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One of the aims of this site it to save you money. Here you will find our top tips for saving money from cutting your utility bills to saving money by making your own bread. We also have a section in the consumer forum dedicated to saving money. Why don’t you sign up and share your own top tips!

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As well as putting you in the mood for Christmas making your own Christmas treats will save you money. Christmas is an expensive time of year.

Find out about some great places in the web to find freebies, earn cash back and discover great offers. From free books to a free night out in a recording studio, we have it all.

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We have compiled ten top tips to help you save money on your weekly shop - some are obvious others are not. These are guaranteed to save you money!

Top tips for saving money on your utility bills from

Save yourself a fortune and eat healthy by making your own food from scratch. It's not as hard as you think!

Find out the results of the food money saving study.

Save 40% by making your own bread and 12% making your own pastry. See the results.

Shepard's pie and lasagne may give you the biggest savings when you make them yourself, but what about the other popular dishes?

These treats are where you can make some of the biggest savings by making from scratch yourself.

How much money can you save making your own sides, sauces and soups? Find out here.