Dealing with Dodgy Tradesmen or Builders

If it hasn’t happened to us, it’s happened to someone we know. Dodgy tradesmen and cowboy builders took ages to do the work, did it wrong or simply didn’t do it at all. Everyone has a story, which is why it’s crucial to know your rights and remedies so you can be prepared at the outset.

Firstly, don’t be taken in by what appears to be goodwill on the builder’s part. You may be confident of a positive outcome, but this is a business arrangement and you must ensure you have a watertight contract that you are happy with. This would include specific clauses in relation to how much the job will cost and how long it will take. If you do not, then the assumption will the job should cost a ‘reasonable amount’ and take ‘reasonable time’ – which is subject to interpretation and may drag things out if you find yourself in dispute.

Refer to the section on Doorstep selling if you signed up to having some work done after someone paid you a visit to your home (whether or not this was an unsolicited visit).

Your statutory rights

With contracts for Work and Materials where the main focus is labour and skill, you are always protected by three statutory terms, even if you have nothing in writing, or the contract you signed does not specifically mention them. They are:

1. Reasonable care and skill

As you are buying the services of a trained professional, there is the assumption that the builder or tradesman will act with ‘reasonable care and skill’. If he does not, you can claim a breach of your statutory rights and be entitled to terminate the contract and either pay nothing further or seek to get your money back through the courts. Where substandard work has been carried out, you may well have incurred greater potential costs to have the work put right, so it is not enough simply to ask for your money back. In such circumstances, it may be more appropriate to pursue a claim for damages. Remember that where the cost of the work is over £100 and you are able to pay by credit card, you would be well advised to do so. This would make the credit card company equally liable where you were not able to recover your costs from the builder.

2. Reasonable time taken

As mentioned earlier, if you have no contractual clauses specifically in relation to timeframe for the work, the assumption is that the work will be carried out within reasonable time. Once reasonable time has elapsed you would not be entitled to terminate the contract, but you would be able to give reasonable notice, providing a deadline at some point in the future and thereby making time ‘of the essence’. If the builder then fails to meet that deadline, you would be entitled to terminate the contract. If you did agree timeframe as part of your contract with the builder, and this timeframe is exceeded, then you can automatically move to terminate the contract if the deadline is broken.

For this reason, you would always be advised to specify a date for performance and make clear in the contract that ‘time is of the essence’.

3. Reasonable cost

Just like timeframe, if you have no contractual clauses specifically in relation to fees payable, the assumption is that you will be charged a reasonable price. However, problems tend to arise where a service is commissioned, exact price cannot be given and the buyer is then presented with an extortionate bill. Where this happens, and where you have little choice but to pay (for example an emergency plumber), but you must make clear your objections at the time of paying, so that you can take action at a later date. You can do this by writing “paid under protest” somewhere on their documentation or (preferably) on the back of a cheque, and by following this up with an immediate letter to the organisation in question to dispute the price you were charged including evidence of alternative ‘going rates’.

It may be that unforeseen additional work will be required and costs will go up. It shouldn’t be by too much and you could argue that the builder could reasonably have anticipated this when providing the estimate. In any case you should limit your liability by requesting that the tradesman or builder informs you if it is going to cost over a certain amount.

It is always advisable to pay the money in stages, leaving a significant amount until the end, when you are fully satisfied that the work has been completed to satisfaction. You may be required to pay money in advance for the ordering of specific goods, but never be afraid to ask for paperwork so you can check it for yourself.

The work is half done – where do we go from here?

With the purchase of a faulty good from a shop, you can simply return the item and get your money back – putting you back into the same position you were in before you bought it. You can’t say the same for building work, particularly if they have walked off the job with it only half done. The question is, is the contract severable? It very much depends on what you are having done and what payment plan you have agreed. Upon presentation of the finished item, can you simply say that you are not going to pay for it and you are not going to give them the opportunity to make it good? This may be a little unreasonable, but if you plan to cite a breach in contract due to an absence of reasonable care and skill, you must make it clear that you are rejecting the finished item. If you have accepted it, you may have to pay all or a portion of the price agreed in the contract.

What about work is taking place in phases? Let’s say you are having a conservatory built which involves the payment of four instalments. If after the second instalment it is clear that the work is substandard you can sever the contract at that point and ask them not to return. You can then pursue damages for monies paid and additional sums if any consequential losses have been incurred (the cost of putting right the poor workmanship). If however the builder offers to redo the work, then the reasonable response would be agree, as long as it can be done ‘in reasonable time’. But what if you have lost complete faith in the builders and do not want them back at all? This is also a reasonable response, although you would have to have good grounds to claim a loss of faith. For this reason, it is always advisable to take photos and keep a diary when having any long term building work done, so you have evidence should it ever become a dispute. Many trade bodies representing firms such as builders will offer a dispute resolution service – which is always cheaper and quicker than litigation! Therefore always choose a builder or tradesman who is accredited by a trade body, association or guild which can offer this service.

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  • bill 6 March, 8:43 pm

    the council has failed to repair a patch of tiles in my bathhroom they have been out twice to repair this but only placed tiles over the bump on both occasions what are my rights on this

    • Sam 27 April, 8:53 pm

      Hi, Had a renewable energy system installed late 2015 by a ltd company (there’s 2 people in the company listed on companies house) who were accredited through msc, reccs, napit and at the time hetas. Cost us tens of thousands of pounds, can’t put exact amount due to staying anonymous. Got a loan to pay for half of it. Total disaster. Got NAPIT involved and they have done a full report (which we don’t have access to) advising of multiple failures, Undersized system, contract breaking, not to building regulations, not notified to local authorities, safety issues. Installers were advised by NAPIT to correct, they have not say that they cannot afford to and in a few weeks will be struck off. They have not renewed their accreditation with RECCS or mcs. At the time they had 3 companies from the same address (which is also their home) the first company dissolved beggining of this year, the second company (the one we brought from) has a low credit rating and the third company ( a community interest company) is having alot of investment does similar and additional things. Their business premises is full of assets which the second company brought. Its as if they are trying to wind down the second company to avoid paying creditors. They don’t have any workman backed insurance warranty (despite telling RECCS they had) so if we went to court we wouldn’t get paid. Our insurers don’t want to touch it because of the low credit rating on the company we entered into contract with and there doesn’t seem to be anywhere else to go from here. Any advice? Ombudsman to go to? Financial conduct authority maybe? We don’t want anyone to go through what we have gone through. This for us is a life changing amount of money. We can’t afford to fix it. Its affecting our life and business as the system is undersized so every day its in we lose money. We are on tax credits and we are still paying the bank loan that we took out to pay for it! We are in a mess. To make matters worse the company in question has had such positive media on them, local councillor was there on the opening day of the ‘new’ business. We have tried contacting them to appeal to any better nature they may have but we are being ignored. So much so that we said we would have to go to their business premises to talk with them if they didn’t return our calls, the response we got was if we went onto their premises they would call the police! Any help or advice is welcome. I suppose we need a) a miracle or b) about £10,000 to burn, am I right? In the least we feel it should be public information. Any people out the that had work done by this company won’t have any workmanship backed insurance that’s for starters.

  • Beki Matthews 26 April, 1:59 pm


    We are trying to sell our house and the buyer’s surveyor picked up that the conservatory has dropped. Subsequent structural engineers reports have shown that the conservatory was built on inadequate foundations for the subsoil and have recommended that the conservatory be rebuilt. Our insurance won’t cover it as its due to poor workmanship so it’s looking like we’ll have to negotiate on price (which is very painful as we are really extending ourselves on our purchase!)

    The conservatory was built in 1991 and although we weren’t owners of the house at the time we have a copy of the original invoice for the conservatory. The company who installed it are still in existence and I was wondering whether it might be worth us writing to them to see if they would rectify it. What are our legal rights in this regards?

    Kind regards

    • hg-maintenance ltd 15 August, 8:02 pm

      hi there i see you have some problems with some other firms work? do you already have the problem sorted ? as we cover all aspects of building landscaping plumbing & heating electrical and much more contact us on 07403963786 hg-maintenance ltd leamington spa

  • Stephen Mclean 15 May, 1:10 pm

    I am a good electrician that is consiencious they is to much corner cutting these and a lot of its lazyness like no capping no grommets in switches no earth sleeving cables slapped over attics and not clipped. I worked with blokes that hardly use a ruler this all cracks me up some electricians dont deserve to be paid by washers.

    They is some very good electricians out there who I have worked with nice and neat workmanship.

    My late father was a good painter and decorator he never glossed on gloss like I have seen some painters do.

    The other day when I was in Belle Vue Carlisle I seen a bloke on a tiled roof high pressure washing it thats one thing you dont do.

    Proberly done as much damage as he charged in blasting water in unecessary places and looseing the slate nails.

    I looked on the side of his van and it said high pressure washing driveways patios roofs.

    He would proberly be from Carlisle’s Hadrians camp gypsie camp.

    HOW DO WE POLICE ALL THIS. Please E Mail me back with your comments which I would welcome.

    • john smith 2 January, 10:38 pm

      Stephen Mclean you are a narrow minded fool what has race got to do with pressure washing a roof?


  • Sam 11 June, 9:22 am


    8 months ago I had a new bathroom fitted. The man responsible for the job, has left me in dire straights. Iv come across a water leak, which is affecting my kitchen ceiling & my cellar is becoming flooded with water. So after 15 telephone calls, this guy kept telling me he would come over & have a look, yet has failed time & time again.
    I last spoke to him & out of desperation threatened him with legal action.
    What are my rights, what should i do?

  • Mark Hillyard 5 July, 10:17 pm


    I have a problem with the patio at my house. It was built just under 4 years ago and verbally has a 5 year guarantee (though nothing written on my invoice). During the first 2 years i had to have the builder back twice for some minor repairs on slabs that had become loose. These were fairly quickly resolved.

    Last summer many more slabs became loose and many are dipping one side and it now looks a total mess. The builder finally came back in October last year and agreed it was bad and he would be in touch to arrange a date to come and sort it out. That was the last i heard. Despite numerous attempts to contact him on both his mobile and home number i am not getting anywhere. I leave messages and he simply hasn’t got the courtesy to even phone me back.

    The patio is now so uneven that my son tripped on one slab sticking up last week and sustained minor cuts and bruises.

    Where do i stand legally on this matter? Is it a case of it not being “fit for purpose”?

    Any advice that anyone can give would be very gratefully received as i am about at the end of my tether over it.


  • Natalie 12 July, 3:54 pm

    Why can’t we name and shame these bad tradespeople. I’m sick and tired of people getting away with poor workmanship. This country is such a rip off – it’s time we fought back – not through the courts which costs time and money. But where it really hurts – on the front cover of the local newspaper, all over the internet and leaflets posted locally naming and shaming the scumbags.

    • chris 22 November, 11:51 am

      I’m a software developer who also recently had a bad experience with a builder. I’m thinking of building a website to name and shame dodgy tradesmen. Please get in touch with your stories as well as names and contact details of the tradesmen who wronged you.

      • Joanne 22 November, 12:00 am

        Hi just recently been scammed out of 2k. I’d like to give you the details I’ve got on the man and the other details I’ve since found out about him. I’m one of many that’s been scammed by James Taylor the Scottish conservatory roof con man.

      • Denise Fairbrother 15 July, 8:20 am

        Hi Chris

        If you do build a website can you add Jeremy Penfold based in Lewes and surrounding areas. He works around East and West Sussex. Ripping people off. His website, photos of his work, reviews etc – all fabricated. I’m currently in the process of taking him to court myself. Only just got a judgement – I was thinking of how to start a petition, to lobby parliament to have tougher laws and quicker response times. I think they should be arrested, for damage to property and fraud. Currently by the time all the paperwork is sorted out in my case its been 9 months, these people have had ample time to close down their companies and bank accounts, dispose of their assets and move location. They just carry on ripping people off and they are not bothered because they know that most people don’t follow up because its stressful and costs money to get them to court.


      • Angela 17 August, 6:00 pm

        Hi I think that’s a great idea. Count me in.

      • James Taylor 22 August, 9:21 am

        Hello everyone!

        I am the crook known as James Taylor. In case you can’t find me by following the trail of slime I leave behind me, where I will happily rip off anyone, young or old, rich or poor, feel free to call to my home address and collect the money yourself:

        66 Trent Road
        OL2 7YL
        United Kingdom

        I look forward to looking each and every person I have ripped off in the eye!

        Yours faithfully,

        James Taylor
        (Not the real James Taylor, but actually another honest, hard-working person who has been done for a few grand by this absolute c**t!)

  • Lucy 16 July, 11:17 pm

    We very recently had our bathroom refurbished. We had problems from day one with an argumentative builder who tried to tell us how we wanted our bathroom…looking back we should have stopped work straight away but we had saved for over a year to start renovating our house, beginning with the bathroom. To cut an incredibly long story short, the builders have now left the job “finished” but unfortunately there is still so much that needs doing and rectifying that they should have done that there are hours and hours of work to do before we can even paint the walls. We haven’t paid them in full yet as we were very careful to make sure they didn’t bodge the job with full payment. We have taken photos of most of what is wrong but we can’t live with the mess as it is. They also very kindly left us with a brand new leaking toilet! I have a list 17 items long of unfinished, shoddy, not done work and damaged items in our house. We have had the final bill come through and in total including VAT, it comes to nearly £1500 more than was originally estimated. Although he’s charging us for extra works undertaken such as replacing the old sink and bath taps with new ones of the same type, he’s also still trying to gain money for work he hasn’t done!!! To add insult to injury, he never once said that the cost was going to jump up by that amount…considering all of the bathroom hardware etc. we had already paid for we don’t know where this figure is from. I also kept a logue of times that they turned up for work on each day…on more than one occasion it was 11am or later. I can’t afford nor do I want to pay this man any more than he estimated as the job isn’t finished, things are damaged and not done and he was rude to deal with…I have completely lost faith in his abilities and I don’t want him in my home again…We are probably going to end up doing the works ourselves as we can no longer afford to pay someone else to do it so now something that should have taken approximately 2 weeks to complete is still ongoing. Where do I stand on payment to him as the job isn’t finished but I don’t want him in my house any more. He is regulated by the FMB. Can anyone advise?

  • tim 7 August, 1:54 pm

    Had very poor service from a company called serviceteam ltd based in London. Ironic that they use the term service. Appalling service and so called customer service. Would NEVER recommend this company. Just see their terms and conditions and ask my neighbors what they did to me. I have now had the work redone by an excellent tradesman.

  • Mina Savis 6 October, 11:21 am

    Dear Sir/Madam

    My poor parents have seen a leaflet advertising building services so they decided to call the builder in and use his services. Firstly the builder comes in with a child of probably 14 years old to carry out this repair for the front of the house.

    My father thought that this child is there with the father i.e the builder to help with odd jobs.

    It turns out that he has left him all by himself to carry out this whole repair. My parents have paid cash upfront for the job and it is not even completed due to the rain.

    Had my father known the child was going to do the whole job he would have sent the child back.

    This guy is a conman we feel as he is not returning any of their calls now to come and complete the job. He has taken all this money and the job the child has carried out is well below the standard and even the postman asked my father what has happened to their front wall!

    My mother wants to report him for acting illegally with regards to child labour. The child is also illeterate by looking at the receipt and the his handwriting it shows he cannot read or write. So this builder has committed two offences child labour and cheating them out of their money and carrying out a bad job.

    My mother is scared on other hand for them to come and vandalise her house if they find out she has reported the builder.

    Please advise us what is the best course of action to take as she was going to threaten him by reporting him for child labour and being a cowboy.

    Many thanks

    Mina Savis

  • Gill 3 December, 3:36 am


    Just wondering if anyone could help me?

    I started a two storey rear extension and new front dormer in May, the builder carrying out the work was recommended by a friend. Before work started he used to come over and spend hours planning the build and providing suggestions etc.

    A contract was drawn up with him which consisted off,
    1) Bricks and blocks (to build extension)
    2) Supply and fit double glazed doors and windows
    3) Supply and fit all electrics to extension and main house
    4) Supply and fit all plumbing (toilet, sink and shower)
    5) Fit mega flow cylinder in the loft
    6) Move electric and gas meters
    7) Supply and fit all timber and tiles for new roof
    8) Change all heating (new radiators and pipe work within the main house)
    9) Fit new kitchen

    All the above work was written up in the contract and the builder was paid in three instalments and one final payment was agreed upon. Everything was going well. The extension shell was built, roof completed. However suddenly the builder started asking for extra money which he seemed to justify so this was provided to him, as we didn’t want any delays in completion of the job (which was estimated to be November) He became in a rush to complete things ripped all the existing kitchen out, took all the bathroom out. When I questioned him about where I’m going to shower he stated ‘do you want me to complete the job on time’. After that I stayed out of his way and didn’t want him to have any excuse on why he didn’t complete the job on time,

    However 5 weeks ago the builder stopped coming and stated he won’t come unless he is paid more money. He was reminded that he has already been paid for labour and materials for jobs he has not completed. He stated then he can’t do anything about it as he is using his own money to fund the project and hasn’t paid any profit on this job.

    He has left my family and I in an unliveable house, we currently have no heating, no hot water, no bathroom or shower and no kitchen. We have tried to contact him but he just hangs up the phone. I am at my wits end and no longer know what to do. Surely you can’t leave someone in these conditions.

    Can anyone advise me on what I should do? Any feedback would be much appreciated!

    Many thanks

    • Donna 18 January, 4:21 pm

      Hi, I have had a very similar problem. they arent asking for more money but have been paid over 2 thirds but have only actually done a fraction of the work. if i dont pay the rest now they are not continuing and will take the money i have already paid with no more work. they said that they will then charge me admin costs so that the final bill will be what i ahve paid so they wont owe me anything?

      this has been on going since sept. feeling so low about it all. so if anyone else has been through the same and knows what to do would love to know how to move forward

    • dennis 5 March, 12:32 am

      Sorry to hear of your problems with this so called builder he obviously has used all your money and lost interest in your project . writ a letter to him stating that you want the work finished and include that if you do not receive a satisfactory reply within say 7 days you will seek legal advice from a solicitor and also include that you will be planning to get compensation from him for loss of use of your home keep copies of all your letters

  • Kevin 20 December, 2:19 pm

    I am having a problem with the company who installed our windows and doors. The sealed unit in the kitchen has a crack on the inside of the sealed unit (which is quite obviously a manufacturing fault) but the company keep hiding behind their “guarantee” which doesn’t cover damage to the glass panals. Where do we stand leagally re getting this fixed as we have not caused the problem in the first place.

  • Anonymous 7 January, 12:43 am

    I have had an extension built by a company called Chelsea Construction in Carshalton Beeches. The whole job was a nightmare and to cap it all I have an email from the company stating that they did not use qualified plumbers or electricians to install lighting, new shower, electrical goods, and move the boiler to a new location. Has anyone had a similar experience? Any advice on what I can do to report this?

  • Mina Savis 22 February, 2:09 am

    Dear Sir/Madam

    Could you please kindly remove the situation I described with regards to my parents from your website. I thought it would be kept private and not publicised on the google.

    Could you please kindly let me know once you have done this for me. My email address is

    Much appreciations

    Mina Savis

  • Lisa 24 February, 6:57 pm

    We commenced work with a building company called Aim (East Anglia) Limited who are a building company based in Norfolk. We must have completely missed their horses and stetsons left outside as we have had nothing but trouble from them.
    We paid a mobilisation and deposit instalment up front so they could order the glass roof, doors etc and then a further few staged payments (on reflection we know this was stupid but we started out our relationship with them in good faith). We found on many occasions either no contractors on site to complete the works or contractors on sites and no supplies. Some of the days they would arrive at midday and unload bricks and rubbish into our skip clearly brought from another site they had been working on (despite telling us they would not take on more work). When we have tried to meet him face to face to discuss he is either ill, in hospital or a member of his family is in hospital and we are told he cannot make it about half an hour before we’re due to meet! A month after the work was meant to be completed we are still roofless and building control have identified a number of issues with the build as it stands that needs to be rectified. Severely already out of pocket we now have additional costs to rectify the problems that have arisen.
    Does anyone have any advice or do you know anyone else that has had issues with this company. I suspect we are not alone!

    • V 11 May, 10:37 am

      We have the same problems with AIM East Anglia. They have taken funds and have simply not tunred up for work sicne last year. They are also not respondign to any calls/ letters.

      • Lisa 19 October, 5:30 pm

        Hi V

        Stephen and I have managed to get quite a long list of people who have fallen victim of AIM East Anglia Limited and Mark Peter Edwards, Mark Kirby and Clare Smith (Mark’s wife).

        If you would like to become part of the group (don’t worry it will take place offline) please could you contact Stephen via his website

        Equally if anyone else has had problems with Aim East Anglia Limited please get in contact. They need to be stopped ruining other people’s lives.


  • Mina Savis 4 March, 12:36 am

    please remove the post I have written above.

    Many thanks


    • No we Wont 15 November, 11:52 am

      No we won’t.

  • Matty 2 April, 6:08 pm

    Have a builder we have used before who we have agreed to doing some further work.We have agreed a price in writing and he said he would start last week. He just didn’t turn up and says he hopes to start next week. Are we under any legal obligation to proceed with this builder if he continues to not turn up or contact us? Any advice?

    • Daniel 11 April, 12:04 pm

      would also be keen to know the answer to this as I am going through the same thing. Said he would start in 4 weeks, didn’t turn up and wont return calls.

  • ian gibson 4 May, 12:38 pm

    i had my driveway done in imprinted concrete and at first looked amazing (may 2010)over the last 6 mths it started to fade in colour and little holes appearing and also in one place the colour had completely gone and just bare concrete showing.They have been round today the 3rd of may 2011 and just rubbed colour into it and it looks awfull,gritty,rough and looks dull,what can i do.

  • Manchester Decking 23 July, 2:35 pm

    Not sure if its a problem with my PC but i can see horizontal lines across this site, i have clicked back and come back to this site and still the same Issue? does anyone else see these lines?

  • Insurance v Personal 25 July, 5:26 pm

    We’re unsure as to a number of the costs included in a builders invoice. The was a variety of words done mainly on an insurance claim, however there were a few items we had done personally (using the same insurance builders/company).

    Essentialy we thought all was fine as throughout the works any additional personal works/costs that we discussed with the contractors were followed up with an email from them outlining the works and associated costs followed by ‘Please let us know how you want to proceed?’ or ‘Please let me know if you want us to continue?’. This was always very clear and we do not have any issue with the works that were agreed as a personal cost to us.

    However, there are a number of items included in their final invoice to us that they didn’t inform us would be an additional cost to us personally, nor did they provide estimates (if any) before the work was completed.

    We therefore dispute those costs, as we had understood when we discussed these items with them that they fell under the scope of the insurance repair works. Further, there were some works that they did without even notifying us that there was a problem.

    Where do we stand with payment for these newly added (yet not agreed) costs?


  • Lisa 6 October, 4:46 pm

    Is there any chance we could get in contact with each other to take this further. Don’t suppose every time you tried to get them to come and meet you one of his members of family were ill??? I would like to take this further if I can get a group of people together. I also know someone else who has had problems with them. In the end they have cost us £30k in money they have run off with and repairs to what they did do (which was wrong).

  • Lisa 6 October, 4:50 pm

    V any chance we could speak together about Aim East Anglia? i would like a group of people together to do something about it as apparently they have done it to hundreds of people – that is why he has a brand new car on his drive and can afford to send his kids to private school!

  • Stephen 9 October, 3:19 pm

    Is this AIM East Anglia of Norwich and Great Yarmouth?

    If so I know a lot about them.

    • Lisa 12 October, 10:51 am

      Yes Stephen please can you help out?

  • Lisa 12 October, 10:49 am

    Yes it is. Please can you help out?

    • Stephen 12 October, 5:26 pm

      I am an electrican and did some work for them, for which I haven’t been paid, so I have a vested interest in this case.

      Financially the position is clear, they owe many people a lot of money. I have a county court judgement awarded against them, which I have asked the court now enforce. That’s the easy bit. I can only pursue the limited company, who can go bankupt and pay nothing. What I’m lookin for is somone who could advise us on the potential of legal action against the owner personally, who has assets.

      I’ve seen building companies do this before. They declare themselves bankrupt and appear the next day, with the same people trading under a slightly different name.


      • Lisa 13 October, 1:54 pm

        Hi Stephen

        Just so you are aware we tried to sue them but the solicitor in the end said to us that it will cost us thousands and they will just fold the company. I have spoken to the solicitor about this and there is away of getting a group of people together to go after the directors. In this case as the business is in Mark Edwards’s wife’s name Clare Smith we would have to go after her but need the support from a number of people to put the case together. I think I know the bricklayer who did the work on our house that hadn’t been paid too, plus various of other people.

        I spoke to Companies house and apparently they have a proposal to strike them off which is going to be shown in London Gazette on 18th October. If you want to ensure you get your money from them then I would get in contact with Companies house to say you are pursuing them and to dispute the striking off until that happens.

        Not sure how we can get in contact without putting our details on here and I’m not sure I want put that in the public domain!

        V, if you are interested then maybe we should all try to get in contact.

  • trickygj 12 October, 2:06 pm

    If anyone needs help with with dodgy trademen I can maybe help.

    • Stephen 12 October, 5:28 pm


      • trickygj 13 October, 11:09 pm


        I help homewoners and the like with dodgy builders. I have had a quick look at this company and apart from unsatisfied CCJ’s of nearly £64,000 it looks like someone has petitioned (6/9/2011) to have the company wound up. This is likely to be a creditor who is owed at least £750.

        Once the notice has been placed in the London Gazette the company’s bank account will be frozen. It will be upto the liquidator to investigate what has happened and he will also investigate the directors if he believes that the directors are guilty of wrongful trading (trading while knowing that the company was insolvent). They may recommend that the director is banned from all current and future directorships for a period of time.If struck off, a Director will have to give up all other directorships that they currently hold.

        If company directors are found guilty of continuing to allow a business to trade while insolvent, they may become personally liable for the debts incurred by the company from the time they knew the business was insolvent.

        From my experience it is difficult and costly to pin the debts of the company on the directors. You need to be sure that at the end the director has the assets to be able to pay any judgement. Lots of things to consider.

    • margaret 28 June, 9:59 pm

      I have not been able to get builders back to complete jobs needing done for completion certificate and photographs of stages of work.

  • trickygj 14 October, 8:39 am

    Just a note. It might be best if you post on the consumer forum and start a thread. That way there is more chance of the comments being responded to more effectively.

    • Stephen 15 October, 4:37 pm

      Thanks for the tip Richard if anyone wants to email me direct my website is

      As a responsible trader I get very angry with the rogues, who give the rest of us a bad name.


      • trickygj 15 October, 6:44 pm

        If you need any company information/directors checks etc/documents lodged with companies house let me know and i will try to help.

      • Stephen 16 October, 1:30 pm

        Thanks for the offer Richard.

        I presume the first step is to identify the dirctors of the company, so that we can look to assigning some personal responsibiity. The next step being to identify if they have any assets. The HMRC will be on their trail. I expect there will be considerable tax bills due, even if they wind up.


  • Barry Compson 1 November, 9:19 pm

    Hi. My daughter has just had a block paving driveway laid.Within a few days the concrete haunching had cracked and the blocks had started to open up, and several areas have sunk. The company have been very rude to my daughter and have not admitted that their work was defictive. It appears that the edging blocks have not been laid on contrete to secure them, only haunched with concrete on the edge.An independent contractor has inspected the drive and has said that it is a very poor job and has not been laid properly.The contractor says it is acceptable but the problems have not been resolved and the drive will only detiorate. Can she take the contractor to the small claims court?

  • Stephen 14 November, 6:39 pm

    AIM (East Anglia) Ltd status

    Followers of this case will know that I have considerable confidential information, however I’ll issue a simple status reveiew of what is in the public domain, to stimulate discussion.

    The company has been forced into liquidation by a creditor, MKM Building Supplies. The official receiver in Norwich is scheduled to interview the directors. I think they are having trouble locating them, but I am being informed weekly about their whereabouts by interested parties.

    The position now is that if the directors can be shown to have been trading while knowingly insolvent, they can be pursued personally for the debt.

    The director and company secretary is Claire Smith, who appearas to be the wife of MArk Edwards. She owns a house in Norfolk which she is selling hurriedly for £142,000 the lendor being the Bank of Scotland.

    There are a number of creditors of Mark Edwards personally, who went bankrupt in 2008 and owns a house in Norfolk. I expect it to be fairly easy to link all these liabilities jointly to both Mark Edwards and Claire Smith.

    I haver no legal training so if anyone if can contribute to the pursuit of justice, let me know.


  • Bob builder 19 February, 10:57 pm

    Actually I find your reply to this message racist!

  • London Plumber 19 May, 11:07 am

    The number of schemes the Government have conjured to certify the building trade and all of them have failed – al least plumbers have the Gas Safe certification (formerly Corgi) which does carry some weight.

  • Julie 19 May, 4:31 pm

    we had a connservatory built last sept, the company were also paid to do a number of additional things such as lay lamibate in our hall etc. since then we’ve had numberous issues, conservatory parts popping up, leaks, leaking toilet as they didn’t fix it to floor etc etc.. we’ve given them so many chance to put this right, they fail to turn up for appointments, fail to call back when promised, are arguing that they should not be held responsible for some of the work. Nightmare. We just don’t know what to do next.

  • Julie 19 May, 6:54 pm


    Probably need a bit more information in order to answer effectively. If you want to look at my website and give me a call I will try and help you.

    Richard Johnson

  • afolashade oduntan 8 June, 7:01 pm

    can you pls advise me,i moved into a rented property not knowing that is dampy,me and my children btw age 3&5yrs,had to be sleeping in living room because the rooms nd the bathroom were so damp nd smelly,with so many work to be done in the house,so many of our personal belonging got spoilt,but after reporting him to landlord association,he got rid of the damp,but would’nt do the holes in the house and around the windows,there are broken windows,weak front doors,there is no fire alarm in the house,lots of unprotected cables,all he wants is his rent we’ve been paying him but had now decided not to pay him until he put things in order for us,he’s made a lots of empty promises,saying if we pay he will do it but once we paid him,we won’t hear anything until when another rent is due,he keeps sending different people to the house just to cajole us to pay his rent were always falling for his tricks,it’s very essential to have smoke/fire alarm in the house but he is not just ready to do it,he has no regard for our dignity,he treats us like animals,because of the way he made the house for us,even if we leave his house,we don’t another family to suffer what we’re suffering,please what can we do?whats our right?we need your help and advise

  • JULIE 22 July, 2:20 pm


  • Maggie 13 September, 3:40 pm

    Oh dear. Reading all of the above and watching rogue traders, cowboy builder’s and it all just makes my blood boil.

    We are a building company, we are not the cheapest – but we always to a great job, and never let our customers down.

    I must say that SOME CUSTOMERS – are rogues themselves – they want things done for nothing and when you do this once – then they want it all the time and then get funny – when they are charged!! We have had all sorts but the majority of our customers are brilliant.

    Onto the above …….. I bet most of you go for the cheapest …… and most of you probably end up having ESTIMATES and not fixed Quotes (which is what we do). If we cannot price something when doing the Quote for whatever reason, we always state Not Priced For!!

    Also people always think the best way is to pay CASH!! By doing this there is no paperwork! No paperwork because it does not go through the books – they do not pay the VAT etc etc. If there was paperwork – then they would get done – if they got caught for doing cash!!

    People should have a contingency to allow for items under the ground, in the roof, etc where things cannot be seen until they have been opened up!!

    We have also seen before that sometimes word of mouth recommendations is not 100% fool proof either!

    There is a recession out there, there is competition!! But we always wonder when we get told – ie “you are £5,000.00 dearer” or “we’ve gone with someone nearly half the price” – WAS IT STILL THOUSANDS CHEAPER by the time the job finished – or if it even got finished????

    As some of you have said – you ended up being put in the position of not being able to say “no more” as you have paid out thousands of pounds and have not had much work done – so you stay put with the cowboys and are forced into paying out more!!!!

    Just remember – cheapest isn’t the best! Cash is no good! If the builder’s are builder’s – they should be VAT registered too!!!

  • Belinda 28 September, 1:20 am

    I agree we have been badly ripped off paying tradesmen, that seemed trustworthy, vast sums of money and since finding out that we have paid tens of thousands of pounds more than we should have done. Had I known about the role and uses of a Quantiyy surveyor I would not have paid their continual invoices and got the work properly costed. We paid £100,000 for work that should have cost £35000 we have had to double our mortgage to pay for it. It has nearly cost us our marriage and our health . We are currently looking into taking legal action but again this is costly stressful and there are no guarantees. Trading standards are involved but have been extremely slow and have no legal powers.

  • fedup 7 October, 5:42 pm

    Roof Cleaning twerps

    My idiot neighbour had their roof cleaned by what can only be a pair of cowboys ,,,,,,,,,,,,,the mess my side was inccredible

    When challenged got the retort “we put a note thru your door”

    I told them that prior notice + a trapaulin to cover everything my side was minimum requirements and that i want all the mess and damage cleaned up properly

    Guess what NA Da Nothing !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ssss 23 October, 6:22 pm

    I paid a painter for the stabaliser paints also half labour he worked a few hours in total, work not complete since august keeps coming up with excuses doesnt answer calls!!! what action can i take against him

  • isabella 18 November, 3:43 pm

    you may need to take insurance cover if you have problems had to get cover when i wanted to sell my home

  • stuart 29 November, 12:35 pm

    got a carpet fitter to fit flooring in our 4 downstairs rooms, all work was meant to be done in one day. 2 floors were done, then next day never arrived. Now someone from the company has come to fit one more floor and they are demanding full payment or they will rip up the flooring.. We already gave them £350 of the £450 cost quoted and the receipt they gave us states the full balance was due on completion. Then whilst a fitter was doing the one floor the owner of the business rang and said if we didn’t pay the full amount now then the fitters would rip up the flooring. When my wife refused he threatened her with violence. Now we have 3 floors almost finished, but they are refusing to finish the work

  • Umar Ahmed 10 December, 4:25 pm

    Recently my father had some work done to his house, he had refitted his whole whole house with double glazed windows costing a total of £1,200.00 on which on a cold day you can hear a whistling sound and a breeze coming in through the gaps. So I decided to get the ladders out and have a check on the upper floor windows, only to be suprised that the outside frames have not been sealed. I could still see the foam and screws on the outside, with gaps.
    I am shocked at the poor effort and care of these cowboy fitters.

    So where can I go from here? any advice?
    We were promised to receive a guarantee, but havnt yet received it.

    Coventry, UK

  • David Price 15 December, 10:52 am

    Watch out for a contractor called JB & Co Enterprise Construction in the Slough area as you will probably regret using them as I do. They are probably OK at gardening or knocking a wall down but don’t contract with them for painting unless you want paint spots everywhere and do not use them for electrical work unless you want your house burnt down. For instance when they redid our batrhroom they forgot to re-install the extraction fan. When I pointed this out they installed it using screws directly into the plasterboard ceiling, they forgot to connect the extract tube and they screwed up the wiring so that the printed circuit board blew up. They are a bunch of cowboys and they refuse to admit they need to fix things. A complete nightmare.

  • Grandma 16 December, 2:03 pm

    When I wanted my drains and drive relaying I tried to be very careful choosing a contractor. I thought I would be so safe using my neighbours grandson-in-law as he was always visiting next door and had done for years. He took all the money for the job, took longer than agreed and when he wanted more money I said no till he finished the job – so he just walked off and hasn’t returned. I’ve rung, complained and demanded he finish the work he’s been paid for. He says he will come but then doesn’t. Now he says it’s too cold.
    Citizens advice have told me to write to him and if that doesn’t work, I can take him to court but the address he gave me is his mothers not even his own. He’s now driving round in a second new van, I wonder who paid for that? I have since found out that he owes one of the labourers he was using, over £2K so I can’t see me ever getting my money back.
    I have no more money to pay for courts or solicitors or to have my drive and garden finished and I’m left with a skip in my front garden which I can’t get moved as he hasn’t paid for that either!

    What a lovely Christmas this widowed grandmother will have now thanks to theiving cowboy builders

  • Marion 20 December, 6:28 pm

    2 years ago our house was badly flooded from the attic and as it was -15 on many days the winter was bad that year. we contacted our insurrance compant who hired there own loss adjuster and suvayor, they were rude un help full and difficult , insuurance company would not help , they hired a builder who has made our home in a worse condition than it should be . defective repair work , holes all over , leaking pipes dangerous electrics and so much more , we have not been able to live there for the last 2 years and are still fighting the inssurers to get the work redone, we had a new report done by a suvayor, but they still wont except this , we need help on what to do now , this has cost us thousands all our savings. we contacted ombusman 14 month ago and are still waiting for them to decide, so any help or advice would be great, our health has suffered as we are not young .

  • Nick Silver 3 January, 9:52 pm

    Absolutely correct. The guilty parties should be named and shamed.

  • John G. Dell 11 January, 1:30 pm

    Has anyone else used ‘Safestyle’ for windows and their sister company ‘Virgo’ for guttering and facias ? We paid cash for the full windows and doors treatment plus the same for gutters, bargeboards and facias, £13000 plus,fifteen months ago. We have also had at least a dozen visits to have bad workmanship put right. The result…more water IN the house than out. They keep saying ‘condensation’, I did not know that this came by the gallon everyday, along with black mould around all the units, on the sealants and on all the window reveals. Due to this firm’s lack of care or consideration of our problems living with this second rate job, we are now having to spend thousands more for a builder to damproof and replaster most walls and window reveals. Total redecoration follows at more cost. Do not believe their stupid adverts -‘You buy one, you get one free(you don’t)- you get nothing but trouble with no-one prepared to accept responsibility. As pensioners and with our health being affected, we feel that our complaints are not being treated with the respect all complaints should be treated with. We feel that we are being talked down to and being given a sympathetic (or should that be pathetic) pat on the head.

  • dee 7 March, 2:12 pm

    My mum and dad are elderly my dad has a good few health problems , due to this they decided to get a downstairs toilet and have the garage converted to another room. My dad heard of a builder and apparently a few ppl had told him he was ‘good’ my dad spoke to him and he gave them a quote of £6000 to complete the work to decorating standard. They agreed the work would be done and finnished for christmas 2012.
    As my dad new the builder he and mum went and got a LOAN to pay him the builders started the next day. My mum and dad was actually going to ireland for christmas on 17th dec 2012 but i was staying at there house anyway. Before they left for ireland my mum payed the builder his money stating she knowswas paying him incase he needed materials. ‘ BIG MISTAKE’ I TOLD HER. Specially as i was there she could have give me the money to hold. Anyhow cut a long storey short the work was still ongoing when they returned from ireland on 3 jan. When work was finnished or near enough there was still bits to be done but hardly anything and the builder said he would be back when snow gone after snow cleared we could get a proper look at the work .
    The external wall is wavey and the edge is not straight at all. The new bricks interlock with old ones then they dont then start and stop again the morter is redicuasly thick and in one place it doesnot look like there any morter at all the joinery inside is atrocious there is gaps filled with cork on all corners of skirting board. The door frames ave over a inch gap in places there is silicone all over one wall we he fitted a window. We contacted him he came and to me has tried pull yet another fast one he has tried to make the brickwork look straight with yet more morter overlapping bricks in parts but the whole wall

  • dee 7 March, 2:15 pm

    Sorry hit submit by mistake. The whole wall is uneven still and at a horific angle i just need advise as what to do next and were to start please any comments would be greatfull
    regards diane

  • G GRAY 19 March, 8:39 pm

    My builder has just built an extention for us it is an extention to a dining room with a room above. The room downstairs has been built but they have left a concrete floor . I have been told it needs to have screed. Surely this is the job of the builder to finish it properly . He says the carpet company will do it, is this usual?

  • Julie Ruddick 4 May, 4:30 pm


    Could someone please advise me where I stand with the following:

    Had a builder start work on my bathroom this week, the first plumber came and did some aspects if the job then left, the tiler has done the tiles, the 2nd plumber broke a tile and has walked of the job, the new plumber this morning has come and when the tiler turned up looking for the boss to get paid his money, the plumber has stopped work and left the job. We are all trying to get hold of the boss and he’s stopped answering his phone and his right hand man has told me its down to the boss to resolve, no further communication from the boss they have left me with the following:
    Bath not sealed, shower not fitted correctly, no sink, nothing boxed in, all my doors are off and lying round house, rubbish everywhere, light fittings hanging off, window ledges broken etc

    They have taken nearly all the money throughout the week, in cash and I only have the original quotation from the company

    Does anyone know what steps I can take, I do not want this man to con anyone else

  • ayse 14 May, 8:51 am

    Oh my god, that’s £75k more. I thought mine was bad when it went up by £15k. We agreed two storey extension at £60k, went up to £75k however still not finished. I hate the way the extension and house looks, it looks really cheap and the extension hasn’t added anything of value to the property. Next time will buy a bigger property rather than do any sort of extension. One thing I have learnt is get EXACT quote, detailing right down to the nails!! Ive paid all the money now , so really at mercy at builder to complete.

  • nadia 15 July, 4:01 pm

    Had a cowboy attempt to re-install our good running boiler in a new place in our house…complete shambles!! He ruined our gorgeous kitchen before realising he can’t get the parts for the boiler anymore more!…where do I stand with this as I want to take it further asap.


  • Alex 23 August, 10:21 pm

    Has anyone in South London had any dealings with AOD Building & Maintenance Limited, SE14? I’m trying to establish whether an ex-building site manager was contracted by them. I tried contacting them but they never got back to me. We had no problems with the builders that were used to do my elderly mums house guttering and roof, but the site manager has done a runner with money we were due back. The reason why I ask about the company is that he handed my mum a flyer with that company name on it then took it off her a few days later. He claimed he needed it for one of her neighbours.

  • rhona 18 September, 11:37 pm

    Why do tradesmen get away with behaviour that wouldn’t be tolerated in any other context?
    We have just sacked a joiner who refused to give us an estimate, refused to commit to a date, disappeared for days on end without answering our calls, and downgraded our job in favour of a more lucrative one. He consistently gave assurances that he didn’t keep and expected us to accommodate his family commitments as well as turning up with a door that wasn’t suitable for purpose and leaving it in our garage. He then had the nerve to say that we probably wouldn’t find anyone else to do the job!
    I think we’ve had a lucky escape, even though he was recommended by another tradesman – but isn’t it time zero tolerance was shown to these idiots by consumers? I’d see someone like that in hell before I’d let him loose on my property. Everyone else has to behave like civilised human beings – shopkeepers, lawyers, doctors, teachers, all have to behave professionally, and even the gas board now has to give a time when they will come to fix a problem or do a service, so why should these people be exempt? It’s about time some laws were brought in to squeeze the timewasters out. This might also have the effect of nipping in the bud some of the horror stories before they happen.

  • marie 14 October, 9:08 pm

    I recently got a builder in to do some work. We agreed what was to be carried out, even gave him drawings. The builder did not give me a quote before he started but promised a written quote after he started. No written quote received, all the work was not carried out and what work he did carry out was badly done. He damaged the new kitchen cupboards I bought and did not supply a Part P certificate for the electrics that are not of a good standard The builder also invoiced me a very high price for the work. Wickes quoted £700 less than the builder for fitting a larger kitchen including building the cupboards. My builder was not to build the cupboards. Something should be done about tradesman like these. It does not make it easy for good, honest builders.

  • Annette Craine 25 October, 11:30 am

    Kevin Foulkes has ripped of hundreds over the years taken there money like £1000s and either did a crap job or didn’t do it at all
    I am one of his victims
    He changed his company name
    From kmjf building and construction
    Bootle builders covering south east
    We surply the tradesman same area
    He was so nasty and rude to me when I have a fixed address for him and taking him to a small claims court
    I have drugged deep and my builder has permantly restricted him advertising as you will see complaints made against him
    He done this for over 20 years he now is in newhaven east Sussex he was in Essex but he covers all over
    Stop this bloke

  • Mr j r Scott 12 November, 10:16 am

    I had a conservator supplied and fitted by 1st Choice conservatories of Addlstone or sometimes Walton on Thames the owner is Gray Bolam the build is second rate the customer service is nil, He gave a ten year guarantee but will not honour it, will not return calls. He covers Sussex and Surry SO BEWARE .

  • cheryl tebbutt 20 June, 7:41 am

    I was happy to find someone at last! small kitchen in the corner of a lounge.
    HE SENT AN EMAIL saying the price…
    later he would not remove stuff-I assumed it was included,

    He took about 5 days! he wasted time.
    Kitchen looked clean/modern I was happy so paid him CASH IN HAND…
    but the WORKTOP was not joined well and I told him…and now the sink lifted out on left!
    He did not do all I asked but I over looked THINGS.
    then I noticed he had cut off the back odf a cupboard and not attached another so things fall out!
    He took £150.00 FOR EXTRAS (NO RECEIPTS)
    and I noticed the tiling corner did not have plastic piece.
    I am single and found the process tiring and I choosing and RETURNING was stress and living without a kitchen……….(food) etc….
    SO I WAS not alert TO SEE DETAILS…….he did not put bottoms on the cupboards!why?
    he took me for a ride.-
    I called him over 14 times and he eventually came in and looked at problem worktop-said he is busy
    I could see he does not want to fix!(
    FOR a single female immigrant it is hard in SOUTH LONDON…he closed email account and I KNOW WHY

  • Chris and Ben Mooney 13 July, 10:26 pm

    Be very aware of Tony Butters formerly trading as Inspire Baths now known as Blueline Bathrooms. Fixed wall tiles with waterproof sealant, did not tile in the shower. Put architrave in and hacked at the door which we now can’t shut and then said “Well I’m not a carpenter”. He used my hoover to remove water from the floor and did not tell us. When I went to use it water poured out of it all over our carpet. Now we understand why we have water coming up through the floor tiles. He lied about being with checkatrade and read text out to us that he said were from checkertrade giving him 9.5 out of ten for other jobs. Checkatrade said he applied to be a member but could not come up with the requirements needed.He lives in Littlehampton,don’t be fooled by his friendly manner.

    • Charles and Jaye 21 February, 10:50 am

      We too have been stung by Tony Butters, now trading as grafters. Don’t have this company touch your property. We’ve had to reapply for planning as they built our extension too big as didn’t stick to the architect drawings and pitched our roof at 9.3 instead of the planned 15 degrees it should have been and put inadequate tiles on meaning the whole thing has to come off. The work that was carried out was shocking and reports done since have brought more issues to light. They left us in a terrible state accepting no responsibility and are claiming we have run out of money and that I am psychotic. It’s been a really tough time for Charlie and I and the children as well as family we’ve needed to help out just to get our home safe. Building inspectors are aware so if in Worthing will give them a hard time.

  • Maria 27 July, 4:20 pm

    Company quoted for new boiler, to be fitted within 2 days. Gas fitter fitted wrong pipes, broke flu and couldn’t get cover on boiler because he had fitted pipes so badly. Supervisor attended, new gas fitter had to re do boiler fitting with new pipes, replaced flu. Electricians took up all carpets upstairs, whereas in contract only one carpet to be lifted was agreed, two cupboards broken in kitchen which is a year old. I am refusing to pay the £3000 quoted, how do I stand with this, please advise, thank you, job has taken 4 days now.

    • Maria 28 July, 3:01 pm

      I emailed yesterday and am still waiting a reply, please help

  • Bob 15 August, 11:33 pm

    Had a terrible experience with a company called ‘ultimate trading ltd’ in Edinburgh. Charged twice the original estimate. Asked for the money upfront and left the job half finished. The toilet was left with no toilet and no shower! Stay away from this company, they will only steal your money! The main guys name is Dean Blues.

    • Chunk 1 November, 12:45 pm

      Did you report him to the police? It’s called “Ultimate tradesmen”. We had the same problem with him.
      Could you contact us to give us information about him? It would be really helpful.

  • Hilda blake rich 28 August, 10:24 am

    I asked a builder to mend the back wall of my cottage, which was due for a new tenant to be installed on April 1st,,,The builder said it would take only one week, but there were 11 days up to te 3

    • Hilda blake rich 28 August, 10:40 am

      A builder said he could re-plaster my cottage wall in only one week. there were 11days Up to March 31st,. I needed to let to a new tenant on April 1st.
      He asked for 500pounds up front to buy the materials which I handed to him, but he onlybegan the work on the 31st March, leaving deep piles of rubble on the pathway. I foolishly gave him 12 more days to finish, but he did no morework, even though the weather was brilliant. He never bought the materials,andwhen I finally asked him to leave, andto give back my money, he refused, and claimed for 4days work 408pounds, and offered to give back only 20 pounds out of the 500Pounds. He had only worked on one morning. How can I get thatmoney back? I also lost rent for April and May

  • Theresa Nikray 12 September, 7:39 pm

    Hi, in March 2013, my daughter hired a gardener to do quite a bit of work, he seemed genuine enough, had all his landscaping work to show us as we live in same house, he was to lay some turf, pave certain parts of garden with very expensive slabs, the rest pebbled with an honeycomb adhesive to make pebbled areas solid, fit a trellis, plant up flower boxes, i paid what he required for materials, but as time went on he seemed to need more money for different items, at last he got my entire savings of almost £6000, the garden has been done 60-70% and nothing more since date in March 2013, we receive constant phone calls telling us it will be completed by many different friends of his, one even being a firefighter, i think i can assume this garden will not be completed, my poor daughter was having it done more for me than anything, as i am 70 years old and we have never had a nice garden to enjoy in the summer, we have quite certainly been ripped off, is there any action that can be taken, we have contact for this man also proofs of funds being transferred into his bank, if anybody has any suggestions as to how we we may be able to recover money or get this person to complete what he promised in a time scale of three weeks, believe it or not, we would be so grateful.

  • c warren 13 September, 6:01 pm

    had a company recommended by Stevenage Plumbing Supplies to install my cloakroom and cupboards. this man had no idea . he even asked me how to remove a pipe. i rang Stevenage Plumbing to ask if he was qualified to do the job and they assured me he was so i let him continue .the company is called DG PLUMBING STEVENAGE.he advertises he has a team of highly skilled tradesmen .he has no men at all.he brought a tiler in who said he had left another job to help this man out. he rushed the job and the tiling is a disgrace .the tiles are chipped and the grouting is dark and patchy and cracking everywhere.the tiles have lifted off the window sill .he was asked to remo ve the sill but instead he hacked the overhang off and just tiled over it .the floor was laid on a slant and laid across the doorway not even into it.when i complained David Gardner said ‘you didn’t tell me you wanted it straight’.i expressed my disappointment and the next day i had a note shoved through my door threatening court action if i didn’t pay up within 7 days. like a fool i paid. needless to say he didn’t return to finish the job.i rang him and asked him if he knew what a mess he’d made of the installation .he said it all needs ripping out sue me. i have reported this man to trading standards. i have also reviewed him on different webbsites which he has removed and posted fake reviews by his family and friends.when i’ve tried to contact him to discuss what went wrong he reports me for harrassment.of course it’s not harrassment when the innocent person just want the money to redo this shoddy workmanship.he even tried to claim for it from his liability insurance but of course they don’t pay for shoddy workmanship.after spending almost £5000 on this room i really can’t afford to pay again even more money to rip it out and redo it.i am now also terrified of letting anyone else in my home after the way he abused it.he even let his tiler mix the cement up in my dining room and when i complained he said ‘well where did you expect him to mix it up then’. if i take him to court and win he probably won’t pay these people never do they just don’t care.once they have your money they just hide so what else can you do?

  • chris smith 22 September, 3:17 pm

    I have paid cash for a flat roof terrace refurbishment, it has been finished very bad the builder said he would put it right unfortunately he will not reply to my messages to get back to me.I have had other roofing companies in and each one has said how bad it is and that it will all have to come up and be redone. Where do i stand with my rights in this matter. Help!

  • Denise Austin 24 September, 10:24 am

    Paid cheque deposit to a conservatory company to replace roof.
    Company is still trading but not replying to emails and we can not get any response via the telephone
    Have written to company but also had no response
    Not sure what else to do now
    Any useful advise sourced please

  • Morgan McDaniel 4 October, 9:16 pm

    Because the contractor did not show up on several occasions, when he finally arrived he was told to clean up his stuff and that this project was put on hold. He refused and started working. He was told again that he needed to clean up and leave, but refused and kept on working. Five hours later (9:00 pm). I told him that if he and his crew did not leave immediately I was going to call the police. There is no written contract and he was told to stop the work. Do I have to pay him for the work he did in that five hours?

    • Richard 11 October, 4:46 pm

      For all related disputes you can pose a question on the Consumer Forum under the building section where questions are more likely to answered by a forum moderator who has relevant experience regards trickygj

  • Chris Smith 11 October, 6:11 pm

    with regards to my comments on the 22nd September as to a dodgy builder !!! who supposedly refurbished my flat roof terrace and left it needing total refurbishment again .He will not answer any phone calls or registered letters, the company is BROKUS PROPERTY MAINTENANCE OF BROADSTAIRS .
    name Robert Broadbridge I hope I’ve named and shamed him. Thankyou.

  • Austin 11 October, 9:44 pm

    Answered a national press ad to have conservatory roof replacement. A company called NATIONAL CONSERVATORIES paid as a couple of vists bringing along books and photographs of supposed satisfied
    Customers. We paid a £2040 deposit and was told a surveyor would be in touch and the work would be completed within 6 weeks. That was on 9th June 2014. It’s now 11th Oct 2014 and not one person from this company has made contact! All their contact telephone numbers are all non attainable and our letters are returned and marked as gone away even though they are still listed as a live company with company house. Their web site is still live and advertising We are in touch now with trading standards , fensa, and rogue and taking legal action.

    • andrew 23 October, 4:50 pm

      in reply to austin, we have also paid a deposit to national conservatories and like you have had no further contact, same problem telephone numbers barred yet they are still trading and their web site is up and running. how many more people are in the same position as us they should not be allowed to get away with taking peoples money and doing nothing.

    • Jill Bignell 27 October, 6:07 pm

      What was name of company we have had same problem we paid deposit in February 2014 they are terrible how can they get away with it

      • Denise Austin 14 November, 7:19 am

        Andrew. The guy running the company is called James Taylor. He has around 5 conservatory company’s on the go. I sourced this information from company’s house. The address listed in Marlow is also changed to an address in Oldham, which is residential!! They seem to have taken on way too much work along with deposits with it. I’m am now in contact with .watchdog and also the police as I feel a crime of fraud has been committed I will pursue this until I receive our deposit back. Company was NATIONAL CONSERVATORIES.

      • Another victim, who has managed to locate James Taylor 22 August, 9:24 am

        Confirmed address of James Taylor

        66 Trent Road
        OL2 7YL
        United Kingdom

        Yours faithfully,

        A friend

    • Nicky 16 November, 5:46 pm

      In reply to everyone who has had dealings with NATIONAL CONSERVATORIES OR DIAMOND SEAL UK.

      Our story is the same as yours, we also answered an advert in the Sun. The same ad was also in the Mail.
      The company was called DIAMOND SEAL UK. They sent their salesman round called Steve and we were happy with the product so we placed the order for the replacement conservatory roof. We sent a cheque to the Head Office in Billingham for the deposit of £1,260. This was at the end of August 2014. We received no confirmation of the cheque being received but obviously it was cashed and when we contacted them, we were told the surveyor would be coming shortly.

      After a few more calls a man called Pat (surveyor) came out to measure up. A few more weeks went by and tried to call the Head Office again, but this time it went straight to answerphone to be told the mailbox is full, so unable to leave a message. We started to get a bit suspicious and called the salesman and he said that a few people have been calling and he gave the contact details for the owner. this was a mobile number.

      We called it to be told we were talking to Mark Smith and he said they have had a few problems with placing the orders for the roofs and there has been a delay. He reassured us that the roof would be fitted in a few weeks, he asked us to call him in the middle of the following week and he would give us a fitting date. We did this and we were told the job would start on Friday 14th Nov.

      We weren’t totally convinced so called on Monday 10th to find that the mobile number wasn’t working and there wasn’t any answer from the Freephone number, the website had disappeared as well.
      The only number where there was an answer was one of the so called offices and we were told that they were also trying to contact him as he owes them money.

      After doing a bit of investigating it looks like quite a lot of people have experienced the same problem. We not sure how many people are involved or if it’s the same man ‘Pat’ ‘Mark Smith’ ‘James Taylor’ ???

      This is a SCAM and it’s looking like on quite a big scale.

      Has anyone got further forward with the investigations?? Is it worth people getting together to share stories and taking it further as a working party??

      • Lisa Clarke 19 November, 5:11 pm

        Hi Nicky
        the exact same thing has happened to my 82 year old mother. I took over dealing with it because she has been so upset and parted with £1200. About 3 weeks ago I was promised by James Taylor that my mum’s roof would be fitted next Monday the 24th and because of all the upset his company had caused he would not charge her another penny. I foolishly believed him but now I cannot get hold of him!!! I did however keep a landline number that he first called me on on my mobile, I have put this number in google today and it has come up linked to a company in Royton called Advanced Conservatory Solutions, the 0800 number is only one digit different to the one I had for Diamond Seal so I thought I would give it a call. The answering machine is the same Scottish man (who I believe to be James Taylor). I have left a message but surprisingly I have not receive a call back!!! Looks like he is trying to do it again through another named company.

        I am happy to go further with this as I’m sure many others will be.

        Lisa Clarke

      • Sharon Maddison 19 November, 6:55 pm

        My Father in law has also been ripped off by this company. They took his deposit for £1050 at the end of July. After some investigation on Google, it looks like the company was only incorporated 18 days before my father in law paid the money over. I have had replies to emails which I sent to from Mark Smith, the last one being last week, when he didn’t even seem to know what my father in laws order was. It seems to be a total SCAM and they need investigating. Its fraud surely. Taking money under false pretences.

      • paula 25 November, 7:47 pm

        we have had the same { DIAMOND SEAL UK } all the number we have no one answers so i emailed them and was told the work would be done 27 28 29 of october and no one turned up, so we phoned and got mark he said one of the parts would not fit so he would have to re, order it and the new date to fit roof would be 26,27,28 november ,we will see ???

      • Nate 1 December, 12:46 pm

        For further info on Diamondseal, please reply to
        I am a former sales person working for this company, I am owed thousands by them.
        As far as I know they are installing, however some customers are waiting 3-4 months rather than the 4-6weeks the sales staff were told it would take.
        I worked with the company for several months and have had numerous calls from unhappy customers.
        I will gladly help provide information to anybody who is having trouble contacting the company.

      • Brenda 3 December, 10:33 pm

        We have also been ripped off by National Conservatories. Paid £1,000 deposit, in April 2014. Had two visits from a guy called Matt. Said a surveyor would be out to measure up etc. We did get the conservatory measured up, that was just before the World Cup kicked off. Weeks went by, then out the blue came another guy to measure up the conservatory. He went……..still waiting.
        Calls not returned either. It does hurt knowing we’ve been scammed.

      • jane burchell 18 December, 9:35 pm

        Had the same experience. I have taken it further submitted it to action fraud if more people could do this then he should get what he deserves prosecution, as it is a scam on a large scale. Initially I contacted National Conservatories,in the spring somebody called Mark Dinning came and quoted us a price, did not go ahead. He called back a few months later said he had left National Conservatories and was working for Diamond Seal uk. I said that now my finances were better I would go ahead and the price would be the same as quoted with National Conservatories. Somebody came round called M Elsom I signed the contract and paid £1500 deposit by cheque on 6 August. The surveyor came on 18 August. Diamond Seal phoned me up said they would do the work on 15 September, they phoned up again just before this and said that the date would be changed to 22 Sept as machinery was broken, asked for aletter of confirmation but did not arrive. Then had phone call from Borders Roofing Solutions said Diamond Seal was overloaded they were sub contracted to do the work and would be done 22 October. Borders phone number is now disconnected. Did not hear much from them so emailed Diamond seal just before the 22 Sept as you said could not get in touch with office. Mark Smith said the North West branch was closed and gave me a firm date for 17 November. I asked for a number he gave me one but no one answers. 17 November came no one turned up said that he was struggling with fitters, I gave him till the 24 November to do the work, if not I would take action for breach of contract. Did not turn up so I demanded my deposit back he said that I would get the money within a week did not arrive. So I emailed him yet again to say I was going to take action he has not replied since. I have sent recorded letters to the offices they have all been returned. I telephoned directory enquires apparently there is nobody of that name living at his residential address in Nottingham.
        I urge people in the same situation to get in touch with action fraud because then the fraud police will have a stronger case to bring him to justice I am sure he is operating nationwide.

      • janice joseph 7 April, 3:09 pm

        I was a victim of this National Conservatories from April 2014. I have been trying to get money back from May even serving county court Judgements. I then reported to Action Fraud in July and the case is now with Greater Manchester Police. Please contact them for updates. Or come back to me and I will give you an Officers Name

      • Janice joseph 7 April, 4:59 pm

        Contact greater Manchster Police they are investigating as I was victim from April 2014.

      • jill 20 May, 8:33 pm

        we were also tricked by national conservatories paying £2,400 in feb 2014 feel very sad we were scammed reading other people problems cant believe they aren’t in court I tried with everyone CAB told me I would lose money if took them to court !!

      • Joanne 21 November, 3:56 am

        Hi . Just found all the posts about James Taylor. As of November 2015 he is now trading as climate control systems. He has just scammed us out of 2k!! Now can’t get hold of him and I’ve subsequently contacted action fraud but I feel like nothing is being done. The police just passed me on to them and everything was just logged. I now realise getting the money back is not an option but surely it’s time this low life was caught!!! He is still scamming people. The climate control website is still live even though I have told the police about it. Anyone else a victim of this James Taylor please contact me as together we can help catch him and see him pay for all this! ! He’s scottish and the fitter that is working with him now (although if he ever fits anything is highly unlikely) is Jeff Simmons who has a cockney accent. He is the one who came to our house with the contract and to go through the work with us. The stress this had caused me over the kast 6 weeks has been terrible and losing money weve saved up so close to Christmas has been devastating. I won’t rest until something is done about this man

      • Another victim, who has managed to locate James Taylor 22 August, 9:27 am

        Confirmed address of James Taylor

        66 Trent Road
        OL2 7YL
        United Kingdom

        Yours faithfully,

        A friend

    • Jane 29 November, 11:02 am

      Same. We were given a date to start work 16th Sept. Disconnected electricity, took down blinds and cleared the conservatory for work to start. They didn’t turn up and have not replied to our requests for the return of our deposit of £1890.

      • Austin 2 January, 7:19 am

        PLEASE GUYS. Inform action fraud , CAB, trading standards and BBC watchdog about JAMES TAYLOR and he’s rip off companies. The more people make contact with them the more chance he will be caught I have found 7 companies with him listed as director all up and running! This man is a con artist taking deposits from people who believe they are to have a replacement conservatory roof.

        If you get to read this Mr Taylor, rest assured I for one will not let this go. I have emailed you now around 30 times and not one response. How you sleep at night is beyond me. Do the right thing and Pay back the deposits you have stolen from us.

      • Kenneth Wakinshaw 26 June, 12:58 pm

        I paid National Conservatories £ 1350 in 2014 for new conservatories roof
        The salesman name was Stev never heard from them sense

      • Another victim, who has managed to locate James Taylor 22 August, 9:25 am

        Confirmed address of James Taylor

        66 Trent Road
        OL2 7YL
        United Kingdom

        Yours faithfully,

        A friend

    • andrew murray 3 January, 4:26 pm

      Same story as eveyone else. Diamond seal uk ripped my 88 yr old granmother off for £800 and then attemped to clear her bank account. If I find the people resonsible they will wish they were dead

      • Another victim, who has managed to locate James Taylor 22 August, 9:32 am

        Confirmed address of James Taylor

        66 Trent Road
        OL2 7YL
        United Kingdom

        Yours faithfully,

        A friend

  • Domonique 24 October, 9:09 pm

    I’ve had a decorator in about a month to do a few simple jobs that should’ve only taken a week.
    I paid for one set of jobs.
    The second set he asked for the Money upfront so he could pay for some materials a he was short etc.
    it has been over 3 days and he has not returned to finish the outstanding work.
    I am left with a whole in my wall where a vent was removed, half laminated hall which my children trip on, he was supposed to gloss the door frames and bead the laminate.
    I am £300 out of pocket and my house is unfinished and I don’t know what I should do or who I should go to for help in getting my money back.
    The decorator is ignoring all calls and messages.
    I have found his address online.
    Can the police help???

  • Tarasa 2 November, 8:36 am

    Hi please can someone help me are builers have been on the job for 3 weeks and only worked 3 days one lie after another lie now thay don’t know where the steels go I have had building regs guy round 3 times and he can’t believe no work has started what do I do

  • Joandivall 16 November, 4:37 pm

    I read all these emails realise that I am not the only person who has had a bad experience of money grabbing builder the sad thing is we have know him since 2008 and thought he was trust worthy reliable honest, know I realise that he is a very nasty aggressive person who only works the hours he wants to but can charge you what he wants a full day should be 8 hours works 5 hours 50 minutes cost should be £60 pounds no he charged £80 I had to go at 3pm to get my daughter from school this happened on 7 days total £560 then worked three days 9.10 am till 4pm x2 days £160 then I day 9.15 till 4.55pm £80 it just gets worse and worse two half days worked 3 hours charged £80 then worked 1 half day 3 hours £40 he is a joke had answer for everything,as he did not finish the work I did not want to get him back he said to my sister bloody cheek knew I would be back and get the extra day I wanted I have worked it all out my labour he charged was £960 I know that he owes me at least £190 ponds but he won’t pay it back so I refused to pay the £80 he worked on that Friday his comment I am the boss I can work what hours I want how can a builder who is off sick from his nhs job since July claim full pay from his nhs job and do building work surely this is fraud I wish I never asked him to do any work at my brother and sister house it has been a total nightmare surely there is something I can do to get some back ??

  • chris 22 November, 11:52 am

    I’m a software developer who also recently had a bad experience with a builder. I’m thinking of building a website to name and shame dodgy tradesmen. Please get in touch with your stories as well as names and contact details of the tradesmen who wronged you.

  • Josh 2 December, 4:36 pm

    I am working on a project to do with consumer experiences in the building industry at the moment. I would be very grateful if anyone could take 5 mins to fill out a survey to help with my research. You can find the survey at this link – and it really does only take 5 mins! Thank you in advance

  • Mrs Nikray 3 December, 8:41 am

    My daughter engaged a gardener almost 2 years ago. slowly but surely he managed to get over £5000 out of her, garden never finished, have had numerous calls saying it would be done, but as he started in March 2013 I can’t see that he intends to return to finish it . Don’t know of ayone that could be of any help in this matter.

  • john brown 21 December, 10:45 am

    The tiler who current tiling my hallway is now into the third week of a five day contract, that’s he said it would take five days to do the job. when he started the tiling I pointed out to him that he was going off line and it would leave a rake ‘rattail’ down the straight walls, he said it was an Optical allusion he assured me that there would be no rakes rattails on any wall. Now he put the cuts in the rake is on all four wall running out by 10mm from centre. I’ve told him that i;am not happy and to fix it, not sure how hes going to do that given they are stuck down. the tiles cost £3,500 and £1,500 to have them fitted. The tiler was recommended by the shop were we bought the tiles. NOT SURE WHAT DO NEXT. do I pay him off or keep back the payment. the tiles have been paid for the only thing left is the fitting charge.

  • victim 3 January, 11:23 pm

    wayne smith,britains most prolific con man forced me to give him money with a view to installing a new kitchen.although I had paid no kitchen arrived .my house was badly damaged,smith had ripped out the bathroom,ripped all the elecetric sockets off the wall with loads of wires hanging loose,interfered with the gas cutting off the hot water and heating,he also ripped out all the bathroom and put his foot through the ceiling and lots more,my home was made uninhabitable and I had to move out, I was made homeless and although other victims have committed suicide abd died by heart attack lazy south Yorkshire police and Barnsley trading standards failed to take any action.smith also rents houses.doesnt pay the rent and trashers all these rentals,there is a case to take place at Sheffield which smith has set up an innocent landlord after cutting the top of the 4 poster bed and attempting to paint the new floor boards etc.Loads more,can anyone help get this criminal in goal and get this stupid charge struck out,only another victim would understand

  • mostyn 22 January, 9:42 am

    I have given a window company £150 deposit to do some work on my house. They pressurised me into paying the deposit and I have all e-mail correspondence of this. The company now claim to have ceased trading and going into another type of business and are now not replying to any of my calls or e-mails.
    How can I go about getting this money back?

  • Peter roberts 22 January, 4:27 pm

    Most of the ch radiators in the new build flats in carriage grove L203JF are on backwards,result is no heat reflected out,Plus dane housing officer is saying that they are on that way so people wont burn there hands,the radiators are encased in metal cabinets so you could not burn yourself if they were on correct,worst blag ever heard,would be laughable if not serious,help!

  • trueblue 22 January, 7:54 pm

    Do not use a WAYNE SMITH,latest company the CONSTELLATION GROUP,in BARNSLEY SOUTH YORKSHIRE.refer to site beginning with BUILDER TOOK MONEY.HE IS Britains most prolific conman,use him and he could cost you your life!

  • A Smith 26 January, 8:20 am

    For a year now Ive tried to find a builder to demolish internal wall. They promise to quote but when I ask for a contract they disappear. I cant get my work done. There should be more regulation or assistance for the public. Checkatrade and Federation of Builders cant stop this happening.

  • Julie Owen 16 February, 4:37 pm

    I have had someone in to tidy up my tiles in the bathroom, which was a good job.

    But when I was wiping them and the bathroom down the next day I noticed that the side bath panel had been damaged, this was fine up until the work men had been in.

    I have tried to ring the person who came out had a look at what works needed doing and I have left at least 4 messages and he has not rang me back.

    What can I do about this?

  • rabu adem 19 February, 3:52 pm

    Someone had started to do my toilet and he never finished it, and he is always saying he will come at the end of week, he never show up it’s been now nearly 4 monthes. What shall I do?

    • Barney 30 May, 7:37 am

      Ive had specialised resin drives, from Yorkshire about a year ago to do a long pathway, I had a five year guarantee on my receipt., I now need to contact them as its lifting in one place, the phone lines were ringing out but no one ever answered, now the lines have been disconnected, it seems like they are no longer trading as they do not reply to e mails either, what are my rights please?.
      I have contacted other firms no one wants to know, I’m worried someone might trip over where its lifting as its near my front door, HELP

  • barney 30 May, 7:29 am

    I’m new in an area, set on builders to do quite a bit of work. Seem like nice guys, nothing paid for until work is finished.
    My problem is getting them here, they started a job in March which should lf taken them a couple of weeks, now its been nearly three months.
    Problem I have is getting them here to do the work, as the weather has got better there now doing outside work, they have been to me once because it was raining in the last three weeks!
    What are my legal rights once the job was started? No money is paid until the job is finished.
    Ive heard a lot of workmen now do this, start a job then down tools to start another so they get the work, is this legal?
    It really is time legislation and the law sorts this out.
    There ought to be better guide lines for consumers, how long is reasonable time to do a job?

  • Ellie 4 June, 10:46 am

    Hi. I engaged a builder that came highly recommended from a friend. He was very difficult to get paperwork out of in advance but I received a fixed price quote for all of my works, in response to a Schedule of Works that I had provided him. He started the works but half way through has left site citing financial issues. Leaving me with an unliveable house and also owing me money I suspect as I paid him money for steels he was meant to order but they have never appeared and now he won’t respond to me. What are my next steps, do I take him to the small claims court? Where else can I get advice of what to do.

  • Laurian 9 June, 7:02 pm

    I was told that if I had a contract that gave only a 7 day cooling off period, I would now be entitled to 1 year and 14 days. Does this mean that even if I gave the go ahead to start work within that 7 days, I can still brake the contract?

  • kulvinder naga 5 August, 3:41 am

    Hired someone to refit a kitchen and agreed the price upfront. Gave him half when he started the job. Before completion he demanded the outstanding amount, and refuse to finish unless I paid, refuse to come back on site. There is still a considerable amount of work left to be done and he is demanding the money but refusing to finish the work. He is claiming I have no contract starting I should pay in a completion. He has a set of keys to the property and will not return them, demanding I pay him first and he will returns them. Can you advise?

  • sue 8 August, 11:18 am

    A tradesman came to fit worktops and ended up smashing my granite composite sink and breaking my ceramic hob in half, which he rushed off half way through the job without telling us.
    Have tried to contact him but he doesn’t answer phone or text. Is there anything that I can do to make him pay for the damage?

  • Yogi 10 August, 5:06 pm

    Someone came to our house to give us quote in order to fix water leaks in the basement. Instead of giving us quatation he sent us invoice in the name of given advice.In this case should we pay the price that we didnt agreed to pay beforhand.

  • Andrew Simpson 12 August, 8:14 am

    Hi. We hired a skip for the weekend- that was 3 weeks ago!
    Since then it has been blocking our drive and restricting access and at a time when my wife has just come out of hospital.
    I have contacted the company many times by messaging their website and by phoning them. They simply say that they are coming to get it, and then don’t…
    Now they do not answer our calls.
    What can we do please?

  • laura 18 August, 3:44 pm

    My parents had an extension built by a local builder but the work is of a ridiculously poor standard and is not even complete. He has had almost double the money he quoted at the start and my parents quite rightly do not want him back on site.
    They are now left with a massive mess to sort, a huge bill and have been told they may not even get the full money they paid out back! how is this fair?
    Please help, many thanks

  • Emma 20 August, 7:56 pm

    We had a plastering company agree to fit a new upstairs bathroom, which included moving the bath to install an over bath shower, tiling, new flooring, plastering. Downstairs toilet and sink taken out and new put in, tiling and plastering.
    This was quoted to last 2 weeks to complete the job. We purchased all things necessary, including bath suite, tiles etc.
    The job was still incomplete after the 2 week period, after a further 4 weeks we asked the plasterer how much longer until completion, at which point he stated “sod this iv had enough” and left site, declining to accept payment of approx £1000 labour costs. This was in 2013.
    We have now recieved a letter from said company with a number of points he was not happy with during the 6 week period, and the fact that we now owed approx £1000. The letter was not on headpaper, not addressed to anybody, just first line of address and also very poor grammar. In this letter, the company is stating that this is a final demand, despite never previously asking for money and declining this when offered. Also stating that if money is not paid within 2 weeks, the debt collectors will be informed and 16% added on to this bill.
    Can this be done without going through the courts? A little hard to get answers, as im sure it is unusual for traders to leave job without the money.
    Any help with be appreciated.

  • Elaine Constantine 31 August, 7:41 pm

    Last year we had some imprinted concreting and building work done in our garden, however the builder did not come back and complete the work on the expansion joints and as aresult the wall the patio started to sink. We have eventually got the builder to come back, he asked us to give him 2 weeks before he could start. This ran into almost 4 weeks, then he came and ended up knocking the wall down and making this even worse, he told me on numerous occasions that the work would be finished by the end if the week. It’s now been six weeks and it is still not finished. Also my granddaughter had a fall and hurt her legs quite badly. I am now getting very frustrated and feel that he is constantly fobbing me off, he tells me he is coming then doesn’t turn up and doesn’t even bother to ring and explain why or apologise. I feel that I have been more than reasonable, what can I do?

  • Linda Cooper 19 September, 4:05 pm

    Old house split into 2 flats, upstairs and downstairs. Work carried on roof and chimneys. All external work is split between 2 occupants. Work was quoted at £1000. I agreed to pay the £500 for the external work. Heard nothing more till yesterday when a note was passed through my door the company letting out the upstairs flat, containing a copy of a letter to the owners of the upstairs flat, stating that the cost was £1200, dated August 6th. No other information, though the extra cost would be for the upstairs internal area. I would also like to stipulate that other than given a copy of a final result through the leaseholder, I have nothing else.

    I pay all my own internal repair work should the need arise, which at present is a great deal. It is only the external part of the house which is shared. Who should I contact for advice?

  • Jill crosbie 28 September, 12:52 pm

    I had plumbing problems so asked insurance to look stayed they d get nothing but decided give £900 odds , I got a handy man to make estimate £5000 he made he said high as don’t know what’s needed . So told him got £900 and so and 1 ,000 kitchen so he thought I had£2000 I said no . He started work never gave me estimate written down how much would be got things asked him how much on his account I’ve got no receipts yet and I’ve payed £490 to him for materials and I got a invoice Friday 21 September for £515 win la our and materIls bought so far I told him take shower back I’ll get a cheaper one so that comes off he’s said fine but wants my insurance. No as not paying he hasn’t finished got in finished floor no sink no toilet no shower doors and respite board off wall he phoned and was very abusi e shouting all the time I. Kyle not say sword my daughter 9 hrs heRd it All he wants invoice back why ? Yours sincerely Jill Crosbie

  • Emma 28 September, 7:18 pm

    I paid this guy 100 quid to fix up my back garden the previous tenants left it in a state. He agreed to take the rubbish cut the grass and hedging for 100 quid which was brilliant. The day they came his misses came with him, she said they couldnt take the rubbish that day as his dad had the van in Waterford but that they would come back that week for the rubbish, so I gave them the 100 quid thinking they would stick to their word!! Well about two weeks passed and i messaged to see what the hell was going on, she gave me the excuse they were on holidays just to throw the rubbish in the bins. I told her no I would wait til she got back cause I paid her the full money!! That was grand so two weeks passed and nothing so i messaged her again and she tried to say she clearly said in messages she couldnt take it which is B.S!! So i called her out on it she just kept making excuses even tried to get more money off me!! She asked for half of the price into the dump basically 50 quid. I have four kids myself and my partner to worry about I dont have a tenner left a week nevermind 50! She then told me to stop annoying her that she would sort it out. I was just wondering is there anything i can do about this? Im so bloody annoyed she knows we have four kids to feed and dress plus coming up to Chritmas you think she would have a heart!! Would the guarda be able to do anything as i still have all the messages

  • Wayne bell 28 September, 9:34 pm

    I’ve had my back garden done and it hasn’t been done properly weeds r coming threw after only 8 month I’ve paid alot of money for this and expect more. I’ve emailed the people who done it but they arnt replying to me now please can you help asap

  • Adrian 2 October, 9:59 am

    I had a guy start a garage build 2 months ago. It was supposed to be finished over a month ago. He doesn’t respond to our messages, never turns up and the job is half done. What do I do?? Worse still Ive paid him for the job and given him a deposit for the driveway which was supposed to be done a month ago but not started.

  • sandra 7 October, 3:23 pm

    I had someone build me a conservatory and in the quote it said removing all rubble. Well it has been nearly two months now and still no rubble removed. He sends me an email every now and again to say he will come on such a day but never turns up. What can be done about this please

  • Caroline 8 October, 1:11 pm

    We were left in a mess by a firm called ARMAS run by John Armstrong of North Shields. The house needs £12000 to put it right. He walked off and can’t be found anywhere on line or in trade papers.

    • JBL 28 October, 7:36 pm

      He is a cowboy

  • gary 15 October, 4:03 pm

    Ive just had a new bathroom fitted all supplied by the same supplier but fitted by my own builder ,
    new all the work has been done ,I have noticed a crack in the bath, the supplier states that they will replace the bath but not pay to have it installed as I have already paid for the first defective bath to be installed who is responable for this cost?

  • Shivaji rane 22 October, 2:29 am

    I had a roofer to repair my roof but unfortunately when the work was half done he passed away .His son is an electrician and owns his own company he said he would finish the work but he had only 2 years experience so we were not happy for him to finish the work with such less experience also he said we had to pay cheque to his company as his fathers company is now we decided to get in a new roofer .The problem is that all our corner tiles have been removed by the roofer and because of weather we need to get the work fast and the new estimate is much higher then what we had agreed with the earlier roofer .so we are in a situation that we have to pay much higher then what we had agreed . Also the new roofer says that the work has not been done properly. So iF we get the new roofer do we still owe the old roofers son any money for his fathers incomplete work.

  • Dawn 4 November, 2:21 pm

    I paid for my roof replacing in February this year but since I have had water leaking through my bathroom ceiling twice and cannot get the roofer to return. Am I entitled to consequential damages, if so how do I make a claim?

  • teresa 27 November, 3:57 pm

    Can I be reinbursed for wallpaper/paint I have bought if decorator let’s me down???.keeps changing day he is ment to start job???.

  • josco 29 November, 11:27 am

    Recently been scammed by a conservatory roofing company. October 2015. Lost over two thousand pounds deposit and haven’t seen them since. James Taylor was the one running this business. He has ran numerous other companies i have since discovered, all of which have scammed people. At a standstill now as contacted trading standards, action fraud and citizen advice. I know the file on this Scottish James Taylor must be building up somewhere!! Please be careful. He has since started up another company. There are a few of them and the website contract and sales methods are very convincing. I have lost money that was left to me that I cannot replace and knowing I have been totally scammed out of it has been really hard to deal with. Anybody with any help advice or information please get in touch.

    • Another victim, who has managed to locate James Taylor 22 August, 9:33 am

      Confirmed address of James Taylor

      66 Trent Road
      OL2 7YL
      United Kingdom

      Yours faithfully,

      A friend

  • Shehnaz 28 December, 5:46 pm

    I got Windows done they have done a cowboy job they won’t come to repair it

  • Paul matthews 15 January, 7:48 pm

    I paid a workman (PHIL WALTERS) $3,500 to fit new railings to my decking this was paid on December 10th 2015. As yet he has not showed us our product and only shows us a photo on a website !! He keeps fobbing us off every time I ask for a receipt or to see our stock. I don’t know what to do about this I am extremely angry and I am aware my wife should not of paid until the job end, I know this as I am a trained ground worker please can you help me by letting me know the statory rights in USA as I am British and do not know where we stand. My wife is exceptionally upset and it’s coming between us and making life incredibly stressful. I await your response. Thankyou. Mr Paul Matthews

  • Bet farmer 6 February, 11:26 pm

    We have organised for a tradesman to fit a shower tray and all the bits and pieces to go with it. The job is to cost £2000. We have given him £1000 deposit. The job isn’t going to be started for seven weeks but today he rang and asked for the second payment to be paid this week which would be £500. I strongly object to this. How do I stand?

  • Mr Doherty 19 February, 2:50 pm

    i recently hired a man to fix my driveway, he came with a hired mini digger, he used it for 2 days and left but didnt come back, the mini digger firm came the following day to pick up the mini digger,they asked me for the of hire payment of £350 for the digger, i had no binding contract with the “dodgy” workman nor did i hire the machine, am i liable for the cost ? thank you

  • Samantha 13 March, 6:02 pm

    My 82 year old great aunt had a new bathroom and kitchen fitted almost 2 years ago, she also had appliances fitted in with it (washing machine, dishwasher) the washing machine has been used regularly and is fine but she has not once used the dishwasher (said she was scared to use it because she wasn’t sure how it worked) so last weekend I went round and put it on for the first time, water went in but it didn’t drain out, I opened he cupboard and had a look at the pipes and found that the pope fitting is completely wrong, a double electrical socket has been fitted right next to the pipes and he water is squirting out of the pipe into the electrical sockets whenever he dishwasher is switched on. After this I had a good look at the work that was done, the lighting in the kitchen is faulty (one of the bulb fittings keeps flickering even when a new bulb is put in), the tunnel (sorry not sure of th correct word) from the cooker hood to the ceiling is only sealed one side and not the other,the bifold door in the bathroom won’t shut so she said she has left it open for the last 2 years (the door doesn’t seem to fit on the runner properly, there are not handles on the door only a bit of material with a metal loop in which looks like it’s been taken off an old bag which he screwed into the door), the metal push down plug in the sink is broken, he didn’t even paint the bathroom ceiling (the bathroom is approx 5ft X 6ft) on the face of it it looks ok until you start taking a proper look at things. The downstairs toilet make a loud clunk noise whenever you flush it and my aunt called him to come and have a look at this and he just fobbed her off but she has been too worrie to call him again and didn’t tell us because she didn’t want to cause a fuss. My aunt paid £17000 for this and tbh I wouldn’t of even paid £17 for the way it has been done. Does she have any rights because it’s been almost 2 years? She got her paper work out and I had a look, she has reciepts of the guy for the work but no reciepts for the materials etc from wherever he bought them from. I have called him myself and told him I want him to come round because there are some things I need him to look at and he keeps cancelling and has now got to the point where he is ignoring my calls and messages. I really hope someone can give me some advice. Thanks 🙂

  • Jeremy Clay 19 March, 3:59 pm

    Hi everyone,

    I wanted to bring your attention to a company called Rightio. I had issues with my kitchen tap and as such looked for a plumbing company which covers my area. I booked a repair through Rightio and my partner stayed at home to allow the plumber to fix the problem with the kitchen sink. A man turned up at my property in his own car and announced that he was the plumber we were expecting. His personal hygiene was questionable at best. My partner was horrified when the plumber claimed to have contracted rabies whilst abroad. Followed by stories of how he had been stabbed in the neck. The work this man carried out was as shocking as his strange behaviour. He forced off the tap before exclaiming he couldn’t fix the problem and simply leaving. I called Rightio to complain. They were rude, disinterested and reluctantly knocked 50% off the call out charge. I left a comment on their TrustPilot page which was taken down in minutes in an attempt to cover up the mess they had caused. I have referred this incident to both Trading Standards and the Police. I dread to think what fear this so called plumber would cause to an older person, possibly at home alone. I am still awaiting the results but please be very wary of this company.

  • Mike 1 April, 8:22 pm


    I bought a flat 7 months ago and the flat needed rewiring. I hired a self employed electrician who said it would take 3 days to finish a flat my size, to which the job was only completed a few weeks ago and he is now seeking final payment.

    Throughout the months when the job started dragging I asked when the job would be completed and he kept skirting around the answer. Eventually when I pushed him a little while ago as we had to move in soon, he stated he would finish in a week ,he did not and did not get in touch at all, I then advised him not to return and he then very quickly messaged back that he would be there and finish in 2 days which turning into 3 and stated he was very busy which is what had occurred from his story.

    He now wants final payment and to be fair has completed most of the job but I do not want to pay him the full amount as he had dragged the job out for months but also cancelled on me a few times and given me the run around then blaming for materials he did not have which he had not asked me for.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

    Thank you

  • tricia avitt 24 April, 5:03 pm

    hi i had my garden done last week and its a mess,i had asked Gardner for estimate before he started the job ,he did tell me he could start on Saturday so when i got in from work on the 2/ 4 2016 there was 2 off them in my garden doing the work again i asked for estimate still did not give me one also he never told me he was only doing the job on Saturday the next got in from work there they were with 3 person with then again i asked estimate he gave small peace off paper 3th time i asked him that day for estimate as i say small peace off paper could not belive my eyes £1,325 small garden put down some lawn within 2 days lawn had big gaps stated to die off ,is there anything i can do about it lot off money also im a pensioner

  • Emma Brown 13 May, 11:23 am

    We have paid for windows, the man gets a discount from his window company and we gave him a cheque 8 weeks ago for the cost of the windows. The cheque was made out to the man.
    The windows were supposed to be delivered a week ago and we are getting fobbed off. We can no longer get hold of this man and feel he has taken our money and we have no windows, what can we do?

  • Barbara Mkhize 26 May, 1:41 pm

    I hired this builder we had an agreement of how much for his nlabour which was75000.He wanted a deposit of 20000 before starting the job,I did pay him and gathered all the material,after two weeks he came to start the job. After two or three weeks he wanted money and there was not much that was done,told no, the job is not even half way,he said he will finish the job,I kept rejecting his request but was insisting he wanted 30000more, I was annoyed n I told him this was wrong but I paid him, now he does not come to work 3 or 4days he doesn’t show up its been two months and job is not even half way,I don’t know what to do now, please help.

  • philip jessop 2 June, 8:38 pm

    I have had my garage door entrance extended from 7 to 8ft by a local builder who had to take some brickwork out, before i agreed to let him do the job I asked around & was told the guy is not cheap but his work is 100%, I have just been looking at his work & it is terrible, the edges of the bricks are all over the place & many bricks have been cut at angles, he is coming round for payment tomorrow & i feel i should not pay him, help needed please with my rights.
    since he done the brickwork I have had an electric door fitted & some of the bricks are partly behind the door frame so taking them out is impossible now.

  • sharon perkins 9 June, 10:52 am

    we bought a new build 6 years ago roof tiles are falling off and rrendering all cracked

  • Caroline Clemmet 14 June, 2:20 am

    I advertised on the internet a job for interior decorating .
    Paid a deposit 20%
    The man has wallpapered 2 walls and done no painting of wall ceilings doors.
    I have paid him £500.
    We have argued as he is obviously after more money.What can I do
    I have written on line what needed doing and he has written just on scrap paper.
    how can I report him

  • Maggs 28 June, 1:50 pm

    I have no contract with my builder even though trying to get any paperwork off him is ridiculous! Won’t even have a contract or give me any paperwork at all. Got him in to do my extension as his other work for people I know has been ok – no complaints as far as I know. He started the job and after starting it said ‘oh by the way we have a chat about vat’ to which I said no you gave me a quote and that’s what I’m paying but he is insisting now – he said he forgot to mention it. He has taken so long to do any work- nothing for a month and he just wants more money again. I want to sack him – he won’t talk to me now and his partner is liaising with me – we have no contract at all. Can I get rid of him

  • margaret 28 June, 9:53 pm

    I have not been able to get builders back to complete jobs needing done for completion certificate and photographs of stages of work.

  • Lesley Iley 29 June, 9:52 am

    Hi I’m having a bathroom fitted and got a quote of this person which stated it would take 5-7 days
    we are now on week 9 and just had an email from them to say they can’t come back to do anymore work for another 2 weeks due to there financial situation which means it will be week 11 by time they are back we are brushing our teeth in the kitchen sink and the bath keeps coming away from the wall we have a bath and toilet in the bathroom it still needs tiled etc we’ve already given him £750, what can i do as this is having a knock on effect with my health, we are reasonable people, the fitter had a week off on holiday and has had 2 week sick in this time frame we didn’t bother him in that period because he was either on holiday or ill but its getting to the point now where i can’t cope with my house being upside down, please help!

  • Meg 29 June, 5:22 pm

    I had two people men building an extension they haven’t come back to finish job and are not answering my calls they e under roseburn home improvements e is john and Jamie fallenstein

  • K Jenkin 29 June, 11:38 pm

    We cancelled a patio job after lack of communication and having a start date that kept moving. We keep being fobbed off with personal family reasons why we haven’t had our deposit back. They now say ” The money will go into their account refunded by supplier at the end of the week, they will then put it into our account. I don’t hold out much hope. Any advice would be helpful.

  • Jai soonsara 3 July, 1:59 pm

    I’ve had my drive done and they asked for cash in hand because they u see quoted and was going to lose out. I agreed but they have done the job which was satisfactory but not great and took the money but have not given no receipt with guarantee they promised me. Have been trying to contact them but no answer. What can I do?

  • Danielle 5 July, 1:11 pm

    Hi there ! So I hired a painter who came and painted the garage door as well as the front doors to my house.
    After this job was complete my hubby and I asked if he could put another coat of stain on our backyard fence as well as a clear coat. He agreed and we agreed on a price. After doing one coat of stain he changed his mind and decided he wanted an extra 100$ for the clear coat so I gave this to him while he was working . He then came to me and said he would need to come back the next day for a clear coat. He didn’t . Then said two times after he would come and then rescheduled saying he was busy: he then said his sprayer broke and it would take 2 weeks to order. So two weeks later I called and he said he’s been so busy he forgot to order this so I stated I just wanted the 100$ back for the clear coat. He agreed and set a day to pick this up. He now will not respond to calls or texts and it’s been a week since I was supposed to get the money back.
    What should I do about this ?

  • Bernadette Fernandes 13 July, 11:08 am

    My neighbour had her roof replaced, her son in law who was doing the work, asked me if they could my property to erect scaffolding along with her’s, I agreed and told him as long as i don’t incur any expense, they could use my property, what a nightmare it’s been, it was a daily mess. when the job was over 6 months later, they were taking down scaffolding and damaged my shed (Metal shed) the roof is all dented, when it rains it’s an absolute mess inside.

    I have spoken to the man who did the work on numerous times over the phone, told me he will replace the roof of the metal shed, told me it’s arrived that’s few weeks ago,still waiting,not answering my calls. what shall I do, as I have not had this sort of trouble, don’t know what to do.


  • archie kert 15 July, 5:25 pm

    Company promised to finish job of bi folds and building warrant a year ago.started as we had rendering to do and needed to be finished before that started so said would start and no problem to even get the building warrant after it over a year since and now I have papers on from council saying have until August to get back to them? Think we have been conned. I did not want to pay ladt July until warrant was achieved .they signed the receipt to the fact they would finalise that and 2 other problems we had.they gave been finished but no building warrant.

  • James 30 July, 8:21 am

    We had stable built, by means of block work. We bought the materials. On first use, the front stable wall fell down. It had come to light that the “builder” had not tied the wall in. He knew it was for horses. We got a new builder in and are subtracting his invoice and from the original. And paying the cowboy the remainder. For other jobs he has done that are except able.

  • Kim 2 August, 12:31 pm

    Since feb 2016, i have been getting a conservatory fitted by perfect glazing in glasgow, firstly the couldn’t find the foundations and tried to bill me for a raft foundation(£1,000) my friend discovered the foundations with a hand trowel, i then phone the company to tell them the raft foundations where not required, they then started work the following week, then came across the idea that i needed a retaining wall, that no sales rep, manager, architect & builders noticed before as too the shared steps in the back garden with my neighbour and i, this was left for 3 weeks like this, i have photos of this mess, the things started picking up and so did the cost. Came across a flood in my kitchen due to them removing my outside tap, water on my window ledges and water patches on my walls, i also have an unfinished wall that they broke down to bring there digger in to commence work, im now at a stand still where week by week they are saying they are coming and with my mother being in hospital its more difficult for them and me as afternoons are no good, think i have spoke to everyone in this company telling them this and here we are in august and still outstanding jobs needing done. What can i do about all this?

  • Zahid iqbal 13 August, 1:04 am

    Hi I hired a trade person to do with building work through a website Rated people as my old builder was not coming to finished the work. In the begging he worked fast as I wanted to and I paid him what ever he was asking basically I trusted him and paid him too much and suddenly he disappeared no answering call or massages and when I contacted the website they said we do not take any liability it’s between you and trade person as I paid him 90% and he did the work about 30% can any one please advice me what shall I do or where am I standing I do have invoice quote through an email and I paid him through bank transfer I have got no money left and I am living somewhere else please please advice I will be obliged regards Zahid

  • Liz 13 August, 7:50 pm

    A 30 year damp proof guarantee was passed on to us by the sellers of the house we are in. We are moving and some damp has been highlighted by the prospective purchasers surveyor. The builder who installed it originally is charging a colossal amount to repair the damp. Surely he is responsible for any outlay as it is still in the warranty?

  • Angela 17 August, 5:51 pm

    Hi my builder started work the day after coming to see me regarding the work. I did not get a contract. He told me he would complete the work within two to three weeks, this is now week 13. He made my home so uncomfortable to live in then just after 3 days started asking for money on a daily basis sitting next to me while I transferred the money into his bank account. I felt very intimidated and worried. I have paid him over £18,000 the work is nowhere near finished. It was a kitchen and bathroom job. I have no kitchen at all, although he got me to order and pay for my kitchen only a week into the work, so it was delivered. The same in my bathroom he had me order the bath shower sink and they are also just sitting in my small 1 bed flat. Please help. What can I do. I have contacted the police I have a crime number and I also contacted my bank and have a scam reference number, but very little can be done. I have heard that I can get another builder in to finish the work and send the bill to the original builder but I would have to have the funds to pay which I don’t have anymore. If you have any advice you can give me I would appreciate it.
    Regards Angela

  • Vishal modi 24 August, 9:05 am

    Hi i have asked some one to do my job but he doesn’t fix in right way and i already paid him money. And he is not answering the phone. Wt i should do now.

  • reshma 1 September, 12:02 pm

    we been conned by a builder called SHERGIL or gill what ever he likes to call himself.he has taken 11 thousand off us and has stopped all work and refuses to contact us or come down.he is basbed in handworth birmingham and also MK Builders are conning people with him as he cashed our money with them.
    now what work has been done is 3 walls, timber for roof and bricks outside the wall and thats it! nothing else! where has our money gone? i am pregant and so badly needed a new kitchen extension and hes just run off with my husband money.I

  • reshma 1 September, 12:04 pm

    we been conned by a builder called SHERGIL or gill what ever he likes to call himself.he has taken 11 thousand off us and has stopped all work and refuses to contact us or come down.he is basbed in handworth birmingham and also MK Builders are conning people with him as he cashed our money with them.
    now what work has been done is 3 walls, timber for roof and bricks outside the wall and thats it! nothing else! where has our money gone? i am pregant and so badly needed a new kitchen extension and hes just run off with my husband money.
    we dont have his adress just his name Ginder s Gill OR Ginder sher GILL so confused and unhappy

  • Gillian clancy 22 September, 7:19 pm

    Builder paid 3200 he has walked away refusing to come back
    Kaine Whitlow
    14 Upton Cottages Tetbury

  • trevor 29 September, 4:09 pm

    had a out house roof replaced payed the builder 4 weeks later is boss as turned up saying he sack the man who did the job and i he want £400 for materials that was not payed for were do i stand

  • It's K Jenkin 2 October, 12:58 am

    We can’t get our deposit back from Glebe Landscapes of Ladock Cornwall. They have stopped corresponding with us. We cancelled in June and they returned £1000 but we are still owed £500. Has anyone else had this problem with this company and what do we do next?

  • Mrs K Jenkin 4 October, 2:49 am

    We hired a landscape Gardner to build us a patio. After hearing bad things we cancelled they have not repaid our deposit. I asked on Facebook if anyone else has had problems with them? Now they are suing me for slander which is a bit much when they still have our money. Can they sue me after all I said I will go to the police because what they’ve done is theft. My husband had a stroke because of all this. It’s a nightmare.

  • James 5 October, 5:10 pm

    I asked a plumber to fit a new boiler. He gave me a quote for a boiler with a 5 year warranty.
    When registering the boiler for warranty purposes it had only 2 years warranty.
    The plumber said he thought it had 5 year warranty and has “made a mistake”.
    What are my options in getting the 5 year warranty that I believed I was paying for?

  • Tom Facer 10 October, 8:05 pm

    I have had some work done on my roof that was not fit for purpose. After repeated attempts to get the Company to rectify the work, I have sadly had to concede that I am wasting my time. How do I go about receiving the costs I incurred?

  • Rahman 20 October, 7:37 pm

    I’m getting an kitchen extension. My builder said 18grand i accepted. I already paid 12grand in cash and he did some work now he is not available..if i ring him he does not answer.. what shall I do i need help

  • Angie jordan 5 November, 10:22 am

    My son verbally agreed to have a complete bathroom design and installed. He was unsure with the builders methods but gave him the benefit of doubt. MY son has paid the builder some money. However the builder is taking so long, some days not working, that my son told him to leave. Is there any recourse. Thank you.

  • Liz Basden 16 November, 9:06 am

    We paid first choice roofers to fix our roof. They talked us In to haviNG 600 pounds worth doing to stop it leaking. The first rain was a week later and it is even worse then before. We even had it replastered inside and now there is damage everywhere. We paid by bank transfer. They will not fix it and won’t give our money back. How do I get my money back? I’m so angry grrr

  • margaret sibbald 18 November, 8:17 am

    I had artificial turf laid and paid £700 in cash. The work is sub-standard and the company agreed to rectify the problems. The company did not do what was said, and left a note saying that they had “fixed” the turf. I spoke to the owner of the company and he said he would fix everything. The employee said that he wished he had done the work initially.
    What is my next step?

  • i 18 November, 11:00 pm

    dean blues. WARNING.


  • i 18 November, 11:00 pm



  • jean inwood 3 December, 4:55 am

    I employed a gas engineer in April 2016 to have new pipes combi boiler radiators and fire connected into a bungalow which I move into.I paid £1500 for labour only.This has been a nightmare for a seventy year old lady.He comes and goes does a few hours here 1/4 of an hour there and it is still not finished in November.He bought in a novice handyman and because of his poor work resulted in having to relay a partial new wooden floor.The fire is not working correctly and I have to use a clicker to light it plus there is an enormous draft where the flu is.He should have come today but again not turned up.The stress is unbearable what can I do?

  • susan ratcliffe 7 December, 6:55 am

    I wanted a laminate floor fitting paid for goods he came but didn’t finish said he would come back sat didn’t .said he would come following Tues I asked him to do additional work he came Fri afternoon said tge work would be finished I paid him for all the work and went to work I came home work not completed says he’s coming back this week so far nothing .work fully paid for how do I stand

  • Linda Wass 10 December, 6:14 pm

    We had a gas engineer to come to fix our boiler he did replace apart but failed to repair a water leak what had caused the part to need replacing charged us 175 pound but later trying to call him back was just impossible arranged on 2 separate days to come back never turned up .then would not answer our calls

  • Kevin Byrne 23 January, 11:19 am

    I employed the services of a roofer and follis holy gave him money for the hire of scaffolding, two weeks later he has failed to turn up three times and has said he will refund me. Frankly I don’t believe him so what are my options?

  • Kimberley davies 23 January, 7:48 pm

    Have paid two instalment of five thousand pounds for a sheperds hut to be built. It has taken a month for him to put the frame work in and he hasnt been back for a fourtnight. We have rang and text him. He got back to us after a week and said he is on it. A week later still nothing and no replies to our calls and texts. Could do with some help…..

  • Margaret hannon 8 February, 7:05 pm

    I have a quote to replace my double glazed sealed units but was told that the would only have a manufacturers guarantee of one year I thought that was hey would have been a ten year the same as mu previous ones.could you please advise me on this.
    Thank you

  • P wharmsby 19 February, 9:33 am

    Hi I paid a plumber £300 deposit to fit a new bathroom suite in my house I had recently purchased as we hadn’t moved in and lived 100 miles away I gave him the key and he said he would get the job done in 2 weeks ,now he has said he doesn’t want the job after having the key for 2 weeks,I didn’t get a receipt for the £300 where do I stand in getting it back

  • Davina mellor 20 February, 6:58 pm

    At the end of October last year I had the driveway part block and the rest pebbled,the firm,which is home tech ,had to come back and redo the block s&take a good proportion of pebbles off.they left all the rubbishy in the front garden ,after numerous phone calls they promised to remove it before Christmas ,it is still there & the blocks are sinking.could you give me advice please

  • Sharon 7 April, 11:17 pm

    Someone called at my elderly parents house saying they would do guttering for them my dad parted with£900 with another £3885 to follow when work done I’ve phoned the company and they are just fobbing me off what can I do?

  • Tina 30 April, 9:23 am

    I have paid someone in full to do.the fencing for the back and front garden, it cost me 1100 he gave me a date when the work would be complete he as turned his phone off I have left messages after messages and even text message to say plz can u phone me yet still no reply, what can I do

  • plumber crouch end 30 May, 3:31 pm

    I have written several articles and posted them on internet article directories. All directories I have posted on state that if others wish to use the article they must place the author’s link/s along with the article. I have found a website that used my article and did not give me any credit (including adding my name). Is there anything I can do about this?.

  • sarah dixon 6 June, 8:34 pm

    hi, we had an extension built last summer and we have had problem with the damp from day one we spoke to the builder he came and looked and said he would be back we made number of attempts in contacting him. today we noticed more damp assocaited with heavy rain. this builder was recommended by a close friend he tells us he has sold his business what can we do?