Returning hired goods


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Sep 16, 2015
I've hired some catering equipment including 7 tablecloths from local company for long weekend couple weeks ago. Before we give it back we've checked all items for damage a specially tablecloths. I've returned equipment to the base and asked them to count all of it and check for damage on the front of me. They said they will do it later and let me know if something is wrong. They had 14 days to pay back my £50 deposit. Two days ago they send me email with invoice for £162 to replace all 7 damaged linen tablecloths( apparently there had mildew on them so they have to be replaced as its says in they terms&cond). I when there straight away to find out what's going on and have been told that by tomorrow they will send me photos of those tablecloths which they did. There is a lot of question marks as they could show me photos of any linens that they have from somebody else. Also they didn't check the order at the return as I requested. 14 days its a lot of time so it make me think that they could catch some mildew in they cold wet unit( unit it's wide open and looks like car garage). Don't know what I should do? And what gonna happen I I don't pay them for damage.
Many thanks for any help;)