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Default Re: New Build Property gloss paint goes yellow after 2 weeks

I have a new house which was painted throughout with Dulux Trade White Gloss. The paint has two issues: 1. It yellowed whithin a few weeks more so where it was in a shaded location or subjected to higher temperatures (near hot water pipes). 2. It has not cured properly - where it has been used on shelves, despite having been left to dry for over a week, it still allows heavy objects, like books, placed on the shelf to stick to it slightly (enough to tear a paper jacket). I contacted Dulux and got an answer to the effect I should have used acrylic not gloss paint, all white paint yellows. I contacted the supplier to our painter (Brewers) and got a similar response. They do not want to know, they deny any culpability or issue.
I have been told by an expert in paint chemistry (who will not be named) it is to do with successive changes in gloss paint formula which are to meet goverment carbon emmissions requirements and to reduce the paints odour when drying.
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