Delivery and Collection of Goods

With the increase in online shopping comes an obvious increase in the number of complaints regarding delivery of goods – whether this is non-delivery or delivery of damaged items. So where do you stand?
The first point to distinguish is whether you ordered the goods under a distance selling contract, or whether you arranged delivery after buying them in a shop, as this will affect your consumer rights. If it was an internet or mail order purchase, you may also like to refer to our sections on distance selling and buying online.

The goods still haven’t arrived

Under the distance selling regulations, the goods must be delivered within the time period they have specified. If no time period is specified, then the statutory time limit is 30 days (unless you have agreed otherwise). If the supplier is unable to do this, they must inform you before the end of the 30 day deadline. They may offer you an alternative date for delivery, but you are under no obligation to accept and can ask for a full refund. For other purchases, Sale of Goods only refers to ‘reasonable time’. If you fear you’ve been the victim of fraud, refer to ‘getting your money back’ at the end of this section.

The goods have arrived damaged

As you might expect, the supplier is under obligation to ensure the goods are well protected while they are in transit. The supplier must also make sure the delivery company/courier are aware that the goods are fragile or if they are to be kept or carried in a certain way. If they do not, they will be liable for any damage occurred in transit.

It is common for traders to sidestep liability by saying that you signed for them. A delivery note (as the name suggests) indicates merely that the product has been delivered and not that they have been accepted. If there is a problem with the goods, you may still reject them, particularly if you haven’t previously had a chance to examine them in person. With some items you will be asked to inspect the goods there and then and sign a form to say that they have arrived in satisfactory condition. The law states that you should have reasonable opportunity to examine the goods for yourself, so you could argue that ‘there and then’ is not reasonable and opt not to sign the form. You should however look at the supplier’s Ts and Cs to see whether they have imposed any time limit on reporting faults – although in line with the law, this should be reasonable.

It should be pointed out that if you did have the chance to examine the goods while they still in the shop, and you spot something wrong when it arrives that you should have spotted when you examined it, you may not be able to reject it. Although in reality, most shops will show some good will if you simply want to exchange it for another one.

Sending the goods back

Unless you have bought the goods under a distance selling contract, you won’t have any legal right to send the goods back if you have simply changed your mind. You should refer to that retailer’s return policy and will probably have to pay postage. If the goods have arrived damaged, and you have been offered requested a repair or a replacement, you should not have to pay any further sums of money in this respect. This includes labour, materials or postage. The repair / replacement should take place in ‘reasonable time’ and you should not experience any ‘significant inconvenience’, while you are without it/them. For more on this, see our section on Sale of Goods and Returning Damaged or Faulty Goods.

In all respects, you will have greater rights if you had bought them under a distance contract (online, mail order). This is because you didn’t have the opportunity to examine them before they were shipped – to see if they are:

  • Of satisfactory quality
  • As described
  • Fit for intended purpose
  • Appropriate to your requirements

With this in mind you will have a 7-day cooling off period, during which time you can cancel the contract and get your money back in full (including delivery charges). Unless otherwise specified (for certain types of products), you should be able to send the items back for free, and not incur any additional charges such as a restocking or admin fee. Although many retailers will request products to be returned in a saleable condition in their original packaging, they cannot make it a condition of giving you a refund. For more on returns and refunds under a distance selling contract, see our sections on distance selling and buying online.

Getting your money back

Under Sale of Goods, if the goods are poor quality, unfit or not as described, you may be eligible for an immediate refund, although no definitive timescale is mentioned beyond ‘reasonable time’. Under a distance selling contract, your 7 day cooling off period entitles you to a refund within 30 days. If you have not received the goods and suspect you may have been the victim of fraud, you can take it up with your credit card company (provided you paid on credit card and certain conditions are met), or invoke the Visa Debit Chargeback procedure. If the supplier becomes insolvent before your goods or services are delivered, you may have little recourse other than to be added to a list of creditors.

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  • nigel 8 April, 6:01 pm

    I ordered a new car yesterday over the telephone having phoned a reputable dealer. I gave the dealer the detailed specification for the car. He came back to me later in the day and we agreed a price and I paid a deposit of £1,000 over the telephone via credit card. The dealer stated that the car would be delivered to me in a maximum of 3 months as it will be required to be factory ordered. The dealer then called me back again and confirmed that the car had been ordered from the manufacturer. I have received a telephone call today from the dealer to advise that he made a mistake on the price quoted i.e he has underquoted and cannot do the deal for the price agreed. He also advised that he has refunded the £1,000 deposit to my credit card. I have advised him that this is not acceptable and that I expect him to honour our agreement (nothing was signed as everything was done over the phone). The dealer confirmed that he accepted the deal in good faith but simply got the price wrong and now wants more money from me. Where do I stand legally? Can I force the dealer to supply the goods ordered for the price originally agreed? How should I proceed? Many thanks

  • Catriona 11 April, 6:14 pm

    Nigel, this question relates to the principle of contract law and whether you have a legally binding contract. To answer this you will need to establish than an offer was clearly made and accepted. A quote doesn’t necessarily constitute a contract, but anything agreed verbally is always tricky to clarify. For more on this see:

  • rajkiran 6 April, 2:45 am

    I purchased two badminton raquets through When I got them delivered, I noticed that they are absoluely fake ones. I opened a case against the seller in ebay and after some procedures, I got an email from ebay informing that I will get the full amount refund. But with the condition that I have to return the items to the seller’s address ( which is in China and the address is also in chinese language which I couldn’t understand atall) with myself bearing delivery expences providing a tracking for the delivery. The cost of such delivery is very high and my concern is that I would have done that if the items are original and I did something wrong to the items like damaging them. But here the items are fake ones and I was deceived by the seller. It means ebay is providing direct paths to such fake sellers to sell such items, isn’t it?. I trusted ebay, otherwise I would have not purchased the items. Can I get my money back wthout paying expences for the delivery on be half of myself?. I think ebay has to take the responsibilty to deal this issue or let the seller to organise the return expences. One more thing is I found a remark besides the seller’s name ‘this user is no long registered with us’, but it was there after my payment only, I am sure.

    • chrishutch 3 December, 1:49 pm

      I would contact the real manufacturer of the goods you had purchased and explain that the goods you bought on ebay are are fake. I am sure they will be interested to know. They will more than likely want the fake goods along with documentation. I would ask them to trade you the real goods in return for the fake goods.

    • Chris 12 January, 2:01 pm

      In many juridictions it is a crimal offence to return counterfeit goods – paypal and ebay usually ask you to destroy fake goods and e-mail them a photograph as evidence of destruction. I would go back to ebay with that information

  • Chrisk 6 April, 9:10 pm

    I returned twice returned an item to its supplier under the Sale of Goods Act for them to conduct a repair. The first repair failed to fix the problem so I had to return it a second time. On the second trip back to the manufacturer the item was damaged in transit (while using a courier arranged by the supplier). They are claiming that I am liable for the cost of repairing the transit damage. I’m saying that because the whole situation is the result of their negligence they should foot the bill. How strong is my ground?

  • Iram 29 April, 12:16 am

    I order from an indiam web its cald shreeonline on 7th jan 2010 my order Was ready to post out so i made the payment on 1st april 2010. I was told i wil recive it in 3-4 working daYs. I stil hvnt recived it. The company that they say the order is sent With say they dont take thr order no more. Wat do i do now. I have paid £480

  • Satvir 30 April, 2:34 pm

    hi, i ordered a pair of armani sunglasses from some time last month around on the 22nd i think. i recieved the shades on the 19th of April. i did not recieve them at the door as i was not home, they we’re left next door. when i got them they we’re sealed up and looked perfetly normal, however when i opened the case up the right arm was damaged. AT THIS STAGE, i did not know how to go about in terms of returning them. so i got their number and decided to ring them. i got several different numbers off their website and when i ring the number it goes to a recorded answer machine, where by you press the allocated number for the specific help you require. when i choose my help option the pone automatically cuts of when they are “allegedly” diverting me to a staff member. with not help on how to return the goods i was left helpless. it waas only until the 10th day after recieving the goods that i realised that i had 7 days to return the product. however this is not my fault as i had tried getting in contact with them via email and by calling them (NOBODY WAS THEIR TO HELP AND SUPPORT ME AS THEY GO ON TO SAY ON THEIR WEBISTE).


  • Chris Todd 10 May, 2:59 pm

    In January I bought a computer for close to £1000 from an online store. After a month the computer began to freeze so I rang the premium call centre costing me a lot of money. They advised rebooting the system which I did. The computer than began to work fine for another few weeks but then continued to crash and restart. After the second month the computer wouldn’t even turn itself on and I recieve a error screen saying their has been a problem, contact the manufacturer and get the system repaired. I then posted a comment on a website forum explaining my problem to which the company replied and phoned me to organise a pick-up. They said the computer would be away for 3-5 days. After 7 weeks I rang the company up having heard nothing via phone or e-mail. The company stated they couldn’t find a fault and are charging me £76 to cover their time. Is there anything I can do with regards of not paying the fine, getting a new computer or getting a refund?

    • Fliss 27 March, 4:04 pm

      Hi Chris, was just looking at the “What Consumer” website as have a slight issue and just saw your comment (from May last year) and wondered if you ever resolved your computer problem.

      Obviously £1,000 is a lot of money to spend on a computer, my advice at that time would have been to find the seller’s address, pay them a visit and demand all of the money back before leaving the building. Failing this if the company was too far away, I would have contacted the Company Managing Director and gently(!) referred him to Trading Standards, the Distance Selling Regulations for consumers and the fact that I had bought the computer in good faith for a lot of money and did not expect it to therefore become faulty in such a short amount of time and would have definitely refused to pay for them to repair something that was, firstly, not up to standard (faulty) and, secondly, took them 7 weeks to contact you about.

      Anyway, hope this helps.

      Kind regards

  • Harry Naylor 13 May, 7:16 pm

    I’ve been having problems with too. When you order, you get an email telling you your sunglasses will be despatched in 24 hours. It goes on to say that if they are out of stock, you will receive an email telling you so.

    A week later (after several calls that cut me off, like you) I have heard nothing. I tried emailing them, but all I received were automated responses telling me a person would get back to me in 24 hours. I have heard nothing.

    The cash has left my bank account though – they seem to be able to manage that part with no problems at all.

    I would advise anyone considering it to avoid this site.

    • sarah 21 September, 5:00 pm

      Hi Harry did you ever end up getting your sunglasses or your money back as i have had the same problem as you and still havent heard anything.


  • Rebecca Wood 27 June, 2:44 pm

    I bought a bike online from Toys R Us a delivery day was specified but the bike did not arrive I needed the bike; I phoned and said I was cancelling the order because they had not delivered the item. T R Us informed me that the delivery co. they use had given it to another firm for delivery and did not know where the bike was I told them that time was of the essence as my son needed the bike and I could not wait any longer; I requested a full refund. That was apx 4 weeks ago and I still have no refund and the bike never materialised. T R Us tell me they are awaiting a responce from MY couriers! Would I be right in thinking that my contract is with T R Us and the issue with couriers is theirs not mine; what should my next move be and how long should I wait?
    I would really appreciate it if anyone could help me out, Thanks.

  • Malc Green 18 July, 8:19 am

    Anglian Windows supplied & installed 2 no defective glass sealed units to my property it has taken 3 attempts and 6 months for them to get it right. question when should my warranties begin, date of original installation or after final remedial works.

  • Victoria Shepherd 10 August, 10:11 pm

    I have purchased a bath which was delivered faulty. the store provided a new one within a week but havent arranged collection of the first one. this was initially delivered in march this year and after 3 or 4 calls they still wont pick it up. when will this item legally become mine?

  • Karen 2 September, 3:53 pm

    Bought appliances on line, one was damaged on arrival. Contacted re-seller, they advised to contact manufacturer, manufacturer advised to go back to reseller. Reseller agreed to replace, now they want to repair.

    A repair would concern me as there maybe internal damage. The item was inadequately packaged – the damaged area had no internal packaging.

    Can I demand a new replacement unit?


  • Susan Tan 6 September, 8:21 am

    I am a consumer in Singapore and need help from you on my recent encounter with a company in UK that failed to delivery the item to me. This was what happened to me:

    on 30 Aug 2010, I placed my order for purchase of one unit of ipad (cost SGD500) with WorldTech Limited ( I was given the assurance that shipment will be delivered to me by FedEx within 2 days after they receive my payment. I made my payment via Western Union bank as this was the only mode of payment they will accept for overseas customer. They acknowledged my payment on the very day that I remitted the money to them and told me that they have arranged the shipment. I did receive the shipment tracking detail but it was not from FedEx but from a company called Citi Global Logistic ( Shortly after I received the shipment tracking number, WorldTech Limited emailed me to inform me that shipment package include items that do not belong to me and they asked me to remit a further SGD2,200 as an assurance fee that once I receive the package, I will send them back those that do not belong to my order and then they refund me SGD2,200 after that. The CEO of WorldTech wrote personally to me asking me to pay them this extra money and claimed that he cannot call the package back as he have tried that already and because of the contract they have with the courier (Citi Global Logistic), they cannot file a complaint about them not able to send the package back because it is stated in their contract that if using a 2 days express delivery, they cannot call the package back.

    I cannot agree to them as I felt that this might be a Fraud. I referred the CEO to their own policy that says that if I do not get my order, they will refund me the full amount or send me the item in a separate shipment. I told him I do not want to take anything that do not belong to my order. He refused and said they cannot refund me the money and only way to solve the shipment issue in order for me to receive my order, is to remit SGD2,200 to them.

    I called them last Friday (3 Sept 2010) to follow up this matter and this time they told me the package is routed to Malaysia and the CEO wrote to me, this time he asked me to remit S$1,000 instead of S$2,000 in order for him to release the package to me. I am at a lost now. I really need your help to give me some advise on how to proceed from here. I have all the email correspondeces with WorldTech as prove of the trasactions.

    Please help, look forward to your reply.

  • Maxwell 6 October, 5:05 am

    I ordered some products through a website and ticked the box i would put in a bank deposit when I was ready to pay. Once paid they then send out your product.
    But I have revieved the goods without paying this week and they are demanding the full amount this week otherwise I will be sent to a debt collector?
    Can they do this when I wasnt ready to pay and they sent the goods without my money anyway?

  • Ahmed 20 October, 12:25 pm

    Please help…
    I bought a LCD tv from the currys website last month. Two weeks later it was delivered on a Friday. My wife signed for the delivery but did not take the tv out of the packaging partly because she was 8 months pregnant. The tv was left unopened until somebody somebody came a few days later to fix the wall brackets. It was only then we realised the tv was damaged. Externally there was no damage, but once plugged in nothing is visible and you get crack like images on the screen. I reported this to currys the next day, but they refuse point blank to do anything about it, because it was over 48 hours after I reported the problem. Is this reasonable?! I have a brand new tv I paid for sat in a box which is damaged, currys don’t want to know because my case does not comply with their tc. This is so unfair, surely there must be something I can do.

  • GHS 30 January, 3:48 pm

    What happens if you order, on line, time limited goods e.g train tickets and they don’t arrive in time to be used or they are delivered to the wrong address? If the product can’t be used when required then is it faulty or you just haven’t received the products even if they arrrive later?

  • Jonatan 4 February, 2:44 pm

    I need some help,

    I have bought some electronics articles to be sent to the Canary Islands. I paid already and they confirm the payment and the shipping.
    Now, 10 days after they sent it. They say, that the shippment is very expensive ( a hundred pounds), and I pay 20 pounds for it. And they say, that they are going to recall the articles, and they are not going to send it to me????
    What I can do???
    What I can demand to them???( Some money, etc…????)+


  • Alex 3 March, 2:32 pm

    My car was hit by another driver and subsequently written off. I was told I could collect my things that afternoon however, upon arrival they then told me that my car was taken to a ‘secure unit’ (on the other side of the country) and that my things (a £500 stereo system) would be sent back with a courier. I have told them that it would need to be secure and that the wiring would also need to be disconnected (all of which I would have done myself, carefully). My things have arrived this morning, now, the outside of the sub unit had all the edging ripped off (it was previously covered in a carpet like material) there are also chunks missing from the unit itself as well as the main face hanging off. It wasn’t in a box and was only bubble wrapped. On the amp, there is a chunk of paint work now missing and they have also now cut all of the wires (which cost £100 in themselves).
    What can I do? Does anyone have any advise?

    Thank you

  • Lorraine 11 March, 7:27 pm

    My mother ordered a shower enclosure, with tray and sliding door online. I helped her and did not see that part of the postcode showed one number incorrect. Bath co. used a co. called Palletline who said they would deliver in two days. Had a tel. call from bath co to say it could not be delivered and was left at a local depot as they only use postcodes for delivery. They said another £45 would have to be paid on top of th already paid £26 for delivery due to this error. Customer services would not relent and palletline would not deliver. So I was forced to pay as my Mother is elderly and would get very upset, how can I get a refund?

  • Richard Linford 6 April, 6:02 pm

    I bought an armchair from Debenhams and as I am not happy with the quality I asked to return it for a refund.
    They said I could but would have to pay a £75 collection fee as it was shipped from a 3rd party supplier.

    I was under the impression that under the Distant Selling Regulations they had to cover ALL returns costs if I notified them within 7 days.
    Is this not the case?

    The £75 charge is listed in their terms & conditions but if this is in breach of the Distant Selling Regulations is it not invalid?

    Thanks for your help in advance.


  • Helder 8 April, 6:39 pm

    Good day
    I am from South Africa and purchased parts for my vehicle from a company in Scotland via online in January of this year.
    they organized everything including courier to me, but the parts never arrived. I cant track the goods down because the type of postage they send it on does not cover tracking.
    Please help, who can i go to for help. Because of the distance I am struggling to get any answers from them.
    Any help would be appreciated.

  • Darren 5 May, 1:39 pm

    A slightly unusual one, perhaps…

    My mother ordered several bare-rooted trees from an online retailer. They arrived earlier this year, along with a detailed set of instructions regarding planting, which my mother has followed to the letter. She has previously worked in the horticultural industry for many years, so I think it safe to assume she will have planted the trees correctly.

    Unfortunately, after waiting for a couple of months for the trees to shoot leaves, it is evident that at least two of them are dead. There is no way she could have known this upon delivery, as all of the trees were dormant (had no leaves etc) and some have now started shooting, whereas the others haven’t. For the avoidance of any doubt, the non-shooting trees are definitely dead!

    My mother has called the retailer and they have agreed to replace the trees (without requiring the dead trees be returned to them), but have said that my mother must pay for the postage for the replacements. Given that she paid for postage the first time round, can the retailer require her to pay again, when the original goods were clearly not acceptable / fit for purpose?

    Any help and advice would be much appreciated! Thank you!

  • mike cowell 5 May, 3:49 pm

    my wife purchased a garden table and chairs in Sept 2009 for use in summer 2011. When we received the good all looked in order and we counted the main parts etc. Last week we build the garden set and foudn the the leg to the main garden table has broken and also we have no screws and bolts to build the table. We now think this was infact a reject unit and was re sold to us but we have no proof. We have contacted worldstores who we purchased from online and they will not help what so ever and in fact want to charge us for the screws and Bolts and do nothing about the fact we can not secure teh let to the table. I need to know what my rights are as we feel we have been sold this garden set when it was not fit for purpose. Appreciate we purchased in sept and its now May but we want this table replaced under warranty which they refuse. What our my rights

    • mike cowell 5 May, 3:50 pm

      sorry we purchased in Sept 2010 and built the set last week

  • John O 19 May, 7:17 pm


    I bought an integrated dishwasher from Currys. It started rusting badly after just 3 weeks usage and looks like a bad rash of chicken pox. I can only assume it had been in a flooded warehouse somewhere and then repackaged as new.

    Currys have agreed to refund the cost of machine but only when they have picked it up. My problem is that they will only tell me which day they will pick it up so they are assisting I take a day off work for them to pick up an obsolete dishwasher that was not fit for purpose.

    I object to this.

    I already had to take time off for another plumber to install the machine because Currys couldn’t do it as planned, then for a repair man to verify that the dishwasher was rusty, then the time for a another plumber to come and install a replacement dishwasher, and now Currys want me to stay at home for up to 10 hours one day to wait for them to send out a driver to pick up the machine.

    What compensation can I obtain for all this wasted time that Currys are imposing on me, and cannot I obtain repayment and impose on currys a specific time to pick up the machine so I don’t lose the whole day?

  • DaveJ 3 June, 2:10 pm

    “Parcel Force Clearance Fee’s”
    I have recently purchased a camera from america as it wasn’t availavle here. I paid for the purchase on my credit card along with a shipping charge and knew i would have to pay a vat or customs charge. What i didn’gt expect is that along with a £16 vat charge, parcel force also add an additional £8 “clearance fee.” I researched what this fee is for and apparently it covers the administration fee’s for presenting the item to customs for me and also for the cost of sending me an invoice! The fact that parcel force pay the customs charge for me without me ever asking them to now means that i cannot get my item without paying their clearance fee. It seems like absolute randsom when i would be quite happy to pay HM customs directly for my VAT and parcel force should just deliver my item which is what i paid for in the shipping costs.

    I am unhapy that my shipping contract was with USPS whom i paid up front to get the product to my door and i am more than willing to pay HM Customs for VAT. Parcel force add additional charges for which i have not asked for. I believe parcel force should recover their costs out of the upfront delivery cost i had paid.

  • engrand 30 June, 12:41 pm

    bonjour, j’ai fais une commande, lors de la réception, j’ai constaté qu’il manque 16 articles sur 40. En appelant le vendeur, il me dit qu’en effet il manque des articles car ils les as plus en stock, mais il avait pas prévenu dans le colis. Existe il un article de loi qui oblige le vendeur a prévenir d’articles manquants dans le colis ???

  • vasquezs 2 October, 6:31 pm

    Purchased a chandelier from a high end furniture store in the amount of $2500, which was paid in full, with an expected delivery date of 4-8 wks. Three weeks later received a call from store stating they made an error in pricing and refused to deliver item. Merchant stated the company they get chandeliers from “misquoted” price to them. The store now expects another $2800 from us. They gave us two options: Get a refund or pay the difference. What are my rights?

  • tridi 10 November, 12:50 pm

    I bought a “trial and Nutra-slim and QuickDetox Colon Cleanse” In the advertisement, they said that I was allowed to return the product If I was not satisfied and I will receive my money back. I returned it but I never received my money back. I wrote to them and they told me that I should receive my money back in ten working days but I haven’t after three months. I wrote to them a second time and then they haven’t answered me. What can I do?

  • Sinead 17 December, 5:13 pm

    I purchased a watch online for 68 pounds through amazon but from a seller – British watch company. I amounted the seller via amazon as i had not received my order. They provided me with royal mail tracking details which showed that my office been signed for and delivered on 2nd December. The matterseller stated that i would have to take the matter up with royal mail. I never received this order and the name showing as signed for the parcel is the correct surname but not the correct initial. What are my rights?

  • Ewisska 9 January, 10:06 pm

    Hi I purchased watch from amazon too.cost me 200 pounds.I also contacted seller,that after what he stated i didnt received my item.He provided me with royal mail tracking number, and it showed that my watch was received next day 30 December.
    I had contacted Royal Mail,and they stated,that my neighbour from house (there are 6 flats in my house)signed for it,so i went and asked her where my parcel is.She said she left it outside my front door.
    Now i dont have my money and i dont have wath either.
    What can I do? Can I claim my refund from seller as I dont have my goods?Where are my rights?

  • Tony 27 January, 3:51 pm

    when browsing on a website I tried to order an item on finance, it was declined , however the goods arrived at my house , the company said it was an error and asked me to return the goods , my partner returned them by normal mail( not knowing the package was valuable as it was a christmas present for her) just before christmas . now the company are claiming that I have not returned the item …What should I do ? As I dont want to be prosecuted…if this is possible

  • suhal 28 January, 2:04 pm

    I have bought a computer from Acer however the remote control was not working. I sent the computer back under warranty as it is believed the internal infrared reciever needs replacing. However after about 10 days I recieved a letter stating that the computer panels are damaged and I need to pay for the work.
    Can I request a picture of the damage from Acer before taking further action?

  • Rachael 15 February, 9:28 am

    Hi. I purchased 2 items from Pastitmes. 1 item got cancelled and the other item was not worth the the postage costs. I rang before the order was delivered to cancel the order but it had already been dispatched. I was told to send it back as soon as it arrived and they would credit the postage as well. It arrived the next day and was returned the next day with a cover note.Pastimes tell me they have not received the order. Is it upto me to chase Royal Mail or upto Pastimes. If I claim from royal mail I cant claim for the postage costs that I was having refunded only the items lost…less cost than the postage

  • R Ross 28 February, 6:24 pm

    have ordered kitchen from Wickes in store near to wher I wnat it delivered BUT this is differnt address for credit agreement(home) and so they will not deliver to where it needs to go but to home. Call Centre say Purchase store needs to redraft terms which may not be possible as address where kitchen should go is empty/not home address.
    Is this problem surmountable?

  • Jonny Graham 15 March, 9:42 pm

    I ordered some clothing from a website called at the start of december last year. It’s been over three monthes now, and i still haven’t received my order. I have e-mailed the people numerous times about the situation and still nothing. Recently, (last month) they stopped replying to me all together. I have sent them an e-mail requesting for my order to be sent or i’ll take action against them, but still nothing. I would like to take legal action on them as i feel i have been mistreated greatly. Does anyone know who i should get in contact with, and how? I still want my order, but i need someone to get in contact with the clothing company.

  • Zoe 30 March, 11:04 am

    I ordered a leather sofa from a large, well known cataloque company. On the delivery day (5 days before Christmas), the company delivered a chair and not a sofa.

    The delivery person contacted the distribution centre for me who atdmitted a mistake had been made but they could not deliver the sofa for another 4 weeks. Since it was Christmas and we were relying on the seating the company said we could keep the chair until the sofa was delivered at the end of January. They said they would pick it up when the sofa was delivered.

    However, delivery day arrived but the delivery driver did not have a ‘pick up’ note and so refused to take the chair. I have since called the company twice and written them a letter asking them to collect the chair. Each time a pick up date was arranged but no-one arrived.

    It is now the end of March and I have had the chair for over 3 months. Is is reasonable for me to dispose of the chair (i.e. sell it) since the company have not picked it up even though I have asked them 3 times?

  • Jazz 10 April, 2:13 pm

    I sold an item on Ebay and have had a message from the buyer that the packaging was damaged and a bolt (which can only be removed with an allen key) was missing. This person has contacted me 32 days after they signed for receipt of the item. I believe they have misplaced the bolt since receiving the item and are pulling a fast one. Where do I stand if they request a refund?

  • jacqui hayward 10 June, 8:11 am

    i bought some goods from the telly channel in April, some of the goods were delivered to the wrong address, others were not recieved at all but arrived after a further phone call. however one piece is missing. i have phoned and emailed them but am unable to contact the complaints department in person. i told them i would contact Trading standards is this the next step. what do you suggest? the foods were not cheep and are even more expensive if only one half is working

  • Adam 15 June, 12:03 pm


    I have had the same problem where the company had collected the laptop for myself for repair of a wifi problem and it was only after I called them 3 weeks later, I am told there is a cracked screen. I was told the packaging was inspected and there was no sign of damage and no one was taking blame and that I am responsible and that they would be sending the laptop back to me. It has been over 2 months and i have not received the laptop back and not heard from them. i sent a letter informing them on this situation and still nothing. I am currently unsure how to go about the situation. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  • rminsualtion 7 August, 1:10 pm

    Our company ordered a fridge thru Amazon, KG Electronics during June 2012, It was apparently delivered and signed for but not by anyone from our office and the delivery company says we must have recieved it as D Evans signed for it but we still have not been in receipt of the fridge, also the tiem and date it was supposedly delivered was a Thursday at luchtime when there is always people in this office. What can we do next???

  • joan mcewan 9 September, 3:51 pm

    I bought a dog grooming table through amazon kms were sellers product faulty/unsafe I asked them for refund and to pick up item they say I have to pay for this and I have to send article back its faulty and unsafe reported this right away amazon say it is up to seller and keep fobbing me off kms just refuse to arrange item to be picked up which is heavy and I am elderly and have no one to do this for me its a joke I have also said I would buy anther type of dog table they still do nothing any suggestions

  • Seamus 23 September, 10:48 am

    I bought a Dualit 4 slice toaster a couple of months ago as unused but not new as it was a display model. Within a month one side failed and I returned it at my own cost to the seller. He is now asking me to pay for return postage. The toaster has been fixed under it’s 3 year guarantee. He said a large crumb got stuck causing the problem. Should I pay for postage both ways?

  • Lucy 26 October, 10:15 pm

    We ordered oak frame windows from a joiner in may 2012 after meeting the joiner at his workshop tomake sure he was legit. All correspondance was done via email including the actual confirmation of order. we were given an 8-10 week timescale and paid a £4500 deposit. 22 weeks down the line, he has emailed us another excuse (the 5th excuse now) as to why he cannot deliver our windows, and we now belive he has broken his contract with us and we have asked for a full refund ofour deposit – where do we stand?

  • Karl 26 November, 9:41 pm

    I bought 2 lighting units (total £80 + £15pp) using visa/debit on a website and when they arrived only one worked. I immediately contacted the seller who told me that they needed me to send them an email so they could forward it on to their supplier to find out what their policy was but that if I returned the faulty product back to them they wouldn’t refund the return postage. I pointed out that it didn’t state that in their T&Cs. It seems that I should be entitled to a full refund including postage but what can I do if they wont accept this ?

  • Caroline Millar 7 December, 5:36 pm

    I ordered a christmas present form a company in Canada on the 26th of October but it hasn’t arrived yet. I have asked the company to cancel my order and refund my account but they say they can’t do that as they’ve already sent it. They also state that they cannot launch an in investigation with Canada post until 45 working days after dispatch but that will be after christmas ! Di i have any rights here ?

  • Jodie page 16 January, 10:20 pm

    I ordered a sofa bed from furnisho when I recieved it I didn’t notice any damage until I got it out and noticed scuff marks I rang straight up and was told to email them it has taken 6 days for them to let me know that as I didn’t check the items I am not entitled to a refund?? I have checke their website and it does say to check packages but I didn’t read that ???

  • Shirley moore 25 January, 9:11 pm

    What are my rights I bought a sofa from dfs day off delivery it had a tear in it they came out and glued it! It has now torn again in the same place they said they will take the seat and repair it am I in my rights to ask for a new sofa????? Thanks

  • Tina Fowler 1 February, 10:29 am

    I ordered and paid for an item of clothing on line, I have never had them although the item was sent with a tracking number through Royal mail. Royal mail have a card that says someone signed for it although this was not me or anyone that lives at my house.
    The company who sent this parcel say it is nothing to do with them now.
    Who’s responsibility is this as the item cost me £154 with nothing to show for it.

  • alison longdon 4 May, 6:09 am

    we brought an american style fridge freezer from ultimate appliances. we paid an extra £24.95 for two man delivery as it was a large item. when it arrived they refused to bring it into our house as they said it was too big. as this was our second one we already knew that the doors must be taken off in order to het through a normal size door. it clearly states this in the instruction book. we were left with it on the foor step in the rain.

  • Jade 10 May, 5:56 pm

    I placed an order to purchase 3 items from a website who were running a 30% off offer. I entered all my details and the money was taken from my account. The day after the sale period had expired I was advised by the seller that due to an error with their postal system they could not complete my order. I spoke with them and they advised that I could re order to a UK address but that as the sale period had expired I would have to pay full price. Are they allowed to do this?

  • John woodman 28 November, 8:22 pm

    hi there i bought a WWE set from the wwe store in america and i am in scotland, i have just recieved the parcel and when i opened it i realised that the most expensive item the T-shirt was not in the parcel and there was a leaflet in the parcel saying that the parcel had been opened at customs, i have tried contacting the wwe store and the numbers available does not let me phone them, i have tried phoneing all the companys that handled the parcel and they keep passing me away and saying no phone this one phone that one. im stressing out big time i spent a good amount of money on this and im scared that i have just lost all the money

  • rachael 13 May, 9:35 am

    What are my rights concerning a parcel that has been delivered to someone im not aware of? I ordered something from a catalogue, who said it would be delivered yesterday, yesterday came and no parcel. I rang to ask where it was and the catalogue say they have had a signature from someone to confirm its delivery, noone in this household has taken the parcel, let alone sign for it and our neighbours havent had anything come through them. Can the catalogue still charge me for goods that i have not received? What are my rights? Im so upset as i cannot afford to fork out double the cost for the same item.

  • Charles May 4 July, 8:20 am

    If goods are sent to me and are no longer wanted/cancelled etc.
    What time period if not picked up by supplier do they become my property?

  • Gillian 9 July, 12:43 pm

    UK-mail delivered duvet which I signed for,was so nice I ordered another but larger size which never arrived,Got in touch with company they said UK-Mail say they have delivered it and that I signed for it,they must have opened it as the details are on the paperwork which they sent to the did they get my signature off electronic signing machine. How can I proove I didn’t receive the duvet?

  • Jason kent 15 July, 3:45 pm

    I bought my mother a coffee table which arrived damaged. We contacted the comany the next day to let them know.
    The company have made it as hard as possible to contact them and im still waiting for them to collect
    the table. It has been 3 months now. How long do I have to keep it?
    Because it takes up valuable room.

  • Nancy 1 August, 3:20 pm

    I ordered a sofa in the shop and paid a deposit returned to the shop to pay for the goods 10 weeks later for the sofa to be delivered, but seen that the sofa is £800 cheaper, what are my rights on this.

  • ann nowler 10 August, 9:23 pm

    Sent for goods out of catalog been with many years only received one item they insist other items wer in box but were not I have witness ove sent form back wat was sent to me as they r investigatin items have not arrived

  • Bee 28 August, 4:49 pm

    I bought some books through eBay, then went off for holiday. When i went home after three months, the books has not arrived yet. My family was at home and they did not receive any of them. I contacted the seller but he refused to replace the books saying it is the company policy that refund have to be claimed within 61 days. The problem is I am not asking for refund. I just want my books. What can I do to get my things back, and also my consumer rights?

    Thanks in advance

  • Jeanna 18 September, 5:23 pm

    I ordered a set of photos of my son online from a local photographer – the photo session had taken place at my son’s preschool a few weeks previous. I paid for the prints through PayPal and asked for them to be delivered to to the preschool (this is what we were advised to do by the photographer and the preschool). The photographer arranged to deliver all the photos before the end of term. This did not happen. In mid August I received a phone call from the preschool manager telling me that the photos had finally been delivered but my order was not included as according to the photographer I had not stated which print/package I required. The photographer’s website appeared to be straightforward – one clicked on a button saying “order this print” which opened up a new window in which to select the package required for the print selected and to fill out personal details such as contact information and delivery details. I know that the order was correct as I have all the details on my PayPal receipt and I can prove I was charged correctly for the package I had ordered. At this point I wondered why the photographer had not contacted me directly considering she had all my contact details with my order. I agreed with the preschool manager that I would call the photographer myself to find out what the problem was. The preschool manager gave me the photographer’s contact number and I first called the photographer on 13th August. She told me that she was shopping and could not speak but if I sent her a text message with my name, address and the reference number for the photos I required (which I had to find on her website), then she would ensure that my order was completed the next day. I sent this message immediately and she replied saying that she could now send me my order. I waited a few more weeks and again spoke to the preschool manager who had not heard anything from the photographer – she did tell me that another three parents also had problems with non delivery/poor quality photos. I called the photographer again near the end of August and left a message on her voicemail as there was no answer. I asked her what had happened to my order and asked her to contact me as soon as possible to let me know when my photos would be delivered. I did not get a reply. The preschool manager called the photographer approximately a week later and was told that I had given an incorrect reference number on the text message that I sent on 13th August but the photographer did not have my number to call me. I do not understand how she can say she does not have my details but she has the text message telling her the alleged wrong information. I contacted the photographer again on 16th September via text message stating who I am and that I was still waiting for my order. I received a reply via text telling me that she had fulfilled lots of orders for the preschool the day previous but she could not tell me if mine was one of them and that she would let me know the next day once she was back in the office. I waited all day for her to contact me and by 7.30pm when I had heard nothing I texted her to say I wished to cancel my order and that I was disgusted by her service. She replied to tell me that she refused to do business via text message and that I am not entitled to any refund based on agreed principles set out by all photographers. She told me that do not have any rights to change my mind based on personal preference. I still do not have the photos I ordered and it is almost two months since I paid for them. Can you tell me please whether I should pursue the matter with my local consumer complaints department? Sorry for the long message and thankyou.

  • louise lowcock 22 September, 2:47 pm

    Hi we recently ordered our teams football kit off a website and we got send a email with a invoice for the kit but no time scale of when this would be delivered i then rang and asked how long it would take he said 2-3 weeks. it will be a month tommorow and the scary thing is i have emailed a few times and rang every day 2-3 tims a day and theres no answers at all or no replies to any voicemails or emails . Not sure what to do ?

  • Danielle 26 September, 12:32 pm

    I ordered a table cloth for £31 about three weeks ago and they said they have delivered it to me and i signed for it but i haven’t done. The owner of the company was rude to me and basically said i was liar. He won’t give me my money back! What do i do?

  • dee 27 September, 3:10 pm

    If i order a freezer, should the delivery company not deliver inside my house? I did not ask him to put it into a particular room! just inside my front door! he refused and left it outside my house! now to me that is not actually delivering my goods! i cannot find any rules and regulations about deliveries etc. I am in a normal house so did not expect them to go up flights of stairs. any advice would be great.

  • Jane Mardell 8 October, 10:02 am

    I ordered some vitamins from Simply Supplements and the order did not arrive. I rang a week later and they said they would send another package which I received. Another week later I received the ‘lost’package, I am legally bound to send the ‘lost’ package back? They have sent me a form asking me to complete it saying that I have not received it so they can follow it up with their courier. As I have received the package I just called them and asked for some compensation for the problems I have had with this order and that I would now have to pay for the postage to send it back but they refused and said I must send the package back. What would happen if I kept the package, can they legally follow this up and if I do send it back can I just put ‘return to sender on the package?’

    Many thanks

  • p lyons 15 October, 9:21 am

    I bought from firm on amazon they tried to deliver goods i refused delivery because they would not bring to top floor flat, seller then said had not got goods back from carrier at depot refused refund despite me not taking delivery of these carpets advice please ?

  • Sharon Nickle 5 November, 9:00 pm

    I ordered a bed on line from a company named Archers. My bed should have been delivered on Tuesday
    4th November 2014. The delivery date was done online as i was given a choice of day/date. My order did not arrive and I was contacted on Wednesday 5th November to apologise to me after I had sent a email informing of my disappointment. I was told that part of the order did not arrive therefore it could not be delivered as they were not the supplier. I was informed that the part is now with them and the bed would be delivered the same day 5th November. I have lost 2 days pay from work waiting for my delivery which still did not arrive. What steps can I now take as I,m very unhappy about the situation.