The AA Home Emergency Cover


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Apr 4, 2011
I wrote the below letter to the AA. DO NOT TAKE OUT THIS POLICY. IT IS A CON and NOTHING seems to be covered.

4th April 2011

AA Insurance Services
PO Box 2AA
Newcastle Upon Tyne
NE99 2AA

Dear Sir / Madam,

Policy No: 300200xxx – Cancellation and Complaint

This letter is to confirm the cancellation of the above mentioned policy, which I instructed and completed by phone earlier today. I would also like to make a serious complaint about this policy as it is definitely not what I was led to believe it to be when I took it in September 2010.

I have called on three occasions to try and make a claim for faults and damage to my home, which I was led to believe was covered by this policy. I will be forwarding a copy of this letter to a leading consumer magazine and television programme to highlight the deception in your ‘Sales Pitch’ when offering the service.

My first call was to advise on my front door handle breaking off from the inside and having to call out a locksmith to initially provide a temporary fix, then order the required parts for a complete repair. When I called, I was told that this was not covered as it is a ‘wear and tear issue’. Well of course it is. How else would it have broken? If I had reported a blocked sewer (which you said you would cover), surely this would have been caused from usage of the same?

My second call was to advise on an electrical problem where the lights in my living room would flash and blink for at least 2 minutes every time I turned them on and this would stop after they had a chance to heat up. You at this time said this was not covered as it was not causing any harm to my house – well, how on earth would you know there wasn’t any damage without even looking at the problem? There could be something underlying which could be a lot more serious.

On my most recent call, today, I advised about two different leaks in the house. One at the kitchen sink where the tap would not stop dripping – you advised the same as above, this was not covered as there was no sign of damage to the house – again, without having a look how would you know this? Are the AA complaints department trained with crystal balls? Absolutely unacceptable! The second leak was from my bathroom and the leak was only recognised on Saturday 2nd April. There is no obvious leak to be seen in the bathroom, however the ceiling in my living room is most definitely showing water damage. This too was dismissed as you said that it should have been noticed earlier. Would you like some more sarcastic comments on this dismissal reason? Surely you can think of your own.

So, I called, got ‘fobbed off’ AGAIN, cancelled the policy as you obviously don’t cover anything that your policy document says you do and I am completely and totally infuriated about being cheated yet again by a so called reputable company.

I will endeavour to make every effort to make this publically known to anyone out there looking to take out a home cover with the AA. I notice the Insurers are not even UK based.

I would appreciate your comments by return, but of course just expect your initial standardised complaints response where you cover yourselves with wording restrictions.