ebay, bought cooker seller knew it wouldnt work but failed to tell me


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Nov 12, 2010
in september i bought a siemens cooker from a fella on ebay,
he wrote 'Gas cooker for sale, available for pickup in RH1. Good used condition. Both stove and oven are gas. Ignition is electric. Excellent for the wanna-be professional chef, gas stove is the best!'
we asked a fitter to install a few weeks later as we had to prepare the kitchen to accomadate as it was bigger then my previous cooker, all was going ok,
one thing.. it was on LPG gas and needed natural gas jets for it to work... i was never told this, when i text the seller on my phone he replied 'oh the parts are inside the oven i checked just before you came'
they werent and never were, he didnt answer any further emails or texts, i have been in touch with ebay resolution centre but because i paid cash on collection i got no joy, i have been in touch with siemens who have found the jets for me which i bought for them for the top of the cooker only and cannot help me any further with regard to the oven and grill... im so upset over this...
i dont know what else i can do, siemens cant help
they said in their last email to me
'Dear Liesa,

Thank you for your email.

Our technical department have advised that you will need to contact a local gas safe engineer, as the appliance
is not a uk one we have no information on it.

Many Thanks

can anyone offer me any sensible advice regarding parts... or advice on any legal action i can take please?? i cant afford to lose £200