

  • Jenny 9 September, 8:07 am

    I tried to book Disney tickets online and once putting my payment details in the page crashed! This happened twice. So I decide to buy my tickets elsewhere. Two hours later I get an email from the first company saying my purchase has been sucessful and now I am stuck with 6 extra tickets which I did not want! To the value of 2656! How do I stand about getting a refund any help appreciated…

  • Gaumaya 10 September, 11:24 am

    Hi there,
    I ordered 25 ltr Brick Acid from ebay seller. The item didnot arrive and I contacted the seller. Seller came up with the information that the item was delivered by ”Grand Prix Express” on 22nd Aug at 10:55 am and signed by Salila. The item was not delivered and the Name Salila doesnot exist in my family. What can I do?

    I will appreciate any advise how we can take action. Also do anybody know if this ”Grand Prix Express” a fraud courier company.

    Many thanks!

  • Ben Fisher 14 September, 7:44 am


    I ordered an item in August which was delivered on time but an item was missing. I contacted the company at the end of August and they said they will ask Head office to send me one. Its been nearly 2 months and i am still waiting to receive the missing item. I need it by mid October Can I have some advice on what to do please?

    Should I buy one then invoice them them cost for it?


  • g 14 September, 2:57 pm

    Hi I bought a pair of trainers from mvp5.
    They sent me confirmation of payment an said they would contact me when they were dispatched.
    It’s been over 3 weeks an iv contacted them many times an had no reply.
    What so I do ?xx

  • Cheryl 16 September, 1:12 pm

    I purchased a mattress online.when it arrived it had no labels ,I have not touched the packaging and the company are refusing to collect it,they say it is my job to find a carrier and pay for it my self..

  • Sandie 18 September, 1:24 pm

    I purchased a trial order of diet pills, like millions of others! This was a scam. I never received the goods and therefore never trialled the product. They then took 4 payments from my credit card.
    Am I covered for card protection as I never received the goods.
    The company are not contactable with a no reply email somewhere in America I think!
    I did this from Facebook with the Denise Welch promotional material…
    How do I get my money back?

  • Dhoravel 20 September, 1:00 pm

    I have ordered rayban sun glasses from this site,, 6 months ago and unfortunately, i haven’t received yet my orders until now. I sent an email to the store owner but got no anwers from him. The problem was, i coundn’t contact them by phone because they didn’t give any. Today, i found out this; ” The websites listed in the complaint are not affiliated with the genuine Ray-Ban brand or Luxottica. Luxottica and its counsel cannot provide any additional information regarding any orders placed with any of the websites. ”
    Is there any possibilities that i could obtain a refund from my creditcard company? Want it was actually a fraud.


  • Amy 22 September, 1:11 am

    I’ve recently bought some shoes offline and when I received them they had sent me the wrong ones, I double checked my order to make sure that what I had selected was correct and it was. I emailed them as soon as I got them and it’s been almost 2 weeks and I’ve sent about 10 emails now and they won’t reply! What do I do?

  • James 27 September, 3:46 pm

    I just bought and paid for a tv from tesco it should’ve been delivered today but as it got to 3pm I phoned to check on status only to be put on hold for about 5 mins then when the lady got back on the phone she said there seems to be a problem and would need another department to ring me back now I had phone the tesco direct order helpline so not sure why she couldn’t help me but she said the tv might be out of stock she also couldn’t tell me how long it will take for someone to phone me back. The problem lies in the fact it was very cheap for the size as it was £179 for a 39inch led full hd and to get an equivalent tv I’m looking at more money. Could I demand an equivalent size for no extra as they have my money already.

  • ki 6 October, 11:46 pm

    My order says pending but also has a release date which was today what does that mean?

  • rob forbes 8 October, 4:23 pm

    I recently bought something online from a website. It clearly stated that they shipped to Europe and I selected this option at checkout paying 12.50 for “Shipping: Rest of the World (Non UK) 3 day service”. @ days later they have come back to me to say that the actual shipping cost is 42.00 and they say I must pay this or the order will be cancelled. Are they allowed to do this? The transaction was completed over 48 hours ago when I paid in full

  • mrs j melrose 12 October, 11:15 am

    I bought more lives at the app store and have never recievethem I paid 7.99 its shocking how do they get away with it

  • Rosie Tilley 13 October, 7:21 pm


    I recently purchased some products from and I paid using my card the total that was on the screen then when I confirmed my payment it said it had taken £15 for delivery and £10 for taxes, this wasn’t clear when I processed the order. So immediately I contacted them and said I wanted to cancel my order as it is going to cost me a lot more than I anticipated I was then told I cannot cancel and order that has already been processed and that I have to get back to them when the item arrives to arrange a return. I then asked do they send a pre paid packet for me
    To return the item they said they didn’t do that. So that means I will have to pay to return it but i have tried to cancel before it has been sent and also the payment process is very misleading regarding taxes and shipping. Where do i stand with this?

    Thank you

  • sandra norman 15 October, 1:27 pm

    My daughter ordered a bed on credit and was accepted. It would cost her £35 pm. She had an e.mail confirming this. But on the website it said her order had been cancelled. So she phoned them and they said no it is definately being delivered and was given her delivery date. She took receipt of the bed on said date 6th Oct. Now nearly 2 weeks later she has had an e.mail saying that her credit has been refused and she needs to sort out payment for the bed. Which at £600 she can’t. Or to return the bed which is the only thing she now has to sleep on. She can stick to the payment that was originally agreed. She could even pay a bit more. What are her rights? Surely this is there error. Please help. She is really panicking.

  • Eugene 18 October, 8:57 am

    Hi, I’m hoping someone can help.

    I live in Northern Ireland and bought some stuff from a UK mainland based website. At checkout it gave the option to check delivery charges which where confirmed as zero. This check included me providing my postcode! I went through the checkout process and all completed fine and postage was indeed free.

    I have since been emailed by the website asking for £45 to deliver my items. They say it’s an error on the site and as my item is over a certain weight they can’t deliver to N.I for free. I understand there is costs involved but £45 seems like way to much! Also as its their mistake and I was able to purchase the item fine on the site is it really my fault or up to me to pay?

    Any help here would be great.

  • leah 19 October, 1:10 am

    Can anyone help. I’ve been extremely poorly this past year or so and due to this I have missed payments or been late with making them as I am constantly in and out of hospital. I have repeatedly asked the company (online catalogue) via email and phone to send me a direct debit mandate so I would stop all the late payments etc every request has been ignored. Surprise surprise the one time they respond to me is because they want me to settle the bill in full. I can pay it but I’m so cross with them and wondered if they have broken their side of the agreement?

  • zoe 23 October, 9:17 am

    I had a cooker repaired last December, new fan, thermostat etc. The oven is faulty again (thermostat) and the company are saying that the new parts are only under warranty for 6 months??? Is this correct???

  • Angela Ingram 1 November, 6:41 pm

    Can someone please help I order a TV Stand from an online company called TV Solutions, but my order never arrived and now I can not get hold of this company. I have tried claiming my money back via the bank as it was paid for on a Visa Debt but the bank have said that they can do nothing about it. Please help

  • Roslyn mykoliw 2 November, 2:07 pm

    I recently bought a jacket costing £110. When it arrived it was not to my liking. There was nothing faulty about the jacket, i just didn’t like it. The company was advised by email 5 days after delivery. The jacket came from China which i was unaware of at the time of ordering. They are now being very awkward about me returning it. My last email from them said it wasn’t worth me returning due to postage costs. I said i still wanted to return and have heard nothing further. I paid by visa debit card. Can you assist please

    • Jam 10 December, 2:32 pm

      If you offer to pay the postage I’m sure they will then agree to return but I can’t imagine you would expect a company to lose money because you didn’t like it….

  • Lesley Hulse 5 November, 9:33 am

    I recently purchased wallet for my sons birthday online at the Mulberry online outlet shop. The whole website is in English and all the prices are in sterling. I ordered a wallet and paid for it with my credit card at a cost of 86.00 GBP. When I received my Credit Card Statement the amount they have taken is 90.79 when I emailed them and queried this I was told it was because of currency fluctuation due to different currency rates. It does not say anywhere on the website that there could be a difference from the amount I authorise to the amount they take. It also doesn’t state that the item is coming from Hong Kong. I am very unhappy about this and wonder if this is legal.

  • Tracy 14 November, 4:06 am

    I placed an order with a popular online seller on the 1st of November and qualified for free next day delivery. The order was meant to be delivered to a Collectplus store on Monday the 3rd of November but a mistake was made at the warehouse where a wrong barcode and wrong courier was used to dispatch the order. I never heard any from the seller to say that that was what had happened, only for me to go to the Collectplus store 2 days after the delivery was supposed to be made only to be told that an order came for me but it had the wrong barcode hence they couldn’t accept it. As soon as I got home I logged into my bank account and saw that PayPal had made a refund of that exact amount with the seller’s name and the order number. I didn’t want to make any noise about this as this was the first time such was after after years of business with the seller. I placed the same order again on the 6th of November and still qualified for next day due to the amount spent. I got several correspondence from the seller saying my order had been dispatched and that it was going to reach me on friday the 7th (got emails stating this). First thing friday morning I received an email saying an error occurred whilst my order was being processed at the warehouse and that it was sent out with wrong barcode and that a full refund would be made as soon as they received back the order. They didn’t bother to inform PayPal of what had happened with the order or process my refund. I was surprised to receive emails from PayPal saying they had charged my bank account for the same order on tuesday and that charge made me go overdrawn. I called PayPal to notify them I never received the order but they said they had not heard anything from the seller regarding that. Tried several means to reach the seller to no avail until I called their head office on the 13th of November from where I was transferred to the customer service team. Spoke to an agent who said they had not processed the refund as they couldn’t assign someone every time to be on top of an order and that they depend on their customers to let them know when something goes wrong. First I didn’t know something had gone wrong until I received the email from them. Secondly they processed the first refund before I even knew the order was not rightly processed. Thirdly my bank account has now been charged and made overdrawn and I have received letters from my bank notifying me that charges are going to apply as I do not have an overdraft on that particular account. Is there anything I can do to get compensation from the said seller? Would I have a case if I decided to take legal action against them? This is not just about the charge fee alone, this transaction is going to have an adverse effect on my credit history that I have maintained so well for years as my dream is to work in finance. Please I need advice on what to do next. Thanks in advance

  • nicky 14 November, 10:03 pm

    Hi, I saw a lot of reduced items on chemist direct and made a purchase of £47, i received order confirmation and payment was taken from my paypal account. the next day i received an email saying all 19 of my purchases (7 different items) were out of stock and i would receive a refund in 3-5 working days instead of them waiting until the stock arrived due to supplier issues. the next day i checked the website and all prices had tripled and the items are in stock. where do i stand? as i made my purchase, i got email confirmation, they took my money, they cancelled my order, they lied in the reason and i will be out of pocket for a week. do they have to sell them at the price i purchased them at?

  • Anne 20 November, 6:33 pm

    I have purchased an evening dress on line but it does not fit. The information on the site is that they make the dress to a specific size and therefore if it does not fit then basically thats hard luck. Am I entitled to my money back?

  • barney 21 November, 9:42 pm

    A large UK based company I wanted to purchase clothes online from insisted on their form that I tell them how long to the month I had been resident at the address. Just to buy a pair of socks by credit/debit card. Surely they are collecting data they should not be?

  • June Stokes-Harrell 27 November, 4:45 pm

    I brought a Rangemaster Cooker from Marks Electrical on line shop and had lots of problem with the cooker and them. I brought it for my home but paid for it on my Business Credit Card and now a Solicitor has sent me a Statutory Demand under section 268 (1) (a) of the Insolvency Act 1986. Debt for Liquidated Sum Payable Immediately. My question is can they do this.
    01536 420220

  • k rowley 2 December, 4:27 pm

    Hi, I recently purchased an item from a reputable company and received confirmation of my order, then 2 days later I received an email stating that the product was out of stock and that the order had been cancelled. The following day when I visited the website again I noticed that the same item is still on sale with no ‘Out of Stock’ notifications displayed, only now it is £5 more expensive! The moral thing for this company to do would be to honour the original purchase price, but I understand that they are not obliged to do so. Is this correct?

  • Stephan 4 December, 9:28 pm

    i purchased various cosmetics on Black Friday and intended to enter a 15% discount code but saw no place to do so before my order was completed and I had made my payment. When I emailed the company immediately afterwards informing them that I had not seen anywhere where I could enter the code they emailed me the following day saying I only had had 30 minutes to inform them (even though this was online on a Sunday when they presumably were closed) and that therefore they were unable and unwilling to apply the discount. What are my rights?

  • Sue Norman 5 December, 1:31 pm

    I bought a shower valve and sliding rail kit on line, I also rang to supplier to ensure that the shower was thermostatic and that it was complete with sliding rail kit, to which I received a phone call to confirm it conformed.
    Five weeks later I receive only part of the goods ordered that was purchased on line.
    On contacting the supplier to find out where the rest of my order was, I was informed that I would have to pay extra before they would deliver the sliding rail kit as they had made a mistake on there web site with the pricing of said item.
    Where do I stand?



  • Jax 10 December, 1:34 pm

    Hi, I bought 2 items from a small online supplier it has been 6 days and I still have received no shipping info so I opened a dispute with paypal and asked to just be refunded. I was answered very with hostility and told their policy states no refunds or cancelations under any circumstances…? Is this true am I not allowed to change my mind just because she wrote no cancelations?

  • Greg 10 December, 5:10 pm


    I’ve bought some trainers from an online retailer and they are the wrong ones. They are not replying to my Emails and they somehow have charged me extra £3. What’s the best next step?

  • Katherine dimery 17 December, 11:32 am

    Hi I returned some items to an online clothing store within the 14 days they said and they promised a refund within 5 days ! They recieved the parcel and signed for it and it’s been 10 days and they keep asking for my order number and the same questions every email ! They confirmed they have my return! What can I do iv sent 10 emails and want my money

  • Claire Hopkins 18 December, 12:44 pm

    I bought a Barbour coat for my son for Christmas and they have sent the wrong colour. I have emailed them 4 times asking firstly for the right colour (they have none) and then 3 times asking for a FULL refund. They have offered me 5%, 10% and 15% refund to keep the item. I told them I wanted a FULL refund or I would make a complaint, I have since heard nothing (3days ago). What can I do. The only contacts on their website is the email address I have been corresponding with.

  • Katie 23 December, 9:48 am


    Wondering about my rights. Ordered off a website that ships items from China. They sent me the completely wrong item. In fact the only similarity was that it was the same colour!

    They have acknowledged the receipt of the wrong item by asking me for a picture of it. However they say that they will send my correct item with my next order!

    Surely this is illegal as I should not be forced to make a new order to receive an item from my last.

    Either way. It’s a very cheap website so I wouldn’t mind ordering the cheapest thing just go get my item. But their website it also not working anymore making it completely impossible. What do I do?

    They have stopped replying to my emails every time I mention the website doesn’t work.

    Any advice would be great!


  • Shabnum 25 December, 10:28 am

    Hi I recently booked a course with harriet ellis through hot have paid in full and the course does not start until 28th Feb,however I soon realised that I would not be able to fulfill certain criteria for the course i.e finding work placement as I am currently working (this condition was not mentioned on the hot course website,I only found out about it when I read about the course on the actual harriet ellis website),I had assumed I was merely signing up to a an evening class.I have emailed both hot courses and harriet ellis within 24 hours of me making the payment but both are closed for christmas period and will not re open until 2nd Jan.The cooling off period for both is 7 days but I will not be able to speak to anybody until this is over,does the fact I have emailed them cover me? Hot courses say they hold the money until the course starts (to protrct against fraudulent bogus classes) and say if they are contacted within 48 hours they will tefund in full however I am again left with the scenario of it being the chritmas holidays..what rights do I have,am I entitled to a refund?

  • Nicola Platt 27 December, 2:46 pm

    I hope someone can answer this for me
    I ordered a child’s toy online and the order was confirmed by email then an hour later I received an email saying that it was actually out of stock but the payment had been made and I would have to wait 5-8 days for a refund on my debit card which has left me a bit stuffed for my boys birthday.
    Are they allowed to take payment if they don’t actually have the stock?

  • Chris Hazlett 29 December, 5:59 pm

    Hi-can you answer a question re return delivery costs?

    I have recently purchased a mirror online from a well known retailer.

    It has free delivery to my home.

    However it states that if I want to return the item, there will be a £50 collection fee.

    Now I know if the product is unsuitable I can return it within 14 days, but could someone be so kind to tell me if I am liable to pay this £50 collection fee or can I return it another way, and would I be entitled to P&P refund if I returned it my own way.

    Sorry if I have been a bit long-winded.

    Any help will be gratefully received and appreciated.

  • Declan O'Reilly 31 December, 11:25 am


    I have a Apple MacBook Pro purchased from ebay (brand new in box with warranty June 2013) it will not power on, sales of goods act States the item can be fixed without warranty.

    Apple say I have to take it up with ebay as I bought the item from them, where do I stand?


  • sonia 1 January, 11:13 pm

    Hi I bought a wedding dress online via jenjen house nd th dress is so big accordant to usa size nd I told them already about th dress but it seemeed like they care nd tryin to play smart by saying that it was made accordant to th seize th recieve or th dress was already packed 1 day after th order nd I told them to change th dress nd take back th one th sent me or refund my money but no answer yet nd they spoilt my wedding day

  • Charlotte 2 January, 8:20 pm

    I purchased a bracelet from an online store and when I recieved it it was not what was advertised in the picture I contacted them through email to return which on there website states I can but need the return addresse which they refuse to give me and are now ignoring my emails! Is there anything I can do to get my full refund?

  • Alex 4 January, 8:33 pm

    I purchased a ps4 on the internet a month ago. I transferred the money directly from my debit card account. my friends spent £500 on products on that website…
    I haven’t recieved anything and none of my friend have…
    What to do?
    Kind regards

  • michelle frost 8 January, 7:10 pm

    i purchased a pair of football boots and when i received them they were faulty. they had a sock attached to them that were far too tight for my son to get his foot in also little holes in the sock. i have emailed them 4 times to return the item as this is how they said to return them. they have not replied and says they need to be sent back within 8 days of receipt but how can i do this when they wont tell me how to send them back. i did pay for them with a credit card for 89.99. can you tell me what i can do please. the delivery note has no address on as its in chinese

  • Laura Leonard 10 January, 8:02 pm appeared a reliable site but please don’t be fooled like me. Took my money, never sent the goods, although they did send me a false tracking number! They don’t answer emails now and the phone is ‘out of order’

  • Grant 14 January, 5:38 am


    Recently my mother purchased a car part off a website for me for Christmas. Transaction was complete on 21st Dec and supposedly shipped on 23rd.

    I had a confirmation email of package being shipped on 23rd. I know it’s quite a busy time around Christmas so expected delivery first week of January. Item didn’t turn up so phoned the company who said it must have got lost in transit, we’ll send you out another. They also added that they import these parts so would only be able to send it out on Thursday 8th after receiving the parts on Wed 7th.

    I left it until Monday 13th Jan and rung them up. After several attempts of trying to get hold of them they finally answered and gave me a tracking number for UPS. Went onto UPS website to find tracking number wasn’t recognised. Tried phoning total-mps back, but have failed to get an answer ever since.

    I also know someone else who made a purchase in November 2014 who still hasn’t received their items from this company, and were also given an unrecognised ups tracking number. They got through to total mps and were told that they use UPS to pick up from them but don’t use them to deliver the goods directly to the customer, they use a third party deliverer.

    I find this very strange and feel like the company is lying to me for some unknown reason. I’ve tried emailing them but when speaking on the phone they told me that it was pointless emailing because their servers are down.

    To be honest right now I’d rather just get my mothers money back and buy elsewhere.

    I know the website uses a paying method called SagePay, and my mother used a debit card to pay (£90)

    Could you let me know what rights I have, and how to get my money back because they won’t even pick up the phone for me to ask for a refund.


  • Cheryl Taylor 24 January, 9:05 am

    I returned an item I purchased online recorded delivery at my cost
    I have been in touch with the company who keep saying it’s being looked into !! However it’s been 5 wks now and they have stopped replying to my emails
    What can I do next? Thank you

  • Nicola English 27 January, 5:27 am

    If I have purchased online a pair of trainers and the supplier has sent me the wrong size and wrong colour and are unable to supply me with the correct item so I have asked for a refund but they will not refund the cost of me returning items they say I have to pay this is this correct kind regards

  • Mark 30 January, 2:38 pm

    Hi so I purchased a couple of jackets from China, initially thought it was a European or British company, called Coghilldesign. Ordered product on 15th jan, did not receive any confirmation from them until I emailed the webmicroshop who transacted the payment. I then got a reply with tracking info for EMS. That was on the 22nd jan. Items finally arrived on the 27th jan not bad. But having opened the item, ii have found they sent entirely the wrong jacket wrong size wrong everything. I have since contacted them by thre email they sent the tracking info on and have written to the webmicroshop to get in touch through them. This was on the 27th jan it is not the 30th jan having not heard anything back from at all, although the webmicroshop did say they had passed on the email. I want to return the item have an address on the front of package I don’t know what to do I could it send it back to that address but I have not been reimbursed or told they will send the correct item. I am not sure what to do any advice would be great appreciated.

  • Karen 3 February, 1:23 pm

    I received an order today including a pair of childrens shoes. the shoes in the order were mismatched (one c10 other size 2). states on sellers website that returns have to be paid for by customer via registered post.
    would this still be the fact considering they sent me a wrong product and the error is on their part?

    thank you

  • marina 6 February, 7:17 pm

    i have bought a sofa from harveys on 28 november,any way after paying for it i realise that it will be delevered within 11 weeks and i had a call today saying they can deliver on 16 february but first i am away for 3 weeks and secound when i come back i am moving in 2 weeks so called harveys and asked if they could deliver in 5 weeks and they said no that they can only keep it for 3 weeks even though i didn’t get the product within 11 weeks i am having it after ,so my question is for how long by low they have to keep paid product as in charity shop they keep for 6 months by low does this works in my case or not and what shell i say .thank you

  • lynn bonner 11 February, 9:09 pm

    I have just placed an order with Amazon for some reason I have ordered 2 CDs instead of 1 and they are sending me a CD I do not remember ordering can I send the 2 items back I paid by a debit card what are my rights

  • lorri 16 February, 10:18 pm

    I was ordering from from love bebe and and realised the discount had not gone through. I did not select purchase but came out of the site and went back in to order at the discount price. There was nothing in my basket except the discounted item I selected purchase on. I was sent two of the item and charged a whopping £99.99 plus £9.99 postage for the second that I had cancelled. I emailed the company immediately stating I was returning it. I sent it recorded delivery at a cost of £7.15. This was in November! I have sent numerous emails an had 2 replies stating they would look into it. The only contact showing is by email. How can I get my money back?

  • Patricia J. Kelley 17 February, 1:45 am

    my grand daughter ordered some beauty trials, and I cannot find any information re. them. Ido not want the product and they must not charge me for some thing I did not order and definitely cannot use. I am 81 and have no use for whatever she did. She and some of her friends were not aware of what they were doing. They are 7 & 8 and know about computers more than anyone does. And she took advantage of what ever . I have a caregiver who takes care of me. She says that I need super vision and am senile. I am typing this for ms Kelley. She doesn’t know how to use a computer. Her oldest daughter gave her one and at first she could now she doesn’t. She doesn’t know it but she has overdrawn her bank account by 200. dollars. She found where the kids put it.

  • Alison Glover 17 February, 9:38 pm

    I’ve purchase something of a privet person over facebook by bank transfer
    Goods not received how can I get my money back??

  • Debs 20 February, 10:56 pm

    I’ve ordered a product via a big mail order company. Day after product had a £20 price reduction & mines not due to be delivered for another 2 days. Do I have right to ask for price reduction adjustment?


  • Jim Sutherland 26 February, 12:37 pm


    I ordered good from an electrical wholesale company, through the internet, a couple of weeks ago. They don’t reply to e mails etc (they state this when sending them an e mail).
    The goods are subsequently out of stock, with new stock not expected for 3 months.
    I phoned them up and tried to cancel, due to the extraordinary 3 month timescale involved. Only to be told that they don’t allow cancellation and don’t refund any monies under any circumstances.
    Surely this can’t be lawful?
    I would therefore appreciate any information afforded on the matter.

    Kind regards

  • beth 26 February, 2:04 pm

    Iv ordered trainers from a website in America it’s been 2months now and iv not received the trainers it’s all been payed for they never gave me a tracking numbe iv been eemailing them and they are not getting back to me the website Is still up and running so I’m not sure what to do

  • Luke 26 February, 3:01 pm

    Hi ,
    I bought an item online through Amazon and paid immediately . I received confirmation at 1pm .
    The next morning I get a phone call saying the last one was sold in store that morning and they will be unable to process the order .. Is that not my property they sold ?

    Its wasn’t a huge matter for me at all but what has wound me up is the amount of time they took before issuing a refund . In fact I rang up twice to see when it had been done and the reply was that it had .. Amazon refunds come through immediately after they have been processed so I’m kinda getting the vibe ive been lied to from the start and they never had the product in stock .

    I’d like to know if there in the wrong for selling the item that was already bought and payed for by me . Hopefully a little scare will encourage them to take online buyers as seriously as in store one’s .

    Thanks for any info


  • Frank Knowles 2 March, 1:41 am

    I received a $us25 gift voucher from thinkgeek. On selecting an item it came up that they do not ship outside the U.S. or Canada, which is useless since I am in Australia. They say they are fixing the problem and I have five years to use the coupon. Big deal, I might be dead by then and with inflation my money won’t be worth much. They will not give me a refund but are they obliged to give the gift giver a refund?

  • kenny 2 March, 8:12 pm


    Can you please tell me were I stand with a company I bought 2 items from. I gave my car registration to the company who gave me the link to the part I needed. I bought them and when fitting one of the items was not the correct part. I did email to let them know and they told me they would refund me the cost of the part but not the postage and also to send the wrong part back and pay the postage myself, and told me I would not get postage refunded for that either. I understand if it was me who chose the part myself and ordered it but it was them who told me the part that would fit my car not me.

    Thank you

  • alan hodgson 4 March, 10:42 am

    i purchased a head board on line when it arrived and i had unwrapped it found the colour was not what i wanted even though they had sent the one i wanted am i allowed to send it back .

  • Lindsey 6 March, 4:43 pm

    I bought a dress online, but when it arrived it was too big and I didn’t like the style when I tried it on.
    The website said I had to contact the owner to arrange a refund, and that this had to be done within 15 days. I acted immediately, and I have sent three emails asking for a returns address, and I have had no reply. The 15 days are now up, so where do I stand legally?

  • Huda 10 March, 8:03 pm

    I have bought a product online, 3 days ago, I checked my account and the money has been taken by the company however I have not yet received the product by mail. Can they do that?

  • Jason Baines 11 March, 8:41 pm

    I have recently made an order online from a company. When I ordered it the product said it was available to order. However the company has now told me (12 days after I placed the order) that it has not been sent to me yet as they are still waiting to receive it from their supplier, and that they would not have ordered it until my order was placed. Are they in breach of any regulations?

  • JOhanne Parsons 13 March, 6:02 pm

    In December I bought a shower base, enclosure and waste pipe online from Victorian plumbing at a cost of 400 pounds – checked their website and all the reviews were wonderful. A week or so later 3 (large and heavy) boxes arrived as my order confirmation had stated and as expected. As we are renovating the whole house I left the packages in the garage until today when we decided to start fitting the new shower enclosure. To our horror the large glass doors are not in the box – only the glass side panels! Have spoken to customer services, they say because we didn’t actually open all the boxes our only option is to now buy the whole enclosure again! Their driver must have returned to the warehouse with a large box with our address on and nobody thought to investigate. Now we are left with a useless part enclosure and no money.
    My questions are – Can they really do this to us? and
    Why do only the positive feedbacks appear on their customer reviews – do they select what to publish? if so this is surely unfair and dishonest.
    I am gutted and don’t know what to do for the best.

  • David 16 March, 10:36 am

    I purchased an exercise bike from Argos on the 11th January which was delivery on the 27th January. The bike was faulty and I had to wait for a replacement part, then an engineer who said the bike was not fit for purpose and to get a replacement.

    We I called Argos they didnt stock bike any longer and I managed to find a replacement. This was due to be delivered on the 4th March. This delivery date was not booked in so an alternative date of teh 24th March was provide. I received a call on the 13th March telling me that the bike had a further delay and wouldnt be delivered until the end of April.

    By this time Argos would of had my money for 4 months and I have no confidence with the delivery date as they might just call again to tell me there is another delay.

    What would you recommend?

    THank you

  • jim 17 March, 1:31 pm

    Does an online retailer have to give a phone number? I was going to buy something then noticed they said there was no phone contact, email only. Also is it legal to say in their address that it is ‘unit’ with a number, when it is obviously a private house? The post code shows only private houses in the whole street.

  • James Carver 18 March, 2:42 pm

    i bought a mid sleep bed from Argos. It said mid sleeper online (online purchase only) when the day of delivery came the driver rang to say there is only a slide there. After multiple back and forth conversations with Argos they have admitted there was an error online. At one point they offered the bed and slide for free then retracted it. I have a reciept saying “kensinton mid sleeper” and i paid for it. Am i within my rights to demand both? As to date i haven’t recieved either

  • Bibi Bohorquez 18 March, 6:21 pm

    Can you tell me if it’s legal for a courier who has not been paid by the retailer I bought a mattress from, to withold my property, i.e. the mattress I now own. Does he have to accept if I make my own arrangements to have it collected from him?

  • Lorraine 19 March, 7:46 pm

    I ordered a purple Karen Millen dress from a Chinese website called which is a copy of the real Karen Millen website which I thought I was on – stupid, I know. After 4 weeks a package arrived from the courier but it was not a Karen Millen dress, nor was it purple. I contacted the website to request a refund sending them pictures of what arrived. They are now saying that they did send what I ordered and are checking with the courier. Surely they still owe me a refund as their method of dispatch is nothing to do with me. I’d appreciate advice. Thanks.

  • louise 23 March, 4:54 pm

    I recently purchased something from an online company and returned it for a refund. They actually refunded me twice, and then contacted me by email to inform me of their error and then advised they will recoup the duplicate amount. Legally where do they stand, can they do this?

  • Christine 27 March, 7:17 am

    I placed an order via Amazon Marketplace. The item sent was the wrong size. I returned it via signed for registered post. The registered states it has been delivered the seller says it has not, and refuse my refund. Amazon state that as I cannot prove it has been returned then I am not entitled to a refund. I have started a trace via the post office, but what can I do otherwise.



  • Susan 27 March, 2:15 pm

    I ordered some paint and said they could leave in garage if I was not in. The company are now saying it was left in the garage earlier this week. It isn’t there. I work from home and have been here all week so there would be no reason to have had to do that anyway. Also no note put through door to tell me it was in garage. Company says courier adamant it was left in garage . Who is responsible

  • kim white 31 March, 6:04 pm

    bought some tops online and they were to big company returns policy is a full refund of item sent back
    they are now claiming to have just received the items I sent back 3 months later
    luckly I have a post office receipt stating the actual date
    but now they have only refunded me £5.56 instead of the £30 the items cost
    what can I do
    thank you

  • Allison cook 4 April, 1:33 am

    I accidentally ordered goods from wish shopping site they are insisting I have recieved funds I hadn’t reason being the card I bought items had to be canceled and they say they can’t refund to different card number and the refund was sent to old card number my bank have checked and R taking steps toward help me get my 120 back what can I do to try and get my refunds

  • Richard Gillott 6 April, 1:15 pm

    I bought race entry tickets onlinewhich haven’t arrived. I’ve chased the ticket selling website (not auction) and they advise if they don’t arrive its my own fault got not paying extra to get secure delivery. Surely they have an obligation to get the goods to me?

  • caroline 14 April, 2:13 pm

    I was due to receive a corner sofa today from home shopping they even rang me 3 days ago to confirm the delivery.
    I booked the day off work to be in for the delivery but to my horror they sent me an email this morning cancelling the order can they do this ?

  • Lubna 15 April, 7:14 am

    Hi, I bought a Michael kors handbag online from china and the bag cost me £92 when I receive the delivery I found out they did send wrong handbag and I did send to them about 10 emails to asks them to retern the wrong bag and send me the one that I did order but they refuse to retern the wrong hand bag back and send to me the one that I ordered! I really don’t know what to do can you advice me please.
    Thank you

  • Debbiemoseling 15 April, 7:33 pm

    hello,don’t know if you an advise me,I purchased wowcher vouchers two months ago,I have not recieved items and keep sending them emails.they do reply but it just them emailing the company I should have got the items from,what can I do? Reguards debbie

  • Heather 16 April, 10:15 pm

    Hi I purchased an item on the 2nd April from an online store I have used previously they took payment straight away yet it’s been over 2 weeks since the order was made and still hasn’t been dispatched yet item says in stock and usually dispatched in 24 hours have emailed them with no response and messaged via Facebook as no contact number is available what can I do? Could I make a claim through my bank if they fail to contact me or send order? Thanks

  • Kayleigh 19 April, 9:09 am

    I bought a dining table on 30th March and was given a delivery date of 11th April. This then changed to 23rd April and now the company has called to say they can’t even tell me when it will be delivered as they don’t have stock.
    They took full payment on 30/03. Where do I stand with this please?

  • Paul Copper 21 April, 6:04 pm


    I bought a clasp for my girlfriends birthday at a cost of £45. I even got the express delivery so it would turn up on time for her birthday, as the website specified. The website is called glitter republic and looked legitimate, therefore I had no suspicions.

    The clasp still hasn’t arrived to this date, I’ve sent numerous emails, requesting a delivery date. I think the clasp is 10 days late now. I have tried phoning but I just get told that the customer services number is now not in use.

    I have received one email back, informing me that they are going to look into my order and get back to me, but that’s the only correspondence back that I have had.

    Can you inform me as to where exactly I stand with this and exactly what I can do?

    The money has been taken from my account, although I have no idea what is going on?

    Kind Regards

    Paul Copper

  • emma 25 April, 9:53 am

    I ordered something on medicanimal. It never arrived I spoke to them they said they’d give me a refund if I filled in a form and now its been over a month still no refund..

  • Stephanie Drinkwater 27 April, 11:06 am

    I recently bought a second hand playstation online from CEX. I was unhappy with the condition of it and immediately emailed the company to that effect. I received nothing in reply except an automated email. The web site indicates that you can speak to someone in store. I attempted to return the item to my local store but they say they are nothing to do with the online company and advised I send the unit back. I did this over a week ago using their postage label as advised I enclosed the order email and my email regarding my concerns but have no received any confirmation that the parcel has arrived , I have proof of posting and I have tried emailing again but again I have not recieved a reply. There is no phone contact number on the website. Any suggestions?

  • Angela 30 April, 9:50 pm

    I bought 2 dresses from on Sunday 26th April 2015, I have not received email confirmation of my order and I haven’t received the dresses.
    The money was taken from my account on Monday 27th a April 2015.
    I have sent the company messages via Facebook as instructed on their sight but have not received a response.
    There doesn’t appear to be a telephone number or address for me to complain to.
    What do I do now, would appreciate your advice on this matter.

  • Heidi Griffiths 14 May, 4:23 pm

    Hi my son has ordered something on line 3wks ago the package has still not arrived they don’t answer the phone they email my son back but they keep saying they have posted it ,they have posted it four times apparently ,what should he do now any help would be much appreciated

  • Diane 18 May, 4:50 pm

    I have ordered and paid for items on 17th March and have still not received them. I Have my invoice from the company. I have had poor contact from the supplier saying they will dispatch them and then nothing…
    I have asked that my money be returned and still nothing although they are reading my mails.

    What action can I now take?
    Thank you

  • Amanda forgie 20 May, 10:56 am

    Hi, I’m about to purchase a bath from They advertise free delivery until may 24th with no asterisk or further explanation, but as we are an Iv postcode have advised that postage will be £75. Can they do this?

  • Bolte 20 May, 4:36 pm

    I have received a package that is not for me; I have contacted the seller and told them, they said they would send a courier to collect, but no one had been for 12 days so far, where do u stand on keeping the item?

  • Maxine Porteous 20 May, 7:29 pm

    Hello I ordered a pair of trainers over a week ago from a website called shoegouk and I have been in contact with them 3 times asking about my order but no reply from them. They took the money out my bank 2 days after I placed the order and I’m worried I have been ripped off. Can you help? Thanks in advance!

  • Laura Norman 21 May, 10:14 am

    I ordered a light on line and paid via bank transfer, I ordered on 7th April and still waiting , I have no telephone number and the email / facebook messages are just being ignored, although back on 22nd April responded saying out of stock and were having a delivery the next day when tracking email would be send out, I have sent lots of emails since but no response, do you know who I need to contact about getting my money back?

    The site is : Gadgets & Weird Gifts the email is Info

  • Ninny 25 May, 8:55 am

    Hi I was wondering if anyone could help.

    I sold a box of DVDs collection last oct. they were sold and I received payment. The buyer arranged for courier to pick them up but they never came. I have emailed the buyer but he doesn’t reply to my emails or eBay messages. It’s been so long now. I don’t know where I stand. He has never got in touch or replied to my messages.


  • Louise 31 May, 12:19 pm

    Hi looking for some advice I ordered some trainers from a site paid with my credit card, I recd my items but they have sent me the wrong style and wrong sizes so I have emailed them a few times but they have still not got back to me what can I do??? They are also based in China which I did not realise until recd item as site looks bet legit and mentions nothing about them being based in China ?? Any advice would be appreciated xx

  • Lorraine Llewellyn 4 June, 2:31 pm

    Bought two egg bistro chairs from asda on line advertised at £139 plus p&p, they arrived ,but on the box the was £129 .how do I stand about the price difference. Have contacted asda but no joy there .
    Regards Lorraine.

  • Veronica stone 4 June, 9:33 pm

    hi not sure if you could help. I wanted to dress on 5 May from can you get onto the site it’s called fashionable I ordered address which was a monsoon dress appetising £75 check the bank £78.86 had been taken out. I have sent several emails asking where the dresses I have received to back asking me to wait a few more days and the dress shopping with me as it was been shipped from China. When ordering the dress I was not informed that he would be coming from China as I would not have ordered it. I have now sent about five emails asking about the dress or my money back as I have not received anything. I’ve had no emails via and no money back of course not sure where I stand legally now hope you can help.
    Thank you very much

  • Emma Jones 13 June, 11:18 am

    Can you help! I ordered an item online, free delivery, paid by card, received a confirmation of my order and order number but nothing received. Tried to contact by completing their form but have been ignored. It does not look like the payment has been processed and now the price of the item has gone up. I am guessing that they priced it wrong so have just ignored my order altogether. Can they do this or should they honour my confirmed order? Thanks

  • melanie 20 June, 11:10 pm

    I went on asda click and collect and ordered my shopping I brought mostly promotion items that were cut price . I clicked on checkout and gave my card details . I then received an email from asda which was an invoice with £27.81 when I picked my shopping up from the store 2 days later I looked at my receipt and they had charged me all the proper prices and the total was £38.98 when I phoned to complain the man said prices are subject to change. Can they do this ?

  • Tracey 25 June, 10:45 am

    I made a purchase on the 8th June, the money has been withdrawn from my bank, I’ve had not confirmation email and my goods have not arrived, I’ve emailed the seller twice and they haven’t replied to me.
    What can I do?

  • Sam 1 July, 8:35 am

    I recently bought a washer dryer that said it was £320 and was on offer for £219 I payed for it by card online and got my conformation email and it would be delivers in 5 days then I got a email 2 days later to say it’s being cancelled as it was priced wrong and it should be £600 what are my rights as a consumer?

  • helen 1 July, 10:58 am

    A seller is refusing to give me a refund on an item that I did not receive as they said it has a tracking number that states it has been delivered. I did say to them that it could have gone to wrong address. I cannot contact the courier as the option is for the sender only

  • Tracey 1 July, 2:52 pm

    I bought and paid for an item on line. Then got email to say my parcels with the courier. I later got an email to say my order was canceled due to a pricing error. If my item comes do I keep or return it???

  • Kay 9 July, 9:09 pm

    I purchased an item from an online store the first purchase went smoothly. The second one not so much. I received the wrong order and emailed, and texted the company contacts left on their website…not joking…. no response for a whole month than i received a text saying to send it back with a note inside saying what i needed. I do this the next day and waited to see if itll come soon. Nothing came. So i did the same like before and emailed and texted no response still…What shall i do about a refund or obtaining my item legally? Its been horrible trying to get a response from them… Its been almost three months.

  • Richie 13 July, 10:12 pm

    Ive bought some tickets on a zoo website, went through the channels to get to the checkout desk and went to pay for a family of four tickets witch should of cost near £70 ended up been £21……. ive printed off the receipt. can they make me pay the full price when I arrive???

  • Orkis 15 July, 3:51 pm

    Hello, i ordered online, and i was talking with seller by e-mail, he told me that he will complete my order the next day, but now two weeks passed and he is not responding to me, also he is not sending my package…. nothing. What should i do in this case? Because the money has already been paid by bank transfer

  • Sarah 16 July, 6:48 pm

    Hello, I recently bought some handpainted vintage furniture…. it wasn’t cheap so I was expecting the standard to be pretty good and it is good. On arriving one piece of furniture is not painted inside and full of cobwebs the other item is very smelly and I am not completely sure the woodworm has actually been treated. The colour also doesn’t match which is my fault for not double checking in the first place. Where do I stand. The furniture was delivered 5 days ago but I paid for it about 2 weeks ago. Nothing was said about returns and there is nothing on their website!!!! I don’t really know where to start even if I can!!!

  • Steve king 23 July, 5:01 am

    I just brought an item on line at a price and my buy it now was accepted.I have the email saying it will be delivered within a four day period but now they have pulled the add saying it is no longer available but it should still be delivered but if not it can go to arbitration. I’m sure the price was wrong and now realised how do I stand please

  • Katie Hough 23 July, 10:07 am

    I made an order from E-sensation of £63.95 about 10 days ago. Since having an email to say the money had gone threw I have heard nothing since. I have emailed 3 times regarding the lack of communication and tried to ring here number numerous times for it to only ring out. I’m not sure of my rights and what I can do about this.

  • Lee Brown 25 July, 7:11 pm

    Hi, about 2 – 3 months ago I was set upon by what I think was a fraudulent American company. I think they go by the name ‘Technical Support’. They somehow got me to sign the computer screen, but had me on the phone (my bill) for several hours. They didn’t resolve the problem at the end of this (they didn’t fix the problem) I then spoke to Apple about my problem, and they fixed it in about 5mins. Now the company have taken money out of my account and I’ve been to the bank and they have taken it out (again). So I went to citizens advice about the situation and they gave me some paperwork and said call these people. But I have had a serious head injury and I can’t remember what they have said. But me and my girl friend (I live in Newcastle under Lyme and she lives in Greater Malvern) said she will sort my problem out for me. So I’m going over to hers on Wednesday. We will then go to citizens advice over Malvern with this for them to read. I have been back to the bank today hoping they could do something about this. (But they said they can’t help me) so I’ve done this complaint to you hoping that you can help me. Please help (if you can) sort this problem out, as I’m on the DLA which has just been changed to PIP. Thank you for even looking

  • liz 28 July, 1:52 pm

    Ordered some bulk “wet wipes” but new born nappies delivered in error. Supplier now say they don’t have wet wipes in stock and would collect incorrect order and refund me. Waited in all day for collection – not collected. Informed supplier and requested refund. Informed me I would only get refund once order is collected !

  • Marine 3 August, 7:53 am

    I purchase a shoe from on 14-07-2015, i received my order on 24-07-2015, but upon opening the packet i realised they’ve sent me the wrong pair of shoe. I’ve emailed the manager five different times at the address that’s on the confirmation email explaining the situation, asking for an exchange or a refund. Up to date i still havent received an answer to any of my emails. On the website it said they have a thirty day refund and exchange policy, but it is as if these people have dropped off the face of the earth.

    The shoe is still at home in the packet cause i dont know what to do with it. Could you explain what i shoud do in this situation? All i need is the correct pair of shoe.

    Thank you


  • b cruse 6 August, 5:24 pm

    Ive received goods ordered online.1 of the goods is faulty.ive asked for a replacement item but the company have told me I have to send the faulty item back & pay the postage on the item.they offered me a refund but I would like a replacement rather than a refund.they have stated the post cost is to much to them & have pointed out that the item is cheap.they keep telling me I need to send the faulty item back & I should pay the postage.i have paid the postage on the delivery to me but do I have to pay the postage of returning the item as its faulty & ive sent them pictures of the faulty item.

  • Hayley brimble 14 August, 11:32 am

    Hi I bought an item from a store online and chose click and collect but never received it as the distribution centre sent it 2 the wrong store not only that they never changed the delivery status to dispatched and so I can’t receive a refund until they do so! Iv rang customer services every day for the past week and have been promised that that it would be resolved and I would receive a full refund that day!!! I obviously have not and its now been over a week! I feel I’m being sent round the houses n just getting fobbed off! What else can I do? Is there anywhere else I can turn 2 to get the matter sorted?

  • Zara 17 August, 8:13 pm

    Hi, after purchasing an item online and receiving payment confirmation the seller cancelled my order with out my consent because the item was advertised at the wrong price.

    Is the seller allowed to cancel an order after payment is made, due to a fault in their part

  • kaya ware 19 August, 9:27 pm

    Just wondering if I have heard right- I recently put a bike in my basket from Halfords. I then rang up and a man I spoke to told me the bike was no longer available. Am I right thinking that I can actually still buy that bike as its allowed me to put it in my basket and is actually still currently there? I am quite annoyed that Halfords website has allowed me to go to buy the bike which was on sale and now I can’t anymore?
    Thank you

  • Salma 22 August, 8:37 pm

    Hi, I recently purchased a pair of shoes on , on their shipping information it stated I would receive my tracking No. within 36-48 hours of my purchase. I waited and still nothing. I got my order today completely wrong, wrong model of shoe and size. I tried calling, emailing them and no response. What can I do? I want the shoes but the order I received in the mail is not mine! Please help

  • Phil Kennedy 27 August, 10:38 am

    I bought Nero Platinum 2015 off the net, most important part, Nero Vision will not work due to me using the latest Windows 10. I wanted a refund, they REFUSE despite saying their program doesn’t work with the latest Windows. WHICH THEY DIDN’T SAY WHILE SELLING IT. Half hearted “help” has done nothing.

  • craig 1 September, 7:13 pm

    I ordered a 65inch tv online for 1250.00 they emailed confirmation of order with a order no they said someone would contact me the following day to take payment no one has ive phoned them three times but told someone would ring me to sort matter out ive been back on website and found that price has risen to 1999.00 I think they sold it by mistake at 1250.00 do they have a legal right to sell it at 1250.00 or can they say it was a genuine mistake

  • Maria 8 September, 9:00 am

    I placed an order online for next day delivery and received no email confirmation yet money was immediately taken from my account. The order was not delivered and the contact us page offers no phone or email. What can I do?

  • Rahena Khatun 13 September, 4:35 am

    I bought a bed frame online on the 4th sept. At first they said I should expect delivery on the 30th October as it was out of stock. I agreed to this. However I recieved the delivery on the 12th September unnotified. The delivery men were very rude aggressive and unapproachable. It was only ONE package. They kept rushing me and I didnt think to check- they made sign the papers. I asked them is this all they had for me they said yes. I signed and they left. Then i realised this was only ONE of the packages-the box clearly said 2/2-so my headboard is missing! I immediately called and emailed the suppliers-I complained about the drivers and enquired about the other parcel. They replied back asking if I signed for them. Now I am worried they will get back to me and deny not havimg delivered both packages. What are my rights? What can I do if they deny and refuse refund?

  • Carol 17 September, 4:22 pm

    I ordered a bag online they have sent the wrong one I have sent them seven emails to tell them this I don’t know there address and can’t find any other contact details other than the link off the site to msg them does any one know who I could contact for some help

  • sarah 17 September, 5:07 pm

    Hi. I have purchased an item off Ebay, it was brand new. 3 months later it has ripped and is now unusable. The seller. Is telling me I have to find the original manufacturer’s details from the box and return it to them. Is this correct, I thought my contract of sale is with the seller?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Lisa adsett 21 September, 1:36 pm

    My email was lisagunner007@gmail .com I have bought a bed ite m number 204 2180361_2369965 ,the frame has clapped so the bed frame is broke I moved into new property 133 homefarm highworth sn6 7 did not put the bed together till 8 jun e I have emailed the contacted 3 times and he is blanking me out I buy a lot from Amazon and disappointed in this item I would like a refund for the base thank you this is my new e!ail

  • Ian 26 September, 11:57 am

    I’ve purchased an expensive coffee table from ‘Furniture Favourites’ several weeks ago but am still to receive a confirmation email of my purchase. I’ve sent 2 emails over the last week (without reply) & left 2 messages on their answer phone also (calls always go to answer-phone or the number becomes a fax).

    Is there anything else I can do?

  • Shirley 29 September, 3:45 pm

    I made an order online from but cancelled the next day. My money was meant to be refunded in 3-5 days. Its now been 4 weeks and i’ve called customer service 5 times but still no refund. Not sure what i’m supposed to do.

  • Beckie 5 October, 8:21 am

    Hi can someone help me, I ordered some trainer off a website about two weeks ago, went to check the delivery status last night and the website doesn’t seem to exist anymore, what do I do?

  • Kerrie 5 October, 11:07 am

    Please help!
    Back in March I pre ordered an item from an online shop called Bay 57. The item was due for release at the end of May. It is now October 5th and I have no hoodie (item I pre ordered) and I have not been issued a refund. I keep getting automated emails back that are not helpful in anyway and all I want now is my £56 back! What can I do to achieve this? Any help you can provide me with will be greatly appreciated as it is extremely upsetting knowing I’ve paid £56 for nothing!
    I look forward to hearing back from you
    K Papworth.

  • Kaushalia 9 October, 9:18 pm

    I had ordered trial pack advanced Slim Ketones for £10.00 in June 2015. I had ordered on credit card and without my knowledge received 2 bottles of Slim Ketones one for £85.00 and other for £80.00 which I did not order. When I rang they said you had to cancel within 14 days. I returned the goods back and asked them to refund my money back. I also told them to stop sending me anymore in future and cancel the order. In my September Bank statement they have taken out again two amounts £85.00 & £80.00 without sending me goods. I emailed the customer service and was told that they can only refund £42.00. I cannot understand I have not received goods and they are prepared to refund my full amount. How can I recover my money in full.

    • steve 11 December, 4:17 pm

      ask your credit card company for help in some instances like this they can get your money back for you then they claim it from the vendor hope this helps

  • Neil Beck 16 October, 1:40 pm

    I ordered a TV from a company called NigelOhara in Northern Ireland. Basically after lots of promises and emails I cancelled the order as they couldn’t provide me with a delivery date after three weeks! After cancelling I have waited a month for a refund and I’m getting more and more frustrated. I have sent lots of emails demanding my money back but I just get placating emails saying, ‘be patient, it’s with our finance dept. Can I report these people, and if so who too?

  • Rachael 20 October, 5:02 am

    How can i cancel a order 2days after purchase if i cannot contact them? Their email and customer services things dont work! I paid through paypal and payment has been taken and im unsure what to do?


    • steve 11 December, 4:20 pm

      yes you now have seven working days to cancel when buying over the internet under the distance selling regulations make sure you have proof you have tried to contact them and then approach your credit card company bank and ask them to get your money back

  • christopher keedy 21 October, 1:17 pm

    hi im trying to return a item I bought from china but when I realised that the item is not genuine I wanted a refund I have emailed the company but they are ignoring me WHAT CAN I DO?????

  • Fraser 30 October, 6:31 pm

    I ordered trainers from a company, ( it turns out the company’s in China but it’s not stated on the website and everything is in English from prices to web address I would never have ordered if I new they were in China), they have sent the wrong trainers and I don’t want them so I have asked for a refund or an exchange via email and I’m being ignored, it’s so frustrating I don’t know what to do please can you advise me thank you fraser.

  • Charlene wells 18 November, 9:34 am

    Hi I bought a pair of boots online it said Ugg boots on sale to £56 and p&p which brought it up to just over £72 when I recieved them they were a completely different pair of boots they wasn’t even Ugg I got in contact with them said they sent me the wrong boots. They wanted me to send a picture and then they said it was the same pair which they were not I ordered a pair of black Ugg boots they sent me brown plain boots. I then asked them to send me the pair I had ordered or I would like a refund they are saying now they can only give me a partial refund and I have to pay shipping fees they were sent from Beijing what can I do about this to get a refund. Thank you

  • kirstie cookman 19 November, 11:58 am

    I bought some footwear online. I was sent the wrong size. They do not fir me. I have contacted them a number of times about this and they clearly have no intention of resolving this issue. They seem to have come from the far east. Their last contact, after I asked for a full refund or that they send me the correct size, they suggested I give them to a member of my family!!!!!! Please advise, I feel like I have nowhere to turn with this and no support.

    Many thanks

  • kerry taylor 19 November, 3:10 pm

    Do i have rights to a re fund are exchange if the purchase does not fit and looks nothing like the avert picture there are advertising on a Web site Co. Uk but there are based in Hong kong

  • Paul 19 November, 11:30 pm

    I recently purchased an item on the web.
    They sent me an invoice and I payed it .
    They then sent the goods .
    Unfortunately they seem to have put the wrong price on the invoice (in my favour )
    I mailed them to say I was paying the invoice amount , sent them a copy of there invoice they sent me . Where do I stand ?

  • Tayla 1 December, 7:25 am

    I have no idea what to do I have brought an item from a company who stuffed it up and never sent the order then when I contacted them they said they will send it I have now received the order which isn’t what I ordered I have contacted them and there saying they will not help me and suggest for me to resell it again they will not help at all so I have lost my money and want it back since it wasn’t what I wanted can I take this further?

  • Sid 6 December, 3:11 pm

    I cancelled my online order from Sport Direct one day after placing the order, it was cancelled and according to my bank statement, the cost is taken from my bank account but it is not refunded yet. Now 9 months passed and Sport Direct says it is not taken by them! I do not know where to complain.

    Any help would be appreciated



  • Steve 11 December, 4:11 pm

    hi i need advise i brought two home sercurity cameras and the internet seller which is a large company have only sent one in error I have asked for the second camera can be sent as i have paid for two they say i must send this one back and ask for a refund and then reorder but i have to pay for the return postage is this right ?

  • Kathy gleeson 15 December, 8:09 pm

    Hi I was on a website on 27nov bought some clothes on website money taken out of my account, but does not name company on statement only numbers, Got no confirmation number, where do I stand haven’t received any goods .

  • Laura 22 December, 9:35 pm

    Please help. I bought wool through eBay. They used Hermes to courier it. Item got lost so I was refunded. Item has just arrived, much later than the delivery date stated. Are the company within their rights to invoice me? Ironically they are asking the item to be returned via Royal Mail if I don’t pay.

  • Hilary 29 December, 4:57 pm

    I bought a drone as a xmas present for my husband from a company in America. Firstly I discovered I had to pay extra delivery costs as it was coming from abroad. I discovered this in the very small printed terms and conditions but then when it did arrive there was no instructions! I have emailed the company and they say they have none eitther and hope I understand? Surely this must be a basic fact that if you are selling something which obviously you wouldn’t ordinarily know how to work you would expect instructions of some sort. Do I have any rights to get my money back?

  • John 29 December, 5:24 pm

    I bought a domire Segway board off Amazon and want to return it but the address is in china they sent me a return label which I printed off for my parcel but the charge to return is £178.20p Royal Mail . Can they not collect the company are called burberry

  • Rhonda 2 January, 1:20 am

    Bought a pair of boots for my daughter online. When they came they had given me the wrong size. I emailed them and they apologised and asked me to send on photos which I did . I saddled for their dhl tracking number to get a refund also but have since heard nothing back . The boots cost 103 euros just wondering have you any advise for me

  • saima 2 January, 11:32 pm

    I paid £40.00 for Microsoft office 2013 on 29/11/15 for my son and have stll not rec’d an email allowing for us to download the program.I have sent several emails to the company which claim that it was emailed and asked for me to search all my emails including junk mail.I have done this and need advice

  • Noorazia Bernard 5 January, 3:20 pm

    I have bought a two product with Mightydeals in November 2015 I bought an iPad and MacBook it cost me nearly £500 which I paid full amount with PayPal secure. So I did received the product end of November 2015. Soon I did received I saw the MacBook look like it has been used and scratched every where when I put it for charging it was not working soon I email the Mightydeals to let them know about the product which is a grade c. When I bought it I look of the description its says grade B. Even though I said ok but scratch on it the is not taking any battery charge I start to get upset and frustrated. Because I pay huge money to received that kind of product and I wasn’t happy. Now regarding the iPad the first time it take more than 24 hours to charge the battery 100%. I was thinking is normal because I never used an iPad. Then after using this few occasion I can see it has switch off by himself and I try to put it battery into charge is not taking any charges at all. I straightway report it again as even for the first complaint I did the next day which I received the product. The provider said they are going to contact the vendor and get back to me. Which they never did. When I received same problem with the iPad now I paste and cope email which the provider ha sent me after receiving my first complaint. They appologise and they requested me to post both product to them. Which I did in December and prove of posting also evidence that I have been posting with a formal letter to describe the faulty problem. Since that they send me an email to say that they are dealing with high volume of customer they will reply me in 72 hours. I have send them 3 email afire the 72 hours past they did not reply me at all even today I send them another email but they did not reply me. I said to them that this is my last email if they don’t reply I will have no choice I will report it to the police. Now I just check in web if someone can help me to get my money back or new product the need to send me. Without having any respond from them that worried me. They should do that because they need to loyal with their customer by not responding my request it sound like a thief they Already had their product back plus my money they don’t bother what I say. Even I said I will report to the police. Please could tell me what to do and how I am going to sort out this issues
    Many thanks in advance

  • cheryl 7 January, 8:05 am

    Hello wondering if anyone can advise me please.I ordered a pair of trainers from the internet when they arrived they had sent the wrong size so i contacted the seller and firstly argued saying the size was correct.I proved them to be wrong they had not sent the right size they further went on to say they dont sell the size i ordered but i can order another pair off them and they will give me discount . I have asked for a refund as the size is no good to me and they say they can send me another pair (bearing in mind they have already told me they dont sell the size)so i questioned this and never got a reply just told to send the product back but i have to pay all shipping fees as it is not there problem is there anything i can do i dont believe i should have to pay to send the product back i also dont trust if i send the product back i will get the correct product back or a refund .

  • Tolly 9 January, 3:14 pm

    Please tell me my Wrights and where i stand legally with the below situation I currently find myself in.

    I ordered a pair of trainers on 21st December, they arrived Christmas eve as promised however when my daughter opened them on Christmas day she noticed that they were a size 6.5 and not the size 6 in which we originally ordered.

    Little woods have since contacted me to say it is impossible that they sent us a size 6.5 as they do not stock half sizes.

    I have since emailed them will all pictures and documents to prove I am right.

    Now they are saying I should just arrange for them to be picked up by there courier “Yodel” and that they are sorry.

    They ruined my daughters Christmas and I mean literally. Even after me explaining to my daughter it was the fault of little woods. She now understands what happened however it does not stop the fact I had to comfort a 12 year old upset daughter on what should have been the happiest day of the year.

    Please tell me where I stand legally?

  • Jay 13 January, 2:42 am

    Hi, was just wondering what my rights were regarding the following.

    I ordered a wallet from a store online. Having received my payment for two days, I log onto my customer account to find that my order has been refunded. I did not wish to receive a refund, just my wallet. Furthermore, having been given a notification detailing my purchase and that my transaction was successful by email, I would have expected to receive one for a refund. But to disbelief I did not, and had to log onto my account to receive this information. It also did not give any reason as to why my order was refunded. I would be grateful for any advice and input on this matter.
    Thank you.

  • Phil 13 January, 2:42 pm

    I ordered stuff from sports direct for next day delivery. I got a message saying that yodeldelivered to a neighbour as I wasn’t in. Firstly I was in all day and secondly neither neighbour had it and thirdly none were the name of the person that signed for it.
    I’ve emailed them everyday for a week now and phoned them too and have had no correspondence back. What can I do now?

  • Laura hattersley 19 January, 11:18 am

    I recently purchased a new bed for my son, received my invoices as i should and was told i would be informed of dispatch. I recieved an email the following day saying the product was damaged and was the only one they had so a full refund had been issued, to expect this in 5/7 working days. I then questioned the amount of beds they had as when i purchased the website said there was many in stock. I then looked on the website to see the price of the product had been increased and the bed was still being sold. I have not yet recieved my
    Money and am a bit unsure of what steps to take next!!

  • Jacquie 20 January, 12:17 pm

    I’ve just bought an electric bed online & paid an extra £95 for 72 hour delivery. It arrived after the 72 hours ( 24 hours late ).
    When I spoke to customer services they said that at the moment their 72 hour deliver can take up to 5 days but there was no mention of this. I went back on the website & again there’s no mention. It just says 72 hour super fast delivery. Can I claim my delivery money back?? If I had chosen free delivery it would take 10 to 14 days.

  • Marie 20 January, 10:28 pm

    Hi I purchased a pandora bracelet and number of charms for my daughters 18th birthday from what said it was a US genuine Pandora website even down to converting dollars into uk sterling … It cost me over £50….. However on the bank statement I noticed I was a different name, then had email with tracking info with yet another name…. When the item arrived it’s completely the wrong order and has come from China!!!
    I emailed them explaining what had happened and requested refund plus that they pay for me to return this one as it costs almost £20 for cheapest postage. After 3emails of them telling me to wait my order would be with me?!?! They finally seemed to understand and problem but basically asked me to keep the item as it cost them so much! Again I explained at which point the said I could return and refund would be given but no postage ……how do I deal with this as I know it’s against sale of goods act

  • Kerry Dears 22 January, 10:54 am

    Hi I returned three items to a online clothing company as they were unsuitable. I returned them by royal mail which I have a receipt with there postcode on but not tracked. They are asking for a tracking number which I dont have. I paid through paypal . Am I covered in any way for these items ? If they say they can’t find parcel

  • jason marriott 22 January, 3:12 pm

    hi, don,t know if this is the right place, i am after advice concerning a online purchase on my microsoft account which i didnt order it was someone with the same name but lived in a different area but they used my paypal account to pay for it microsoft have said that the item was signed for on delivery and will be refunding the money back to my paypal account which they said they have done but paypal said they have not received it this as been going on since january 5th with phone calls to both companys but getting no where with them.

  • Dawn hazel 23 January, 10:05 am

    Could you tell me if when ordering from an online catulouge they have to honour the price it is advertised at ?
    I ordered 2 sofas advertised as reduced in the sale for £20 each!

    I have had a confirmation email that the order went through and the amount has been added to my catuloge account.
    It says order processing at the ware house of distribution.

    Do they have to sell it to me at that price ( even if it was an error on their part )
    The sofa is now back at full price!
    Many thanks
    Mrs Hazel

  • Lucy cater 23 January, 11:16 am

    I paid for a delivery of 3 pairs of boots. They took 5 weeks to arrive and 1 pair is missing. I have emailed the company UGG twice but they still haven’t replied. What can I do?

  • Beau 26 January, 7:31 pm

    I purchased recently items off a UK retailer online. I received a confirmation of the order after paying with my credit card. Delivery was to be for free to their high street branch closest to me in 3-5 working days. On the morning of collection, I received an email saying there was a transaction error and the order had not been processed.

    I have checked with my credit card company and I had sufficient credit for the order. I have contacted the retailer for an explanation and they have yet to respond. Neither were the funds taken off the card.

    I want the items as they are only available online and had I known there was an issue tried to resolve it.

    What rights do I have and how do I get the retailer to honour my order

  • Terri 27 January, 12:47 pm

    Hiya I need help and have no idea what to do!! I purchased a pair of trainers from an American website! I looked into the website first and everything I read up about it looked promising so I ordered some trainers from there! On the order history it gave a clear image and description of what I wanted, however there was nothing about returns or exchanges on there. I didn’t mint though as the info matched the product that I wanted! On their site it said that if you emailed them then they will respond within 1 business day so I emailed them
    To ask about the shipping and they took 4 business days to reply and only because I emailed them again! The trainers arrived and they were poor quality, the complete wrong colour and they were 1 size too big with a sticker over the real size!! I was heart broken! I have emailed them 9 times now and I have heard nothing back!! There isn’t even an address for them only an email address and an American phone number!! What can I do 🙁

  • Jayne 29 January, 12:42 am

    I brought some gel polishes from the company Beverly beaute, all were correct but they’ve sent me one colour that is incorrect, I want the colour I ordered sent instead but they have ignored all my emails and there’s no contact number on their website..? Please advise

  • kevin walker 31 January, 3:12 am

    what is the best way to enforce my rights with a non responsive supplier ?
    Basically, I paid for a TV and it was delivered but not working correctly.
    I contacted the supplier but they have ignored my emails. I have sent numerous emails informing them to contactme and collent the TV. They still have not replied.
    Should I use the Credit card route to enforce my rights or is this a “small claims” issue ?

  • Wendy 8 February, 12:42 pm

    I tried out a Sofa in Harveys, went to buy it but shop was closed for refurb so I bought online. Website didn’t state there were two types of cushion Hollowfibre and foam, we got the sofa and after 3 months the Hollowfibre cushions are flat despite daily dressing! Harveys have admited the website is misleading but won’t refund of upgrade cushions!

  • Jay 27 February, 9:33 pm

    I paid in full for a pre-order product from an online source, using PayPal in Sept 2015. The sellers delivery date changed twice in the first 45 days. I asked for a refund when the item was marked out of stock, which was declined by the seller has I’d exceeded the 60 days that was allowed. I then agreed to change my order, as I thought I couldn’t get my money back. The same problems occurred with the latter order, and I’ve made contact with the seller with no response. I opened a dispute through PayPal for a refund, which got a response of him requesting that I pay 10% as loss of business .I’ve since found out that PayPal’s refund policy is actually 180 days!

    Is this allowed?

    • Jay 27 February, 9:36 pm

      Forgot to mention that the seller admitted that he had not received any stock

  • julie 28 February, 9:24 pm

    i bought a nursery furniture set for my grandson in 2014 it has only just been unpackaged today as moving into own accomadation . when boxes were opened half of the set was missing as they had sent two identical boxes of the same thing can I still return the part that’s duplicated and get correct part delivered as we only had to sign for seven boxes originaly and presumed all parts were there, what are my rights

  • Thomas McKnight 8 March, 12:47 pm

    Me and my wife orderd a bunch of flower’s for my mum for Mother’s day but all the site seems to have done is taken the cash and not sent anything 🙁 When I asked for our money back, They just tried hitting me with the term’s & conditions stuff >:(

  • Peter 10 March, 4:52 pm

    ordered a pram and paid it up. When deposit was paid I was told it was in stock and would be but aside until it was paid off then delivery would be within 2 -3 days. I contacted the company and was told I would have to wait 2-3 weeks min for the stock.

    Do I have the right to a full refund or an upgrade due to them failing to keep to the contract of supplying the pram when told ?

  • Mandy 17 March, 9:06 pm

    I have returned a parcel but the company are claiming they haven’t received it. I have proof of postage. Should I be able to get a refund?

  • mhiba 24 March, 12:17 am

    Hi I’m wondering I’m trying to contact with them by using contact us but I don’t get any response why like that?did I make mistake?

  • Aurelija 7 April, 2:30 pm

    I bought online and by mistake I have ordered from China. I have cancel my order before they dispatch my order but they have dispatched the order anyway. They not responding to my emails. How can I claim my refund ?!? Thank you !

  • Sylvia Hughes 10 April, 6:58 am

    I ordered online from a company I’ve used many times I pre paid for the goods via debit card the company are saying they haven’t had the order of payment my bank statement shows the pAyment to the company should my banks fraud department pursue this.

  • Mrs Green 19 April, 5:24 pm

    My husband ordered some trousers on a golfing website. Once he got to the checkout the amount of the trousers came up as zero and only showed the P&P. He has now had an email asking for the money. But surely if it came up as zero with only P&P de ducted off the card with a confirmation stating that then surely they have to honour that!

  • Tom 24 April, 11:39 pm

    Before Christmas, I ordered two phones off the internet, costing me around £600. The intentions was that one of these was for myself, and the other was a Christmas present for my wife. When they arrived, I opened mine, and realised that it hadn’t come from america, like I thought it was, but instead it had come from China. This meant that all of the language settings were in Chinese, the google play app, and any google settings didn’t work, and other than being able to call and message, it was not fit for purpose. I contacted the supplier (Via email) and told them what the problem was, and they sent me a link to a list of instructions to try to resolve the problems. When I clicked on the link, it was invalid. So I emailed them again, explaining what had happened and they told e that it was just a technical issue and that they would have it fixed soon. I kept emailing them to find out how long it was going to take, as I was starting to get second thoughts about the phones, and that I wanted to send them back for a refund. 29 days later, I recieved an email to tell me that the technical issue had been resolved. However, after going through the instruction process, and realised that not only did it not change anything, but I had had to install a load of software onto my computer, that all turned out to be in Chinese characters. I emailed them and said that it didn’t work, and that I wanted to send it back to them for a full refund, and asked for an address to send it back to. They provided me with an address, and I clarified that it was going to be costing me more money to send it back to them, and wanted to clarify that my refund would be processed. I packaged it all up, in the original packaging, and it was collected by a courier that I had paid for. A few weeks later, I still hadn’t heard anything, and according to the courier, my package was delivered. So I emailed them to ask if they had recieved it, and when he got back to me, he told me that they had recived it and that it was at the factory, undergoing repairs, and that they would return it to me when it was done. I told him that as it had taken so long, I had had to buy an alternative phone, as I need it for work, and as it was well after Xmas, I no longer needed the other phone as a Christmas present, and that I didn’t want it returned to me, I wanted a refund. They just kept telling me that they would contact me as soon as the phones were finished in the factory. This went on for a while, until a couple of weeks ago, when the guy told me that they wouldn’t be able to process a refund anyway, as I sent it back to them outside of the 30 day period. Even thought I contacted them the day after I recieved the package to tell them that the phones weren’t working properly. I made it clear that had I known that they wouldn’t have been able to process my refund in the first place, I wouldn’t have forked out another £40 to send the phones back to them. They have stopped replying to my emails, and not only am I £600 out of pocket for the phones I don’t even have, but I am also out of pocket for the £40 that it cost me to send them back. Is there anything that I can do?

  • leanne palmer 29 April, 10:11 pm

    I have just been stung with a £200 charge for an item that was advertised as a free trial no time scale was included on the add i have contacted the company and all i was offered was £80 refund when i asked to speak to a supervisor or manager i was told they don’t deal with customers i threatened to take it up with my bank and hung up. I contacted my bank and they are going to try and get my money back, whilst i was on the phone to my bank the company in question emailed me this

    We are willing to offer a partial refund, as a goodwill gesture of GBP40.00 + GBP40.00 as a huge compromise and a compliment from our company for the caused inconvenience , which is clearly dependent on you accepting all of our terms, without any reservations, namely:

    However, since we are extending a goodwill gesture, our offer constitutes a major exception and is CONDITIONAL.

    By accepting our offer, you agree:

    1.) to NOT seek further compensation from us;

    2.) to NOT dispute any of the charges with your bank;

    3.) you confirm you understand we have not contractually bound you to receive the products on a recurring basis.

    If you, on the other hand, decide to go ahead with the dispute, you will have inadvertently lost the chance to be refunded partially, since your account will be ‘frozen’, technically speaking, and we will have to simply wait on your bank’s final deliberation. Since we end up winning 99.9% of all disputes, you will also have no means of recouping the original amount.

    Your account is fully cancelled, and you shall no longer receive any product from us, unless you explicitly contact us to request otherwise.

    Kindly let us know how you wish to proceed,

    Any ideas if i will get my money back i am more than happy to return the item as i haven’t even opened it.

  • Sue Linley 3 May, 3:06 pm

    Hi I bought a wedding dress from DIY dresses on line Ipaid extra tohave it delivered by 25th April it did not arrive till 27th when it did arrive nothing like what I ordered the did take my measurments which are correct but dress does not fit properly I could have that sorted if I liked the dress but I do not I have emailes company few times the last email I had said I have to have permission from them to send back and they want a picture sending of me in the dress so they can decide surely this is not right Sue

  • Jane 4 May, 5:46 pm

    I purchased an item and received the incorrect specification. They have advised me I have to pay for return postage, even though it was their error and that the only way they will pay for postage is if the item is faulty. That is their terms and conditions and they won’t change. Is this right?

  • marc bull 31 May, 8:19 pm

    Hi I have purchased some alloy wheels for my car.
    On the website it asks for the make of your car,the model, the year and even the engine size so it can give you the list of wheels suitable for your car.
    I have purchased some and now they have arrived it turned out that they are not suitable as it’s four wheel drive and wider wheels on the back mean the traction control is coming on all the time and it won’t accelerate.

    I have asked the supplier to change then to the correct ones and they won’t.
    They want me to pay again for two more to match the back.

    Am I within my rights to expect them to change them as they sold me wheels not fit for my car even though I gave all details of my car??

  • Evelyn williams 15 June, 12:38 pm

    Hi. I purchased a bed online when it arrived it looked nothing like the picture on the web furthermore the mattress has marks on it. Their metal pins are not fixed properly which cut my hand when removing the packaging. The fabric around the base is loose and floppy because it has not been pinned to the base. I contacted the company via email attaching pictures of all the faults. 10 emails later this is what they have said:
    Unfortunately, regardless if the items were signed for as not checked –
    we make it clear on our website that the items you received must be
    checked before you accept the delivery. This is because our insurance
    policy with the delivery services does not cover items which have been
    signed for and accepted. See attached images from our website, these can
    be found here:
    However, I have been asked to respond as the resolutions manager and as
    a gesture of goodwill I can refund you £30 for the issues? This can be
    processed back to your original payment method within 1 to 2 working
    days (depending on your bank).
    We look forward to your reply.
    Kind Regards, Zack
    Resolutions Manager.

  • Kim 20 June, 8:51 pm

    I ordered a dress online from the following site called dress me I paid via credit card so far their site says they are still processing my order which is over two weeks now I have emailed them 3 times and had no response I have told them to cancel the order and return the payment if they fail to do this am I cover to get these funds back via my bank

  • Rob Johnson-Taylor 24 June, 8:36 pm

    Buying computer parts online
    I had reason to buy a new motherboard, an ASUS Sabertooth Z107S, from BT Shop. It turns up faulty. Will they replace it? No! They claim I damaged it, which I did not. I now find out if you buy things online you have to prove they were faulty at time of receipt . That’s just blown £150.00

    I ain’t never buying things online again, and doubly so when it comes to BT.

  • Bev 25 June, 5:59 pm

    I bought some shoes online . I made a mistake and ordered the wrong size. There is a returns policy on the website which I am happy with and i am willing to pay the return postage .my problem is I cannot get a response from the website .I had to inform them within 3 days that i want to return goods .which i did .and i have sent a request every day for the last week .still no response. There is no email address on the site just a tab saying contact us and you fill in an online request .any ideas what i can do to contact the sellers please

    • Bev 25 June, 6:07 pm

      I forgot to mention the website is
      Has anyone else had problems

  • karen 30 June, 1:36 pm

    I bought a pair of dungarees online 2 months ago and still haven’t received them every time I contact the seller they tell me there out of stock just now when I placed the order it told me I would receive them in 3 to 5 days I have asked them if cancel the order now they won’t answer my emails am I entitled to ask for a refund

  • Ashleigh Keating 2 July, 10:08 am

    I have ordered off a website which now will not give me their returns address as me returning the item is an inconvenience for themselves even though they sent me the incorrect item. They now will not reply to my emails and refuse to give me my money back. How or who can I report this to as it is a direct violation of my consumer rights?

  • susan harrison 2 July, 11:09 pm

    I ordered & paid for goods from zara. A few days later i attended a wedding in Malta, i was there for a week. When i got back i rung to say there had been no delivery of goods or a card left to say they called. They said the goods had been delivered successfully & have said i have no claim. I have told them no one else lives in my home, so that was not possible

  • Maria Leahy 19 July, 6:22 pm

    I bought a jaw supporter from an American site . The item was supposed to stop me snoring. I used the item for a couple of days and it did not work and stayed using it for approx 2 weeks to give it a proper chance. When it did not work I contacted the company and they said just to return it and they would give me a full refund. When I checked my account I found that they had only refunded me about 75% of the purchase price. I again contacted them and they sent me to the refund sections where it said that only a partial amount would be refunded as it item was used and worn near the mouth so because of bacteria and infections they could not refund the full amount. I bought an item which did not do what it was supposed to so why am I at a loss for the 25%. I am also at the loss of the postage and packaging which they will not refund . Are they in the right here

  • Vickie 21 July, 10:45 am

    Recieved my delivery and they’ve sent me the wrong size, however i cannot get in contact with them and it’s come from China I ordered off a website that seemed legit but cannot get intouch and it’s taken 13 days for my goods to get to me, wondering what I can do?

  • Lindsey Scott 27 July, 6:25 pm

    Hi does anyone have any advice, I bought a sofa through eBay, they delivered a 2 seater sofa instead of a 3, they told me they would deliver a new one and to use the 2 untill they did, unfortunately I trusted they would deliver and it went over my time fir money back guarantee through eBay everytime I contact them they are saying they will ring with a delivery date and they never do its been nearly 3 month now, is there anything I can do?

  • Lynn Rennison 9 August, 5:09 pm

    I have recently ordered some trainers online, but when arrived they are the wrong ones and wrong size and fake! Turns out they have been delivered from China! (Stupid me for not checking out the website properly). When wanting to return them I needed to email them, I have done this so many times but they are not replying. There is no contact number whatsoever, but they have taken payment

  • martina kinnon 15 August, 6:39 pm

    I bought a sofa online on a store card. I measured the sofa to make sure it was the same size as the sofa I had. I got rid of my sofa and the new one arrived 10cm smaller than stated online since discovering this I went into reviews and found other people have complained about same issue. I contacted the company and they have apologised said they are changing what it says online and will give me 15% off or I can return the item, if I return the item I have nothing to sit on. If I take 15% off I still have to pay the store card hundreds before I can then save for a sofa the size I thought I was getting. This sofa feels like its pushing you off its terrible. I’m at a loss and feel either way I will be paying the price for the company’s mistakes. They did say I could choose another but there is none in that price bracket suitable. What can I do??

  • Ann 16 August, 9:57 pm

    I ordered a coat online on sale, along with a lot of other ladies (all part of a web forum). It has since been put back to full price and is still available on the web site. Some other ladies have received their package but no coat as it is ‘no longer available’. Seems very naughty seeing as it is still online at full price. I’m expecting my delivery in the next couple of days and just want to be prepared in case it happens to me. Is this allowed?

  • nick 19 August, 9:51 am

    I bought an item online and it wasn’t the best quality when arrived. The website has no returns address etc, so I contacted them to ask them and they replied asking why I wanted to return it, when I told them, they have not replied since. I have sent 3 further emails asking for them to let me know how to return it for a refund and they are still ignoring me. What can I do?

  • Kirsty 19 August, 2:06 pm

    I recently purchased bunk beds online they sent me confirmation and delivery date was arranged to then be told on the afternoon of delivery the item was out of stock this was 4 days later can a company say something is in stock then later say it isn’t?

  • Tom 20 August, 6:14 pm

    I have been invoiced by dhl for customs/vat fees for a purchase i made. I would not have agreed to buy this product if i knew these charges were over and above my initisl payment. Dhl delivered me the goods then inboiced me 2 weeks later. I was not given the option to not receive the goods if these taxes were added. My contract is with the supplier NOT dhl so why should ii pay the charges rather than the supplier. Where do i stand on this.

  • gemma 25 August, 8:59 pm

    Hi, looking for advice please – my friend on behalf of a group of us ordered some waistcoats (via facebook) to be personalised. There were some dubious reasons given for delays on providing said waistcoats which eventually culminated in only some of the waistcoats being received. We all paid upfront. I have not received mine. My friend has sent numerous messages to this person on facebook which he is now ignoring. I have elected to contact him directly tonight however in the process of checking his page, found 5 other customers who have not received their goods… I don’t expect him to respond to my message and just wondering what my rights are and how I should approach this? I will give him a day to respond and then was thinking about contacting the other people and putting together some kind of ‘taskforce’? I’m not sure where I can go from there though. Any advice greatly appreciated! Thanks

  • dean ralph 28 August, 7:36 am

    I purchased a tablet from an online mail order company, the item they sold me I broke seal on box because it ‘looked’ identical to the one I purchased, but on switching it on the specs were different on the tablet and there were things missing in the software, after doing some research we realised there were two different models of this tablet they look identical but one is a ‘basic’ version which is what I received instead of the one advertised. They are continuing to sell them with the incorrect specs and details and are playing hell with me about returning because I have turned tablet on, what are my rights here?

  • Celia 2 September, 4:02 pm

    I have recently purchased ‘luxury’ car mats for my husband’s birthday at £65.00 and the product that has arrived is extremely poor quality. The carpets are very thin, the website says they are very high quality tufted pile 1300g/m2. I want to return the item for a refund as the quality is appalling and I think I am being taken for a ride. However, they are ‘custom’ carpets, for a specific make and model of car and have a custom logo added, which is also terrible quality. What are my rights as regards returning and refunding a product that is not of the quality expended? How do I prove these are not 1300g/m2 and can the trader use the fact that they are a ‘custom’ product as a reason for not refunding?

  • Ann Tamplin 4 September, 3:58 pm

    I ordered a hair product at the beginning of July online. I realised I had ordered the wrong thing & cancelled online within an hour. The amount of £23.07 was taken from my bank acct a couple of days later ( I paid with debit card ). Since then I have telephoned & emailed the company & get the same reply ” sorry for the delay of your refund….I have passed this on to our finance department…. Do not hesitate to contact us if we can help further”. They say refunds take 3-5 working days! It’s about 7 weeks now & no refund! It wouldn’t be so bad if they’d dispatched the item but as I said I cancelled within an hour! I feel they’re just hoping I’ll give up but it’s the principle! What can I do?

  • anthony watkins 7 September, 6:38 pm

    iv bought a pair of trainers from the usa, and have not recived them. bought them 6 weeks ago.. emailed them no answer..

  • Andy 11 September, 12:44 pm

    Hi, i recently bought some trainers offline at a store.
    I recieved some trainers. Totally the wrong ones. Also the amount they have taken is different to what was meant to be taken.

    I have messaged 4 times now but still no reply. Its doing my head in. I just want to return and get a refund but im getting no reply.

    What can i do? Any help much appreciated.


  • Clare 12 September, 6:15 pm

    What about if the company say they have not received the item back. Despite I have proof of return? Receipt from post office – who is liable ?

  • gethin 15 September, 5:06 pm

    i have aid £10 to pre order an item to get it for a certain date, and they rang me the day before it saying they wont have it for over 2 months??

  • aimee 16 September, 8:10 am

    Recently ordered a dress but cancelled within the allowed time period, the company is saying a refund could take 2-3 weeks for their bank to arrange. Is this normal?

  • Hannah 16 September, 4:28 pm

    I received some trainers that were completely different to the ones I ordered. They are ignoring my emails asking for full refund and returns address (it was a uk site but the order came from China-something I didn’t realise until I received the tracking info) is there anything I can do? I paid with a debit card.

  • Tom 19 September, 10:07 am

    I have bought an item via a website that has been a trusted site for years but a small business. They are closing down but before this happened I had messaged them via the website to return an item and no reply. No the business is officially closed but all I am looking for is a bit of feedback at this point. What rights do I have and what can I do if they don’t decide to get back to me at all

  • jay 21 September, 10:31 am

    hey i brought a hoodie from threadhitter a online shop in the u.s to new zealand received the hoodie was to big sent back for exchange that was cool they received it back got a email saying will process early next week , got to end of the week sent them a message saying whats up and haven’t heard back after almost 4 weeks what should i do can i get a refund somehow if i dont hear back from them….. there seems to be no number to ring them directly, ummm kinda feeling like they are not gunna send me a exchange even tho i have returned and well have paid for it, don’t wanna except that might not get the hoodie or my money back, anyones advice be grateful

  • tracey 27 September, 1:40 pm

    I purchased a personalised sign online. when it arrived it was partly broken. I said i will return it and have my money back. Am i within my rights to do so or do I have to let them replace it with another one? thanks

  • James 30 September, 8:26 am

    Hi there, hope someone can help me. I purchased some clothing for my mother online around the 12th August from an online home shopping catalogue in the U.K. I ordered once before I believe with no problems ages ago.
    This time when I log into the site it still just says ‘received’ and no movement

    I have tried emailing the company twice/three times now and no answer or reply from them. The last time I said please refund me if you can’t provide.
    I really don’t want to ring as the bill is about 10p a minute.

    What would you suggest I do about this. I also have researched this site and found a few people with similar problems. They cater apparently for more of the older generation and some people seem to have had their money taken and nothing done.

    That’s the other issue – when you purchase what you want, they take the money instantly. I paid through PayPal using debit if this helps you. I really don’t know what to do.

    I do know the company has been around for 35 years as well.


  • Emma Garvey 17 October, 3:27 pm

    i recently purchased some jimmy choo trainers had them 6 weeks but only i only wore them 3 times maybe and they became faulty, i emailed jimmy choo and they told me to return them for repair but i explained in my email that i would like a refund as i didn want the same thing happening again as thy wer expensive shoes, when they recieved them i got an email sayin tht thyd been recieved and as id requested a refund thy would email me once the returns had been processed for the amount to go on my card, thy never emailed me but got an email saying my shoes had been repaired and wanted my adress to send them to me? they never evn told me tht thy wer repairing them just went a head and did it, they never even stated tht i could only have a refund if thy couldn be repaired, wer do i stand

  • David 20 October, 11:58 am

    I bought a part for my bmx and they sent me out the wrong one but I never realised untill I had put it on my bike and as soon as i tightened it up it chewed it. Should I be refunded my money? Or they send me out the right one because it isn’t my fault it woudlnt if happend if they sent the right order in the first place

  • Rob Lomas 1 November, 8:28 pm

    Hi i bought a footmuff and custom-made changing bag within two weeks changing bag has Fallen apart. Tried to contact the seller with no reply how do I go about getting my money back

  • Rob Lomas 1 November, 8:30 pm

    Hi I bought a custom made footmuff and changing bag within two weeks the changing your bag Has Fallen apart how do I go about getting my money back

  • Anonymous 3 November, 5:04 pm

    I purchased an item online that was a gift for someone else. Since I am a truck driver and could not get home to receive the package I put to have it shipped to them. I received a confirmation email confirming the sale including the shipping address. I then received an email later saying they refused to send it to the person I bought it for, they would only ship to the billing address and that I had until 11am (my drive shift started at 5am for that load) to get back to them. I was not made aware of this at all during the purchase process and it said nothing on the website. I emailed them back that I am a truck driver and that I wouldn’t be able to get home to have it sent. (Plus I am paying for shipping, if I shipped it to myself I would then have to get home and then remail it to the person I bought it for) they flat out cancelled the order without so much as a phone call or email explaining anything, I just got the cancellation email. Can they refuse to ship it like that after the sale has been made and they sent the confirmation email? Esp. With it saying nothing on the site about shipping requirements?

  • joe 3 November, 11:04 pm

    i have purchased a second personalised watch that is made to order. it is exactly the same as the first but i was quoted less on the second item and paid in full. after querying this they have informed me it was incorrectly priced and i need to pay the remaining amount to make up the paid in full amount. are they allowed to do this?

  • Phyllis Fraser 5 November, 11:22 am

    I ordered what I thought was 1 heated hairbrush with 1 free next thing I know I checked my internet banking and they had charged for 3, when they arrived they were advised they were no good to me as they have a 2 pin prong socket and we use 3 pin, asked if I could get help getting an adapter as I have tried 3 and they don’t fit . They do not reply to e mails and I managed to get them on the phone once and they just said keep trying for and adapter as it is I’m £108.44 out of pocket for the brushes £12 01 for import taxes and £2.97 for adapters I cannot go on spending money on trying different adapters I have even asked them if they can supply the adapters. These are Christmas presents that are of no good to me unless the seller acknowledges my e mails. Please help me I’m disabled and live on a limited income and cannot afford to lost this amount of money

  • Laura Thornett 9 November, 2:54 pm

    I had a dishwasher delivered by currys in September and stored it away, unopened until today when my new kitchen was being installed. When we opened it up to install it, we found the door is cracked and dented and it is unusable. We phone currys to get it exchanged only to be told tough, we should have checked it within 48 hours of delivery. What can we do? I’m sure this is wrong!!

  • Tara 13 November, 8:19 am

    I ordered four items from very delivery was two weeks from that date a few days after I ordered before the items delivered I noticed they had all gone down in price by £145 I contacted very straight away it’s taken a week for them to come to a decision which is they will only reduce one item as the rest are no longer on sale I argue that st the time of my disputed they were all on sale where do I stand

  • Philippa Carter 14 November, 12:47 pm

    I ordered online from gadget room on 24th October 2016. Order was confirmed Yet to date nothing recieve do. I have emailed at least 6 tines but nothing. I have asked for a refund. On more than 3 occasions. This company should be shut down its a con. How can I get my money back I paid by visa debit card

  • Marie 16 November, 4:16 pm

    If my order arrives in 2 separate dates when does my cancellation period start?

  • Ives 17 November, 9:08 pm

    I bought a bag from the web “Beyondtherack”, when I want to buy it, I compare some webs, then I choose the beyondtherack, but when I waited more than three week, they tell me my deal has been cancel by their mistake. Now the other website has no deal too. They hold my money more than three week and I got nothing.
    What should I do? I do think they have to pay my lose

    Plz help me, thanks

  • Ti 22 November, 12:41 pm

    I placed an order online a few weeks ago and cancelled it about an hour later via email which was the method advised on the website. I have since received a refund. My problem is that the order has just arrived even after cancellation.

    I am sure I am not obliged to pay for return postage. And I cannot find a free phone number to call them. What should I do?

  • marie smith 22 November, 3:44 pm

    i have returned some bike parts i ordered on line. I followed the instructions on the invoice for returning the items. the company has had the items for some time now & i have not had my money back. i emailed them and they told me i had not followed their return policy. i needed to get a reference number before i returned the item. i don’t remember this being on the paperwork discribing how to return items. it is on their retun policy on the web site. it is at the very bottom of the return policy, after the return address & the paperwork that needs to be inside the box. when it is the first thing i should of done . what are my rights? can i still get my money back. thank you Marie

  • Aneta 22 November, 6:49 pm

    I winder if you could help me. I have pursued the vest from one of website north face . Unfortunately the size was wrong . I have email the company that I would like change for bigger size but so far now will be 2 weeks and nobody replay to my email . Please could you help me . Thanks

  • Susan wilkinson 29 November, 8:38 am

    I bought a hot tub in August & iv had nothing but problems from it i purchest it from argos web sight can I ask for my money back? Or do I just have to put up with the repairs as ever time somthing goes wrong I can’t us it?

  • Anastassia 30 November, 11:11 am

    I have recently bought golden earrings on Pia jewellery website. They were £180, not cheap. Upon arrival I was so shocked to find how flimsy they were, really cheaply made and the packaging was awful. Was just a little cheap see through sack. Not even a proper jewellery box! This meant to be a birthday gift. Needless to say I don’t want it and going to return. The only problem on their site it says they won’t accept pierced jewellery back. And I am worried now whether I shall be able to get my money back 🙁

  • Nazife 2 December, 3:43 pm

    I have ordered a bed on-line and have now changed my mind. I have also tried ringing the company a few times I’ve also e-mailed without any response.

  • Renee dorsett 3 December, 5:08 pm

    I made a purchase online, they said the credit card was denied and to reorder the product. I did this, now i have two orders. I emailed them right way and because all they had was a email for contact i requested to cancel both orders. I receivied a email the very next day saying both orders have been shipped and was charged for both. I immeditaly emailed them and told them again i want to cancel the order…I have not heard a thing from them…should i refuse the packages and hope i get a refund? I have recently found out the company is in China….

  • Paul Alexander 5 December, 1:22 pm

    Dear What Consumer,

    I was wondering where I stand here.

    I was trying to purchase a mobile phone from wileyfox

    I had a discount code of £30 off any phone.

    I phoned their support line as I wanted the white product of this phone and was told there was one left in stock, and that I would receive a call back relating to this, after I sent through my details (as below).

    I have now waited 1 week for a phone call or communication from Wileyfox and have heard nothing, I even sent in 2 chase emails asking for my call, or contact.

    I have now been chatting online to Wileyfox Support on their online chat as they are not offering me the £30 discount I should have received, if I had bought it the 28th Nov 2016, using the code you can see below.

    Awful, I feel as though their customer service has been a complete let down and they could not have cared in making contact with me in the first place.

    Although I have not physically purchased anything. Is there anything wrong with their selling technique here?

    As per telephone conversion.
    Name:Mr Paul Alexander

    Device required: Spark + in WHITE

    Shipping address: Hays Specialist Recruitment, Hays House, Attn Mr Paul Alexander, 40-44 Coombe Road, New Malden, Surrey, KT3 4JQ

    Product ordered:Wileyfox Spark + (WHITE)

  • Reggie 10 December, 7:17 pm

    On Black Friday i. Purchased a tv from walmart Got a order number and delivery date too. And now they canceled the order because they put the wrong price on the linter net ad. What can I do

  • Kay 11 December, 8:04 pm

    I have ordered two pairs of trainers online. I received no confirmation email when the order was completed so I don’t have a reference number but they have Taken the £92 from my bank account. What should I do?

  • Georgia 12 December, 2:14 pm

    I recently ordered some dresses from – They arrived fine, but they didn’t fit me well, so i returned them -The total order came to £100 – However that was nearly 2 weeks ago now, and i’ve heard nothing from them and they are ignoring my facebook messages and emails – What can i do? What are my rights?

  • Sarah moon 15 December, 10:56 pm

    Purchased trainers from company on line

    They are not what I ordered and need to return them

    Contacted them three times and still they have not replied.

    What do I do?

    Company. Is. Irish golf travel

    Thank you

  • Mandy 21 December, 7:08 am

    I recently purchased what l thought was a dressing table & stool n when it arrived it was just the stool l contacted the seeler which is a company & explained this & they said that l would need to pay to have it returned & organise a courier & then get the courier to ask at there head office for my refund ??

  • John gallear 25 December, 2:05 pm

    I paid for a solar intruder light with debit card 8 weeks ago 4 days ago they told me the item would be delivered within 48 hrs still not arrive and u cannot contxct them know the company shopgoodideassuite l-m lingfield house darlington co durham dl11rw my tel 07455321608 thank u

  • Donna hill 28 December, 1:18 pm

    What are consumers rights if you still haven’t had your refund after30 days?

  • Steven 30 December, 3:21 am


    I bought a tool piece online for about £22 and then paid around £10 for delivery. The item was delivered on the 15th working day (as stated to allow in their T’s and C’s) but by this time I found the same item locally for less than half price.

    It turns out the online purchase came from China and although I emailed to say I had changed my mind on the order they say that a refund is not possible unless the product is damaged. My last reply from them said this:

    “I’m afraid that I am not able to accept your returning, because we have stated that it on our policy:
    ” We accept return on products which were shipped out by us and if the item is faulty due to an error on our end (e.g. wrong item or low quality item). Item(s) must be returned together with proof of purchase.”

    I find their terms misleading and wonder if I am still covered as it is from abroad? I replied to them 5 days ago but they still haven’t replied yet.

    Any advice gratefully accepted


  • Lara 30 December, 11:51 am

    I recently bought a skincare product I payed for this but I noticed £90 came out of my account without my permission I then emailed the company they said they’d refund me £40. Iso this right or should I be able to get a full refund

  • Beryl rowley 2 January, 6:36 pm

    I brought some items from a Pandora site all of which arrived wrong I emailed the site saying I wanted to send everything back only to be told I would end up with next to nothing as they neede to tack postage and admin.fees from their bank and from their company is that right only one of the items I ordered was right

  • Charlotte 3 January, 12:26 am

    Hi I ordered a coat in the sales. I ordered on news years eve and the money has been taken from my bank. Ive had an email today saying the item wasn’t in stock and ive been refunded. When will the money go back into my bank ? Thanks

  • Sarah McManus 4 January, 9:13 pm

    I have been subjected to fraud on Amazon, where an item was ordered without my knowledge and over £200 taken from my bank account (not credit card). I cancelled the order 2 days before it was due to be delivered (if it was going to be delivered at all). Amazon still have not refunded the money after countless phone calls and some email correspondence. Are Amazon liable to pay me back, or is it the banks duty to do so? The bank says it is not their responsibility. I also feel that Amazon are not addressing fraud seriously enough. From what I can see it has come via their Amazon market place and I think that it is bogus supplier. It is not through hacking my computer. Therefore I feel that this is Amazon’s responsibility. I really want some advise as what direction to take this as I am just going round in circles trying to communicate with Amazon. Thank you

  • Nicole 5 January, 2:51 pm

    I ordered some clothes online and after 2 months of waiting I cancelled my order and was told I would receive my refund within 2 weeks. It has now been another 2 months and keep getting told there is a back log. What can I do to get my money back?

  • -Jelena 6 January, 12:13 am

    I bought a few tickets for event but I find out that a company sold them for me for a wrong time. I requested evening time and whole conversation was about evening time only ( when he tried to offer me morning time I refuse it) but at the end I received the morning tickets. When I requested a refund they told me that agreed with a purchase and nothing they can do. I sent them a few emails and request a copy of our conversation and they are totally ignoring me know. What shall I do now?

  • Shell 8 January, 9:52 am

    Recently purchased personalised jewelley from an online company that I believed to be uk based. Paid extra for guaranteed delivery for Christmas. The items didn’t arrive until after Christmas post marked from Israel. The quality is shocking. I emailed asking for a full refund ( before items arrived due to non delivery) they replied with offering a 10% refund. When items arrived I noticed one was faulty and both were just poor quality. I emailed again and was offered the extra shipping fees if paid plus 15% back. They said I could have full refund if I returned items and could I send photos of faults. I sent photo as requested, and asked if they would offer full refund plus return postage as I didn’t see why I should be out of pocket. They emailed back that they were processing the refund if shipping costs and compensation for delayed shipping. I did not agree to this I want a full refund. The items cost just short of £100 which is a lot for items I won’t use due to being faulty and poor quality. I emailed back again requesting for full refund. I have no issue returning goods providing I’m not left with postage charges to israel! Where do I stand? Any advice greatly appreciated. Thanks

  • Andrew 10 January, 12:06 pm

    don’t buy from arkpets online i purchased from here then got an email saying it wasn’t in stock when the website saying they had 3 in stock and still saying it after 3 weeks,the website probably doesn’t update regally and i am still waiting for refund also i have reported them to consumer standards.

  • tc 11 January, 11:55 am

    I ordered a CCTV online on 27 November after talking with the company who said it was in stock. their website said it was in stock. it was not in stock and as at today (11 Jan) I still haven’t got it. The vendor is now ignoring me. it was 22 days ago when we last spoke and he said it was en route from china and would be with me within 10 days. I also have a 3G card for the camera that I subscribed to in November expecting the camera to be with me in a few days. £30 per month and I’m locked in for a year. I’ve paid 3 months now and now use. What can I do?

  • Elaine 12 January, 5:57 am

    Ordered a Pandora charm from Pandora4Uk they sent me the wrong one . They said because the one I want is out of stock. I have asked for a refund they want me to pay postage but wil only refund me 20’/. Of the postage didn’t know it was China as would not have ordered. What can I do about this .

  • Roland packer 12 January, 11:35 am

    My son brought a computer online. 10 weeks old, the computer has a fault. Supplier/manufacturer collected it via courier. It arrived at supplier/manufacturer damaged. Components damaged and supplier claim these items are chargeable due unsuitable return packaging. Original packaging not available and supplier replacement packaging not available for this model. PS was wrapped in a complete roll of bubble wrap and packed into a box. What are my rights, and how do you define suitable packaging as my definition and supplier definition are different. Thanks in advance

  • Michelle 13 January, 6:57 pm

    I have ordered goods for a gift from a well know high street name online.
    There was s problem with my post code – one number was wrong. This was sorted out on the day it was due to be delivered and I was assured my parcel now had the correct post code and that the courier company the retailer used would get in touch with me with new tracking & delivery details. They have not got back to me and it has been three days now.
    I have sent a number of emails back to the retailer asking them to find out what has happened for me. I have not had a reply from them. I cannot phone them as they have no phone number for customer service, and the staff in the high street stores cannot help me – they say I must email customer services. I am going round in circles & cannot find where my parcel is. The retailer has taken the money for the goods from my account.
    I do not know what I can do, or where I stand.
    Can you please give me some advice, I would be truly grateful

  • Julie Jensen 17 January, 9:51 am

    I recently ordered a Barbour dress online for around £50. The package arrived and I could see it came from China. The dress that arrived wasn’t even the dress I ordered. It’s a cheaply made lace dress. My daughter and I have written to the company a couple of times but received no replies. Where do I go from here?

    Many thanks
    Julie Jensen

  • Claire 17 January, 1:22 pm

    I ordered a product from a reputable large company but it was out of stock. The product is still out of stock. I have confirmation of my order at the price it was at then. However the price has gone up £50 now. Do I pay the price I was quoted when ordering or do I have to pay the full price?

    Many thanks.

  • Eileen Lenihan 17 January, 9:16 pm

    Hi I brought a dress from, forever boutique x x

    On facebook, paid by Visa on the 30th December, asked the lady where my dress was, and she blocked me, I have receipt in my email proving that i purchaser this dress, and that tracking number that still shows nothing when I put it into royal mail, and don’t know what to do

  • Janet 18 January, 8:29 am

    I bought what was supposed to be angel perfume online for £46.It arrived and was fake.They said to send it back and get refund.I have proof of purchase and they still haven’t refunded me. They won’t even reply to my e mails What can I do …. 7 weeks ago

  • Diana 20 January, 5:07 am

    We guess you advice, my husband ordered me some pandora charms off this website call pandora4uk that kept popping up on Facebook. I showed him the ones I like and wanted, so he order it for me. When it came to get the package they was a fee to pay to pick up, put they was nothing on the website about that. Also when I opened the package they sent me the wrong charms, when I contact them by email they said the items I wanted was out of stock, ” but to me if something out of sock you would contact the buyer and tell them, but no” they sent me different charms I don’t like.. so when I email them back again about it they were so rude and now saying I got pay again to sent items back and I would not get that money back.. all I wanted was the charms I choice sent to me and them to stop being rude about it and anitied it was the mistake and take responsibility.

  • Kath 23 January, 1:19 pm

    Hi, I need some consumer advice re. an online order.
    I ordered goods (picture frames & acessories, some custom made) in November, & was told these would be dispatched on 28th November.
    I emailed the company on 2nd January to say they had not arrived, & had a reply to apologise for the delay & stating they would be finished & dispatched in “a couple of days.”
    The package duly arrived 5th January but on examination, there were two items not in the package, & one item in the wrong colour.
    I tried several times to phone but was not able to get through, & since then I have sent 3 emails with no response.
    Can you advise me what my next move should be?
    Many thanks.

  • Samantha kay 23 January, 5:25 pm

    If I. Bought something online and paid for it can they sell it and tell me it is now sold out it was in the sale

  • Suzanne 26 January, 7:11 am

    I purchased a wedding dress from Debenhams, at the time they had a sale on and it had been reduced by £60,the dress didn’t fully zip up so asked to exchange for the next size up,as the sale event had ended they told me as thr dress had now increased in price I would have to pay the full amount,as the item is not available to try on in store and only available via their website,are they correct that I have to pay full price? I didn’t think so, so as matter of opinion I refused and told them to refund me instead

  • Simone Neville 31 January, 3:51 pm

    I am looking for help, I have bought an item online from farahsbeity .com also showing as I did not receive a confirmation email but the money has gone from my account. I have checked span. It’s approx 10 day since my order. I’ve checked website and there is no contact details that I can find. Please can you give me some guidance as to how I can resolve this? Many thanks, Simone

  • lee edwards 9 February, 11:00 am

    I bought an item off amazon it all went through smoothly they gave me a delivery date so I thought that was it .but I had an email the next day cancelling my order .saying that their account was compromised so what would I do now have they got to honour my purchise

  • Melanie Green 9 February, 1:52 pm

    I purchased a plan for 2 web sites from godaddy they said it would be easy to build the websites with word press. I manged to eventually learn how to get word press to work and was ready to transfer another web site over to them in order to buid it. They transefered it but wordpress did not work. AFter literally hours of try to get it to work to technical team said they could not get it to work.

    They said they could not reimberse me the money as it was 1 week out side of the 28 day refund there any way around this so I can get some of my money back.
    Melanie Green

  • Daniel Collard 10 February, 1:36 pm

    Hi.last night I orderd a pair of trainers but when doing the billing address iy wouldn’t tried fair few times then gave up.woke up this.morning to an email saying transaction complete an am now worried about if thet sent more than one pair as it says I tried 7 times but.I only have one email

  • Pamela Mathieson 10 February, 2:30 pm

    I am looking for some advise.
    I bought a jacket from a well known high street retailer, I bought it online and paid via PayPal last November.
    The retailer has just called me saying that they had an internal issue with their computers and they have not received payment. They would like payment from me now.
    I was completely unaware that they hadn’t received the funds and genuinely didnt scrutinize my statement correctly.
    Where do I stand with this as can’t really afford to give the money at present.

  • Katie 20 February, 4:20 pm

    I bought goods online in November, these were hand made boots and due to the company taking longer than they promised to deliver the boots, I sent an email telling them to cancel my order before my boots had been shipped. They ignored this email and sent them avout a week after anyway, so when they arrived I still did not want them. I asked for a refund and they said I can only return for a store credit (did not say this on their site when I ordered them) so I refused and said under the DSR I am within my right to get a refund for the goods as I had already given notice of cancellation for, before and after the goods had arrived. But they ignored that email too and have subsequently ignored the other 6 emails I have sent to them asking for a return and refund.

    So now I am stuck? I paid on credit card and the cost was £98.

    Help please, what can I do!?


  • Anne Leahy 22 February, 10:23 pm

    I bought a pair of Ugg Boots for £35 won. Two days later this item was withdrawn. Why can a seller cancel an ite. But the buyer not.
    I want these boots at the price advertised. We are constantly remindid when buying .
    This is a legal contract. I would have though a seller and buyer of an item are both in the same contract. I do not want to cancel the contract.i am willing to pay as stated.I do not want to cancel. Please no teems of legal jargon lay mans English will suffice. Black

  • Chloe 26 February, 2:32 pm

    Hi, I recently ordered a pair of trainers online. When I recieved the they were a different style. When I contacted the company they asked me to keep them. What can I do know?

  • Stef 5 March, 5:46 pm

    I bought some items three weeks ago. Nothing has arrived. I’ve emailed several times but no one is replying. There is no number to call and very little information about this company on social media. I think I have been scammed. Who do I report the site to to get it investigated? Closed? Get my money back? They’ve given me a tracking number but nowhere to track it. It’s become clear it’s a scam

  • Michelle Wynyard 27 March, 4:21 pm

    Hi my sister order was missing four items and the Tottenham mail order will not investigate what has happened to her missing items

  • trevor dawes 29 March, 1:52 pm

    i bought a sony mobile phone in Nov 2016 for xmas,in Feb 2017 it would not charge,i rang sony and they told me what to do to arrange collectionand to go to their website and put the IMEI number in and i noticed it said no warranty.i called them back and the guy told me to wait,after sometime he came back and told me he had validated the warranty,so the phone was collected.Some days later sony said the phone was beyaond economical repair and they offered me a replacement-at £266 including delivery.I said it was under warranty,since then they said because i bought it from a company that trades through e bay the warranty was void,when i proved this wrong they have tried many excuses to get out of replacing it,the last on being that their is no vat details on the reciept can you advise me please.

  • Sharon 30 March, 12:52 pm


    I bought 4 bridesmaid dresses online and 3 of them are ok but one is totally wrong. I have emailed the company and told them this and sent photos as evidence but the company are still adamant that we are at fault.

    The dress is a size 22 and according to their website the bust should be 45 inches and the waist 38.5 but when we measured the dress the bust was 37 inches and the waist was 35.

    The replied to say they would do another dress at cost price but why should I pay for another dress when their measurements are clearly wrong.

  • Tonya 16 April, 10:42 am

    I ordered a dress from DressilyMe (March 16, 2017) I paid an extra $29.99 to have the dress rush ordered, the dress was suppose to arrive no later than April 10, 2017. Received the dress on April 11, 2017 NOT only did the dress arrive late it looked nothing like the dress online. I sent their company countless emails about the quality, silhouette, and color along with pictures of the dress that they sent. I told them how I wasn’t satisfied and would like a full refund ( Shipping $18.74) total refund would be $236.27. In order to return the dress I would need a Return Authorization Number, they have yet to email me.

    What rights do I have?

  • Samantha Aldred 1 May, 6:50 am

    Hello i have ordered 2 pairs of trainers online and paid for them on the 5th April 1 has arrived the other hasn’t there is no way of contacting them online or phone is there anything I can do?

  • Anna Munday 9 May, 10:13 am

    I ordered two swimsuits from Best Secret (having successfully ordered from the company twice before) – my husband signed for the parcel which I later opened and the box was empty apart from some tissue paper and company leaflets and air filled bags!!! I directly contacted the Best Secret via email and telephone to try and resolve the problem. I received a reply today – 1 week later after chasing them twice over the phone and email. They are suggesting I didn’t look properly in the box or that the items ‘fell out’ as I opened the box!! On closer inspection the box may well have been opened on its way to me?
    Best Secret are suggesting that I now have to contact DHL – but DHL I assume have carried out their part of the contract as they have delivered me my goods? I paid on credit card so will contact them. HELP! what are my rights?!
    Anna Munday

  • maggie bright 9 May, 2:22 pm

    I ordered an exercise plate that came with free DVD worth £9.99 however didn’t arrive company says lost in post they can’t replace as they don’t have that offer bug they do have the items seperatly exercise plate £99 and DVD £9.99 but cannot let me have them at just £99 . My question is they accepted my order and emailed to say the order had left the warehouse so am I entitled to getting like for like replacement at no extra cost as I had a contract with them

  • Louise 19 May, 7:34 am

    I ordered 2 dresses so I could try them and return if not liked. The website said the could be returned at a cost to myself. I emailed the company when received as they are not suitable to ask for an address to return. They said they could only give me an exchange or online credit. I read their terms and it does say that but not clearly evident. I can only contact them by email and await days for a response. They ask for returns within 14 days and if they don’t reply soon that time will be up. Can I ask my credit card company to withdraw payment to them or what else can I do?

  • Mrs Gabrielle Pour 26 May, 8:07 pm

    The courier for my Zara order had stated incorrectly on the tracking information that I had received and signed for my order. ZARA informed me they had reported this to Hermes their courier service and they are currently looking into this. Meanwhile I am still in limbo waiting for goods I have paid for and not received. Please can you confirm my rights ?

  • Claudia 22 February, 5:22 pm

    I purchased an item over a year ago, still haven’t received it. Customer service were following up on it and keeping contact with till one day they stopped replying and now the site doesn’t even exist? What do I do? It didn’t cost much but I’m furious how I’ve been treated and robbed! Please help.

    • Claudia 22 February, 5:28 pm

      I’ve just found out that another item I’ve been waiting for since December from another site doesn’t exist anymore either and cost considerably more, seriously don’t know what to do?! Help


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