Consumer Credit Act

The Consumer Credit Act is a huge piece of legislation. Understanding it is not an easy task, made harder still by all the amendments and reforms which have taken place in recent years. Nevertheless, these changes have been designed to benefit consumers by providing further clarification and additional rights. In this section, we will look at the basics of the Act, types of credit agreements, consumer rights, creditors’ obligations and what to expect in situations of default or arrears.

The first step is to ask yourself a few basic questions:

  1. What type of credit agreement do you have?
  2. How was the contract made?

1. Types of credit agreements

The Consumer Credit Act will regulate the majority of credit agreements. There are exceptions, such as mortgages, loans secured on property, short term agreements and charge cards. In addition to credit and store cards, personal loans and overdrafts, a credit agreement will govern the following types of contracts:

  • Finance options for the purchase of goods and services (credit sale agreements)
  • Hire purchase agreements
  • Hire agreements
  • Conditional sale agreements

Credit sale agreements
This is the most common type of financing option when purchasing high-priced goods and services such as cars, electronic goods, or home improvements. It is basically a loan to over the purchase price of the item, with the loan paid back the loan in equal monthly instalments over several months or even years. The consumer (the ‘debtor’) may pay a large initial deposit (such as with the purchase of a car), or not pay anything at all for the first year or two. Either way, you will legally own the goods as soon as the credit sale agreement is made, even if you have paid nothing at all. Where ‘interest-free credit’ is advertised, you will have a specified time to pay back the outstanding balance, otherwise the due balance will automatically roll into a longer term credit agreement where interest will be payable.

Hire purchase (HP) agreements
Under this arrangement, you will pay monthly instalments to hire the item, but will not legally own it until the final instalment has been paid. This type of agreement may also give you the option to buy with a lump sum at the end of the period, such as with ‘balloon payments’ on car finance.

Hire agreements
This is simply the hire of goods at a (usually low) monthly fee. You will never own the item, but must keep up the payments for the term of the contract to avoid having the goods repossessed and being sued for the outstanding debt.
Conditional sale agreements
This is very similar to the HP agreement described above. Even though you will be in possession of the goods in question, you will only own them on the condition that you have paid all the instalments. However, the agreement may also specify other conditions to be met before ownership can take place.

2. Way in which the contract was made

Basically, this refers to where you signed the contract. Was it in the presence of the creditor at their place of business? Was it in the presence of the creditor but away from their place of business? Was it at home? Or were you with a broker – either in their office or at home? This will have important implications for your cooling off rights, the information which must be supplied to you and the way in which it must be presented. We will look at cooling off and required information in the following two sections.

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  • Alan Parkin 23 January, 7:16 pm

    I purchased a Toshiba Computer from Currys on 3rd April 2008. The computer has developed a problem of indiscriminate crashing and unless the work is backed up after each word is typed, it is lost.
    I have been back to Currys who say that I am forced to accept a repair, however as the fault is inherent from the beginning I believe that they should either replace or refund the value of the computer £399.
    As the guarantee period is coming to an end and I have lost faith in the Techguys I asked for a replacement or a refund this was refused. Could you confirm my position. I also understand that the credit card company could also be involved under the Consumer Credit Act 1974 section 75 is this correct?

  • Catriona 28 January, 12:08 am

    Alan, Currys are within their rights to insist on a repair and are not obliged in the first instance to offer you a replacement or a refund. See our section on Consumer Remedies, Sale of Goods:
    The guarantee period is irrelevant. You cannot invoke S.75 if Currys fulfil their obligations under the law in this way.

  • James 6 February, 11:36 pm

    Dear Sirs,

    I took out a hire purchase agreement for a car. The salesman came to my house and signed the HP agreement. He also took away other details like insurance etc. and a few hours later I collected the car from the dealer. I thought I had to sign the agreement on their premises or if away from their premises and use a different document giving a 5 day cooling off period. If that is so is the agreement unenforcebale?

    Yours sincerely,


  • Catriona 18 February, 9:53 pm

    James, You have a cooling off period only for agreements which were discussed face to face, and then signed away from the lender’s normal business premises. In practice very few agreements are concluded in this way, so you must be sure. If no informaiton regarding your cooling off period was presented to you at any time, the agreement may be legally unenforceable.

  • Ian T 23 February, 9:19 am


    If I use my credit card to pay for an airline ticket with say, Lufthansa, but I book through a website other than Lufthansa, say Opodo, am I covered by s.75 CCA 1974 (as amended in 2006) i.e. if the flight is cancelled or the airline goes bust can i claim my money back from the credit card provider?

  • Catriona 23 February, 3:45 pm

    Ian, you will not be protected by ATOL, but you will still have the protection offered by S.75 – as long as the total transaction comes to over £100. If the flight is cancelled, you also have other statutory remedies, see:
    (bottom section)

  • chann1e 24 February, 11:52 pm


    I note the comments above in response to Ian’s query.

    What about if I booked a package holiday with a travel agent, amounting to £4,000+ of which the intial deposit of £400 was paid by credit card but the remaining balance paid by debit card?

    Would the full £4,000+ be protected by S75 of the CCA 1974 if the travel agent ceased to trade?

  • Catriona 27 February, 12:53 am

    Chann1e, yes, you are covered for the value of the goods you have bought, provided that value is more than £100, even if you haven’t paid for the whole lot on credit card.

  • Chris 3 March, 10:49 am

    Please can you advise me. My partner Nicki is an agent of Littlewoods catalogue agent of many years, A customer placed an order for goods to the value of £1800 almost a year ago of which they have failed to pay for . The customer signed a credit agreement but Littlewoods tell me that this is ineffective as Littlewoods received the agreement after the goods were sent – the same agreement that they sent out after the goods. The customer no longer lives at the address given and according to Littlewoods can not be traced at that address or any other there after. Littlewoods have spoken to the customer and have been told that the customer is presently living in a camper van.Littlewoods tell Nicki that the onus is on the agent to pay the monies and have taken the matter to a collection agency who is threatening court action. Littlewoods refuse to give any help with this matter and totally ruined her good standing with the credit industry.

  • Catriona 3 March, 3:21 pm

    Chris, I can’t see how Nicki would be liable for this as she is not party to the credit agreement is she? Clearly Littlewoods have tried to recover the money themselves and failed, but I’m not sure they have a legal debt against Nicki. Ask Littlewoods for proof of this and put the matter in legal dispute – debt collection agencies cannot pursue you if this is the case. Regarding the credit agreement, it does not have to be sent out before despatch of the goods, as long as it is received by the consumer within 7 days after the contract was completed, this is fine. To find out when the 7 days runs from, you need to check the point at which contract was made – was it when the order was submitted online? Or when the goods were despatched? With mail order it is usually the latter. Also, I’m not sure her credit rating would have been affected. You are within your rights to see this at any time for the payment of a small fee.

  • Chris 3 March, 3:46 pm

    Hi Catriona

    The timeline as follows.

    The item was ordered on line from Littlewoods last april raising no question of whether this was for a customer or not. When the customer failed to pay the second payment due to lack of work it was brought to attention of littlewoods who then sent the customer a credit agreement to sign, they did this and it was returned. Littlewoods are now saying that the agreement is invalid as it was signed to late and have now placed the onus of the debt on Nicki as she should had issued a credit agreement and also done a credit check. Personally i have never known any catologue agent to have to do this.



  • Catriona 5 March, 4:10 pm

    Chris, no me neither. I’m not sure of the relationship and contractual status between the agent and the retailer. If it makes no mention of this liability in the contract of service between them I don’t know how they can enforce the debt. Request that Littlewoods provide evidence of this liability – a debt cannot be legally enforceable unless there is proof of this either in the form of a signed credit agreement or a contract clause.

  • Lee Smith 7 March, 9:29 am

    I entered into a Hire-Purchase agreement 5 weeks ago for a new TV. The TV still hasn’t been delivered and I’m still making payments. I want to cancel, I think I’ve made a mistake using this company.

    As I have not received the TV yet can I cancel without having to pay them anything?

    If not, is there anything in the Consumer Credit act that says they give me the TV I’m paying for and give it me quickly?


  • Catriona 10 March, 12:31 am

    Lee, the CCA deals more with contracts for finance and rather than the actual goods themselves. If you made the contract at a distance, then the TV should be delivered within 30 days. If you did not, then you should look at what the contract states for delivery. If nothing is stated, you can rely on the assumption that the item should be delivered within reasonable time. You could very well argue that 5 weeks is not reasonable time and seek to rescind the contract on this basis. In any case, you should not be paying for a TV which you are not yet in possession of, perhaps some mistake has been made?

  • Bob 10 March, 1:28 am

    i was going to take a flight to atlanta usa last year from london, i bought a ticket through an agent and the flight was booked via toronto canada and i wasnt advised i needed a transit to go through canada,luckily i found out about 2 days before travel, i rushed down to canadian embassy but unfortunately i was refused a transit to canada despite the fact that i had my american visa valid for that period,i qiuckly rang the travel agency but till now they have refused to give me a refund, please is it possible to get my money back almost 600pounds? please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Catriona 11 March, 8:36 pm

    Bob, Most airlines and travel companies state in their Terms that they will not be responsible for any cancellations due to refused Visas. However there is an obligation for tour operators to provide explicit information to you about Visa requirements prior to booking. See: http://WHATCONSUMER.CO.UK/the-package-holiday-regulations/
    If you do not fly and you cannot get back the cost of the ticket, you should at least be able to recoup taxes and fees.

  • Claire 16 February, 12:19 am

    Hello,I was wondering if I can get advice. My husband has taken a distance learning course with Advent IT Training in June 2009. Because he’s self-employed, Advent told him that he can’t get a loan and therefore,I took the loan for him with Barclays finance that Advent has been in partnership.The loan is for 5 years nearly 5000£ but interest free.The training course was meant to last for 2-2,5 years.We have been paying for 8 months now,but then suddenly,we got an email from Advent saying they’ve ceased trading.I contacted Barclays and was told that they are trying to find another supplier and that they’d notify 1 week later.Not heard from them,I contacted them again on friday and was told that previous advice was incorrect and although they are looking for another supplier,they simply don’t know how long will it take,but they refused to cancel the agreement between us on the basis that contract I signed with Advent was breached.

    • Tony 18 February, 11:51 pm

      Hi Claire,

      Barclays are equally liable under Section 75 and if they cannot find an alternative supplier they will need to give you a refund.


      • Claire 18 February, 11:55 pm

        thanx for reply
        so I can’t really do anything to cancel the loan and agreement we had now?I just need to wait for them?They told me they don’t know how much time it will take them to find alternative provider though.Surely,they can’t be doing it for too long still not letting me get away?

      • Tony 19 February, 12:50 am

        I would send them a letter stating that time is of the essence and if they are unable to find a similar course within two weeks you will be demanding a refund and will start a small claim if necessary.

  • sharon 3 March, 12:42 am


    We are in the same position as claire above.
    my husband was studying with advent for an i.t course and then out of the blue they emailed to say that they were no longer going to be able to continue with the training.
    what id like to know is
    1.why was claire in breach of the contract with advent???? does not state anywhere in the small print that if advent ceased to trade that the alternative was to transfer them onto another training course.
    3.we have paid the sum of £6000.on our credit agreement although it is our contract with barclays it also states on the credit agreement that advent consluting ltd are the named retailer name.
    4.also finally why would anyone choose this option as this same situation could well happen again as alot of companys are going into adminastration.then we would be back to square one if this happened again???????????
    i read the answer that tony wrote in relation to the time they are taking to find an alternative arrangment for training……..we recieved the email from advent on the 27th jan we have heard nothing since,although i have called them.
    how long should we give them until we start with a small claim???
    i am not encouraged by there lack of contact to say the least!!!!
    sorry for the rambling but paying £6000 for a folder and 2 books and 1 workshop is not finacially viable for us or anyone i would think.
    is there any other things we might be able to consider to resolve this
    thanks 😉

  • Val 23 March, 9:55 pm

    We payed 3000 euros reservation fee for an off plan property in Spain in April 2006 on our credit card. The property should have been built in September 2007, but was delayed with a new completion date of September 2008. The developer started the build on site in the summer of 2008, but stopped the build in October 2008. Since then we have been trying to recover our reservation fee, deposit and interest on the money we have paid. In June 2009 we recovered via the bank (due to having a bank guarantee) our deposit. Our solicitor in Spain has been trying since to recover our reservation fee plus the interest on our payments via the court without any success. We have been informed last week by our solicitor that even though the law says we are entitled to the reservation fee and interest we won’t receive it because the company has no money and they are now very likely to go into liquidation.

    Can we claim back the 3000 euros reservation fee through our credit card company.

  • simon hields 9 April, 1:19 pm

    i purchased a vehicle through polar ford 2.500 cash the rest on a credit agreement with ford credit within two weeks the vehicle was taken back to polar ford for repair they sent it to a back street garage for repair where it was badly damaged can i claim against the finance company under section 75 as i have wrote to them and they say they are not equally liable

  • RAchel 6 May, 6:11 pm

    I bought a car four days ago. I part exchanged my car and placed a deposit of 3700 for the newer car. I then paid a further £6000 for the balance. Two days after driving the car away from the garage the car began to lose power, headlights turning off when i needed them on, system failure warning sign on the computer, loss of power to the steering when driving. The car is second hand though relatively new. I researched the problem and found a website with many people complaining of the same problems. They indicated that their vehicles of the same model and year were in and out of the garage nearly every week for repairs which were never rectified. Due to this i did not want to keep the car anymore. I notified the dealership of the problem and havent driven the car since then. I was advised that i could claim a full refund, and that i do not have to give the dealership a chance to rectify the problem as i would therefore be ‘accepting’ the car. I have tried to ‘reject’ the car as advised but the General Manager of the dealership will not accept my rejection and refuses a full refund, telling me he will fix the car. I do not want to keep the car any more as i believe it will be unreliable in the future. Am i covered, and am i right in believing that i can claim a full refund?

    • viv Wilkinson 17 November, 5:27 pm

      Hi iv just been reading what you went through with the garage or company were you bought your car. I hope you dont mind mecadking but what was the final outcome were you in the right rejecting the car and didvthey accept eventually or not?? Its just tht im in a situation were a garage is refuding myself they say I cannot reject it they have fixed it and I need to go pick the car up?? Yours sincerely viv

  • Adam 7 June, 3:03 pm

    IT Training. My partner – who is out of work – got an unsolicited call from a consultancy in the city TECHWORKS RECRUITMENT, offering her the opportunity to meet a RECRUITMENT consultant. Two and a half hours later (of hard sell by two ‘recruitment consultants’) – she was told she needed to better her chances in the field by taking some IT training. As instructed, she reluctantly enrol in an IT Course… with same company TECHWORKS E-LEARNING.

    She was made to sign a Credit agreement, regulated by the CCA 1974, on the premises and pay a deposit for her training course of £500 cash (by debit card). The amount outstanding £546 over 12 months at £45.50 0% APR.

    WHAT is the cooling off? we immediately cancelled the agreement, in writing, when she realised that what she had done!, and called the bank to cancel the Direct Debit set-up. She has been left feeling despondent and conned. She has a MA but was convinced that she needed IT skills to find a decent job – which is rubbish in her field. She should have never have been invited to there office and feels conned – she thought she was going to an interview.

    Please help – they are saying that ‘She has no right to cancel under the Consumer Credit Act, the Time Share act of the Financial Services (distance marketing) regulations.’

    Please help!! – need our £500 back.

    • efo 28 August, 6:33 pm

      i also am in d same situation with techworks and recently cancelled my direct debit with them, but i’m scared of being chased my a debt recovery agency.they promised if i took the course they would help me get into work but its been a yr and still no job. i dont know what to do regarding the remaining i leave the direct debit cancelled?

  • joan south 15 June, 5:07 pm

    i bought two lots of ebooks online. to cut a long story short BOTH CAME WITH a 60 day money back NO QUESTIONS ASKED, FOR ANY REASON full refund money back guarantee. i have all 50 mails i have sent asking for my refund in the past two company is from hong kong, with address, and one is in the USA. and quite respected a company. i have tried the bank, visa (on which i paid),the trading standards, the fraud squad, the police…NOBODY WILL HELP ME. it adds to 200 pounds and i am really very angry. please please please help 🙁

  • Rob 8 July, 8:51 pm

    I am a customer of virgin media.
    I have never signed a credit agreement with them. I asked them to send me a signed original copy of the contract im alleged to be bound to.
    They sent me a blank credit agreement asking for me to sign and return it to them.

    The thing is….i have paid late payment fees and DD charged to virgin media for over a year, as well as the service price…i have no contract therefore should not be bound by the T&Cs that they have just sent me?

    Virgin media claim by using the service i have agreed to the T&Cs and am in contract with them.

    I cannot see this can be true as the T&Cs could say anything… £20k late payment fee for example, and if ive not had the chance to read them and agree to them how can that be classed as agreement?

    I cannot see how using a service automatically binds you into a legal agreement…? if this were or is the case then i will quite hapily provide services to people and then charge them whatever i want as they are now contracted to me?

    I want to claim back all charges on my account…not the service charges…this is because i have not agreed to them…i have not signed anything stating that i agree to be bound by the T&C’s.

    Any help would be much appreciated 🙂

    • josh 15 July, 1:45 am

      Challenge the direct debit with your bank, or a section 75. I am currently going through hell dealing with these cunts. They owe me £45.50. I paid my bill by card 8 months in advance. Calculating the last penny. This is noted on the account. Now some advisor who verbally told me late charges had been removed never removed them. They are It’s only £28 but ill glady let them take me to court over it. I pay my bill in full to avoid this crap.

      NO WHERE does it state that the £5 card fees or £10 late fees are in the contract. Only that there are late fees. They DO NOT itemize these fees in the bills, only owed amount. So you can not view the fees, nor the amounts of the fees in the contract. As a result they can not be enforced if you do not pay.

      Charge it back, section 75 it, challenge the direct debit, ensure virgin provides there fees in their defense. They can not provide them.

  • Jackie 6 August, 7:33 pm

    Hi,I had my car serviced and MOT at the Ford garage, Friday 23rd July 10, i got a call around 4pm to say my car had failed its MOT and needed new wipers, boots for the steering and brakes needed attention to pass, they also advised me that the steering rack needed replacing that there was an oil leak the total cost for all the jobs would be £1715, I questioned this as i had a visual health check at the from there garage only 2 months earlier and only the brakes a new tyre and 2 bulbs were needed, i had the health check to decide whether to keep the car or trade it in but because only a few jobs needed doing i thought i would keep it and bought there service and MOT which you pay on a monthly basis.
    I questioned all the repairs that needed doing and they said things like the boots could happen any time, i went home decided to leave the car there i wanted to have a think about it.
    The next day i went back and said i wanted to make a complaint, they took me to an office with a man called James i told him there were lots of discrepancy’s on there form which was used for the MOT and they used the same type of form for the health check, he had a look and said the boots should have shown signs of wear he also said if i had the boots done i wouldn’t need the steering rack replacing which was the biggest cost at £1129 and he crossed that of the form. He said the Manager Andrew Cross wasn’t in but he would show him the forms which he photocopied and they would get in touch.
    On the 26th July 10 i got a call from Andrew Cross and he said he would get my car fixed and MOT and back on the road with no cost to me, i got it back on the weds 28th July 10.
    The car seemed fine so last night the 5th Aug 10 i decided to get my service book stamped and i also wanted a list of jobs that they had done for my records, i got these and went home and shown my husband the list, he asked if they had done my wipers which were a fail i looked at the list but they weren’t listed so i checked them today 6th Aug 10 and noticed they hadn’t been changed , i thought this very srange considering they had been a fail on the MOT, So i rung the garage and spoke to Andrew Cross and he said he would check with the mechanic, which the mechanic said they could have just been cleaned to pass even though they wanted to charge me £40 for the pair Andrew said it was not an acceptable answer, i agreed and told him if i had been a gullible person i would have been out of pocket to the tune of £1715 and i have told him i want compensation for there unacceptable behaviour, so i have a meeting with them on thurs 12th Aug 10 and i was wondering if you could give me some advice.

  • william donkin 9 August, 8:56 am

    i have a car on hire purchase and have fallen behind with the payments because i have terminal cancer and simply cannot afford them, my only income is E.S.A and D.L.A. am i correct in thinking it is illegal to harrass somebody with a terminal illness as i am getting countless phone calls a day despite the fact i have written to them explaining the situation and have included letters from my G.P. and consultant confirming my dianosis?

  • debbie watts 19 August, 11:15 am


    I have bought some items on Buy now pay later from a catalogue, the only information on “my account” page is the amounts I would owe if I was paying the interest, shouldn’t they have sent me a credit agreement with details of how much I would pay before the interest payments kicked in? I wrote to them & asked for this & they have told me I need to send £1 per credit agreement this doesn’t seem right to me can you advise please! thanks

  • efo 28 August, 6:35 pm

    i also am in d same situation with techworks and recently cancelled my direct debit with them, but i’m scared of being chased my a debt recovery agency.they promised if i took the course they would help me get into work but its been a yr and still no job. i dont know what to do regarding the remaining i leave the direct debit cancelled?

    what do i do?

  • Kuldeep 19 September, 8:50 pm

    Hi, I have a question rgarding Hire purchase agreements. If a creditor and debtor entre into an agreement for 25.500.00 for a hire purchase of a car, and the debtor fails to meet installments but have paid more than half, do they fall within the remit of the CCA if the debtor then reveals to the lawyer at court that the car was actually for their business and thus the busniess relies on it? so would they be able to ask for a ‘time order’ if not then where do they go from here? does the creditor attain possession? or does the court decide that?

  • stephen 28 September, 10:58 pm

    Bought car on hire purchase ,have paid more than two thirds of hire purchase agrements but have missed last to payments have informed car finance company to terminate aggreement ,can they ask for any money owed before they take car back after they inspect it ,but may be liable for any differnce of condition from time of sale they said,i live in scotland

  • denis 16 November, 8:25 pm

    hi my took her son for an interview with a driving school they asked for afee of £3700 which he did,nt have.they said he could takeout a barclays loan his credit was,nt very good so my freind offered to set the loan up in her name but were told there would be a cbr check they explained that he my not pass has he had a criminal record the sales person said if it was negitive they could have the loan returned the pass was negitive and the company as gone bust they have spoken to barclays and they have refused any refund.

  • denis 16 November, 8:29 pm

    they have done this but barclays say he purchased the loan not her son and they can not refund

  • DeanBaxter 20 November, 6:31 pm

    Hi, i have a credit card that has been nothing but hastle.
    I just wondered if, because i have never signed a credit agreement (ever). i only opened a normal bank account to get payed into. i was under age for a credit card at the time and they just sent me a credit card when i reached the legal age.

    where do i stand with paying off the out standing balance that is JUST accumulated payment protection?

  • Mick Robertson 23 November, 9:01 pm

    I purchased a car under a Conditional Sale Agreement in January this year. Due to subsequent problems with an incomplete service history I contacted the suppliers in September to chase up the service history as a problem with the fuel injection system.With no warranty in force I was forced to pay £700 for this to be fixed.At this point I became aware for the first time that the car was in fact an ex- Hertz hire car, and not a fleet car as I had been advised at the point of sale. As a private hire taxi driver I would never have agreed to the sale had I been made aware of the full provenance of the vehicle. I believe I was misled. On September 14th The clutch failed and I had to pay £1,100 for it to be replaced as the clutch is not covered by warranty anyway.I approached AFS to request that I return the car and be supplied with another one as the Mondeo was not fit for purpose. A month later the Power steering failed. The power steering has since been replaced by the ford dealership under warranty after the records had been updated.My problem is that the faults and delays have led to considerable loss of earnings as the car is my livelihood.I now cannot afford the payments under the sale agreement.Santander are saying that I did not identify “inherent” faults in time and I have no case against them. As I was not aware that this was an ex hire car until September do I still have a claim under section 75?

  • Tracy Adams 30 November, 12:00 pm

    Hi, I booked two flights this year through A1 Travel (trading as Chadwell Travel Ltd) to go to Turkey in July. The week before the flight we were advised that the travel provider, Goldtrail, had gone into liquidation. At this point we had no knowledge that our flights had been booked through another provider – the booking was done by ‘phone and we were not advised.

    I immediately completed a CAA claim form for the cost of the flights because A1/Chadwell are ATOL protected, but after 6 months of being messed around, we have been advised that it will take up to another 12 months before our claim is checked.

    I bought the flights on my credit card and so I contacted the card provider, who advise that we cannot claim under S75 of the CCA 1975 because we didn’t book directly with the failed company, and that ATOL have not refused our claim. Is this correct?

    We have been bounced from the CAA to ATOL to A1 to Chadwell, and after six months nothing has happened, and we face potentially a further 12 months delay. We booked an alternative holiday (we have two young children and wanted to take them away as they’d been promised a holiday) and of course we are now having to pay for that too together with the interest.

    Any advice would be welcomed.


    • john fosbery 6 April, 1:03 pm

      Hi Tracy

      Read about your problem. Do you still need advice/help.

      The answer to your problem depends very much on what you bought from AI ie flights only/holiday and ideally I would need to see a copy of the booking form to check your booking receipt.

      This by the way is a link to A1/Childwell sales information on CAA website.

      I have many years experience in the travel industry and have formed a new consumers group– a web site is coming soon.The travel industry is a jungle and there are many confused consumers like you who get fobbed off and need help.

      If you don’t get my email address-post another note and I will send it to you.

      Hope I’m doing this right within the websites protocol.

      I am happy to advise you but I can’t do that with what you have said so far.


      John Fosbery

  • john 5 December, 10:21 pm

    got a car on finance in 2007 have been paying 361 a month up until this month have been told by finance company that i have paid 14000, and still owe 9000 have explained i cannot afford to pay anymore money i have had to join an iva as i am just struggling how do i stand as there is 18 months left what, where do i stand

  • Paul 15 January, 7:43 pm

    I bought a computer on a hire agreement and it is now faulty. The retailer is telling me that it has to be sent off for repair and quoting 4-6 weeks for the repair.

    In the mean time I’m left paying for a computer that we can not use and no replacement. I’ve read that goods must be repaired and returned in a reasonable time. Is 4-6 weeks a reasonable time?

  • Sarah 22 January, 4:26 pm

    Hi I was a retailer and owed money on stock which I had through a credit agreement. As the bill was late the company issued a CCJ after a week the applied for a high court judgement and broke in and took all stock. I understand I was protected by the consumer credit act that the debt couldn’t be transfered to high court. Is this right? were they in the wrong getting the high court judgement?

  • Simon 23 January, 11:50 am

    Hey I took out a car Loan Agreement with GE Money now santader and wa told if you pay half the sum owed you can end the agreement and hand the car back .. but all my agreement says is i have no right to cancel under the consumer credit act 1974 is this correct???

  • stacey 8 February, 11:54 pm

    Am i covered by the consumer act if i am in Southern Ireland? I am asking this in relation to making a purchase on my credit card,the product didnt arrive.I understand that people in the UK are covered.

  • Swathi 15 February, 12:42 pm

    Does Section 75 only come into play for products that i purchase for my use? I bought 2 airline tickets- one for myself and one for my partner. However, the bank is only willing to refund to me my ticket value, and not my partner’s as they claim that he is not the debtor in the debtor-creditor-supplier equation. I disagree, because i purchased both the tickets. So i am the customer, irrespective of who uses the product after i purchase it. Can you please comment?

  • michael 3 March, 2:31 pm

    I would like some advice please i took out HP on a car that i got through approved car finance which my lender was the funding corporation back in july 2009 now i wish to terminate the agreement but there is no voluntary termination rights on my copy of the agreement and the funding corporation have said that i am not entitled to this right they said i must complete the full agreement of 61 months.
    can they do this to me ?

  • kevin short 29 March, 10:20 pm

    Paid a deosit on a 5 year home security system. Our main concern was wether the company was insolvency proof. Was assured it was:
    a national company,
    had an experienced board of directors,
    a good track record,
    20 years experience in the industry.
    On investigation all these assurances proved untrue. Have demanded deposit back on basis of misselling.

  • WA 8 April, 10:45 pm


    I purchased a car on finance 6 months ago and also an extended warranty however the company with whom the warranty is arranged has gone into administration.

    Can I claim the cost of this through the finance company?

    Upon emailing them I received a response stating the warranty was not under any insurance so they are not liable and the credit was for the car only. This, Im sure is wrong because the invoice/receipt states the initial cost of the car minus the deposit plus the cost of warranty with the final figure submitted for finance.
    I can also recall being given two quotes when purchasing the car, one with the warranty and one without therefore am paying an additional premium for something ill never receive.

  • Phil Torpey 16 June, 1:03 pm


    I paid a deposit on a car advertised with 12 months MOT prior to it having been put through the test. The dealer put the vehicle through its first MOT and it subsequently failed on something major. Despite the fact that the vehicle has now subsequently passed, I am reluctant to take the vehicle as I now fear it is a ‘Friday Afternoon’ car and will cause problems. Am I within my right to walk away from the car and expect my deposit back as in my opinion circumstances have changed and the car I have put a deposit on is now not in the mechanical order it was purchased in.


  • becky 16 August, 7:44 pm


    I need some help, I am emigrating to austrila in a months time and i have an accont with Littlewoods which i took out over 5 years ago, my mum deals with all the payments on the account and has never missed a payment but I am wondering if I can transfer my mums name onto the account.

    thanks in advance

  • Paul 8 September, 3:31 pm


    I need some help, I ordered a pair of louboutin shoes from this website, for £160.00. They took £7.92 and £268.49 out of my account. I have contacted them via email with no reply. I paid on my credit card so can i get my money back using the provisions of Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974?

    thanks in advance

  • Stuart 10 September, 3:13 am

    Yes, just contact your credit card provider.

  • Jennifer 28 September, 9:12 pm

    I went to American Mattress to get a new bed on Sun 9/25/11. The total was $1,400. I was approved for financing through GE Money for $1,000 and was told I could pay for the rest ($400) when the bed is delivered on Fri 9/30/11. Today is 9/28/11 and I realized this is not something that I can afford and I will not have the $400 to pay on Fri. What can I do? Is there any way for me to get out of this whole sale/agreement? If I don’t have the $400 on Fri and don’t receive the bed, do I still have to pay GE Money $1,000? I’m freaking out.

  • colin thompson 19 October, 5:01 pm

    we have paid £1495 to holiday uk consultants on the mother in laws credit card only to now find they have stopped trading.this was to claim back £7300 for our time share. Ware do we stand in trying to get our money back? thanks colin

  • Sakina 20 October, 10:21 pm

    I subscribed for an online training course (MCDBA) with “Mind Vision Ltd”. After a month, I found they are not professional and not helpful I told them to cancel my subscription ut they refused saying I’m bound for a year. I had long chat with the guy. At the begining I was offered the course assuring me I can finish the course in 4/5 months as I’m in professional job for 3/4 yrs. They told me to check T&C where it is clearly mentioned about my contract. After checking it carefully top to bottom I did not find anything specifically saying the 12-month bound term or any minimum term. In the T&C the closest topics are:
    3.1 Training will last 12 months for all courses.
    3.6 Trainees must complete a training programme within 12 months. If a training programme has not been Undertaken at the end of this 12 month period then any monies paid will be non-refundable.

  • Claudia 22 October, 4:29 pm

    I offer my clients the oppportunity to pay in advance in monthly installments to allow them to budget more effectively. This means that they have paid their bill by the time they receive the service. Am i exempt from this Act?

  • Paul Goodey 7 November, 12:11 pm

    I signed a contract for double glazing with a deposit of £500 payment terms Buy Now Pay later 12 months deferred together with a finance application to Barclays Partner finance to fund the purchase . My finance application was declined of which the company failed to advise me, and they now expect me to honour the contract settling in cash and refuse to refund my deposit

  • chandra 24 November, 5:11 pm

    Hi I have a similar problem as Mr Paul Goodey. The item for which I entered in a contract is a Designer Kitchen. I told the sales person on the day one that I want the product on finance that too on my wife’s name. The sales person agreed to do it for finance on my wife name. He said that as he didn’t have the finance papers at that moment with him, he suggested that I sign the contract and when the surveyor gets to mesure up the kitchen, he will bring the finance papers and my wife can sign it. He also said that, as I am doing this with in the 7 days (their cancelation term), If the fianace doesn’t get approved, the contract gets terminated automatically. If the fianace do get approved, I have 14 days to cancell the contract. This all happend at my home. The surveyor came to my home on the 5th day and then we confirmed the same cancellation terms with him for which he agreed to what the sales person has told us. Only then my wife signed the financial agreement papers. Unfortunately the finance got rejected. When the Kitchen company consumer executive called to let us know the decline of the finance, we straight away asked him to cancel the contract. But he insists us that we need to pay cash and take the kitchen. He says that the kitchen is already manufactured and he will charge me for the storage until I make the payment take the possesion. Also when the sales person initially came to our home, he said that they will take about 6 weeks to manufacture the kitchen and said that its the right time to order as we wanted the kitchen only in end of December. My question is don’t i have the right to cancel the contract under Consumer Creadit act 1974, Section 57? Can the kitchen company manufacture the kitchen before the finance is approved and enforce me to be in contract even the finance has been declined?

  • holly 14 December, 7:30 pm

    i was wondering if a car had been taken out on finace and two months later the owner of the car has passed away, can they take money from their partner, even thought they hanvet signed a contract, or even witnessed the signing of contracts. As she would just like them to take the car back, but they want her to pay 10,000, and keep it insured though insurence is in the deseased persons name? any advice or insight would be much helpful

  • amy 22 December, 12:06 pm

    I had an egg card that was still listed in my old address. I have just been passed some old post saying that barclaycard now own my credit card as they bought Egg. They havent transferred the payment details over when they bought them so havent been able to get a payment off me but as I dont pass security as the address is wrong I am not sure what to do.
    Where do I stand on any charges that they are applying to my account?

  • david 25 January, 9:01 pm

    i brought a tv with 6 month interest free credit from tesco in august i have my credit agreement with barclays payment was due phoned barclays to pay but they advised me that there was no credit agreement with them as they never paid tesco also tesco cancelled my agreement in december do i owe money

  • Marius 31 January, 10:32 am

    Bought a PC on credit card over a year ago. PC became faulty just before warranty run out. Retailer failed to fix the problem 5 times already, wouldn’t want to replace or refund money either. Can I escalate dispute with credit card company as I got fed up with their incompetence. Thank you!

  • Sarah 3 February, 5:22 pm

    Hi, hope you can help….. I booked a holiday with first choice over the telephone back in October for may this year. I called the virtual call centre number but as their lines were busy got put through to a first choice shop in Scotland and bboked it with them. Basically the reason we booked was because it was pay low deposit £250 which I paid over the telephone to the lady. A confirmation/ contract was then sent to me ms I signed it and sent it back on the understanding that the next payment of £450 was due 1st january with the remanding balance due 6 weeks prior to holiday departure which was fine by me. Anyway… My hubby is self employed and after Christmas lost lots of work so were struggling, we made the decision to cancel the holiday. I called the shop on 1st jan the date the next installment was due but they were closed so called them back on the 2nd jan. Spoke to a lady and advised our problem and that we had to cancel. She offered us an extra 2 weeks to pay the next installment but would have to check with her manager who was not on that day. She advised she would get him to call us back the next day. We sent hear anything forth next couple of weeks so just assumed the holiday had Been cancelled an that was that. Anyway…. We got some emails after about 3 weeks from the shop asking is to contact them which I did and spoke to assistant manager as still no manager in. She said that the £450 was not a second installment but part of the deposit and even if we cancelled we had to pay this. I advised her that I didn’t realise that was the case and didn’t have the money… The lady from the shop on booking did not make this clear to me otherwise I wouldn’t have booked it. Anyway I’ve signed the contract that does infact state that on cancellation it is to be paid, I’m afraid I did misread it. Now the shop have passed to debt collection agency. I’m so worried, we don’t have the money. Am I bent over a barrel? Thanks

  • Michaela Prout 4 February, 8:54 pm

    Hello, I purchased a double memory foam mattress with Maxicool cover, on 24th January 2011 online from TJHughes,it arrived 28th January, we unwrapped it 29th,& discovered a hole in the cover.It was a snag that had been pulled & was incorporated in the zip.I immediately photographed the hole & telephoned & e-mailed the manufacturer(Sleepdesign who give a guarantee, what a joke) & supplier (TJHughes), was told to continue to use & return faulty cover,which we did & TJHughes reimbursed the postage.The manufacturers sent a kingsize replacement (for a laugh presumably) back, which we returned, then TGHughes went into administation. Sleepdesign & TJHughes refused to speak or communicate with us any further.Consquently we still have no cover for the mattress & are still trying to get a partial refund from the credit card company.The credit card company refused to pay the partial refund we requested as it is under £100.Without the cover we are unable to use the mattress ( it has been moved to the spare room now) , as it is constructed entirely of foam, and even in cold weather you sweat, like it is the height of summer during the day.Where do we go now , we feel completely ripped off with a mattress we are unable to use???

  • Isla 5 February, 7:16 pm

    I bought a sony laptop for £529 in june last year on interest free finance. I tried to turn it on this morning and it wont power up. What rights do I have? What should I do? Many thanks in advance.

  • Stuart 19 February, 11:45 am

    Only just looked on this discussion. I am too in the same situation with my paperwork also with Santander. It is currently Sunday so I cannot ring anyone to discuss! Could you please tell me how you got on as I see it was a year ago? I am worried that with Santander printing “you have no right to cancel under the CCA 1974” that this will be some silly loophole!
    Thank you

  • Bec 7 March, 12:03 pm

    I purchased a car last year and paid for an extended warranty, the car has now developed a fault (engine coolant light keeps coming on and needs filling about every 6 weeks ish) so I took it back to the dealer, which has ceased trading, I phoned the number on the warranty to be told that as the dealer has ceased trading the warranty is now void. What are my legal right, please help I cant find the answer anywhere and cannot go to the CAB as I am working!

  • james b 15 March, 11:25 pm


    I am in the middle of terminating my HP agreement with car company.

    They have sent me a form to fill in to return it and when they recieve this form they will send me an Entry Form for where to return the car.

    They are also asking for my registration documents first, but the V5C form says that I have to complete and return the form on transfer to car company. How can I do this if they have the documents.

    Also on them recieving the notice form of termination, is that not my obligation finished with the company and it is up to them now to deal with the car.

    My isurance runs out just after they will recive the forms back, and I am not prepared to extend the policy at a huge cost for them.

    Any ideas what and where my obligations end, I am confused

  • Jodie 2 April, 8:27 pm


    We bought a used Mini Cooper from Pentagon Toyota on the provision that it came with a 12 month COMPREHENSIVE warranty. Only 7 months later we noticed a coolant leak and took it straight into Pentagon where a leak on the radiator and head gasket was diagnosed and we were told that the warranty did not cover these aspects. Our warranty clearly states cooling system and head gaskets are covered. We have had to pay for the radiator (£310) and they have quoted £1750 to replace the head gasket – they have stated consequential damage renders it unwarranted despite our warranty clearly stating the opposite. They want us to pay for the engine taking apart so a warranty specialist can view the car and make a final decision if the work can be done. If the answer is no, we have to pay for the engine rebuilding as well as the £1750 for the repair. What are our legal rights regarding this? Can we insist on the repair?


  • baiba 7 April, 1:33 pm

    7 months ago I bought laptop in Tesco under their payment plan buy now pay 6 months later. week before end of 6 months period I called Barclays partner finance to settle full amount but they didn’t know anything, they said that will sort out it with Tesco and will send a welcome pack and I will get other 6 months to pay it off. didn’t hear anything for a while but today received letter from Tesco that I need to come to their shop because they don’t have some important info they need. First of all letter they send to me was unpaid, I paid for it 1.22 to receive then I need to spend time and money to go 30 miles to their shop. what to do. have I rights to ignore them.

  • Jermaine Cloete 13 April, 8:11 am

    Hi, I Bought a Babyliss Flatiron from Clicks more than a month ago. I used it once, and it lead 2 hair breakage. I Lost my Slip. Am I entitled on my money back or what?

  • Emma 24 April, 7:52 pm

    I am trying to find out the same thing, did you managed to find out anything. Did you loose that car?

  • kemi 21 November, 11:06 am

    I hold a phone from vodafone and its a2nd phone so my son usually takes it to school, during the half-term he went to the neighbourhood shop and must have dropped his phone on the way but was unaware so thought the phone was in the house but battery dead as it went into voice mail everytime he called me. He did not tell until i called him and it did the same but he thought the phone was in the house as he had it during the holiday and he was in most of the time. well it was lost and the finder made international calls on it of over £700 over a period of 1week and I heard no alerts neither was it stopped at all even when it was outb of character as the phone has never gone above its limits before. And they put no limits at all . They claim since I did not report it missing i was liable. I was credit checked for £15 not £750 but my phone was allowed to be used up to that not considering if I was able to pay. Is ther any law that limits the amounts of credits available to a consumer based on their income or history or the lender is allowed to make available any amounts even if the borrower cannot pay as I know 3 and Tmobile would have stopped it even if its you using after a limit over your agreed limit.

    • Lee_Vodafone 30 November, 3:10 pm

      Hi kemi,

      Thanks for making me aware of your concerns here.

      f you’d like me to take a closer look at things could you email me with the relevant details the Contact us form on our website? Unfortunately my post count is insufficient to provide a link to it but you’ll be able to find via the Contact us link at the bottom of our home page. When sending it could you quote the code WRT135 – FAO Lee in the subject line?

      Alternatively could you email me at eforumdotwebathelpdotvodafonedotcodotuk (apologies for the formatting but again my post count prevents me from posting email addresses) with a contact number only and again quote the code WRT135 – FAO Lee in the subject line?

      Once our automated reply arrives could update the thread with your email reference number and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible?



      Web Relations Team

      Vodafone UK

  • alina 29 November, 5:17 pm


    I ordered some clothes from Debenhams in early November. The order has not be delivered. When I contacted their customer services they e-mailed that the parcel was left at my porch on certain date along with delivery note. I’ve received neither the parcel nor the note – the door was locked at the time they claim the goods were delivered. I informed Debenhams of that and they said that would look into this and call me but never did. The issue has not been resolved and it’s been almost a month since they took money of my credit card – I’m worried that they may not be willing to make a refund. What are my rights?


  • Lucy 20 January, 10:50 am

    Please help! I would like to cancel a credit agreement with The Blue Rooms but i have a sick feeling, i have no rights! I entered my daughter into uk models and got a phone call saying she has been short listed and i should bring her in to a photoshoot for a chance to have a portfolio which will help her start a modelling career! I had to pay £50 which i was told was refundable if we turnt up on time and not cancelled…. On the day, the photoshoot went fine but at the end i was persuaded by hard sell to enter a contract as i didnt have the full £899 for the photos and portfolio! I signed the credit agreement in the premises but deeply regret it now as i would like to cancel, do i have any rights? What steps can i take? Please help

    • Kam 17 April, 7:36 pm

      I am in exactly the same position, i even tried to call and explain that although their brochure says they do not sell individual images, they do not have a minimum purchase and i was ‘persuaded’ to buy the full set….. they admitted this wasn’t clear but still refused to cancel the purchase, did you have any luck?

    • Rasita Jacunskiene 28 April, 2:04 pm

      Hello Lucy, I am now in this same situation. Did you managed to cancel it with the blue room? Need help now what to do.

  • sarah 5 February, 10:55 pm

    i hope some one can help me i have purchased a cooker from K&co catalogue on 52 weeks no interest credit

    i recieved it on 24th jan 2013, the statement for the account was printed on 26th jan 2013 and when i recieved it they had charged me a full 4 weeks when i onlt has the cooker approx 2 days when the statement had been printed, i have always had items carry over adn have never had to pay 4 weeks in advance before is this right please

  • Shaun 11 February, 2:08 pm


    I recently had a window company around to give a quote for new windows and doors. We were very happy with the product and with the price and paid our deposit, but we did have issues that we needed to discuss with the surveyor because the salesman was not technically able to. On completion of signing the contract with the salesman he attempted to make an appointment for the surveyor to come around to do his bit, at the time an appointment could not be made and we were advised that they would call us back the following day, (FRIDAY) this call did not happen, so the following Monday we chased up the appointment, the appointment was made for 11 days after signing the agreement with the salesman.

    The issues we needed to clear up with the surveyor meant we are now not able to continue with the install until the issues are resolved, plus we were ill advised by the salesman on some issues.

    Thinking we had a 28 day cooling off period we proceeded to cancel the order as per the companies policy, however, when we tried to do this we were told there was only a 7 day cooling off period and we had now fallen out of that and they were able to keep our deposit for up to 12 months.

    My argument is, we fell out of the 7 day period because they were unable to get a surveyor within the 7 day period to answer our queries, plus we believe we have been miss sold a product.

    Can you please offer any advise?

  • girish 19 February, 5:06 pm

    i run alimited company do limited companies have same rights as individual person against credit company under 1974 consumer credit act

  • Gavin Hammond 21 March, 5:05 pm

    I purchased a service over the phone using my Visa debit card for £9.99 for courier to bring me a cheque for a holiday club I was selling they took £965 and I did not get the service,the bank will not refund me under the terms and conditions of which I am protected under. Do I have a claim?

  • Tim B 21 March, 9:28 pm

    I have just found out that in 2010, BT placed a default on my credit file for £21. I have chased this through their executive complaints department & it works out that this relates to a final bill from BT when I transferred my service to Talk Talk. Apparently, they initially sent me a much higher bill, I spoke to them & they agreed to look into the amount & come back to me. I never heard back. Therefore, I presumed (however wrongly) that the matter was closed & that they had decided to reverse the total amount. As this is an old account & I have thrown all the old paperwork away, I was wondering if there’s any way round the default. I don’t mind paying the amount owing – providing they can send me proof of the original amended bill. However, as I did not receive a notice of default either, I am questioning if they can put this default on my account.
    I’m also wondering whether my agreement with them (done online) is covered by the Consumer Credit Regulations? I’ve tried looking for their terms & conditions & cannot see anywhere something which states that they are regulated by CCR/CCA. If they are not regulated by the CCR / CCA, then surely they cannot put this information on my credit report as defaults can only be issued for debts that are regulated by the Consumer Credit Act.
    Can anyone shed any light on this? The CCR is a major piece of legislation & it’s impossible to get my head around it.
    I would just like to know the legalities of this & if they are actually regulated by the CCR’s.
    Thanks in advance

  • Janet 23 March, 5:33 pm

    Hello, I would like some advice please. My husband and I are now in receipt of our state pensions and also some private works pensions. From Feb 1998 until March 2012 we lived full time in Spain. We decided to return back to my home town. After our return we placed our names on the electoral register, opened a bank account and also took out insurance on the rent we were renting, paying for it monthly. Our car insurance is paid monthly too.
    Recently, we decided we’d like to invest in a washer dryer appliance and went to a local store to inquire about credit arrangements. We were told we’d need to be back living in the UK for 3 yrs to qualify.
    Is there anyway around this issue for us?
    Thanks for any help you can give me….

  • Mark 23 March, 8:35 pm


    I took out a Personal Contract Hire in May 2011 and a result of a job change I need to return the car before the end of the hire I have been asked to pay 50% of the remaining hire agreement. Is this enforceable and does it make a difference if 2/3rds of the contract has been completed?



  • F thomas 9 April, 1:10 pm

    Hi all,
    At the beginning of the year i fell victim to online fraud which resulted in a number of items being ordered on my VERY mail order account.

    I was advised by very to make no further payments until my account had been given a new account number and was up and running normally. i was informed that once i received my new account number i could reinstate my direct debit online.

    When i finally received it, i was unable to set up my online account and made several phone calls to VERY to rectify this Yet nothing the very team attempted to do seems to rectify the problem.

    On at least 3 occasions i have asked to make a payment over the phone and was told to wait for my statement to be printed/arrive to ensure credits etc had been applied and the correct payment amount due had been verified (i had been advised by different members of the very team to make payments ranging from £250-£50).

    I received no statement. However, i did received a red letter for my account being in arrears : /

    To make matters worse, I have recently been informed by a member of the very team that my credit limit has been significantly reduced.
    i have been a very customer for over 10 years, have always settled my account early or on time and place orders frequently my credit limit of over £6000 represents this.

    As these are the only 2 issues that have ever occurred regarding my account, i am deeply confused as to why my credit limit has been reduced as neither the account arrears nor the fraud occurred due to negligence or fault on my part.

    I contacted very who stated that:

    “…We regularly assess customer’s credit limits in line with the responsible lending guidelines issued by the Office of Fair Trading.

    As a result we do decrease limits, for example where the limit appears to be higher than needed, as in your case…”

    However, my account has never been DECREASED in the 10+ years I’ve been with very so i feel strongly that this is off the back of the fraudulent activity.

    I will not be punished for somebody else’s illegal activity and really want to take this matter further.

    Do i have a case??



  • ian grace 22 May, 9:00 pm

    I paid for a hire car booking by crdeit card with easycar who provided a voucher for use with Avis. Avis and Easy car had contractual issues such that Avis refused to accept vouchers from Easy car. Easy car did not tell me and therefore did not give me the opportunity to make alternative bookings. Upon turning up at the airport to pick up the car, Avis did not honor the voucher and charged £50 more than that charged by Easycar for the same hire car. Easy car are refusing to pay me back the money charged by Avis, and will only refund the money i paid them for the original booking. Do i have any comeback against Easy car for full repayment of the Avis charges?

  • Keith Pickering 1 August, 2:53 pm

    After weeks of complaining to SKY about BREACH OF CONTRACT due to my installation being not fit for purpose I was offered £7.75 per month for 12 months reduction off my premium starting 12th August 2013.The
    next day I received notification that my premium was to increase by £1.75 per month starting 12th August 2013. This immediately reduces the value of compensation by £21.
    I have requested them to consider either freezing my premium or increasing their monthly compensation by £1.75 to maintain the value.
    What I would prefer is a one off FULL and FINAL settlement which will not take 12 months to discharge.Any suggestions please.

  • Mrs Janine Metcalfe 14 September, 10:20 am

    my daughter was sexually assaulted on holiday, neither the travel company or the hotel are accepting any liability, solicitors advised us that it is proving that thompsons and the hotel new of any previous incidents or wether it was a one off situation, nobody is admitting that they owed us duty of care and my daughter is having councelling.The holiday was paid for on my mastercard is there anything we can retrieve back from abta consumer credit act 1974 sec 75, as our h6oliday was ruined because we had t5o stay another week, as they would not fly us home..thankyou.

    • Debbie 25 June, 3:47 pm

      Hello, Please advise regarding unenforceable credit. I have debts dating back to 2003. If a debtor is unable to provide the agreements as outline in pursuant to s.77/78 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 how and when can I then get that debt removed form my credit file? How long do I need to wait before contacting the credit reference agencies and what happens then? Thank you in advance.

  • lynsey 23 September, 10:18 pm

    My partner booked a flight for oct 14 and is now unable to fly due to a leg injury, he paid over 190 will he get his money back through barclaycard

  • Fiona 14 November, 9:58 am

    I got a car from the funding coportion in 2010 for 2 years and paid 349 pounds a month for a 20 cc. I’m my final year of payment about 4 months till the end, I lost my job and could no longer afford the payment. I defaulted on a months payment and by the 2nd month they came to my house and took the car without me knowing. They took the car to leeds and it was auctioned. The car is now back on the road as I did a askmid check and it is insured. The funding corporation have not told me how much the car was sold for bug have demanded the full balance of the car that I had owed till the end of the contract. I think that given that they had recovered some of the funds from the auction that balance is what I owe. I guess I’m thinking on the lines of if I had sold the car to someone else the money I sold it for would be used to pay back the funding corporation and any difference or if the selling of the car does not cover what I owe then I have to cover it. Am I correct. They have put a default on my credit file which has further made it difficult to obtain credit

    • jerry 9 July, 1:38 pm

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  • Claire diver 15 December, 9:32 am

    Hi have bought a 3 seater and 2 seater sofa from next after going to our local store to pick out what we liked we were told that we would pay over the course of 4 years making monthly payments I told the lady in store I would order online as it was more convenient she told me that’s fine there is a nothing to pay for a year option which I said I wasn’t interested I got my sofa and then 2 days ago received my new statement from next asking for 172 pound as my monthly instalment this meaning I would be paying the items off in 12 months which I and many other people do not have that sort of spare cash every month I contacted next by email and by telephone the last person I spoke with hayley was speaking to her supervisor at 11 am sat morning and ringing me back I still have not received this call I have no idea were i stand and if the only option is for the sofa to be collected

  • Parikshat 21 January, 7:41 am

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I bought 3 items; a TV for £785 (including £50 for aerial erection), a video recorder £690 and a second hand moped for £300. I have paid £270, £240, £90 respectively, then lost my job and didn’t make last month’s payment. They sent me notice saying they will repossess all three items. Can you please advice? And also, must I allow them to enter my house to collect it? For the video recorder, they want to return me my last payment of £20 as they say the clerk I paid it to wasn’t authorised to accept it. And do I have to fear they can take my moped at anytime from my usual car park at home?
    Awaiting your reply. Many thanks.
    Kindest regards.

  • Michelemichele 16 February, 1:35 pm

    Hi I purchased some windows plastic and some aluminium from a local window company and entered a contact paid a deposit 20 per cent on my credit card.the company fitted the plastic part of the order but there was a problem with one of the doors which we had a small dispute over they came out rectified the problem as best they could then demanded £4500 or they would cancel the aliminium part of the order which was still being made my husband told them this was outside the original contact but after a lot of discussion he relented and paid half of what they asked just to keep things moving as they said they had put the windows hold . Two weeks later he had a call from the company telling him that they were no longer going to supply and fit the aliminium windows but refused point blank to put it in writing where do we stand?

  • Emma 20 March, 7:04 am

    Hello, I bought a car in July and the finance was organised by the dealer. The car is 2008 BMW 3 series. The dealer advised he would service the car before we picked it up, however the turbo blew up due to the filter being blocked which cost us 1300 to repair. We realise the dealer had not serviced the car. He only offered us 200.00! Three months later the timer chain snaps (which shouldn’t have happened as this is supposed to last as long as the car itself!) suggesting it’s faulty. so a complete engine replacement is required costing between 2500.00-4000.00. The dealer is still refusing to accept any responsibility and now I am tied into an agreement and cannot afford the repair. Is there anything at all I can do for either repair?

  • Sherine Mathe 22 April, 8:22 pm


    I am in trouble, I left a Compaq Laptop for repair to Belfast computer repair shop on Dec,before 24th, i do not remember the exact date as they provide invoice only when they returned back.
    Now they have not returned the laptop, i contacted them many times, either give the laptop with or without repaired.

    They once send another laptop, and now not responding to my request.

    What can i do now? how to deal this situation.

  • Simon Garrison 28 May, 4:09 pm


    I part exchanged a car with outstanding finance, I was refinanced with another finance company(so in theory some of finance should pay settlement) and the car company was due to settle outstanding finance as per customer contract. The following day the car company went into administration leaving me with unsettled finance for old car and new finance deal with new car , where do I stand ?

    The old finance company have deferred payments 2 months till sort and told me to mention cca section 56 but I haven’t a clue I cannot afford two finances

  • Lorna 12 June, 6:28 pm

    Hi we booked a holiday with First Choice in which they advertised Low deposit of. 50.00 per person. We lost a contract at work and are now unable to pay remainder of balance. First Choice are now saying we need to pay remainder of Deposit at 150.00 per person to enable them to cancel holiday. Can they do this? I dont mind losing the 50.00 per person deposit totalling 250.00 but do not want to pay them any more money. This holiday was booked online.

  • Allison Exley 20 June, 3:15 pm

    Is there any where to complain about a phone company giving a credit agreement to an 18 year old who is in college and doesn’t have a job. This is now with a debt collection agency.


  • Paul M 30 August, 9:03 am

    i purchased a garden table and chairs for £1300 on visacard. once it arrived we opened to find it was not as per the sellers photos or the gallery and also not all parts were delivered. after 3 emails and 6 phone calls we spoke to someone the mananger who said that was all they had and it was their last one. when questioned why the photos were different he said he will have a word with the web guy and get it changed which they havent. they arranghed for collection so after 3 hours of re-wrapping it was collected now nearly 3 week after purchase and still no refund to the credit card as agreed. and suprise the person i need to speak to isnt available. i feel like i have had my money stolen. any help is appreciated

  • sanna 9 September, 10:26 am

    I entered into credit agreement Hitachi for vehicle purchase, and not sure if the figures add up. Basically the car cost £3750, I have put down a £500 deposit using my own money. The total amount credit I borrowed is £3250. The interest they charge is £633.84 and admin fee £299. In my calculations this in total makes £4182.84. However in the agreement they have added the £500 deposit and make out that the total amount payable by me under the agreement is 4682.84. How can this be. I pay 116.19 per month over 36 months, which makes £4182.84, so why have they added the £500 into the total payable figure?

  • Elize 15 September, 10:37 am

    What can I do if a garage offer me R180 000.00 for my car on trade in on e-mail and after completing the forms sending documents and bank approved they say they can only give me R150 000.00 for my car?

  • Susan Tanti 26 September, 1:40 pm

    I had been paying a gym membership by direct debit when I read in the local paper that they had gone into voluntary liquidation so I cancelled my direct debit. The company have now been taken over by another and are chasing me for unpaid direct debits, adding fees and saying it will go to a debt collector if I do not pay. Is this allowed? Where do I stand?

  • Jane 30 September, 12:14 pm

    We ordered a bath panel from Bath Panel World on 28th August. They said delivery was within 5-7 days but so far they’ve not delivered and just said there is a delay with dispatching goods. We asked for a refund but so far no reply from them. What can we do?

  • Gavin 14 November, 12:47 pm

    We purchased a bed from furniture village 5 weeks ago on three years interest free credit.

    This finance was accepted and the bed has been delivered.

    I have just had a phonecall from the store saying the finance has been rejected by the finance company. This is five weeks after it was agreed and as I said, the bed has been made and delivered to us.

    I do not have funds to pay for the bed outright and need to know what my options are with the store now.

  • Gary 1 December, 8:55 pm

    My wife and I bought a kitchen from focus on a buy now pay 12 months later. Now the kitchen is up for being paid,My wife contacted the finance company which is barclays to pay for the kitchen buy credit card, which happens to be a barclayscard, they have now said that they won’t let us pay for it because it’s the same company. This has left us in a spot of bother as we only use barclayscards now we can’t pay for the kitchen. Is there anything we can do?

  • Lindsay Steer 22 December, 10:10 pm

    I bought some items from VERY last September (2014), and returned all three items. In September of this year (a year later) VERY’s arrears department started chasing me for payment as they claimed one item was still outstanding and was now incurring itnerest and charges (this was the first communication form themabout a nything since I purchased the items. I did originally have a Proof of Postage receipt, but I clearly had not kept it for a year. I have battled with them on the phone for 3 months and VERY customer services have finally agreed to credit the “missing” item back to my account and have even given me a £10 voucher for my trouble. BUT, their arrears departemt are still insisting I pay £33 in charges due. How can this be, it is their error, why am I paying for it

  • Jacqueline 29 January, 9:30 pm

    I bought a new car on hire purchase four months ago.My circumstances have change as I can not work anymore. I am behind on two payments of 180.00 each month what are my options. Can I have repayments reduced thankyou

  • Terry 22 February, 6:04 pm

    I have ordered a slate table and chairs from Harvys, before I moved into my rented accomodation, having moved in I now realise that the table will not fit, I have paid cash for the item, can I get my money back, I only ordered it one week ago

  • Robert 23 February, 5:51 pm

    If I was to go bankrupt would I loose my car I have on hp I am with thinkford even if I keep up the payments

  • Amit 26 February, 6:18 am

    Hi purchased a car from a second hand dealer, which turned out to be a write off. I returned the car however have not received the refund through and the company has now disappeared. I have a CCJ out on the company and also Trading standards are looking to prosecute, however have said this won’t help get my money back. I stupidily didn’t use a credit card, but carried out a bank transfer that went into my arranged overdraft. Would this purchase be covered under the section 75?

  • pete 17 March, 4:00 pm

    what are the upper limits for a loan covered by the CCA please

  • Christopher Enfinger 24 March, 5:57 pm

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  • Trevor 8 April, 9:43 am

    I am having problems with the finance company that l owe a payment in February for which l have not refused to pay l just need a little more time to do so.My wife has had her hours reduced due to her working a zero hour contract and now is working for another company.l expel to the company our predicament and they wanted me to pay the arrears back in two halves at first we thought we could but her younger increased sol could only pay the usual monthly payment in March and the next payment is due today in which l will be paying.The terms are over 48 months and by June I will of payed 36 now they have issued me with a default notice and yesterday I received a letter for seizure of the vehicle l have sent them an email yesterday which l have not had an answer yet and due to me being disabled l need the vehicle to get to and back from the hospital as l go on dialysis five days a week please can you advise me on what l can do thank you.p

  • Trevor 8 April, 9:46 am

    I am having problems with the finance company that l owe a payment in February for which l have not refused to pay l just need a little more time to do so.My wife has had her hours reduced due to her working a zero hour contract and now is working for another company.l expel to the company our predicament and they wanted me to pay the arrears back in two halves at first we thought we could but her hours never increased so l could only pay the usual monthly payment in March and the next payment is due today in which l will be paying.The terms are over 48 months and by June I will of payed 36 now they have issued me with a default notice and yesterday I received a letter for seizure of the vehicle l have sent them an email yesterday which l have not had an answer yet and due to me being disabled l need the vehicle to get to and back from the hospital as l go on dialysis five days a week please can you advise me on what l can do thank you.

  • Alan ward 8 June, 6:30 am

    Can my car be repossessed if I miss my final payment…… is with the funding corporation

  • Gemma 6 July, 8:27 pm

    HELP. I bought furniture worth £2k. It’s been over the delivery timescale. So they chose to deliver it today so you can imagine how happy i was. They turned up and they had brought me the shop floor one! It was scratched , hair line fractures and the leg was broken. They are telling me I don’t have a leg to stand on. I paid with credit card. I sent the items back. They told me I’ve no chance of getting my money back ?

  • Kelly Vickers 6 August, 1:42 pm

    Hi I had a hire purchase agreement with a car the car was broken from day one the car finance company wasn’t interested and basically they got shut down by the fca so they recalled my car as in there assets but haven’t gave me any money back what’s so ever for the car I was purchasing with monthly payments how can I claim my money back as the asminstrators aren’t interested

  • Jay smith 30 September, 6:14 pm

    I am buying furniture under a HP agreement can the lender insist I have insurance to cover the furniture?

  • Carol 28 October, 8:06 pm

    Hello, I applied for a credit card which offered money transfers at 32 months 0% interest with fees of 1.69%. I completed their online card check which was advised to do first before completing the application. It asked me to complete the details and the amount I was requesting for the money transfer. I did this and was advised after the check that I had been pre-approved and should apply today as the pre-approval would only be valid for today. So I then continued to complete the actual application, only for it to be accepted BUT with a much lesser amount than I requested for the money transfer. I have called them up to query this and they say this is correct and that the pre-approval only means I would be accepted for the card….not the amount requested. This was NOT advised on the card check before I made the actual application. They have told me I could repay the amount straight away but I will still have to repay the fee charge? Is this correct…can they do this if they have not made it clear that I may not get the amount that I applied for?

  • Jackie 3 November, 2:15 pm

    I bought a 3 piece suite from SCS in January on a buy now pay in 12 months of receipt of the suite.

    The first suite was delivered in March and was damaged so a new suite ordered. The second suite was delivered in August and damaged again. My third suite is due at the beginning of December.

    My question is when should I pay for the suite. 12 months from delivery of the first suite or 12 months from delivery of the third suite which hopefully will be my permanent suite

  • Jeni Ktori-hooper 28 February, 7:11 pm

    We put a deposit down for a wedding dress 10 days ago and my daughter has changed her mind and called off the order (within 10 days of order). So obviously dress has not started being made yet also ordered veil £150 which ready made. On invoice it states ‘deposit non refundable’. Does cooling off period not apply and can I at least get refund on the view?

  • leanne Barton 1 March, 8:19 pm

    we bought a van through SP holding on a rent to buy agreement we part exchanged our vehicle which was for £8500.00 and then paid £250.00 per month, we found that SP holdings had gone into administration and the director had set up a new company Mainstream distribution. he advised us to stop paying the monthly payments. we were also due to pay a bubble at the end of the contract. no one will now talk to us, we have paid in total £10500 and owe in theory roughly the same. we have the van and they keep taxing it but no one will talk to us. we don’t even know who has the v5 or the spare key???

  • Brendan 6 March, 4:52 pm

    I recently got a car on hp.singed the hp agreement drove the car away waitin finance early three week later been told finace company. Wnt take the deal the dealer now wants the csr back I’ve signed the hp agreement how do istand

  • donna 22 March, 12:41 am

    Hi I brought a new lounge suit 5 weeks ago and the fabric has started pilling and looks old already.
    It has been treated very well and only used at night to sit on. What are my options, I have been to the shop I purchased it from and they are saying its not a manufactor fault.

  • Delsa 17 April, 5:58 am

    I have taken a car on Hire Purchase and after having it for eight months the car broke down .I was told by the dealer that the car has got 2 yrs warranty on it so the warranty company need to sort it out . I telephoned the warranty company who advised me to take the car to Halfords which I did ,Halfords found that there is a hole in the gear box when Halfords told the warranty company about their findings they now told Halfords to contact me for me to give them authorisation to strip the vehicle down as they want to know how did the hole got their.Halfords said if I give authorisation it’s £520+ Vat just to do that.

    However I discovered as well is that the credit Agreement was not signed by myself so am just wondering if am legally bound to pay for this car which is of no use to me because in order to get to work i have to be using the bus or taking a cab.

  • stuart donges 10 May, 7:53 am

    I had a ford fiesta on a finance agreement and paid all the payments on time—I wished to change the vehicle for a newer model and when discussed with the dealer they agreed to settle the finance for the fiesta—the settlement figure was sent to them via email from the previous finance company—this figure was added to the new finance figure and all the paperwork was signed and I drove away my new vehicle—it subsequently turns out that the finance company for the fiesta asked me to continue payments for the fiesta until the settlement figure had actually been received by them from the dealer and so I paid the next two payments and despite me repeatedly asking the new dealer to honour their pledge to settle the previous finance nothing has been received by the fiesta finance company so I am left now paying for both the new agreement and the old one—can I now cancel the second agreement for breach and recover my fiesta as it is likely to have been sold on