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Default Re: New Build Property gloss paint goes yellow after 2 weeks

Hello there,
Sorry to see that you've not had a proper reply.
Firstly Merry Christmas,
Secondly, this is not my 'area' - home section,
However I can say this:

Your contract is made upon an offer, acceptance, followed by consideration .. Meaning: offer, agree, complete the transaction/service.

Once the contract is a done deal, it cannot change or be changed.
There are two possibilities here:
1) they are in breach of the contract as they are now changing terms
2) there may be a clause within your contract allowing changes to be made without your consent/knowledge.

Check your paperwork or contract, if you do not have, you can request this off the supplier. Look in the small print/terms and conditions , to see if there is a clause here to allow this.
If there is, I'm sorry, but you've agreed to it,
If not, get back to me and I'll explain the next steps.

Hope this helps,
And again, I hope you're having a good day.
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