I received a faulty Samsung but i cracked the cass - can I get a refund?


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Apr 11, 2018
So I bought a new Samsung Galaxy S8 at the end of March 2018. I paid on Amazon (a supplier) using my bank card.

Straight away it didn't work properly. It always froze so 95% of the time I had to do a hard reset to use my phone and it would have to reboot to start up taking a few minutes.

I emailed asking for a refund.

Then just before I send it I notice a crack on the back casecin one of the top corners. I haven't dropped it. I don't think it was sent to me originally with the crack but I don't know how it happened. The fault was not caused by me dropping the phone but obviously I must have tapped it along the way.

So I send the phone back anyway and I received a reply from the shop owner saying that as the back case is cracked it is not covered by the warantee. I feel like i have lost £500 on a phone that doesn't work properly from the start.

I haven't replied to the email yet. Is there anything in the act that could help me out? I did receive a faulty product but because of the crack I'm not getting a refund or a replacement. It's a small crack and did not cause the fault in the phone.