Free Money (With a little catch)


New Member
Nov 24, 2011
Get in there quick if you want this to work.

If you want £10 for free, just do the following:

Sign up to jackpot joy (Google search as it won't let me link) and put your referrer as iRosso - you need to put someone here, as you only get the bonus if you've been referred to the site by an existing member. When you sign up and quote a member referring you, you get your initial deposit tripled from £10 to £30. After you've exhausted this £30, you will then get another £20 credited to your account. This is withdrawable. Withdraw the 20, and you've just doubled your money in 10 minutes.


This only works with BINGO. Do not play any other games or you will not be credited with £20
You must refer a member of the website in order to receive your bonus. My name is iRosso.
TL;DR - Sign up and put existing member as referrer (iRosso in this case). Deposit 10 and check the box that says 'new member bonus' (or something similar). You'll get 30 quid to play with, and once that's been exhausted, £20 - withdrawable - will be credited to your account.

Easy, enjoy your Tenner! :)