Extended Warranties

Extended warranties are a relatively new sales opportunity for the retailers and have not been without their fair share of bad press. Both the OFT and the Competition Commission have investigated claims of unfair terms, mis-selling and excessive profiteering. So the question is, are they worth it?

Your basic warranty

Let’s first define what a warranty is and what it does. When you buy an electrical item you will often be given a retailer or manufacturer’s guarantee or warranty for a period of time, usually 12 months, and up to 5 years for more expensive products. It is a myth that certain electrical products automatically come with a warranty – there is no legal obligation for shops or suppliers to provide them (although once they have, they are legally binding) – it is simply to enhance consumer confidence in their product and promote sales. It also provides the manufacturer with valuable marketing information which is why you will need to register your product by filling in a card with your personal and purchase details in order to activate it.

Warranties are basically a commitment to repair or replace defective parts within a specified time frame – usually 12 months for small electrical items. When this time is up, consumers are commonly told by shops that their responsibility is at an end and there is nothing further they can do. This is often not the case. The important point about warranties is that they should never seek to replace or take precedence over your statutory rights under the Sale of Goods Act, and even after your warranty has run out, you will still be protected by these rights which can run for up to 6 years after purchase.

Your statutory rights

In the absence of any warranty and as we have pointed out several times, the retailer is automatically liable for any faults which develop within the first 6 months. After this time, you may have to prove that the any fault was not down to misuse or wear and tear, although factors such as price paid, model specification, the length of time you have had it (and the length of time it should reasonably last) etc will also be taken into account. Therefore if you buy something which should last around 7 years but has broken down after a year or even after 3 years, the supplier has a duty provide a satisfactory repair – or if this cannot be done, a replacement. If neither a repair or a replacement can be agreed on then the shop can give you vouchers towards the cost of an alternative replacement or a partial refund. Whatever happens, whenever it happens, and whatever remedy you choose, your first and only port of call should be the retailer.


The following statements are frequently made by retailers and are untrue:

  • You can only return items if you have a valid, registered warranty
  • No longer our responsibility, you’ll have to contact the manufacturer
  • Your 12 month warranty has run out, nothing further we can do.
  • We’ll have to send it off to the manufacturer, there will be a charge for repairs / parts / shipping etc.

Your extended warranty

An extended warranty becomes valid after the basic one 1 or 2 year manufacturer or retailer’s warranty has run out and will then run for a further 2 or 3 years. It is the same as the basic warranty but will often cover damage in event of accident or misuse also. Some even cover loss or theft. In this sense it is basically an insurance policy for which you will either pay a one-off premium or a monthly fee. But are they worth it?

Having read the above you would probably wonder why you should be paying for an insurance policy you effectively already have under the Sale of Goods. The only difference with extended warranties is that they provide additional cover for damage cause by misuse and possibly loss / theft. However, in general, the feeling is that for retailers are tending to ‘hide behind’ warranties and using them to mislead consumers about their statutory rights. Moreover, the unfair way in which they are sold has also been under the spotlight. What consumers need to understand is that for the retailers, the sale of extended warranties is often more lucrative than the sale itself. So this, combined with large commissions was making for aggressive sales tactics just before the item was due to be paid for. For this reason, regulations have now been introduced to safeguard consumers against intimidation and provide them with all the knowledge they need to make an informed decision.

New regulations for extended warranties

There is now a requirement on retailers to ensure the following:

  • The price of the extended warranty is displayed alongside the electrical item instore or on press adverts.
  • The provision of information regarding the cooling off period of 45 days, cancellation rights, whether you would be protected in the event the warranty provider goes out of business, and whether the policy terminates if you make a claim.
  • The provision of information regarding consumers’ existing statutory rights
  • The fact that extended warranties are also available as ‘stand alone’ products from alternative sources.

The above information must also be presented in plain English – not legal jargon.

Worth it?

So, should you opt for an extended warranty? All we can say is consider it in the context of your existing statutory rights and read the terms and conditions very carefully – for example, do they offer ‘new for old’ or just a repair? Under no circumstances be bullied into accepting one at the point of sale and parting with even more cash than you’d like. If you decide you do want an extended warranty – shop around from the dozens of available providers, and remember your 45 day cooling off period.

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  • John 23 August, 5:07 pm

    I bought an Acer laptop 6 weeks ago from Comet and was told its up to the manufacturers to deal with it. Is this right?

  • Catriona 27 August, 9:41 pm

    John – no absolutely not, it’s Comet. The Contract of Sale is between the buyer and the seller – the seller being the retailer.

  • Gary Smith 6 November, 2:45 pm

    Hi, my 11 month old Nokia N95 developed a problem which I was initially told by the Voadafone store that it needed the software resetting. When it returned from the service center, they said there was water damage (the main water indicator is still white and OK) and the warranty was void and as we did not take out the insurance there was nothing they could do. I argued that to my knowledge the phone has never been in water as the indicator showed, they replied that moisture in the air, condensation, sweaty hands, steam from a kettle or from a shower (can’t imagine how the last two could happen)etc. could cause moisture to damage the phone. I argued that these phones cannot be fit for purpose under the sales of goods act 1979, they are mobile devices, and I would expect them to operate in a reasonable environment (I do look after all of my products.). The ultimate answer from them was “its got water in it, and it must of happened someway that you were unaware of, and therefore there’s nothing we can do”.

    Is there anything I can do.

    Thanks in anticipation, Gary

  • Catriona 13 November, 10:44 am

    Gary, the law says that the supplier is automatically liable for any faults which develop within the first 6 months and you do not need to prove a thing. Beyond 6 months it is up to you to prove you haven’t been negligent. The warranty is irrelevant here, you would expect the product to be durable and last for reasonable time. I have heard of this water issue many times before and I believe it is a very common problem. I agree with your assessment of the situation and I would continue to challenge them. Perhaps do some research on whether the problem has occurred to others and go to them with your findings.

  • Foxy 14 December, 4:33 am

    We recently purchased an extended 3yr warranty with our tumble dryer from comet. We are having problems even getting them to send the certificate for the extended warranty. Now reading the above it seems the extended warranty shouldnt kick in until the end of the years free warranty that comes as standard is this right? If so should I report them for trying to pull a fast one under the sale of goods act?

  • Catriona 16 December, 12:41 am

    Foxy, even though EWs don’t take effect until the end of the manufacturer’s warranty, you still pay for them from day 1. You can get an EW must later on down the line, or cancel it altogether (you have a whopping 45 day cooling off – see if you can get the EW cheaper elsewhere, you can buy stand alone products)

  • Bill 20 December, 11:17 am

    I booked a hotel in Thailand through a travel company. When I arrived the hotel was going through a massive renovation. Should the travel agent informed me of the renovation during my booking? I feel they are in breach of the sale of goods act (section 14)they took away my right of choice not to stay at this hotel. I have spoken to them but they don’t want to know. I am in the stages of preparing my case for the small claims court.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Catriona 23 December, 12:02 am

  • michael 26 February, 1:02 am

    Hi i purchased an lcd tv from currysabout 14-15 months ago the warrenty was only for 12 months but now the screen is getting shodows running up either side of the screen so i rang currys they told me to get in touch with samsung who told me to get back in touch with currys and when i did they said they cant send someone out to fix it as it could be due to my own negligence so i would have to pay for a tv repair person to check it and then if it was there fault i would have to take it back to them to get repaired but would not get a replacement whilst this took place. i cant afford to be getting tv repair people out as i am a single father of two kids can you guide me with what to do?

    • Tony 26 February, 1:13 am

      Hi, there is a letter here that you can use to send to them – http://www.ledtvs.net/faulty-led-tv/

      However, you need to know that they are within their rights to ask for an engineers report proving that the tv had an inherent fault and has not been misused.


  • Harry Mal 2 March, 2:33 am

    I bought a tv from comet 1200 with extended warranty in may09 it developed a fault logged 13th jan 10, got plasma screen replaced, upon delivery i noticed considerable amount of damage to the front of the bezel ( lots of scratches and a chip). I have paper work from driver who checked and noted, clear tv no marks.
    Can you pls help clarify what are my rights? I am only 7 months into a 5 year contract and its been hell dealing with comet. please please help. Thanks

  • Harry Mal 2 March, 2:34 am

    by the way i rejected the tv whilst it was on the lorry, stating the damage

    thanks once again

  • Julie 2 March, 7:09 pm

    Perhaps someone can help me, for the company I work for we purchased a Hotpoint fridge and dishwasher in July last year. The power button the dishwasher has now broken and pushed further into the door. It doesn’t get any more heavy use than a domestic appliance, only once a day 5 days per week.

    Under the 12 month guarantee we called Hotpoint to come and repair it, they have now been and won’t even look at it as they say that ‘any appliance used in commerical or non-domestic properties the guarantee will no longer apply and it says this in the operating manual. Obviously you only see this if you read right to the back and once the appliance is unpacked etc.

    I’d like to know what rights we have to get it repaired under some sort of guarantee and if this commerical use line can be enforced?

    Any comments are appreciated.

    • Tony 2 March, 11:14 pm

      Hi Julie, I am afraid they can put practically anything they want in the guarantee. Also, you are not covered by consumer law as it was bought by a business. You can still make a claim under contract law, which is what consumer’s had to rely on before the 70s.

  • Scott 19 April, 4:42 pm

    Hi , I purchased a Samsung american style fridge freezer which after 15 months stopped working. It has a two year warranty from Samsung who sent a repairman out who said a new compressor was needed but it would take up to 10 working days to arrive. Hence we will be without any food cooling nor freezing for at least 2 weeks from failure to repair. I called Samsung as we have lost over £50 of frozen food and don’t feel we should have to wait that long for repair or replacement. They say up to 28 days for repair and three repair attempts before any replacement considered is stated in their warranty. Should the manufacturer or retailer compensate for food loss or at least ensure a timely repair when something as vital as a fridge freezer breaks down? What constitutes a reasonable period to wait without a working fridge freezer?

    • clairebear 5 July, 9:27 pm

      Hi i was just reading your complaint about a samsung american fridge freezer. I purchased mine from comet two and a half years ago with an extended 5yr warranty. in febuary i was advised that my fridge freezer was a potential fire risk by samsung and had some kind of modification kit fitted since then i have had non stop problems with it, my fridge freezer broke down nearly 4wks ago. i have 3 young children so i can fully understand how inconvienent it is to have no fridge freezer. to cut a very long story short my fridge freezer still does not work and i see no sign of any resolution even though i purchased extended warranty. my advice to you google your product number and look at the common faults associated with these fridge freezers you wouldnt believe how many people which have exactly the same problem.

  • doug 24 April, 1:44 pm

    my [playstation has a cooling fan ,overheating problem. it is a well known inherant fault.it the second one i have had in 3 years . i feel sony are not being fair to its loyal customers.

  • Heinz Sleuwen 27 May, 2:07 pm

    Warrantie granting and fulfilment precondition.

    Is the requirement of presenting the original packing in a guarantien case and when requesting the warrantie fulfilment by manufacturers and retail shops in the EU a legally permitted precondition under the Sales of Goods Act? This is printed in many Guarantie certificates or pamphlets and has been reason for refuse of granting the warrantied obligations for small items as well as for big refrigerators and freezers.

    This would mean that one has to hire a ware house for their storage, and I think that this cannot be the spirit of the Sales of Goods Act.

    Thanks for your guidence.


  • Jaime Taylor 28 May, 12:04 pm

    We bought a Grundig Freesat HD Receiver on 27 November 2008 for £130 from John Lewis. We haven’t used it for approx 8 months because we have not had a television. We bought a new tv on Sunday and the Grundig receiver was only switching on intermittently and kept cutting out. It now isn’t switching on at all. We called John Lewis who want nothing to do with it (they were incredibly rude in fact!). I will call Grundig but I’m confused about what my rights are and feel like I need to be armed with the correct facts before I get fobbed off with the usual “well it’s older than twelve months” mantra.

    Please help. Many thanks

    Jaime Taylor

  • Everett Welch 15 July, 1:52 pm

    sent my laptop back to Comet on the 5th July 2010.
    the laptop a bought is a Aspire 3738z march 2009 it develop a fault with the mains socket in the laptop, took to to Comet they sent it off then i got a letter from the repair company saying they need £200 to carry out the repair, i called them they said it customer damage i argued the point but they also said it i want it back it will be £50 to return it or it will be used as spares

    can you advice asap they say i have 7 days to let them know what i want to do

  • Shel 17 July, 9:49 pm

    I have a washing machine that is 15 months old and developed a fault. Currys say speak to Hotpoint who say it is out of warranty. I wouldnt mind but it wasnt a cheap washing machine. I cant afford to get it fixed or buy a new one right now. Do I have a leg to stand on and if so who do I approach, Currys or Hotpoint?

  • rikki 6 August, 6:33 pm

    i brought a playstation 3. 2 and a half years ago from argos it has broken down it is completely dead now what are my rights

  • Ben McCarthy 21 October, 1:11 pm

    Hi. I’m a researcher at the BBC and I’m trying to contact people who feel as thought they’ve been ripped off when buying an extended warranty. Please contact me on 0161 244 4871 or email ben.mccarthy@bbc.co.uk. Thanks, Ben.

  • john may 12 May, 6:06 am

    I have a combi micro wave which was purchased 29/12/09 for £700 aprox in 03/10 it broke down new control circuit fitted 02/11 same problem new control circuit fitted 05/11 broken down again.I have now discovered model has been discontinued the item has a five year parts and two year labour warranty how do I stand about a placement if it keeps breaking down

  • LeanneE 12 May, 2:27 pm


    I bought a waterproof case, with waterproof earphones designed for iPods and mp3 11 months ago. Last week this case leaked, consequently my iPod no longer works.

    As the case is advertised as being for iPod’s and MP3 players, if the case becomes faulty should the warranty protect any such item within the case?


  • amy priestnall 26 May, 4:32 pm

    I brought an extended warranty from Dell for my laptop , it now got a fault on a key which they replaced the whole keyboard but the fault on the motherboard they wont solder or repair this because they say its my fault because i have used it over the time and this comes under wear and tear, so the keyboard is not wear and tear which i use each time i turn on my laptop and the mother board adapter connection is wear and tear, they even told me to stick it with tape which is bad advice, to do this i would have to open the laptop up which i am not going to do, i have now sent a letter out to head office in Bracknell to see if they will do the right thing and honour the extended warranty which runs out in 2013, i expect all hardware to be covered even if i use my laptop more often then they would like me to, i use my laptop most days between one to two hours to keep in touch with family and friends , has anyone the same trouble with dell and the extended warranty ??

  • Mark Bennett 12 June, 11:48 am

    I purchased a Sony Laptop from Costco 9 months ago with a 24 month warrantee cover. I used the laptop for approx four hours one evening and left it on for Norton to carry out a full system check. I returned 30 minutes later and found that the screen had what I thought was a crack in it. But mo one had been near it. I contacted Costco the next day on the number written on the warantee card and was told it was probably accidental damage. And therefore not covered by the Warranty. They have suggested collecting it to take a look and giving me a quote to replace the screen which they think will cost in the region of £200. Can you advise if I have any rights to demand they fix it of replace it free of charge or do I need to pay? Please advise
    Regards Mark

  • Gloopy 5 July, 7:12 pm

    Hi there we purchased a ps3 from game about 11 months ago pre owned. Does extended warranty apply on these purchases ? Please help

  • B HUDSON 18 July, 4:52 pm

    I have a Panasonic TV TH42PZ81B that has developed a fault with Freesat EPG and DVB teletext.The company I bought it from recognize the fault and have loaned us a replacement.They are in contact with Panasonic who say they are working on an upgrade but have no idea when it will be.My question is,how long or if Panasonic don’t repair the fault it becomes Panasonic’s responsibility to replace the TV.

  • B HUDSON 25 July, 8:48 pm

    Where has my question gone???? It was there but was waiting moderation?????

  • Jon White 31 August, 10:09 am

    We purchased a Breville Aqua Filter via EBay in October 2010 as a Christmas present for our daughter. The chiller unit ceased to function a couple of months ago and we have been trying to get the problem fixed. The seller says that it is now outside his returns period and as the item has a 12 month manufacturers warrenty we returned it to Pulse Home Products as directed in the user manual. They simply returned it saying they only repaired or replaced, they didn’t give refunds (we hadn’t asked for one!). During subsequent telephone conversations with Pulse, they stated that they did not repair item (contrary to the warrenty) and they couldn’t replace it as the item is no longer in manufacture. Where do we go from here?

  • kevin wilshire 11 October, 3:29 am

    today i had a email from dell to tell me the warrantie runs out next month on my pc which i bought 12 months ago Not had any problems with it yet Touch wood, but wondering what do and whether they are still liable for repair if something does go wrong

  • Debbie 22 October, 5:58 pm

    I was behind a woman in the queue in a shop today and she was returning a faulty electric blanket for exchange. It was still under the 12 month guarantee (purchased 10 months ago) so the shop exchanged it for her…..but pointed out that her guarantee runs from the original purchase date, therefore guaranteeing the new blanket for only 2 months. Is this right?

  • Jim 2 November, 3:43 pm

    I purchased a freeview set to box from Amazon but the seeler was CW Digital Ltd, the unit has developed a fault and I’m being pushed from pillar to post by the companies involved. Can you tell mw who is ultimately responsibel for honouring the 12 month warranty?

  • Tone 20 November, 11:16 am

    I brought an amplifier from an eBay music store and it developed a fault within 10 month. The music store stated a 12 month warranty on all products. I notified them of the fault and they asked me to ship it back to them at my cost, which I did. They said they would send it back to the manufacturer for repair. After 3 weeks they called me and told me the manufacturer had repaired it and requested I pay for the postage to ship it back to me, which I also did. I received the amp and nothing had changed, the fault was still clearly evident. Can I now ask for a replacement? Can I request that they reimburse for the previous cost of postage?

  • Claire 15 December, 3:00 pm

    I bought Cloud 9 straightening irons from my local hair salon in June 2011 costing £129.99 with a two year gurantee. Yesterday morning the automatic/emergency switch off light started flashing and beeping continuously. I switched them off, let them cool down and tried again but the same thing happened – they kept switching themselves off. I took them back to the salon where I puchsed them from and they did the same thing when tested. The lady then tried to fob me off with sending them back to the manufacturer to repair them or possible replace them without no indication of timescale. They even suggested that I send them myself, but I did not buy them direct from the manufacturer. Am I able to request a refund in this instance from the salon?

  • Lee Beddows 17 December, 6:35 pm


    My brother has been ordered an ecu for his car through a dealer for a company in australia. he no longer wants this item but has been black mailed buy the dealer by holding back Turbos which have already been paid for.
    He was told by the dealer that he wouldnt get the the turbos until he pays in full for the ecu that has no arrived aftrer a very long delivery and customs check.
    surely they are breaking the law by doiung this and all obligations the pay for the item are now void?

    please help

  • Harry 22 December, 12:15 pm

    Do these regulation cover for extended 2 year car warranties.

    I was mis-sold this policy by Evans Halshaw ( £421)in Leeds but you cannot get anything repaired as they will blame everything on wear and tear.

    Any Comments will be most welcomed.

  • SAM 20 March, 11:24 pm

    Hi there I purchased some ex display appliances in Homebase Scotland. When it came to paying for them I was told I had to take out their extended 3 yr breakdown cover or they would be unable to sell them to me. Is this legal?

    Futhermoredue to problems arising I have discovered the oven is around 7 yrs old should they not have legally made me aware of this?

    MANY THANKS for any answers…

  • sam 19 April, 12:04 pm

    I bought a new VAX hoover and after the year’s warranty had expired a part of the hoover just snapped off when released with no force applied whatsoever. I phoned the shop I bought it from and was told that I would have to get an independent hoover to prove that I hadn’t deliberately caused the damage then get them to send the report to the shop. Additionally, when buying the hoover the salesperson said that the hoover was covered for 6 years. She omitted to tell me that the warranty was for only one year and that I would have to register the hoover with VAX for the additional 6 years cover. She never told me this at the point of sale. What are my options as I didn’t expect the hoover to break down after a year?

  • Pip 4 July, 5:09 pm

    I brought a freezer that was faulty thr make have me a refund but I had brought an extended warrenty for 5 years , what do I do with the warrenty if I no longer have the item?

  • Cam 9 July, 7:31 am

    Hi, I really need your help. I am having work done to the front of the property, including the repair to the parapet gutter(which was leaking, renewal on bat roof and re-instatement of the traditional wooden single glazed windows. The tradesman who is carrying out the work is a joinery manufacturer and contractor and has made and installed the windows himself. He is now refusing to provide a guarantee for the work he has carried out and states we can contact him for any snagging issues over a period of 3 months. This work is also being supervised by a publicly funded heritage organisation, who seem to agree with him. This seems to me unreasonable as I’m of the understanding that any purchased goods are are protected under the SOGA, am I correct? I should have the same rights as anyone else?
    Thank you for any advice you can give

  • Sandy 23 July, 8:10 pm

    The sales person probably mentioned it and you don’t remember it. Even if she didn’t it’s not really her fault. Every Vax product with 6 year warranty comes with clear information that you have to register it and that you have so much time to do so. You just did’t read all included information…

  • John 5 September, 1:44 pm


    We bought a house which had previously been treated for woodworm. Photocopies of the Certificate of Guarantee (30 years) and the Inspection Report were included with the deeds of the house but not the originals. We have recently discovered a recurrance of woodworm but the company who carried out the treatment is saying they will not honour the guarantee without the original documents. We have a contract number which I presume the firm can cross-reference with their own documentation. Are they able to not honour the guarantee on this technicality?

  • Martin 10 September, 4:25 pm

    I have a Miele fridge that is almost exactly 4 years old and the end of soft close mechanism (basily at plunger/gas strut) has sheared off in the bottom of the door. Not only does it need a replacement mechanism, but I now have a shear off bolt in the fixing hole underneath the door. Do I have the right to claim that this should have lasted longer and the part had an inherent fault?

  • Jasmine 14 October, 7:51 pm

    Hi I purchased a Beko dryer from comet. It has an 3 yr extended warranty.
    It developed a fault (drum not turning) so I called comet. They sent an engineer and the problem seemed ok. I used the dryer twice and again same problem…drum wouldn’t turn.
    Rang comet again, they sent another engineer a week later. He looked at it and said the belt was getting caught and in ten minutes was done and out. I used the dryer again and it was fine. Went to use it a second time and same problem but this time I have a strong rubber burning smell.
    After having two engineer visits, two days off work and a load of laundry, I’m still no better off! Help!

  • Jo 30 May, 12:26 pm

    I upgraded to an iPhone 4S last January through Orange. It developed a fault where it kept turning itself off soon after and I had a replacement in April 2012. This handset has now developed a fault where I am unable to connect to wifi and the button is greyed out. The 3G is permanently on and it’s draining my battery. I Googled solutions and have tried them (e.g. doing a forced shut down, resetting network connections, etc.) but it’s still not working.

    I went to the Apple Store yesterday and explained the problem to a Sales Assistant. She did all of the above and it still wasn’t working so she took me to speak to a man with an iPad who I assume was a supervisor. She explained the problem and, without even looking at the phone himself, he just told me it was a hardware issue with the flight mode chip. He said it was common and I’d need a new handset as it couldn’t be repaired.

    He asked me how long I’ve had the phone so I said since last April. He told me this meant it was out of warranty and couldn’t be replaced so I’d have to buy a new handset for £130. I said that this wasn’t fair because he’d already said it was a problem with the phone and nothing I’d done but he said “There’s nothing we can do” and my only option is to buy a new handset.

    Where do I stand with this please? I’ve read the page above so can I say that this is against statutory rights under EU law and demand a replacement?

  • Dean 21 June, 10:32 am

    Hi, ive recently recieved a replacement phone from vodafone, as the first one had a software fault that could not be repaired, they are now trying to tell me that i have no guarantee on the replacement phone. Is this correct because this “new” phone has now developed the same fault within a month of recieving it?

  • Emma 16 July, 3:17 pm

    Hi, i am a retailer and sold my customer several white goods appliances. My customer reported a fault with their dishwasher and we duly sent an engineer out to look at the appliance at our cost. He ran several tests and reported no fault. The customer reported the fault again (a noise coming from the machine) and we sent out a different engineer at no cost to the customer. He ran the usual tests and again no fault was found. The customer has now insisted on a replacement but we see no reason to replace the appliance if it is not faulty. The engineer said the noise was normal and came from the pump. Should we be replacing the dishwasher or not? Where do we, as the retailer stand?

    • Tony 16 July, 11:52 pm

      Hi Emma, from what you have said you don’t need to replace the appliance. However, this sounds like a difficult customer and I’d be tempted to offer a partial refund based on usage so you don’t have to deal with them again. You need to weigh up the cost in terms of your time of all this.

  • Paul 23 October, 3:12 pm

    I bought a hotpoint American style fridge freezer with 5 year warranty, I called hotpoint to register the product and they advised me the warranty is only after the first year, so I have to purchase extra cover for first year,. I am confused as I thought I was covered from the moment I purchased the fridge freezer till October 2018

  • Edward 22 December, 3:40 am

    Hi, I’m thinking of buying a new Lenovo laptop but in the US from bestbuy. The manufacturer’s (Lenovo) website states it offers an international warranty but after reading your article about how its the retailers responsibility I am left a little confused… does the manufacturers give the responsibility to retailers (bestbuy) or not? thanks in advanced

  • Jane Harris 9 June, 7:25 am

    We purchased a car yesterday, paying a deposit & we are going back later to pay rest of deposit and collect car. The balance is on 0% finance option. We opted for a 12month extended warranty as it worked out at £4.90 a week which sounded reasonable. Checking the paperwork at home it amounts to another £500. The car’s manufacturer warranty has only just expired in March so I want to cancel the extended warranty- will I be able to do this later today when we collect the car & pay the rest of the deposit? Obviously we still are really happy to purchase the car.

  • Ilka 19 July, 10:11 pm

    We’ve bought Baumatic hob,oven and extractor fan. I’ve sent of for the warrenty,but haven’t heard anything back. Tried to contact them,but no answer. When I eventually got a contact number I was informed that the company no longer works with Baumatics and been given a new contact number. When I contacted them they said they haven’t got any details for us,but after an hour on the phone she said she’ll get it sorted and sent the paperwork out; but we still haven’t received anything. After a few more phone calls I gave up and left it. But now 4 month before the end of the warranty our hob stopped working. It just won’t turn on. What’s the best thing to do?
    Will they still accept the warranty even though we haven’t got a warranty number? I have got our receipt and everything that came with the hob.

  • Mrs A Ward 23 October, 10:20 pm

    Thanks for this information about the new regulations for extended warranties. I bought a new freezer from Co-op electrical in April 2014, and paid for an extended warranty and 6 months later, have still not received it. I have contacted the co-op, and was told the warranty would be sent out soon. I never received it, and on looking at the underwriter’s website, the co-op is not mentioned as one of their partners. So, now I am going to contact credit card provider and see if I can get my money back for the warranty. I am used to John Lewis, who send out their extended warranties polices before the item is delivered.

    I see the new regulations say 45 day cooling off period, but is this from purchase date of the warranty or when the customer receives the warranty policy? As, in my case, I have not got the warranty policy.

  • Katie Lloyd 30 October, 3:25 pm

    I have a problem I want Amazon to replace a dvd they gave me because it was wrong how do I do this already got a refund for it I just now want them to send me another dvd

  • Dave Reynolds 3 December, 6:13 pm

    In September 2013 I brought a Hhier washing Machine from Future Appliances,
    the Invoice it clearly states Std Guarentee (years) 2, when it broke down recently Future appliances had me contact the manufacturer who told me the machine had never been registered for the extended guarentee and was out of guarantee, when I contacted Future appliances they told me I should have registered the machine. I feel they should have registered the machine themselves and the Invoice is misleading. Do I have a case against Future appliances and how do I persue this?
    The machine is beyond economical repair and needs replacing.

  • Laurence 9 January, 10:47 am

    My father purchased a Bloomberg washing machine April 2012. It now has a fault on the cycle and needs to be repaired. At the same time as purchasing the machine he was advised to take out insurance which he did and it is costing £80 a year. I have just found out that he has a manufacturers warranty that covers the machine for 3 years!
    This means that he should not have been sold the insurance. He is is having the washing machine repaired under the manufactures warranty and this has just been arranged. Clearly he should never have taken out the insurance and so far he has paid two years worth for absolutely nothing. Given the situation it would be useful to know if he can claim back the miss sold insurance?

  • Shameem 22 January, 5:04 pm

    I purchase hotpoint fridge freeze on 21.01.14 it broke down in july 2014 and again a week a hotpoint will repair but very refuse to give a refund as it was delivered straight from the supplier is this right

  • Lindsay 24 February, 1:55 pm

    What so a reasonable time to fix an appliance under warranty , 11 days for parts and fitting with my oven ? Surely they have a timescale ?

  • David evans 11 March, 11:47 am

    I purchased a pair of harkilla walking boots at the cost of £250. I contacted the retailer to tell them the stitching have become undone when the guarantee was checked I was 36 days over the period of repair and was told ther was nothing they could do. I explained to them that they have only been worn around 8 times. What is my rights

  • James 10 April, 2:26 pm

    I bought a new Swift caravan in August 2013 paying £17000. 18 months later a service detected severe damp in the front end which was due to poor manufacture and is a common fault. The retailer will not pay for the repair as I had not had it serviced within the time frame set by the conditions of the warranty. They tell me the conditions and policy stand and I cannot make a claim under the sale of goods act. I am aware I should have had it serviced sooner but does this effect my claim? Surely it’s not of satisfactory condition? Does this ‘yearly service’ policy mean I have to pay?

  • Scott 29 June, 8:18 am

    Hi there hope you can help I bought a tv over the phone from richer sounds Glasgow I asked about the product and seemed happy but after a 2weeks I’m unhappy with the purchase for several reasons.example I’m unhappy about the 3d and I’m also unhappy about the picture quality when speaking to the salesperson he didn’t advise me I had a 14 day cooling of period and I don’t have any cancellation documentation with the item I bought it on the 10/06/2015 it is now the 29/06/2015 I havnt contacted the store yet regarding my concerns could you please let me know where I stand on these issues thanks with kindest regards Scott.

  • rob fuoco 12 August, 10:26 am

    i purchased a car just under 3 years ago in 2012 and the car was still under warranty at the time which run out March 2013. the factory fitted car stereo has recently failed and have been informed that the cost of repair out of warranty is in the region of 500.00 or 1600 for a new one. Ford have told me that they cant and won’t offer any contribution to the repair but would happily carry out the repair. surely something that is only just 5 years old should not fail. is there any possibility of getting them to contribute to the repair or replace foc?

  • Sabrina 18 September, 4:55 pm

    Hi I brought a tumble dryer its just over a year old and it over heats very fast but the gartee has ran out by a month is there anything I can do?

  • Chantelle 13 October, 7:09 pm

    I bought a beko tumble dryer from Argos I live alone and have very little washing I bought it at the end of 2012 the motor has broken do I have any rights as I feel a tumble dryer that was hardly used shouldn’t break it even still looks brand new

  • Peter Herald 25 October, 10:12 pm

    I purchased a Philips 3D smart TV on 26/09/13 from Dempseys of Portstewart in Northern Ireland, the TV cost £799 and came with a 60 month warranty. The TV started to show coloured lines which would disappear when the TV was switched off and on again, it then wouldn’t switch on at all. I contacted Dempseys who gave me the phone number of the manufacturer, when I contacted them I had been put through to Poland and once they established the problem and agreed to pick the TV up to get repaired I thought nothing more off it until I received a text message from them a short time after to say the case had been closed and was I happy with the service. I then went to Dempsys shop where I was told to ring them again as they couldn’t do it on my behalf, after ringing them again they agreed to come and collect the TV the following week from a company in Craigavon, the TV was repaired and I got it back after 3 weeks. On the return of the TV I was left to set it up myself and before I could test it the man was away. A few days after getting the TV back I started to notice more problems with it, when I turn it on there is sound but no picture. I have to turn it off at the mains a few times in order to get it to work.

    I would like to know what my right are and if its the responsibility of Depmsys to get the TV sorted or do I have to go through the manufacturer and be without a TV again?

    Thank you.

  • Peter Herald 27 October, 2:19 pm

    Dear sir / madam,
    I purchased a Philips 3D smart TV on 26/09/13 from Dempseys of Portstewart in Northern Ireland, the TV cost £799 and came with a 60 month warranty. The TV started to show coloured lines which would disappear when the TV was switched off and on again, it then wouldn’t switch on at all. I contacted Dempseys who gave me the phone number of the manufacturer, when I contacted them I had been put through to Poland and once they established the problem and agreed to pick the TV up to get repaired I thought nothing more off it until I received a text message from them a short time after to say the case had been closed and was I happy with the service. I then went to Dempsys shop where I was told to ring them again as they couldn’t do it on my behalf, after ringing them again they agreed to come and collect the TV the following week from a company in Craigavon, the TV was repaired and I got it back after 3 weeks. On the return of the TV I was left to set it up myself and before I could test it the man was away. A few days after getting the TV back I started to notice more problems with it, when I turn it on there is sound but no picture. I have to turn it off at the mains a few times in order to get it to work.

    I would like to know what my right are and if its the responsibility of Depmsys to get the TV sorted or do I have to go through the manufacturer and be without a TV again?

    Thank you.
    Peter Herald.

  • Nici 27 October, 11:07 pm

    I bought a cooker 7 years ago and an extended warranty.. Iv paid 4 times the value of the cooker with no claim.. What can I do to get something back from this??

  • Julie 5 November, 12:28 pm

    I bought a tablet from tesco in oct 2014 it has stopped working this last week. Tesco told me it is out of warranty and cant do nothing but compensate me with £35. Is the right

  • Malcolm Kent 7 November, 8:39 pm

    I purchased a cooker and had it installed into my static caravan which is our holiday home, for only us (not sub-let) the cooker had a serious oven fault, I asked the manufacturer to repair it under the warranty, however they are saying that as its not at my main address it is a commercial property, once I argued this point, they agreed that holiday homes are covered, however the repair agents have been told by their manufacturing area manager that it is not covered by the warranty, who is responsible for the repair as it is only 6 months old ad only used once

  • Rita 7 January, 7:09 pm

    Wife was offered extende warranty on Bosch washing machine which she accepted and purchased but we do not have Bosch machine and already have policy on the actual Aristotle one we own. Company are now refusing to refund payment and say a cancellation charge will apply. This was done same day. Can they charge fee?

  • Gail 12 January, 11:15 am

    Have just had someone look at my 31/2 year old fridge freezer we have extend warranty which we pay by dd have been told it is beyond repair and that they will arrange delivery of a new one but need a payment of £83 to cover outstanding dd’s and delivery the policy has been running since dec 14 so is this right

  • Hayley Sal 29 January, 4:32 pm

    We bought a tv with 5 years warranty 20 months later faulty tv from Sharp first they offered £450 Then I complained and then offered £901 And we got to return Tv went back to Downtown were we bought TV they offering a new TV but with only 1 year warranty can they do this we paid £1299 because of 5 year warranty. But if we get new tv from them surely they sell all Tv with 5 years warranty so if they replace it with a new tv we should get 5 years warranty ?? How do we stand ?

  • Margaret Taylor 8 March, 3:07 pm

    I have purchased an Soves oven
    N from J Lewis yesterday with One year warranty plus entrance year provided by J Lewis. Oven Fitted yesterday, card asking to register warranty also saying I will get 5 years free parts. Rang to register warranty and was told it will only cover manufacturing faults , so if we accidentally break something we will have to pay call out fee which is £140. Though we have free parts for 5 years any replacement will be

    They are offering a discounted price of £45 for three years if I take this and anything goes wrong they will do it for free. This I know sounds very reasonable but to me it is like blackmail, if we don,t take it out the cost is £140.

    I asked about having any part delivered if there was a problem,but this is not allowed.We are not allowed to get our own very capable highly qualified plumber, it has To be £140 or the extra payment of £45 for three years. As the cooker will have. A warranty for two of these , I think this is unacceptable and a rip off. I am pensioner and this would be a lot of money to me.

    Hope you can send me feedback


    Margaret Taylor Mrs


  • Suzanne Duncan 19 March, 2:33 pm

    Bought iPad 4 November 2013. Within the first year it had been returned and repaired at least twice. It was insured and sine November 2014 it has been returned and repaired at least another twice. It’s now gone back again (always the same problem). Can I demand a replacement?

  • Matt 30 April, 10:38 pm

    i purchased a number of high end kitchen accessories in May 2012. I purchased them from a company recommended by a kitchen fitting firm who were fitting a new kitchen in my home. The appliance company advised that I would get an extended 5 year warranty if I purchased 4 or more appliances from them which I eventually did.
    The dishwasher (Kupperbusch) was sold as top grade / quality but was always problematic. Over my period of ownership it broke down on a number of occasions, leaving me with no machine. Last November 2015 it started blowing all the electricity in my house – this resulted in a number of major attempts to repair it with limited success. This problem again arose at Easter 2016 but despite many attempts to repair when it was returned in MArch 2016 it continued to blow all my electrics. I had finally lost faith in the machine and felt I had been most reasonable – the dishwasher was blowing all my household electrics and I now considered it unreliable and dangerous.
    I advised the appliance company that I wished a replacement machine – they now advise that the German supplier (Kuppersbusch) state they did not receive my warranty registration and will not replace.
    The extended warranty is still on offer, I never received any paperwork when purchasing but still have all my original invoices detailing the date purchased , price and products purchased. They clearly show I purchased the correct number of items and the date shows I am still within the 5 year warranty – what is their issue.
    The appliance company made numerous attempts to repair my machine no later than Christmas 2015 and Easter 2016 but when the dishwasher was finally certified dead by their engineers they have welched on the warranty.
    My question is – can they do this?

  • Paul Ablewhite 3 June, 12:24 am

    I’ve lost my reseat for my Samson tv it had a 5 year warranty I got it from comit does anyone no if there is anything I can do Im lost as just stopped have no pic but have sound cost a lot of money single dad do I have any rights

  • Ray 28 September, 6:43 pm

    Bought a TV on line from the Co-op it cost more than £1500, the TV developed a fault after 11 months and still under warranty, I contacted the Co-op and asked them if I can have the TV replaced they told me I must go to the manufacturer and deal with it myself, and they refused to exchange, replace or refund and I have no rights to do so, is it true what the Co-op is telling me, and do I have any consumer protection to have it replaced been only 11 months since I bought it and still under one year warranty . Please let me know
    Thank you

  • Melvyn 4 October, 7:07 am

    Hi, I purchased a hotpoint dishwasher four & half years ago with a five year parts guarantee. The dishwasher has now stopped working.Two Engineers have been out to look at it on three different occasions and replaced numerous different parts.They then decided that it cannot be repaired.The company have offered me back half my call out fee (£54.98) and the option of me purchasing another

  • marie 27 October, 2:16 pm

    bought a used car from evans halshaw and have since sold the car and they are now saying we have to continue paying for the warranty as we cant cancel it only can do transfer of ownership but the car was traded in at garage…we took out 24 months interest free credit with santander to pay evans halshaw so basically they have our money and we are left paying another 18 months for a car we no longer own…what are my rights?

  • Deborah Roberts 3 November, 7:11 am

    Bought a Russell Hobbs tumble dryer from Argos less than 2yrs ago. No longer works apparently there’s a problem with the door. Russell Hobbs offer a 2 yr warranty with all white goods but only if you register it. This is not what it says on their website however. They state that if you have proof of purchase the item will be repaired free of charge. So they are lying; not a company to be trusted at all. They told us they’ll send the replacement part as a Goodwill gesture free of charge! How can you trust a company that it clearly incapable of doing as they say they will?

  • Mrs young 13 December, 8:12 pm

    I brought a washer in May 2014 but had a new pump in May this year while under warrenty its now broke again! Same problem I would expect a good washer not to need 2 pumps in 2 years there getting back to me but want me pay I was under impression the part had 12 months on it as that’s what I was told

  • Karen 30 April, 10:19 pm

    I got a laptop from brighthouse refubished the warranty ran out in 2013 and I got it from brighthouse in 2015 i paid up in full in 2016 I did report the caseing was comeing away from the screen before I payed up for the laptop and now the laptop will not do nothing key will not work and I can’t get it to a factory reset as there no recovery media on the laptop I have payed they will not do nothing what is my rights