Doorstep Selling: Your Right to Cancel

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Until recently, the Doorstep Selling Regulations only covered contracts which were made in the consumer’s home or place of work as a result of a cold call or an unsolicited visit. New Regulations (The Cancellation of Contracts made in a Consumer’s Home or Place of Work etc Regulations 2008) have recently come into force which extend these rights for all contracts over £35.00, irrespective of whether they were made through unsolicited or pre-arranged visits with the trader or rep. The Regulations aim to protect anyone who may have entered into an agreement as a result of undue pressure, by allowing you a cooling off period of 7 calendar days during which time you have the right to cancel. Although, there is another advantage in that it also enables you to go away and compare alternatives.

You may also invoke your rights under these regulations if you have offered to buy something or commission a service from at a presentation of some kind, where business is taking place away from the organisation’s usual business premises. Incidentally, this includes signing up for a timeshare in the resort itself, where this is away from the offices of the timeshare company. It is also the case even when contracts are concluded at a later date, back at the trader’s shop of office – the fact that you have made your offer away from here is the important thing.

The Seller’s Obligations

With any contract or sale made in this way, you must be sure you have been presented with clear written notice of your 7 day right to cancel, at or before the time the contract is made. If you have not, the contract is legally unenforceable, even if a deposit has been paid. This notice, which cannot be in the form of small print, or otherwise disguised, must also provide a cancellation form and advise you on how and to whom a notice of cancellation is to be made. Any related credit agreements will also be cancelled. .

Where you have no cooling off period

If you are commissioning a service and work starts before the end of the 7 days, your cooling off period also comes to an end. But (and this is a very big but!), you must have been advised in writing and you must have agreed to it before the work commenced. If no notice was provided, the company may have acted unlawfully.

Contracts for certain goods and services do not have a cooling off period, even though they were concluded at your home or place of work.

  • Goods and services relating to a funeral
  • Goods which are personalised or made to a personal specification
  • Perishable goods, or those which are consumer buy their use and cannot be returned
  • Goods supplied to meet an emergency
  • Newspapers, periodicals or magazines
  • Advertising
  • Goods whose price is dependent on fluctuations in financial markets
  • The supply of goods to meet an emergency

How to cancel

Similar to the Distance Selling Regulations, you are able to cancel the contract at any time within 7 days from the time the written notice (of your right to cancel) was given to you by the trader. You can either use the cancellation form which should have been provided, or a simple written notice, as long as it is clear of your intentions. Emails are now recognised forms of written notice. With regard to sending your notice to cancel by post, as long as it has been posted before the end of the 7 days, it doesn’t matter when it is actually received. For this reason, it is always advisable to send it recorded delivery.

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  • alison 27 November, 3:47 pm

    this article is very helpful but please could you tell me if this includes a right to claim back deposit i have already paid?
    thank you

    • Rehan 14 March, 9:25 am

      My written contract with builder started 14/10/2015 don’t have cooling off period and work should finished by end of Dec2015..but he left on the 01/03/2016 ( nearly 5 month )unfinished with 98% money taken ..and now and before he is asking money not in sighed contract in the name of VAT….Fraud…gas and electric no certificate….now I have spend 4K to finish off..

  • Catriona 2 December, 12:51 am

    Alison, You have the right to claim back 100% of the monies paid

  • Hannah 16 December, 3:21 pm

    Does this include contracts with estate agents to sell my house? I’ve read that these new regulations do not apply to contracts for the sale of property?

  • chris 22 December, 5:43 pm

    I paid deposit on barclaycard – i cancelled with the 7 day cooling off period – i notifed barclaycard also but todate the deposit has not been returned. Barclaycard have place the amount in dispute can you confirm I am no longer liable if all parties were notified by phone and in writing within 7 days from visit date?

  • Catriona 22 December, 11:14 pm

    Hannah, you are correct, this legislation does not apply to the sale of property, although there is lots of other legislation which applies to estate agents.

  • Catriona 23 December, 12:30 am

    Chris, if this is a doorstep selling contract? If it is, and the work has not been carried out, you can cancel at any time within 7 days and get back all monies paid – including your deposit. Are Barclaycard aware that this is a doorstep selling contract?

  • chris 23 December, 10:33 am

    yes barclaycard are aware it was a cold call doorstep sale but the customer service people dont seem to know consumer law. also i rang the solar panel co. involved who told me they would send ME a cheque in theNew Year I said no (in case it bounces) and that my contract is with Barclaycard and they must refund to barclaycard. This enquiry is on behalf of my father who is 86 and I found the paperwork. Also he was never given a cancellation form with contract, neither does contract say anywhere right to cancel in 7 days – all things i believe designed to mislead the customer who may not be aware of their rights.
    i challenged the co. who said the salesman had used an old contract???I have e mailed also watchdog about the co.
    What should i tell barclaycard they must do?

  • Catriona 23 December, 5:52 pm

    Chris, you are right, although you would expect Barclaycard to know. Under the regs you must have your money back within 30 days. The fact that you were not presented with the requisite information during the visit renders the contract legally unenforceable. Therefore you could actually get the work done, not pay them a penny and there would be nothing they could do about it.

  • Aaron 13 March, 10:21 am

    Do these regulations cover Conditional Fee Agreements with Solicitors (signed at home)?

    • Derek 21 March, 2:12 pm

      The perceived wisdom is that they probably do, although lawyers have only just appreciated that.

      The standard CFA does not have a “cooling off” period. Given that the purpose of the agreement is that the consumer does not pay for the service rendered, and that there are considerable controls on solicitors, one wonders what the point is.

  • Catriona 13 March, 11:23 am

    Aaron, not 100% sure, although one of the clauses in schedule 3 (excepted contracts) says:

    Any agreement the making or performance of which by either party constitutes a relevant regulated activity.

    A cancellable agreement means any contract which has its own separate cooling off period, such as financial products, credit etc. I’m not sure which legislation covers CFAs I’m afraid.

  • Shrub 21 March, 7:28 pm

    If I have paid a deposit but was never given notice of my right to cancel, and I signed the contract and handed over the deposit 3 weeks ago, how can I claim back my deposit? (I have missed the 7 day cooling off period obviously, but was never given the notice)

  • Catriona 24 March, 10:39 pm

    Shrub, If your cooling off information has not been delivered to you, then not only is the trader guilty of an offence but the agreement is also unenforceable. Therefore you have the right to your deposit back. You are within your rights to take this matter to the enforcement authorities if the trader does not comply – this might give you some leverage.

  • Dino 7 April, 12:42 pm

    Hi i had a guy come around from GKR Karate last night and after a 30 min chat i agreed to pay £49 for my 2 children to start lessons for 4 months. Since then my wife has found out that we can get them cheaper closer with another club.

    I paid by cheque and understand it will cost me £10 to cancel it but i have emailled the guy and asked for the cheque to be returned. Am i covered by law I have looke but cannot find a cooling off period mentioned in the pack.

    Thanks in advance


  • Catriona 10 April, 10:20 pm

    Dino, Under the new doorstep selling regs you have a cooling off period of 7 days, and the Karate club cannot charge you a cancellation fee. By law you must be supplied with your cancellation rights (including a cancellation form). Failure to do is not only unlawful but makes the transaction legally unenforceable.

  • Steve 3 March, 12:38 pm

    In the thread above from Catriaon on 23 December, it says money must be refunded under the regs within 30 days. Please can you quote the specific clause and regualtion you are referring to, as I cannot find this timescale anywhere. Thanks

  • Veronica 22 March, 2:58 pm

    A neighbour of my sisters who is in his early 80s and very deaf answered the door to a cocky young fellow promoting Sky. He managed to convince the old man that he would be better off with Sky than BT and the freeview he was using and he signed up, However, when he got his bank statement he had had a payment of £50+ and another neighbour checked and he was signed up for the full package inc phone and internet, he doesn’t have a computer! He cannot afford this on his pension but as he has signed for this we are not sure what can be done. The same saleman went to my sister’s house and she had to literally shut the door on him as he wouldn’t let her get a word in so an elderly almost deaf person wouldn’t have stood a chance. Has anybody got any advice please>

  • Peter Biddiscombe 7 April, 7:25 pm

    I was visited by a salesman, on request. After all the usual sales talk, an offer of 10% off, followed by a further reduction was made(pressure). Measurements were taken but we were told that a qualified measuring Rep would call before any work commenced.I signed the sales agreement in two places. Three days later we decided to cancel and informed the company by telephone,2 emails and the cancellation slip from the sales agreement by post. The Company now say that we cannot have any repayment for at least 28 days and that I will have to pay a reasonable amount for the goods and services provided – BUT No goods or services have been provided. At no time did the salesman explain the cooling off period or what it may involve. The sum involved is no small amount and we need the money to meet other requirements. Can they do this?

  • Peter Biddiscombe 7 April, 7:30 pm

    I was visited by a salesman, on request. After all the usual sales talk, an offer of 10% off, followed by a further reduction was made(pressure). Measurements were taken but we were told that a qualified measuring Rep would call before any work commenced.I signed the sales agreement in two places. Three days later we decided to cancel and informed the company by telephone,2 emails and the cancellation slip from the sales agreement by post. The Company now say that we cannot have any repayment for at least 28 days and that I will have to pay a reasonable amount for the goods and services provided – BUT No goods or services have been provided. At no time did the salesman explain the cooling off period or what it may involve. The sum involved is no small amount and we need the money to meet other requirements. Can they do this?


  • hugh 30 May, 9:59 am


    Can you help. I was cold called (I never reply to cold calls) but this one go through. It was for a burglar alarm system. We were visited and agreed under some pressure to complete agreement forms to have a monitored system installed. The fitter arrived at 0900 the following morning.
    THe system is installed, yesterday, and now I am becoming angry that I have been bullied into accepting a system that requires an on going contract and I want to back out of the agreement. Both my wife and I feel upset by the way we were pressured into the purchase and hurried by the installation plan. I propose to stop the cheque today.
    Am I within my rights? I shall write to the company by recorded mail also.

    • Sarah Lowe 19 August, 4:23 pm

      Interested to see your note as the same thing has just happened to my mother whilst I was away – was it by any chance SAS fire and Security? Unfortunately, although we are within the 7 days the cheque has probably been cleared. Did you have a succcessful outcome?

  • Joe 25 June, 12:49 am

    I have signed an agreement to buy double glazing but have decided to cancel the contract with in the seven days cancellation period. When I phoned the company (Weatherseal) I was informed that my cheque had been cashed and it would take 30 days to process a refund. I contacted my bank and they said the cheque was currently being processed and agreed to stop the payment but at a cost of £10. I instructed my bank to stop the cheque as I did not feel confident the double glazing company would refund my deposit promptly. Should the double glazing company have processed my cheque before the end of the 7 day cooling off period? Can I ask the double glazing company to compensate me for the £10 fee incurred? Is there any other action that you would recommend?

  • GAZ 8 July, 9:35 pm

    my mother hired a stair lift which was fitted and signed a contract in her home for 12 months supply & survice. she then died 3 days later.
    no money was given but trader wants his money for full 12 month contract costing £350.
    question – contract showes no mention of The right to cancel
    is he breaking the oct 2008 regulations

  • Sally 13 July, 11:12 pm

    I signed an agreement in October last year with Home Learning College for a course costing £1364. I was visited at home by a doorstep salesman and pressurised into signing the contract, I wasn’t informed of the cooling off period and received no cancellation slip. I was contacted by the company and offered 15% off if I paid immediately, which I did, borrowing money from family. As I have already paid in full is there any chance of me getting the money back?

  • LES 3 August, 11:49 pm

    hi there my father in law had a cold sale rep call in for niagara therapy
    was talked into buying a blenheim chair cost of £5700 he paid a deposit of £1,330 after talking to his family a week later and looking into his finances
    he cant afford it we were about 4 days over the 7 day cancellation period rang up and wrote to them they order could be cancelled but no refund will be payed
    any ideas

  • gez 11 October, 11:42 pm

    My elderly aunt was visited at home by a salesman from Niagra trying to sell her a chair for £3500, she didnt want one and didnt have anywhere to put one anyway. He went around her house suggesting she got rid of some older furniture to make room for it. Eventually he badgered her into giving him a deposit for £1000 and left her some sort of plug in stand on foot therapy, Not sure why or if it was a free gift or part of the deal, she wasnt given any sort of cancellation form. She phoned him the next day asking to cancel the cheque and did eventually get a cheque sent back for about £330. She has only just told me this and it was a few months ago, is their any form of redress from the company.

  • Sam 20 February, 8:57 pm

    I signed a very vague agreement with a building company back in November 2009. At the time we were not told about or given written Notice of a our right to cancel.
    It has been brought to our attention that we may be entitled to a full refund of our monies paid to them.
    Please could you advise if this is true?

  • Karen 23 February, 7:12 pm

    Does this cover the seller ?
    I was approached by a neighbour asking me to sell him my Van.
    I said no, but he kept coming back each time increasing the money, as he wanted it for his business.

    In the end I said yes ok, he was my neighbour and had a lot on my mind.
    An hour later I felt that I wasn’t happy with selling and felt that I had been bullied into the situation a bit.
    So I contacted him at once and said I would like to decline on selling him my van. A couple of days later, his boss wrote to me saying that I could not cancel we had a binding contract. He has also said that he has already registered the van on the HPI watchlist so that I had to go through with the sale. I had contacted my neighbour in the hour to say I was not comfortable with the sale, so think his action of registering it on this website waspremature. We have not changed money/logbook etc..
    Do I not get a cooling off period by law? Is there anything I can do?

  • alan 8 May, 11:59 am

    I signed an advertising contract( with added bonuses) last friday with a `cold caller`and now after reading the small print ( 29 paragraphs) I notice that they state that the deposit is not refundable if I cancel within the 7 days. As this is sunday I doubt if any work has been undertaken already.
    Are they entitled not to refund my deposit if I email them today?

    • Tracy 24 February, 6:42 pm

      I have just had the same issue as Alan above, however it was sold to me on the basis that I would be the only supplier advertised offering that service, I found out a week later they had sold the same contract to someone offering the same service as me and they had guaranteed them that they were the only one too, is this a breach of my contract and am I entitled to request cancelling the whole thing and my £ back even though the contract states “This agreement is not subject to cancellation”??

  • donna 12 August, 11:35 am

    Can you tell me the door step regulation covers me if i was never informed of my cancellation rights within 7 days.

    I did look at the paper work a couple of days after they came to us, but the only thing they stated if we cancelled was the cost of cancelling to us, which we cant afford therefore left it as was, now mths later where do we stand? They are pursueing a claim

  • claire 20 October, 11:42 am

    Hi can you help me … I signed a contract with weatherseal on the 16/8/11 to get new doors put in (door salesman). In that same month they had phoned to say that they would need to charge me another £100 because I need the doors to be red. I said yes but I thought they would send me out another contract to sign to agree to this. 20/10/11 i have not heard from them so decided to phone them and was told that the order hasnt been placed so now I am wondering what i can do due to shody comunication. Does this mean that THEY have broke the contract because they havent updated the contract to say about the £100 extra and do I now have the right to cancel ?

  • sonia 31 October, 3:08 pm

    After looking at a new kitchen for my daughter’s flat, we were advised that there was a local designer in our area who would give us a free quote. The cost was way more than we anticipated but after negotiating with Head Office, the designer offered us the Manager’s Discount but at the cost of a refundable £100 to hold the price for 12 months if we wished to go ahead with the order. Now our priorities have changed and we do not want to go ahead but would like the £100 refunded. I called Customer Services and was immediately told that we do have a contract which we cannot cancel and that we should take up advice. I tried explaining the scenario along with the notes written on the paperwork but the agent was quite abrupt and matter of fact (or well rehearsed). I have no other paperwork from this company and wonder what I should do next. Any suggestions?

  • Andy 21 November, 11:06 am

    My parents have given £1000 deposit to a company selling adjustable beds. The paperwork clearly includes the 7 day right to cancel.

    However, there is an element of (supposedly) making each bed to customers individual requirements. I am worried the company will try to use that to avoid paying back the deposit.

    I do not live near my parents, but from what they say there doesn’t seem to be anything on the agreement to say that they agree to work starting before the end of the 7 day cooling off period. And to be fair, no suggestion that it has.

    Can anyone advise how they stand under the regulations, in terms of cancelling, and getting their deposit back?


  • Mary 28 November, 10:07 pm

    My Father of 91 who is going blind and rather confused was doorstepped by an agent fron Sky. He was sold a full package of phone, t.v. and broad band. I recently cancelled his t.v. with Virgin as he can’t see it and he has no computer. He thought he was paying a one off payment and then all his phone calls would be free… He was left with one A4 sheet of paper outling what he was getting. It stated that he should read and understand the extremely small print on the back before signing. There is no way he could have read it himself and I doubt if the agent read it all out to him. There was no mention of a cooling off period, no phone number and the email address was illegible. The money (£90) would be taken from his account within 24hours and the installation would be 4 days later.
    I thought this was a fraud to obtain my father’s bank details but when I phoned Sky they told me it was genuine. I then spent 25mins to get it cancelled. I sent an email to the complaints dept, but got a stock reply. Is this legal?

  • Pierre 3 January, 12:47 pm

    I recently entered into a contract with RMS, Retail Merchant Services, to provide a Card Processing Machine for my business. Later that day I did a little homework, as there was a discrepancy between the prices quoted and those on my contract.

    I did a little homework and found that I’d entered into a “Membership Agreement”. The following day I contacted them and advised that I did not wish to proceed with the contract.

    They are saying that membership agreements are not governed by this legislation, this doesn’t seem to be correct on the basis of the information in the article above.

    • Victoria 16 March, 1:30 pm

      I had a rep from RMS lie to me repeatedly, he withheld important documents from me dispite my repeated asking for them to read. He told me what I was signing was just his copy of the rates we had discussed this was not the case it was a 44 page agreement! When signing the iPad it automatically copied my signature onto these pages which he did not give me to read. He also told me I had 7 days cooling off which he also lied about! I cancelled with them and reported it to trading standards. They are now threatening me to pay £1100 for cancelling and threading me with court action and a ccj against my name if I don’t pay. Iv told them I was lied to and missold this product and what I signed was not what I agreed with the rep! They don’t care they said well you should of read it and iv got to pay. This companies customer service is shocking. I will not be paying them and if they take me court I have a pile of evidence against them. Has anyone else had this issue with this company? If you have please help

      • Sarah Fox 23 May, 11:45 am

        Hi Victoria,

        Our experience is almost identical! Unscrupulous & deceitful salesman, who disappeared off of the face of the earth the second it started to go wrong. I too have a thread of evidence that they haven’t acted genuinely. What stage are you at with them now?

  • Julia Ridsdale 10 January, 10:49 pm

    I had a visit tonight from talk talk representatives claiming to be offering a government lead initiative offering cheaper internet to locals and asked if I had received the paperwork. The deal they were offering was a good 7 pounds cheaper for phone and internet so I ended up signing a contract for 12 months… this was on the understanding I was told that I had a 14 day cooling off period to change my mind. If for example it was cost prohibitive for me to get out of my current providers contracts. I have since looked up talk talks customer satisfaction on the web and think i would prefer to cancel this contract.. I can find nothing on the contract i signed, no other paperwork was offered, as the rep said he had run out as demand was so high! He said paperwork would follow in 3 to 5 days from my current providers and an information pack from themselves. What is the best way out of this as have been reading I only have 7 days cooling off period? The rep specifically told me that if I rang before 7 days the company would have no record of me so it had to be after this? Is this a scam and should I be reporting it elsewhere? Many thanks

    • eddie 3 March, 3:13 pm

      sorry about my reply which seems to have gone to malcom best the question below yours

  • Malcolm Best 5 February, 11:57 pm

    A guy arrived on the door step “Hi – we are working on the road works down the road and have some spare tar and chips the Gaffer has given me permission to speak to local farms and offer to lay tar and chips at a very low price” He was very persistent and I have no idea why I said OK but I did. He started the work within an hour and persuaded me to sign a very simple form. The price was indicated but I have now established it was massively inflated from standard market prices. He wants cash. The work has been done – I am not happy as it is not what I expected but nothing was written down to say what I was getting (I feel totally stupid!). I have not paid and am trying to negotiate his price down he is intimidating and persistent. What rights do I have under the law?

  • eddie 3 March, 3:11 pm

    sorry i dont know the answer to the above question but i do know talk talk have been active in my area,the south side of Glasgow I have a sign on my door which says “no cold callers we do not buy or sell at this door” but did that stop talk talk, of course not you see according to the rep they were not selling they were there to advise me that the local BT exchange was being upraded and i am not even a BT customer EH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have since spoken to my neighbours and they were told the same thing. Call me a cynic if you like but this sounds like a way of getting round the doorstep selling regulations .My advice have nothing to do with them.By the way Everest double glazing are operating the same way in this part of Glasgow but there sales pitch is “we are offering a free quote” my advice contact trading standards and if any payment was made by credit card contact your card company and complain they are usually very good

  • Nicky Sheehan 10 May, 3:02 pm

    I had a call at the door from someone regarding cavity wall insulation. I allowed him to carry out a survey despite the face that I have a no cold callers sign at the door. He gave me a price and I Signed when he told me I had 28 days to cancel. I want to now cancel but having checked the paperwork he left me it says I only have 7 days to cancel which I have now missed. Can I Still cancel without having to pay them anything? I am very angry that he seems to have lied to me in order to get my business.

  • Paula 30 May, 6:48 pm

    Did you ever get this sorted? Im having the same problem with an advertising agency who want to take my £150 deposit as an admin fee to cancel even though I cancelled within the 7 days.

    Can this be legal?

  • Nicola Richardson 13 September, 12:41 pm

    A sales person came to my place of work not at my request and spoke with my husband.he was selling advertising space in the 2013 police federation diary for my sandwich bar. The advisor briefly spoke about the alternatives but my husband clearly stated he needed to discuss the proposition to myself his wife and partner. My husband signed a document which he was informed said he was interested and the salesman said he would return the following week to discuss the matter further. A week later we recieved a bill for £400 for a page of advertising. I informed them we had not agreed to this to which they said I have no right to cancel even though I have dispute the sale as we believe the product was mis-sold. I see that advertising is something that may not be covered but what can I do now??? I don’t want this advert or to pay £400 for an advert I don’t want!

  • simon 5 March, 8:53 am

    i ordered new guttering from some one who came round my house six weeks ago but now iv changed my mind, can i cancel it, i have not paid a deposit but i did sign a contract even though the piece about the seven day cooling off period is written on the back in small print

  • Joyce 17 May, 1:36 pm

    Over the phone, I entered into a contract with YPC Your Property Club, paying a £1,000 reservation fee plus £4,000 finder fee, for a property off plan. The fee had to be paid within 7 days for exchange within 21 days and was not refundable. However their terms& conditions stated that there was a 7 day cooling off period after the payment of fees and before exchange. I did have to search extensively through the small print to find it. The solicitors papers revealed information about the property and environment involved which I had not been told about and some information contrary to what I had and decided against investing. I claimed a refund of fees paid within the seven days by e-mail and letter. YPC phoned me to say they would return the £1,000 reservation fee but not the £4,000 finder fee. Am I within my rights to insist on the full amount.?

  • Pea 28 June, 7:06 pm

    Does this law apply if you asked a tradesman to come to your house – he quoted by email, then you agreed after seeing the quote by phone. There is nothing in his contract about cancellation rights. Not sure if this still stands because we didn’t agree to the actual work during his actual visit. He couldn’t quote us there and then because he had to go away and work it out. We agreed to the work when we saw his quote on email?


  • Eamonn 1 October, 12:08 am

    Hi, I recently purchased a kitchen!
    We was told verbally that we had a 14 day cooling period. So we paid the a £1000 deposit. However some events have taken place and we cannot afford the kitchen. I called the company who now say its only 7…(and on the back of the plan which I did not look at it says 7 days). I/we really need this money back as anyone would do. Can you advise if there is anything I can do or quote to get my refund? The order was cancelled within 12 days. We also took finance out with the above order which has 14 days this will be cancelled but no refund. How can company’s give 7 days to cancel order but 14days on finance. Thanks in advance

  • MarK Lewis 10 June, 4:52 am

    Hello. Companies that call themselves ‘Business transfer Agents’ rather than estate agents. Are they exempt from the doorstep regs? I remember the salesmen saying they were exempt from offering a cooling off period, but I cannot remember the reason. Thank you

  • Mark Harris 27 August, 11:41 pm

    My parents ( they both old n didt understand the jargon ) signed a contract to sell there business with an agent but didn’t realise the amount of costs involed I rang the agent to discuss the matter and was told as its a business sale the contact is binding and they don’t get a cooling off period therefore must pay the set fees , is this correct ?

  • Stacey 31 August, 9:09 pm

    Was talked into getting a hoover after having an at home demo and we were cringing at the price already but then when we read the contract we were shocked to find that the interest was almost the same amount as the product price. We were not made verbally aware of this nor was it pointed out on the contract. It says we have 14 days to cancel but have heard its difficult to cancel on this product. What do I do if they get difficult?

  • QD 26 October, 9:57 pm

    Your practice is booming; appointments are scheduled out 4 weeks upfront. Any dispute or misunderstanding is readily threshed out. If you’d not trust employees your own clinic have been not mindful of HIPAA act, then why could you compromise answering service that is certainly not HIPAA compliant.

  • Tiffany 20 December, 9:20 pm

    Hi I ordered chairs online back in June. They were delivered late, got lost, I was not made aware of a refund. They then arrived. I did not unpack them until this week when I found one to be broken. I contacted the seller to see if I could exchange under warranty. At this point, they advised that the goods had been refunded in July. I checked and this was the case. However, they made no effort to collect the chairs following this refund. As they would have been readily available to them, and 28 days have now passed, do the chairs belong to me? or do I have to send them back now?


  • joe 21 March, 9:48 am

    I paid a door step trader 300 deposit for some drive way works I was given the 14 day cancellation But decided after a month I could get it done cheaper Am I entitled to my 300 deoisit back ??

  • Annette Hamill 22 March, 1:48 pm

    My father has signed doorstop contract for boiler installation, the sales man added comment on contract to waver 14 day cooling off as it was to be installed asap. However the engineer did not turn up…..they are still within cooling off period but worried as they’ve signed the form with the waver comment. They feel they were forced into this by sales man now want to exit can they?

  • Harry 11 April, 2:15 am

    Hi very helpful read.

    i have signed into a contract that did have a cooling off period in witting on the form but i wasn’t made aware at the time and had no idea i found out 3 months later when i was trying to cancel i no this is mainly my own doing but my question is.. dose the contract still apply even if i didn’t no about the cooling off period thanks guy’s feel free to email me directly

  • yvonne bythell 4 June, 4:33 pm

    Someone came to my door saying that he had spoken to my husband about having the potholes done on our drive so i signed a piece of paper agreeing to this but when my husband came home he didn’t know anything about it he attempted to phone and cancel it but they said we couldn’t .I was given no paperwork so when I tried to phone and cancel they said apparently I signed to waiver that right please what can I do

    • Antonio 11 December, 6:37 am

      Keep in mind the NC3000U has a 220mm fan that? can push way more air than two small 70mm fans. Also the huge fan covers the whole base, so you dont have to worry aboyr a small fan that may not be loacetd next to the vents on the bottom of the notebook PC. I alsdo highly recommend that you get the optional ac/dc power adaptor that option is available in a drop menu next to the order button. It is great for desk top replacement and your not using voltage from the USB thus less heat.

  • Isabel Ormel 2 July, 8:57 pm

    We had 2 builders knocking on our door offering their services. We needed to have the house painted so we asked them for a quote. They submitted a written quote for £1350 and said they could start the following day and asked for a deposit of £600 which we paid them in cash. They did some work for 2 days and then vanished leaving the work less than half done. W e tried to contact them on the phone but they are not replying. What can we do or where can we go for help with this?

  • Sam 6 November, 9:54 am

    I paid a cash instalment to my make up artist for my wedding. After the trial I didnt feel comfortable with how i looked. I cancelled with her but she says any money paid is non refundable as pointed out on the invoice. Is this correct. I had the invoice after paying.

  • Helen Love 19 November, 10:12 am

    My daughter ordered leaflets, business cards and gift vouchers from a print company in East Kilbride – WOW Print. She paid him a deposit and then had to pay the balance in full very soon after. £295.00 was paid to the company in July of this year. She is still waiting on the goods, and yesterday, after much (heated) correspondence, she cancelled the order. He offered her £118.00, and then £200.00. I feel this is totally unacceptable as he hasn’t even shown her a draft or proof copy of the work ordered. She has only seen a logo. No leaflet design or business cards or gift vouchers. What is her position with regards to getting her money back in full. Thanks.

  • Susan smith 15 April, 9:34 pm

    My 83 year old mother has signed up to have a bathroom fitted and paid £4000 deposit can she cancel and get a full refund

  • Blundell 8 August, 7:35 pm

    Visited on doorstep by company who clean rooves of moss and repaint tiles.
    Paid a deposit of £290 on credit card against total cost of £1450. but then thought about it further and decided we couldn’t really afford it. We cancelled same day by email and registered letter but have not heard from Homeseal coatings Ltd despite phone calls to Sales Dept. and leaving messages. No other phone numbers. Managing Director Paul Fox.

  • Jane 9 August, 8:46 am

    Doorstep Regs were repealed please can you update this post

  • Bill 23 September, 1:24 pm

    I invited a double glazing company to give me a quote after they phoned me but I changed my mind and cancelled, the man on the phone said he would be sending me a bill of £50 for cancellation, can thay do this.

  • Jacqueline O'Donnell 26 September, 7:59 am

    I signed an agreement last night for new windows. I felt under pressure as i was advised they would cost £19500 but if i signed up there and then they would give me them for £10,000 if i agreed to be a feature home once completed. My husband arrived home as i was signing the paperwork and on inspecting it when the salesman left discovered we would be paying back £21,998. I had to pay an administration fee of £149 last night ‘ Can i cancel and can i get my £149 back. I feel so guilable

  • Usha Joshi 28 October, 5:38 pm

    I paid by credit card and have been paying the increasing timeshare maintenance fees which I cannot afford anymore as I am 73yrs old with some health problems and looking after a mother of 91yrs. I have witeen letters and sent emails to the timeshare in Portugal with little or no response. How can I get out of this painful situation & get compensation for the way I was pressurised to buy this timeshare by two young guys who did not explain the situation to me fully.

  • Turbo 24 November, 6:06 pm

    Can i claim back a” set up fee”
    for double glazing after cancelling within 48 hrs of signing up. After cancellation (which I was not told about )in the small print on the order forms it says any administration fees are non refundable .

  • kai 22 December, 8:47 am

    Hi If I pre-booked a company and they visited me. I agreed a purchase of some carpet and paid a £30 deposit. I was informed very clearly that the deposit was non refundable. Would I have 7 days cooling of or would this fall under either of the following…

    -Goods which are personalised or made to a personal specification
    -Perishable goods, or those which are consumer buy their use and cannot be returned


  • jane ward 2 February, 7:45 am

    I had a card dropped through my door about gutter cleaning. I contacted the man and agreed to have the cleaning done on my day off. He phoned me then the previous day whist i was at work and told me he had cleaned the gutters. I was a bit shocked as i wanted him it to do it whilst i was at home. I have no proof whether he did the job or not. Do i have to pay him?

  • Claire Kendall, Senior Enforcement Officer 22 February, 4:00 pm

    Could I please suggest that you update this web page or remove it. The legislation referred to in your article (including the Distance Selling Regulations) were revoked and replaced in 2013 by The Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013 and the cooling off periods given in your article are no longer accurate.

  • R Brown 25 February, 2:57 pm

    My elderly neighbour had a double glazing cold caller, quoted £970 for 6 panes of glass and a window handle and they paid a deposit of £200. One of the windows she has been quoted for does not require replacing. The cooling off period has passed, she was admitted to hospital for surgery shortly after the callers has been. Is there anything we can do – a) the quote us far too excessive, and b) one window is sound and doesn’t need replacing?

  • Peter watts 7 May, 5:16 pm mum in law was sold windows by a company… she was not told there was a £149 non refundable admin charge and not told that the £9000 loan would cost £19000 over 10 yrs. Obviously she cancelled within 24 hrs but the company has took £149 out of her account…where does she stand please…the salesman came back next day trying to get her to change her mind.