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Default Re: Tesco outlet eBay purchase - Damaged TV Screen

I agree in the main with Skive, but the problem being thrown up by Tesco, is that they are implying that the damage was caused sometime after receipt of the goods and not in transit. In the circumstances, I don't think it will be a straightforward remedy under the Consumer Rights Act, that is if they stick to their guns. However, I doubt that their "rule" of a 48 hours limit to inspect would stand up in court even if it was a "condition" of purchase.
If you have the packaging and it shows evidence of impact, at least you can prove the damage was caused prior to unpacking and you should let Tesco know this. As I said earlier, don't give up, they have a reputation to uphold, the more you fight them the more likely they are to meet your claim.
Good luck, I hope you succeed.
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