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Default Re: LG 42inch TV being repaired yet again


I think the issue you have is that because you have had the TV since 2009 you will be deemed to accepted it and therefore lost any automatic right under SOGA to reject it for a replacement.

The first time you accepted a repair. The second time you also accepted a repair and a 50 compensation.

You could try to get it replaced but the law does not give you an automatic right to this remedy. If Currys argued against this you would have to try and enforce it in the smalls claims court where you would be claiming the cost of a new tv. Don't forget that tv prices have come down and you would be getting the price of the same tv at todays prices.

You need to send them an email (head office) stating that the repairs are taking an unreasonable amount of time and causing unreasonable inconvenience for the third time. Your statutory rights under these circumstances are to agree further compensation (equal to a reduction in price) or return the goods and rescind the contract. This would mean that you return the goods and they provide a partial refund, calculated to reflect the benefit you has received from the product.

This does not always seem fair but it is only like when your 12 month old car gets written off and you get the value of the car at 12 months old and not new.

I would try in the first instance though as Witch consumer says and argue for a replacement.
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