Consumer rights when buying a sofa

Consumer rights when buying a sofa post image

If you have experienced problems buying a sofa or having one upholstered, then you are not alone. Complaints relating to sofas feature significantly in Consumer Direct’s top ten and the problem shows no sign of improving. So what do you need to watch out for and what are your rights?

Cooling off?

Buying a sofa is a big commitment, particularly if you have signed a credit agreement to spread the cost over several years. The first thing to be aware of is that any contract you make in-store will be legally binding from the moment you sign. You cannot simply wander back in the next day and tell them you’ve changed your mind. Cooling off rights only apply where you have bought the item by mail order – over the phone, or via the internet. And even then, it does not apply where sofas have been made to order – which is often the case.

Ordering and delivery

An approximate lead time will be given in your order. Although this is not legally binding, it shouldn’t take much longer than this. If you are experiencing what you would consider to be an unreasonable delay, you can make ‘time of the essence’ by writing to them, requesting they fulfil their contractual obligations within a specific time period (14 days), otherwise you will end the contract and request the return of any sums already paid.

As any sofa retailer will tell you, they cannot be held responsible if the unit is too big for the room, won’t fit through the door or up the stairs. Neither will they be liable for the cost of removing windows etc and are within their rights to charge an additional fee if they have to take it away again. It may seem like an obvious point, but the number of people who do not measure the doorframe in relation to the sofa is quite astonishing. Similarly, those in three-storey homes with a first floor lounge, should make additional allowances for a winding staircase.

Your consumer rights

Any sofa you buy should be of satisfactory quality, fit for the purposes specified and as described. Therefore, if it is described as leather, that’s exactly what it should be. If it described as a particular colour or fabric, it should not differ widely from this. If it a sofa-bed, it should function as a bed as well as a sofa. It should also remain in good condition for a reasonable length of time without sagging, coming apart, or deterioration to the fabric.  Just because you have had the sofa for some time, this does not prevent you from making a complaint on the basis of premature or excessive wear and tear.

If you are making a complaint, the retailer will always be your first and only port of call, and not the manufacturer. Retailers may also try to tell you that there is nothing they can do because you are outside your warranty period, or because you don’t have one. A warranty is irrelevant where quality and durability are concerned, and you have the right to a remedy under Sale of Goods.

The trader’s obligations

If the sofa which has been delivered is damaged, of poor quality, unfit for purpose or not as described, you have the right to reject it and claim a refund. However, where a repair is feasible, you must allow the trader the opportunity to do this in the first instance. The trader must cover the costs of the repair (including collection and re-delivery) and must not take too long.  If a repair cannot be carried out, or has been poorly carried out, if it has taken an unreasonable length of time, or if you have experienced significant inconvenience, you are then within your rights to request a replacement. If neither a repair or a replacement can be effected, you can then ask for a discount on the purchase price or your money back.

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  • sarah 17 May, 3:46 pm

    I have purchased 2 3 seater sofas from SCS they arrived on 27th jan 10 within 1 month we noticed the sofa was sueaking when sat on and rand scs on 1st March to inform them of this. a repairer came out on march 15th and put silicone and wd40 on the spings and said it was fixed! within another 4 weeks both sofas (in the same place) done the same thing again. rang scs again and they came back out on 23rd april. they offered to do the same again and we refused the repair, stating it is a re-occuring fault and we either wanted our money back or both sofa’s replaced. we then received a letter telling us that the sofas were suitable for repair and this was all they were offering and that by law they are allowed to do this. I then rang again on may 10th to be told i was not entiltled to a refund or exchange as they had offered to repair! they stated they would repair by replacing all the springs on both sofas, the repairer came today 17.5.10 without the spings to put wd40 on both sofas!!! i point blank refused this and rang SCS while the repair man was here, they stated they didnt have it down on system for springs to be replaced so i told them the conversation and who i spoke to stating that i had been put on hold by their advisor while he said he rang the repairer to check they had springs in stock! they then told me i couldnt prove this and that legally i had to accept repair, i was then told to put the repair man on phone to advisor and when they had finished talking i was told to write on a form that i was refusing repair again untill i had new springs. i did this but also stated i wanted the sofas replaced or my cash refunded. I now really need to know where i stand regarding this as i dont seem to have any rights according to SCS regarding the sofa’s both being faulty!i am completely fed up and want my money back SCS are a disgrace.

    • michelle 13 August, 11:43 am

      i am having the same problem with scs i spent £3000 on a new sofa and within 8 weeks one of the corner sections had broken so they sent someone out to repair it which i was quiet happy with and the repair but now 4 weeks later another section has broken and the stuffing is all sagging etc so i have also refused the repair and told them i dont want a refund i just want a replacement i like the couch i chose hence that is why i picked it but i dont want another repair as i was dont the reason for the first fault was due to being damaged in transit which may have weakened the couch so im not prepared to keep the sofa incase when my warranty runs out im left with a broken sofa i dont think its a lot to ask when buying a sofa that was rather expensive it alot to ask for it to last at least a couple of years never mind only 5 months x

    • Angela Gr egory 20 November, 3:51 pm

      I had an 8 month battle with ScS a couple of years ago and this sounds so familiar. If you go to the citizens advice they will hopefully lodge a complaint on your behalf with trading standards. Once that’s done trading standards will advise you of your rights and you can then quote it to ScS. I did that then e mailed watchdog who didn’t reply but I could prove to ScS that I had done it. I then threatened to take them to the small claims court as what they had supplied wasn’t fit for purpose. I gave them the date that I intended to lodge my claim in court and within 2 hours ScS were on the phone offering a refund once they had collected the furniture. It’s a long hard slog and so stressful but you can win in the end. I will never deal with that store again even though I had a suite from them without any problems for 10 years prior to that. I hate being ripped off when we work so hard to buy stuff. Unfortunately there are complaints similar to this for every sofa company going , I think it’s pot luck whether your furniture will be ok or not.

      • CAZ 17 September, 4:03 pm

        Interesting. My husband and I are having a similar battle to yours with SOFOLOGY. We had only had our new white sofa a month or so before we had a problem with it, when you sat on it the back of it just colapses and you get this sinking feeling. We had someone come round to look at it, and yes there is a problem with it and like you they were goping to do a repair. We are not happy with this outcome as it becomes a second hand piece of furniture instead of new which we had saved hard to buy. It was white leather, beautiful ion the store, but sofology just want to reapair it.No way we are prepared to fight for a new one, Its disgusting that expect you to have someone come in and take to bits a brand new settee and stuff it with wadding and it will be ok, Well NO its not ok. these companies dont realize how hard one has to save to buy these items and then they have the cheeck to come and tear it to bits to repair it, it is never the same, We had that experience with a dodgy Bed, but that a different story. Keep fighting. We hope to win like you did.

      • David Rankin 15 June, 6:28 pm

        Thank you Angela Gregory for your advice. SCS say there is not a fault, we disagree the material The have used after 3 weeks started looking worn, but they say it is quite normal in this kind of material.We got intouch with Citizen Advice and they put us intouch with trading standards. I have spoken with trading standards today and they suggest we purchase independent report, which could cost anything up to £200.So I am glad to read your report and will try your way first.

    • Willy Villa Shonner 22 March, 2:18 pm

      I had the worst experience with ScS Sofas. They are a bunch of crooks and will say literally anything to avoid their responsibility so I wouldn’t waste my breath anymore as they would not reason so take them to court – you need an independent upholstery adviser to give you a written professional statement that your sofa is not fit for purpose then the court will favour you and you will get your money back.

      • Rich 15 September, 9:15 am

        I totally agree complete crooks and imbeciles. In store sales staff are working off pitiful salaries/commission applying pressure sales techniques and deceitful behaviour with completely unfair contract terms. DO NOT EVEN GO THERE!!

      • Sandra 9 May, 10:56 am

        I am having the same problem with scs they are the worst of the bunch not interested once they have your money never will i put foot in that store ever again people should stand outside with placards saying shop here at your peril

    • Maria Taylor 12 March, 12:47 pm

      Hi i purchased a sofa in aug and was delievered in oct since delievery i av ad to wait for cushions that where ordered in correct i received them 3mths later i noticed the under fabric was wearing so i complained reguarding them what i was told would take 2wks is now nearer 6wks ive ad someone out whos now put foam over the springs which i was told was the problem and why the seat cushions are being replaced ive now noticed that the material which is chenille is wearing at the front of the seat cushions so my worry is now this is happening it will almost definitely happen with the replacements and to say i have only had this sofa under 5mths i am unsure what my rights are as i have been very patient with the company but i find i am getting very stressed with the amount of excuses they make for why its takeing so long to replace the damaged cushions as with the scatter bk cushions and now that i have noticed the wearing i know the new covers will end up the same so i need to know what my rights are as this has been going on far to long plz could you email me on what i can do under the consumer laws thks marie

    • Brian Smart 22 May, 12:02 pm

      WD 40 is not a silicone based oil it is fish based developed in the USA for the military to preserve and short term lubrication. The WD stands for wet to dry in 40 days, so it’s not suitable to lubricate springs.

  • Sam 5 January, 9:30 pm

    We ordered and paid in full for a suite from suite express. We were advised delivery would be 10 weeks and in some cases up to 13 weeks. This was aug 1st, despite numerous calls we still don’t know when we will receive it and they say they can’t refund all but a deposit. In the small print on the back (thus wasn’t even pointed out to us) it states delivery of upto 35 weeks before order can be cancelled. We don’t want to cancel, we just want the suite. Can anyone help to speed it up?

    • Irmgard 25 February, 11:57 pm

      I am having the same problems with suite express. I ordered a dining room suite from their Leicester store which should have been delivered by the end of December 2010. I have been to the store almost every week, have emailed their website and have phoned their Doncaster office. I don’t get any answers and the always absent manager never phones back. My partner and I are intending to drive to their Doncaster office once the new holiday year starts and we intend to stay there until we are either compensated or satisfied that our goods will be delivered in a timely manner. My advise to everyone reading this is not to use this company!

  • Neil 25 January, 8:47 pm

    In addition to the above ref credit agreement;
    You CAN refuse delivery of the sofa, and the company CANNOT begin debiting your account until it is delivered. This advice came from my credit card company.
    NEVER use SCS under any circumstances.

  • maeve lloyd 13 February, 2:01 pm

    I also have problems with sofa from scs the frame has snapped and is on the floor they want to repair it the cushions a flat and fraying i only had it 10 months now 1 yr on still been told not to sit on it because it could get worse still waiting for a reply.refused repair so they are doing nothing now about it im fed up.

    • Willy Villa Shonner 2 January, 4:15 pm

      I am happy to support you and other unhappy ScS customers to get justice done – I bought a ScS Sofa a couple of years ago worth £600 and starting peeling badly last year – I contacted them and they would not take responsibility and kept fobbing me off so after a couple of complaint letters they said it had been my fault as a result of cleaning the sofa (which I did after the peeling occurred) so I am in the process building ScS Sofas complaints profile so ScS sofas wish they hadn’t messed with me.
      This is the ScS Sofas complaints Facebook profile I started so please ‘like’ it and start telling everyone to expose them for what they really are.
      Please visit my ‘SCS Sofas – Complaints’ page on facebook

      • jonina 17 July, 10:07 pm

        Hi willy thanks I have bought a sofa from scs and on the second day of having it it has sagged so badly it has made my bum go numb so I am not sure what to do ?

      • Lorna Holmes 21 January, 10:08 am

        Can’t seem to find this Facebook page. Us it still active?

      • Allison 22 March, 2:24 pm

        I purchased 2×2 leatherette suites 3 years ago from scs leather recently started to peel I contacted head office who asked me to send photos of them and today scs store manager has called to say I have to pick a new suite

  • Sophie 5 March, 8:47 pm

    We are currently trying to get a refund of deposit from SCS for 2 sofas that we have not even received yet! They ordered the sofas before the finance was accepted – and it has now been declined 3 times. They say we have to pay £1023 by cash within the next 2 weeks and there is no other option! They are a disgrace and once our deposit is returned we will not be dealing with them ever again! Trading Standards are involved and doing all they can but SCS wont even return their calls or letters! Utter disgrace

  • Esther 20 April, 9:41 pm

    Had a DFS sofa delivered on 09/04/2011. problems straight away. missing bolts in feet of all sofas(3 seater,2seater and chair)large scratch marks on sofas. lots of cuts, small holes and grazes in the leather on all 3 sofas. have been told this is insect bites and scar tissue from the cows hide!!!!!!!! frame on 1 sofa is damaged very badly and has nails coming thru. same sofa, seats and back do not align up and is not central. single chair looks as though it is years old.2 seater sofa has 2 large dents at the front. was told in showroom that it was sprung frame this is not the case it is fibre and foam filled. suite has been looked at now by 3 people i have been told that leather is a natural material and will fade. dfs want to repair my suite in the back of a car. they will spray all the scuffs and slashes. i am unhappy to do this as i feel i have a very badly damaged sofa. what is the next step

  • simon 30 May, 3:08 am

    i bought a refurbished corner group from brighthouse, and after 2 weeks i have noticed large burns on the inside of an arm and on a cushion,the credit agreement says 2nd hand but the description in the shop said refurbished as did the shop attentend, i was not told of these burns and will be paying over £1000 for it, what rights to have on this

    • Christine 2 April, 10:37 pm

      I have had terrible trouble with Brighthouse after buying 3 refurbished sofas
      1 had the front foot missing
      2’had back foot missing
      3 had stains on it,
      I have phoned non stop
      Walked in the branch lots of times and always promised a return call which never comes
      This has been going on for over a month now
      One of the sales staff claimed he told me it had a stain on it
      As I said to him no you never I’m not that forgetful , when I phoned again today
      I was told that it was proberley sold to me as seen.!!!!
      I said if you think I buy sofas with feet missing and dirty stains you’ve got another thing coming, looks like these are second hand and were the displace prices from the shops
      Absolutly gutted , I have told Brighthouse I am now g9ing to Trading standards,
      And if I don’t here by this Monday they can take them back and refund allnmy payments

  • Gary 3 September, 4:42 pm

    My mother recently bought a leather sofa and chair from a high street retailer.

    A couple of days after it was delivered she noticed the leather was excessively creased and some of the cushions were sagging. She called the store who sent technician round (from an external company) to examine it. The technician concluded there were a number of problems and said he would contact the retailer to get a fix.

    After about 10 days she hadn’t heard anything so she called again. The customer service rep said they were going to send an engineer to “steam out the creases and restuff the cushions” (even though she was repeatedly told it was a leather sofa). A few days later someone came round to do the job, saw the sofa and confirmed there was nothing that could be done as it was leather and the cushions were fixed – he said he would report this, and she should wait for a call from customer services. Again, the call never came …

    At this point I took my mum to the store and spoke to the assistant manager. They checked the records and said they would email the 3rd party (who were supposed to be doing the repairs) to chase them up. They did say that the sofa may need to be replaced, but the chair would not (the original technician suggested that both should be replaced as the colours may not match). The next day my mum decided it was all getting too much trouble (She is 86!) and called the store, rejecting the goods and requested the store give a refund.

    The store manager said that as they had offered to repair it she is not entitled to a refund. Is this true? Must she accept that the sofa is repaired or replaced if that is all they offer?

  • Joe 27 September, 6:01 pm

    Hi there
    I just bought a sofa from DFS and was suppose to have it delivered today but it didn`t fit trough the door.I’ve been told that they will have to charge me for taking it back and also i’ll have to order a smaller one and as the sofa had already left the store it will have to be sold has a second hand and i’ll have to be charge for the difference between it’s real price and the one it has been sold for(although it’s never been use or unwrapped!). I did check the acsess as told and measured it but as i’m not a expert, i obviously did it wrong. Can they force me to pay all this expenses? Don’t they have any responsability to advice and help costumers?

    • Manal 25 August, 1:23 pm

      Hi Joe, had s similar situation and just wondering what your result was?

    • Michelle 16 January, 7:42 am

      My daughter ordered a corner suite from dfs …2days later was offered a new property from the local housing. We asked dfs several times if they could cancel order as its due for delivery around moving date….they kept saying we call you back but surprise they never done nothing. Now she has had a letter to say delivery will be due the week.she deffo moves. We have rung dfs to ask advice for holding onto the goods until we move. But they have been so rude and unhelpful…..

  • amina 1 October, 10:27 am

    hi, i purchased a sofa in store but did not see the goods before purchase. i saw the sofa ion a leaflet and when in store and orderd it. is this still covered by the distance selling regulations?

  • gerry 27 October, 10:12 am

    Bought a suite (3+2 seaters) from Instyle. The three was sagging in the middle on delivery. I raised this and the company took it back and fitted “more support”.
    Three years later the support is practically non existent in the middle of the 3 seat with the others sagging a lot. Its unusable as in nobody can sit there without being uncomfortable within minutes,

    Is three years for a £3000 suite a “reasonable length” of time” or should I expected this to last longer
    The company has stated “the cushions are just compressed”.

    • kevin 31 May, 3:38 pm

      I totally get were you are coming from! I think scs are a total CON. ! My elderly mother who has copd and is on oxygen went looking in the store and the sales person saw that mum was finding it hard to breath! She told her “I have the perfect suite for you”. Mum didn’t have the energy to look around the big shop and was just not her usual self. So basically the sales rep said “are you comfy on that seat your in”, mum said yes it was the casper Power recliner. The rep told mum that she would sell her it for a sale price of get this £2.500!!! Then we realised after leaving that we didn’t need the 3 seater to be a power recliner! She didn’t say. There was a static option for the 2 and 3 seater now only after 6 months of light use “it’s only me and mum in the house with family visits ” where my mum pits looks SHOCKING!!! It’s all faded and the chenille fabric all flat. This happened within first month I called they sent someone out and the guy said it was natural shading because of the fabric, And left. We’re just so sad as our last sofa was so strong it lasted 10 years and still had good use as it went ty charity shop sooo comfy compared to this junk! We’re scared to properly relax in it. Honestly it looks 5-6 years old a. Least people would NEVER believe it’s only 6 months for £3000 your suite should still look great or at least good depending children pets ect, they just don’t make them like they used to. Poor mum saved a couple years for what is a considerable amount for a 3 piece suite 🙁 the woman also managed to get a further £270 extended warranty also. And last night mum scraped her arm and noticed 3 blood spots on the arm of her chair. I panicked and used the “complimentary care kit for stains” on the blood but it’s left a big round water Mark so I thought hmmm everything is fine i’ll phone on monday and get it cleaned under our 270 pound warranty….read the insurance guide and it states “cover is only for stains that have not been treated! Omg why weren’t we told that. Really really poor customer care once you leave that SCS. Store and give your life savings to them it’s …see you later don’t bother contacting us for aftersale problems as we won’t help esp if your a vulnerable pensioner with cash in hand! Sorry for the long reply but I’m am totally disgusted at this company. My mother is house bound and wanted to sit in a nice sofa that looked good ( yes looked ok in the shop until a couple months of light use) I would hate to see this casper scs sofa in a house with kids! I would give it a month and it would be destroyed! I don’t think there I. Anything can be done now except to WARN as many people I can about SCS DISGUSTING SALES AND NON EXISTING after sales.
      Again sorry I had to get this out there it’s so bad and mum should be happy and relaxed but is miserable looking a. The fading saggy ect,

  • susan 12 November, 10:50 am

    Hi esther,could you tell me the name of the sofa,is it a biba ,natural hyde ?as i am having some trouble with mine sinking in one corner .they have been out and repaired twice but the problem still exists im so fed up and want a replacement or my money back which they say they cannot do. suzannah

    • Willy Villa Shonner 2 January, 4:17 pm

      I am happy to support you and other unhappy ScS customers to get justice done – I bought a ScS Sofa a couple of years ago worth £600 and starting peeling badly last year – I contacted them and they would not take responsibility and kept fobbing me off so after a couple of complaint letters they said it had been my fault as a result of cleaning the sofa (which I did after the peeling occurred) so I am in the process building ScS Sofas complaints profile so ScS sofas wish they hadn’t messed with me.
      This is the ScS Sofas complaints Facebook profile I started so please ‘like’ it and start telling everyone to expose them for what they really are.
      Please visit my facebook ‘SCS Sofas – Complaints’

    • susan 27 February, 5:46 pm

      omg!! Hi Suzannah,
      I’m having the same problem with my sofa from dfs, this too is the Biba range, sinking in the corners also sqeaking.. dfs came out to day and offered to refill and replace springs.. but I have refused the repair.. DFS are now telling me I have no choice but to accept the repair…I havent even started paying for the sofa yet : ( not sure what to do, i want them to take the darn thing back.. can’t even sit on it without leaning to one side.. could anyone give me some advice to where i stand.. would be so gratful,

  • Willy Villa Shonner 2 January, 4:14 pm

    I bought a ScS Sofa a couple of years ago worth £600 and starting peeling badly last year – I contacted them and they would not take responsibility and kept fobbing me off so after a couple of complaint letters they said it had been my fault as a result of cleaning the sofa (which I did after the peeling occurred) so I am in the process building ScS Sofas complaints profile so ScS sofas wish they hadn’t messed with me.
    This is the ScS Sofas complaints Facebook profile I started so please ‘like’ it and start telling everyone to expose them for what they really are.
    Please visit my ‘SCS Sofas – Complaints’ page on facebook

  • Katy 30 January, 8:57 pm

    I really do hope someone can help.
    Last April me and my x partner went to dfs. They had an ex display model and I ended up walking out having signed for it on finance. I had instant buyers remorse. I called the next day to cancel it to be told I couldn’t as I had been in store seen it and signed. The “store manager” was possibly the most obnoxious arrogant unhelpful and rude person I’ve ever spoken too. He said that we would have to take delivery and he would have it left outside the house if needed!! So I went in and funny enough he was ce as pie to my face. I couldn’t of possibly of had that furniture, the relationship oliver

  • DFS Customer Services 29 February, 10:59 am

    We are sorry to learn you are unhappy with your furniture. We would love to see if we can help so please contact us on 01302 330365 and ask for the Customer Service Department.

    Kind regards

    Customer Service – DFS

    • susan 29 February, 4:10 pm

      Dear DFS,
      I already contacted your store manager and have now had two home visits. Your store manager at maidstone branch was polite and agreed that my sofa had given way and new springs and filling was offered. However,I am not satisfied with the quality of the sofa therefore I have declined the repair.After doing my research I have found the same complaint with regard to the Biba range. I cannot sit at either end of my sofa as the seat dips leaving me sitting lopsided, it also makes loud creaking noises. There is only me and my daughter at home so the sofa has been lightly used. My daughter who is disabled as a result of a RTA has been to see an osteopath twice in the last month or so as a result of backache from the sofa. I feel very disheartened with the whole situation. My life is stressful enough looking after a disabled child. All I want is a comfy sofa to sit on.. The sofa is six months old and I would like to return it! Regards, from a desperate mum

      • DFS Customer Services 1 March, 3:42 pm

        Please be assured we are concerned about the issues you have raised and would very much like the opportunity to speak to you regarding this.

        As stated previously if you could please call our Customer Service Department on 01302 330 365 we would be more than happy to speak to you.

        Kind regards

        Customer Service – DFS

      • susan 3 March, 4:49 pm

        Dear Dfs,
        I will take you up on your offer to call customer services,although I doubt anything will be resovled. All i ask that I be allowed to return a sofa that is not fit for its purpose.

    • Kealeigh 11 October, 7:56 am

      i have a sofa from dfs the arm is broken and have been told it cant be fixed im still paying for this sofa only problem is its in my mums name. dfs are not helpful

    • Hayley 15 June, 7:34 pm

      I am very upset, stressed, livid and everywhere horrible emotion that scs has caused me of endless grief…..I will endeavour to tell every single person I know from far and wide to not touch scs. I’ve been extremely patient and polite throughout the hassle and apologies that I have received and that’s just the carpet side of things now it’s a sofa. Never ever again!!!! So upset and angry right now. The company has been rude, incompetent and ignorant than I’ve ever experienced. I would love a response but to be honest I could bet my life on it that that doesn’t happen either. Left baffled!!!!

  • julier 7 March, 10:10 pm

    bought a 1200.00 sofa from scs, as expected they kept putting the delivery date back which meant we sat on the floor fro 4 months, but when they finally delivered i came home to find my cream sofa was dark brown i could of cried. I have my documentation fromwhen i ordered this clearly stating it was to be creamhow could they make such a big mistake unbelievable. I now have to start the process of sorting this out which i can do without, but one thing is for sure i wont rest until scs either replace this sofa or give me a decent discount for THERE mistakes.

    • Vickie 15 January, 1:13 pm

      Hi just wondering your outcome on this as recently on Black Friday I purchased a sofa with scs and it was in a delivery before Christmas deal I have called so meany times and they give me different dates of delivery they said I have a right to cancel but I just want the sofa as we got rid of ours before Christmas In Time for the new one to come still waiting I have rang today and there saying it will be abother two weeks is there anything I can do about this?
      Thank you

  • susan 8 March, 3:24 pm


    • DFS Customer Services 9 March, 12:05 pm

      Please can you call me, Customer Service Manager for DFS Furniture to discuss this further on 01302 573440. I would be more then happy to call you straight back as we are currently having difficulties tracing your order details as we do not have your surname or any address details.

      Many thanks

      Kelly Turner
      Customer Service Manager

      • Mathew 4 June, 12:24 am

        Hi please see my message at the bottom 🙂

  • susan 12 March, 5:46 pm


  • Christine 14 March, 7:16 pm

    Hi there, I bought a 3 seater recliner and matching chair recliner from DFS about 4 years ago, it was called the ‘san remo’ but it looks identical to the sofa they’ve now named ‘Apollo’!!! (hmmmm!). The fabric on the sofa has completely worn away to the point that you can see the under stitching. My mother-in-law and one of her sisters has also got the same sofa but neither of theirs have this problem, and they’ve had their sofas alot longer than us. I rang DFS about this problem but because my warranty had ran out the month before they wouldn’t help me at all. The set cost us nearly £2000 (the chair was an electric recliner). we are a normal family, who’d use their sofa exactly the same as any other family. Are DFS sofa’s only built to last 4 years? 🙁 If i had the choice, I don’t think i’d buy a sofa from DFS again, we’ve wasted alot of money on something that now looks disgusting in our living room, and i dread to think what sort of fire hazard it has now become :-(. I’ll be happy to take a picture for anyone considering buying this sofa as I’d hate for you to be in the same situation as me, because this is what it may look like in 4 years time.

    • Skirma 6 August, 8:55 pm

      Well, I have bought a sofabed from LoveSofas and after 16 days after the purchase day I felt all wooden frame and after a month all metal stuff. Can you imagine what it’s the feeling to sit on it now after 5 months?

    • Lisa 23 September, 3:41 pm

      We bought a sofa from DFS called ‘Firth’ in Cream and Black a two seater, corner suit, snuggle chair with half moon footrest and a footstool. Within 6 month it showed bad wear marks going back to the swade underneath DFS sent out a man to ‘repair it’ whi just painted ‘touchup paint’ on it which didnt even match to the colour and within weeks it wore off ! We contacted DFS again and they said they would do the repair again but we refused as the same would haooen again ! I demanded a manager to cone out to my hime to see the state of the £3478.00 suit as we where so dissatisfied with the quality. One manager agreed and stated that it should last for at least 6 yrs and said he will aend out his manager but when another manager came from the Stevenage store his attitude was ‘what do u expect! ‘ i was discusted with his attitude and told him that i expect to have a suit to last longer than 6 months as all my ither sofa’s have done in the past but he refused to help and we are still awaiting a result to recify our disappointment as this sofa is ‘Not fit for purpose’ and will not last 6 yrs as it is simply wearing away each week. We have picture of the condition of the sofa each month so DFS what are you going to do about it ??

  • peter baker 5 April, 3:40 pm







  • DFS Customer Services 11 April, 9:18 am

    Good morning

    We do apologise that you have raised concerns with your order and also the service you have received from your local DFS store.

    We would really like to help you and would ask that you please call our Customer Service Department on 01302 573348.

    Kind regards

    Customer Service – DFS

    • christine Phillips 1 October, 4:17 pm

      I too have had a bad experience with Dfs they never kept contact with me to say how long suite would be and when enquiring about this got a rather bored sounding assistant on the end of the phone who was not that helpful…..

      On receiving my 2 two seaters one had a damaged zip underneath and a large sratch on the foot also the foam back cushions were uneven and lumpy really uncomfortable, I have had to make several phone calls to try to get them out to do these repairs….

  • dan 12 April, 3:50 pm

    I brought a corner group from dfs, there are 5 sections and we only have ever used 2 sections as there is only 2 of us in the house. The sofa is coming up to 19 months old and one of the sections we dont use, whilst cleaning it, i noticed that the arm top was not as firm as the other arm on the part we use. dfs came out and when looked, the wood board on top on the arm frame was split. very strange as this has had no use at all and is clearly unused as the cushions on the 2 seats we use have sunk in and the other 3 seats are still as when delivered. They proposed to glue some cardboard over the split and then glue a split of wood across the cardboard. They say this is an acceptable fix. When i said i dont think so, this must of clearly of been a fault when it was made as we have never used the seat, i was told it could of been but i need to prove it and this was the repair method. My problem is it feels like they are just bodging the arm up and it is not what i paid for as the arm was made with wood and not cardboard. The manager rang and refused to do anything other than this cardboard repair, spoke to customer services at head office who was just rude and told me thats all that would be done and tough if i dont like it. How can they get away with such poor repairs and service. what else can i do about it.

  • Ed 15 April, 6:38 pm

    I bought a sofa which shows signs of tearing on the base, presumably from poor construction given strange location, after only 4 months. The seller has requested we pay for an independent inspection of the sofa. If the report confirms faulty construction they have agreed to refund inspection cost and repair. Should i have to pay for the inspection in the first place?

  • angela 16 April, 4:03 pm

    hi we have had a dfs three and two seater we had delivered in november after two weeks stiching can loose now the leather is peeling where my husband rests his head when in the recline position we had purchased the insurance to cover damage when i called dfs they said talk to the insurance provider after doing this i was told we were not covered and that the leather has worn as my husband has a shaven head they are due to come and look at it on friday and maybe repair i dont want it repaired as he will have to grow his hair to sit there they also told me to buy a throw to put on it if i wanted to do that i would have kept my old sofa do i have to accept the repair i want to send the sofas back can you help

  • angela 16 April, 4:09 pm

    in conversation with trading standards

  • dan 16 April, 5:39 pm

    In follow up to the previous post above, I had a second visit from the local store manager who now wanted to totally remove the leather cover to repair the arm, would they ever it get it put back the same way. I have since found out from the manager of the stoke store, that the nice Italian leather sofa we brought ( well thats what the sales advisor Jamie Wetton )told us when we order the sofa is infact inported from China and nothing to do with Italy like we were told. How can DFS expect to get away with poor repairs and lying to customers just to get a sale.

  • Rose 17 April, 12:23 pm

    Hi i brought a leather sofa on finace for just under 3000pound from DFS and have had nothing but problems with 1 of the chairs and the sofa i keep getting a white film coming on the chair when the tec came out he told me it was the salt in the leather he cleab it up and put something on it but within a day it was back so i phone up he came out again and this time he was blaming my dog but she does not lay any where near it im getting really fed up now with it is there any thing i can do

  • Anita 18 April, 12:42 am

    Please never buy a sofa from dfs. I ordered my sofa a 3 seater and a cuddlier in aug 11. I Was told delivery would be sept, which never happened. After me making several calls the sofas finally turned up 28th oct. In jan I noticed there were springs sticking out the back of the 3 seater and the cuddlier the stitching has come away on both ends. They collected the 3 seater for repair and gave us a lone one. When they returned mine back which was not fixed properly they damaged my front door frame, they did not tell me I had to find if myself. I called the delivery guys back and they just said ” I DONT KNOW” all the time. The store told me to get 2 quotes for the damage, which I got 3 the cheapest quote was £980. Dfs’s insurance are only willing to pay £100 and I have to pay the rest. Which I think is discussing. I am not going to let them get away with this and I am going to fight them all the way.

  • Micky 19 April, 3:12 pm

    What happens when your promised a delivery on s sofa by 14 weeks, when it goesnt show and they fail to return your calls, what can you do???? Stressed out to the max

  • Anita 21 April, 3:20 am

    Hi Micky, Have you tried to call customer care. The only other option is to go into your nearest store as that is where the delivery will come from. Hope this helps.

  • dan 21 April, 6:10 pm

    Well i have enventually spoken with the area manager of DFS today, Adam Hankingson, Still have not resolved the issue, He claims its acceptable that we can not clean the leather with the leather kit they sold us and that we may of wiped the leather to hard to cause the black marks and the hard circle patterns that happened last time we used them. Never have i had this problem with previous leather sofas i have had and cleaned. On the subject of the faulty arm, they will still do a repair but wont guarentee the work. As they need to remove the entire leather from the sofa, mend the arm and then recover it with the leather. He has refused to cover the work with any guarentee, so if they do not refit the leather proberly, it will be on myself to get it fixed again. How can they get away with this and all he can say is take us to court if you are not happy as the judge will rule in our favour. He also said that you do not use the chair so the leather wont move on it.
    The subject of the sales advisor that told us that the sofa was made in italy when actually it was made in china, he basically said that this did not happen and i was lying. Well as i was there and asked this question when i placed the order, i know what was said and as he was not there, how can he say what was said without asking the sales advisor. I said i would go myself and speak with him. When i got to the shop, Adam had rang ahead of me going and told the manager to ring the police if i raised my voice as they did not want a scene in the shop. What does that tell you about them. Jamie Wetton could not recall what he had said despite remembering that we had made a template to get the correct measurements. He sat their quite smuggly and refused to answer the question about why he told me it was made in italy when it was made in china. If you do go to DFS in stoke avoid this sales advisor as he will say anything to get a sale. we would not of paid £3000 for a chines peice of poor quality furniture and would of choosen something else had he of told the truth. I guess the problems will carry on as this is still not resolved. Their customer service is very poor as well as they promise to ring you back and then dont. They seem only too happy to take your money but are not so good when problems arise and how they are sorted out.

  • Troy 25 April, 10:00 am

    My complaint is with SCS,signed up and paid in cash for a 3&2 seater leather and a matching chair and footstool,the staff in store were good was a display model and manager gave us the leather cover and delivery off so was happy leaving but then they installed it…….2 months into it i sat on the sofa and was a big crack i put mt hand down back and the support rails had been snapped off,hence making the back sink into the sofa,i called the hotline which was more like a call centre not a customer service line and took a month for them to come out.An arrogant man came out said patronising things such as “do you sit on this often” and get this “have you been bouncing on this”,there is only me and my girlfriend and we work all time.He unpinned it looked underneath said support rail had gone and said he couldnt fix it tok pictures and 3 weeks later got a letter saying that they are not liable as its not a manufacturing problem and its general wear and tear,which i was angry about and said very unhappy with this decision as paid nearly £2000 pounds for this and service i got when they got my money was nothing short of a disgrace,my advice go somewhere there that treats you well after you walk out the door.

  • kathleen 25 April, 11:02 pm

    i brought a corner sofa from scs in dec 11 which I am very unhappy with, my cushion started to sag really bad and powder stuff was coming out of them some one come out and looked at them and said they were really bad and should be replaced they said 7-8 weeks for the new ones it has now been about 12 weeks they were supposed to be delivered on the 2nd april but weren’t sent, I had more problems I’ve got a crease on the arm and a wooden bit sticking in the back someone else come to look and said it was were the backing had slipped 22 days later I still hadn’t heard from them I phoned them and they said there was no problems with my sofa !! I’m very upset by this as there clearly is a problem I feel very let down and upset as they are no doing anything and I’ve only had the sofa 4 months 🙁

  • Peter 27 April, 2:52 pm

    We also purchased a Biba chaise setee and arm chair from DFS ( Bolton ) delivered on 17/04/12. We were not happy with the lack of filling in the cushions, and the marks on the leather. A rep came out to hear our complaints and I was also fobbed off with the flea/wart excuse ( the cows used for the display models in store were obviously in a flealess part of the field ), which actually looks like a cat has used it as a scratch pole, and the cushions were down to softer leather ! We were not happy with these excuses and asked for a second opinion, as my wife was at work the fist time someone came she asked if they could come after 4pm when she would be in, unfortunately the reps can only call between 7 and 10 am (can only assume theyre on the golf course by 10.30 ) Customer relations nil out of 10, so she has had to take the morning off work. We havent had the suite 2 weeks yet and it looks like we have had it 2 years. Await with baited breath the same excuses from the next rep to visit. Will let you know how we get on.

  • helen james 29 April, 4:15 pm

    i can help i feel so sorry for you all i know exactly how you feel and would help you to get on the right track to solving you problems. i have left comments and 3 pics on the scs complaints site on face book. in 2010 i bought a sette from scs. it broke 3mths after delivery. they came to repair it. it then boke a further 7times. they came to repair few more times because it was a reoccuring fault i refused repair. i was in constant contact with trading standards. in the end i took scs to court it is the only way!!i won. am still having trouble getting the money they have been ordered by the court to pay. no worries though as the court has a process of collecting the money if i dont recive it all by tomorrow(30th april 2012). i wish i could help you all please dont give up its taken me2yrs bt i gt there in the end!i wish you all good luck.

  • alison reynolds 1 May, 2:23 pm

    hi brought marble effect top (oaklahoma) coffee table from dfs droitwich store when arrived marble top was discoloured and shot (cracked). I returned table myself in car backto store who gave me showroom table instead. Within about 1 month i noticed bottom of table falling apart looked rotten. I contacted dFS who sent out repairs techinan who said we should glue underneath table offer us £50 back He said table was damp and store should never had given us ex show model as due to length time been there. Next day store rang for refund inwhich i refused and asked full refund. I was not offered any form transport to return the table so once again had to arrange for this heavy table to be returned in my car. As me and my partner lifted the table the marble fell out and smashed into my left big toe. we returned table to store and told manager what happened. He put his hand up and said we do not want to go there do we (how rude and arrogant he was) at time we order another table since have cancelled due to length of time and if table be in a good condition. Hence i went To A & E have not broke my toe but severe tissue bruising (Awiat for my toenail to fall off yet very black and bruise)still awaiting refund yet! Guess we had only ordered another leather sofa from there hope this is ok.
    Dfs need to get there act together and remember without us customers the shop and staff would not have jobs or stay open. Treat customers with respect and would of expected compensation out of this maybe should go down legal route? what do you think

  • charlotte manning 15 May, 4:46 pm

    i am in the process of buyin a sofa from scs, we have got a corner group and 2 3 seaters coming. it was due to come in april but i have asked for it to be delayed because we asked for a discount they rufused to have us on finace due to this… now we have to pay all upfront befor it comes is this normal? why cant they just put us on a finacial plan there is not much to pay but i really cant afford it rite now. y do they have to b so duffecalt!!!! please advice me!!!

  • Greg 17 May, 9:09 pm

    that is absolute nonsense!! you have rights under the sale of goods. DFS think their selling cars?? when you purchase anything, whether it be a car, a jar of coffee or a sofa, you are covered by the sale of goods act. you shouldnt have to pay a penny, BY LAW. go to another, more expensive retailer. DFS AND SCS are cowboys who use cheap rubbish. Hunters or harveys is your best bet.dear but superior quality. hope you get your sofa soon.

  • Mathew 3 June, 8:19 pm

    Hi DFS, I ordered a sofa this weekend and am regretting doing any business with your company, I chose a sofa and a swivel chair from your trophy collection which I liked, everything is fine with the sofa in charcoal combination however with the swivel chair it is not all fine, he offered us some options of soft spring cushions or foam cushioned, I chose the foamed cushioned. However he put it through as a different chair completely as a Dare foam large swivel chair ( which when I went home to show someone I learned it was a different range all together!) When I asked why the price was so high compared to the one I saw, the advisor said the item on was a display model and the one I was ordering would be brand new which would explain the price difference, but it is not the same range of product as the one I picked and DO NOT want it. When I signed the contract I thought it was the same range as the one I picked and Sofa and not at any stage did the advisor say otherwise I thought he was just offering a better type of cushion! I have sent an email and letter to your cheif exec Jon Massey explaining I’d like this order modified at no cost to me. This is bad sales tactis from your advisor, throughout the whole experience I was being hounded/smoothered for a sale by staff are you really struggling so much that you need to hound people for sales? If this does not get resolved to my satisfaction I will come to the store and argue in full view of the customers about how I have been treated and make you look bad and if I have to go to the local media about it.

  • nigel 5 June, 4:41 pm

    hi bought a corner suite from FURNITURE VILLAGE and almost from day 1 the clips that hold all 3 pieces together have never worked and keep unclipping. the repair man who has been to our house 7to8 times repairs it but in a weekunclipped again.FURNITURE VILLAGE have now said after lots of complaints we can exchange it for one of the same price but we dont like anything they have Can we just have our money back please.

  • Nite 7 June, 12:43 am

    I have also had an ongoing issue with DFS regarding a Biba 2 Seater leather sofa, in natural tan, which I purchasd in May 2011. The sofa began to develop small black spots on one of the cushions, and the entire area of the cushion gradually began to darken over the course of the year. After 3 months of phone calls, visits from both the customer service manager, and store manager, and various emails to the chairman, head office and store…They finally have agreed to replace the sofa. My advice to anyone with the same issue is do not agree to their leather cleaning…it makes it worse, and do not settle for them re covering your sofa, or replacing a cushion as I was offered.

  • tracy 14 June, 10:08 pm

    took delivery of our DFS Emperor sofa 4 wks ago and we are very disappointed! Apparently it has replaced the New Biba as they were having too many complaints!
    Well we ve had their upholsterer/customer service guy out and also the store manager to view the unsightly markings on the sofa and also the staples that can be felt through the armchair. We have been offered a repair to the chair and a replacement to of the seat cushion section to the sofa. We are very unhappy with this as we feel we should nt have to accept a repair and ultimately should have it replaced with a suite that is of showroom standard. We have been told that the holes as i call them are actually gode marks whatever they are????? and are naturally occuring,the store manger has told us that we should reconsider a different finish on the leather
    as these marks/holes could be on the next sofa! has he no confidence in the product we ve been sold?? we loved the distressed look of the ranch colour hide,all we want is for it not to have holes in it!!!! Help!!

    • Madge 19 July, 3:53 am

      I will be putting this danizzlg insight to good use in no time.

  • DEBBIE 21 June, 12:08 pm


    • joyce gilligan 28 August, 1:03 pm

      I have just been reading reports about scs as we were going to take them to court about our settee
      colour tranferance and the cushions sagging but find them very intemadating what happened to you and what was your out come joyce

      • Julie wyatt 3 October, 8:44 pm

        Hiya, I’m having the same problem as you, e-mail if you would like, could compare. Xx

  • geza 22 June, 7:32 pm

    i bought a sofa from sofaland,warrington.i paid £200 deposit,the sofa ( corner one ) arrived after 3 weeks and i thought it was the wrong corner,because i had a look at it on the back of the delivery truck,but then i found out it was the correct one,but the delivery guys left,i called them to turn around,cos it might be the right one,they said they won’t…then i called the sofa place to tell them and they said they will deliver it again sometime…i told them i want the deposit back if they couldn’t turn around even though they wre only 10 minutes away from me then.the guy said i will never see the deposit back…how can i get it back? do they have the right to keep my £200 ???

  • Jean 18 July, 12:15 am

    I purchased EVELYN sofas from DFS 8 mth ago with extra insurance. One of the sofas had a crunching noise when sat on .Turned out to be a faulty spring , which had apparantly slipped forward and was rubbing against the edge. This was fixed , being worried that this would happen again a few mnth down the line I challenged the repair work, It was said that it wouldnt happen again as the spring had been bent back to hold in place.Also there is only 2 of us in the house and they look more than 8mth,s worth of wear due to the shading which looks like the scotch guard has not been evenly distributed. Ive lost faith in these sofas My husband is terminally ill and I need to be sure that these sofas are of good standard to last me as I doubt I,ll be able to afford a replacement in near future. Where would I stand in requesting a replacement .

  • Tracy 19 July, 9:31 pm

    Hi, we have have our new Emporer sofa from DFS delivered 2 weeks ago. 2 days ago my husband got up from the sofa, hand on arm to assit with getting up from the sofa, as you do, and crack! his hand went through the arm! basically the wood under the leather now has a hole in it. Also on the chaise part of the sofa the seat cushion feels as though there is not enough filling in. The leather is also pretty slack around this part and already looks a few years old!

    Anyone else had these problems and if so what was DFS reply. We have a service manager coming to see sofa next week.

    Thank you.

    • Cathy 25 March, 11:42 am

      We bought a sofa from DFS which was delivered two days ago.. It looked like it was 10 years old when I saw it. Unfortunately I was out when it was delivered as I would have rejected it. To date I am having no luck getting it replaced and having the same excuses that they can repair it. It would need to be completely dismantled and rebuilt to be put right.

      • Cathy 25 March, 10:08 pm

        After waiting for a non existent call from the manager we went to the store to discuss the issue. He was very reasonable and agreed that it was unacceptable. He has agreed, in writing, to take back the sofa and refund our credit card. I wait with baited breath to see if his word is as good as his deed!

  • sheila 31 July, 10:59 pm

    Hi I bought 2 sofas from the CONCERTO range at DFS.
    I have had them one week and after only light use the chenille fabric on my 4 seater is all puckered!!! Cant believe what Im reading as never bought from DFS before.Will be contacting store tomorrow and will update on how I get on.

  • N. Thomson. 7 August, 11:55 pm

    Harveys Furniture Store are just as bad in dealing with customer complaints, basically they take your money and are not interested, we were told today to go to Trading Standards. Our suite is only 6 weeks old.

  • sheila 13 August, 6:35 pm

    Hi,Here is my update.We bought two sofas from DFS Concerto range and after only ONE week chenille fabric has puckered.I rang the Warrington branch to ask what they would do about this problem.Was told that they would send round their technician/upholsterer to take a look in two weeks time.
    He arrived this morning as arranged.He said that having a new sofa is like breaking in a apair of new shoes!!!!WHAT. That we should expect this fabric to look like this as the sofa settles and softens and that we were to carry on using the sofa for a few more weeks after which he said they would come back and re stretch the fabric!!I pointed out that the sofa is a few weeks old and evidently is faulty just by looking at it its clear to see. He flatly refused to say that there was anything wrong with the sofas even though its blatently obvious there is.He said and I quote “There is nothing wrong with the upholstry”.
    I said I wanted a refund as I felt that the fabric is faulty and stretching it would mean the fabric will not wear as it should .It’s brand new and looks worse than the 10 year old high street sofas we have replaced it with.
    My next step to speak to the branch manager.
    Update to follow.

    • Kayleigh 7 June, 11:16 am

      Hi Sheila

      I love the concerto range but was looking at reviews before I purchase
      How did you get on with yours?

  • dan 17 August, 8:43 pm

    We have had this problem with one of the major furniture retailers the other year when our 3 piece sofa sank and needed new springs. Repair was made and still the same thing. Refused offer of refund but offered another repair and still the same thing.
    I do not bother anymore asking or complaining i just issue them a summons for the small claims court for the case to be dealt with. Its the only way to deal with these retailers these days, they take your money and then cannot be bothered. Yes we won by the way and got a full refund, perhaps they should listen to there customers more but they never do.

  • pearl 1 September, 7:27 pm

    katy omg ive just done the exact same thing. what did you do in the end did u have to except the sofa?

  • s khan 13 September, 1:03 am

    bought 2 settee’s from COUSIN’S in 1/2006. Had bought a 5yr warranty as well. My wife recently noticed that one of the springs is broken.

  • Fran 20 September, 11:19 am


    Had our DFS Sofa delivered yesterday and I stupidly thought to myself wow what a good service as the sofa arrived early! I unfortunately wasnt at home to take delivery as I have very limited time off so when I got home to check the sofa there is a hole in the front of it! The hole once you have seen it and touched the fabric is extremely obvious and seems to go through the framwork that is behind the area.

    I have already had 2 calls to SCS customer service who have said that they have to assess the damage by sending out an upholsterer and see if there really is damage (like I am lieing) and the upholsterer can only come between 9-5pm – like I previously said I cannot be there so apparantly thats my fault and if I cant be there then theres nothing that can be done and I keep the sofa – even though SCS have delivered it with a fault! I asked for the sofa to just be collected and I will buy something else but they said no not without someone coming out to look at it. There is no resolution or alternative to this when I cannot be there though so I dont know what I am supposed to do I can have literally no time off work for the forseeable future so I am now stuck with a brand new sofa with a hole in the front! The worst thing is that I have just moved into a new place and was planning on getting one sofa now and assessing the space and then getting another one to go with the original one. This obviously would have been ordered through SCS so that the sofas matched but now I will never place another order with them again as I dont know how the hole in this one is going to be sorted. They delivered damaged goods and I have to be inconvenienced or put up with it basically. – FUMING

  • maria 21 September, 9:07 am

    How long should a sofa bed last? I bought my sofa a bit more than a year ago. The part of the sit of the sofa came apart from the frame so it is not possible to sit on it any more. When I contact the seller a couple of months before a year of purchase they gave me instruction of mailing then pictures of the damage product. They ignore me and kept telling me to send then more picture and then, after a year of purchase, they told me that the item is not under guarantee and they cannot fix it. I thought a sofa bed should last more than a year. Is there anything I can do? I bought it from Amazon but I contact the seller, Bedmaker.

    • Margaret Richardson 22 September, 10:31 pm

      I have had a sofa bed from Marks and Spencer for fourteen years and it is as good as new. It was about thirteen hundred pounds but worth every penny

  • Graeme 22 September, 4:54 pm

    Ordered a corner suite on wednesday … but by saturday we concluded it was far too big for our living room.
    So on saturday we asked to cancel the suite and get anther smaller one.
    DFS say of course you can cancel your credit agreement but the suite you ordered will still come and still need paid for.
    3 days after signing and we are stuck in a contract with no way out. In 10 weeks time we get a suite that wont fit in our room.

    Anyone want a nice corner suite ?

    • mary 19 December, 2:01 pm

      yes I have just bought a three peace suit but it is to big for my living room living room door cant open what do I do

  • angelicghost 23 September, 3:22 pm

    I have just managed to successfully get a refund from ScS, well i hope they make a full refund tomorrow when they uplift my sofa. I have had an 8 month battle with them, my sofa was showing signs of sagging within 2 weeks of purchase and then other faults became apparent within months of delivery. I allowed a couple of repairs to start with then insisted i wasn’t happy with the quality and wanted refunding. I have had to fight all the way, i think they just got fed up of me in the end, but perseverence is the answer people, don’t let up on them and quote the sale of goods act 1979(as amended) in every correspondence if it applies to you.

    • Kelly 28 November, 3:14 pm

      Hi Steph,

      Did you manage to get the refund? If so can I ask how you managed this?

      I am also having problems with my 6 week old sofa. They have visited twice, repaired once second time I refused the repair as I was told by the upholster this is the style of seat and it will always have a sagging look to it. Apparently these seats need ‘karate chopping” daily!! As advised by the upholster.

      I’m just fed up and want the sofa removing for a refund any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • stefanie smiles 17 October, 3:37 pm

    I bought 1600 pound suite forms dfs in august within 1 week stitching came away and when it was delivered had blue mark on arm of chair guy came out said he would order new parts in to fix I was happy with this however 3 month on and we had to travel to local store as now stitching coming away on puffy and chair , guy was out today to fix it I said I don’t want it fixed want a different suite as this is problem as all 3 products we bought stitching came away he said he would ring his manager , manger came on didn’t listen to one word I said he just kept saying we can’t do anything but fix it this is what we do this is law I again try to explain this is not law as you have sold me faulty products but again he cut me off and just kept saying same thing then he threaten me as said if I don’t accept repair then I loose a claim against him which I would in his words ?/? I would lose my guarantee and pay FOR IT TO BE FIXED????? So I was forced to accept this I am very unhappy and will never use them again I have bought 3 sofas in last 6 years from them never again feel so let down by them and for the manger to speak to me the way he did disgusting i will be tell ing everone i know about this

  • Linda 25 October, 7:18 pm

    Avoid M&S sofas at all cost

    We took delivery of a lge sofa, chair and footstool in May 2012 , within weeks the cushion inners had started to sag particularly on one side of the sofa and before you ask NO I am NOT a large lady ( 10st at the most) We also noticed that one arm cushion on the sofa had developed into a ‘pyramid’ and one chair arm cushion had a large ridge running across it . Phoned them and had to send one cushion back for ‘testing’ which M&S agreed was faulty and replaced them. However within weeks they had also sagged. Phoned again and they said they would send out FIRA to look at the problems. The inspector decided the suite wad fine yet he did not even sit on it but agreed that the arm cushions and seat cushions were not up to standard. The cheeky sods sent me new inners for the arm cushions BUT as I am not an upholsterer and no one came to fit them what did they want me to do with them !!!

    Finally 5 1/2 months they agreed to give a full refund and £50 ‘compensation’ in the form of gift vouchers ( joke)considering I never want to step into another M&S store I know where I would like to tell them to put their insult

  • Dawn 1 November, 2:47 am

    I recently purchased a sofa online through Sofaland. A week after delivery I noticed the end section of my 3 seater recliner was sitting about an inch lower than the other 2 seat cushions (it came in two sections). I complained to them, they ignored my first 3 messages but eventually I got them on the phone. They wouldn’t send anyone out to look at it and just told me to send in some photos which I did. Once again they did not respond and I had to chase them. After looking at the pics they decided it was not a manufacturers fault and couldn’t replace it. How they could tell this from a phone photo I have no idea. They said they could send an independent engineer to look at it but there would be a charge to me of £50.00! It would be refunded if it was found to be a fault. Since the customer service I had received so far was dire, I had no faith in them and I felt it was only going to go one way. Basically they would not do anything – the sofa is only 2 weeks old! As it stands the sofa looks cheap and ill made. I feel extremely disappointed and also annoyed at their poor customer service. I would urge people to never use this cowboy outfit! I have just wasted £400.00 on an uncomfortable, badly made, cheap looking and tacky lump of junk.

  • Dusky 1 November, 12:54 pm

    I had a 6 month battle with SCS resulting in me receiving a new sofa. First Sofa had numerous problems from sagging,dipping faulty material. This sofa is of a better quality but 1 back cushion has started sagging and the creaking is driving me mad! SCS customer service is shocking!! £25 worth of calls to the 0845 number serveral upholsters later wrong part order, people not turning up on the right days etc etc
    In the end i spoke to citizens advise who gave me a sample letter to amend and send to SCS and to copy in the credit company……..result in 2 weeks new sofa ordered (i wanted a refund but i settled for this)
    I have today been back on to the store whom fobbed me off saying they cant deal with these matter any more and gave me a switch board number 0191 514 6000 but i kept getting cut off!! I have now emiled them via there website.

  • Lee 2 November, 12:21 am

    Did you actually purchase this from SCS or DFS, you seem to be a little confused??

  • hugh 2 November, 11:13 pm

    just ordered 3 seater and 2 seater in the dazzle collection with pouffe ordered last sunday tried to cancel but they wont let us unless i give them £600 do you fancy a swap what was your outcome any luck

  • Paula sutton 14 November, 7:23 pm

    Just bought a sofa from dfs it came today and I hate it.. Paid nearly 1500 for it from the taboo range… It looks cheap and quality looks awful… Any ideas in what should I do

  • Joanna 2 December, 9:11 pm

    Hi, we bought our 3 seat sofa and electric chair in March 2009 paid £2042. Electric chair stop working!!! Can someone tell me how many years of guarantee DFS gives for their products?

  • David Baker 3 December, 2:07 pm

    we brought a sofa18/02/20011 and under the first year we had it repaired aprox 6 times to the point we was told it can not be repaired anymore.after going to harveys to get a replacement was told that if we choice another sofa we would be charged £500 for useage of our we was forced to have the same sofa.the second sofa was delivered to us on the 16/02/2012, and about june of this year had to call to have this sofa repaired as the stitching came undone,which was repaired . on noivember of 20012 had more problems where they sent another repairer whom stated that all the padding become flat,and other problems he found,he told us that he will put more padding in the sofa butit will only last about 6 weeks,he stated if harveys found out what he said he would be sacked..we are so disappointed with the sofa and wish to get our money back and the only way we can do thios is to take harveys to the small claims court,we are desperateto do this as harveys as not been helpful from the first time of having problems have not been any help at all.please help we have not got any money to replace our sofa. kind regardes David Baker

    • jules 18 November, 10:34 am

      Get a independent report, keep a log of all calls, tell them your solicitor has advised you to communicate by letter.
      Once you have a independent report in your hand send a copy along with a letter giving them 7 working days to reply or you will pursue it through the small claims court and give them a date you intend to do this. I know you will be offered a full refund it’s the only way to beat theses people.
      Good luck.

  • Ruby Turley 8 December, 9:39 am

    we purchased a modular lounge from Harvey Norman on Interest Free. We had it for about 6 months and the fabric was absolutely terrible, pilled an awful amount, faded and the cushion foam was sinking. We asked to get it fixed, they took it away and “shaved it” and “replaced” the foam. We inspected it but didn’t accept it as it would have just done it again in another 6 months time. This was a long process, we were without a couch for about 4-5 months, while we had a newborn too! they told us it would only take afew weeks. So they decided we could choose a replacement. It was a little more in cost, but they gave us a $500 discount and we paid the $300. So weeks later our new one finally arrives, it was all plump and fluffy, very nice. First time we sat on it, you can feel the wood frame under the cushion. The cushions have all flattens and gone lumpy, even though iv followed the care instructions/rotated the cushions every few days. I’m so unhappy, I wont be buying anything from Harvey Norman again. I just wonder if there is anything more we can do. Can we complain about our current lounge? Either get it “fixed” or get a refund on our interest card?

  • Ashleigh 8 December, 6:39 pm

    I recently ordered a corner suit from scs I paid 700 deposit when my load sofa came I was told my suit would not fit through the door. I went back to scs and explained they said I couldn’t have my deposit back but assured me that they would get it in. They said a man who works for there company can rebuild the corner piece in my home. So I beloved this and paid a further 2050 pounds. My suit was supposed to arrive yesterday and fails to come. Today I was told the corner piece can not be rebuilt…. This means I may loose 2750. I am really upset that the sales man lied to me to get my money and I wondered if anyone had any advice for me who should I contact

  • gemma 13 December, 1:02 pm

    we bought a 2+3 seater brown/mocha (quantos dreams) from scs for £2569 feb 2010 by march 2011 it had all started to peel we complained and they wasn’t interested even though we took out a 5 year guardsman policy we contacted them and they wasnt interested either … now another year on out sofa looks about 5 years old its got patches of orange were its peeling, im so ashamed of it, it really does make it look years older than it is and as time gfoes by it justgets worse, im ashamed for people to see it as it looks awfull and im disgusted in scs will not be recomending them to anybody i just dont know ewhat to do with it it looks ready for the tip and its only 2 years old…. 🙁

  • sarah 27 December, 11:41 pm

    we brought a corner sofa and swivel chair from 123 sofas online when it came the sofa was a different colour and material from the chair we rang the company while the deliver men was still here and they promised to send a new chair to match the sofa we took pictures and emailed them so they could see the difference and they sait it would be sorted, a month later they delivered the new chair but it was still a different material so we rang again and they told us to give a cover from the sofa to the deliver man so they could match it up. This was in september i emailed them in november to see where my covers were and the reply was they have been lost in the warehouse so where do i stand now and what can i do now my sofa has a cover missing and it looks stupid and the chair is a different material. any ideas please

  • Mo 11 January, 8:50 pm

    I’ve Ordered oreo aspen white 3,2 and 1 seater sofas at DFS in FEB’12 and was delivered after six weeks. after few weeks it started to peel where we rest the arms, cusions sagging and was very uncomfortable to sit. after couple of months entire area of the cusions gradually began to darken. I rang the customer services where she advised for the darkening of the cusions there will only be a one off stain removal
    even though I bought 5 year stain cover. she advised me not to wear any colour fast clothing and even jeans I have to check the label whether it’s colour fast. For the other issue they are going to send someone out to have a look. Please advise me on what I have to do when the guy comes. I am not happy with their quality and the comfort of the sofas. I paid £2500

  • Julie 19 January, 2:04 am

    Bought dazzle range from dfs had it only a month and the leather is sagging on the arms. Were we sit is badly creased. Nothing is lined up puffee is also out of line. Leather feels totally different to the one in the shop ours feels much thinner quality. Waiting for rep to come out they have cancelled once already. Soo disappointed.

  • terry 20 January, 7:39 pm

    Hi just thought it may be of interest that when we purchase any item on Finance the item belongs to the Finance Company until we have made the final payment.While we make the payments we are only HIRING the item until all monies have been paid then we become the owners.(Hence the term HIRE PURCHASE) Just write to the Finance Company under THE SUPPLY OF GOODS ACT stating that the goods they have purchased on your behalf are unsatisfactory, unfit for purpose etc. We did after having been messed about by the shop.Two days after doing so we received a call from the shops head office.We are being refunded and goods are being taken away. Obviously the FINANCE CO.are not prepared be messed about by these shops that they finance

  • teri 6 February, 8:20 pm

    We ordered two dazzle three seater sofas in november and they were delivered today.. When we ordered it over the phone we said we wanted the sofas in WHITE, we were informed that would cost extra as there was only magnolia and oatmeal in the standard colours. This we did, we even said we had a norton sofa from dfs in WHITE in our conservatory. Not once did the sales consultant on the phone inform us about the different shades of WHITE. We were very adamant we wanted white and not a shade any different. When we got the paperwork we signed it and returned it and waited for our sofa (even though it has xmas delivery we got it today obviously guaranteed for xmas 2013…!! ) today it arrived and straight away when it was unpacked i said ‘that ain’t white’….. It’s cream, not off white cream..! i said to the delivery driver what should we do he said ring customer services… in fairness he had already rung them when i rung them… The chap on the phone informed me that it’s ‘pearl white’ but as i said if anyone can come into my lounge and tell me when on earth its white in any shade they are welcome.. i’ve told them bluntly i don’t want it as its not as described but i’m waiting back for a phone call tomorrow morning..! you can see my WHITE sofa in the conservatory and trust me this ‘dazzle sofa’ is no where near white. I have a WHITE sideboard in my lounge and that looks like simon cowells teeth compared to this ‘CREAM’ sofa that i have been sent. No doubt dfs will come up with some loop hole, as i said to the sales manager tony this afternoon even with the tape evidence (as they are going to listen to the telephone call) will it at any point have my husband asking for an off white sofa..! we also got no swatch sent to us now i come to think of it. Why didn’t the sales advisor inform us of the various shades of white..

    anyone got any advise as to my rights on this…. as its not pearl white its cream..!

  • nannag 18 February, 7:32 pm

    I bought a 3piece suite and paid cash for it today can i get my money back as my hubby is complaining that the backs are not deep enough for him to rest his head on

  • anna 20 March, 11:17 pm

    I had made a 2 seater and 3 seater. Overall price was £2600 and since purchasing last year (2012) I have had nothing but problems with them. They fabric is not at all wearable and they are out of shape. I have complained numerous times to the upholsterers and after 3 attempts of correcting them (sending them back, having cushions re-filled etc) I am still not happy with them and just want to send them back and receive a refund so I can go elsewhere and buy a decent sofa. Could someone please inform me of where I stand on this matter? I’d be very grateful for any information. Many thanks A.

  • Ketan Patel 24 April, 6:00 pm

    I bought a sofa from DFS Ruislip which was delivered today. I asked for red and white combination. White cushioning and red trim. I got the opposite. The delivery guys left it here and even called the store for me. I was told the mananger was not in and would deal with it tomorrow. After over two months of waiting they got it wrong. I purchased it in store and was specific about the sofa the sales guys got it wrong on the order. What can I now do, if it doesnt get resolved tomorrow Im going to talk to the credit guys and stop the payments. Whats the point of interest free for a year is half the year is wasted waiting.

  • Ketan Patel 25 April, 11:38 am

    I got a call today in which the sales man told me he doesnt remember but the contract states the colour combination correctly. I told him he wrote it wrong as we had a lengthy conversation about what we wanted.
    I am still waiting for a call from the general manager who is in meetings

    • Ketan Patel 11 June, 8:44 am

      DFS exchanged the sofa’s for the correct ones without any hassle or complaints once I went down to the store and asked to speak to the manager. I am waiting on delivery at the moment. They did tell me the management has changed and its now a much better company from a customer service perpective.

  • Chris 11 May, 7:12 pm

    My partner began an order online with ScS and as she wanted to take the finance option she had to complete the order over the phone. After she had been through a credit check she asked the adviser what the dimensions of the sofa were to make sure it would fit through our door. It turned out, even with the legs off the sofa was too big, so my partner explained to the adviser she no longer wished to proceed with the order, his reply was “too late now”.

    Is the the case?

    Also, my partner received the sales and finance agreement today and the sales agreement (in the customer signature section), has been signed by the advisor with ScS Online. Is this correct procedure? Surely wouldnt my partner need to check the order was correct before it was signed and confirmed as correct?

    Would really appreciate some feedback on this. In the mean time I’m suggesting she doesn’t sign the finance agreement or return the sales agreement. I’m also writing a letter to their head office and we will be contacting the manager Monday morning to (unlikely) sort this out.

  • Rob. 28 May, 7:25 pm

    Bought a sofa from dfs,delivered in october 2012,things went wrong within 5 minutes after delivery men had left.Complained to manager of store,he must have come bottom of class at charm school,no satifaction at all from him,he told my wife and i that “dfs do not give refunds under ANY circumstances”,manager’s words not mine.We have not been offered any sort of solution,the store manager is arrogant and and very bad mannered if you DARE to complain.AVOID THIS COMPANY LIKE YOU WOULD AVOID THE PLAGUE.I have photograph’s of this sofa to back up my story and still he does not care.

  • Victoria 23 June, 9:54 pm

    I bought the Ferrucci 2 seater and single seater last year from CSL, it broke after just 4 weeks!! It had sunk to the point you could almost be sat a foot lower than everyone else on the couch! They refused to refund me saying they can fix it. The guy came and put cable ties on the break, what an absolute flaming joke. THEY CALL THIS A FIX!!!!!! SERIOUSLY????? They refused completely to help further even when i said ok just replace it like for like instead because that ‘repair’ you call it is a joke. They refused like for like totally. I had to shut up and put up but was reasured id 100% have no more problem with it….. several months down the line it broke again NO SUPRISE this time they said oh wel fix it again. What like the last fix yeh right! I kicked off again as this was beyond a joke now! They were funny about doing anything other than a bodge job ‘fix’ finally after weeks of calls and hastle they have agreed to replace it with something else or a credit note for more crappy furniture as they admitted they couldn’t fix it! For 4 months ive been back and forth no end to the store and they have nothing suitable the store have warned me off going for 5 or 6 couches now admitting they are faulty designs. That really puts faith in me getting another couch from them. So as per my consumer rights i have insisted on a full refund. This morning i have a girl call me totally rude and talking over me saying i cant have a refund right now as they have been reasonable. Oh yes putting me off couches bodging a repair job oh thats reasonable?? I asked to esculate for a refund and now they want to charge a usage charge. What an absolute joke!!!! There was no usage charge when they offered a credit note funny how ones appeared now its a refund. TOTAL COWBOYS

  • andy 25 July, 12:07 pm

    sorry for all your complaints, but i run an independant and if i had as many as listed above i would be out of business … My advise is forget the big retailers as they are only salesman and have no idea on how they even make sofas .. one to one service is the way ..
    It really gets to me when customers pay out thousands of pounds of there hard earned money, to be treated like idiots …

  • alibro 2 August, 11:08 am

    I bought a suite from SCS in October 2012, by January 2013 it was sagging at the back and a foot was broken on the footstool. After ringing customer services, A guy came out, checked the wrong cushion, but at least fixed the footstool. by the time i rang back to arrange again, a small tear had appeared in the cushion cover as when you sit on it and it sinks it strains the material. I rang back and then was told that they would not do anything with the tear as I hadnt rang 7 days after delivery, the customer service rep stated that repairs would only be done then as on the delivery note! I said that was completely false as the legal document is your invoice from sale, not the delivery!! The settee is not fit for the purpose in which i bought it! We ended up arguing over this until another lady came on the phone and arranged for another appointment with the upholsterer. Another guy came out a couple of weeks ago, my dad was there. He said that it needed further support under the cushion, got my dad to sign a form (without telling him what he was signing!). I got a letter saying there was nothing wrong with the setee a week later. I then rang customer services at SCS who are VERY poor, and asked where the report was, i had to ask for this. I recieved the report last week which does state the upholster saying it needs bolstering which would alleviate the problem. Now SCS customer services after ringing them today say this isnt, and i quote ‘a manufacturing issue’ and that he only suggested that to help me…so there is something wrong then…’no there isnt anything wrong he just suggested to help with my percieved issue’…it was then apparently referred to another upholsterer for advice and as a ‘good will’ gesture to me(even thought there is apparently no manufacturing issue) and he suggested putting a bolster cushion on top would move around and cause more discomfort. So i then asked her so what are you going to do as a good will gesture and she replied ‘nothing’!! Meanwhile another tear appeared in the cushion and its getting worse!! I have complained via email also, and said that i will get an independent report from the furniture ombudsman (yes there is one and you can find on google) and also i have sent my complaint to Trading Standards as they are building a case also (they dont take single cases but do build a case if they get enough complaints). I have already sought legal advice and will be taking SCS to the smalls claim court for a full refund, a refund of the independent report (cost of £125) and compensation for the hassle since January…all over a cushion they could have replaced for a few quid…DO NOT GO TO SCS!!! That’s my advice!

  • caroline 17 August, 12:06 pm

    hi, not sure where i stand? we went down to the sofa company in torquay to have a look at the settees that were advertised online. we found the perfect settee with a high back that we wanted but the colour cream was only available in real leather so we were advised to go with the white which was bonded leather and cost less but was just as good so we did. we changed our minds from 3+2 to just a 3 seater we had an extra cost of returns of £90 fine no problem. They then didnt deliver on day they said which was naughty but when it did come it wasnt the tall back it was a shorter one. we phoned them up and they said we could return it but it would be at our cost not theres. i think they should have told us that the settee we were ordering was a lower back but didnt. is this fair that we should have to pay to get it returned? please help

  • roy 24 August, 8:38 pm

    Hi I have a 18 month old cuddle chair from FWHome stores. The spring mounting are breaking. The store has said as we are outside our 12 guarantee period they only willing to cover 50% of repair cost. I would expect it to last at least 5 if not 10 years or more and as such expect them to repair it for free. Am I expecting too much?

  • Alf 27 September, 7:55 pm


    I paid for hand made chesterfields sofa in full from a family run business in Leigh, they promised 3 weeks delivery which they missed, after the first 3 weeks i was given another delivery date which as another 3 weeks, that past and now they have given me another 3 weeks delivery date which is this tuesday coming. I have no faith they will meet this delivery date.

    I paid in full over the phone…I do not have any records of confirmations of the first 2 delivery dates as it was done over the phone, mobile phone. I finally got this current delivery date through email so this is the only one I have on record.

    What are my rights if they fail this delivery date? I feel powerless at present…

    pls help

  • Hana 15 October, 4:51 pm

    Hi I’m having the same problem with dfs, my sofas are suppose to be deeply padded and they are hardly padded and sagging already after 5 weeks, dfs are saying it’s my fault for not plumping them
    Enough – it’s a new sofa!!! I shouldn’t have to plump them!!
    I was wondering what the out come of your situation was

    • jules 18 November, 10:46 am

      Hello I had the same issues with a different company,.
      After two repairs, I requested a copy of the report the repair specialist had written.
      I then contacted a independent specialist. As soon as he walked in he said it was under filled and not fit for purpose, I sent this report along with the the specialists invoice to the retailer threatening action through the small claims court within four days the retailer was on the phone offering a replacement or full refund plus 200.00 towards my costs .
      Don’t be bullied or fobbed off get even. Goodlick.

  • susan white 22 November, 7:43 pm

    I have ordered two sofas from a furniture store, one has scatterback cushions and the other a classic back. i ordered the scatter back with two aubergine coloured cushions and one sofa coloured cusion. they are now saying they will only supply it with two sofa coloured cusions and one aubergine one. I don’t want it like this. when i was in the shop they gave me the option of colours and the colour choice is clearly written on the invoice. I have paid a deposit. For four days now I have been telling them i dont want it unless it is in my choice of colours. I am now made to feel that i am trying to ‘con’ them. when i ask for my money back they just say they will inform their manager and someone will get in touch. They don’t!

  • Victoria 28 November, 5:53 pm

    Hi I brought a 3 seater and 2 seater manual recliner sofas from dfs about a month ago, now the both chairs have gone lumpy and looks horrible, a man from dfs came today and told me all chairs go the same and nothing can be done about.well I’m really mad because if they had said that before I brought them I would never had brought them they look discusting and I don’t want them can I get a refund

  • Mrs s white 5 December, 6:09 pm

    I have just bought a sofa From DFS and within 1 week it started to tear so they sent out a repairer who repaired the sofa, now not even a month on the other side has started to tear so again I called the store and asked for them to just replace the sofa and was told the store manager had to come out to see what he thinks( another day off work while I wait for him to come) so I have just phoned customer services to ask if this is their procedure only for a very sarcastic and totally unsypethetic lady to tell me that the store manager is very busy and I have to wait until he comes out before I can escalate this problem into a claim.!!!!!! DFS are Useless I shall never use them again.

  • Paul lloyd 26 December, 1:05 pm

    Just purchased two 2 seater settees from DFS
    Savoy range got delivery last Friday.
    Over the weekend my wife and i bad back ache I also got pins and needles in my legs.phoned DFS up they sent a service manager in
    who said cushions could be made firmer to stop us sinking,or sliding off settee.
    They then told me I would need to hit the back seat cushions,to stop them sagging.
    We do not want this settee can I get a full refund

  • Martin 26 February, 12:07 pm

    Hello i have bought an corner sofa on 23.11.2013. Signed the contract as i ll pay monthly and soda will arrive in between 10th-12th week from the date was told i ll be contacted by seller to arrange delivery..2days after 12th week(i supose to have that sofa already) 14.2.2014 i have decided to call seller to ask about my sofa because nobody calls me or no sign of trying to contact me about delivery or so. I was told that the sofa just arrived this morning to the store(a few days after i supose to have it at home already) so ok i asked to arrange delivery date and i was told it will arrive 26.2.2014 but on 25.2.2014 i will receive a phone call or a text to confirm it. It is 26.2.2014 and again no sign of any activity from seller.. So according to contract he failed on 4 points. What can i do please? What are my rights please?

  • roz 16 March, 10:18 pm

    What if the retailer has closed down

  • kevin 31 May, 4:07 pm

    BEWARE SCS are a total CON. ! My elderly mother who has copd (a progressive lung disease) and is on oxygen went looking in the store and the sales person saw that mum was finding it hard to breath! She told her “I have the perfect suite for you”. Mum didn’t have the energy to look around the big shop and was just not her usual self. So basically the sales rep said “are you comfy on that seat your in”, mum said yes it was the casper Power recliner. The rep told mum that she would sell her it for a sale price of …get this £2.500!!! Then we realised after leaving that we didn’t need the 3 seater to be a power recliner! She didn’t tell us There was a static option for the 2 and 3 seater, I would have been more than happy without the power recliner 3 seater which I hardly switch on anyway for an extra £900!! now only after 6 months of light use “it’s only me and mum in the house with family visits ” where my mum sits looks SHOCKING!!! It’s all faded and the chenille fabric all flat. This happened within first month, I called they sent someone out and the guy said it was natural shading because of the fabric, And left. We’re just so sad as our last sofa was so strong it lasted 10 years and still had good use as it went ty charity shop sooo comfy compared to this junk! We’re scared to properly relax in it. Honestly it looks 5-6 years old atLeast.! people would NEVER believe it’s 6 month old, they just don’t make them like they used to. Poor mum saved a couple years for what is a considerable amount for a 3 piece suite 🙁 the woman also managed to get a further £270 extended warranty also. And last night mum scraped her arm and noticed 3 blood spots on the arm of her chair. I panicked and used the “complimentary care kit for stains” on the blood but it’s left a big round water Mark so I thought hmmm everything is fine i’ll phone on monday and get it cleaned under our 270 pound warranty….read the insurance guide and it states “cover is only for stains that have not been treated! Omg why weren’t we told that. When given the free care kit that if we used it it would basically void our warranty! Really really poor customer care once you leave that SCS. Store and give your life savings to them it’s …see you later don’t bother contacting us for aftersale problems as we won’t help esp if your a vulnerable pensioner with cash in hand! but I’m am totally disgusted at this company. My mother is house bound and wanted to sit in a nice sofa that looked good ( yes looked ok in the shop until a couple months of light use) I would hate to see this casper scs sofa in a house with kids! I would give it a month and it would be destroyed! I dont’ think there I. Anything can be done now except to WARN as many people I can about SCS DISGUSTING SALES AND NON EXISTING after sales.
    Again sorry I had to get this out there it’s so bad and mum should be happy and relaxed but is miserable looking at The faded, starting to sag also where we both sit sofa.
    Regards from one angry guy!

    • Willy Villa Shonner 27 July, 7:53 pm

      SCS Sofas are a bunch of crooks that take your money and if anything goes wrong they do not give a S**T.

  • JOSEPH WARBURTON 14 June, 7:27 pm

    we bought two leather sofas from sofa land in Warrington we looked and sat on every sofa they had in the showroom and chose the roma range as it was very comfortable,
    the delivery of the sofas were delayed for four weeks and we received them on the 13/6/2014,
    upon sitting on them we initially thought they delivered the wrong sofa’s as the ones we received were extremely firm not at all comfortable,
    we went to the shop within an hour of taking delivery of them and sat on the same sofa in the shop it was luxurious and very comfortable,
    we approached the sales man and questioned him over this and he said it was because a lot of people had sat on the one in the shop ? what a load of rubbish,
    I was told to email my complaint to and await what they say,
    what I would like to know is where do we stand on this as they are the same range of sofa but significantly different in comfort also the padding in the arms is not enough and are saggy.
    please advise.

  • Naomi Lewis 23 June, 10:07 am

    Had 3 piece suite d3livered damaged do I have to except repair

  • Joan faulkner 7 July, 9:35 am

    I made a cash purchase for vantage leather suite in January of this year from sofa works Manchester,we are pensioners and there is only us two who live here.days after delivery sagging on the large sofa appeared we told them and tey sent someone round, he banged the cusions abd tucked it to the back of the suite and it looked ok, untill it was sat on and it was back to sagging,the report came back there was nothing wrong with suite now after 5 months my suite looks years old I’m really upset because im now left with a older looking suite than my previous one. Can you help

    • Kate Thomson 9 February, 4:35 pm

      I bought a corner sofa with swivel chair just over a year ago. My cushions are sagging and the swivel chair that is hardly used is out of shape.
      Every night before bed I plump them and once and now twice a week I take cushions off and stamp on them as salesman advised….
      I phoned service dept. Who said I should open cushion and rip the foam inner to reshape!!!
      Now if I do this I cannot see the cushions lasting long. And surely they will say that its my own doing and nothing they can do…
      Does anyone have any suggestions???
      I have ocd so when she sed wasnt dressing it correctly, I was rather shocked!!!!

  • Teresa Jones 21 July, 1:06 pm

    I bought a 3seater, 2seater & Snuggler chair. Evelyn design from dfs on June 2013, I paid £220 for 5 year stain cover the salesman said if the arms get stained they will come out and clean the sofa. I telephoned today and was told that is not in the terms only thinks like wine stains and only the stain would be covered.

    I feel like I’ve been coned out of £220.

    Not happy and would never use dfs again.

  • Wayne 25 July, 6:58 pm

    Hi Dfs had a sofa delivered to big and u gave me the advice when we brought it not very happy talking to the manager to morrow hope it will get sorted just read up on My rites so hope we can sort it

  • mark carter 28 July, 5:00 pm

    My parents who are in there 90s bought a 3 piece suite from Normans furniture store in Great Yarmouth but after 11 months of use the cushions were sinking in on the arm chair and all the stuffing was going flat and out of shape in all the back cushions. After several attempts at them sending people round and sending them new cushions which were not correct size they gradually sunk in again as it is the springs that have gone under the chair. My dad can barely get out of it once seated. The owner of Normans came round after months of waiting to try and get it sorted out by a third party, he said my mother needed to open all the cushions and pump them up every night (which would be a bit difficult for her as shes 92 years of age ) by this time my mum was fed up with it and wanted them to take the suite away. He then told her she could go into the store and choose another one. Had a bit of surprise though as I took her into the store to choose another one which was slightly more money which she didn’t mind paying but he then went on to say he would be deducting another £550 off the refund of £1600 for the faulty suite for the use of it for 10 months. Surely the suite should be sent back to the manufactures and a full refund given.

  • Tammy 29 July, 4:38 am

    I purchased a leather couch and 2 leather rocker recliners 2 years ago from G.W. After a year and a half it started peeling, I have been contacting them for 6mos and getting a run around leaving messages and not receiving a call back. I paid for the extra accident warranty and when I talked to the warranty company they said it doesn’t cover peeling but if it had a hole poked in it or tear they would fix it. I explained to them that its been kept covered and I also purchased the cleaning and conditioning kit the store recommend and used it as directed. And it just started peeling and continues to peel. They told me to contact the store there wasn’t anything they could do. So I got back in touch with the store and they said the only thing they could do was send someone out to look at it to see if it could be fixed but i would have to pay $50 dollars up front and if it couldn’t be fixed they would refund my money and there would be nothing else they could do. And if it could be fixed then I would have to pay for all repairs and the 50 dollar service call and there was nothing I could do because the 1 year. manufacturers warranty ran out! I am very upset and was wondering would it help to contact the manufacturing company that made the furniture or am I stuck with this furniture that is peeling away? any help would be appreciated. Thankyou Tammy

  • william livingstone 6 August, 9:31 am

    SCS have been messing me about for months,faulty material on a single chair –3 times they have arranged to recover it and allways an excuse -cant make it to your house till 9pm,have wrong material on van and the latest is we were not in when he came -although we are retired and dont go out ,-,we are fed up and want the whole suite taken away and refunded but cant get any joy from this company ,,a very bad buy and we have only had it 11 months ,we also took out the extra insurance for £ hundreds

  • hugh rossi 7 August, 7:00 am

    bought six piece linea black leather corner unit from dfs last year after a month complained that cushions were sagging was paid a visit and told to plump up my cushions every day to prevent this , two months later cushion tops started to flake was paid another visit suite was treated and looked good for about a month was paid another visit in march and told I would need cushion top replaced repair carried out in house as flaking had got worse ,…heres the best part my corner unit is black gloss finish leather the replacement cover was a black matt finish which took the good look off the unit , complained again and paid another visit where he proceeded to buff matt finish and tried to polish up was told to leave a few months to see if it went as shiny as other cushions ..which it didn’t had another visit yesterday and asked for suite to be replaced with new one , was told this wasn’t company policy , I then asked for a part refund was told this also wasn’t company policy I feel dfs are giving out the wrong kind of message if they are going to continue selling suites to customers , ive now put it in the hands of hitachi the loan company ,and sunday mail judge lets see what happens next…my message to you is if you are buying suite go anywhere but dfs.

    • hugh 8 August, 4:45 pm

      bought 6 part black gloss leather corner group (linea } from DFS cushions started to sag and wrinkle badly after 1 month asked dfs to explain and was told we need to plump up our cushions on a daily basis,
      after 6 months leather on seat cushions started to flake and peel ,dfs paid visit to house and buffed and polished cushions , looked great.
      after two weeks cushion started to flake even worse dfs polished again after flaking again dfs returned and said they would replace leather on cushion i agreed to this on the basis of if we werent happy with repair we could have corner group replaced.
      dfs came to visit again and made repair in house whilst i was at work when i came home i blew a fuse they had replaced cushion cover on my glossy suite with a matt black leather after calming down i phoned dfs who said would return in two weeks to see if leather had turned shiny on this visit my wife complained strongly about the matt finish leather on a gloss suite they then proceeded to buff and polish cushion and left,
      after about month the cushion had returned to an awful matt finish which stands out against the rest of unit which is gloss finish we got dfs up to the house this week pointed out the defects and asked for replacement corner group or refund or rebate of some sort but was told this was not company policy , i then informed them i was going to complain to HITACHI the loan company about them ( DFS ) not adhering to consumers rights when selling furniture to the public on behalf of loan company ( HITACHI ) and tarnishing their good name. lets hope they have better way in dealing with their customers hugh rossi 8 aug 2014

  • hazel pickering 22 August, 3:32 pm

    Any one had problems with Belgium furniture manufacturers ROM? Bought a corner sofa from them in July 2010 for £1245 (of hard earned cash) and in Oct 2013 2 seams had come unstitched. They say they ‘we, as a manufacturer, are only obliged to provide a guarantee period of 24 month from the date of the first utilization. This is defined by the European and British law. All complaints that are reported after the 2 years cannot be treated free of charge.’ Told them that a sofa should last much longer than it has, but they won’t budge – shame customer relations/goodwill counts for nothing . Repair going to cost approx. £300 – so don’t think I’ll bother. Might as well take it to the tip – money down the drain as far as I’m concerned. How can companies get away with selling shoddy goods like this?

  • paul bingham 24 August, 2:44 pm

    well we had ordered a leather sofa for £1800-00 from furniture village. we had the sofa delivered alittle while ago. the next day. I contacted them, saying there was damage. they sent someone to see and log what was wrong. there was black spots and what looks like a gash. also on the arm was marks which the company say they will sort out by repair. but not the otherf marks, as they say it is the norm ????
    how do we stand please

  • Debbi Mason 30 August, 1:29 am

    Hi there
    I brought a sofa and two chairs from Hampshire barn interior, and they turned up with a crack around one of the arms on one chair, dirty hand print and marks on cream fabric and a chunk taken out of one of the back legs of the sofa. I’ve complained and 1st they said that would replace it or send out the stuff for me to repair.. That I should wipe off the marks and the crack around the arm of the chair is the join. I 1st ask them if they can collect and deliver me a new one the same day as collection.
    Their reply to that was they have no more (but still advertising on their site) so I ask if they can send me the stuff to repair as I would like to keep the sofa and they then told me that they do not have anything they can send me to repair
    That I should re wrap the sofa and return to them at my cost and then they will issues me a refund the price of the sofa
    I am a single mum that has saved a long time to be able to afford the item.. And can not afford to spend more money wrapping and returning at my cost.. As the sofa and one of the chairs did not reach me in perfect condition as stated in the description
    Can you please advice
    Many thanks


    • Andrew Longmuir 6 September, 9:44 pm

      Debbie , you as the customer has the right to ask for a replacement or a full refund if the item has arrived damaged and they can’t replace it for the exact one you bought. It sounds like they buy discontinued stock and only have 1 item of a particular sofa. They have to by law , fix, replace or refund you in full if they won’t help. The best option would to get a full refund and buy elsewhere, they will definitely collect the sofa then at there cost or you could end up with the money and a sofa. Check on there terms and conditions to see if there is anything regarding returns …good luck .

  • trucker 6 September, 11:18 pm

    Hi.Debbie. There are a couple way’s to solve this.Firstly how did you pay,if you paid by credit card contact your credit card company for help,if you paid by debit card you can claim your money back by what is called “chargeback” but you have a limited time to apply,about 3 month’s,if you bought on finance the finance company should sort it and DON’T be fobbed off with any of these,be strong and determined. Best of luck.

  • Hilary Allman 13 September, 8:34 pm

    We have just purchased a pearl coloured leather corner unit from World of Sofas. When installed we noticed that the units that were against one wall looked mushroom coloured, the others looked pearl. The shop manager came out and moved the various bits around, and demonstrated that the units were the same colour…that is, the units against the wall looked pearl when moved 90 degrees. However, a corner unit is a corner unit and we have to have the pieces at right angles to each other….so half the unit looks mushroom, half pearl. We have looked in different lights, in artificial lights, in full sun, with the curtains drawn….but still the units down one side look a different colour.
    Does anyone else have experience of this and can anyone advise us of our rights?

  • Julie 17 September, 10:03 am

    We purchased a three seater sofa and a single , all recliners apart from the middle seat on the sofa, we purchased from AHF Furnishings. After several weeks it was delivered and in my absence it was signed for by my 16 year old son. When I returned home I noticed a slight tear on the middle seat of the sofa. I immediately called AHF who promised to send a technician to look. A week later and several telephone calls to them a technician arrived and his report suggested a repair , a new cover to the seat. This was back in the first week of July 2014 and to date 17/09/14, and several more calls to both the Peterborough service centre and Kings Lynn branch we are no further forward. The annoying point to all this is the fact that they have started to take money out of our bank account. I am really frustrated and annoyed by this situation. False promises all the way.

  • Sarah deegan 17 September, 9:14 pm

    I have ordered a sofa from sofaworks. I wanted a grey pillow back 4 seater sofa with matching cuddler chair. I also wanted foam seats. When I placed the order the sales rep did everything on the lap top I just agreed. I had the colour swatches on my knee and she said charcoal is the colour I picked. I never checked if that was the correct name for the colour neither did she. The sofa has come and it’s black not grey. I been in store and the offered to change free of charge. A week later they are refusing to change the colour and said I have to pay an extra 30%. I’m not paying for a mistake I never made. I been back to store and another member of staff told me the swatch was charcoal. Easy mistake to make, I’m suppose to be enjoying my furniture but I’m not I have been stressed out over it and still don’t no who is liable to pay the extra. Can’t I cancel the order and get a full refund

  • Veronica Kelly 18 September, 3:19 pm

    Hi I got a leather sofa 3 years at the end of the month I have had part replaced 3 times now I have had to recover a another unit. What is my rights on repairs /replacement I paid over 900 for it they saidtit was only a warranty on that

  • Gill Winch 10 October, 8:05 pm

    Purchased a sofa from furniture village .Not happy with the quality of the material. Reported this to the manager when sofa was 3 months old. After inspection from the manager he refused to do anything. Please help.

    • Debbie 15 October, 12:42 pm

      I put £100 deposit down for a sofa set in SOFALAND WARRINGTON 6 weeks ago, the 1st sofa was delivered after 3 weeks, didn’t fit round the corner of my stairs, we went into the shop a few days later and were given a choice of 2 that “would”fit as they came in two parts, so I picked one, not one that I necessarily liked that much but didn’t want to lose the I had saved for two yrs for my first new sofa.I had got rid of my old sofa and was left with a old chair only
      It was delivered 3 weeks later and didn’t fit I was mortified as was told in the shop that it defiantly would,now they are not returning my emails or calls, the delivery guys were also angry that I was told it would gift and said the shop would call me, I have heard nothing, can I get my money back?

  • Samantha 14 October, 1:19 pm


    After reading the reviews for the SCS store..I am now panicking I have recently purchases a £3000 sofa’s from them,only leaving a £600 deposit ..I would like to cancel now,as I really do not want to waste my money. Could I get my deposit back ? I think maybe not ..My partner has advised that if this company and its stock are as bad as people are saying,we may have to forgo the deposit,write it off as a bad experience and find a cheaper sofa(s in the meantime..Any advise would be a great help.

  • Mrs s maloney 24 October, 8:26 pm

    I ordered 2×2 sweaters and an armchair from DFS the dazzle I really liked the suit when I saw it in the showroom. It was in white however it was on a platform. I ordered the colour truffle and couldn’t wait for its arrival.once the delivery came I was quite shocked the quality of the two seaters were very different from the showroom and from the armchair. The padding in arms of the armchair was far thicker and the cushions were firmer. The two seater cushions after just two weeks and probably 8 hours maximum sitting time have started to sag in the middle. I informed the showroom and got a call from the service manager who told me he would be coming the next day and that he himself had the dazzle and he loved it. I told him I thought it was very low to sit on due to the showroom suite being on a platform and told him about the defects On the two seaters.
    Once he came out he started bashing the arms of the settees saying I should be plumping them all the time although the armchiair cushions don’t need plumping at all . I told him my husband had been in hospital since the suit had been delivered so just me in the house and since my leg was in full plaster cast I had been sitting in another room as this suite was too low for me to get up from so it was not being used. He then tried to flatten the armchair arms down and said there was nothing wrong with the suit. I have complained to the shop and am waiting for the next service manager to come out but due to his curt telephone manner I have just experienced when I answered the phone to accept the appointment I am not holding out much hope and expect I will have to go through my solicitor.

    • Robert 16 June, 8:19 pm

      Be carefull,i complained to salesman who sold me faulty sofa, he threatened to take me in to car park and beat me up.I am in my seventies.Great customer relations.Little did he know my granson was in the store and he heard him threaten me.when grandson offered to take salesman in car park store manager reported us to police.Manager “FORGOT TO TELL POLICE THE FULL STORY”,i told head office full story,they could not believe how i was treated all charges dropped.Still no satisfaction,refused repair refused refund.don’t know how this outfit stay’s in business.OH AND SALES MAN STILL WORK’S THERE

  • Janine Brennan 27 October, 1:33 am

    DFS – I ordered sofa in store now want to cancel due to cheaper elsewhere. (7 days). Dfs made a mistake on contract and I need to sign another (not done) Is the old one still binding? Even though it’s wrong? Should one allows to cancel!

  • Jan 27 October, 2:20 pm

    I have just had a corner suite and cuddle chair from ScS, great! But I wanted a twister chair, I explained to the delivery guy who said just call the store and tell them and they will swap it in about 6 weeks – as if! I called the store after four times they answerd, after explaining the sakes man would call me Bach- he did and I explained that I wanted the twister chair and had assumed the cuddle chair was a twister chair ( my mistake) he said as I had ordered a cuddle chair I would have to keep it even though they are both the same price I explained that I thought the cuddle chair was the twister and what is I fact a cuddle chair I perceived as a small two seater sofa, (please change cuddle for snuggle, see the trouble I have with names) can anybody help please?

  • Jane 27 October, 8:49 pm

    hi I bought a 100% leather suite and leather care insurance from leather sofa world 3 years ago, 4 weeks ago the “leather” started to peel quite bad so I called the insurance they sent out a specialist today who told me my sofa wasnt 100% leather but vinyl !!! I have since emailed the company with this information who tell me the company went into liquidation last year and they used there domain and help a few original customers but are not the same company and suggest I speak to the insurance company – basically I feel the original company went bust so they opened another company with same name and website but are not interested in previous customers, I have all y receipts which all state “100% full leather suite” – what do I do ? Any help much appreciated – I feel ive been misold a sofa and insurance.

  • Linda carter 30 October, 1:54 pm

    We bought a sofa from scs over 12mths ago we paid 2500.00 cash .from the day we had it delivered (21.12.2013) we had problems ,
    We should have had both end recliners but only received one ,we rang store in HULL and they said would reorder recliner straight away but would still take 10 wks to make .
    We was satisfied at this point .we ordered recliners as both have disability problems .
    We didn’t receive recliner till July ,when it was delivered it had wrong fittings so wouldn’t connect to rest of sofa .we told them to take whole sofa back .
    Area manager came to look at sofa and said we could get fittings changed and it would be ok .
    So we had fittings changed week later and still didn’t work correctly .
    They then decided we needed a frame making to make recliner work we said ok to this and we were told would take 3wks this was AUG 6th we still havnt had frame fitted.
    If you forget and sit on the arm of the chair it tips up .
    We have tried numerous times to contact the upholsterer (GEORGE) but to no avail .
    Each time we ting SCS we get fobbed off .
    Their after service is absolutely disgusting .
    We are getting advice from trading standards we want the whole sofa taking back .

  • mary davidge 11 November, 6:48 pm

    i broght corner sofa from scs 2 years ago and a spring has gone in the middlei rang scs they gave me number to ring rang them and they want £75 for some one to come out and look at it call out charge i don’t think that’s right can anyone help me

  • Mark Riley 18 November, 12:55 pm

    I bought a new sofa from SCS and partially due to mis-measurement and an assurance the sofa could get through the door, it wouldn’t. Now I have wasted £400 because SCS will not exchange the sofa, neither would they take it back. It was literally dumped in my garage and I was told in no uncertain terms hard luck as I have paid for it and that’s where the customer service ends. I would advise anyone in future to deal with a company who have a little more common decency and respect for people. Sure, I am just a complete idiot in scs’s eyes and should have measured more accurately, but who hasn’t made a genuine mistake in life??

    I should add this is hard earned money I cannot afford to lose. Only thanks to a good friend who gave me her old sofa when she moved I would have been lost. I think best to buy a sofa which can separate into different parts. Of course, it’s partly my fault for not measuring properly, but surely I should not be just abandoned without any offer of assistance. I didn’t expect a refund, but surely an exchange would have been reasonable as I would pay for return of the sofa. Better still-find someone to buy from who has at least a bit of sympathy and could offer help. NEVER, EVER buy from SCS-you have been warned. And as for their “free carpet” offer what a joke-charging £30 delivery is NOT free-IDIOTS.

  • Leanne 19 November, 6:08 pm

    Hi, I purchased a sofa from Harvey’s. Within. Few months things started going wrong and cushion were sagging etc. I called them they sent a engineer out which replaced one cushion. I then had further problems and called them back out as it was making noises every time you sat on it the spring were coming out it was so uncomfortable and still had problems with the cushions. The first engineer come out and said, it’s my fault as I don’t plump the cushions every day which I did every other day which they told me when I purchased the sofa to do it every other day. I rang them up again and said it’s not just the cushions it’s all the other things too. They sent a second engineer out which again said it me which the cushions and wouldn’t check all the other issues. I finally managed to get the to send another engineer out for the 3rd time for all the other issues which he actually did do. Finally it’s not my fault it’s faulty all the underneath of the sofa has broken! They have said I could have a replacement or get a different sofa but in the same store and refused a refund! So I went there today as I don’t want the same sofa again and it was a bit more expensive than the one i bought. Is there anyway I can get the money back for what I had to pay extra? It’s taken me almost 6 months to get this sorted and the sofa wasn’t even a year old. There customer services was awful!
    Thank you.

  • Graham Coxon 21 November, 3:48 pm

    I have ordered 2 sofas and 1 chair from DFS (delivery due in 2 weeks) they persuaded me to buy a 5 year damage insurance for £220. Can I cancel this insurance before it is delivered. what are my consumer rights. I am intending to pay the balance of full amount on my credit card

  • Willy Villa Shonner 24 November, 9:59 am

    SCS Sofas are a bunch of crooks, stay away from them as they sell you crap and would never take responsability.

  • Sandra 24 November, 12:31 pm

    Can anybody help I took delivery of a new material sofa last week and straight away every time I sit on it for a period of time I end up with terrible back pain I don’t no why as looking at it it seem ok but for some reason my back is killing me and I seem to end up slumped on the sofa no matter what I do tried pillows behind my back no good I’ve contacted the shop and they have said it not there problem it’s not a manufacturing problem where can j go from hear as I’ve only had the sofa a week and i can’t see me keeping this way as it’s causing to much pain

  • musarat 27 November, 3:35 pm

    I have 3,2, and 1 recliner sofas 2 are electric and 1 is manual also have footstool with it these sofas I bought from dfs I love the sofas but I have allergic reaction with them and want leather sofas instead of fabric sofas.if you can take them and exchange for leather it would be greatful

  • Irene Robertson 8 December, 9:25 am

    Bought a suite from sofaworks on line it’s a disgrace they won’t answer emails or calls what are my rights and what do I do now xx

  • Irene Robertson 8 December, 9:29 am

    Retailer not answering emails or calls what next x

  • Amanda Craven 8 December, 2:14 pm

    I bought a L shaped couch from sofa works on fianice less than a month old and it has gone all saggy and not padded enough copliained to the shop who sent someout in sofaworks and said tbere is nothing wrong with it shop does not want to know as they say there is nothing tbey can do. they wre botbered wben I said I am taki g furtber and

  • Chris 18 December, 10:27 am

    Hi I’ve purchased a 3 + 2 leather sofa from Sofaworks it has come with a damaged headrest they have had an upholsterer out and he’s told me it would take upto 3 months to come out, I’ve previously had a leather for 10 years and know this will not come out.
    Also the sofa is a lot smaller than the one in stores I’ve been in 2 different sofa works stores and they are bigger I’ve been told they are aloud a 4 inch tolerance !!! I’m not Happy at all with this sofa.
    It’s the Quebec model sofa !!!
    What can I do ???

  • Ketan 18 December, 4:09 pm

    Bought a 3 seater and two 2 seater sofas from Sofaworks and took delivery in Sept 2014. On delivery the 3 seater was damaged by a scratch. I wasn’t happy and demanded a replacement, which was refused. A repair was carried out which isn’t 100% but acceptable. Now there is creaking from both the 2 seater and a service call booked for 23rd Dec. In addition, the second two seater is 2 cams higher on one side so isn’t level. If the repair isn’t to my satisfaction what are my options because Sofaworks is a very difficult company to deal with.

  • mark 30 December, 9:55 pm

    Hi I got a sofa on finance last Xmas and started to pay for it April but I have lost my job so I can’t pay it can I send it back.. It is stil band new as I needed to move back to my mothers house…. Help!!

  • michael 2 January, 12:56 pm

    To cut a long story short, a delivered sofa had been damaged in the process of delivery. After they inspected, it has been agreed they come and re upholster the whole couch. My question is: can we claim loss of work earnings? Day 1 was lost when the sofa company came to inspect. Day 2 will be lost on the upcoming day of re upholstery.
    Any advice would be most welcome. Thank you.

  • Brian Hutton 3 January, 10:02 pm

    Bought 2 sofas from DFS today on finance. I mentioned to the salesman that I had concerns that my door may not be big enough and was unsure of the measurements. I had no idea that they had a ‘no cancellation’ service until I got home, measured the door frame, phoned DFS immediately and told them the sofa will not fit. I was basically told I cannot cancel, despite phoning ASAP. He says he told me this in store but I do not remember this. Surely he had an obligation to say this as I said i had concerns. I naively believed I could just cancel.
    I must have some rights to cancel here surely as the sofas are not going to be started assembly on the same day as ordering right?

  • Cameron dineen 4 January, 1:28 am

    A few weeks ago I bought a new sofa from dfs. When buying I was sold easy glide disks for the feet of the sofas. The salesperson said they would make my sofa easy to ‘glide’ or move across carpet or Lino or wooden flooring. As I was getting new carpets and Lino fitted in my living room the same week as the new sofa was to be delivered, I thought these would be a good idea. I payed 55 for the sofa to be delivered and assembled correctly in the living room. As I had payed this fee and the people doing the delivery were supposedly professional I didn’t pay close attention when they were feeling the feet. A few days later I tried to carefully pull the sofa back to mop underneath it. Straight away I noticed a massive rip in my brand new Lino ): on inspecting the feet I noticed there were no easy glide disks! And the feet don’t fit properly to the floor as though they are on backwards. This is causing major indents in the floor constantly. I have to wait until next Friday for somebody to come out and inspect the floor. They have to,d me in the meantime to get a few quotes for flooring. But I have he receipt for the floor I purchased so they can pay for the exact same one. What else can I expect for them to do, as this will mean my partner taking time from work to get rid of the old carpet. It will mean moving all of our furniture which is brand new. We got new stuff after we had the carpets fitted to avoid this problem. Basically it’s a huge inconvenience. They sold me a product which I never received and this has resulted in damage to my home!

  • agnes gillespie 6 January, 2:01 pm

    i bought a suite from dfs recieved it in august so inbetween august 2014 and january 2015 the arms of the chairs have broken 3 times i want them to exchange it but they said there at rights if there offering to repair it. this suite should never be like this 6 months old, they also said do not rest ur arms on it ni thats a joke can anyone help pleasa

  • karen 9 January, 3:24 pm

    Hi,, I brought a 3leather setter sofa and chair from Thomas Lloyd , iv took delivery on the 23 October, paid in full, on the 18th of December 2014, i noticed a piece of cotton, i looked where it was coming from,, and there was a 3 inch gap where the stitching had come undone,,, i phoned Thomas Lloyd straight away, to be told id phoned the wrong place,, to be past to 2 other woman who where so rude to me,,, only to be pasted back to the first woman i spoke to,,, she told me i had to put everything in writing , which iv done, but waited till after Christmas to get a reply by email,,, im at my wits end, no one whats to no,,,, i cant have my money back,, as iv had the them for more than 21 days, gutted isn’t the word,,,, so can someone tell me what i can do,,, i cant afford to throw 17 hundred pounds away ,

  • Lou Cobby 9 January, 9:27 pm

    We purchased a sofa in the sales 8 days ago. It has now droped in price another
    £200. Are we entitled to money back?8

  • Christine 11 January, 11:32 am

    We purchased a black corner sofa from AHF in May 2013, it is now just over 18 months old. Just under a year ago it started to turn red where the sun gets to it (which is most of it) and has steadily got worse. It looks absolutely dreadful. AHF are saying it is our fault because of where it is situated (in front of a window) and will only re cover part of it as a gesture of goodwiil. Where do we stand?

  • Sara 13 January, 11:24 pm

    I recently purchased a sofa from dfs. I shows the sales assistant the sofa I wanted ( at no point were there any discussion about the other sofas) he proceeded to print the paper work out and asked me to sign it. My dad accepted the delivery of the sofa and when I got home it wasn’t the one I wanted to order. On looking at the paper work and investigating on line the sales assistant had actually orders the wrong sofa. After speaking to the sales assistant on the phone explaining he had ordered the wrong sofa, he refused to admit his mistake and just replied with “you signed for it”. Basically the lounger part which I wanted on the sofa is missing and it is just a case of sending me the lounge part and the cushion to fit, not a case of changing the whole sofa. He called me the next day and said they could make the lounger parts for an additional £270. Now, the sofa I wanted and the sofa I got are the same price. So why should have to pay an additional cost when I have in actual fact already paid price of the lounger sofa. I believe I have been mis sold this sofa as I was given the impression I was buying the sofa I had asked for. I am getting nowhere with dfs and I just don’t know where I stand as I did actually sign the paperwork that had the order written on. Unfortunately I put my faith in the sales assistant to order me the sofa I had requested. I did not know the sofa name was wrong as we did not discuss any other sofas so their was no reason for me to dispute the sale.

  • Latashcha 19 January, 2:19 pm

    If I paid a despisit but credit failed then I aranged to pay on a monthly plan before sofa was ordered can I get a refund of despisit – I haven’t signed anything? With dfs they’ve told me iv lost £150 deposit

  • Samantha 22 January, 6:49 pm

    Am I right in thinking No One is replying to our complaints on here Whats the point 🙁

    • M lister 28 December, 9:02 pm

      I can agree scs are crooks I purchased two side tables couple years ago we said we didn’t want delivery as they fitted in our large boot they said I couldn’t buy unless I paid delivery so I had to pay delivery to have them taken out to my car it’s a disgrace never ever went back and won’t so sad they get away with treating people like this it’s a scandel

  • Rebecca Johnson 24 January, 7:46 am

    We bought a futniture village 3 and 2 seat sofa dec 2013. Within 2 months it began sagging ang the colour is coming off.

  • janet cox 31 January, 1:46 pm

    Bought a three piece leather suite. Had it for two weeks very uncomfortable for our backs and has started sagging. We were in the shop over an hour trying out different suites. We picked out this one because it supported our backs. There is no support at all in this furniture.What can we do?

  • anne 1 February, 1:38 pm

    1 person in household.11months corner sofa sagging.they say wear and tear and natural sagging.can get 4-5 inches og extra material in is so loose.told its plump in corner where I don’t sit.this is the point iam trying to get across.looks good if you DONT sit on it.they should put this in there guarantee.they have told me to buy new foam.11 months old.they shud hang there head in shame.i have never had such a shambles in my life.the speings are pushing at material in structur its like a wave.this is the corner wher no one has that not buy fable sofa the are rubbish.they take your money and do not care about there customers.what a terrible after care .they will not admit its there rubbish material etc.shame on them

  • Steve May 5 February, 8:47 am

    We bought a sofa from DFS where the saleslady said the arms come off so it would be no problem with delivery to our flat, so the same as the previous sofa we bought from DFS we thought. We scheduled delivery and when the sofa guys turned up surprise, surprise the arms are not removable therefore the sofa wont fit. The delivery guys surveyed the situation and decided the sofa would fit through the upstairs window with a comment of easy we’ll be finished in 10 minutes and that the best course of action would be for us to reschedule delivery for 2 weeks time when they would again be the delivery drivers and to ensure we had a ladder available although it needs to be hush hush as they are not allowed to take this course of action.

    Two days before the sofa was due to be delivered on the second time we came home to a hand delivered note saying that we needed to provide the ladder, a rope etc. and that the DFS chaps would only be there assisting, GREAT just what we need, i realize it’s our word against firstly the saleswoman who told us the sofa would fit and the delivery drivers but i feel we have been badly treated to the extent of wanting to cancel the order and seek compensation, any help or advice would be appreciated.

  • Terry Kent 6 February, 4:29 pm

    We bought a new suite 8 weeks from DFS only to find after sitting on it for a few days you tend to slide of it ( it’s leather) it has now got so uncomfortable both my wife and I have been to doctors with bad backs , we put it down to the suite as you just can’t sit straight in it without sliding down, we have informed the shop and they say they will charge £200 to take it back , our daughter bought us this as we are both OAPs and we thought this would be really comfy , we sat on it in the shop and thought it was great, it’s only after sitting on it for a longer period we found that. This problem exiicted is there any thing else we can do? We have even lifted the front up and put all blocks under to try to stop sliding off but that doesn’t work Thankyou

  • debbie atkinson 16 February, 2:53 pm

    i bought a leather 3 seater and a two seater in july from sofa works 7 months old and it looks like 7 yrs old is really sagging and wrinkly can i do anything about it i payed it in full on credit card thank you

  • Kim 18 February, 11:01 pm

    Will never order from scs and never recommend anything from scs again!!
    1st tried to deliver sofa at 7.30am 5 days after i ordered it when it was clearly stated on form i could not accept it for 4 weeks due to decorating and as was originally told when ordered it would b 5 weeks.received no phone call to let me know nothing just banging on my door at 7.30am woke my kids up and everything, i refused delivery and contacted store n was told they never said that yet it was clearly stated on my contract! Second time tried to deliver with the feet on driver removed feet and managed to break one so again it was took back then tried to re deliver it again another week later and the warehouse was clearly told by the manager at the store that the feet were to be removed b4 delivery as it would not go in, for which the driver confirmed that no the feet were infact still on it so again it was taken back to warehouse baring in mind i have also taken 2 days off work unpaid to wait for delivery and am also 4 n half months pregnant (the drivers also informed me that apparently this happens alot with deliveries and the feet are put on b4 hand instead of in the home and alot have to b re arranged due to this problem the warehouse know of this but still put them on) after continuously contacting the store and to b told i will get a call back from the manager i received no phone call at all. I then finally get some sense out of a lovely lady called claire who has finally arranged for the re delivery ive waited in all day and another day of work and it is now 10.45pm and guess what they haven’t turnt up AGAIN!! They called me at 5.30pm n said they would b within 2 hours, i then have also been ringing them since 8pm asking where they are n they decide not to answer finally ring me back at 9.15 n said they will b here by 10.20pm & say i also have to pay £35 delivery charge on top of the £60 I’ve already paid the store! am so angry and have never ever known a company like it before complete and utter joke is all i can say quick enough to hound u in the shop n take your money but when it comes to actually receiving your goods u paid for you have to deal with all this drama! my last sofa was from argos and tbh should have gone back to them no problem at all delivery was prompt on time and none of this bullshit I’ve had to deal with n no stress either! very bad service in regards to delivery and advise people to shop elseware to avoid all the stress im dealing with

  • wendy thompson 23 February, 3:55 pm

    help im at my wits end i bought a corner sofa from isofas in august 2014 by november a seat had collapsed fair enough they took it away for repair i recived it back after 3 weeks as soon as the delivery driver left i could tell the repair was not adequate to cut a long story short they have collected the piece agreed to replace it but i have not recieved the new part numerous phone call and an unanswered email delivery days been and gone and still no replacement i am being fobbed off time after time i have rang trading standards they have said to take it to next level replace or refund rang the company they have told me point blank no exchange i am so stressed adding to the grief of loosing my husband i dont no what to do next

  • Karen Nelson 23 February, 6:42 pm

    Sofa sofa. I bought a chair online from the above, they contacted before and said that if I wanted delivery before Xmas they could only deliver on the 22/12/14. I confirmed this wasn’t convenient, she confirmed she would call on 22nd and confirm a time. On the date they confirmed between 9-12 the only option I had was to leave the garage open, on returning it was moved into my home. Due to decorating and awaiting other furniture, only just opened item and it is damaged (the packaging is intact). Despite me complaining by phone and email, the CEO (Lloyd Ridgewell) is still stating that as we did not report this straight away (within 21 days) they refuse to do anything. The chair is still in the original packaging and has never been used. Has anyone experienced this same problem?

  • jim 27 February, 10:37 pm

    brought a two seater sofa recliner broke after first use 3rd december contacted the range and waited until
    the 6th of feb to get a guy from ecomaster to fix it so was unusable as the catch wouldnt work and it would recline when it felt like it
    he said he had fixed it using a pry bar and hammer and plastic spacers
    so that evening reclined it and it wouldnt go back made me wait 2 more weeks for it to be repaired again
    so 2 weeks with it relined sticking out
    when ecomaster guy came out again said it needed whole new guts
    now they refuse a refund and will only replace the repair guy said they are shabby at best so now im going to be stuck with a sofa i have no faith in i cant even ebay it as i cant trust the replacement wont go wrong bad service and wont refund so beyond fed up any advice would be received with thanks

  • Peter Van Der Saal 5 March, 1:13 pm

    Hi all.
    I purchased a buttoned effect sofa from the big boys . It looked nice, but after about a month the cushions went soft and the seat was saggy.
    I complained a lot and got replacement cushion inners but the same happened again.
    I had their repair man out a few times and he had to fix the inside under the cushions as the ‘webbing’ which is what the use as a cheap alternative to springs had gone saggy.

    I eventually sold it on ebay for half what I bought it for as I couldnt be dealing with the hassle. I work hard and when I do finally sit down at home I want to relax not stress out!

    I found a small company called in a magazine and called them. The guy on the phone Alex was nice, but their prices were not exactly cheap but to be fair they were a lot less than some other places. I told him I wasnt happy with DFS and he gave me a lot of free info. He mentioned they probably used webbing (I didnt tell him) and he described the sagging seat, and flat cushions. He said they would use coil springs like in a mattress, a solid wood frame and the best cushion fillings. The springs they use mean that the seat wont go saggy in a few months. itll stay springy for many years. The leather is proper semi aniline, it smells really good and is hard wearing enough.

    I ended up going for a chesterfield sofa and im glad I did.
    To cut a long story short if you buy a sofa from some of the big names, you wont necessarily be getting an old school hand made bit of quality and it wont last as long. I lost out financially when I had to sell the old dfs one on ebay but I was glad to have the ordeal over with.
    Try and mention me (Peter Van Der Saal) and if you buy ill get a discount from Alex on the bed I want them to make for me!!!

  • jessica 14 March, 12:40 pm

    purchased a sofa from Scs.was delivered 3 weeks earlier than planned..great service! then 1 day after delivery we found the frame had snapped! went into the store to be told we would be called in 2-3 days. after 3 days we had to call them and was then told we would have to wait a further 17 days for it to be looked at!! asked for a refund which was refused….very unhappy customer and still waiting

  • janine hammond 20 March, 12:03 pm

    My daughter purchased a sofa from a company Suites Direct delivery time 2 to 3 weeks. It is now week eight. No sign of sofa numerous phone calls given excuses why they can’t deliver it told they would give her a refund she waited for payment never received the payment. He father inlaw popped in they told him they would deliver in two days my daughter rang them to find out what time it would be delivered nobody answered the phone and sh can’tget throu to them by phone she is really upset and frustrated with the situation.

  • John C 23 March, 9:35 am

    Just received a DFS sofa and realised after trying to get comfortable on it over the weekend that it has a design fault, which makes it unfit for purpose ( in my humble opinion) I’ve just spoke with someone In-Store and their attitude “stank”

    I offered a compromise but met a brick wall?

    What are my wrights?

  • stacey 26 March, 3:22 pm

    Hi i bought a sofa it got delivered in august and i had to ring them in september as the bottom was coming off and had bit of the string all over they mended that and stratched all my wooden floor then had to ring them back as the the chair broke and found out that the other chair arm is made out of three pieces off wood that join together and its all lumpy that got reported 4months ago and they only just rang to say they would repair it in our home

  • Simon Brodie 27 March, 2:42 pm

    I bought a £5000 leather sofa from DFS 2 years and 3 months ago last December before the 2nd years extended warranty ran out I called them out as the seat pads on the three seater had dropped (after being told by the sales person that they would not) this was re padded but even after the chap had gone I was not happy DFS sent someone else out today who said he could charge me to re pad the chairs again but I am outside of my warranty. Surely a sofa should last longer than two years hence not fit for purpose DFS don’t see it that way.

  • Phil 21 April, 4:50 pm

    Hi, I purchased a sofa from Harvey’s 5th January this year. Paid the deposit and was told 8 weeks delivery. It still hasn’t arrived and after a lot of phoning etc I have now been told it will be here next week. I enquired about compensation and was told I had to pay the balance, take delivery of the sofa and then claim. Is this the best option or should I speak to them before it gets here? Thanks for any help. Phil

  • JH 23 April, 9:06 pm

    We bought a sofa and snuggle chair from SCS in January 2014.
    I fell for the cleaning guarantee thing where they come out and clean.
    They haven’t been once. I work away and for some reason I need to be the person who calls them.
    Why haven’t you phoned them in the intervening 15 months I here you say.
    Well, there is no pint because the sofa itself looks like a blow up doll with several leaks. It sags everywhere, the cushions are distorted to such an extent it looms more than 5 years old (bear in mind I am away, only ,y partner and our child in the house) It looks lie a mess.
    Quality is non existent.

  • Margaret Regan 28 April, 4:19 pm

    I also bought a leather 3str and 2str Suite from SCS in February 2013, paid extra for a better quality leather and told it was a 10 week delivery, I got a phone call apologising that there was a delay of another 10 weeks. The Suite finally arrived all was well until now when I noticed the back cushion where I sit was peeling and 2 seats on the 3 str were also peeling and cracking. I rang SCS who said they would send someone out at a cost of £75.00!!!! that was bad enough, he came out and inspected it all of five minutes, wish I got paid that amount for such a little time!! he took photos and said well I could cover up where the peeling and cracking has appeared, I was totally shocked he then said the most that they would do was change the damaged covers, I asked why as the whole Suite is 2yrs old, why would you just put 2 NEW covers on a 3str sofa it would surely look odd!!! he didn’t seem phased and has now gone back to SCS with the complaint and I await a reply from them, after reading all the bad comments about SCS I am not holding my breath.

  • Sharon Baker 6 May, 12:01 pm

    I ordered a new Italian leather 3 piece suit from SCS retail park Leeds, Jan 15, I paid £3,100 pounds cash, told would be delivered 12wks, came in 8wks, only to find the soft Italian leather was on the top half of the sofas only, different harder shaded leather being used on sides and back, complained someone came out, conclusion this is the norm, so why should I pay for half sofas of good quality leather, I went back into store and asked would all the sofa be covered in the quality I choose, the answer was yes, but yet I’ve been faffed off, nobody want to know, any suggestions,

  • Suzanne Duncan 7 May, 1:25 pm

    Purchased sofa from FW Homestores. Received it 28/2/2015. Within 4-5 weeks it appeared to be sloping to one side. Someone has been out twice and said there’s nothing wrong. It’s now started squeaking when you sit on it and/or more while sitting on it. No one seems bothered. Not sure what to do. Any advice?

  • Skirma 10 May, 10:20 pm

    I have bought a sofabed from Lovesofas. After 16 days I wrote tem complaining that it’s imposible to sit on as there is not enough foam in it and all frame is felt while sitting. They sent a person to inspect if the sofabed is faulty. In the report its written that it’s within manufacture tolerance but gave advise how much and what should be done to repaire it. The company Lovesofas said they will not do anything as its with manufacture tolerance. Today, after 3 months, I can feel the metal spingn while sitting. Is that normal? Can I demand for repaire or refund?

  • John Ettery 20 May, 11:01 am

    Daughter bought a leather suite, colur faded after 6 mothns, retailier refused to replace, had to get indepent expert to confirm colour was fading far too early, siute replaced eventually, now replacement suite has faults, ALL six “arms” have a fault, when you press with your hand it feels as though it has collapsed slightly, this is the same on EVERY arm, the retailer says they must have been sat on and will not do anything, what can I do?

  • steve 12 June, 11:26 pm

    I have recently bought 3 sofas one from Harveys it was obviously filled with something different from the one we sat on in the showroom as one sank into the seat & cushions it has taken 5 weeks to get it taken away & receive a refund.
    The other two were purchased from C B Furnishing exactly the same problem
    told by salesman that the molecular bond of the foam needed to break down his solution take your shoes off and walk all over the cushions on the floor amazing! I have bought many sofas over the years never had any such problems I will never pay for furniture again until it is delivered & Inspected by myself.

  • Hayley 15 June, 2:54 pm

    Where do I stand if i buy a sofa and have waited over the waiting period….I call to complain and weeks later it’s ready for delivery. I am then told I need to be home between the hours of 7am – 7pm. When I explained I work full time and at a new job that I couldn’t have a whole day off they were extremely rude and I was told I couldn’t cancel either. When I suggested half a day slot was refused and told I am the same as everybody else so maybe I should get someone to sit in my home for a day….I have no one over the age of 18 years before 4pm….What do I do and where do I stand. No one told me I needed a day off for delivery! I’m stuck and told I can’t cancel??? Please please help.and reading the comments below it’s scs aghhhhh help.

  • karen Nelson 17 June, 2:00 pm

    Take your complaints to the small claims court, you can do it online for £30 or paper format is £50. It’s the only way to stop these companies making their own rules up and not abiding by the relevant laws.

  • Thomas Chambets 17 June, 6:10 pm

    Had replacement of corner part of sofa costing £3000 had damaged feet renewed replacement sent is worse than the part taken away orderd in July 14 deliverd in Dec 14 first complaint Dec 14 new part deliverd from abroad June 15 sent pictures of sofa puddling after. 3 nights use. Corner pieces collapsing. due to lack of filling , company has said we have pushed the corner. Pieces down to obtain a better picture purpose. Not so , delivery sheet had our comments wrote down (ie) softer than the first corner piece Have asked for money back company informed us this has cost them so far , not happy both in our late70 what to do?

  • Magdalena 19 June, 8:10 am

    Unfortunatelly I have a problem with a sofa too (from Furnipol). I ordered it online and after speaking with an advisor from that company I decided to go for a fabric covered with Teflon.
    On unpacking I noticed the fabric strings are quite loose (you can see where one was sitting)and there are some loops coming out, it was impossible to remove tiny pieces of the cardboard the sofa was covered with when delivered as these ‘crumbs’ of cardboard stick to the fabric (I used lint roller, hoover, even with your fingertips it is difficult to remove), also the back rest makes a noise when leaning on it (it bends in and out), and the foam seems to be cut too short in one place and a small piece of that foam is fitted to make for it.
    When I looked again on their website there are larger photographs (there were only tiny ones when I was ordering my sofa a few weeks ago)of the fabrics but there is none which looks like mine (colour) or any with Teflon. I am not sure whether I received a fabric I asked for, and whther it has any Teflon covering.
    Can I call them (and email the photoraphs and a video) and ask:
    – to replace this fabric with a fabric which is ‘stronger’, ‘durable’ one , so I have no loops coming out
    – do something with the ‘noisy’ back rest
    – replace the two piece foam the one piece one
    Can I call this problem as ‘not of a satisfactory quality’?
    What can they charge me for? Just another delivery charge (£75)?Can they charge me for a fabric replacement?
    Any suggestions welcomed. Thanks.

  • Carol stone 21 June, 9:11 pm

    I had delivered today a sofa and chair. There were no measurements on the seat only from the top of sofa depth. The actual seat is just far to small, half my thigh and knees hang over with no support and I’m a size 12, my husband is 16 stone and can’t sit on it. Can I send it back or I wouldn’t an exchange for a bigger one. It cost 900 pound.

  • A edwards 26 June, 7:15 pm

    Please help!
    I had delivery of my suite in feb 2015. A three seater settee and a twister, paid extra for foam filling.
    Twister chair now has saggy seat and has. loose fabric, when questioned SCS they advised because I did not notify them that the twister came with incorrect stuffing (not foam) within 28days they could not do anything about it.
    How would I know if the suite was stuffed correctly, until it started going out of shape?

  • Judith 29 June, 3:22 pm

    Hi my name Judith, I have bought a sofa from Furniture4u,everything seemed to be okay but soon the delivery man left I checked the sofa ,and I had notice a little cut,so I called the delivery man,but he refused to come back,instead he advised me ,to call Furniture 4u office which I have done. The lady who picked up the phone suggested me to take a picture and sending to them. I have done so on the same day, the sofa was delivered, but today I have received a message from them and they refusing to accepting the damage .i don’t know what I’m suppose to do now . Thanks,kind regards Judith Da-Gama

  • Suzanne 29 June, 4:33 pm

    Purchased a 3 and 2 sofa from FW Homestores. It was delivered Feb and I complained March/April. 2 visits from a technician (same technician) and a visit from a manager. Both say nothing wrong. There is a fault. If sinks on one cushion, the arm next to this cushions squeaks. Whst can I do?

  • MRS TRACEY 4 July, 10:25 pm

    We brought a three seater electric recliner and a two seater static sofa from SCS in colchester essex after it was delivered last september we have had after sales out as the back of the recliner is very loose and makes a noise when sat onthey have been out twice now and tightend up screws and the last man said he would replace the end seat next time. We paid over 3,000 for this lazy boy sofas i need your advice before phoning them again i would like it exchanged for a different sofa am i within my rights can you please email me many thanks mrs tracey.

  • anne mcwilliam 19 July, 9:26 am

    i am haveing a replacement sofa the manager of the store said i will have to pay 300 poundto takethe other sofa away can he do this.

  • anne mcwilliam 21 July, 4:31 pm

    i am getting a replacement 3 peice suite can the store charge me 300 pounds to take the first one away

  • oana 22 July, 9:56 am

    Hi, I have purchased a 3 leather seater and a chair from furniture village 1 1/2 years ago and I am still paying the finance (couple of months left). Both are electric recliners. For the last couple of months left side of the 3 seater had sunk and makes bad squeaky noise when reclines. Called them and been told to keep polish the leather and the noise will go but I can clearly hear the noise coming from a mechanical fault. Also been in store recently and just seen that my sofa doesn’t match the sale demo . Sale demo is made from 1 piece of leather each seat where mine is made from 9 pieces. What are my rights on this please? Also been told the sofa came with 5 months warranty. Please help.

  • irene 22 July, 5:16 pm

    I have recently bought two sofa’s from DFS. They paper i signed on purchase says, will soften with use. Ok, i thought over a few years of use of course they will soften with use. But after 3 months use, where i sit has sagged and creased and looks as if i have had the sofa for years not months. I have phoned and spoken to various manager’s and no one is interested in my complaint. I even have sent a letter to the CEO and only got a phone call from some one who is telling me the same, its the nature of the sofa’s and its not a manufacturer fault. I feel as if i am sitting in a bucket sit, not a nice comfy sofa. which should bounce back up when you get off it. Well i wish someone had told me at the time these sofa’s will sag and crease after 3 months if use, i would have never had bought them. At my age a pensioner i want comfort when i sit. It took me ages to save the money from my pension to buy new sofa’s. My old ones were more comfy than these new rubbish ones.

  • robert hodgetts 27 July, 10:59 am



  • Holly 29 July, 11:49 am

    Hi I order £3000 worth of furniture from furniture village in bolton it was 20th of May we explained to the sale man that we are building a house and 6-9 weeks delivery should be fine we are running behind on the building work and have had to keep it stored with furniture village a few weeks longer it will poss be another week till flooring is down what rights do I have will I have no right to when my furniture can be delivered ? With out any flooring I cannot accept this furniture what should I do any advise please this has poss been the most stressful 6 month of my life building our dream home any advise would be much appreciated

  • Linda Paterson 5 August, 9:35 am

    we bought a learnt her chair and sofa from SCS 7 years ago. We told the sales assistant that it must be child friendly. She assured us it was and persuaded us to take out Guardsman Ins which was quite expensive on top of the cost of the furniture of just under £3000. The leather was aniline and she said she had one and it was very hard wearing and to use and abuse Guardsman whenever there was a mark. We fell for this sales talk and it has been the worse purchase we have ever made. The sofa and chair stained very easily and we cd not get these out. When the guy from Guardsman came he said it was aniline leather and not possible to get marks it and that they would eventually wear into the leather. Therefore this insurance was a waste of money!

    We did take this matter up with Guardsman and SCS at the time and despite numerous correspondence to both companies concerned got nowhere. Both their attitudes were defensive and uncaring. Our only course of action was the small claims court but as I had just turned 60 we were a bit concerned if what the outcome would have been. Looking back I wish we had taken action. We were miss sold on two accounts and these companies completely got away with it. It was a harsh lesson learned.

  • Maureen thomso 7 August, 8:09 pm

    I paid cash for 2 sofas from dfs they were delivered 15/7/15 I noticed the leather marked and discoloured on all 4 arms when I called the store they said some one would come and inspect them but as I was off on holiday that was put off till 5/8/15 on my return.The in pectoral came tried to repair but failed and has ordered a re cover of 4 arms which he says can take a few months is this the right procedure I paid £1,200 cash can you please tell me my rights
    Thanking You
    Maureen thomson

  • Wendy 8 August, 10:57 pm

    Hi I bought a 3×2 seater settes from Sofalux in fen after a month the leather started going a blue colour so I’ve phoned them he said he would get there specialist out 2 check it I keep phoning and the bloke keeps saying mangers out and he’s only delivery driver so looks like they not willing 2 sort this problem

  • elizabeth sweeney 13 August, 6:34 pm


    • elizabeth sweeney 30 August, 8:05 pm

      Forgot to say the sofa was bought from dfs and I phoned customer service who were no good at all. The latest is it will be an 8 week wait for replacement arms and interiors which I don’t understand as the whole sofa only took 4 weeks for delivery;

  • sarah 18 August, 6:59 pm

    Hi, got an l shape sofa from Next with sofa bed. The sofa after a palava and a pack of lies. And incorrect selling of a financial product eventually arrived without feet, this then damaged my home flooring, which they have accepted they will now replace. After numerous wasted days waiting in for feet and having to take time if work along with inconveniences, feet arrived after 4 delivery attempts and two visits from their fifa representative. But whilst this was occuring the Beatles that were resisting comfortably in the chaise long bit if the settee made their appearance. Obviously distraught and disgusted as I had just had a lot of work done to the house. I contacted next who asked me to capture these unidentified little beasties for them and for me to either post in or wait till they sent round someone to identify. We, my children and I, had to live in a house with unknown beasties scurrying around, not particularly pleasant, and I still have some of the Beatles I had to capture. Rentokil eventually became involved and I’m now dealing with the next resolution team over numerous issues including the financial miss selling. But they are saying the apology payment currently offered us only applicable if I continue to complete the order I originally made. I have been inconvenienced due to this since June and really don’t trust next in the slightest their service being appalling with comments like apology would be greater if the Beatles had of been harmful…..thanks when I had to live in a house with children for two weeks and capture them. could you advise?

  • Lynne brown 24 August, 12:46 pm

    Bought a bardi leather suite leather looks likes it’s worn on cushions been told after a long time I will get 3new cushions nothing has come of it as been told on holiday I have only had it for year and I have complain nearly 2months ago

  • Julie 28 August, 10:13 am

    I have bought a corner suite from SCS and have had to have an engineer out from them as after 1 month it has sagged more than the 15% which they say you have to allow. We don’t believe a repair should have to have been done so soon after delivery. It is unfit for purpose but the aftercare people say there is no manufacture fault. I have refused another repair as I don’t believe it will change it. We are getting chronic back pain as a result of sitting on it & I in particular have had to pay for treatment. The quality of it is very poor. The delivery men left nuts & bolts off the unit & others had come loose. I am very upset & disappointed with SCS & the way they have treated us. The after sales department would not let me explain the situation to them & just talked me down. If I had acted in that way to a customer I would have been sacked!! We have a disabled child with learning difficulties who does not need conflict within the household & certainly this corner unit which as I say is unfit for purpose is not helping the situation in anyway.

  • Fran K Henry 28 August, 4:12 pm

    Is this Consumer rights buying a couch law, the same in Oklahoma?

  • Katie 29 August, 1:00 pm

    Hi. I took my nan to choose a sofa from DFS. We chose one, ordered it (on finance) and it’s been delivered. Now the sofa seems much different o comfort from the one in the store. I said the one in the store had probably been ‘broken in’ and her one would soften once it’s been used. Whilst it is improving it’s rally not great. My main concern however, is the actual frame work. Her arm chair is an electronic recliner and it topples. The weight of the frame is like paper and it topples regardless who uses it. Unless you are sat right far back and not in the centre on the seat it falls forward. I don’t find dfs paticularly helpful some need to know where we stand before I go to them. Her 2 seater sofa is manual and is just as dangerous as the recliner just whips up at a rediculous speech. We’ve already had a bad accident with it cutting her leg open.

    If anyone can give me advice on how to approach this, where we stand legally or where I can get this information I’d greatly appreciate it. Thank you

  • a henderson 29 August, 3:29 pm

    Is wear and tear after 4 months a get out clause for retailers and extended warranty surly a 5 year warranty should specific a time .A this seems to be harveys furniture awnser to all complaints

  • Mary ferrie 30 August, 6:21 pm

    I bought a suite and it’s hurting my back have I any redress

  • Collette 5 September, 7:06 pm

    Has my leather suite for 3 years. It is now peeling and showing a different colour leather underneath. They have offered to take the full suite away in give me a credit note for £1700. I paid £2500 for the suite and would like to buy the same suite again. Don’t see why I should have to pay the extra £800

  • rich 25 September, 10:49 am

    DO NOT BUY Harvery`s Furniture with bonded leather, starts to peel after 2 years, the insurance they offer does not cover it, and you have to get an independant report, you pay for, before they will consider any action.
    Not worth the hassle, if you can afford it buy real leather or something with a 5year guarentee against peeling.

  • Christina 28 September, 10:47 am

    I am having problems with Furniture Village. I bought a 4 seater and 2 seater sofas and large foot stool. which were delivered in July 2012. From day one I have had problems with. Having the technician sent to rectify the problems, followed by new sofa seat pads, numerous covers being replaced due to fraying around piping, due to lack of material. Being cut too short. This, now is the fifth problem and have been informed that the manufacturer no longer can supply the material. Furniture village have offered to try and ‘repair’ the cover, however, by using the existing cover and making it smaller, this surely, will only make the problem worse! The suite is not in every day use, so no excessive wear. I paid £2500 for the suite, and want a full replacement or refund, the furniture is not fit for purpose. So far they have offered me £1093 credit and want to collect the suite! I am prepared to go to small claims court. The company are using bullying tactics, stating, they will collect the suite and arrange a credit for the £1093, to which I have no intention of taking.. I am collating all information regarding the issues I have had with this suite and will be going to small claims court.. Furniture Village, you are a disgraceful company and I have no intentions of backing down and will not accept anything less than a full refund.

    • Victoria 14 September, 7:16 am


  • Elaine 3 October, 2:28 pm

    We bought 2 chairs from Harvey’s ,we took out a 5 year care and protection insurance for £185 now after 18 months a spring has gone and they will not pay to fix it we have to pay an independent company to look at it.

  • ms sarah donachey 3 October, 5:56 pm

    i would be most grateful with any help or advice anyone can supply regarding my problem,On the 9th of september 2015 i ordered a sofa and chair from brighthouse unfortunately when it was delivered it would not fit through my front door i contacted brighthouse and explained the situation i was invited to choose a sofa which would fit through my door.On the 16th of september the alternative was delivered .On inspection of the delivery i noticed the materialwas badly worn so much so the inner wadding covering the inner frame could be clearly seen . Once again i contacted the appropriate person who gave me a telephone number to have this brand new sofa and chair repaired. 3 days later a representative cxame and inspected the sofa and chair only to report that they are unable to repair the material at the point where it is damaged once again i waited and contacted the store where once again i was told to choose an alternative .The alternetive offered was more expensive and i was now paying for the sofa and chair and the extra expense was added on to my account as i have decided i no longer want the more expensive alternative and i wish for them to collect the sofa and chair that they are unable to repair were do i stand with regards to the payments they have received for the sofa and chair i originally ordered .Any help or advice regarding this matter would be grately appreciated

  • Julie broomfield 9 October, 4:41 pm

    I purchased a corner sofa from Lovesofas 14 mnths ago and alot of the buttons are loose ai politely emailed them to ask for advice on what to do and was told it was out of guarantee and was caused by wear and tear so there was nothing they could do ai would appreciate some help on this matter

  • Gemma 15 October, 12:37 pm

    I have taken delivery of a new sofa after waiting 5 weeks for it to be made and when it has been unwrapped there is what appears to be a burn mark that has then gone into a hole and a puncture mark (2 separate areas of the sofa).
    I have been told that the sofa can be repaired, which I am not overly happy about but I can see from your website that it states that I must give the seller the opportunity to repair if this is possible but that it must not take an unreasonable amount of time.
    I have been advised that it will be 5-7 weeks before the fabric is available. Would this be classed as an unreasonable amount of time and what are my options if it is?

  • 15 October, 6:48 pm

    Help please brought a sofa 22 months ago the springs are coming through one of them we do not jump on it we are pensioners , the firm says it’s out of guarantee

  • Sharon 20 October, 3:09 pm

    My father in law bought a settee and it is just out of the 12 month warranty.he has complainedto the shop he bought it from as some threads came loose and he spend 2500 on it and wasn’t satisfied. The shop said it was nothing to do with them and sent someone from the manufacturer out to vist them. He agreed with my parents in law saying it wasn’t their fault and don’t worry it would be fixed. They have now heard from the manufacturer saying it is their fault and it will cost nearly 200 to fix.. what can they can within their rights as they haven’t done anything

  • LOVELL SPENCER 22 October, 1:12 am

    I’m grateful For This infoFormation My Daughter bought Me a brand new couch from American freight I’ve only had it For about 5 or 6 months The seat cushions are flat and the couches looking very old looking

  • Joanne 22 October, 4:29 pm

    I cannot believe you’ve had so much trouble buying a sofa from SCS. We had a look around and although we were tempted by their prices we went with one of our local independent stores – It’s two years later and it doesn’t look that worn either. I’m hoping it’ll last us for a long time.

  • patricia adair 28 October, 5:18 pm

    i bought a sofa after two years its completely came apart the fabric starting fading spring also has came up u can feel it when sitting on it the shop wanted photos which i give them . they then phoned me and said they have sold loads of this same sofa without any complaints and said they cant do any thing about it i am furious it cost 1200and i have had sofas before and they have lasted for years what can i do thanks

  • Dean mitchell 16 November, 6:58 pm

    I bought a sofa off ebay when i had money come in and didnt open it for 3 months as was still decorating when open its so bad the quility the coushions are all diffrent and massive its bad i have not used it because of that reason i spike to ebay but they washed there hands as over 30 days paypal said it was to long the messaged the people who sold it to me they didnt reply for a month and have been messing me about for 3 weeks and promised today the would bring new coushions i payed my mum to wait in all day as i work and once again been messed about please help me as dont no what to do thanks

  • Roda digg 18 November, 6:21 pm

    I bought sofa from company called when the sofas were delivered some of the cushion were missing I have been in touch and the supplier is ignoring me I don’t know what action I could take. Please help

  • Myrna 29 November, 10:25 pm

    Purchase a sofa bed the frame is broken and the mattress is so small the pillows are fading 1,300 waiting for parts three weeks

  • Angela Anderson 30 November, 11:42 pm

    I purchased a sofa from Harveys furniature store on 7th Jan.2015. Over the months I have experianced a very unpleasant experiance , a burning all over my skin . I had no idea what it could be .
    It only occured when I spent a long time sitting on the sofa. I couldn’t understand what was causing it.
    I am now c onvinced it must be the sofa that is causing this very upleasant feeling and I am very concerned
    and very reluctant to sit on it for a long period.
    Please can you tell me if I am able to claim a refund as I purchased it less than a year ago.
    Thank you

  • CHRISTINE HUGHES 11 December, 12:02 am

    Instyle sofas Saddened, disappointed and disgusted with customer service . Ongoing dispute for one year and when I informed the customer service manager they were leaving me no option but to get in touch with trading standards, I was told that the upholsters who repaired my suite were arbitrators for trading standards so I would be wasting my money and it would probably cost me. How can that be unbiased. The upholsters were not the issue and I was actually pleased with the work done, but the sofa was not fit for purpose unknown to me at time. The manufacturers and the company are the issue. Again disgusted at the rudeness and dismissive attutude of customer service manager of the small family run company?????????? I always try to support Scottish business when I can. However, this company will be getting a wide berth from us.

  • Rachel verity 14 December, 11:03 am

    I bought a couch in August from Harvey’s and I order a charcoal grey colour the couch has come and it’s like a stone colour in between grey and cream…. I have 3 young children and i really want to refuse the couch…. However it’s 10 days before Christmas I cannot find another couch before Christmas I don’t want to be left with out one…. I had checked the colour of the couch 4 times with different members of staff over the 16 weeks I was waiting just incase this happened….I am wondering my rights as a consumer… What compensation I am entitled to or refund?? As if the couch goes back were not going to have another till the end of January… The shop are offering collection of the couch and refund the day after collection I am not happy with this… Help please… Rachel

  • jim 30 December, 4:35 pm

    Paid a deposit for 2 sofas balance to be paid just before delivery items had a price on them but was told have been reduced even more so agreed signed a contract also a for a 5-year guarantee 2 days later informed by phone call sorry those prices are for damaged stock no mention before signing contract are they adding this as a extra to contract already signed for I bought in good faith for 2 new sofas do I have to pay the extra money or is it there mistake

  • Buckles 1 January, 10:51 pm

    Purchased a leather suite from Debenhams in June ’15. 7 weeks later the seats were becoming ‘baggy’ In Sept the filling in the cushions bunched up – on examining them the filling which we assumed was 100% foam was in fact 50:50 foam/fibre. We were naive assuming the filling was foam, but nowhere in store or on the suite was the contents displayed. Debs said it was a ‘maintenance problem’ and that the cushions shoud be ‘plumped regulary’ I have arthritis and cannot do this – if we had known the filling was not foam we would not have purchased it. Debs have offered to replace the cushions -with EXACTLY the same type (50:50) surely the same problem will arise -if I cannot ‘plump’ the cushions. Do I have to accept this offer or can I hold Debs negligent for not displaying/informing us of the content? A I entitled to a refund?

  • Mrs Clarke 4 January, 6:48 pm

    I bought our suite from DFS almost 6 yrs ago, both reclining armchairs have collapsed about 4/5 months ago, springs snapped, actually hanging right down underneath it, we are sitting down in a hole, very uncomfortable, rang DFS , their response was they can’t do anything as its out of warranty if we want them repaired then we must pay, can they actually get away with this, hell please before we’re totally engulfed down the hole

    • Kerry Proctor 6 February, 8:50 am

      I bought a 3 seater sofa and chair from DFS just over 3 years ago. Within a week they had to take it back to fix the arm of the sofa which snapped, then the same thing happened with the other arm. They then had to adjust it as it was nigh on impossible to put the recliner down once opened. We have since been very careful with the furniture – making sure we don’t lean too heavily on the arms. Now the seam on the seat has come unstiched! I have called the branch, first they told me the warranty does not cover the leather only the frame and springs – not something that was made clear at purchase. Eventually the store manager agreed to help and said that he would contact me after Christmas. I have heard nothing and have emailed chasing it up. Since then something has gone wrong with the frame again – the arm is coming away from the sofa so it rocks and twists when you sit down – quite a disconcerting feeling! We are also constantly finding staples on the floor under the sofa and chair that have fallen out the upholstery – not a sign of great quality!! I am just fed up with the thing and want it gone but we are still paying for it – I certainly expected it to last longer than the credit agreement! I would recommend everyone to steer well clear of DFS! Next time I am going to buy vintage and get it reupholstered at least they used to build things to last!

  • Amy 8 January, 5:55 pm

    I ordered a sofa and it was delivered but it was faulty as half the sofa was one colour and the other half was another. They said we could keep the sofa until they are able to make and deliver the correct one. 15 weeks later our new sofa arrived but they did not take the faulty one back. It is in my garage at the moment. How long do I give it before I give it away as this is now over a month ago. Thank you

  • Graham 8 January, 8:25 pm

    If this is a genuine offer TAKE THE MONEY and by a cheap sofa from a good charity shop like British Heart Foundation or MCmillan then place an order with an independent local retailer . you can always re-donate the old sofa
    I’ve had my share of problems with big stores so never again

    • Victoria 14 September, 7:22 am


  • Graham 8 January, 8:31 pm

    This sounds like one of many sofas shipped from china they apparently spray them with a chemical to protect them whilst shipping them in containers. people have had chemical burns , some quite serious, This made the national newspapers some time ago,

  • Michelle 16 January, 7:39 am

    My daughter ordered a corner suite from dfs …2days later was offered a new property from the local housing. We asked dfs several times if they could cancel order as its due for delivery around moving date….they kept saying we call you back but surprise they never done nothing. Now she has had a letter to say delivery will be due the week.she deffo moves. We have rung dfs to ask advice for holding onto the goods until we move. But they have been so rude and unhelpful…..

  • Sharon papen 10 February, 3:30 pm

    I brought a sofa in October last year it was a aproxmently 743 pounds leather and with this you got 2 seater with the price free.on the left side something as gone like a spring also the arm as developed a dip.I rang argos they can’t find record of it but will look and be in contact with me in 48 hours ware do I stand I don’t want it mended just want a replacement if they don’t have one I feel they have to provide me with one if only have exspensive one I feel I should not pay the extra ware do I stand with argos as I no they have a bad repretation

  • Miss killingback 17 February, 9:06 pm

    My cushions are microfiber but they are squashed and sagging they have replaced them once and they have gone the same way but they won’t replace them could I have the right to send them back

  • Ann 19 February, 6:32 pm

    I have had my recliner sofa all of 19 months! I bought it from sofa land with the chair to match. I noticed in January that the leather has worn away on all the moving joints and sofaland will not repair it!to make matters even worse I have insurance with castelan! The insurance company sent out an engineer to look at the sofa and he said he had never seen in 33 years experience such poor leather or none leather wearing on a sofa of this age! So I’m stuck the insurance won’t do anything because I’m not covered for wearing and sofaland won’t do anything because I’m out of warranty! Somebody help!!!!!!!! Please

  • Mick 19 February, 8:45 pm

    Mothering Law just took delivery of a new settee and paid in full prior to delivery £1250 cash, the settee is of poor quality and has distorted legs, on delivery she stated same to the delivery people who said they just delivered take it up with the shop (Multi-York) which she has contacted and they just want to send someone round to look at it but given its poor quality she just wants them to collect and have a full refund is this possible, Thanks

  • Danny 19 February, 11:18 pm

    We bought 2 tables a cuddle chair 2 foot stalls and a large corner sofa and an electric recliner. First of all the corner sofa was delivered the wrong hand we had ordered the same as in the store but the sales rep ordered the wrong hand when it was delivered the Dfs salesman told the delivery driver who was stood next to me that that’s what’s been ordered that’s what they are f%#~ing getting. It took a few calls but they are now swapping the corner sofa for the right one. A few weeks ago the electric recliner started to fall apart the stitching on the arm came loose and they had installed bolts that were too big and stuck in you when you sat down. This damaged the leather. They sent someone out to repair it he changed the bolts for smaller ones and re stitched the leather. After nearly a week the stitching came loose and the leather is still damaged from where the bolts had been pushing through. We called back up and they want to come and repair it again but I have noticed that in multiple places the stitching has come loose or come out completely. We have lost all faith in the chair as this chair is hardly ever used and if not much care was taken in all these instances what else is wrong with it. The chair is also very unstable and tips you out of it often if you move. They have said Dfs policy is to do another fix but this is not just one part it’s lots of parts and now we don’t want this anymore due to this. As I said they have already done one fix which lasted a few days with not much use and now they want to try it again but it’s the corners, arm, and joints that are coming apart. What can we do as they try to fob you off every time we talk to them.
    I would like to swap it for another cuddle chair as they seem to be better built and was the same price. Can anyone advise on this.

  • Tony 20 February, 12:49 pm

    Purchased a 3 seater and 2seater leather recliners from house of Fraser they was delivered within there time of 8 weeks 3seter correct 2 seater a different shade telephoned the shop who said they would re order telephoned again 3days later for a delivery time scale and they didn’t know what I was talking about!!! Went through it with sales rep and he re ordered 10 weeks later sofas delivered exactly the same problem as the first what are my rights?

  • Tina 29 February, 3:59 pm

    I’ve had a 2+3 seater recliner from bright’s on hire purchase.I’ve just had 3 seater repaired because the cushion had sunk (I’m only 8 stone).the repair man noticed both sofas are different so has my daughter in law.I’ve had them since end April and never missed a says on paper work their both same model.checked on line and doesnt even show 3seater that I have ?

  • Jan 6 March, 11:10 am

    Hi a bought a corner unit thats was advertised as Chesterfield Black Leather Corner Sofa Right/Hand. I bought it online on the 10th Aug 2014 and it was delivered 4 weeks later. The sofa is now in a bad way, cracking and peeling. The sofa is not leather as stated in the advert or on my invoice. I do expect a sofa to last longer than 18 months leather or not. Please advise me of my best move here
    Many thanks

  • CHERYL GIBBONS 24 March, 2:31 pm

    We had a new sofa deliverd on February 5th 2016, we have contacted sofa world on 4 to 5 occasions to complain,as we are not happy with the seat cushions, they are sagging and going flat every time you sit on them, they said their is no problem and we need to keep plumping them, we questioned this with the sales lady in the shop who advised us they wouldn’t go flat and sag ,and we also sat on the exact same sofa in the showroom which didn’t sag or go flat .We feel we have been mis sold these cushions and would like to know where we stand on this issue .

  • Michael 1 April, 2:52 pm

    I have purchased a 3 and 2 piece Sofa set from Argos over the last 3 years we have had 3 sets of sofa’s the first 2 were both returned just within the 12 warranty. The 3rd set has now broken with the exact same issue as the first 2 sets. unfortunately we were 1 week over the 12 month warranty when this one broke with the exact same issue as the first 2 sets.

    I have spoken to Argos and they have advised before they can do anything for me I need to have an independent report produced. unfortunately the issue I have is there is no upholsterers within 30 miles of my property and so I am unable to have anyone come out to produce this report.

    Does anyone have any advise as to what I can do?


  • Mark 2 April, 10:10 am

    I brought a sofa from scs slough
    I have bean waiting for a reply for someone to come and fix it I have bean waiting for about 4weeks now
    I find it a discuss your company is slow to sort it out
    AND IM STILL WAITING!!!!!!!!!!!

  • D powell 6 April, 4:20 pm

    Bought a £1.000 settee from Harvey’s 4 month ago , and the cable has snapped , they said they will replace this cable, but am I in my rights to demand a news settee after just 4 months ,this is a manufacturers fault, they said it would b 2 weeks for new part now they told me 4;weeks, I’ve just called them and they said parts in stock, they are messing me about , can j demand a new settee?

  • angis martin 10 April, 11:59 am

    Dear sir / madam

    I purchased a 3…2..and a 1 seeter setee. .from a company called love sofas. When it arrived in december. It was damaged. I foned them up and explained what the situation was. They told me if i accept ot they will replace it within 12 weeks. Reluctantly i accepted it because me and my family had nothing to sit on as i sold old one 2 days before my new one arrived. After 4 months and a losy number of phone calls they say they dont have any information to give me and i will just have to wait. Im am getting really stressed about this . also cost of phone calls is really mounting up. Please please help me

    Yours kindly mr .a .martin.

  • Elaine 12 April, 3:46 pm

    I bought a fire side chair 5 days ago and it is so uncomfortable I can’t sit on it for any length of time. What are my rights on returning it

  • susan 22 April, 11:11 am

    I have been waiting since the 22/12/2015 to have my suite repaired, one section took 3 months but they failed to repair 3 other sections, now they are saying that the person who was dealing with our sofa has left and no one has taken over our case, how do we stand regarding this.

  • Julie williams 25 April, 3:16 pm

    Hello I purchased a sofa from brighthouse I am now on my 4th one due to then being faulty I’ve now paid for the one I have and is less than 2years old it is faulty and has been for a while now Eco master has come out around 5 times and I still have the same problem what are my consumer rights bright house are not very helpful full stop with this. Thankyou Julie

  • Vicki 25 April, 5:24 pm

    Well where do I start I purchased a corner sofa from scs and it was delivered June 2015 after just 10 months my sofa has started peeling and bubbling in the leather I have now be in contact with them since March 2016 I’m being messed about by them left right and centre I got a letter from them telling me they are coming out to do a cosmetic repair I refused and there trying to tell me I do not have the rights to refuse but paying £3000 I expect the best quality from my sofa I’m still waiting for manager to contacted me after nearly 3 weeks of being promised this phone call which I still haven’t received I’ve never dealt with such a poor company in my life please people stay clear of this company happy to take your money but not happy to help shame of you SCS

  • Robert Moxon 25 April, 7:01 pm

    What is with these big furniture companies,they all ACT as they are above the law.I was a victim of dfs,a member of staff threatened me A PENSIONER with violence,little did he know my 23yr old 6ft 4″ grandson was in the store,OOOPS, the tables were turned.What happened next was my grandson was reported to the POLICE for threatening behaviour.What a joke this outfit is.When buying from these companies either use a CREDIT CARD or BUY ON FINANCE as you have more right’s .Under no circumstances use a DEBIT CARD and DO NOT PAY CASH.Alway’s read review’s and alway’s SPREAD THE WORD WITH FAMILY AND FRIENDS.

  • Granor 25 April, 8:57 pm

    It sounds like you have the bonded leather material which is the cheapest manufactured lea6ther available. it is apparently made by using ground up leather offcuts and mnixed with some form of resin. there is really no cheaer stuff on the market, and it will eventually crack and split,. The best leather to specify when buying is”Full Grain or Top Grain ” leather. the bonded leather is rubbish. I would suggest you check out the Ebay site and log into “Leather Furniture Buying Guide ” this may help in your case if you spent £3000 you should have had the best quality and SCS may be trying to pull the wool over your eyes, Good luck.

  • Margaret Robinson 27 April, 4:56 pm

    We bought a stressless suite for 5,000, after only 6 weeks the seats & backs had sagged to the point that was causing me to be in excruciating pain (my bottom) i went back to Lee longlands & showed pictures of suite & they agreed to swap it, we did but not for another stressless suite, we had to pay another £500, am I entitled to any compensation, if so who from, stressless do not want to know

  • Gaynor 28 April, 4:28 pm

    Bought 2 3 seater sofas from House of Fraser one cushion already flat spoke to complain they want to charge me an extra £90.00 per seat to change, I don’t know what else to do as I have’t got the extra cash??

  • Granor 30 April, 9:22 pm

    I have received dozens of copies of most of readers comments and my feeling is that there are very few of the large retailers who operarte ethically. it is about time the consumers association took this matter up with the relevant watchdog or trading standards. you could even write to your MP and get him to raise a question about it in Parliament or set up an online petition..

    If you want a good service try your local independant trader they have more to lose than some of the charlatons out there masqueradind as genuine sellers, it may mean paying a bit more initially but it is worth it.

  • jim 1 May, 9:35 am

    Ordered 2 sofas from Harveys [ dec 2015 ] delivery date 2 weeks 5 months later still waiting anyway ordered the sofas signed the paperwork took out 5yr guarantee shop assistant good deal Its been reduced even more Nice one so paid deposit of £ 400 balance of £ 1000 to be be paid prior to delivery so walked out of store with my order few days later informed they made a mistake on price we require extra £ 385 so do i pay the extra money or stick with the agreement ??

  • Lucy 21 May, 10:03 pm

    Hi I’ve had 3+2 seater sofas delivered today from dfs force range I’m so disappointed me and my daughter sat on them for literally 10 mins and all the leather has cracked and looks like I’ve had it years my last sofa from dfs was also leather and was great had it about 10 years and never had a problem and had 3 young children jumping about on it don’t know what my rights on getting a refund has I’ve got this on a credit agreement this time and have not even started paying for it yet going to ring them tomorrow anybody got any advice

  • M. K. 25 May, 7:01 pm

    Another DFS thread! Sorry.

    I recently visited the Northampton DFS store and saw a sofa I liked.
    The salesperson told me that it was an end of line model, but DFS had an ex display set that I could have for what seemed like a reasonable price.
    Offered me all sorts of extras. Told me that the pieces were at another DFS branch and would take two weeks to get them to Northampton. I said i’d think about it.
    Spoke to my husband that night.
    Mulled it over for another day.
    Phoned the store the next day.
    Spoke to the same salesperson.
    He confirmed the set was still available.
    Told me that he’d throw in eazi glides.

    Paid a 10% deposit over the phone by credit card.
    Received contract and Sofa Pack (guarantee etc.) in the post a few days later.

    I set about preparing the living room for the new furniture, which I understood would be arriving in a fortnight.
    Painted the ceilings and walls, and even took a day off to do so.

    That was a month ago.

    Called today for an update on the delivery of the sofa only to be told by a very aggressive DFS employee that i would not be getting any delivery until I paid the full price upfront.

    Shock, horror, dismay, surprise, vexation, annoyance and lots of other negative emotions raced through my brain.

    But, I remained calm.

    I explained that it full payment upfront was never part of the agreement, and asked why the T&Cs had been completely changed from what was agreed back in April.

    I was led to believe that I would have a chance to look over the sofa, chairs, etc. upon delivery.

    I specifically had asked in-store and on the phone if I could pay by card and the original salesperson cheerfully told me that the drivers carried terminals on board and that a credit card payment at the time of delivery would NOT be a problem.

    I asked to speak to the original salesperson but found he is off until Friday.
    Does anyone know where I stand legally here?
    Do I have to pay the full amount upfront?

    Why, why, why is life so tricky and why are some people so dishonest and unprofessional?

    Crestfallen and disillusioned.

    Any advice welcome.

  • Caz 4 June, 8:45 am

    I have had a 3 & 2 sofas made in a charcoal grey. They were delivered yesterday. However they look blue to the eye and do nit match the rest if the room which has recently been decorated. Do I have any rights? Can I ask for a different colour or am I to just accept the error of how the colour looks?

  • Danielle 7 June, 1:28 pm

    I am very disgruntled by DFS and we are going to have to contact them yet again about the state of our corner settee. We went into the store in November and chose a corner unit that would be delivered in time for Christmas which is was, that was the best part about it. When the delivery men put it together and left we noticed that some of the feet weren’t even touching the floor and were in fact the wrong feet altogether: this meant some sections of the settee were higher than others and the backs didn’t align at all! And they didn’t even say a thing!! Also the leather was creased and sagging on the back, stitching was loose, seats were already loosing volume etc etc.. We called dfs who said they would be out between Xmas and new year which they were. The man that came was very ‘salesy’ talked the talk a little too much and didn’t listen to us at all insisting the feet were all the same,until we pointed out the faults – he reluctantly accepted that they were incorrect and said he would have to order new ones from Italy?!? Anyhow we waited and had to deal with this setee until February before he called to arrange fitting them. At this time the seats were really saggy so he said he would refill them with extra sponge and that he would tighten the leather with a heat gun. He fixed the loose stitching on his first visit with a needle and thread. Well, on his second visit he did fit the new feet and also filled the seats back up and ran out the house in a flurry (supposedly to another appointment) only for us to see he hadn’t tightened the leather which we had reiterated to him whilst he was there and he said he would do it!! I expect he didn’t even bring a heat glue. So now 3 months further down the line I still have a saggy seated settee even though the cushions were refilled with creased sagging leather on the skirts and back of the settee and where we have had to deal with waiting months for new feet the backs which didn’t align have left that backing cushion squashed and unsightly! I am so annoyed, my settee is 6 months old and I have never been happy with it from day one and I know that if I call again they will just send out that same man which I honestly can say I don’t like! for him to just do another bodge job and run off without finishing it properly!!! They did give us a refund of £100 but in comparison to the £2300 price tag it was just another kick in the teeth to be honest!!

  • Cal 12 June, 7:19 am

    Hi we purchased a 3 piece suite of scs in March 5thpaid cash was told 10 weeks waiting time,received a phone call early June saying it’s in the warehouse so deliver would be soon as someone will ring you with in5 days no phone call came.
    It’s now been 14 weeks since buying the the sofa/chairs so I went in the shop asking were it was I got a reply it’s going to be with us on the 14th u will get a phone call I said this has already happened over the phone the reply was it might of got delayed of which we weren’t told about should I be asking for a full refund

  • joanne 15 June, 11:25 am

    hi there just bought new force cornor suite its to small defo not worth 2 grand what can a do about this to change it to 3 seater thanks

  • Mark R 20 June, 6:35 pm

    Ordered a 3 seater and 2 seater sofa from the shades range. Sofa’s arrived but 3 seater is badly damaged. Arms have been visibly wrapped too tight, have now been unwrapped for 3 weeks and have also had a technician from Castelan use a heat gun on them for 30-45 minutes but they are still heavily marked. Leather is also baggy and warped across the front and rear of the sofa. We had the technician from Castlean come to inspect them who said the arms could take 2 weeks to 6 months to look normal, advised they would more than likely need re-stuffing and also that the front and rear leather was too loose but would be too difficult to tighten. He advised he would put this on his report and somebody would be in touch. To my surprise, his report was submitted as ‘issues resolved’ and didn’t mention the points he’d made regarding the leather and arms. I have raised a complaint with Castelan who called the technician and he claimed not to remember any of that conversation. Funnily enough, after 4 further calls from Castelan to the technician, he finally remembered the conversation and admitted to the points I was complaining he’d said and not included on the report. I then called FV and spoke to John, the general manager at my local store. His attitude was that the report says it’s fine and therefore it’s fine and he wouldn’t offer a refund. I have had to spend 4hrs on the phone today between Castelan and FV to get the right report produced and still am not satisfied with the response. At this point, I’m disgusted with the service from FV who I don’t feel have been supportive or taken ownership of this issue and Castelan who basically have a technician that is happy to lie and even deny what he’d said until he was asked multiple times. The sofa is quite evidently not of satisfactory quality and doesn’t fit the description of what we purchased. I have been told that somebody can come and tighten the leather which will take an hour each side and regarding the arms, ‘use the sofa for a month or so and they should look normal again but if not let us know and we can have a look then and might need to re-stuff them’. Sorry but I bought the product brand new and expect it delivered brand new, not in a condition that requires me to use it for a month or God knows how long to see if it looks right again or not. I am now pursuing a full refund as the quality of the product and the quality of the service is nothing short of unacceptable! Potential buyers beware – FV will do anything they can to avoid the truth and having to refund on a faulty item!

    • Mark R 20 June, 6:36 pm

      FV = Furniture Village

      • Victoria 14 September, 6:11 am



  • Carol 29 June, 10:49 pm

    Has anyone else had problems with sofas from Argos. Had a Pauli 3 & 2 delivered Monday. Part of one seat faux leather not real leather. They are exchanging it on Monday but can’t guarantee that there will not be there will not be the same fault. Say they can only exchange it once tho. If the next one is faulty too l shall be taking it further as it is not as described in their blurb. Also they want me to dismantle the faulty sofas and repack them. No way . All packaging taken to tip.

  • Linda Gray 30 June, 3:26 pm

    Two parker knoll sofas delivered April 2013 from Elys of wimbledon one sofas material had faults 3 visits later from a 3rd party a new sofa was delivered to replace faulty sofa in July, 2013 the sofas have little use as we are elderly and spend more time in our kitchen diner except for 2hrs appros each evening, both of the sofas are now showing similar faults in material, I went to the store with photos on my tablet, gave copies to manager via computer whilst there heard nothing i have been told out of guarantee!!?

  • Lisa Reardon 1 July, 1:35 am

    Please help,I got a sofa from scs in October,some of the pillows are flat some have more padding in them,iv had 2 people from sea come round at different times,one took a photo and said I needed more padding,but in the report he sAid it was OK,another man come round,put some padding at one end of my sofa said would do report,on report said it was OK,why did he put padding at one end but not the end that is sagging,made loads of calls to talk to a manager,all I’m getting told is the men did there job,I only wanted my scatter back with the same padding

    • Victoria 14 September, 6:19 am


  • Susan Barker 2 July, 9:37 am

    I bought a sofa 6 months ago, January 2016, and the fabric has faded, I also bought a carpet on the same day which is fine. The curtains are closed as much as possible, but in all fairness we haven’t had much sun this year. What are my rights as a consumer?

  • J t bullen 28 July, 11:55 am

    Thanku found most helpful

  • Angela Marsh 1 August, 1:30 pm

    I ought a hand made sofa and on delivery was fine- I had it stain proofed and the fabric started coming away in places a week or two later. Retailer says its not their problem as stain proofing company may have caused the issue but stain proofing company say not their fault. Can I sue the retailer?

  • Margaret crook 1 August, 11:45 pm

    We bought a sofa and two chairs from sofa store. When the sofa was delivered there was a bad crease on the bottom joint of the seat. A man came to see it and told us that a sofa with two recliners was classed as three seats. After he heated the leather and moved the mechanism it seems to be sitting better, but then it made the level of the bottom of the sofa 20mm different from one end to the other. We are being told by the company that this is acceptable and is within the manufacturer allowance and are not interested. What are our rights?

  • Margaret crook 2 August, 11:26 pm

    We have bought a three seater sofa with recliners at either end. We have contacted sofa store to complain about the half inch difference from one end to the other which looks really obvious. Sofa store tell us this is acceptable and not willing to take matter further. We are very disappointed with their attitude and certainly feel we would never buy anything from Oakland furniture again.

  • Ronnie 11 August, 9:15 pm

    I purchased a grey leather La-Z-Boy suite from SCS firstly the company tried to fraud me out of £250 which I had to take to head office they issued two receipts on written and they had a typed one that was £250 less.
    the suite finally arrived late.
    I love the suite but within a month I saw lines appear on the actual sitting area. it is a line roughly 2 inches apart and are very parallel with one another on further investigation it was happening on the five sating area not on the bit where thighs or the knees land nor on the bottom edge of the cushion. I went back to the store and the salesman said when I showed him the pictures that it looks like the treatment of the hide it will get sorted no problem. two weeks later a so called expert came out and said even his chemicals would not remove the lines and put it down to ” dye transfer” and he will get back to me. Four weeks later I went to the shop to say I have still not heard anything again the shop admin lady Mary told me not to worry it would be repaired or replace and she would get the office to call me. Next day my wife called and they said they are not doing anything with it as it is down to the insurers. The insurers said because SCS said it was dye transfer it is back the stores warranty. I called the store and they said I have a quote here to repair a suite that I have had less than three months. I also paid £250 on top of the suite cost of £4,500 for insurance which states on the web site covers accidental dye transfer. I am totally at my wits end with this if people come to mu house I have to cover the suite or ask them to take there clothes off before they sit on my suite. Hopefully you can help me with this issue and the bad aftercare from SCS
    worst company ever dealt with they just do not want to listen to anything and as for the issuance company they are a joke. La-z-boy also offer a years warranty on the material so why does SCS not repair and claim them. i am getting a back window size sticker made warning the pubic of the dangers dealing with SCS and leaving it outside there shop every weekend

  • Michael Hughes 17 August, 5:01 pm

    We bought a suite of leather furniture from DFS and after we had it for about 6 weeks the surface started to strip off. DFS sent an upholsterer to repair the damage but it continued to peel off until they eventually agreed to replace the entire suite.
    The replacement suite arrived in December and now we have had issues with stitching splitting where seams meet and the colour surface stripping off again. The local manager came out to examine it and has blamed it on our having dogs in the home as we haven’t taken adequate care of the product.
    He also informed us that it was no longer in warranty as the warranty ran out as it was for the original suite.
    Please can you help us with advice as to what to do next?



  • Elizabeth 26 August, 8:08 am

    I bought a 3 seater sofa and 2 seater from the day of delivery i noticed it wasnt right that was in January after a lot of phone calls and letters and emails they sent someone out yesterday 25th to look at and he told us we were sitting on it wrong we had to sit in middle of sofa surly this isnt right

  • Margaret wood 4 September, 2:16 pm

    I have a sofa from next the leather has gone patchy they sent someone to test it which was found faulity and agreed to change it its only 1 year old can i claim refund if theres notthing i like as dont wont same one

  • Victoria 14 September, 5:57 am


  • Anthony dickinson 17 September, 2:39 pm

    Hi we had a problem we bought a settee. Just over a yra old and developed a rip. The company refused to do anything. They wouldn’t even look at it.

  • June eyre 18 September, 1:35 pm

    Bought a sofa and electric arm chair from David Phipps a private company , the seats we sat on sag and the material bagged with in a few weeks making it look old , we complained DP did not want to know , eventually sent some men to look at it who said it was the nature of the material if we wanted the seats changed at our own cost , also said they wouldn’t buy it as they knew what they were buying , we had not been told it would sag and bag ,I took photos at the time , went through the odd sumac , paid for a private report which just said there was nothing wrong with the mechinum on the chair so nothing wrong , nothing about the material stretching and the seat being hardened , Phipps offered to redo the seating but said it won’t make any difference except it would be harder and would go the same way , It was put in any that made us say no as it wasn’t going to make a difference
    So we are now 9 months on and it looks even worse , we had our last softer 20 years and it’s still going stron in a rest room at a bus depot for the men to use ,I have on recent pic and it’s in better knic than this new one , I despair that you can buy something very e pensive and be ashamed of it , plus not long after the recliner seat has dropped and hardened so that it doesn’t put me in the right position so my back hurts when reclined after a short while so it’s of no use now any way , I have to go and lie on my bed to watch TV can you help please we are getting nowhere
    June Eyre and Colin Wisken

  • Mags 24 September, 8:09 am

    I had some ex large scatter cushions refilled with feathers which kept bursting do I called the company and they suggested I had an styificisl stuffing which I did and paid extra for
    A year on the stuffings have gone lumpy and I can no longer get the Infills to fit the corners of my outer covers . Bit like cheap pillows
    As its a year on how to I stand please

  • cy logan 27 September, 9:41 pm

    I have this problem as well S.C.S are messing us around . with no help . can you help thank you

  • Mr David Allen 30 September, 7:37 pm

    We have two larger sofas from Harvey’s, only 2 years old and they sag badly and the colour is peeling off. I’ve sent them photos but Harvey’s say that it’s up to ME to pay for an independent upholster’s report. Is that right? Can they refuse to refund/repair until I throw good money after bad to provide a £100+ report?

    • Mr David Allen 30 September, 7:38 pm

      Leather not larger

  • Fran 5 October, 9:50 pm

    I bought a settee and a chair from Harvey’s and it arrived 2 was ago exactly.
    Today I have notice rather a large tear under both arms of the couch, and a small one starting on one side of the chair.
    I have not taken out insurance, we have hardly been at home to use it, how do I go about this? It seems it’s not fit for purpose?!

  • Fran 5 October, 9:52 pm

    Weeks ago sorry!

  • Andry 10 October, 8:27 am

    Hi I was wondering I bought from dfs an two piece and a three piece brown leather sofas 3years ago and they are in mint condition I just wanted to know would you buy them back from me as I’m moving abroad soon they cost me 3 years ago £1400 I am open to a reasonable offer hope to hear from you soon many thanks

  • Robert Powell 13 October, 11:21 am

    Hi, I ordered a 3 piece suit online and had this delivered within 9 weeks this was back in May 16
    On the delivery day we realised that the sofa was made of different leather to the 2 armchairs we immediately had the delivery guys to call Scs to get this rectified. Initially they wanted to just replace the sofa but I stood my ground and they agreed to exchange all the suit today is 13 October and the new suit has arrived with the exact same fault the 2 chairs are made of a dull leather where as the sofa is made of a shiny leather I immediately ran Scs to complain and rejected the new suit I am waiting to here what they will do now as I am not willing to order a new suit to the hope that the 3rd time I’ll be OK
    Has anyone else had this issue??

  • Gill Robinson 13 October, 1:59 pm

    Having purchased new leather sofas from scs on delivery they were marked and had dirty marks and a tear under one of the sofas. This was reported to their head office the same day and an appointment booked for a technician to visit some 12 days later. He told my husband that it was purely cosmetic and that he could repair the tear. My husband point blankly refused as we feel that brand new goods should not need to be repaired or cleaned. The report will apparently take 10 days so with the time it took for him to visit will take us to 22 days from delivery which I feel is too near to the 30 day legal limit for anything to be done. Please could someone advise?

  • june jeffries 14 October, 2:36 pm

    my daughter in law purchased a sofa and armchair from dads, on credit. The furniture arrived 7th october 2016. on the 12th october 2016, my son in law (who is only 10 stone) sat down on the armchair and the whole chair collapsed, the frame that the legs are connected to completely split. i called dogs and was told they would send a man to repair it. The gentleman came today and told us, thisatmchsir had been drop prior to it being delivered and that he couldn’t fix it today, he would have to come back next Thursday, do i have to except the repair, as the repair man admitted the damage was done prior to it being delivered to me. Could i not just get a replacement

  • Ade 16 October, 11:13 am

    I bought set of couch from Overstock retailer store is not up to a year I notice the love seat is sinkening I called the store to report its took them a month before they could sent someone to come and check the guys came to look the pic and left since then no one called I kept calling only I called Wells Fargo cos I made a payment of $600 and well Fargo finance me 2300 so well Fargo ask me to stop paying they are investigating I don’t think I want this couch any more cos they already cause me pain and suffering I gat married August 5th my friends couldn’t sit on the stupid couch so am planing calling my bank to reverse my payment of $600 Bk to my acct

  • Maxine 24 October, 11:13 pm

    Hi we have a sofa from DFS it’s is nearly 5 years old. We took the accidental warranty and had to call them out for the fraying cushions to be told wear and tear and DFS to tell us over 2 years so only frame covered (this was about25 months in to it). Anyway I get frame was creaky etc so they inspected said no fine. Now when I move it I can hear it creaking and I am sure the wood is snapping. Should I contact them? They say frames are 10 year guarantee. Am I wrong to expect my 2.5k sofa to last longer than 4 years?

  • Kath 26 October, 10:10 pm

    I got sofa from sofa world I made a phone call after phone call . One says one thing and the anther says different. But in the end I got told if was having a new back cover coming today on the 26 the. I waited all day and no one came with my new part. So about 7 ish I rang once again and they said if my new part don’t b4 8 send us an email still sod all back.

  • Julie 27 October, 7:54 pm

    I am having a lot of trouble with House of Fraser. I bought 3 expensive Biba sofas from the Camberley store. Within a few weeks of very little use the frame is broken and the cushions on all 3 are saggy. Following a visit from a patronising technician who told me to plump my cushions !!! They will offer a repair but from what I’ve read on other threads this isn’t going to fix saggy baggy cushions!! House of Fraser refuse anything other than a repair, something I’m sure John Lewis would not put a consumer through. The sofas are not fit for purpose. Any advice would be welcome.

  • Paula martin 30 October, 12:11 pm

    I bought a sofa and chair off SCS web site paid cash it came yesterday with a broken leg what r my rights can I demand a full refund

  • Thomas Ferguson 4 November, 7:01 am

    Hi. Just received a suite from Harveys . last week. We sat on the 2 sofas . Myself for 1 hr and my wife for 2 hrs. we noticed sagging and sinking and the leather bunching up. I called Harveys and they say they would send someone round.I am awaiting his appearance My concern is,I don’t wish to be having repairs done to a brand new suite. I would see the point if it was a year or so old but its 1 week old.??If I wished to buy a repaired suite I would have.. As all the family are round for Xmas time is not on our side.We certainly will not be paying for new repaired goods and wish to have the suite replaced.. Where do we stand..
    Many Thanks

  • Denise 10 November, 6:53 am

    I have just received my sofas I ordered from groupon and 1 is damaged so iv emailed them and they said they would give me a £20 credit..what a I within my rights to a replacement of both as the 1sun I bought apparently cannot be exchanged for whatever reason

  • James 14 November, 11:04 pm


    I bought a sofa from DFS which is only 3 months old I have already had repairs done to the poof box which I am unhappy with, now when I sit on the two seater the arm moves in like the frame is sinking should this happen.


  • Patricia 15 November, 10:16 pm

    I bought a corner LEATHER endurance sofa from ScS it was delivered to me in December 2014, I paid for the 5 year warranty.
    Now the LEATHER on my sofa is peeling, I rang the warranty company in September & the engineer came out yesterday, he said he would send the report off to ScS. I asked him if it was Leather as my previous sofa from a competitor still looked new after 10yrs & half the price, his response was its mixed fibres!!! What the heck… I also asked him what would they do & he said it depends if I was miss sold the sofa.
    Today I received a call from warranty company saying they can replace sections where LEATHER is peeling but as it comes from abroad it can take upto 10 weeks, I asked about colour difference & yes there will be a colour difference, my other option was an offer of £689 no repair & not able to claim for the same thing again.. I’m not happy with either offer as this suite cost me £2300 + £250 warranty.
    What can I do now?

  • Daisy Sparling 16 November, 10:48 pm

    I have ordered a sofa and the company says they will not bring it into the house only bring it to the door. It is a small 2 seater and my living room is just inside the front door. I want it put in my living room. What are my rights.
    Thank you.

  • Jessica gibson 23 November, 9:30 am

    Bought a sofa and a chair February 2016.Both have faults.i contacted the company who took time in getting back to me..said they would send some one out to repair.28days and I have not heard anything.what can i do

  • Jo harrison 24 November, 6:01 pm

    I bought a sofa from dfs in the sale 600 ands it’s all bobbled do I have any rights?

  • Florida 25 November, 5:59 pm

    I have purchased a corner sofa from DWELL only 3 months ago at a price of £995 which is not the cheapest sofa out there.
    Within the first month the cushions sagging and now after 3 months the cushions are as soft as sitting on it is sinking on it.
    I have complained to Dwell and they sent some technician to inspect the sofa. While he was there he agreed with us that the quality is not what it should be but, he then reported to Dwell nothing wrong with this sofa and the softness of cushions is due to the type of foam used by the manufacturer indicated on product specification.
    Well, I do not have a product specification for this sofa and its technical characteristics but I know for sure that the quality of the sofa I have received is not comparable from the one I saw and tried in store. I made the decision to purchase based on the product I did see in store, totally different to the one I received.
    When I tried to get a second opinion on this inspection Dwell Is asking me to pay £75 for it.
    How ridiculous can this company be?

    Can you please help to understand what are my rights at this point?

  • Lesley 28 November, 11:17 am

    Help! My Daughter has purchased a corner such tea from DFS but when it has arrived it is too big and covers part of the door entrance. What are our rights on this?

  • David Barker 6 December, 5:07 pm

    Can anyone tell me how long is the unreasonable length of time waiting for repair of a scs lazyboy chair please?
    Also can I claim For damages that has occurred during the use of the chair to my carpet?

  • hayley 10 December, 8:59 pm

    Faulty sofa delivered

  • Sharòn 15 December, 2:07 pm

    I recently purchessed a sofa for my 75yr old mum . When it arrived unfortunatly the sofa would not fit in the hallway it had to go back . I contacted the store scs to speak of problem . The woman i spoke to was very rude an offered no help . I then spoke to a man who was a bit helpful . As the sofa was paid in full by cash i asked if she could get a two seater instead i was told she cant an that she would b charged £150 for sofa to be dismantled an put back in the property. I would like to know if she can get refund

  • Margaret creagh 18 December, 8:46 am

    Please help, what are my rights , I purchased a sofa from an online company 31st October and it is so uncomfortable, I have emailed the warranty dept , they refuse to call me and has stated in no uncertain terms can they do anything unless the sofa is damaged, I am now left with a sofa that we find very uncomfortable and as we are in our sixty,s will probably be the last one we would have purchased , a sofa should be comfy from day 1 and we have constant back ache from it and can’t get comfortable on it, one very unhappy customer, please advise thankyou

  • Jo 19 December, 9:40 pm

    I bought a sofa from Harveys. 1000. Red govner corner sofa. 1st not sealed i have red dye all over my house. 2nd rip and tears in it. 3rd seems were coming apart and now my 4th has the same issue as the first. Not sealed. They sobga have given me 125 comp for all the hassle. And ive got a liabillity claim going through. I want the sofa that i originally ordered as ive decorated my room around it. And a black leather will look to much. Not a happy bunny. Going to call.yhem tomorrow and complain again.

  • Marys7 26 December, 11:27 am

    I ordered a corner unit from SCS it arrived on 21.7.2016. Paid 200pounds extra for the harder cushions. November we phoned them n told them cushions had gone funny. They sent out home serve to take photos n check them, he said they had gone,we would here from them in 2 days. Week later we phoned them,I said if there like this now what would they be like in a year.I want my money back they said no its gone past 30 days. I said its not good enough they should last longer then 5 months. Basically the guarantee is not worth the
    paper its written on. They told me I couldn’t speak to a manager. There customer service is the worst I have ever come across, n I worked in retail for 20 years.

  • Pam 3 January, 2:46 pm

    I have recently purchased a leather sofa from Sofology and paid in full via my MasterCard of which I have now paid the credit card bill in full,for this sofa.
    The leather sofa was damaged (the leather actually nicked) the day we received it and I rang the company within ten minutes of inspecting it. The delivery drivers had left our home before we spotted it. Sofology are now saying they want to repair it but I am saying I wish to have a new sofa as this is damaged and therefore not what I expected. What are my rights. We have had the sofa two weeks now and an independent assessor came out to check on the damage the day after delivery. A phone call today asked when they could come and repair it but I said no I want a new sofa.

  • Mrs L Mullan 3 January, 6:52 pm

    We bought a bed settee corner unit from Sofoloy aprox 6 weeks old, after 3 days from being delivered we had tried the bed settee bit thew night before, when we came to put the bed bit back it wouldn’t go back so we had to call Sofology people out, they came within 2 hours, to fix it he had to get a crow bar out to it. We have had a lot of trouble with it as we cannot sit to the back of it and it is very hard, so I contacted the customer services regarding these problems, they told us that they do not do a cancellation but they would take it back and we could choose another one but we would have to pay a 30% charge for doing this which is about £360. We went up to the Preston sofology shop at Deepdale in Preston and looked around for another one, but whilst we were there we tried the same corner unit that we ordered and realised that ours is not the same, our seating cushions are about 3 inches deeper than the one in the shop, this is why we cannot sit on ours properly, please could you tell us what to do, we are both pensioners and do not have any savings and don’t know what to do. Thank-you so much

  • Sheila marr 11 January, 1:40 pm

    I bought a 2x2leather sofa I paid 2375pounds for it I got my sofas delivered on 20th September 216paid by my card just round about Xmas time dec216i noticed I side of my sofa sagging a bit called dfs and manager came out today and said it’s just the leather softening but none of the rest of the sofas has done this its noticeable. When I take of the throw cover he said he is getting back to me today after he speaks to the manufacturer. Surely this shouldn’t be happening after just getting my sofas in sep help wot is my rights on this matter. Thank you

  • Elaine 12 January, 11:45 pm

    First I would like to say ..speaking on the phone to people about your complaint you don’t know if there honest telling the true or even bothering to pass on your complaint to the right people


    • Robert Downie 16 February, 7:55 pm

      The only problem with this app is that you get charged per call.

  • Carol 15 January, 6:44 pm

    Paid for corner unit from harveys. Had to wait 17 weeks on day of delivery driver said oh it’s not on Lorry. Found out they delivered to another customer. We phoned Harvey’s they said they would get it back as we paid in full. That did not happen. They sent out corner sofa for us to borrow. It’s the most uncomfortable thing ever. It’s leather it’s cold I can’t bear the thought of having this for 17 weeks. The one I wanted was perfect as I have severe arthritis it was supportive it right places. They say they have nothing else and we will have to just wait for another 17 weeks for the sofa we ordered

  • karen mcewan 18 January, 10:45 am

    after 1st purchase and a repair to sofa and chair i then had a replacement. i was promised this was newer version and better. but after2 weeks of use the seat cusions are worse than the 1st. unable to sit on the chair or either side of the sofa without sliding to front or side. due to the filling being flattened. was told that dfs dont refund just repair or replace, but they,ve done both . what can i do for a refund .

  • Bernadette Taylor 19 January, 7:29 pm

    I ordered a sofa from Sofology at the beginning October. Sofology repeated sent texts to tell us our sofa was ready for delivery. 3days prior to delivery they rang to say the cushions were to small and had to go back to company for new cushions. I was then contacted a week later to say the sofa had gone missing!!! How can that happen. I was promised an emergency order but still need to wait till march!! We have a loan sofa which is unbearably uncomfortable it’s so bad my husband can’t sit on it as it’s hurting his back. Sofology tell me I can’t have a refund as I paid cash. Poor show Sofology bad customer service

  • Gunes alacayir 23 January, 1:55 pm

    I bought a set of sofa from nills furniture shop in Edmonton. It was come 2 mouths ago. It was have few damage and I completed to the shop I want to refund but I pay all of money already. They cannot get it just they want to repair it.
    Please help me how can I do.
    Thank you

  • allan taggarty 25 January, 6:54 pm

    I purchased a leather 2+3 seater leather sofas from worldstores online about 1 year ago and now the leather on the 3 seater sofa is starting to split on one small area i have been in touch with worldstores who have taken some time to organise someone from fira to inspect my sofa but before that happened i was offered an exchange or a refund via email for my sofa but now they are saying that it comes down to the inspection from fira. I feel they have gone back on their word and also the product is not fit for purpose am i entitled to an exchange or partial refund.

  • Cathy 25 January, 8:03 pm

    So stressed at the min ordered a sofa on 11/9/16 only to find out someone at Dfs Had cancelled the order i only found out when i phoned to check progress they ordered another one to be delivered on 24/01/17 for it to be beige instead of silver but they are insisting it silver im so upset x

  • Hayley Cook 29 January, 2:34 pm

    I purchased a leather sofa jan 15 but took delivery in Aug 15 when inspected on arrival there where scuffs and damage on the 2 seater and chair and shop took it back . When sofa got delivered again some months later we noticed when resting on stuffed arms I could feel wooden frame plus one of the zips failed on base pads that you sit on ,so I rang shop who sent man to inspect and then come repair 2 months later a cover arrived wrong size ! Another few months later they fixed it . I was asked to inspected one the tension sewing cushion cover on, was greater than the other sofa, looking odd and then I notice the marks on leather of other sofa ,I pointed this out the man took photos and told me the dye had leaked ! I am fed up of chasing ringing asking for manager to ring I really want them to take it back and get refund can I demand for this ?

  • Carla 4 February, 8:36 pm

    Hi. I bought a corner crushed velvet settee brand new from a company of eBay. I didn’t make the purchase thru eBay I went to the company direct and paid for the sofa in cash on delivery. They advised me that there was 12 months warranty with the sofa and they have would send an invoice. Which I have received. On the same day I received the settee the guys left and we was left to take the packaging of the settee which took is quite a while. When we lifted the settee to attach the legs we then realised there was a tear in the fabric at the bottom. This was reported to the company within an hour of the item being delivered. I send the company a picture of the tear for there reference. I received I msged back from them straight away saying they would inform there manager however 2 weeks on I have heard nothing from the company dispite sending 2 text messages and 2 emails and I have not received a reply. What would my next step need to be. I am happy to keep the sofa but I would expect some form of discount for the damage.

  • Mrs Pauline Jones 7 February, 3:12 pm

    I bought a three piece suite April 2016 eleven days after delivery I noticed a split in the leather asked for it to be replaced and they said they could repair it that happened August in November 2 more splits now they want to repair it again bought from sofolgy

  • Mary whelan 14 February, 11:58 pm

    I bought a 3 piece suite 5 years ago it’s Eco leather, sofa is peeling, on examination when I turned it over and examined underneath ithe armchairs had the same batch no and the sofa have a different batch no. Also the back of the leather in the sofa is cream and the back of the leather in the chairs is black. Do I believe my sofa is the odd one out and was only thrown in to make up the set and is of poor quality. I would really appreciate a reply thank you Mary whelan,

  • david barrett 15 February, 3:50 pm

    Is this the problem now that all of these companies have the furniture made in china, who use cheap inferior materials. scs have sent me the wrong one, so have ordered right one, take 10 to 12 weeks.
    in the meantime they left this one for us to use and the quality is totall crap. if the one they send is no better i will reject it on delivery and not sign for it, they can refund.

  • Debbie 15 February, 5:29 pm


    my sofa is now 11 years old which i purchased from furniture village, within 4 years of my purchase the leather started to peal and flake. I contacted furniture Village and they sent an inspector round to assess the sofa. The outcome of their report was the flaking and pealing was down to wear and tear. I was absolutely fuming and refused to accept their findings. After a lot of Telephone calls and letters they finally agreed to replace the leather and upholstered it. 6 years on the sofa is pealing and flaking again even worse then the first time. I again contacted furniture Village who completely ignored the issue surrounding the substandard materials used just apologised and then went on to inform that i was out of time to make a claim. This item was definitely mis-sold to me and was not of merchantable quality. i hope to use The Misrepresentation Act 1967 to make a small claim against furniture Village.

  • Sheena 16 February, 10:07 am

    Never buy from oak furniture land. Sofas are poor ouality. Waited in half a day for a technician (well so called technician) to be told there is nothing wrong with it well they don’t have to sit on the poorly made sofa. We slide off the thing, the tec sat on it for 2 seconds and said he can’t find a fault with it but was after changing the back legs on it to lift the front up!! Honestly not impressed with the service or the quality of the product.

  • Robert Downie 16 February, 7:32 pm

    Bought a 3and 2 seater leather suite from dfs. We have had it 2 weeks and feel the leather on the seats and backs have stretched far to much in that time. We have sent photos and complained but have received no response. Have we got the right to reject them or ask for our money back.

  • Gary 24 February, 4:23 pm

    Brought 2 seater sofa from SCS after 7 days we complained that is not finished, staples missing holes in the wood… very bad workmanship, no quality control… called 14 times in 3 weeks left messages to call us back but nothing… finally called today and they said not entitled to refund… scs leaving it to long to reply… its very uncomfortable it’s not the same as the one in the shop…. not happy…. I’m going to call scs every day until I get my money back… one seat has collapsed, I’ve had time off work because of a backache… beware of camell Jacob. I’ve asked for a recording of all conversations as we was told that we can exchange from day one… I will keep you updated and let you know the outcome…. avoid scs at all cost….

  • Kym 28 February, 3:49 pm

    Im abt to purchase a leather suite bt ive nw found out that the guy in the shop has bought it from another suppler and paid 2,000! And that nw the man im buying it from is selling it to me fr 2,000 on top from his shop meaning im buying the suite twice. Is this illegal and fraudalent? He told us that he can gt the suite fr us from his books bt didnt tell us that behind our backs he was paying only 2,000 fr it and adding another 2,000 on top wht a rip off and we hve paid a small deposit bt treated unfairly with the costs. We were told by the original supplier that we cld have bought it from them directly fr 2,000 and that annoyed us more as he did nt tell us that leaving us to believe only he cld sell it to us directly through him we feel we are being mislead and ripped off

  • Jay 5 March, 1:24 pm

    I bought a corner sofa from dfs, since the day I bought it I have had issues the sofa has completely lost its formation and makes creek noises. I also had an issue because the colour is white on one part of the sofa and cream in one area and when a man came round he agreed the sofa was flat and he filled the sofa but he only filled one area which was disappointing and he said he only could stay for one hour. Therefore my sofa is still flat. I still have issues with the sofa and am very upset. It is flat from many areas can anyone advise me what I can do because I only had the sofa for a few months

  • kath 6 March, 10:50 am

    I paid deposit on 2.3.sofas can i change my mind.

  • Wendy Brooke 10 March, 7:39 pm

    We have an issue with barker and stone house with a sofa that arrived in Dec it’s broken once and been repaired they sent out an inspector from naturist who said it was rubbish and uncomfortable and he could re stuff the cushions and sort the bars out that stick in our backs and the head rest that smacks you on the head when it comes up. We said no we want a replacement lost patients and confidence in this make.
    They are now having meetings over what they are going to propose please advise how we stand on this we just want them to take it away and give us our money back please help

  • angie 15 March, 3:16 pm

    Bought a black corner sofa from DFS and on the chaise bit the cushion is sinking in and the leather is all gathered up. This started to happen a couple a weeks after purchase called DFS they sent out somebody who told me this was the leather giving as that’s what leather does. 9 months later and my sofa looks 10 years old not 10 months I paid over £2,000 pound. I have been back onto DFS who are now sending somebody out again to have a look where do I stand as to them repairing this problem I would like the foam replacing and the leather stretching back so it looks smooth not all bubbled up. My sofa is still under warranty.

  • Elizibeth McNeish 16 March, 8:19 pm

    This is my 3rd leather suite in 6 months from SCS, the first one was badly damaged, they sent out a replacement but when they brought in the 3 seater it was damage so I refused anymore of the replacement suite. I reordered a completely different suite which has taken 16 weeks to arrive it is also damaged with a chip out of the leather on the couch arm, and scuff marks on one of the corners, they offered someone to come and repair it, which I’m not prepared to go ahead with. I paid nearly £4000 for goods in perfect condition, not for someone to come and repai. Waiting on outcome of my complaint

  • Barbara Winmill 21 March, 9:47 am

    We purchased an Italian leather suite from SCS last August. We negotiated the price but even so it wasn’t cheap at nearly £4,500. It was delivered in November and the seat cushion on the chair my husband uses began to flatten, sag so that you could actually feel the base under it. We have swapped chairs so this particular one is rarely used and have also informed SCS of the problem. Four telephone calls later and the technician still hasn’t contacted me. I have once again telephoned SCS again this morning and will wait with baited breath today to see if they have the courtesy to respond. This really does take the edge off this suite. We paid using our Mastercard mainly as for protection just in case there was a fault. Any suggestions what process I should follow would be much appreciated, I really don’t want a repair job on a brand new suite.

  • Barbara Winmill 21 March, 9:49 am

    We purchased an Italian leather suite from SCS last August. We negotiated the price but even so it wasn’t cheap at nearly £4,500. It was delivered in November and the seat cushion on the chair my husband uses began to flatten, sag so that you could actually feel the base under it. We have swapped chairs so this particular one is rarely used and have also informed SCS of the problem. Four telephone calls later and the technician still hasn’t contacted me. I have once again telephoned SCS again this morning and will wait with baited breath today to see if they have the courtesy to respond. We paid using our Mastercard mainly as for protection just in case there was a fault. Any suggestions what process I should follow would be much appreciated, I really don’t want a repair job on a brand new suite.

    • Barbara Winmill 21 March, 9:52 am

      The suite although purchased in August was not delivered until November.

  • Mrs J A Hawksworth 3 May, 6:04 pm

    we have ordered and paid for two G Plan recliner chairs model Neston, from SCS, when we ordered them we told the salesman that we didn’t want casters because we have got wooden floors, the salesman said we could have little legs and he wrote that on the order form, the chairs arrived a week last Wednesday and they had casters on so we sent them back and told the manager in the store what had happened,he wanted to send a man down to our house with some gliders again i told him we had sent the chairs back and he told me he would deal with it.We got a phone call to say the chairs were coming again yesterday and again they came with casters, i phoned the store and told the manager we were not happy and that we wanted our money back to which he said he would speak to his boss and see what could be done, about half an hour latter i got a call from him offering me what he said was a good deal, he was offering to knock £100 of each chair and then we could buy some boots to go over the casters, again i said no we don,t want casters or boots so now he is saying an engineer will go to the warehouse were the chairs are tomorrow to see if he can change the casters for feet, i told him i’m not happy for him to do that because i have spoken to the makers of the chairs and been told that the neston recliner has never been made without casters and that it would effect the warranty but he still is saying leave it with him. Could you please tell me what my rights are, Thank You J A Hawksworth

  • MARK WIDDOWSON 10 May, 9:14 pm



  • Gregor Stewart 17 May, 12:20 pm

    Hi I have had nothing but problems with a 2 seater sofa and leather chair i purchased from DFS in January 2015. Up until present day I have had to call them out 7 times which I find unacceptable after spending £1500. I think now I would like a replacement as I think it’s going to get worse rather than better. Please can you advise me on my next move. PS I have taken photos of said problems. Kind regards Gregor Stewart.

  • heather 26 May, 3:23 pm

    Can someone tell me what is classed as a reasonable repair time for a sofa that is waiting for repair?
    we reported the first issue when it was a year old, it was inspected one month later by the repairing agent and three months on we are still waiting, every time we ring them they just say they are due soon, today I called them again and there is still no eta in the parts and it’s been three months. Since then what I suspect is the support bar has snapped.

  • Susie Booth 1 June, 8:58 pm

    Had our sofa delivered today from Dfs and it’s clicked and has a stain on it…really disappointed and in general nit happy with our purchase. Really hoping that when the store manager phones tomorrow he will allow a return for us to get a better one (this was off the shop floor not a custom order)

  • Sharon Coltman 11 June, 9:11 am

    We bought a new settee from dfs. One of the cushions the stitching came away. A upholster came from dfs stitched it and said that it would not come away again. 3 weeks later and the cushion has come away again. This is the cushion we sit on. Can i ask for a repacement? Regards sharon

  • Asoz 13 June, 4:40 pm

    I have purchesed sofas from dogtas excusive..we paid 5400£..but the sofas was big and they couldn’t to bring it in..and they don’t wanna pay bag..what shall I do in this situation ?

  • Tracy 22 February, 11:56 am

    I brought and payed cash for my sofa waited 10 weeks for it to come then it was broken they sent a man out to fix it but puting a screw in it lol so rang and said I’m not happy with this so they ordered a new one four weeks later I had a phone call saying we are sorry but we are not buying that sofa anymore so we can not replace it so can you come chose another one waited another 10 weeks for that to come and that was broken to the sip on the bottom was broken so once again they sent a man out with a piece of stuff he was just going to stick it start over the top of the other one I said wot about the sip he said that’s ok just let them no if I need any work done on it cuz they will need to bring some more stuff to put over the other stuff lol so I rang them and said no way am I happy so they orderd a bottom with a sip 10 weeks later a man turned up and put a new bottom on it I told him the chair was sagging so it put some more filling in it and it has gone again why are they’d people alias to sell stuff like this my sofa and chairs was not cheap so I have rang them and told them I want my money back now it’s a waiting game once again