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Old 20th October 2016, 02:23 AM
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Unhappy Re: Anglian Windows - Breach of Contract

Originally Posted by Bella9 View Post
We have the same experience with Anglian, cancelled order before survey - within the 14 days, then received a letter stating that we were outside their 7 day period. The salesman did not highlight any of this and found clause on back of order in small difficult to read print. They have asked for 25% of order but as this was cancelled before their survey - surely this cannot be legal/enforceable.
Any advise would be appreciated
Bella, I wouldn't give them a penny.

In my experience, they don't accept your order until after the survey has taken place. Only when they accept you order - I received a letter accepting mine - is the contract formed. District Judges tend not to know too much about the law of contract, unfortunately. That, in my opinion, is why Anglian is getting away with daylight robbery.

I practised as a litigation solicitor for twelve years, but am now retired. When I read here about some of the bad Court decisions made, I simply despair.
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Old 22nd November 2016, 01:06 PM
xposay xposay is offline
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Default Re: Anglian Windows - Breach of Contract

they will not be shy about taking you to court- make sure you have your facts right and do not rely on a sympathetic judge- it will be according to law and you may feel it ruthless-
If they have not put matters right - serve notice on them to do so with reasonable time or you will get another to do so and bill them-
If you have allowed them to finish the job, despite time taken & mess-ups etc etc - you can ONLY claim for a financial loss or prove stress etc with medical proof.
Anglian will most probably send a barrister to any court- have a chat with a solicitor if you can- prepare your facts briefly & get sound advice.
Whenever I have the chance I tell all & sundry of my stupidity in allowing Anglian onto my premises_
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Old 2nd May 2017, 10:20 AM
MaryWard MaryWard is offline
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Default Re: Anglian Windows - Breach of Contract

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Old 5th June 2017, 06:14 PM
Margot Miller Margot Miller is offline
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Default Re: Anglian Windows - Breach of Contract

Whatever you do, do not use this company! They are lying, thieving *******s! Avoid at all costs otherwise you end up paying and getting nothing for it!
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Old 30th August 2017, 03:57 PM
teapot teapot is offline
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Default Re: Anglian Windows - Breach of Contract

Hi all,

I made the mistake of dealing with Anglian Windows after my neighbour recommended them to me when I mentioned I was planning to have my fascias etc and doors replaced.

I had already obtained two quotes from other firms before Anglian and then invited an Anglian rep to my house to quote.

Initially after applying all the supposed discounts etc, the quote still came out significantly higher than the other quotes. I never told him what the other quotes were but simply told him that his was not even in the right ball park. After another 15 mins or so playing with his tablet he came up with a much lower figure which was fractionally more than the other two quotes, but i had a moment of gullibility and accepted his speil about how their products are better quality and they make them themselves, and how they could only do them at this price if I paid a deposit today.

For that and other reasons such as the neighbours recommendation I decided to accept his quote and paid a deposit, totalling about 1500 by debit card.

However after I'd slept on it, I realised that I had perhaps not made the right decision and started looking on the internet, and found many stories about how people had been duped and mistreated by this firm, far more than the other firms I had quotes from.

After reading all this, I decided the best thing to do was to exercise my right to cancel, as I was only 2 days into the 7 day cooling off period. So I read the cancellation instructions carefully and sent both an email immediately to the designated email address stating this and providing all the relevant information, as well as completing the cancellation slips and posting them by recorded post to the designated address the next day.

Thus far I have received an email stating the following:

We acknowledge receipt of your cancellation request.

Your correspondence has been passed to our Business Approvals Office where the order was processed.

If you have any further queries in connection with the cancellation request, would you please communicate with the Business Approvals Office directly on telephone number 0845 263 8866, or alternatively by email to <snip>

I emailed the address shown requesting confirmation of when the refund will be issued but have not had any response.

Now having read the stories on here and other forums I am worried that these shysters will not refund me without a fight, but I don't know how best to deal with them.

I've since had another quote from a small local firm which was even more competitive and the rep was much more professional than the anglian one, but I can't afford to instruct them to do anything until I am sure when I will get my refund from anglian.

I feel absolutely stupid for falling for his blatent pressure-sales tactics and I'm not expecting any sympathy - I just want to be prepared to deal with Anglian in a way which ensures I get my deposit back within a reasonable time frame. In their terms and conditions it does not state a time limit for refunds to be issued, and am not sure what timescales are legally required.

many thanks in advance for your advice.
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