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Originally Posted by scotchlass View Post
Before I say anymore I admit that I am very bad at budgeting just now but this bank IMO is just greedy (no wonder they have profits of 6 billion). A missed direct debit means that RBS charge me 38.00 (they apply it to the account the day after, taking you over your limit), if then there are still no funds in the account for the second attempt, there goes another 38.00 charge. Then because I have gone over my overdraft that month (due to the charges) I am then charged a further 28.00 to be taken out on a specified date as per my statement.
Without going into too much detail I am not earning (I used to work but I am now a stay-at-home mum) and I am just at my wits end trying to sort this out.

Anyone been in a similar situation that can offer advice? Are they allowed to do this? (Yes I know I have gone over the agreed limit but still... 38.00!!)
There are many bank charges forums around that will have template letters about getting all your bank charges back. RBS work the same as NatWest. Unfortunately, the FOS are not dealing with any bank charges complaints due to the OFT test case. Sites such as moneysavingexpert/legal beagles/penalty charges/ consumer action group are campaign groups that can help with this regards.
Not sure if Tony is planning a reclaim guide but these site certainly do. I know admin and the owner of the LB site, so they will be able to help.
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