Looking for advice on noise reduction windows

Hey everyone, looking for some advice on double glazing for sound reduction or looking to hear others experiences please. We are looking at moving and one of my concerns is the noise on the road we are moving to. Currently we live in a quiet area so have no noise concerns. However the house we have found and fallen in love with is one a main road. To be precise, it is a main route into Southampton, 2 lanes each way 40mph limit. So given most people’s attitude to speed limit imagine a 45mph speed of vehicles across 4 lanes. No central reservation.

The house is a solid 1930s build and is set back about 50 feet away from the road behind wall but with 2 sets of gates. There is currently double glazing present, fitted around 25 years ago so not modern by any means. The noise level inside currently is not something we could live/sleep with. Real concern is the bedroom for sleep obviously. I’ve done some research and it appears best option would be replace in their entirety the frames and windows with laminated double glazed windows with as thick glass as possible with a larger than normal space between panes. I guess we could even then add secondary glazing after these?

So question is, does anyone have experience of such installations in such conditions and would the laminated thicker double glazing reduce road noise to a level we can’t hear?

Any thoughts appreciated!
First at all congratulation on finding you dear home!

You did not mention what type of windows do you have/looking for.
Sash or casement, timber/aluminium/metal?
Each will have diffident limitation regarding sound proofing

Modern soundproof/noise reduction glass offers reductions of 35 dB – 55 dB (and potentially more), which is a marked decrease when you consider the following:

  • A difference of 1 dB is practically unnoticeable.
  • A difference of 3 dB is just perceptible
  • A difference of 5 dB represents a clear difference
  • A difference of 10 dB perceptibly halves / doubles the noise.

From your description I assume you will have noise level around 60-70db

Quite bedroom = 30db

To achieve that you will need product to reduce noise by 38-40bd.

Considerations: weight of those noise reducing double glazed panes will be additional 50-100% of standard double glazed unit. This mean that frame need to be specially design to carry this weight.

For more information please visit Hugo Carter, those guys know what they talk about!
Search in Google for Hugo Carter Noise reduction


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I Know a company that I believe would help you with this. Hugo Carter has soundproof, sash and casement windows. If you're looking for just soundproof windows you might want to consider their own brand silent windows - they're brilliant too and have a separate website. I'm going to leave the links to both the websites so you can carefully consider your options.

Hope this helps and Good luck.