Injury Compensation

Jul 17, 2016
Hi Everyone.
I'm really not sure if this is the right section for this but I hope someone can help.

I had a fall in work almost exactly two years ago (21 June 2014) Someone left something on the floor inside a doorway. I came through the door and slipped on it, falling and fracturing my right elbow. I was taken to hospital by ambulance as I passed out about 10 minutes later, falling off a chair and onto the floor and cutting my cheek under my eye.
I have a solicitor on the case. The company I work for has admitted liability and I have been going for physiotherapy for quite a while and there has been no improvement in my mobility. I cant bend or straighten my arm to the full extent it should go. I have recently been for xrays as well as part of my claim.
Whilst I accept that this will always take time to go through the process I would really like to try and establish how much compensation (approximately) I could possibly receive. My Solicitor wont give me any idea at present. He is waiting until the physio has finished, he has my xrays, medical reports etc. before he will put a value to the claim.
I understand and accept this but at the same I would really like an idea of the possible amount of compensation I might receive. Searching the internet gives such a wide variance of amounts it unbelievable.
If anyone has any experience of this it would be much appreciated.
Many Thanks .
It is very hard to place a value on your claim without knowing the full extent of your injury and how it affects every aspect of your life - from work, to home, to socialising etc. Also, the extent of recovery and period of time taken to get there will play a massive role.
I have to say that your Solicitor is acting properly by not wishing to prescribe a settlement value at this time.