Doorstep selling – Your right to cancel

With any contract or sale which is concluded in this way, you must be sure you have been presented with clear written notice of your 7 day right to cancel, at or before the time the contract is made. If you have not, the contract is legally unenforceable. This notice, which cannot be in the form of small print, or otherwise disguised, must also provide a cancellation form and advise you on how and to whom a notice of cancellation is to be made.

Similar to the Distance Selling Regulations, you are able to cancel the contract at any time within 7 days from the time the written notice (of your right to cancel) was given to you by the trader. You can either use the cancellation form which should have been provided, or a simple written notice, as long as it is clear of your intentions. With regard to sending your notice to cancel by post, as long as it has been posted before the end of the 7 days, it doesn’t matter when it is actually received. For this reason, it is always advisable to send it recorded delivery.

Doorstep Selling

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  • June Sanders 7 January, 3:08 pm

    Our Son has suffered strokes and has M.S. he hardly knows what day it is-and was pressured into having outside work done at a cost of £12,000 plus : and overall costs incl. interest amount to £25,000 + this was back in November 2014 – we/he have tried to cancel it recently(last 2 weeks) and were led to believe this was done- the Company have now turned up with scaffolding ! The paperwork cannot be found for the contract, and the stress is too much for him. He is in receipt of sickness/ critical illness benefit /DLA and has been very ill for last 5 years- how on earth did they expect him to pay the finance company back. Can anything be done to stop this work going ahead ?