Potentially sold a dangerous car


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Feb 1, 2018
Hey guys, I am speaking on behalf of my partner.

She purchased a Ford Focus (used) with 7000 miles on it in Aug 2016 via Evans Halshaw. They got Arnold Clarke to service it and they said everything was fine, job's a goodin'.

Fast forward to Jan 2018, she got it MOT'd via Arnold Clarke who said they "have never seen anything like it before" and that some of the parts were "incorrect". Apparently she failed on 10 things and the car was deemed unsafe to be on the road. She is adamant she never had an accident nor did she ever visit a backstreet mechanic.

So we contacted Evans Halshaw who told us the car was fine when they received it from a hire car company (that was never disclosed). So we chased Arnold Clarke who said that the servicing was fine on first inspection.

We are rubbing our heads at the moment as we cannot fathom how this could have happened and are currently facing over £600 in repairs. We understand that we don't have much rights considering that it's their word against ours, and that we cannot do anything as the car was purchased over 18 months ago.

Do we have any rights?