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  1. Majority of New Homes Defective
  2. The News on PPI
  3. Excessive Bank Charges
  4. OFT Launches a Market Study of Online Shopping
  5. Supermarkets urged to bin BOGOFs
  6. Foreign Credit Card Transactions Ė New Protection
  7. Software glitch hits iPhone fans
  8. Sale of Personal Data from the Electoral Register
  9. We just can't resist prices ending in 99p
  10. OFT wins injunction against Dutch mail order company
  11. Interest Rate Hikes for MBNA Customers
  12. New car slump could boost warranty deals
  13. Scottish Government urged not to drop commitment to Home Reports
  14. Lost sheep: Firefighters attempt unusual rooftop rescue
  15. Cheap tickets withdrawn in repair chaos
  16. Trading unfairly has apparently only just become illegal
  17. UK drivers hit by £500 fuel 'surcharge'
  18. New consumer body announced
  19. 4x4s now 'worthless' in part exchanges
  20. Where do your restaurant tips really go?
  21. Where do your restaurant tips really go?
  22. Fixed rate mortgages get cheaper
  23. Oil giants dragging their feet over fuel cuts
  24. Shoppers 'cheated' as brands downsize
  25. New service for victims of identity fraud
  26. Price comparison websites 'misleading'
  27. Discount supermarkets 'save you 20%'
  28. Train Tickets
  29. Charges for using cards abroad?
  30. My Royal Mail misadventure
  31. Local shops should offer healthy options for kids, says SCC
  32. PC spy software snares paedophile
  33. What's all the fuss about targeted advertising software?
  34. In praise of great customer service
  35. Is the BBC failing viewers
  36. Deflated charges at blow-up dentist
  37. Bank of England keeps interest rates on hold
  38. American Express Raises Charges
  39. Pub Price War
  40. Credit cruch finally hits gas guzzlers
  41. Easyjet passenger numbers way up!
  42. Elderly Suffer from "Financial Abuse"
  43. Debit Card Refunds: Your rights
  44. If the Airline Goes Bust
  45. Software blamed for LSE failure
  46. New Alcahol Legislation on the Cards
  47. Another frontier closed for BAT
  48. The shoe industry. Recession-proof?
  49. Scotland - Rapid take-up of GP extended hours scheme
  50. Eon boss in cruel jibe
  51. Rabbit hutch Britain
  52. Pubs Closing
  53. Last week was Stupid Aid Week, apparently!
  54. 85,000 trapped abroad as airline collapses
  55. Q&A: What to do if your airline goes bust
  56. And if the Tour Operator Goes Bust?
  57. Lehman Brothers goes bust - what does it all mean?
  58. The dentist's checkout check-up
  59. Bad news for restaurants
  60. Next step on from the inflatable dentists
  61. Don't forget the little guy amongst the lehman fallout
  62. It's not all bad
  63. Lloyds TSB buys HBOS
  64. Interest Rate Cuts?
  65. One in every 50 £1 coins a forgery...
  66. How to haggle on new car prices
  67. Softening up?
  68. Supermarkets face fines if price-fixing
  69. New report highlights problems with housebuilders
  70. Barclays fined for "silent calls"
  71. HSBC axes 1100 jobs worldwide, 500 in the UK
  72. Witholding supplies to create demand?
  73. Virgin Media doesnt work in bad weather
  74. Downloaders pay attention
  75. First Lehman Brothers, then Halifax, now... Moss Bros
  76. Papers dying out! Really?
  77. Eco Scrutineers are watching You!
  78. Adverts on TV, in TV, are TV.
  79. Toolbar 5 reveals bias?
  80. Forums under threat
  81. Live search innovation
  82. Cheapest UK car to arrive in 2009.
  83. Mobile Phones Upside and Downside.
  84. Financial expert assistance required!
  85. Gordon Brown calls for £12bn EU small business fund
  86. Worldwide Bovril shortage
  87. Consumer Focus - new consumer body launched
  88. Energy companies told to play fair
  89. FTSE heading for fall like 1987
  90. Name change for Pizza Hut
  91. EU plans legislation for cross border shoppers
  92. Shopping vouchers: How to save money
  93. Continued Crackdown on PPI Misselling
  94. Shopping vouchers: How to save money
  95. BBC publishes new report on effects of credit crunch
  96. Consumer inflation hits 16-year high
  97. Aldi proving more popular
  98. Regulation on Sale and Rent Back Deals
  99. Fuel Prices Fall to under £1 a litre
  100. Big lenders not passing on rate cut
  101. Queue here for the Currys credit crush
  102. Energy bills often 'inaccurate'
  103. Credit Crunch hits Mars
  104. Mobile Phones Under Threat from Hackers
  105. Mervyn King uses the "R" word - recession looms?
  106. How to make money from your motor
  107. HMV Expanding into 2nd hand game market
  108. More Happy News...
  109. 227% credit card
  110. Repossessions up 71%
  111. Budget airline Sterling collapses
  112. BP's "mammoth" profits.
  113. Recession changing attitudes
  114. Thousands face student grant cut
  115. House prices fall 14.6%
  116. More Post Office closures...
  117. Is there a currency sterling is doing well against?
  118. C. diff testing 'is often wrong'
  119. Battle of the gyms: £10 membership
  120. HSBC won't commit to rate cuts.
  121. Holidaymakers: Protect us from another XL
  122. Dress that's a little black £12 bargain
  123. Computer Games "Too Expensive"
  124. Amazon to reduce packaging
  125. Interest rates cut by 1.5%
  126. Consumer Focus calls on government to extend winter fuel payments
  127. Demand may push used car prices back up
  128. New Regulations Force Airlines to Advertise ĎRealí Prices
  129. Visa Debit Chargeback - The Facts
  130. Savings you can bag on the High Street
  131. MPs to demand cheap booze ban
  132. The early 75% sales on the High Street
  133. Post Office retains contract for benefits distribution
  134. ASDA ditches Celebs for Xmas!
  135. Interesting... Email ads may not work...
  136. Free £50 Amazon voucher for writing reviews
  137. A season of huge discounts ahead
  138. How to have a credit crunch Christmas
  139. Watchdogs target fake online vouchers
  140. MS ready for 'guerilla' sale warfare
  141. MS springs surprise one-day sale
  142. Supermarkets cheat with 'bogus offers'
  143. Digital Magazines from Asda on offer...
  144. New online Payment service launched.
  145. Brown to cut VAT
  146. Repossessions up 12%
  147. Woolworths in trouble
  148. How to protect against firms going bust
  149. Stores slash prices to get us spending
  150. Tips for Safe Online Shopping this Christmas
  151. MFI goes into administration
  152. Woolworths to go into administration
  153. Mobile phone boom over?
  154. MFI collapse: What can customers do?
  155. Falling Oil Prices, not such a good thing?
  156. Gas prices to soar 30% in weeks
  157. Twelve steps to a money-saving Christmas
  158. 'Soft' A-level warning for pupils
  159. Please Complain!
  160. 50% more business failures in 2009.
  161. Visit Lapland for £25 per person!
  162. Shoppers in line for £115 discount windfall
  163. Interest Rates to be Cut again
  164. fit for purpose???????
  165. Amazon £3 album deal in MP3 war
  166. High St panic as every shop starts a sale
  167. The Australian Consumer Giveaway
  168. HSBC creates £1bn Small to Medium Business loan fund
  169. Exercise your Rights when Joining a Gym
  170. Sony axe 16,000 jobs worldwide.
  171. Concern over 2 year mortgage payment holiday plan
  172. Duplicate/Unwanted Xmas gifts...
  173. Woolworths closure sale begins
  174. How will the falling pound hit your holiday?
  175. Cheapest Grocery Shop?
  176. $50bn Fraud
  177. Pay using your voice?
  178. Survey suggests interest rate cuts not prompting increased spending
  179. £81m spent to "save" £57m
  180. Unfair premiums to be eradictaed by Ofgem
  181. Comet not blazing a trail
  182. Security Flaw in Internet Explorer !
  183. Microsoft issues patch to fix IE
  184. UK Consumer Confidence Improving
  185. Ofcom Publish guidelines on unfair charges
  186. Panasonic gain control of Sanyo
  187. How to find the cheapest Christmas turkey
  188. Barclays boss says Credit Crunch will last 2 more years
  189. Postcode lottery for Xmas shoppers.
  190. Not so sweet for Whittards
  191. Facts about the Credit Crunch
  192. Sony Want to put prices up.
  193. Unwanted and damaged Christmas presents
  194. Budget airlines that cost if you're hungry
  195. 3p increase in Stamps from April 2009
  196. What to do with unwanted Christmas gifts
  197. Energy Prices to be cut 10%
  198. Boxing Day Sales "Biggest Yet"
  199. Bargains will continue in 2009
  200. Childrenswear company Adams faces administration
  201. Beat the recession: Cut costs and save money
  202. Rate My Doctor!
  203. Over-inflation rail rises a 'national scandal'
  204. Millions to celebrate New Year at home
  205. Student goes £1bn overdrawn
  206. The restaurant rip-offs that spoil your night
  207. Something heartwarming...
  208. Consumer Focus responds to Ofgem announcement
  209. Consumer Focus welcomes Ofgem fine for Npower
  210. Consumer Focus responds to Hooper Review
  211. Consumer Focus Post response to Hooper Review
  212. Radical plan to end the scandal of fuel poverty
  213. New Education Law Guide for Scotlandís Parents
  214. Comment on OFT Inquiry into UK Housing Market
  215. Response to Ofgem energy probe
  216. Response to Ofgem energy probe
  217. Home Reports
  218. Call on independent garages to put consumers first
  219. Call to end misleading labelling
  220. Time to end queuing in UK post offices
  221. Consumer Focus Scotland welcomes POCA decision
  222. Consumer Focus Post welcomes POCA decision
  223. Consumer Focus welcomes POCA decision
  224. Consumer Focus welcomes POCA decision
  225. New guidelines on commercial sponsorship published
  226. POCA strategy leaves consumers sidelined
  227. POCA strategy leaves postal consumers sidelined
  228. Ed Mayo letter to Lord Mandelson
  229. Urgent support needed to help households
  230. Energy prices rise faster than rest of Europe
  231. BSkyB and Virgin Media truce welcomed
  232. Concerns remain with 7 days to digital switchover
  233. Consumer Focus welcomes smart meters mandate
  234. Councils: Working together to listen to customers
  235. New standard to lead the way to low carbon economy
  236. Comment on fuel poverty judicial review
  237. Ofgem campaign step in the right direction
  238. New guide to open up legal system for users
  239. Consumers left waiting for energy prices to fall
  240. Chief Executive speaks at NSPCC
  241. Consumer Focus welcomes governmentís energy focus
  242. Ofgemís investigation leaves energy customers cold
  243. Bank deposit protection
  244. Overhaul Needed for Scotlandís Tribunal System
  245. Consumer Focus awaits Ofgem's report
  246. Regulator needs to act now to make the energy mark
  247. Introduction to Consumer Focus Scotland
  248. Strengthened Consumer Protections Come Into Force
  249. Introduction to Consumer Focus Wales by the Chair
  250. Fuel poverty: our number one priority