Consumer Rights

Most of us have, at some time in our adult lives have experienced poor quality, suffered economic loss, been injured or generally felt aggrieved by the attitude of powerful retailers. You may choose to do nothing and learn from the experience, or you may decide to take action against the offending party by investigating your consumer rights and remedies.

Understanding your consumer rights is complex and at times confusing, but What Consumer is here to help, by showing you whether you have a valid complaint under UK law and what remedies you can rely on to put the situation right. There are several sections to this site:

  • Consumer Rights explains how various acts of UK legislation and European Regulations affect you. Among many others, you can find information on Sale of Goods, Supply of Services, Consumer Credit, Data Protection, Misdescription and Travel.
  • Consumer Guides contains more information on specific scenarios such as buying mobile phones, new homes, second hand cars, clothing and footwear. It also deals with thorny issues such as returning damaged or faulty goods, cooling off periods, dealing with dodgy tradesmen, buying online or making a small claim.
  • Consumer News keeps you updated on aspects of consumer news and how legislative changes affect you.
  • Consumer Forum: It goes without saying that you, the consumer, are a central feature of our site. As such we’d love you to share your views and experiences and offer advice on the forums to your fellow consumers.

Important points to understand

  1. In order to invoke your consumer rights under UK law you must be acting as a consumer – seems an obvious point, but you must be trying to acquire goods for personal use rather than business use.
  2. The first thing to be aware of is the difference between civil law and criminal law with regard to what has occurred. You may have been the subject of a civil wrong and only able to take action (sue) on your own initiative in order to have the matter put right to your satisfaction. This usually involves being awarded damages to compensate you for your losses. On the other hand, your complaint may be due to the organisation or supplier having committed a criminal offence, which is altogether much more serious and usually taken out of your hands by the enforcement authorities in the form of prosecution. Unlike civil action, criminal offences do not usually result in any benefit to you beyond the knowledge that whoever it was is now being punished. The majority of consumer law is civil law.
  3. Just because you are dealing with a large powerful retailer, it does not necessarily mean that they will always act in a lawful or an honourable way. This may be because the individual you are dealing with or the business as a whole is not aware of your consumer rights. In any event, arm yourself with a basic understanding of your consumer rights in order to get what you want and hold your own against unscrupulous or misinformed traders.
  4. A useful starting point in anyone’s general understanding of consumer rights is an understanding of the basic principles of contract law. Put simply this relates to whether a legally binding contract exists – because without one you are unlikely to succeed in any claim.
  5. Consumer legislation does not contain definitive descriptions or specific standards in terms of what you should expect. Instead it relies on concepts of ‘satisfactory’, ‘reasonable’ and ‘significant’ which can make it rather subjective. However, judgements will always be based on principles of reasonableness and proportionality in regard to whether you have a case and what you can expect in damages as a result.

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  • Catriona 19 November, 1:00 am

    Moreen, I’m afraid the theatre will probably have in its small print somewhere that they reserve the right to make changes such as the one you have highlighted.

  • Andrina Pearson 16 February, 10:31 pm

    My mother would like to join a well known dieting club and pay monthly by cheque for her membership. This company tell her that she has to pay a month in advance online in order to qualify. Can this company insist on this?

    Thank you.

    Andrina Pearson

    • Catriona 18 February, 12:53 am

      Andrina, yes, this is the way a lot of memberships operate. However, check the terms and conditions to be aware of cancellation policies and whether there will be penalties to pay.

  • john ramsey 19 February, 11:53 am

    Just bought a tumber dryer as month old but lost or can’t find the receipt. Phoned Adsa about fault. But they say can’t do anything without receipt. what are rights ?

    • Tanya Johnson 28 February, 9:14 pm

      I have brought a car vaxhall astra car for 18th thousands and I only gof ut fir 2 years then it started to give problem telling me ingine power reduce I gave to took it back took out a different one gog it on the 25th February today hotcin the car but couldn’t drive call tge go vaxhall they said I have to get it bavj to them but they dont even offer ne a car to git home home and I didn’t have any money and they dont even try tk hekp me jn any way wgat should I do its the second car now that given me trouble I dknt kniw wgat tk do please

    • Tony 19 April, 9:14 am

      If you bought by card most companies with accept a bank statement as proof of purchase

      And I know from previous experience asda are really good with customers especially if you speak to a supervisor or manager

  • Catriona 20 February, 12:44 pm

    John, you need something to prove a contract of sale existed between you and Asda, but it doesn’t need to be a till receipt, it could just as easily be a credit or debit card statement.

  • clementj 27 February, 7:48 pm

    I was recently faced with a possible bill of £1500 on a three-year old car, one month out of warranty, for the replacement of a brake control unit on a Volvo v50. Do I have any rights under the sale of Goods Act? What are the chances of a successful action against the garage to get the repairs done free?

  • Catriona 3 March, 1:45 pm

    Del-boy, S.48 of Sale of Goods includes regulations which are European-wide. So yes, you have the right to get shipping costs back under UK and European law if the goods are faulty.

  • Catriona 3 March, 2:17 pm

    Clementj, please refer to the following sections on this site for your answer:

  • Mike 11 March, 8:44 pm

    I recently purchased some new bearings for a gearbox from my local volkswagon dealership, the parts were ordered in and i collected them. I compared them to the old ones and realised they were wrong. I contacted volkswagon and they say they will not exchange or refund them, is there any thing i can do?

  • Catriona 12 March, 12:41 am

    Mike, unfortunately VW are under no legal obligation to refund or exchange, although it seems a little harsh that they won’t even allow you to exchange. It’s poor customer service and few traders will operate like this. If you ordered them over the phone you’ve got a cooling off period of 7 days, but not if you ordered them in the garage.

  • Rosie 12 March, 3:10 pm

    My daughter bought settees from THE RANGE ( Swansea branch) they were sold as leather..but in fact were pvc type material…within 18 months the pvc is peeling off leaving ugly white patchese and a number of cracks…has any one else had the same problem…we have been informed no other complaints have been made to them..

  • Catriona 13 March, 1:04 pm

    Rosie, if the suite has been advertised as leather but it is not, the retailer is breaking the law under Sale of Goods (not as described). Don’t be put off by the ‘no other complaints’ line, retailers use this all the time to try and put you off. if you have any documentation proving it was sold as leather and can also prove it is not, you can claim breach of your statutory rights and request a refund.

  • Wayne 19 April, 9:29 am

    I just brought a new sony tv from a online website advertsing this as FULL HD and 1080p. But they have sent me the model but this is not 1080p and FULL HD as shown on there website,its 768 pixels. I happened to print the page off , where do i stand??

    • Catriona 21 April, 7:21 pm

      Wayne, the product was not as described, therefore you have the right to reject the item and claim a full refund (plus costs). Alternatively you could simply cancel if you are still within your 7 day cooling off period.

  • sandra carnall 16 March, 12:02 pm

    My daughters nursery are insisiting that I pay full fees for the days when they were closed due to the snow. I had to take unpaid leave. Last year they gave us a full refund and no change to the contracts have been made

  • Mrs Maria Blewitt 10 May, 3:24 pm

    I bought a metal garden table & 6 chairs 2.5 years ago that cost £775.00 paid for by credit card. We were of the understanding that it would last a lifetime and would need no maintenance. It has now started peeling and chipping, revealing what looks like white chalk underneath. I have complained to the garden centre where it was bought from and they are trying to arrange for a rep’ from their suppliers to come and take a look. I have emailed the garden centre with numerous pictures of the faults which they have forwarded on to the supplier. I feel that it should be the garden centre’s responsibility to replace the furniture.Could you adivse me of my rights here please? Thank you very much. Mrs Maria

  • Clare 29 June, 4:00 pm

    We have bought an amplifier that was fitted to a car as the orginal one was faulty, the garage that fitted it said it hadn’t cured the fault & replaced with another amplifier. Both amplifers were paid for.
    I have requested a credit for the first amplifer but have been told that until the supplier sells it i will not get a credit.
    I have spoken to the supplier and they say that it could take up to 6 months. the amplifier was £570.00. Can they do this??

  • Adam 14 October, 9:54 am

    We have contracted, and fully paid by bank transfer, a shipping service from a company which has gone out of business while the shipment was in transit. The subcontractor, used by the company that defaulted, is now demanding from us full payment + 50% in order to release the shipment at the intended destination. The company’s terms and conditions state that they can use subcontractors and that the same terms and conditions apply. are we required to meet the subcontractor’s demands to have the shipment released?

  • carolinecaulfield 3 November, 1:12 pm

    I am not happy with the service I have received from a company repairing an item purchased from them – who do I contact????????????

  • angelamatley 8 November, 2:35 pm

    i wanted to buy a mobile phone for my 10 year old son for christmas. I was told i would have to buy a £10 top up , no problem until i got my money out and it suddenly went up to £20.why if i am paying in CASH do i have to top up by £20 whereas if i was to pay by card i only have to pay £10 top up

  • RJ 7 December, 10:40 am

    i bought a LED torch in march2010, the LED bulb has now blown, the seller says it is not covered by the guarantee. is it?

  • carol 23 January, 6:11 am

    Brought a car on PCP plan. Plan three years but finding things hard to make ends meet. Am I able to return car after one year or do I have to keep until plan runs out

  • Rebecca 16 February, 6:57 pm

    My son bought a pair of Supra Vader trainers from what we thought was an authorised website. It turned out to not be authorised and the trainers are fake. We have the delivery note and payment was taken from my ex husband’s credit card. We have emailed the contact from the website and stated that we wanted a full refund and asked them to advise of their return’s process. We set out all aspects of the shoes which were not as described on their website, plus a few more – they are a shoddy fake. They asked for evidence of the delivery so we scanned the delivery note and sent it. Since then, they have not responded to any of our follow up emails. Does anyone know where we stand with this? The supplier was based in China and the shoes were delivered by EMS. The order was placed and received in December 2010. Any advice would be greatly received.

  • GEORGINA BROOKER 5 May, 10:15 pm

    i went to have my eyes tested from optermac and they said that i was sutebale for lazer eye treatement i was realy happy untill they told me the prise as i was under the impreshion that itwould cost me 375 per eye then i was gobsmacked when they was going to charge me £3999 and i said i would love to have it done but there was no way i could pay for that as i was desabled and they said i could pay it in astallments of £3395 PER MONGTH but they said that they could not exept as i only had a saveings account and that made me realy upset and as soon as i got home i broke down in tears as i need it realy bad but could not aford it yours fathully miss g brooker

  • john 21 June, 8:19 pm

    i bought a hover lawn mower from argos, two days i took it back,i only used it once, i wanted to exchange it for one with wheels, they scattered me said its been used, and good night.
    what can i do know

  • J PAINE 2 August, 9:32 pm

    we went to Ramsdons in Cardiff Bay last week,we have been going there since the first week it opendand have always had the old age special, we have been unable to go for a few years so we jumped at the chance of a lift there. we were so dissapointed at the meal,it came on a large tea plate there was a small piece of fishabout half the old size and a small helping of chipsthat were poor quality,they were tough.the only thing good about the meal was the pot of tea,excelent
    at over £7.00 pounds ahead i thought this was very poor value,there was not enough fish to judge the quality and it has put us off returning again,
    yours in dissapointment, J PAINE.

  • Rebecca 30 August, 8:42 am

    I bought a pre owned console about 2 month ago and have recently switched to plasma tv. The console will not work on it at all. Tried another console exact same model and that works fine on the Plasma. Rang Sony they talked me through what to do but nothing works. What are my rights as far as returning a pre owned console. It defiantly is the console as my tv works on hdmi fine with everything else.

  • j greenway 4 September, 5:34 pm

    purchased a memory divan set 20/02/10 the divan now has too permanent indentations leaving a bump in the middle should this happen to a memory divan the store refuses to except any resposibility

  • Sean 5 November, 2:47 pm

    Why is it when I tried to contact Consumer Direct, when I rang on a Saturday, but I had to go through several juncture before I was told you are not open this day?

    This is ridiculous, we are supposed to be coming to yourselves in an attempt to try to resolve issues and complaints of our own, not have additional one…

  • maureen stammers 1 December, 7:33 pm

    my husband has been knocked for 6.5 grand, the guy has shut his firm down once before and now he is doing it again, how can people get away with this???? why cant we stop this happening, its pre meditated theft

  • David Symons 15 January, 12:19 pm

    I had a 3 pc. Suite delivered on 22nd. Dec.2011. Within 3 days we felt that the leather on the seats had stretched to an unacceptable point. Took photos on IPad which resulted in assessor visiting who told us that in his opinion it is normal. I have never seen leather stretched so much on suite of any age, let alone a (now)3week old £2000 one.
    It will not smooth back flat and looks like a stone dropped in a puddle, I can pinch the leather and pick it up with little effort it is bagged so badly.
    So far I am being told that nothing can be done and no cancellation or exchange can happen. CSL are the retailers. Is there anything I can do?

  • Jurga 23 January, 9:07 am

    I bought the package of photos.They took from my card 1149 £ for 10 photos .Now dont want to give my money back.They said thad i signed agreement and i can not cancel this.What should i do?

  • susan norris 6 February, 6:07 pm

    We entered into a contract with a company to build a consevatory 5th dec.This company has given no starting date.The contract states as soon as practicable and in any event within 14 days of the date of the agreement arrangments will be made for a survey. But after 6weeks we heard nothing.We specifically said to the salesman we wanted ceramic tiles on the floor but the flooring he advised us to have is not fit for purpose.there is movement in it (cosy flooring ) If you put tiles on this flooring the grouting and tiles will crack.the 19 boxes of ceramic tiles will be renderd usless.we tried to resovle the problem but the sales man turned up with no paper work or brouchers and tried to deny the flooring was unfit for purose ,but we had expert advice to the contrary what are our legal rights and due to the above can we cancell the contract?

    • Lauren 26 October, 12:54 pm

      Hi Susan – what was the outcome to your issue in Feb this year? I’m experiencing an issue with a Door/Conservatory company at the moment and might be able to take some guidance from your situation. I have no idea what to do next now.


  • Amy D 20 February, 10:16 pm

    HELP!! We brought a car yesterday which we are due to collect on fri, but we now can’t go though with it. Instead of my partner just putting down a deposit he paid the whole outstanding amount (we were part exchanging our car as well) Where do we stand on getting our money back?? Thanks

  • Alan Williams 8 March, 8:01 pm

    Looking for a bit of help. I got a TV now pay later through a catalogue. There was a backlight bleeding fault/ clouding issue in the corners and side of the tv. I spoke to the company regarding this and they sent out engineers 3-4 times before replacing the front screen. After they replaced it the same problem appeared, bleeding/ clouding the size of tennis balls in the corner and clouding on the sides. The catalogue and now saying this is an exceptable fault and they wont replace it or do anything more for it. I have had back an forth with this company and this is where it stands i am suppose to either except the faulty tv or seek legal advice apparently. Any help offered would be really great.

    Thanks, Alan

  • neil fleming 19 April, 5:53 pm

    To whom it may concern
    I purchased a new Motorola phone 20 JAN 2012 from ken Marketplace seller on Amazon it has not been working properly and the software that came with it does not work it just losses all my personal information on my pc I had to reinstall twice.
    To cut a long story short I contacted Motorola Amazon and ken
    All have refused to help repair replace or refund this item .I bought this phone as new sim free phone , having e-mailed Motorola they told me the phone is designed for the Asian market, and that it is subsidy lock with a local network provider. not able to repair your phone since it is a Hong Kong unit, and due to hardware differences our repair centres are not able to repair it due to the lack of necessary parts also WARRANTY EXPIRATION DATE 9/26/2009 and We are very sorry to inform you that this seller from Amazon Marketplace called “Ken 2011” is not an official Motorola distributor, as our official Motorola distributors in the UK only sell UK units.
    Amazon Marketplace called “Ken 2011 say he has stopped trading .
    Amazon say you are not eligible for the A-Z Guarantee and you believe your contract regarding the item has been breached, you may want to contact an advisory body regarding the situation, and we will be happy to co-operate with them if required to do so.
    Could you please help or advice
    Yours Neil Fleming

  • donna 21 April, 6:31 pm

    Last year infinity phoned me 22/10/11 and i argered to them to take on barclaycard and i paid them £795 pounds undersanding on that if i dont win that i gat a full refund on my card. Now i’ve spoken to them in the last 2 weeks and all i get is the same answer that barclays have asked for another 2 weeks but i think i’ve been scammed due to no-one answers the phones anymore and you cant find the company on the internet either i’m just wondering where i stand of getting my money back if the company has gone bust.

  • Leigh Bond 7 June, 8:31 am

    We have recently put £40.00 deposit down on 4 x suits for hire on 8th September 2012, to be used at our wedding. Regretfully we did not receive anything in writing but have seen the paperwork at the shop in relation to the same. The plan was that we would pick the suits up a few days before the 8th September 2012 and return them to the shop the following Monday.

    Unfortunately, we have recently been bill a large dentist bill, due to an accident I had years ago, resulting in ongoing problems and it will mean cancelling the wedding and re-saving again. We have visited the shop to cancell the order of suits, only to be told that we are not entitled to our £40.00 back, even though it is in good time to cancel the order. They were rude and abrupt to us, when we requested this and not once showed us any remorse for a predicament, even though I spoke to the assistant with a rather large gap in the front of the mouth, proving my point. Can we claim our deposit back, given the fact that the wedding day was months away and the fact that they did not give us anything in writing at the time of taking the money, that it was non-refundable.

    Many thanks.

  • emma goodman 18 June, 12:54 pm

    I recently visited a local supermarket and my child who is 5 had an accident in the store. First aiders were called to assist as he sustained an injury to his mouth which was bleeding quite badly but they were not very helpful as they offered him sweets, and a drink of fizzy pop. They then palmed me off to an emergency doctors to be treated. On my return to the store no-one spoke to me nor my son and when i asked about an accident report form I was told that this was not needed. I have spoken to the supermarkets head office on more than 5 occassions in the last week and was promised a phone call from the store manager and no-one has called me not even a courtesy call. Where do i stand with this and are they in breach of health and safety by not reporting the accident and filling in an accident report form.

  • Pugbear 25 July, 5:30 pm

    Social media is helping people be heard more. Complaints made on Twitter are getting attention because they’re in the public eye. Pugbear is cleverly linked to Facebook and Twitter making sure that complaints which are posted there are repeatedly and automatically broadcast at intervals. The only way for companies to make it stop is to respond to the complaint in a satisfactory manner.

    If you have a customer complaint, go to, it’s free and you will be heard.

  • Prince Slaney 10 October, 7:55 pm

    I subscribe to an on line game – Star Wars. They have deployed a patch for the game three weeks ago(which you have to accept), which has rendered the game unplayable, yet they still want my monthly fee. This issue has affected hundreds of players, yet Bioware are seemingly doing nothing about it. I have spoke to them at great length, but am having no luck with them. So can I take action against them to (a) demand my money back, and (b) make them repair the game. I know this sounds trivial as it’s only a game, but it’s my time and money being thrown away.

  • steve 16 October, 3:23 pm

    i had my car repossed and cancel my car insurance with not having car and now the car insurance company are asking for 600 pound can they do this im stressing over it as not long gone back to work

  • Grace 18 October, 7:51 am

    I just discovered that 3 network opened another contract without my knowledge and have been deducting money. When l rang them that contract has never ever been used not even a single second but they are saying they cant give me my money back cause its over 3months but l never requested that sim no did l authorise it, they won’t even apologise. As far as l am concerned its fraud cause they used my bank details that they had for my other contract line to open this other random contract without my knowledge and l want my money back. What do l do this is stressing me

    • Racer10 16 October, 4:13 pm

      I had same problem with TESCOPHONEINSSURANCE had TESCO MOBILE CONTRACT stopped contract & bought new mobile out of so called TESCO then stopped d/debit for TESCO MOBILE then 3 weeks later noticed TESCOPHONEINSURANCE WAS TAKEN £4 OUT OF MY B/ACCOUNT WITHOUT MY PERMISSION NO PHONE CALL OR Letter nothing TESCOPHONEINSURANCE SET UP A D/DEBIT WITHOUT NOTIFICATION 3 D/DEBITS FOR within a month for £4 had been stolen out my account by Thieves, Liars, and Fraudsters called TESCO SUPERMARKETS THE ROGUE TRADERS OF THE SUPERMARKET TRADE when I noticed I went into Bank to cancel d/debit that that thieving BIG SUPERMARKET CHAIN SO CALLED TESCO HAD STOLEN OUT OF MY B/ACCOUNT THEN I got Letter in from them saying I owed them £7.50 and if not paid they would get a debt collector to recover the debt and credit file would be affected I did not owe THIEVING TESCO ANY MONIES WHATSOEVER A MEASLY 750 PENNIES I know for a fact I was sent a letter from them because I had stopped the d/debit what I did not set up in the first place went to their SO CALLED TESCO SPUPERMARKET STORE IN IRVINE AND WAS FOBBED OF TESCO HAVE NOT EVEN AN OUNCE OF DECENCY IN THEM TO EVEN APPOLIGISE TO ME.TESCO ARE THE BIGEST SUPPERMARKET ROGUES IN LIVING HISTORY THEY MUST BE NEEDING THE PENNIES RIGHT ENOUGH.

  • Pranvera 24 October, 9:47 pm

    Hi I was watching the program just now, about the mobile charges while you are abroad and heard that Vodaphone had said that they do not charge.
    I got a diferent story for you in 2010 my husband went to Albania for family problem and took with him a contract phone with him, before he went I asked vodaphone if he can use it the phone abroad, they said he will be charged if he make calls but he can recieve calls and use the minutes while reciving a call. the bill for that time went over £200 not only for receiving, or for living a message but just for ringing.
    When I asked them about the charges I was told its a conection fee just for ringing even if it only rung for a second that applyed for charge. not happy but we payed the bill.

  • Lauren 26 October, 12:51 pm

    I received a quote for a French door to be fitted in my home (£1500). I then called Hanson Doors and Conservatories to place hte order over the phone. They gave me bank details to pay the deposit on line, which I did (a little over £300). Since then (3 weeks ago), I’ve called, and mailed and not received any response.

    Today I looked on line to find their web page suspended and suspect they might have gone under. How can I find out more and is there any way to get my money back?


  • charlotte 4 November, 4:56 pm

    I purchased a Sony VAIO laptop which after the warranty ran out developed a problem with the ribbon. Took it to my local repair centre who failed to source a new ribbon so I contacted Sony to see if I can buy one direct only to be told that they do not sell to 3rd party and I have to take it to one of their approved centres! Surely as it is out of warranty I should have freedom of choice as to who repairs my laptop? I find it unfair that Sony monopolise the repairs and I am forced to pay over the odds for a repair that my local repair man could offer for probably half the cost. I also have to pay to send it away whereas my local repair is just a 15 min drive!!! Is this legal?????

  • Jayne 9 November, 7:29 pm

    I brought a £250 child’s wardrobe from a high street furniture shop it turned up damaged. They will only exchange and not refund. I didn’t see an example of the wardrobe in the shop and when I unwrapped it it wasn’t sufficient to my needs either. Am I entitled to a refund?? Thanks!!

  • angi simister 3 December, 9:28 pm

    i took out a £17.500 morgage 25 years ago i have paid £72.000 into it and they say i owe £ they are taking it to court there has been no re morgage can this be correct thanks

  • sue rothery 6 December, 5:56 pm

    Purchased a second hand car end of August this year – in November immobiliser malfunctioned and had to be replaced at cost of £300.00, has now gone for MOT and needs £420.00 spending on it to make it roadworthy. Warranty not offered due to age of car (2001) paid £1000.00 for car, do I have any recourse with the dealer


  • david macleod 11 December, 8:30 pm

    hi there
    i have had problems with about 8 out of 10 bp fuelling stations in inverness shire ,renfrewshire and ayrshire.
    it only seems to be the ones franchised and run by indians.
    i only seem to be getting around 60% of fuel that im paying for and ive heard several other people complaining in the service stations about this problem. i was in greenock 2 weeks ago and i put in £20 of diesel and it never came off the red . i complained and i was told there was no manager and a man was also complaining about this . it needs to be sorted and soon

    • david macleod 11 December, 8:50 pm

      hi again
      i also add that ive tried tesco , sainsbury and other fuelling stations and never once had a problem but sometimes your stuck with bp depending on where you are and what stations are available especially late on at night .the amount of fuel used is shockingly high if your getting the correct amount . this is a big concern and has to be investigated thoroughly soon.

  • Roshan 13 December, 9:26 pm

    I have had a builder work on the bathrooms and cloakroom in my house, tiling, installation of showers, toilets, under floor heating, units, taps floor tiles. The under floor heating in the cloakroom does not heat up the floor tiles properly, although there is a small amount of warmth coming through. This is in stark contrast to the other floors. The builder is blaming it on a lack of insulation under the floor and is asking for more money to take up the floor and reinstall new underfloor heating along with insulation. The builder should have been aware of what was required the first time round and I should not have to pay for his lack of insight and foresight. What can I do about this?

  • Bob Wade 18 December, 12:08 am

    Have you investigated BE2Luxembourg/ They are a dating site, also known as a bunch of thieves. They are a bunch of despicable fraudsters, who offer a £5 month’s special offer. Then take £150 from your account. They rob 1000’s of people and it’s difficult to get your money back.

    Go to a BE2 COMPLAINTS site and read who have been ripped off! Many. Many indeed. Why hasn’t Watchdog exposed these fraudulent bastards and brought them down!!!! They have been robbing for a very long time. Go to A COMPLAINTS WEBSITE AND READ THE HORROR STORIES of those dreadful people.

  • abdul 21 December, 7:50 pm

    i have bought a dvd recently from commet store in the uk, but the dvd did not work, i have went to store and said not refuds, and i have been calling the cal centre , but with no solution, to this matter, what should i do, can sue them and get me money back ?
    ps bought it 3/12/12, so i still have got hthe 30 days.

  • Kathleen 7 January, 5:31 pm

    We could not continue using our existing coal-fire effect gas fire because the flue has been condemned by British Gas. We went to a local dealer and had a balanced flue gas fire installed paying £1100.00 for the unit and installation. A balanced flue gas fire has a hole in the wall flue by-passing the existing flue which went out through the roof.
    Our complaint is that we were told that this new fire is 85% efficient whereas it can be as low as 57% efficient when at a lower setting. The brochure page with the fire illustrated shows the 85% efficiency claim clearly but the 57% efficiency information is hidden in the technical data at the back of the brochure
    Unlike conventional flue gas fires the balanced flue type has a limited range of heat setting and cannot be lowered more than the equivalent of one and a half kilowatts. We have a small living room and would not be able to use it when a small amount of heat is required eg an autumn evening. (Our conventional flue gas fire could be lowered to almost zero.)
    None of the information re the reduced efficiency nor the limited range of heat setting was explained to us by the dealer.

  • Sandra Edwards 8 January, 1:25 am

    my son purchased a wiring cable for his car radio and it was the wrong one the shop sold it when he went back for a refund they said because it was not faulty all he could have was a credit note and not his money back, is this right? or should he be able to get his money back thanks Sandra

  • Antonio De Robertis 15 January, 10:22 pm

    The company has taken money from my account for a year without me authorising them directly to do so. I suppose it was a package offered with a Ryanair flight but I cannot be sure. Although I believe the company is at the limits of being fraudulent, so whenever you see it do not take the discount they are offering

  • wenesia 16 January, 9:39 pm

    I have a Honda Civic on purchase hire and have kept up with all payments. I have a final ‘balloon’ payment of £3,500 which I am more than happy to pay however given my financial circumstances I am unable to pay the full amount as one transaction. I have been in contact with Honda to liaise with them the possibility of spreading this balloon figure monthly to enable full payment however they have refused stating I have until the end of the month to make payment or they will collect the car and take me to court.

    Could you kindly advise if I am within my right to request this balloon payment to be spread monthly and/or do I have a case?

  • Lone Williams 22 January, 9:34 am

    I purchased a dress from ASOS in October I returned it for an exchange which came too late for what I needed it for so I returned it to Asos requesting a refund. They have confirmed the receipt of the dress and emailed to confirm a refund was processed on the 24th dec and takes 5-10 working days to appear in my account, I paid with my visa debit card. I have still not got the money and have emailed Asos about 15times they keep requesting a bank statement from me proving the money has left my account and that it does not appear back in, I have refused to supply a bank statement this is personal confidential information, are they within their rights to ask this and how can I press for my refund?

  • Jackie Barthorpe 2 February, 4:14 pm

    Hi I went to the range before christmas and got the lad in the shop to tell me how much Lino we would need for our room We told him it was 17FT x 10Ft and he measured out the roll but he said because it was not plain I would have to buy Double the amont I neaded but as it was near the end of the roll he would make sure there was anough
    when I had it fitted the fitter said I had been sold far to much and only needed one roll not the two we had been sold
    I phoned the store and was told that if our reciept was within 28 days we could have a refund
    so we took it back the girl on the desk was not the one I spoke to and called the manager who refused to refund us saying it was no company policy on cut goods so I pointed out it was the end of roll
    she said I must put it in righting I did not want to do this as I did not want to get the lad in trouble as I felt it was a genuine mistake on his part but I am a pensioner and can not aford to buy
    items I dont want or need I have writen to the company the Range
    but have had no reply from them I also emailed there head office
    am I right in thinking they should refund our money or are we stuck with a roll of lino we dont have any use for
    Please reply Range it is in our way on the floor still rolled up as purchased

  • nik 8 February, 1:09 pm

    If the product was purchased with a credit card you will have 90 days insurance cover by the card supplier contact them and they should be able to give a refund

  • christine 10 February, 9:33 am

    hi i cancelled my sky subscription did my 30 days notice payed what i as told was my last bill . now my package was disconnected on 6th feb but they are now tryng to charge me for a billing date of 11th feb-10th march even tho they no longer provide a service to myself how can they do this thanks

  • denise hartley 17 February, 7:57 pm

    I have booked an holiday for 13 people with the above website, I booked 12 mnths ago now they are saying the flights are not available for the day we alternative has been offered howeverwe are day short from the original booking. Where do I stand I am resposible for the other oassengers has I organised this . Yours sincerely denise hartley

  • Pauline 19 February, 3:01 pm

    Hi I was looking for a flat to move asap,I found one that was available to move straight and with a good price, the same day of the view I paid the agency fee £300 and was told to submit by email my documents and the application form, I let them know it was very urgent the move and they guarantee it will be done maximum one day after received the documents, I sent all attachments by email on different formats,sizes and everyday their answer was “they never got the documents” I sent them by fax also twice and they said is “fax is not clear” I told them i could to to give the papers myself, they agreed and when i went to the address that is stated in their website and also in their business card is a MASSAGE SHOP! when called them again I was treated in an abusive way and blamed me for “waste their time”I want to know if I can claim my money back and look for an other state agency, I did all what they asked me to do and even that they didn’t honor their promises, right now I am homeless and still waiting for their answer, please I need some advice!

  • Patricia Wheatley 19 February, 11:23 pm

    Briefly….. I purchased a console table from The White Lighthouse Company, and it didn’t arrive on the date they stated. After strongly complaining, as I had waited in all day, I never even got an apology and was accused of being rude. When it did arrive it was damaged, which I immediately informed them of. They asked me to complete a damage form, which I did, and then they asked me to send photos by email of the damage, or describe it. As I had no knowledge of how to email photos, and the item had been carefully re-packaged on my realising it was damaged, I took the option of describing same – 1/2″ of paint missing off front of table and dent in one of legs. I was given instructions, via email, on how to return the table, and informed in the email, that the postage would be returned, if on receipt of same, they deemed it as damaged. I assumed that my description of the damage couldn’t possibly be deemed as anything other than damage. How wrong I was. I was accused by Jill Green of ‘REFUSING to send photos of the damage and of not accepting the table at a reduced price – both blatent lies and I had never even been offered a reduction in price. When they received the table, they returned the cost of same, but refused to return the postage, as they did not consider the item damaged. I sent Jill Green an email on 11th February, requesting confirmation of what they deem as damage, if they did not consider paint missing and a dent in one of the legs as such. Surprise, surprise I have not yet received a reply – CUSTOMER SERVICE IS NON EXISTENT WITH THIS COMPANY

  • Not happy 2 March, 12:52 am

    Hi I ordered some shoes online and paid for them had confirmation via email that they where paid and to be delivered the website said it would take 3-5 working days so I waited only they didn’t arrive so I contacted the company 7days the after order to ask when they would be delivered a couple of days later they said the item was out of stock they would refund me which will take up to 3 days I have asked them to send me a different pair but they are not bothered about helping me at all I’m not happy as this was a gift for some one and they have had my money sat in there account for two weeks and never felt the need to tell me sooner that this item was out of stock I have never heard of anything like this and to be honest my friends and family are shocked I am just after advice as to whether they can get away with treating paying customer like this?

  • Venomator 18 March, 5:56 pm

    I have had some triple glazing installations installed – yes, people still do it!

    The sizes originally quoted for were much larger than those actually installed. Silly me, I have only just realised that I am still expected to pay the originally quoted price.

    Apart from the fact there are still defects and faults with all parts of my installations, the company has now started claim proceedings in Peterborough County Court to get me to pay ALL the invoiced costs – what protection/rights do I have as a consumer against such clear malpractice?

  • c 18 March, 7:50 pm

    had sofa less than 2 yrs leather pealing craCKING falling apart what are my rights under sales of goods act

  • Luigi pancaro 23 March, 10:24 am

    I was looking for a loan online and switch gas electric contacted me about a loan they offered me one from provident but I said I’d already got one with providential so then they told me there was nothing they could do and then the next day I went to my bank and noticed they had taken 80 pound out of my account so I rang them up they appolgised and said they would refund the money within 28 days and 6 months down the line I am still waiting, I have rang them several times and they told me they have a back log and I would get my cheque soon as its been sorted. They told me that my cheque had been done and was waiting to be signed for by the manager. This as happened several times and I just keep getting the same story every time I ring them. It as been 6 months now and still no cheque. Can you advise me what steps to take now as the is getting beyond a joke. Many thanks Luigi Pancaro

  • james 31 March, 1:40 pm

    My daughter bought a notebook from Argos,then realized it was not what she wanted took it back the same day, they said she couldn’t, how can that be right

  • Dervilla Mullan 3 April, 6:59 pm

    I left a deposit of £400 on an item costing £550 at Whitehouse Furniture on 9/2/2013. I explained to the salesman that my mum would be paying the balance of £150 as a birthday present for me. He gave me a receipt and said he would put a sold sign on the sofa.

    I returned to the shop today to find out that the sofa has been sold to someone else. The salesman said did I not notice the small print on the receipt saying a deposit secures an item for 10 days only. This had not been mentioned to me when I was paying the deposit. He said they tried to contact me but could not get a phone no even though my phone no is listed in the telephone directory. Also he said they drove out to my house but there was no one about. I do not understand why they could not drop a note in my letterbox.

    They have offered to give me my £400 back. They are unable to order me a new sofa as they are closing down.

    Have I any rights?

  • matthew scraggs 15 April, 12:15 pm

    dose a company have the right to take three to six weeks to give a refund

  • Lesley Crawley 26 April, 4:13 pm

    I purchased a SHARP 40inch TV in sept 2011 (18 months) from makro. Whilst sitting watching last night it just went off! No warning, no flashing & no pop or bang. I phoned SHARP as I found all my paperwork (but not receipt) & they said “sorry guarantee us only 1yr, but they can fix it for £180”!! I told him no way as I can buy another for not much more! I then called makro & they confirmed the date of purchase but said the same they only guarantee for 1yr! So what’s the point in having 2 guarantees for the same period? I can’t believe that a TV of high quality can just switch off like this & basically there’s nothing that can be done. Someone tolde that by consumer rights equipment like so hv a 5yr warranty on them & you don’t need to take out additional cover like they try to talk you into!!!! Hv I any rights? as right now I. Any afford another TV but entertaining a 3 & 5yr out is gonna get stressful!!! X

  • Toni Cahill 7 May, 1:48 pm

    Hello, I booked a self drive van hire and was due to collect on Sat 04/05/13. At the time of the booking the retailer took my card details for a holding deposit of £250 should the vehicle be returned with damage etc I arrived at 15:00 to collect the vehicle and the retailer was closed. On Tuesday 07/05/13 the retailer telephoned to inform me that he had taken full payment of £150 for the van hire because he says I didn’t cancel. I said that I arrived at 15:00 he says he told me he shut at 12:00. I said regardless of the mix up I did not authorise him to use my card details for payment. He said that becuase I didn’t cancel I own him payment in full. Is this right?

  • Muriel Sanderson 10 May, 11:44 am

    I have a problem with my bank charging £20.00 per month for no services whatsoever. Can you help with this matter or direct me to an organization who can.

  • Chris park 16 May, 8:06 pm

    I bought a mountain bike for £4000 in September 2012. A part on the bike has now broke for the 5th time which for a bike of that price is unacceptable. Am I entitled to a full refund or a bike replacment

  • Madjid Shirazpour 28 May, 5:33 pm

    I had a new striped wood floor installed last December. There were several problems with the wood:
    1- The showroom sample is grey, based on which I chose carpet and tiles. A high percentage of the laid floor has a light and dark brown shade. The colour is different from the original sample.
    2- The floor showed three distinctive zones with different finishes.
    The supplier accepted to relay the floor, to get rid of the zones, but refused liability toward the colour. Relaying has made matters worse. I instructed a surveyor, recommended by The British Wood Flooring Association, to look at the floor. Here is his conclusion:

    It is in my professional opinion that the colour variation of the flooring installed is extreme against the sample chosen from. The retailer should have advised the consumer that matching the sample is impossible; however the finished flooring should at least have some similar comparison against sample. I believe the flooring installed is unacceptable against sample or tolerance, in which there are no standards covering this in my knowledge.
    The showroom has now accepted to change the floor, as long as it is from the same supplier. However, the supplier doesn’t make that finish anymore and have provided two new samples, both very different in finish and character from the original one.
    I believe my contract is with the showroom and not with the supplier, and that they should either change the floor to a similar one, or give me a refund. Do I have a case?


  • Marie 8 July, 7:10 pm

    We went with a local guy for new windows for the whole house and bye-folding doors for the new extension. He started in may and has still not finished we have paid him £6000 for the windows and had the balance for the door remaining the doors came and had to be returned due to the paint was coming off and the aluminium was coming through the paint also the wheel had wore down to nothing after it was opened a handful of times. We went to have a look at the door on the 29th june before it came back to us and the only thing that had been done was the wheel had been replaced but as the company opened the door it broke the rubber seal on the panel so we decided that we no longer wanted the door.
    The company was the supplier to with window guy so we had the contract with him he told us from the start that the doors would cost us £3000 but now we have cancelled he said that they were £1800 and wants another £2000 from us before he comes back to finish with work most of the windows have paint missing from them as they were green ones so they look as if they been chipped. We been in contact with the company that supplied the windows to ask regarding the warranty and if they would come out and have the look at the windows but they informed us that our warranty stands with the window fitter. We have taken photos of all the errors do you think we have a case


  • Tony Trainor 19 September, 3:29 pm

    Booked a holiday a couple of weeks ago and paid £180 deposit on the understanding that we would be able to pay it up bye a certain date, got home today to a letter from the travel company saying sorry but you will need to pay it up in full bye a certain date witch is way shorter than we were told, do we have any chance of getting deposit back

  • Iain 10 October, 11:40 am

    i recently bought football training gear from a major football clubs megastore , after 2 or 3 washes i have noticed that the clubs sponsor has started to peel off , i contaced the and because i dont have a reciept they wont exchange goods ,surely i must be able to swap my goods for new stuff ….

  • Roland 23 October, 7:34 am

    I have 2 40″ TVs, both from the same manufacturer. One is now 6 years old and one is 4 1/2 years old, the older TV is working fine but the younger one has started to develop a fault in that lines of pixels have failed or are transmitting a single colour. On a dark picture the lines show up white, on a lighter picture they show up as dark lines. Both TVs are out of the manufacturers warranty period. Do I have any recourse against the manufacturer as I should have an expectation that my younger TV should last at least as long as the older one? Any thoughts gratefully received.

  • Darren Morgan 18 December, 2:40 pm

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am the headteacher that has made a substantial order with eco Art

    I am writing to seek further action with regard to two matters.

    Firstly although half the school’s order has appeared a significant amount of cards have not yet materialised. This is affecting relationships with our parents as we have facilitated this activity.

    Secondly we cannot get in touch with the company. We have called dozens of times and the line is constantly engaged. I have emailed in which there has been no reply.

    There are hundreds of pounds at stake in this situation, more importantly tempers are being tested, relationships frayed and time that we don’t have has been invested in speaking with countless parents and trying to soothe the situation.

  • alan 25 December, 6:36 pm

    I bought a TV from currys for £1,399.00,2 days later, the TV was reduced to £1,299.00. Can I claim the £100.00 back?

  • Rob Slade 12 January, 11:36 pm

    I recently bought a product off a well know web site for a pound. This was obviously not suppose to be the original price and someone made a error. I paid instantly with debit card an was advised the product would b delivered in 5 working days. I later received a email saying that we can not have this product for the advertised price and had to pay the full price of 269. Can they do this if the product was originally advertised and sold at a pound.

    Thanks for any help

  • Vikki 21 January, 12:09 pm

    Hi we bought a washing machine for £650 only 15-16 months ago. It just broke and we found out it was a faulty model. When we phoned the company they have made us pay a call out charge and now insurance on the item wether it is fixed or replaced. Is this right as I don’t see why we should pay for something that is faulty due to the manufacturer.?

  • Jacqueline Fry 24 January, 7:50 am

    I ordered a wig online, I took my time choosing the colour, the company had many styles, and I found two that were displayed in a blonde I liked, so I ordered that shade. The wig arrived and is clearly a brown not a blonde, but the company is saying the wig was custom made so cannot be fully refunded, I would have to return and pay 40%, is this right given that it clearly isn’t a blonde but a brown wig?

  • Maria 31 January, 5:50 pm

    My son bought a faulty bumper off ebay.When he contacted the seller he was met with awful racist abuse. When he told ebay they said they could not help him and they deleted his feedback and messages stating that he was verbally abused by the seller. They condoned such behaviour because they are obviously making money from this particular seller. Now they are saying he has today postage to send back this faulty bumper. Is that right. Can he claim it back. Also are they lawful in covering up racist abuse on their online sight.

  • Mrs Marina Wright 4 February, 2:53 pm

    I have just renewal my driving licence as my 70th birthday is due. I have renewed my Licence on the internet as requested and was charged £80 and it should have been £20. Why is this web site still in operation as I have been told I used the wrong web site. This is fraud. What can I do about it? Regards Marina Wright

  • Kate 6 February, 3:46 pm

    What are my rights and what can I do?. I had windows and doors replaced 9 years ago ,I have had water leaking in my back door,for years,being constantly in touch with the installer ,his excuse is ,he has no idea where it is coming from and no attempt to fix. Since the first winter of being installed,i have had a condensation smog like on the outside,have been told this is norm for “K” double glazing. Also ,my Bathroom window handle has broke off in my hands.who can I turn to?

  • kofo 11 February, 2:04 pm

    I ordered and paid for school uniforms from a wholesaler in July-August 2012. I arranged collection of the goods by freight forwarders to send them off to Nigeria. The order took 6 weeks longer than agreed, eventually were collected and delivered in Nigeria where they were found to contain a lot of wrong sizes and wrong quantities. I contacted the supplier but just got excuses. I told him I was sending them back which I did ( I paid for them to be returned to him).
    I sent a list of what I was sending back which he acknowledged their receipt.
    We agreed that he would replace them. Nothing was forthcoming except stories.
    In July 2013 I kept calling wanting to go and pick the uniforms up but he always said they were almost ready.
    Eventually I told him I no longer wanted the uniforms but my refund of over 300 pounds.
    I have all my email correspondence with him and can get my statement for the bank transfer of some of the money as he prefers cash transactions and doesn’t issue formal receipts but I was a bit sceptical and did a bank transfer of about 800 pounds.
    I am a loss for what to do now.

  • Danni 12 February, 5:17 am

    I recently had a photo shoot through groupon which was a great experience. Yesterday I went to view the photos where I was presented with a price guide of extremely expensive prices for extra images. I was not comfortable with the prices And asked the Photogropher if I could have thumbnails if the images printed and go away and think about the options. He was extremely pushy and said no to the thumbnails basically said I needed to make a decision there and then. To not loose face I stupidly handed over my credit card and paid a ridiculas deposit for 12 images in cd format ( he had given me a deal of 12 for the price of 5… But at £500!!!’ I’m very much regretting my decision that I feel I was pressured into.
    I have changed my mind but what do I do and am I covered under any consumer law for ‘ changing my mind ‘ on photographs I know with purchases of goods I can but I’m not sure if this is the same ?? Your help would be very welcome. Thank you

  • K 13 February, 7:26 pm

    I bought a silver ring from pandora and in less than two weeks it developed dark marks on it so returned it to the shop. They sent it away to be checked and say there is no fault and it must be due to me. Ie handcream etc.. I never use handcream and took the ring off to wash hands. They are going to charge me £9 to clean it and give it back. I dont know what im entitled to do as i dont want to have the same thing happen again! Its not like ive had it a while.. 2weeks!!! Help….

  • Kal 16 February, 3:57 pm

    I ordered a box set of CDs from a company who had them on a really good offer for a limited period of time. They didn’t turn up within the 7 day time frame so I emailed the company to let them know and to ask them to send another set. In response to this they informed that they refunded the order and that I couldn’t have another set as I had missed their offer. The CDs then arrived and I informed the company of this so I could pay for them. They are now asking for me to return them, proof of postage and are refusing me paying for them. I really want to keep them. This does seen at all fair or right. Please could you advise me? Thanks.

  • richard 23 February, 12:56 am

    I bought a suite and a carpet ,from scs me and my family have been poorly on and off since I got them .when we stay in the room .we get sneezeing,coughing,rashes,headaches ,

  • nicci 23 February, 1:19 pm

    hiwould you be able to help me?. I have brought a used car from a used car sales garage, I have had to take my car back whilst under warrenty, with the same fault twice. if it is to happen again would I be able to request my money back?

  • Joy Campbell 26 February, 9:12 am

    I have switched from Orange to Tesco mobile, requested passover of my number and unlocking of the phone so that the new Tesco sim will work in my old with phone. I have now been without use of said phone since 11 Feb and am told it can take 20 days to unlock and be available to use new sim. Is this Orange causing as much inconvenience just because it can? They have the extra £20.62 credit added to pay them for the unlocking already. Nice little earner when multiplied by a few thousand customers leaving, eh? Is there any way around having to wait another 7 days

  • andrew hill 26 February, 12:22 pm

    Please could you advise.
    I booked a weekend break to Paris 9th to 12 th March 2014. I booked it on the internet with
    I found the accomodation via trip advisor as Apartment d’hotes Folie Mericourt 20 rue de Folie rated @7 on trip advisor. Yesterday i e- mailed the apartment to ask for directions from the airport. I received a reply to say there was no reservation but check with no. 24 Rue de Folie, as several times the website has displayed his apartment but booked people into no. 24. This is in fact the case. Number 24 looks awful. I have flights booked and have now contacted hotels .com twice to complain. they are telling me that they will try and refund me. This still leaves me with no accomodation and paid for flights. Do i have any rights to demand Hotels . Com re accomodate me to similar accomodation that i originally believed i booked.

  • steve close 28 February, 9:45 am

    I paid for qn all inclusive holiday to morroco a few weeks back through teletext holidays. It uncluded flights and hotel. I was asked if I wanted to include transfers. I said yes. Asked about room upgrade. I said yes. Holiday was paid for. But then the opperator rang me up tenmins later to say if I wanted to take luggage!?!? I saix of course I do. That will be an extra 130 quid!!! I said that’s too much cancel the holiday… ahe can’t she says..its non refundable!! I was then forced into paying a reduced amount of 80 which I said I was far from happy and would pay out of protest. They said take it now at reduced price or ring back later and pay 130…so I was forced and paid out of protest.
    I have rung them every day for two weeks…and have recorded messages I can play you where they admit nothing was mentioned about baggage until after I had paid for holiday…yet they still think this is ok and are refussing to refund either the reduced 80 or indeed whole holiday!
    How are they allowed to do this. Please make this right and don’t let them get away with it!
    Like I say I have recordings backing this up.

  • Noreen McGRATH 10 March, 6:50 pm

    I have purchased a dryer direct from white knight, unfortunately I entered a wrong digit and instead of receiving an electric dryer I received a gas dryer, I only realised this when I had unpacked the appliance and started to read the instruction book. I contacted the company and asked if it could be exchanged for an electric dryer, they have refused this request. I also paid for an extended warranty. I have no gas supply in my utility room nor the extra ventilation required for a gas dryer. What do you suggest?

  • Kath 12 March, 4:59 pm

    I have recently discovered that a contract I entered into with ADT last April was altered by the salesman after I signed it. My customer copy shows that the monthly monitoring fee was left with a crossed out figure but the copy that ADT have on file shows that a second figure has been added in. I have already successfully managed to get out of the contract without further payments (they were originally looking for me to pay over £300 more) but I am now looking to recover all money I have already paid, ie. monthly monitoring charges and an installation fee. I am right in saying that the contract was made void as soon as the salesman altered it and therefore I should be entitled to be reimbursed all money?

  • kevin wilson 13 March, 9:09 pm

    I;m having trouble with a debt i;ve paid, i took a loan for 7000-00 in 2009, through HSBC bank, since then i have had 3 debt agencies on my back first cabot financial then the lewis group now robinson way ltd, i have all details of payments through Barclays Bank. i have sent robinson way all various paperwork, i am still fobbed off with rubbish , i have paid the lewis group 48 payments consisting of 26 payments of 144-00 pounds and 22 payments of 150-00 pounds and also 13 payments of 150-00 pounds to cabot financial , i am sick with worry that i am called a liar and i feel they just want more regardless of the truth and i have paid this debt as far as i am concerned overpayments may of been made as well, these companies don;t want to help me and i;ve lost my patience a few times robinson ways address phone number 0800-121-6903 my reference number is 354717230 cabot financials number is 0845-070-0116 lewis group 01274-853907 please can you help
    regards kevin.

  • Paul 17 March, 7:09 am

    FIFA 14 and EA’s total lack of customer support. Their servers encounter no ends of problems but they offer a very limited support structure and their live chat advisors are unable to provide a direct email address to discuss problems. This after waiting 2 hours to “chat” and getting nowhere after 3 hours of “chat”. This may sound like a minor issue but when you consider the amount that EA make in sales of “FIFA points” is scandalous.

  • Tony smith 19 March, 10:37 am

    Hi there is it at my expense to return a washing machine that was delivered to me thay have tried to fix it but have not Daewoo have said that thay will refund or exchange the washing machine but I have to go through the shop I bought it of the shop is saying that it is Daewoos responsibility I bought the washing machine over. A year ago but the washing machine come with a two year warranty please could you help with this thanks Tony

  • alec 3 April, 12:06 pm

    My car go a starter motr fited on the 8/10/13 it when faltey on me and the garage what me to pay of laber to fit the replasment. Should i be nade to pay for laber

  • pauline pritchard 14 April, 1:23 pm

    My partner is an electrical engineer and have invented and patented an electrical device and have produced a protoype which is deisgned to prevent fires.

    have you produced an article on the dangers of overloaded sockets?

  • lisa emmins 15 April, 1:51 pm

    i would like to find out if nutriberry online is a scam i ordered some tablets for my mum for £4.99 and so far i have been charged over 180 pounds they have offered me a refund of 30 pounds even though they have a no refund policy please help i would like to know what to do next if anything

    lisa emmins

  • colin dunsmuir 16 April, 1:09 pm

    re they right or can I get my money back if it is not to my satisfaction.

  • Carol griffiths 11 May, 2:20 pm

    I bought a Dyson cleaner from PCWorld 3 months ago. It has stopped working on carpets and only works on hard floors. I took it back and asked for a replacement, they said no because I had not returned it within 21 days and that I would have to contact Dyson myself and arrange a repair.I told them it was their duty to do so not me and I left the cleaner at the store. I have had no joy or resolution with them or Dyson 2 weeks later and I have demanded my money back so I can another cleaner. Am I entitled to my money back I also have a receipt, nobody is saying it is not faulty. Please help asap P.S I do not want a repair or a replacement part.

  • Thiago Ladeira 26 May, 11:01 pm

    Hi, last week I bought a outbound and return ticket from London to Dublin online via the site
    I paid for it 160 pounds. They were unable to confirm the outbound ticket (From London to Dublin) and they charged me the entire 160 pounds for the return ticket (Dublin-London).
    I ask them to cancel cause I need both outbound and return ticket. Addittionaly they charged me the entire value even with the lack of the outbound. They told me that they could not do anything and if I felt harmed to contact the airline company.
    What should I do? I am brazilian living in London for only a couple of months.
    Thiago Ladeira

  • Arjan Wilbie 23 June, 3:26 am

    I have a issue with a transport company, by driver error my item (engine) got damaged (it fell of the lift during offloading) this should be covered by their insurance but no one replied to my emails, till i complained on their facebook page and got a direct email. I got told it went to their insurance claim handler and nothing from there on. I take the date of my first email as date of claim, with list of damages and prices from parts suppliers. Where to go from here?

  • Sharon Tunstall 5 August, 1:23 am

    I am getting intouch with key finance as I believe you have taken money out of my bank account for no reason possible and with doing this have left my account penniless,therefore I am requesting a refund from your company instead of me taking legal procedures.Thank you,yours sincerely S.Tunstall.

  • D Sandhu 30 August, 8:51 am

    i made a contract with t-mobile more than two years ago and this year in May i wrote them to not to proceed after my two year contract and after two year complete, cancel my contract.
    despite my written letter they are harassing me for a payment which i do not owe them. not only that even they have written through debit collector company to me for a payment.
    in all my life i never had this sort of problem with any retailers. its shocking to me. why are they treating old person like this.

  • Grace Currie 9 September, 7:31 am

    Re a company called Cleanse Ultimo. They have debited now £67 twice from my bank account 27th august and 8th September. I have email, tried to phone unsuccessfully trying to cancel this order. I did received one box of pills which have not even been opened. Surely they can’t keeping taking money out of my account without authorisation. Its a very expensive lesson I’ve learnt re ordering via internet. I went to the bank when the first £67 was debited and was advised that they would attempt to stop the second payment but unfortunately this did not happen. Do I take this to the police? Please help me. Kindest regards

  • william lockley 17 September, 8:50 pm

    i recieved a play station portable which i did not order from amazon,after contacting them a few times over this item they said as they could not find any evidence of it being sent to me i could keep and dispose of itas i wish,being 61 and having no use for a psp i donated the item to a local charity shop now i have recieved an e mail from amazon fr. asking for a review of my order. i finally maanged to get through to them and told them that i had not ordered the psp they basically said either i had or a familly member had.what do i do now

  • H 22 October, 9:07 pm

    I put a deposit down on a hotel through travel republic. When booking they say its just £1 to hold the room in the hotel so I done this thinking its not a lot to lose. I had to cancel the booking but when I went in to this I was told I was to pay £40 which is approx. 20% of the overall cost. I had 2 days to cancel before I had to pay the full amount (due 3 weeks before my stay) so couldn’t hold off and had to pay the charge or incur the full amount. Usually all you lose is your booking fee which in this case was £1 – too eager to take up what looked like a good deal. Just went through the booking pages again and it doesn’t say anything anywhere about a cancellation fee. Can they do this? Its very misleading.

  • amanda 23 October, 7:57 am

    Talk Talk account 1005124427

    In September i phoned talk talk after several long conversations with customer service stating that i was cancelling my direct debit as you have not provided the service, or any service at times for that matter, for over 6 months.
    Every morning i attempt to go on line and the connection states that “there is no connection”. Therefore i can not use internet at all.
    We also have a talk talk on demand package, that works again only when it appears to want to. So instead of settling down to watch a bit of catch up tv we sit down whens theres a connection. Not at our control, worth having and not convenient.
    Then to add insult to injury you send me a letter stating you are increasing my bill by a further £1.90 as its now on paperless as opposed to online. Not a decision i made but one you made without contacting me. Thats stealing , plain and simple.
    Now i have a contract with talk talk, which is stipulated by you that a service will be provided for which i pay a fee.
    Ok its very very simple.
    You have not provided the service for a significant number of months i have given you ample opportunity to rectify the situation spending hours on the phone with some faceless person who barely grasps the English language attempting to rectify the situation. Yes they do try but its always the same outcome. Which is not only frustrating for me but the advisor also. Funny enough when talk talk want extra money or a contract renewal someone from a English based call centre phones and offers all but the moon on a stick.
    I am paid £25 an hour therefore you owe me a substantial amount of monies.
    I have had absolutely no connection to playback phone or internet for 7 whole days now, check your system thats Wednesday 15/10/2014 to Wednesday 22/10/2014 inclusive, nothing at all dead. Ive phoned been put on hold transferred, hung up as exhausted with it all eventually after 26 mins.
    Then it came on last night , first noticed on mobile connection.
    I will happily see you in court, as i have not breached the terms of contract but you have time and time again. You take monies do not provide a service or a shabby service when you do and do not communicate with your customers.
    You state you could not contact me via email, well i suggest if you didn’t send the abundance of junk email that you do i might be propelled to read such. Also its rubbish to suggest that you can not contact me and simply easier for you to send a letter stating you will be deducting further monies form my account.
    You have my mobile my landline and voice mail. You did not attempted to contact me on any occasion on any of these methods of direct contact.
    I am escalating this issue as its blatant day light robbery.
    You will not receive any further payments from me and i will happily see you in court should you decided to foolishly pursue such.
    Do not insult me by having some second rate customer service advisor contact me for a ‘, chat’ this is the end of the line for negotiation, i have forward such matters now to Ofcom and to be fair anyone who will listen including watchdog again.
    Under Section 52 of the Communications Act 2003 you have not made attempts to “fairly deal with this matter”.– mark as urgent

  • Dave 5 November, 3:27 pm

    Hi I put my bike in to be fix at halfords, and the left break leaver was so called broken. I think it was fine when it went in but they said they could fix it, after trying and could not fix it they said they can replace it free of charge, but it will be a different colour and different model to the right one as it was under warranty I said can’t you replace both as it is under warranty and will look odd on my bike. They turned around and said the bike is out of warranty but Chris boardman haves a good replacement parts scheme I never heard of this before so halfords as accepted the leaver was faulty and took the blame but am I in the right to say, they have to replace both as they are asking £180 to replace the other one to make it matching.
    Thanks Dave.

  • Lisa Pettitt 3 December, 10:13 am

    I paid for a £300 wardrobe, which wasn’t delivered on the day I requested but this was a minor issue. When I had it delivered I found that the side of the wardrobe was damaged. I contacted the company and they said they would be give me a 20% refund to compensate and I agreed to this. They said that they had initially refunded me and it would be with me in 3-5 days. Nothing appeared. Since then I have been chasing this pretty much every day. They have taken two bank account details and every time they have emailed me saying that the refund will be processed within 3 working days. It has got to the point where I am calling them daily to ask why it hasn’t worked. The customer service team say they don’t know why, and their manager Tim is the only person who can discuss this and he isn’t available. I can never get through to him and he never calls me back. I now don’t believe I am getting anything back and wish I had just rejected the wardrobe altogether and ordered somewhere else. I can see from many other reviews that other people have had the same issue and I believe they are scamming people out of a lot of money. At least I still have a working wardrobe – some people look like they are out of pocket and don’t have any product either. Where do I go from here?

    Thank you

  • Kirsha 4 December, 8:22 am

    Hello, I have recently purchased a dress from China. The dress I ordered was tailored to my size however when the dress arrived it was a different style, not like the picture. They are currently only offering a 8% discount when I purchase the correct dress, which as you can imagine I am not happy as I want the dress that I have already paid for. What are my rights?

  • Kerry 11 January, 10:32 am

    Hi. My parents purchased a Hudl tablet computer from Tesco November 2013 for my Xmas present to be given xmas 2014. After a few months I experienced problems with charging. Tesco said this was a problem with a batch and they would replace it. In July 2014 it was replaced. A few months later the keys on one side wouldn’t always work until I switched off and on again and the charging problems surfaced again. I didn’t act straight away, but before Xmas 2014 I made enquiries in store and they were aware of these problems. I was advised to contact customer services who said I could get a full refund in store. After Xmas I went into store and they said I needed a reference number from customer services. About a week later I called them again for a reference number and they said a refund might not be possible as even though I’d had the second Hudl for only 6 months the warranty applied from the date of the original purchase, so due they say it is now out of warranty and they will only offer a repair. If I get a refund I plan to but a Hudl 2 anyway won’t be out of pocket. Am I entitled to a refund rather than repair?

  • D Payne 21 January, 10:07 am

    I have recently bought a Vaillant Eco TEC plus 837HE Combi boiler, in December 2013 with a service ‘7 year warranty’. Although it came with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty, but if fitted by an advance installer, it would qualify for the full 7 year warranty.

    Now the sting in the tail. Vaillant’s agent Home Serve wrote to me requesting for a yearly contract agreement for £84 yearly. Should boiler service not be carried out yearly, it nullifies the Vaillant’s warranty. The question is why is the manufacturer and their retailers advertising this product with a 7 year warranty? All persons buying this Vaillant boiler are buying the warranty on the condition that the boiler is go for 7 years and ultra-reliable. This is absurd and grossly miss leading. Had I know that there would be a further charge of £84 per year, I would certainly not buy the Vaillant boiler.

    A look at Plumb Nation, Mr Central Heating and other retailers website has this misleadingly advertised the product with a 7 years warranty. What is the correct take on matters like this?

  • anita 17 February, 8:52 am

    I purchased a tumble dryer from currys that should have been delivered on the 16th, on the 15th i had a text saying it would be delivered on the 16th between 08.45 & 12.45, did nt get delivered, had to phone them twice to find out why, got no answers because the delivery company never answered phone, phoned today(17th) was told they tried to deliver but customer refused(was in all day & had someone on the drive valeting my car) today the delivery driver has phoned & said van broke down yesterday???? Been offered a £20 voucher for the inconvenience but i’m not settling for that, am i in my rights to ask for more??

  • Julie Wells 7 March, 8:38 am

    We bought a puppy from a kennel club registered breeder. She was the smallest in the litter but were assured by the breeder she was “just small”. We couldn’t get her to eat properly and she never put on weight and kept falling over. We took her to the vets who thought she needed specialist treatment and MRI imaging so we took her and they have diagnosed severe liver problems. It has cost us 7,000 already with more to come. Do we have any legal rights here? We were sold this puppy assuming it was well. It’s quite clearly gravely ill. Any advice helpful thank you.

  • Helen Murray 15 April, 6:40 am

    A SPECIAL OFFER BY Slimgenix was on offer. Only paying the shipping fee was required. However bank statements reveal that they had taken £189.88. From my account on two occasions. Obviously I have contacted them, only to receive an email with the relevant excuse that I never cancelled my order at any time therefor the monies was removed. Excuse me never at any point did the company happen to mention this. Clearly not a reputable company

  • adam 26 April, 9:04 am

    We purchased decorative stones for our garden, on two occasions from B&q.
    1st delivery of 2tone the stones are fine, 2nd delivery the stones are a different colour. We went to the store to be told they are the same and the 1st batch must have been bleeched with the sun. One stone has white chalk the other has a red chalk, totally different….what are my rights. Thanks ks

  • Mzukisi Mgudlwa 21 June, 9:04 am

    I want to register the dissatisfaction around Build It hardware stores in buffalo street in east London. They are liars who a greedy form money not customer care in particular their sales person known as Quintin, he is a blue liar who is fooling customers on a daily basis and one can conclude to say is he is doing this because of racial attitude. You will buy spot cash and wait for almost weeks which lead to months in order to get your staff. Recently this Quintin made me to wait for almost 3 months for plumbing material as well as the cement . On the 18th June 2015 as I always keep on going to enquire about the material he would keep on saying goods has been delivered, this date he was saying same thing as above regarding plumbing material and cement. I then phone the plumber who is staying in Zwelitsha based on the statement of Quintin. On his arrival in East London we then go straight to Build It to take material on hand so that he can go with it, to our surprise Quintin told us that material has already gone out with a truck to the place where plumber is to do this plumbing work I hired him for. The point I want to make is the way Build It is dealing with us as customers there as I am not the only customer not being satisfied with the service , as they are causing a lot of inconvenience as well as burden they took our money but material no where to be delivered on time. This also cause cost constraints as my plumber travelled afar using his money only to find no material to work as promised by this Quintin of Build It .

  • Frank kennedy 1 July, 12:21 am

    Dear Sir or Madam please could you warn people about a scam on the unternet by a clairvoyant calling himself “THE Extraordinary Chris” This is a big scam where he is taking people for as much as he can con out of them. I am afraid I fell for his lies and paid a lot of money to him. I reported this to the Hing Kong police where his premises are and they are looking into his activities. He is still advertising as I just looked now. Too late for me but can you spread this all round please. Check the Internet what people have found him out to be. Thank you. Frank Kennedy. No 3 la58dj.

  • Ryan 3 July, 7:33 pm

    Hi. Need some advise. I recently joined a gym and after 4 months I wanted to cancel my membership but I was told that i am on a 12 month contract. I was not made aware about the 12 month contract nor did i sign anything agreeing to such terms. I was also not given any email or letter about the terms and conditions. Am i still in the right position to cancel my membership?

  • Marie 15 July, 11:53 am

    Bought a second hand watch from a very well know shop. It has been back to the shop twice for repair know needs to go back again as it has stopped again it was not a cheap watch cost over £1700 pounds they have had the watch longer than we have in repair I purchased it last sept and it was back in there shop within a month this is an on going problem what are my rites am I entitled to a full refund

  • matthew maggs 29 July, 9:17 am

    we have had our Tunisian holiday cancelled and the travel agent has refunded our money but it is yet to show in our bank account after 15 WORKING days. The travel agent has shown us documents that confirm they had sent the money to our bank and our account yet the bank have said they have not received it and any complaint will take 3 weeks to process. What are my rights to getting our money from the bank as I have been told they are keeping it to earn the interest on it until they wish to free it up to put our account.

  • Kath 15 August, 7:09 am

    Hi.I bought a kitchen with intergrated fridge from BQ Blackby
    Blackburn Lancs .It was on buy later scheme . i will pay for itin October .The fridge is broke i am 55 days without a fridge. The engineers appt is 24th Aug. i have been given number after number rin g.please advice me i am so fed up.

  • Kev 19 August, 6:05 am

    My 78 mother took out a phone contract 3 years ago with 02 for my nephew. In fen she rang and cancelled it at the end of the term . They then tried to charge her another month so she wrote and informed them she’d cancelled then the same thing happened the following month. By the third month they said she owed 2000 pounds for a whole contract. They won’t acknowledge that she terminated it and have now passed it to a debt agency.
    Can they do this?
    Apparently the debt agency are charging compound interest now while she waits for an ombudsman decision.

  • sade 20 August, 5:33 am

    I was showering and pulled the curtain to find there was a dirty condom above me on the rail. What is my rights as a hotel guest? This was an hotel in england and in British.

  • Punpakdee Mr. 7 September, 10:34 am

    Dear Sir/Madam

    I am Group Captain Punpakdee Pattanakul
    Thai Air Attaché Royal Thai Embassy
    My Foreign&Commonwealth office diplomatic identity card number is 17855

    The case has been happened with the easyjet airline since 30 March 15 (Reference ID: 108115787
    We are thai people and my office is in the embassy I work as the Thai Air Attaché. We hold the Diplomatic passport.
    We plan to visit Prague, Czech Republic with the family of 5 people. Just a day before I had an urgent duty to Vienna Austria I do need to leave my wife and 3 children travel alone. I had already booked flight and Hotel via easyjet with confidence in secure the family.
    My family arrived the Gatwick Airport very eary in the morning.
    Unfortunately, easyjet staffs refused my family to board the airplane with the reason is we have no schengen visa. I printed out the visa exemption countries to them but they all ignored and not event tried to check from another sources until the plane got airborne . My wife had to find the transportation back to London with 3 children(16,13,12)

    I try to contact easyjet customer service many time and they just change the person to response and asking me to pass the agreement for visa exemption between thai Diplomatic passport and Czech Republic I send to them all of documents they need. I paid £ 840.9 for the ticket annd £ 270.58 for the hotel. The easyjet accept their mistake and refund me only £165 (£100 for a gesture of a goodwill and unused air passenger duty £65)
    I am very disappointed and my diplomat family was very upset not only at the airport with many people my kids also afraid of travelling with bad experience.
    The easyjet has already transferred money £165 to my acc but I am not happy with unfair from the airline.

    Please tell the easyjet to do the right and fair to the customer.

    In any details I can pass them to you if you need.

    Best regards

    P. Pattanakul

    Thai Air Attaché
    Royal thai embassy

  • Stefania Vinci 26 September, 6:14 pm

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    I am a support worker in a hostel for women with a background of homelessness and mental health issues.
    One of my clients has sometime in August, signed for a contract with EE.
    The contract included 10 GB internet, a new Samsung telephone and a tablet. At the shop my client had been told that the internet would last the whole month.
    (Please bear in mind that my client comes from Iran and her English is not very good)
    Anyway after 4 days the internet finished and when my client went back to the shop, a shop assistant suggested her to buy unlimited internet for an additional price of £25 monthly.
    Being my client on benefit, you can imagine her distress. Client uses internet daily to communicate with her daughters who live in Iran.
    My client decided to go back home, take her phone, tablet and new contract, return to the shop and leave the whole lot there.
    Now EE does not have a change of mind policy and it took me lots of persuasion to convince them to close the contract.
    In the meantime, EE sent the items (phone and tablet) back to an old address where Maria, my client, was living 9 years ago.
    Client is adamant in saying that she informed the shop of her new address (the hostel where she currently lives).
    Besides this last particular, by your point of view, does EE have any right to send things back to their current or ex clients?

    The account is finally closed but EE will keep charging (I do not know for how long) Maria for the items which have been delivered special delivery and signed for.
    I will be on annual leave from Tuesday 29th September to the 6th October.
    On Monday I will be working 1-9 pm if you wish to contact me, otherwise I hope to hear from you when I return from my holiday.
    Kind regards

    Stefania Vinci
    Support worker at Queen Mary’s Hostel
    28 Greencoat Place
    London SW1P 1DX
    Tel 020 7976 6338

  • Martin 4 October, 6:10 pm

    I bought a Ford Kuga brand new 2 years ago with a 3 year warranty, now the alloy wheels are bubbling up. I have spoken to Ford and they tell me the wheels are only guaranteed for 12 months. How can this be right surely the wheels should last more than 12 months. How do I stand in taking this further because when I spoke to Ford Customer Care they were not interested.


  • Carol 22 November, 4:59 am

    If when ordering goods and signing that says up to 20 week delivery time but the retailer tells you verbally don’t worry the item will come much quicker, it won’t take long at all because they know you need the item ASAP ..are their verbal promises part of the contract ?

  • sheila 27 November, 12:32 am

    Hi I bought a sofa at Argos 6 days ago ,it looks nice and comfortable but no its hard and very uncomfortable, got all the recits ,called customer service and I wanted to return the sofa ,they said I can return just if I have the original packaging, but I don’t have it anymore what can I do????

  • caz johnson 1 December, 9:32 am

    I left my job this month and didn’t get paid. Mortified a month b4 Xmas. Said was owed in holiday which is fair enough but can they take whole wage and leave me broke. Been there 12 years!

  • Shakirat 13 February, 8:32 am

    My 16 yr old son bought a nest of tables on my instructions from Oak Furniture Land online on 5 February 2016. OFL advertised as free express delivery and said they will contact 2/3 days before delivery. They wrote and informed my son of a delivery date of 10th February, which he could not make because of school. He promptly called to say he wouldn’t be able to accept delivery on the date. They said they would try to fit his delivery first thing in the morning. When they did not deliver by 9am, he left for school. They contacted him later to say that since he was not there to grant access he would have to pay £39 if he wants it to be redelivered. He said no, that they should refund his money. He was then told that they could do so, however, the refund would be less £65 as they would charge for the attempted delivery and administrative costs. I called to complain and I was told that these conditions were in pages 8 and 25 of their terms of conditions which he had accepted. Surely there must be a regulation or law against such repulsive behaviour by a big retailer. None of this delivery/ refund implications is given in the order pages of the website nor was he informed when he called to say that he could not make the scheduled delivery date. They have put me in a catch 22 situation. Which way out please?

  • Jan 26 March, 11:40 pm

    I have a windows which is still in warrantee and is not closing but I accidentky put the guarantee in our fire ! Is it still covered ? It was a local business

  • nicole hanson 16 April, 1:15 am


    What is the law regarding opening times? My local McDonald’sonlt has a license until 11pm but on their window state they are open until 12am. This has cause inconvenience to me and many other people I know. Surely this is some sort of false advertising?

  • Mrs Jo Jarvis 20 May, 2:37 pm

    Recently bought a sofabed from DFS, on the receipt I noticed that the cream sofa was called silver but thought due to fancy names for colours it was correct. The swatch I saw was cream. They were extremely busy and was passed on to order. I did sign the order.
    On delivery it was grey not matching my cream three piece suite. I am an artist with a good eye for colour. I truly believe that it must have beeen a mistake on their part, but am afraid I have little chance of correcting this. I did complain to their head office and was refused acess to their CEO

    • Mrs Jo Jarvis 21 May, 11:07 pm

      Do I have any hope in correcting this?

  • Susan sheppard 22 February, 9:17 pm

    We live in a council bungalow and they have got some contractors replaceing facies around the bungalow they have had a asbestos firm in to move it before the guys cans tart but we have a set off patio doors and when they pulled the asbestos of it has loosened our doors and the seal round them they have Saide they will get some one in to sort them out but I’m worried if another person dose the work that our Garuntee what we have will be void could you tell me if I’m right in thinking this