E-victims.org: TNS Mystery Shopper scam


What Consumer Founder
Apr 7, 2008
I would love to be paid to go shopping! Although there are legitimate organisations that do offer mystery shopping jobs, this company below is not legitimate.

How do I know:

Legitimate mystery shopping services do not send out spam. They recruit via their website.
The email is from an AOL account. Legitimate companies do not use free email accounts.
They say this is a great job if you are in United Kingdom, Scotland or Wales. Lets forget that the United Kingdom includes Scotland and Wales. They go on to ask for your zip code (American) not your post code.

What is the scam. It is a type of money laundering. They send you money. You are sent out to buy items that are easy to convert into cash such as computers, IPads etc. You ship the items to probably another victim who gives or ships them to the criminals - usually abroad.

You don't get your money are often left paying the shipping costs - more importantly you can get arrested for money laundering.


We are...

TNS Mystery Shopper scam
Apr 11, 2011
I'm aware that there are quite a few scams floating around under the lucrative job offer of becoming a 'mystery shopper'. However, I accidently stumbled across your thread while doing a Google search for the company I work for.

Do you mind me asking why the title is "TNS Mystery Shopper Scam"? Because the legitimate TNS company (www . tnsglobal . com)do not offer any sort of a scam. And that e-mail you have linked to in your thread does not even mention TNS.