Easy EBAY Bargain Hunting for Christmas

Oct 21, 2010
Hi all,

I am new to the forum but hope to become an active member of the community here!

Just wanted to share a great link (if that's allowed!?) to a site of which I am now a fully converted addict having wasted HOURS searching ebay for little gems and bargains.

Stumbled on site which offers a way to search for bargains on ebay in your local area or which the seller has misspelt (So they don't get found in all searches!!). I bagged myself a 50's table last night (I am a retro junkie) for less than a fiver a short walk :-D Love it love it!!!

If you want to give it a go try .....baycrazy.com

I am always looking for bargains so if you have any other tips post here!!!

Laura XX