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Default Do they have to refund via same route?

I posted a longer version of this on another section.

The burning issue right now is that they said they would give me a refund for my festival ticket. I had paid via Visa Debit and initially they asked for bank details to refund within fourteen days of our phonecall.

Then they said because of the way their company was set up, they would need my address, and would send a cheque within fourteen days of receipt. I expected to have it within a few days, but we are now approaching 14 days and I have nothing. I understand if I hear no more I can claim through my bank via Chargeback.

Just wanted to check if they are within their rights though, saying they will send a cheque when I sent via my debit card and the money went straight through to their account a few weeks ago? I can see why they might want to do this, to wriggle out of the complaints I have made. But not sure if they are allowed to...?

Any help appreciated.
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