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Old 7th September 2015, 01:02 PM
Gwen Roberts Gwen Roberts is offline
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Exclamation Re: Coopers Sewing Machines

Oh my goodness... I too have fallen into this company's web of deciet and am currently left with a faulty sewing machine. Upon research of the machine decor-pro-200-mk2---2015-model--japanese--build I find that it's issues are widespread and appear to all be around the feed dogs and bobbin/ tension areas. Oh how I wish I had researched the company, rather than believe I had found such a GREAT online deal
I feel such a fool tbh. I bought it at the end of June this year and in early July (13th) I had already had cause to be in touch with the company regarding an invoice, as I did not receive one with the machine so in effect had no real proof of my purchase except my bank statement as I had paid by Visa debit. Anyway, I had mentioned in the email about the invoice or lack of, that I wasn't happy with the machine and that I felt it had an issue, so in less than 2 weeks, I had thought and advised them that it had an issue, but tbh, I wasn't sure if it was just me using a new machine rather than the old cronky ones I was accustomed too. Obviously we don't spend all day everyday on a sewing machine, so after a few days I got it out again, changed what I thought may have been a scored cotton reel causing the messed up stitching and for that time, on a staright stitch it appeared to be ok. However, next time (this week) after a short stay in hospital after an operation and 2 weeks unable to do much, I felt well enough to pull the machine out again and have a go.. It seemed ok for a while and then, back to the tangled mess and a few hours of messing with cotton reels, needles and bobbin threading to no avail.. I then decide to search google for some info on the machine, to see if I was doing something wrong and come upon all the forums and feedbacks regarding Cooper sewing machines and every other company name he runs under (online) I am so so upset with myself for being in this position.. I have asked for a refund as I feel the machine is not fit for purpose, especiall after reading so many other reports on the very same machine.. I also noted that the machine on his website has a slightly different graphic on the front than my supposed (2015) model??
Will they collect? Will I get a refund? I am filled with utter DREAD.
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Old 14th February 2016, 10:16 AM
stable stable is offline
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Default Re: Coopers Sewing Machines

This is crazy. I have just had dealings with this company and I am a very strong person but this Mr Cooper was aggressive, rude and a down right nightmare. He kept talking over the top of me and when I told him I was shocked to say the least on how he spoke to me, he replied I'm the company director and I can say what I like and said he had been drinking(WHAT THE HELL!!) and kept saying BYE and hung up on me. I was so in shock I could hardly speak. I called back and then was talking to his son, but sounded like the same man and he said his father was retiring the day and that it was his 70th birthday. They had me so confused as I didn't know what I was thinking, saying or doing and had me in tears. Unfortunately I just done my research on this company after all this happened and I'm even more cross at myself for not doing my research as I am normally so careful. Please do not even go on their web site and I applied for a discount that was taken off at checkout but they said that I didn't enter it but thankfully I have paid by credit card so I am protected and the 1st payment has been sent with the discount taken off. I have contacted trading standards, watchdog, creditcard company, and will not stop until this company learns manners. They have no right to take our hard earned money and talk to anyone like this. All they do is be rude, aggressive, blame you for being aggressive which is impossible when you cannot get a word in edgeways. What gets me is that there are complaints about this company going back as far as 2008!!!!. What is going on with trading standards that this company has got away with this behaviour for over 17 YEARS!!!!!!!! People we need to make our voices heard and help protect other people from dealing with the abusive company. I am still dealing with issues that have arose as I just placed my order on 14/5/15 and I will keep you all posted as I have a few legal options that I will be looking into. Another thing Mr Cooper tried to hit me with was unfortunately I had opted for the easyplan option and he tried to tell me that I had given false information as it was only available to mainland UK and I live in N.I. but on further inspection and advice from Trading Standards and legal,I did not give false information as I had given all my correct details, names, address etc and was never prompted to read any T&Cs and didn't even see them until he has told me they were on the website. All these people want to do is bully and intimidate you but do not let them. They will try anything. I gave him all truthful information but as he has sent out my order he has accepted my information and has accepted my contract for 3 payments. Also there is no point in sending back the machine as they keep the 1st instalment as admin charges will probably say it was returned damaged anyway. A nightmare is an understatement.
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Old 15th May 2016, 10:30 AM
Poppy11 Poppy11 is offline
Consumer Newbie
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Default Re: Coopers Sewing Machines

Hi, I agree with all those that have had an appalling experience from this horrible abusive man! Never have I been spoken to in the manor that this caveman spoke to me. I'm not sure if anyone knows that he also has other websites, which I found confusing. BEWARE AND AVOID THESE SITES!
Singer Direct, British Sewing Centre, Hobbystitch and Sewing Machines Discount. It is the same person.
I called to enquire about a sewing machine from one site and he told me he has sold 15 that day and there is only one left, so hurry up and buy before it goes to someone else. I began looking into the make, when he called me and said have you placed the order? I though maybe someone else is interested so I placed the order. Within 5 minutes I went onto another site and the same make was cheaper. I called the number on the new site and it was the same man. He became soo abusive that I will not repeat the conversation he had with me. I replied saying I would like to cancel the order I place 5 minutes ago because you are soo ABUSIVE!
So please nobody visit these sites.
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Old 6th December 2016, 12:41 PM
lizziedripping lizziedripping is offline
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Default Re: Coopers Sewing Machines

Very rude agressive man investigated by Watchdog he runs The British Sewing Centre amongst other websites and has various pseudonyms view the investigation on Youtube just search Cooper Sewing machines
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cooper sewing machines, sewing machines

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