Being a film extra

Jul 22, 2008
In these tight times when money is scarce and unemployment figures apparently spiralling, any money-making tip is worth passing on. So I thought I'd highlight the NASAA website. It's the National Association of Supporting Artistes Agents and contains details of casting agents across the country who provide extras for film and TV.

I don't think being an extra pays very much - maybe about £50 a day? But the money might come in handy, and besides, you might get to see yourself on the telly. Does anybody have any experience of this?
Sep 8, 2008
Debtors retreat
We were extras in 'Born to Run' who enlisted Stockport Harriers for the race scenes and their families and friends to make up the spectators, didn't get paid personally but i expect the Harriers got a donation, thoroughly enjoyed it tho' the food was excellent and my right leg was on the telly!!!!!
Jan 27, 2015
I've used companies like Limelight - excellent, was an extra in two Bollywood movies! - and StarNow. What's really good about being an extra is that you are generally fed well and treated okay: bear in mind that extras companies/agencies have to hire/deal with many different sorts of people including different ages etc. so they have to have some sort of central fairness/good attitude to stay in business. Good way to earn a buck from time to time if you're focusing on something else. Great way to network with all sorts too.


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Jan 26, 2016
It is good but takes all day. You do get your expenses covered though which is good. It's also worth looking at a couple of websites for the good opportunities