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Mobile Phones Contracts and the phones themselves.

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Old 14th June 2016, 10:06 PM
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Default Unsolicited phone.

Yesterday I got all excited when a courier turned up at my door and gave me a small rectangular package. I signed for it as it was in my name and upon opening it I found a shiny new iPhone 6s 64gb and a Vodafone sim card. As I knew that I hadn't ordered this I attempted to phone Vodafone to find out why I had been sent it. After several failed attempts to talk to someone (they only state their name and ask for your Vodafone mobile number which I don't have as I'm not their customer) I finally manage to explain the situation. I'm then informed that someone claiming to be me has ordered the phone online and eventually it turns out that this appears to be done fraudulently. This is where things get sticky. Firstly I'm told that as it's a high end phone the person who ordered it will most likely be round to my home at one way or another to collect their ill gotten phone. Fortunately for me all I have to do is take it round to the nearest Vodafone shop and they'll take it back and the case will be closed. I'm not prepared to do that and they initially tell me I can have a prepaid bag sent out and then post it securely back to them. I'm also not prepared to do this because I have no evidence that it has been wrongly sent to me so they agree to email me within half an hour detailing how their stringent security checks had been bypassed and how much of my identity has been stolen. This unsurprisingly doesn't happen and it takes several attempts to get through to someone else who again tells me I have to arrange to return it to them. By this point I'm getting annoyed and point out that I've lost an entire day trying to chase them, been told a criminal is probably coming to my house and generally put under unnecessary emotional stress for which I feel I deserve some kind of compensation. I'm assured I will be emailed the details of how this happened and I would be compensated for my trouble. Fast forward to today, another two hours trying to get through to be told the fraud team have closed my case and the bill has been cancelled. Now I need to contact the returns department so they can arrange for me to give their phone back. No. You want it come and get it. I'm also told it's not company policy to compensate people for this kind of emotional distress and hassle of chasing them. I should return the phone to them as it is no good to me now as they have blacklisted it. So I'm not sure what to do next.
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