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The truth about Vodafone.

Posted 10th July 2010 at 11:11 PM by JollyBeggar

The time has come for someone to stick their neck out and tell the truth.Vodafone do not care about any of their customers.Its not what Vodafone employees are told to do,but what they are forced to do to achieve targets.Vodafone turn a blind eye to 99% of it because they know that the only way to retain customers and get new customers is to set unrealsitic targets for employees, which result in Customers getting sucked in by whatever means.This way,the employee is the one whose head rolls,not the management.Lie,Deceive,tell the customer what they want to hear,anything-but get the sale,otherwise you will not hit target for the month and stand to lose your job.Handset not in stock?Tell customers it is and all they need to do is sign on the dotted line for another 24 months.In Vodafone Stores,Call Centres and even online ,the deception is clear....tell them that their new tarriff is Anytime-Any Network (but dont mention Landline calls,thats a seperate money-spinner).500mb of mobile internet?No problem,more than you need anyway (unless you are being sold a smartphone which self-connects to the internet every 24 hours for updates increasing your usage).Looking for a Smartphone?Send them out or place on the counter a phone which you know has had major technical problems but have been told to "push" the model anyway to get rid of them,after all Vodafone spent good money acquiring them.Need Insurance Sir?That will be 4 (actually no,its 12,but 4 sounds better doesnt it?Plus I have a manager shouting down my throat to get more Insurance off Customers.OK,well ive only got 5 minutes to finish this sale,so il leave out the whole Insurance T&C's,excellent,all good!!Hitting my targets!!).Customer calling in looking for the new iphone4 for 5 per month on 12 month contract and free handset?Just hang up,they are not goin to be sales,so Vodafone aren't interested. When Orange or O2 are doing better in the market at certain times of the year,employee is told "your job is on the line along with everyone elses unless you all get over your target". OK,well we will all just have to mis-sell our backsides off and do whatever it takes to stay in a job to put bread on the table and buy my kids clothes. Truth is,two people are being shafted by Vodafone,the Consumer AND the Employee.Vodafone set over 16 unrealistic targets for employees to reach each month,forcing their hand to become deceptive to ,in turn,Consumers,who in the end pay the cost from their own pocket.I know this all sounds harsh and somewhat negative,but this is the boat that all Vodafone employees find ourselves in,so dont go too hard on us,change is what is needed-and that change has to start at the top with the suits and corporate briefs.Change is possible and in the long run,may actually save the company from extinction,because at this rate when consumers wise to whats going on,Vodafone will have none left.No value for money (third biggest UK network but making more money than the top 2 combined?) and they will eithier go down the plughole after a unsuccessful merger or change and succeed.Eithier way,hopefully i'll be working somewhere else with a window and lunchbreak.....................
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