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Default Ripping off, defamation and harassment

Hello, I am dealing with a very annoying issue.
I made a purchase online on, Sarah Vaughter Wellness website, on 31st March 2017. After 3 weeks, order not received yet. When I simply wrote a message to the company asking where was my order (it is my right as a customer asking updates on my order), Sarah Vaughter was very aggressive and abusive since her first message, she threatened me to public blacklisting, making false accusation against me. And she did! She illegally published online my photo and my private address on Badbuyers and on her website.
This is criminal offence, violation of right of publicity, defamation.
She is still bombarding me no stop with abusive emails (despite I am ignoring them, not replying at all) publishing maliciously comments against me, making false accusation (as per her comments posted online on and on Trustpilot), violating my rights as a customer and violating personal data. This is harassment.

I do have clear evidence of Sarah aggressive behaviour and false accusation (copy of her comments and messages) and I have provided these documents to the Police, Ombudsman, and other relevant authorities and websites.

This madness and rudeness happened just in a couple of minutes, and for no reason at all!
I simply asked an update on my order. I paid for it 3 weeks ago, order not received.

I believe this company should be blacklisted because of their aggressive and abusive way to deal with customers. They are also ripping off customers, they get the money but do not deliver goods.
Unfortunately I am not the only victim. I made my researches online, and I found out that many other customers have been ripped off and defamed by Sarah Vaughter for years.

Now my aim is clearly having my personal details deleted from and my reputation cleared. But I also would like to block this company in someway, so to avoid further customers going through my same bad experience.

Anyone experienced something similar?
Any useful suggestion?

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