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trickygj wins high Court libel action against London Businessman

Posted 4th November 2014 at 10:35 AM by trickygj

It is no surprise that I have not been able to take part on the What Consumer forum as often as I used to.

I have, for the last two and half years, been involved in a particularly nasty cyber-bullying libel action against a London businessman and his companies who decided to vent his bile against me on twitter and Wordpress. The cyber-bullying libel campaign was relentless against me and my colleagues.

The reason was because I commented on his unethical business practices that resulted in his companies acquiring unpaid CCJ's to the tune of over 25k and others who invested in his business losing well over 100k.

And so his campaign went on, not only to make outrageous libels on the internet but also making threats to visit my house with petrol, threats towards my family and making false allegations to the Police.

After his last ditch attempts to stop the trial failed his day of judgement came before Justice Eady in court 13 of the Royal Courts of Justice in London last week.

Justice Eady handed down a scathing judgement of his behaviour and awarded me damages of 70,000 plus costs which are likely to be in the region of 250,000.

Judgement was given against Graham Steele, Lifecote Europe Ltd and the Damp proofing Association Ltd. Straight after the judgement Mr Steele changed the name of his companies to Timber and Damp Proofing 2010 Ltd and Damp Proofing Contractors 2012 Ltd.

Steele has been found to be an unethical, cyber-bully who made not only my life, but colleagues and friends of mine a complete nightmare.

Apart form costs and damages the court awarded an injunction against Steele and/or his companies repeating such libels or behaviour.

Steele thought he was invincible and hid behind all manner of false names but court orders against his UK ISP and Wordpress based in the USA and the seizure of his computers for expert forensic investigation revealed him to be the coward behind the cyber-bullying. And that is what bullys are; COWARDS. They are no different to the playground bully except that on the internet they have the added advantage of hiding behind a computer screen.

This is we believe a landmark judgement against cyber-bullying libels and hopefully should be a lesson learned for all. There is no hiding in the internet.

I have had great support from family, friends and colleagues and cannot thank them enough.
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