Purchase of faulty goods


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May 19, 2017
Newcastle upon Tyne
I purchased a wardrobe from Very.co.uk on April 29th ,We paid an extra £59 to them for assembly in our home by a joiner.
Once the item was assembled it became obvious that if you hung a clothes hanger with clothes on in the wardrobe the doors would not close.
The hangers are too wide for the wardrobe-standard size hangers-I contacted Very by online chat,I cannot find any other way to contact them,and was told ,ater I had explained the problem,the item would be collected and a date for collection was arranged.
We waited all day and at 6pm contacted Very again to confirm courier was still collecting the item.They assured me it was down for collection.

No one came so I made contact again the next day and went through the exact same procedure,another day was made for collection.
Again no one came to collect the wardrobe.
I then managed to get through by telephone(very difficult to get anyone to answer)and explained the problem once again and eventually the advisor confirmed that a courier called ARROW XL would contact me to make collection arrangements within 3 days.
That was a week ago and still no one has contacted me however in the meantime I have received a refund of £149 to my Very account,the wardrobe was £149 ,I contacted them again by online chat and asked for a collection and refund of the assembly charges ,I received the same answers so I asked to speak to a complaints dept. advisor and was cut off from the live chat.
I found a complaint telephone number for Very from an online site which I have just called and got a record message saying "due to technical difficulties we are unable to take calls"then the line went dead.
What can I do to get the item collected or disposed of?I am really agitated about it having the wardrobe in my living room because we had to purchase another one as we had just moved in and had no where to hang our clothes.
The flat is a small one bedroom place so we have no where to store a large item like this,I am a wheelchair user and cannot get around the living room now because of the wardrobe taking up so much room.
I have also received charges on my telephone bill for the calls made amounting to £4.26 in total.


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Sep 29, 2017
I had this problem with a coffee table ordered from John Mills catalogue - you can tell how long ago that was lol. It was a table shaped like a 50pence piece, and when it arrived the glass didnt fit into the hole properly, it was too loose. So we rang JM who arranged for a new one to be delivered and the faulty one picked up. Two days later the replacement arrived but the delivery man had no instructions to remove the faulty table. So we were left with 2 tables. Surprise surprise, the replacement table also had glass that didnt fit EITHER table, so we went through the whole procedure again. In the end I ended up with 5 coffee tables, and the glass from none of the tables fitted in any of them. I had to threaten JM with legal proceedings if they didnt arrange for IMMEDIATE pick up of the coffee tables. Oh, and because the faulty tables hadnt been picked up by the delivery man we were being charged for all 5!! The coffee tables were finally collected, and we received a cheque from JM for our trouble.