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Conusmer Rights
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REFUND Rights with WORST T&C

Posted 17th February 2012 at 02:44 PM by hanky

I purchased items from Zara on 08/01/12 online for delivery to store and items arrived on 12/01/12. I had 15 days to collect it otherwise it will get returned and refunded automatically. I was planning to collect it in week following 20/01 but had a grievance and went out of country. I informed Zara about death and travel on 26/01 - day before I left, and sought their approval. They told me I could collect items later. But I had to visit the store the same day still because of other issue and collected...
Consumer Newbie
Posted in Conusmer Rights
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Old scam

Posted 11th December 2011 at 03:11 PM by conned

Here is a big WARNING about this so called comapny CONFIDENTIALITE ELITE . I was unfortunate to be conned into this scam which did now I realise seem too god to be true. I was desperately in need of finantial help and went with my heart and not my head. STEVEN AND RACHEL AND ALL OTHER STAFF SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES.
Consumer Newbie
Posted in Conusmer Rights
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Coopers International Auctions (Alan Barker Cooper)

Posted 15th October 2011 at 02:33 AM by moni00
Updated 15th October 2011 at 02:45 AM by moni00 (spelling mistake)

Beware of buying goods in auctions claimed to be bankrupcy auctions or stocks from HMRC bonded warehouses, as you will most likely get ripped off. This was my case.

I bought a Persian carpet that came with a certificate saying it was worth thousands and the auctioneers claimed it retailed at almost double that figure even, only to find out later it was worth 300. This was the case with other paintings where the auctioneer quoted the artists to sell at thousands, where the truth...
Consumer Newbie
Posted in Conusmer Rights
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Why wont the dvla intervene ?????

Posted 13th September 2011 at 01:32 AM by airwolf

my problems started around 5 weeks ago to where i bid on a van on ebay on 06/08/2011. the vehicle was pretty local to myself and i liked what i read in the vehicles description hence why i bid & won the auction. anyway, as per arranged with the seller i went to collect the vehicle on 08/08/2011 & shortly after i paid, it was clear that the clutch was gone and not happy with this i knocked on the door and demanded my money back but i was told that it was my problem now and the...
Consumer Newbie
Posted in Conusmer Rights
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i've been sent goods i didn't order

Posted 12th June 2011 at 01:16 PM by terrie2109

hi i wonder if anyone can give me some advice. Yesteday two packages were delivered by the postman which i signed for. Inside there was a pair of earings and in the other a pendant. Complete with an invoice from 'COMPTON & WOODHOUSE' I have no idea if someone has maliciously ordered these or it is a scam from the company. What are my rights because i dont want to have to pay to return these and neither do i want to get costly phone bills contacting them. I am going to send them an email telling...
Consumer Newbie
Posted in Conusmer Rights
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