Returning goods

Aug 21, 2017
Hi, my daughter has a problem with a wardrobe she bought online. When it first arrived one of the doors was damaged which she could see from the damaged box. she contacted the company - by email as they advertise no phone numbers.
They said they would send out a replacement door but it would take 4 weeks. She agreed to wait , however it too was damaged and took 6 weeks to arrive.
They said she would have to wait again while they sorted a replacement which would take a similar time.
She said she wasnt prepared to wait again and wanted it collecting and a refund. They offered her £10 to keep it. To which she laughed and refused. She again stated she wanted a collection and refund. They agreed and said they would sort a carrier.
However despite several assurances the courier either doesnt turn up on the day she was told and she had taken holiday from work or they turn up unannounced when no one is expecting them and they leave a card.
What would be the next step? a claim against the credit card company or a threat of court after giving them a final 7 days to collect? The wardrobe cost over £300.