Injured by roast pork


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Apr 24, 2018
Evening, I am unsure on the rules of naming so will be generic.

On Friday I brought a joint of 'finest' ready scored roast pork. The packaging claimed it was scored by butchers to make the best crackling.

I cooked the roast on Sunday eve, followed the instructions on the pack. 95 minutes later it was ready to remove from the oven.

I turned off the oven, opened the door and removed the tray with oven gloves. As I stood up the cracking 'popped' and my face was covered with hot fat. After 30 mins of running water over my face I noticed it started to blister and skin was white in places and red and blotchy in others indicating 2nd degree or partial thickness burns.

I went to A and E, they treated it as serious, gave morphine then dealt with the injury, cleaning and dressing.

I went to the supermarket to make them aware of the issue, was told they would inform the supplier and gave me my money back but would take a month for the supplier to look into it.

My first concern was this could happen to someone else but having experienced the lack of interest I feel the supermarket should have taken this more seriously.

I have never called an ambulance chaser in the past but I feel this was not my fault and a result of a quality control issue as the joint was sold as ready scored with no advice to do anything further.

Am I over reacting, is this the fault of the supermarket/supplier or am I the proverbial obese person trying to take McDonald's to court because it made them fat...?

Advice would be appreciated on if or how I should proceed.

Thanks in advance.