Money Saving

One of the aims of this site it to save you money. Here you will find our top tips for saving money from cutting your utility bills to saving money by making your own bread. We also have a section in the consumer forum dedicated to saving money. Why don’t you sign up and share your own top tips!

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Making your own party food is great fun and can save you a fortune, just watch the nibbles!

The cold spell is causing more consumers to worry about their heating bills and some are taking unusual steps to keep warm and keep the bills down.

Perhaps it's the cold weather, but UK residents in the North East are more likely to switch utility providers. Switching is just one way to save, this short guide has five other top tips to keep your bills down.

Smart meters are a great idea as they let consumers understand how they are using power and how they can save money, but Which? is concerned that consumers will end up paying more than their fair share.

Even those who like saving money enjoy a little treat now and again. Here are some great bargains in the Champagne section.

Consumers can save a fortune with freeware and opensource software. Here are some of the best.

We all know we should do it, but by not reading the T&C's we are costing ourselves money!

How can you save money if you can't understand the bills? Which? is campaigning to make our bills easier to understand.

Martin Lewis is the Money Saving Expert and has done really well for himself. Find out more.