SCS Lazyboy electric recliners

Apr 21, 2018
I purchased a 2 seater and a 3 seater electric recliner lazyboy 5 months ago, recently I have had the need to call SCS customer services to report an issue when reclining the sofas. The bottom of the arms on the lazyboy scrap the floor when they are reclined, this has caused a grove to appear in the carpet where it scrapes and I am afraid the material on the bottom of the are could eventually wear away.
SCS sent an engineer and basically he said there is nothing they can do, it is where the frame has sunk into the pile of the carpet, he then commented these sofas are best on wooden floors where they cannot sink. His advice was for me to go out, at my cost, and purchase blocks to put under the frame.
How ridiculous is this, I paid £2800 for these sofas now I am expected to go out and purchase blocks to sit it on plus the damage it is causing to my carpet and the damage to the bottom of the arms. what do you think I should do and where do I stand on this. It will come to the point where I will not be able to recline the sofas for fear of damage to the frame.