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Angry Faulty Printer -Already repaired once

Hi. I bought a Epson SX600FW Printer 7 months ago from Currys. Well known fault appeared which resulted in the print head blocking until no ink was getting through. Took it back to the retailer who spoke to Epson. They said their normal procedure was like for like replacement, but they could not say when the replacement would be available. It took 3 weeks.

The replacement has exactly the same fault. Went back to the retailer within a day, who went through the same process with Epson. Once again it's an offer of a like for like replacement with no estimate of how long it would take. I have rejected a 2nd repair as an open ended replacement date after already waiting 3 weeks does not amount to minimum inconvenience as required by the Sale of Goods Act in my opinion. I also told them that the initial fault and the same on the replacement have cost me 2 lots of ink at 37 a time along with 4 20 mile journeys.

The PC Repair Team Leader tried to tell me that they legally had 28 days to try and repair it. I told them that there wasn't a specified time, just a reasonable period of time. He also said that they had to do what Epson told them to, as after 6 months, my contract was with the manufacturer not the retailer. I again told him he was wrong, but he insisted he wasn't. He also told me he was the manager until i asked for his job title!!!

We're now at stalemate. My question is what do i do now. Do i have to hand it back for another open dated repair or do i have another option?
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