Asos being extremely difficult about refund..

Hi guys n girls, New here! I've been searcing online for some help with an issue and came across this site, I hope this is the right place to post this, If it isn't sorry for the mistake and if the thread could be moved to the appropriate section I'll appreciate it Here goes, Basically I made a big order from them around the 15th of oct, As it was over £100 pound I received next day delivery, Didnt like a few the items, Sent them back within an hour of receiving. They where meant to refund me a total of £76 back to my paypal account, But only refunded me £54.. When asked about why they didnt refund me on one of the items (a plain hoody) apparently it didnt pass there quality control, I replied with that i literraly opened that packing and looked at it, And have proof of returning it within the hour of receiving as i had the receipt i got from the postie... This is when all the lies and BS started.. (These are the main emails out of a 30+ game of email tennis)

I got a reply, They told me that as theyve already sent off the jacket, Once i receive it to send it back for a full refund.. I thought okay great! Two days went by, Didnt receive anything.. Then 4 days.. 4 days became a week and i decided to email them asking where my item was, To which I got this.


Many thanks for getting in touch.

I'm sorry to hear you have not received your rejected return.

I'm happy to confirm that I've arranged for your refund of £24.00 to be made within the next 48 hours. We'll send another email to confirm when it has been issued.

I hope this helps, but please get back in touch if you have any further questions.

All the best,

Alison S'

Which hinted to me that they didn't even bother to send the item back in the first place..I thought okay cool, Fair enough they messed up, Atleast I'll get my money back in 48 hours..right? During the supposed '48' hour wait, I got another email off them saying I needed to add a card to my account, As i usually pay thorugh paypal, I asked them why they couldnt refund it to my paypal account as they usually do but they said something about how as its a 'Manual refund' its either done by cheque or refunded to the card, I thought okay fine! Added my card..


Thank you for your email

Unfortunately as the refund was for a rejected item we were unable to process the refund to your PayPal account.

I can confirm that the refund of £24 has been processed 25/10/11, please allow 5-10 working days for the funds to appear in your account.

I hope this helps but should you require any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact me.

All the best,


After waiting the ten day period and still not receiveing the money, I emailed them again..


Thanks for getting in touch again, and I'm sorry you are still waiting for your refund.

I'm contacting our Finance Team to cancel a cheque that was being sent to you.

I'm happy to confirm that I've arranged for your refund of £24 to be made within the next 48 hours to the new card you have added to your account. We'll send another email to confirm when it has been issued.

I hope this helps, but please get back in touch if you have any further questions.

All the best,

Sarah M'

So now after making me wait the ten days, They are saying they where going to send me a cheque, Which seems suspect as they told me it was going to my account, On top of that, Why wait till then tenth and last day to apparently be 'sending' me a cheque?

I asked them why it was taking to so long and why they changed there story from being a refund to my account to now apparently being a cheque, They didnt reply, I then e-mailed them again and asked them why they arent bothering to reply and they spun me this line of BS..


Having checked your account I can see that your refund for £24 was processed this morning, and that you were sent an email confirming this. If you didn't receive the previous email, this could be because the junk mail filter on your email thought it was spam, and deleted it. If you make a ‘safe’ sender in your email settings, you won’t have this problem in future. Depending on your card issuer the money can take up to 10 working days to appear in your account.

Once again I apologise for the delay you have experienced in receiving your refund. Should you have any further queries please do not hesitate to get back in touch.

All the best,


This is utter trash, So I didn't have any problems with the previous 30+ emails they sent me about the issue and now all of a sudden they are trying to say it was sent to my junk mail and deleted, Which it clearly wasn't..

I replied with this a day ago..

Hi, Thanks for the reply - The issue I have is, Is that 10 days ago I got the same message as the one you have sent me, That I apparently was going to receive my refund within 10 working days. And I did not receive anything. And now you tell me its been processed this morning, So what exactly has been going on the last 10 days? Thanks.

Been 17 hours since that and still no reply..Nearly two weeks and still no refund..They are clearly taking the P. Is there anything I can do or threaten them with? Any contact numbers as i cant find any.. Or anyone I could complain too? I was thinking to contact trading standards but I'm not sure if they'll handle something like this.. Any help would be much much appreciated, I know it was a long read, Sorry! Hope I can get some advice and feedback on this. Thanks guys!
Your problem simply seems to be that Asos are meant to be doing stuff, when they aren't, and that they say they are doing what they aren't etc etc.
They've haven't exactly contravened any legislation that i can think of though, however if anyone here knows better, please do correct me!

So i am sorry, but i have no specific answer for you, however:
here is their head office address that you can complain to:

Asos Head Office
Greater London House
Hampstead Road
London , NW1 7FB
United Kingdom

I couldn't find a telephone number though, i am sorry.
Hope this is of any help,
and dont forget to photocopy any letters you send, and also send recorded method.
Hi ,

Sent ASOS few emails in the last few weeks to get my refund for my order and they have completely ignored. 2 expensive items and they've decided to ignore my emails and disappear.
Its a shame as I have ordered a lot of items from them in the past but I guess I i will still push for my refund and never use them again.

if they pick this message up its order number 293544060. Brand new items sent back with the tags, unused, not sure why they wont acknowledge my return.