View Full Version : Public cancellation of contract question

13th April 2014, 01:30 PM
Hi and I hope the members can help.

i have been in a long running battle with Virgin Media about both the quality and cost of the services provided.

At the end of March my patience finally snapped and I chose to fire Virgin Media publicly on Facebook, providing my account number and an instruction to cancel the contract.

Virgin claims that I must speak to its relationship team in order to cancel the contract, however, I was always told that a contract cancellation in writing to any part of an organisation that provides a date, an account number and an instruction to cancel is acceptable under UK law.

It also transpires that Virgin has cancelled part of the contract covering the telephone line but has not cancelled the other elements of the contract, although they do not work.

Can someone advise on the rights of Virgin to enforce its right to force me to end the contract following their contract cancellation prevention processes?