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Default Re: Sky TV - poor satellite signal


I am not able to advise you on the legal implications of your case, but have heard numerous cases with similar symptoms. It's quite possible that something is interfering with your signal and there is nothing intrinsically wrong with your Sky signal. Sky relies on line of sight and a simple thing such as a tree coming into bloom during the summer months or a new hanging basket, can block the signal completely or just partially from getting through.
I'm not saying this is what has caused your particular issue, but before you go delving too deep and overthinking things, is it possible this might be the case? When I worked for a cable company we had a customer who would come to us every summer and then go back to Sky every winter, because the trees overlooking his garden blocked the signal almost completely as soon as the sun got out!
Might be worth checking for physical issues first if you haven't already.
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