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Mobile Phones Contracts and the phones themselves.

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Old 23rd July 2014, 04:41 PM
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Default Samsung UK, Anovo and Royal Mail (A sorry state of affairs)

Hi All,

I feel quite dejected about this entire saga so far. I was wondering if I can get some advice on possible avenues to pursue.

The story:

I discovered on my Samsung Galaxy S4 phone (8 months old) that the screen had suddenly failed. It was showing multi-coloured lines and whilst the phone powered up, there is no way I could navigate the menu. There was no damage to the phone, and it was in my pocket when I first noticed the issue.
I called EE (my vendor) and they recommended I contact Samsung and arrange a repair. I called Samsung and after a lengthy Q &A, they arranged for a jiffy bag to be sent out to me.

I duly received the bag and box as promised, I followed the instructions and now 6 days later I receive an email with an invoice attached from a company called Anovo. The worrying thing is the attached picture shows a cracked screen (my phone had no damage to the screen) and an invoice attached for circa £150.

I called the service centre (Anovo) number and spoke to someone who is adamant that I sent in a damaged phone and hence itís not covered under warranty. Pay £150 to get screen replaced or get the phone sent back via a free returns service.

After lengthy conversations with Samsung CSC UK, they informed me that the issue is now between the service centre and Royal Mail, and that from their end there isnít much they can do.

The phone was obviously damaged in transit. Anovo are saying the packaging showed no damage; hence I am liable for the repair.
I have family members and colleagues who can testify that there were no cracks or visible damage to the phone.

What can I do, I am livid that the phone I sent in for repair will not be in the same state as the one now coming back.

To make matters worse I didnít take a picture of the phone prior to sending it off to Anovo.

Any help on how best to proceed will be appreciated.


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Old 5th May 2017, 12:17 PM
Nick walton Nick walton is offline
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Angry Re: Samsung UK, Anovo and Royal Mail (A sorry state of affairs)



I sent my Samsung J5 toff to be repaired after the phone went to black page and vibrating mode, the phone is just 5 months old. There was absolutely no physical damage to the phone at all and had been kept in a wrap around case since bought.

The initial problem was that the phone would not come on but would vibrate. After holding down home and power buttons as advised online and then doing a factory reset, the phone came back on but the screen was permanently locked and could not do anything with the phone. At that point I decided to get in touch with Samsung.

We contacted Samsung who said that the phone was under warranty and they agreed to pick it up for repair.

I found out that they actually sent it to an external company that I knew nothing about and they did not tell me about it.

That company sent me a really poor email saying that thee would be a repair bill of £156.00. They told me nothing about why they were trying to charge me £156.00 to repair the phone apart from stating OOW and noting more.

I refused to pay them and sent them an email letting them know that they are a bunch of rip offs and they sent the phone back that now has

physical damage that has been deliberately caused by them.

The phone did not have a single mark on it whatsoever. I called the company and the person who picked up the phones told me to pxxx off before putting the phone down.

I think that I am going to have to go to the police or report them for deliberate damage to my property, I have to do something about this but not sure what my rights are as it stands. .

Please I hope to god you see this before its to late.

Samsung you should be ashamed to work with this bunch of CROOKS.

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Old 28th November 2017, 07:58 PM
Ellen07886 Ellen07886 is offline
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Default Re: Samsung UK, Anovo and Royal Mail (A sorry state of affairs)

I've had a nightmare with Samsung and their Anovo their repair agent.
My 4 month old phone developed a pink tint and I had little or no signal, it went to Anovo for repair. When I tracked it a couple of days later, there was a message saying they needed more information, I called Samsung to see what they needed to know but Samsung didn't have a clue. I spoke to Anovo the following Monday and they told me the screen was bent so it wasn't covered by the warranty and would cost £207 to repair!!! I told them I knew the phone wasn't damaged and I wouldn't pay for a new screen, they returned the phone to me. The photo they sent me didn't show any fault!

I then decided to have it repaired and sell it (I'll never have another Samsung phone after this), so it went back in the following week and within a couple of days I had an email to say it had been repaired - so clearly it wasn't bent to start with. Phone returned to me still with a pink tint on the screen and no signal but a letter stated they'd repaired a fault with the touch screen. I contacted them to express my dissatisfaction only to be told they hadn't actually found a fault just updated the software!

I sent an email to Kevin Coleman, the CEO advising him that I felt it was a very lucrative business they were running. I later had a call from their Customer Services Manager (yes apparently they have one!!) who promised me that if they had it back again for repair they would carry out all repairs and the whole process would be overseen by a manager. So against my better judgement I agreed, the phone was due to be collected yesterday 27/11/17, that morning I received an email to say the phone wouldn't be collected until 28/11/17!!! I told both Samsung and Anovo that they wouldn't be collecting the phone, they could either replace it for a new unit or I would go back to my credit card company for a refund and take the issue up with Trading Standards which is where I am now! Absolutely livid with this sorry excuse for a repair centre.
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samsung anovo rm

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