Elite Phones and Computers repairs LG K8 query

Jul 29, 2017
Good morning,

I recently dropped my LG K8 into the bath by accident.

I got it out as quick as possible and left it to dry, afterwards it worked, but after a few minutes it would start flickering and the screen would go black with periodic lines flickering on and off in various colours.

I contacted the above company to enquire about a repair as it appeared to be a screen issue as everything else worked fine.

The sent me a quote of £17.50 which seemed acceptable.

At no point did they say in the various emails that there was the possibility of further charges.

SO as you can imagine I was surprised to have an email today saying the repairs were done and that it would cost an additional £120. Now bear in mind I only paid £87 for it in the first place.

I am not sure what my rights are with this as the only warning about costs is in a very small section of tthe initial email right at the bottom in about font 4-6. it is below.

Elite Phones and Computers Ltd, 190 a Church Street, Eccles Manchester M300LZ
The courier fee is a none refundable, upfront payment that is deducted from the total quoted for the repair, it is not an additional payment and is always included in the quoted amount, once you have entered an agreement with Elite and scheduled a collection we cannot refund this payment. *VAT is’ NOT Included in general quotes. It will be added to the cost of repair on completion, subject to the final quote. Additional problems may be detected on receipt of device may incur more cost customer will be informed before further repair carried out.

By accepting our link you will be accepting our Terms and Conditions. Our T&C can be found here. Click Here

Having a read through the T and C it does state the £17.50 is a delivery fee not the price quote. I am fairly sure in the initial message I sent to them though I asked for aq quote on repair.

I sent the message through their form. is there a way for me to obtain that message?

Have a good day,