FSA: NDF Administration Limited (NDFA) and Defined Returns Limited (DRL)


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Apr 10, 2010
There are about 6000 UK savers caught up in this with Lehman-backed products from NDFA, DRL, Meteor and ARC. The FSCS has started compensating about one third of those with products from NDFA, DRL and ARC since those three companies went in to liquidation after action by the FSA connected with mis-selling investigations. There are about 1000 with Meteor plans who are not covered by FSCS (because Meteor is still operating) and about 3000 who have been waiting to hear from FSCS for many months. FSCS says it is complicated, and appear to be in a funding battle with financial intermediaries who do not believe they should have to pay towards compensating investors. One IFA (RSM Tenon) has received a huge fine from the FSA for their part in selling these plans, and there are other IFA fines to come. What a mess! Search for missoldinvestments.co.uk for news and views from the Lehman investor action group.